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Alpha Female🐾

08/09/2020 03:08 PM 

A simple Starter for any sam.

-Emily young. A young girl who only came to la push to help out her cousin leah. She didn't expect leah's so called fiancee popping up and breaking it off with her right then and then. When she heard her cousin yell oit she had decided to go and back her up but was weird out fron the starring sam was giving her. She tried to stay away from him after that but he was everywhere she went and she couldn't get him out of her mind. Was she attracted to him? Yes but wouldn't say or do anything about it since she was angry at him for hurting leah. Emily was in the kitchen cooking for her cousin's aunts and uncle. She had decided to leave to heas back to the mecka reservation the next day since she knew she needed to head home. She had made sure to stay close to leah and get rid of anything that reminded her of him. She had just gotten the meatloaf out of the oven and letting it cool when she heard a knock at the door-

𝐚𝐟𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐭𝐑𝐞 π–‰π–†π–œπ–“

08/09/2020 02:05 PM 

taken faceclaims

Female Bridget Satterlee Caitlin Stasey Emily Diddonato  male

𝐚𝐟𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐭𝐑𝐞 π–‰π–†π–œπ–“

08/09/2020 02:04 PM 

audition form

  OOC INFORMATION How long have you been roleplaying?   How familiar are you with the Twilight Saga? On a scale of 1-10, how active do you think you can be?  Are you willing to make discord or have one for the group? CANON CHARACTER What is your character's name?  What species are they?  What's their affiliation? (ex. The Cullens, Jacob's Pack, The Volturi, Humans)  What's their faceclaim?  Choose three personality traits for them.  What AU aspects do you want to bring to the character? OC CHARACTER  What is your character's name?  What species are they?  What's their affiliation? (ex. The Cullens, Jacob's Pack, The Volturi, Humans)  What's their faceclaim?  Choose three personality traits for them.  What is their brief biography?  SAMPLE  Please include a 600-word writing sample. At this point, it can be ANY sample of your writing. If you have any questions about this, please send us a message. When you complete this form, please send it AND your sample in a message together and wait for your verdict. Good luck!

𝐚𝐟𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐭𝐑𝐞 π–‰π–†π–œπ–“

08/09/2020 02:04 PM 

rules and regulations

Writing requirements We are looking for literate, multi-paragraph/novelist writers. This means your starters and replies have to be a minimum of three paragraphs each (approximately 6-8 sentences). When you audition you will be requested to submit a writing sample. Please make sure we can read through your writing otherwise your chances to be accepted are limited. Faceclaims We expect main roles to stick with their canon faceclaims, however, we’re more lenient with packs and covens. If you wish to use someone else and can provide us with a good faceclaim suggestion, just shoot us a message. We strictly follow Twilgihtisms, so nothing that has already been mentioned in the books or movies will be changed. Layouts Profiles are an important aspect of viewing the basic details of characters. We do understand that not everyone is an HTML master, but please make sure you choose a clean layout of your choice before adding any character information you'd like. Whether that is a biography or a description of their past, we expect you to have something up for the rest of the members to check out.  Dramatics  Treat everyone the way you want to be treated. This means that no OOC drama will be allowed or tolerated. If this falls to our attention, you will be removed from the group immediately. We’re all adults here and we don’t have time to waste over childish drama. Activity There is not going to be an activity check, but you will be required to have an owes/waiting on list somewhere on your page for us to check or if you do not want to keep it on your page have a writing group, just something to show you are active. If you go more than a week without logging in, we will message you and your role will be re-considered. Requirement In order to connect with other members, we expect you to have a discord. You’re not required to have one for the character you’re playing, but in order for this group to thrive as a whole, we’ll ask you to make one. It always comes handy when you want to discuss storylines and get to know other members.  For now, we are allowing ONE character for every member. This rule might change later, but for now, you'll have to think real hard which character you'd like to play.   Love interested Now we know that this is one of the lamest rules ever, but we do not expect your love interest to be in the group. As owners, it would be nice to see that our members connect to that level but is it not required. Final note If you’ve read this far, please sign with a gif of the person you’re auditioning for and their name.


