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07/07/2020 07:29 PM 

The Untold Story on 카지노사이트

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Prince of Darkness

07/07/2020 04:36 PM 

Character and Admin guidelines

I. I ship with Chemistry only. I used to Ship based on how the couple looked together, but I've learned Chemistry is more important. II. I do sometimes prefer to write with smut in the storyline, Now that doesn't mean my character(s) are a whore and go around looking for it, or throwing themselves at others for the opportunity of begging for it, nor are they easy. If it does happen then I'd like to have it happen naturally and for it to benefit the relationship of the couple so yes that does mean Slow!burn. I also WILL NOT write Smut scenes with anyone under 18 even if it is just the opposite character under 18, As for LI I prefer if the opposite is not any younger than 17. If you're uncomfortable with Smut please do not be afraid to tell me as No smut is also fine with me, we're here to have fun not to feel pressured into doing anything. ~ As long as your character isn't any younger than 17 and it is also something you're comfortable with, then I love the occasional story with an age gap. ~III. Z'ev /is/, for now, a multi LI. However, I am willing to write an additional character(s) into the Blog under special request. just because I am writing Z'ev as a Multi LI does not mean that other relationships will impact/inflict other storylines. If it is really a problem then that is where the additional character request would come in. But I'm saying this in hopes that there won't be any jealousy, as I said above we're here to have fun. Jealousy will only stress me out and make me upset. When he's with your character in a storyline we have together, he will be loyal and a true companion to your character.IV. I'm a serious writer, with years of experience looking for Long-Term stories. I will admit my punctuation isn't the best but that's just me. As long as it can be read, then is Punctuation really a problem as long as it's not a run-on sentence? That being said, I would appreciate if you wrote at least a Paragraph, Semi's and one-liners tend to be the least interesting to me, and I find that the story hardly goes anywhere with them. V. This is kind of an add-on to the guideline above, I get people to have a real-life or sometimes can't think of an entire reply in a few hours or right away. So if you need a few days then I'm a-okay with that. I too have a life, so I can't be here 24-7. We also all have our good and bad/feeling off or on days. I will also admit I sometimes like to think my replies through to make sure a good storyline is continued, so please be patient with me for the times I'm slow. Your welcome to poke me, if it's been longer than 3-4 days because simply sometimes I do forget or lose people owed in my inbox thinking I replied and get caught up in other storylines. ALSO NOT LOOKING FOR ANY RELATIONSHIPS OOC EXCEPT FOR FRIENDSHIPS. I'M NOT HERE TO DATE OOC. So please keep in mind that anything Romantic is strictly IC, not OOC. ~ I also love to write banter in the stream or snippets so if that's something your interested in please don't be afraid to ask or comment on a potential post that could be turned into a snippet/banter post. ~ VI. Another reason I request that you are over 18+ (Preferably 19+) is that I write Dark themes, So I want to be sure that your mature to handle the content. I'll try to keep it to a limit as to that it isn't too much for my writing partner to take but my themes can include. Murder, Gore, Drug/Alcohol abuse, Near-Death Experiences, and other triggering themes. If your not comfortable with any of that and your still 18+ please let me know so that I do not write something your not comfortable with, Also please do not be afraid to suggest changes to the story if we're quite a way in, I love character/couple growth. ~I'm also semi-Selective, but the verse part I'm open to suggestion or ideas.~VII. I'm usually pretty friendly and nice OOC, almost to a default. But I promise not to be too annoying or come across as clingy or whatever, so if I become too much please tell me, I'd rather you'd be honest with me than to drop me completely because trust me that sh*t hurts even if its a hard lesson learned. That being said Z'ev, however, is more standoffish, Sassy, and sometimes Crude until you get to know him, even then He can still sometimes be that way, just because he does have a mind of his own even I can't control my characters 100% So unless you see these marks ~ ~ Please don't take his personality seriously. But also please don't try to control Him and He won't try to control you in return. VIII/IX ~ These aren't really guidelines just a friendly heads up ~ I have other means of being able to be reached quicker and easier. But those are available only upon request and once I know I can trust you. I don't want stalkers even if you're a friend, I've heard too many horror stories, and have had too many bad experiences. Admin is Female but Writes as He/Him unless specified as a female character. 

Guidelines, Rules, OOC, IC, IX Rules, Friendly Reminders


07/07/2020 04:03 PM 

Bi Weekly Task: A memory captured by a photo

Tears stung her eyes as Tatiana Hastings placed a hand against her stomach. She'd found out that she was pregnant with her second child only two hours before and the excitement that she'd been feeling at the prospect of adding to the family was shortlived. Her and her wife, Ashley, had been trying to conceive for six months, wanting to give their two-year-old daughter a younger brother or sister, but so far they'd been unsuccessful. At the time, when she'd made the decision to try for another baby, Tatiana had been hesitant. Things between her and her wife had been toxic since shortly after daughter, Taylor, had been born and she wasn't sure that adding to the family was such a good idea, but Ashley had been persistent and Tatiana had been hoping that it would fix things. Having a baby to fix problems in marriage seemed like a terrible idea now, but it was too late. She was eight weeks pregnant and in seven months, her second child would be there.As she slowly sat up in the middle of the bedroom floor, using her elbow to prop herself up, she could taste the blood in her mouth. She felt like she'd been hit by a truck, but all she could think about was her baby. The baby and Taylor were her top priority now