08/09/2020 07:38 PM 

Fairy tail a new arrival

First time writing her story yes she will be an adult and she knows ErzaA girl with black hair just arrived in Magnolia and began to look for the famous guild she was told about. This is Azuma Aqua though everyone calls her Aqua for short and she is a unique type of wizard. "Aqua there is Fairy Tail right over there let's go check it out." Thoddala her exceed said. Aqua was excited she was also quite shy with others her exceed helps her with that and she was grateful for Thoddala. The two friends went over and entered the building and walked over to the counter and mirajane took notice. "Oh hello there you must be the new member I heard about from Erza." Mirajane said. Aqua took a breath and said, "Yes my name is Azuma Aqua but please call me Aqua. Is Erza around?" Mirajane took notice of how shy Aqua was and said, "Yes wait here I will get her."   Mirajane went over to a small team which Aqua could only guess was her other friends and grabbed Erza who immediately recognized Aqua and she smiled and walked over to her. "Hi Aqua glad you got here okay." Erza said. "Yes the train ride was pleasant and made it easier for me to stay calm." Aqua said. "I am surprised you could ride that train without getting sick." Erza responded. Aqua giggled and said, "Erza I told you that part of me isn't my main magic." "Ah you have two types of magic. What are they Aqua?" Mirajane said. "She is a celestial wizard and a water dragon slayer though we don't know why or how that's possible." Thoddala said. "Aqua is this your exceed you told me about?" Erza asked. "Yes this is Thoddala she is my best friend and helps me with my shyness." Aqua said.  Thoddala bowed to Erza and said, "Pleased to meet you." "Likewise." Erza said. Mirajane took out the logo stamp and asked, "Where would you like your mark Aqua?" "Right shoulder please and Thoddala would like the same." Aqua said. Mirajane smiled and put the mark in both of them. "Welcome to Fairy Tail guys. Let me introduce you to my friends over here." Erza said. Aqua and Thoddala nodded and followed Erza over to the group Erza was with before. Aqua was shy again but both her exceed and Erza reassured her that they will not harm her."Guys this is Aqua and she has two typed of magic." Erza said. "Two types that's awesome!" Natsu exclaimed. Aqua was frightened and Thoddala said, "It's okay Aqua." "Natsu you're scaring her." Gray said. Natsu saw her reaction and said, "Oh sorry about that I didn't mean to." "Hi there I am Happy pleasure to meet you Aqua." Happy said. "Hello Happy nice to meet you and this is Thoddala." Aqua said. Thoddala nodded her head in greeting. "Well my name is Lucy, that's Natsu, and Gray. I am a celestial wizard, Natsu is a dragon slayer and gray is an ice magic wizard. What is your type of magic?" Lucy said. "I have heard of you Lucy you were the one that spoke to the celestial spirit king and summoned him correct?" Aqua said. "Yes that's me I am surprised you have heard of me." Lucy said. "Oh right I am celestial spirit wizard as well and I am a dragon slayer like Natsu." Aqua said. "No way. What is your type of dragon slayer magic?" Gray said. "Water dragon though I don't understand why." Aqu said.


08/09/2020 07:18 PM 

Are You Thinking Of Making Effective Use Of Roofers?

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Roofing, Contractors, website


08/09/2020 06:22 PM 

OPERATION: Saving Vanya

OPERATION: Saving Vanya A steady increase of beeps echoed across the room startling Hazel awake.The sound of Morse code.The beeps and stops melting into his brain as he listened to each one.It had been 8 days since Vanya had went missing.8 agonizing days without any word from her.And no leads as to where she might be.Hazel had spent every moment since then looking and trying to find where she was.He scribbled down the message and was able to intercept a location briefly before everything went silent again.“Dammit!” He yelled as he pushed the desk he was sitting at over onto the floor with a loud bang.There was a team ready with a plan for getting Vanya back.The men in the red masks.Foot soldiers compared to the sh*t Hazel and Cha-Cha had handled. But they were willing to risk their lives for any mission the Commission sent them on and at this point, Hazel would've done anything to find Vanya.”Team 1, focus on the entrance. Team 2, we need a diversion. Do whatever Cha-Cha needs. Team 3, you're with me. And team 4, follow Hazel.”It was a wonder that Five had kept with the truce they had made pre-apocalypse. But the kid was good on his word and he was here to help save Vanya.An explosion rang out as team 2 set off the charges in the west wing of the bunker.Team 1 had already busted through the front door and team 3 and 4 were making their way through the shattered glass and debris.Hazel motioned for his team to follow. Working with a large group on a recon mission wasn't a strong point for him so he was glad Five had taken the task of planning the rescue.It didn't take long to find the bunker door. Tightly latched from what Hazel could tell from his attempts at opening it.”Sh*t.” he said as he wiped the sweat off his brow and kicked the door.”Hold on, I got this.” Five had surprised him by appearing from nowhere with his shirt sleeve rolled up. Hazel watched as he entered the pressed numbers into the keypad. The door let out a loud pop and opened as if it were on a spring.

{Sniper Tigress}Leann T&L David

08/09/2020 02:05 AM 

Past Lovers
Current mood:  accomplished

Carl Hauser: Douglas Quaid John Walden: Horatio Caine Henry Reynolds: Aaron Hotchner Vilos Cohaagen: Chancellor Cohaagen The Chosen One: Harry Potter

ζš—γ„ι­‚ | Dark Soul

08/09/2020 12:20 PM 

Guidelines || Rules

Preference for Rp Replies: Paragraph And Multi-Paragraph, I don't think I'm better then everyone else constant Semi para and One Liner through normal comments and messages bore the hell outta me. One Liner and Semi para is fine as long as it's kept on status, I'm also on strictly Mobile yet with using Wordpad to type out my replies I'm able to write Multi Paragraph responses. So if you have a Samsung Galaxy S4 type of phone and claim to do only One Liners and Semi para then I'm calling out calling that said person a liar. Samsung S4 Galaxy phone can do multi paragraph format replies just fine. I'm aware that not everyone can do multi paragraph format replies either by some spelling disability, have some medical issue, or have a sh*tty phone that only has a limited count of how much you can type, or you have little to no patince to write multiple paragraph.Crossovers: Interview With The Vampire, Queen Of The Damned, Bran Strokers Dracula, Some Vampire Diaries, UnderWorld. Crossovers that I will not crossover into: Twilight, Casual, Celebrity, Slice Of Life, Tournaments, Wrestling.Connections: I will do and have mains, There has to be trust out of character wise otherwise a connection won't work out. I can and do have some trust issues due to being screwed over two friendships in the past with Bat Royalty and Queen Cobra / Ada Wong, Both at one time thought of them as friends and like extended family siblings. I told Queen Cobra some things and she turned it against me during a argument, Bat Royalty, She and I were just chatting, She left her computer for a short while and her irl fiance / Husband read what we were talking about on discord and instead of defending the friendship saying were kidding around she didn't defend and just went along with what her fiance was saying going around on his pages labeling me Toxic and Crazy which I'm clearly not. Due to that I'm more selective of who I talk and Rp with.Rp LI: Connor is rp faithfully taken by Adrian, I will not be doing anything Multi LI storylines involving Connor into. I have a few friends who do multi LI and I respect that without judgement. I just won't do any of that with Connor or any of my pages. Photo Editing: When I had laptop I edited photo's on photoshop CS6, Laptop died a few years back now strictly Mobile so using Picsart app. It does have some features similar to Photoshop like Layers. When it comes to edits I will photo edit for mains and connections, if you right away add me and ask for a edit if I don't know you from another page of mine the answer to your edit request will be a big fat no. I only edit for those I trust.Patience is asked: I do have more then one page, and I'm abit of a gamer on the PS3 & PS4, If you have little to no patience that I'm not the connection writter for you. Please don't hound me for quick replies for that is a one way ticket to get on my nerves and delete that person. If you're going to get upset or jealous that I'm chatting with someone else and not right away you then kindly bug off. I will respond to you on my terms and when I feel like it, not on you're terms of when to be responded to, you're fault not mine for being impatient.MORE RULES SOON WHEN I SEAK FIT.


08/08/2020 11:58 PM 

Ah! Real Viridity


08/08/2020 11:50 PM 

Reply for Nighshade


08/08/2020 11:23 PM 

Castle Dracula Guest Book

                      Welcome to Castle Dracula Guidelines and Signature Needed  : All guest are welcome without malice::There will be not sparring/Battling unless area(blog area) permits it:::Don't sit on the throne unless family member of Tepes/Dracula:::Guests may visit any blog area/Link:::No god modeling (No controling anyones actions)::::::Respect the Castle and its devils and it will respect you.:::::::You may enter at any given time::::::::Please sign your name in the guest book. 


08/08/2020 09:48 PM 


Yes I do this on every account it makes it easier for me to roleplay 1. Patience I still have my main account on here I will go on there occasionally 2. First OC in this verse please be patient3. I am rewatching Fairy Tail now4. no real life, Hollywood, erotic, or WWE5. Please know Fairy Tail6. There will be adult themes

The Darkness

08/08/2020 09:08 PM 

Bio Taken Roles Page 2

Bio of Taken Roles Page 2 Name:MargretPlay-By:Profile: Judging YouChecked In: 07/15/2020Species:humanRelationship Status: Check LinkBio Summary:Margaret had befriended Benjamin 'Benji' Richter at Camp Redwood, but both were constantly harassed by other counselors. In retaliation, Margaret brutally murdered them all and blamed Benjamin because he had sworn to protect her and so Margaret used his war veteran past as a scapegoat, creating an alternative version of events. According to her perspective, Margaret is the sole survivor out of the nine counselors' massacre in 1970. During the incident, she described herself "leaving her body" as Benjamin Richter, aka Mr. Jingles gashes out her ear. The massacre had since shifted Margaret's view in a religious direction and she openly rebukes the "sinful" actions by the counselors. Margaret self-assertively claims that she was reborn prior to the massacre ultimately resulted in her re-opening Camp Redwood using a portion of her late husband Walter Booth's immense fortune, with the motives of finishing what has been abandoned undone. Name:Zoe BensonPlay-By:Tassia FarmigaProfile: Witch UpChecked In:07/20/2020Species:WitchRelationship Status: Check LinkBio Summary:17-year-old, Zoe Benson has her life turned upside-down in an instant when her true lineage is violently revealed. Ripped from her family and the only life she has ever known, Zoe must all-too-quickly learn to navigate her strange and uncontrollable gifts. Zoe is a witch with the uncontrollable power to cause whoever she is currently engaging in intercourse with to hemorrhage until they die. It is only upon the untimely death of her boyfriend that it is revealed that her great-grandmother shared her "curse". She has then whisked away to a school, where young witches learn to control their gifts; a school supervised by Cordelia Foxx. Name:Play-By:Profile: The Sith; AriChecked In: 01/22/2016Species:Sith LordRelationship Status:Single Check LinkBio Summary:Palpatine was born on Naboo, the eldest son of the House Palpatine's patriarch Cosinga and his wife. He was raised in his family's ancestral home, Convergence, situated in Naboo's Lake Country, and had at least two brothers and two sisters.From an early age, Palpatine identified himself as different from his peers and siblings, recognizing a great power within himself, and believing that he was born to lead, which led to an uneasy relationship with his family. His father also perceived his eldest son as different, and would later claim to have divined his murderous nature from the time the latter was an infant. At some point early in Palpatine's life, Cosinga had his son tested to make certain that they were related. Until the end of his life, however, Palpatine's true nature would remain a mystery to his father. Intelligent and highly ambitious, Palpatine desired his family to take on a more active role in Naboo's politics, both to increase their own wealth and power, and also to help their homeworld make the transition into the modern galaxy. He was soon disappointed to learn that he was alone in this ambition, and that his father not only lacked the ability to improve his family's standing, but also arrogantly believed he had all the power there was to be gained. Cosinga's political ambitions never exceeded provincial Naboo—father and son attended two coronations in the capital city of Theed, and for years to come Palpatine would remember Cosinga's envy for the power the monarch wielded. Although Palpatine longed to kill his father, he grudgingly concealed his patricidal desires for years, hiding his true feelings under a mask of simple reactionary rebelliousness. Disgusted by his father's incompetence, and infuriated by his mother's willingness to tolerate the situation of their family, it was not long before Palpatine discontinued the use of his given name as an act of spite. From then on, he demanded to be referred to exclusively by the name of his aristocratic family.Palpatine recorded, in his preface to the Book of Sith, that he took a vested interest in forbidden Sith lore as a child. Employing his family's vast wealth, the youth took to the black market, resolving to collect as many inscrutable runes and ancient texts as possible. Enraptured by the secrets revealed with each tome, Palpatine at once recognized the key to realizing his true ambition: the acquisition of absolute power. All that remained was opportunity. APPRENTICESHIP The training of Darth Sidious was focused on the honing of his Force abilities and combat skills, as well as his natural talents as a politician. In the first decade of his role as an apprentice, Sidious accompanied his Master to Mygeeto, where he was subjected to intense cold and nearly froze to death. Darth Plagueis, unaffected by the planet's freezing temperature, forced Palpatine to relate the slaughter of his family in exacting detail, as he did many times, with the goal of extinguishing any lingering feeling of personal connection. The Sith Lord's overall goal was to use his disciple's hate, anger and desperation for survival as a tool to destroy any vestiges of Palpatine the young noble from Naboo, and in his place create Darth Sidious, a true Sith. Were Palpatine to give up, he would prove himself unworthy of the mantle; the young Human endured, asking only when the trials would be over. Plagueis also demonstrated a use of the mind-clouding technique by having his apprentice struggle to reach him, only to discover he had been a dopplegänger, and also subjected Palpatine to deprivation of food, water and sleep. In regard to the history of the Sith, Plagueis was more than aware of the fact that Sidious' desire to kill him would grow in time; only a true Sith Lord wanted to seize the mantle of Master by slaying his own mentor. But like many of his Sith predecessors, Plagueis was appalled by Darth Bane's Rule of Two, more specifically its tenet that commanded each Master to train his or her own eventual killer. Plagueis had no intention of dying by his apprentice's hand, or anyone else's for that matter. Instead, he intended to break the cycle started by Bane and Zannah a millennium ago. In order to do so, Plagueis wished for no secrets or feelings of jealousy and mistrust to exist between Sidious and himself. In the long run of the Sith Grand Plan, Plagueis envisioned himself as the "power behind the throne" while Sidious—in his public guise as Palpatine—carried out the Sith's interests in the political domain. POLITICAL CAREER Palpatine began his political career at a young age, carefully hiding his true persona of Darth Sidious. On Naboo, public service was mandatory from the ages of twelve to twenty, and he began his political career in this fashion. Unlike most of the Naboo, however, he elected to stay in public service beyond the normally accepted age and entered local Naboo politicsworking his way upward. After a five-year stint in the Apprentice Legislator program, he was appointed Ambassador in the reelected Senator Vidar Kim's retinue. Palpatine lost more elections than he won in his early political career, missing out on a string of political appointments. He elected to keep a low profile so as to not undermine his Sith master, and to allow him to discreetly disappear from the radar in order to focus on his Sith training on such worlds as Mygeeto, Hypori, Buoyant and Kursid, and rendezvous with Plagueis on remote planets where they did not have to risk being seen together by beings from the political sphere. TRAINING OF DARTH MAUL During his apprenticeship under Plagueis, Sidious was given an infant Zabrak by the child's Nightsister mother on Dathomir and trained him as a Sith assassin. It was not without precedent that Sidious should have chosen a Zabrak for his apprentice. In ancient times, the Sith, taking notice of the martial prowess of the Zabrak, made lucrative contacts on Iridonia, and spent exorbitant sums to hire Iridonian Zabrak as mercenaries. Long after the Sith culture died out, the influence of the Sith remained a part of Zabrak culture. Zabraks were known to endure extreme amounts of pain, but nothing could have prepared young Maul for the brutality of Sidious' training. Despite Sidious' harshness, Maul held the utmost respect for the man, and was fanatically loyal. When Darth Maul was very young—so young that he would remember few memories prior to this—Darth Sidious took him to the Jedi Temple, both of them disguised as tourists. Sidious' command of the dark side was sufficient to keep both himself and Maul from being sensed by the Jedi, as long as they did not enter the Temple itself. As the building was not open to tourists, there was very little risk of discovery. For the better part of a day, they stood there, and Sidious pointed out to Maul the various faces of individual Jedi as they entered and left the Temple, whispering into his apprentice's ear of the Jedi Order's ultimate destruction. Maul would long remember the thrill of seeing his foes, standing in their presence, hearing about their downfall, as they walked past, not one of them aware of the fate that ultimately awaited them. Eventually, the time came for Maul's final test. Palpatine sent him out to a remote and isolated world, where he was hunted by assassin droids for a month. At the end of the month, Maul found Palpatine waiting at the mouth of a cave. Maul had not eaten for days, and was exhausted. Regardless, Palpatine challenged Maul to a duel, in which Maul was easily defeated. Palpatine stood over the broken man, and told him that he had been preparing another apprentice, should Maul fail as he had. Enraged, Maul flew at Palpatine with murderous intent. Palpatine was caught off guard, but was able to disarm Maul. Even without a weapon, Maul continued to attack, even going so far as to bite Sidious's hand before being ultimately defeated. Pleased, Sidious announced that Maul's training was complete, and that he was now a Sith Lord. Name:Kai AndersonPlay-By:Evan PetersProfile: CULTChecked In: 07/21/2020Species:HumanRelationship Status:Single Check LinkBio Summary:In 2014, Kai returned home after getting a degree in religious studies. His father was a lawyer who was injured in a motorcycle accident and was paralyzed from the waist down. This caused him to abuse his wife and accuse her of an affair. He is also seen verbally abusing Kai. Kai states that before the accident his father was firm but fair with them and his mother. One night Kai hears muffled arguing and gunshots. He finds that his mother, no longer able to stand the abuse and accusations, has shot his father she then turns the gun on herself and pulls the trigger in front of Kai. Clearly in shock, Kai calls his older brother, Dr. Rudy Vincent, who convinces Kai that the best course of action is to cover up the murder-suicide. He reasons that they will have to sell the house and that their sister Winter will not be able to finish college due to the loss of their parents' income. He has also just started his practice and doesn't want to explain to clients that his parents murdered each other. After locking pinkies, they put their parents' bodies in bed, cover them with lye, padlock the door and leave them to decompose. When Kai asked what he should say to Winter, Vin tells him to wait and tell her when she returns home for Thanksgiving. When Winter returns home she is understandably upset that they have kept their parents' deaths from her. She threatens to turn them in but Kai uses Vin's logic on her saying who will pay for Vasser. Three years later and the bodies are still in the house. Kai admits to Beverly that he still talks to his mom. Despite their status, he still talked to his mother's decomposing body, usually holding her hand. He also talked to the corpse of his father, still blaming him for what happened and that he gets pleasure from watching him decompose. He promises his mothers rotting corpse that he will become something for her.[1] On Election Night, Kai walks in on a bound Gary Longstreet urging him not to scream too loud in his current predicament lest he attracts the wrong kind of attention. Kai manipulates and riles the humiliated man up and convinces him to sever his own hand with a saw so he'd be able to cast his vote. Kai accompanies the injured Gary to their local voting booth. He watches with some amount of glee as Gary shouts: "Welcome to Trump's America, motherf***ers!". After Election Night, Kai begins drawing all kinds of people to him. He requests Harrison Wilton as his personal trainer and calls him strong. Kai is quick to point out the humiliating aspect of Harrison's work situation: being constantly humiliated by his boss, Vinny, for being gay. He wins Harrison over by advising him to reject labels and promises to always be there for him no matter their differences. After Kai's first session with Harrison, Kai masturbates in the gym shower and lures Harrison in to watch him. As his sessions with Harrison are ending, Kai notices that his trainer sounds a lot like Vinny. When confronted Harrison almost tearfully admits that his life is in tatters, that he's nobody going nowhere. Kai convinces his first devotee that 'nowhere' is the ideal jumping-off point. That night Kai assists Harrison in murdering Vinny and disposing of any evidence linking them to the crime. Meadow walks in on the pair of them dismembering Vinny's corpse. Kai is able to sway Meadow to his side by praising her artistic abilities (designing eerie ghoulish clown masks) to the sky. Name:Victor BloodStonePlay-By:Ian SomerhalderProfile: Crimson DeathChecked In: 07/29/2020Species:VampireRelationship Status:Single Check LinkBio Summary:September 19, 1905, in Camelford, Cornwall, United Kingdom the wealthy family of the Bloodstone had a handsome son but due to complications with the birth Anastasia Bloodstone could no longer have any children leaving the child to the cruel fate of her family’s ire. Christopher Bloodstone, a brilliant Engineer and Inventor finally had a son but he was such a quiet boy until someone hurt him or his mother. The news seemed to hit Anastasia and Christopher the hardest so taking out their frustrations out on the poor infant child. However when the child was only three he got so sick but something was odd with him after he had gotten better. He had started to talk to the thin air like someone was there this lead to a new set of abuse from his parents who belittled him and told him that he should have never been born. This continued up until he was sixteen the abuse continued from verbal to physical and mental abuse. He couldn’t escape it even if he wanted too he had nowhere to go so he endured it. However the abuse left scars on his body even if his family wanted to marry him off to bring in more fortunes and wealth no one would take him because of the scars. This lead to Victor to finally snap and cause his parent’s untimely demise, by loosening the bolt on their carriage so when they left for town the carriage swerves on the large mountain they lived on. The carriage tumbled over the side taking his parents down the mountain in a fiery crash luckily the driver died too so no one would know she was the one that did it. The β€˜gift’ he had when he was little progressed until he could see, hear, and touch spirits how he received this gift or curse he did not know. He believes it came to him when he was in between life and death from his sickness he had gotten when he was only three years old. This leads to the events now, Victor had gotten 'sick' again but it was a blood virus causing abnormal thirst for blood and quick speed. All signs of being a 'vampire'. Name:Eva VuPlay-By:Sofia Carson and Lana ParrillaProfile: Eva Vu Modern PrincessChecked In: 03/22/2016Species:Half demon and half spriteRelationship Status: Check LinkBio Summary:Eva was born in Budapest, Hungary. By the time she was 4 years old her parents were turned into vampires and were already strong vampires fighting in a war. That 4th year Eva's parents were killed by werewolves. After that Eva was raised by a vampire named Kraven. Eva when she was so young couldn't talk well and called Kraven "Uncle K". Growing up with Kraven was hard. He was very strict with her and often yelled at her. Though the other vampires around her seemed to enjoy her company. Some of the women vampires would dress her up and take her with them out on the town. The male vampires would let her sit on their laps while they sat there talking with others debating on science and vampire politics. Eva was never scared of the vampires around her at all. She enjoyed being with them. When Eva was sent to school she was tested finding that she was very smart for her age soon finishing high school when she turned 13. She then later went to college for another 3 years finishing again quickly than most normal. Everyone called her a genius but Eva being humble about it said she just worked hard was all. When she returned home Kraven told her she will have to move to the states where she would be protected. The war was still going on and well the vampires wanted to keep Eva safe since her powers and her brains were most valuable to them. Eva didn't like leaving but she knew she had too. Though at the same time excited to see the states. That all changed when others found out about her power to manipulated time and space. When she moved to Bon Temps that's when things got worse people started to find out about her power to see the future and would seek her for their own or simple to ask her work for them for a night or too. Eva would do it since she was having a hard time finding a job in science but when she did get a job in a lab she soon stopped using her power and did her best to hide her powers. Though many powerful still knew and often tried to attack her. Those she can't fight off she works for them and then ends up killing them with potions and chemicals she mixes. And her last words often go like this "You do not own me" She also finds out she has a Aunt who is a blood relative who is her mother's sister. Maryann Forrester. Which to Eva's surprise she finds she is half Maenad. Though always knowing there was something more about herself she looks for more answers. During her time in Fairyland she finds out from the Fae King she is also half sprite. While she was there her powers grew and made her stronger when in that land. Name:Play-By:Profile: DEFAULTChecked In: --/--/----Species:Relationship Status: Check LinkBio Summary: Name:Play-By:Profile: DEFAULTChecked In: --/--/----Species:Relationship Status: Check LinkBio Summary:


08/08/2020 05:04 PM 

Bi - Weekly Task [ August 2nd - August 8th]

  New Mexico, 9 years ago.  I don't know what happened last night, but I think I've got some explaining to do. With a small groan passing her lips, Tatiana sat up in bed, a sheet loosely draped over her body and a body in the bed beside her. What had she done? She had no idea who he was and she didn’t plan on finding out. Her head was pounding but all she could think about was getting her clothes and getting out of the house. She remembered very little from the night before, but she remembered using her fake I.D to get into a club and she remembered having too many tequila’s, she also remembered the fight she’d had with her father and calling her best friend. She was meant to go and see Delilah, but instead, she’d ended up at the bar and had downed her bodyweight in alcohol before leaving with someone that she’d never met before. It all seemed a bit of a  blur now though.  Slowly getting out of bed, Tatiana grabbed her clothes from the floor, quietly slipping each item of clothing on her slender frame, attempting to make as little noise as possible, before picking up her shoes. Glancing over her body to make sure that he was still sleeping, she bit down on her lower lip when she heard the light snores that were coming from him. He was sound asleep and with any luck, he would remain that way until she was a safe distance away from the house. Biting down on the inside of her mouth, the brunette grabbed tiptoed out of the bedroom, closing the door quietly behind herself before she made her way out of his apartment. As soon as she was outside, she slipped her pedicured feet into her shoes and pulled out her phone. Sh*t. 10 missed calls and 15 texts from her father, six missed calls, 12 texts, and a voice message from Delilah. Taking a deep breath. Tatiana called her friend and swallowed the lump in her throat. “D. I’m sorry for disappearing last night. I’m coming over right now. I need to talk to you.” After hanging up from her friend, she sent her father a text. She was still angry with him. He had just told her that he and her stepmother were having a baby and she was mad. Since her mother had died, he’d been different and hadn’t been a father to her, but now he was replacing her with a biological child? She was hurt and upset and he was the last person that she wanted to talk to. “I’m not dead,” was all she sent her father before moving away from the building complex to her car - it was her father’s car really. “Oh no,” she mumbled when she spotted that the car wasn’t there. She had no idea where she’d left the car, but it must have been still outside of the club? Though she couldn’t remember which club that was. Rolling her dark brown hues, Tatiana ordered an Uber. She’d worry about the car later, though she knew that her father was going to kick and she didn’t want to deal with that right now.   


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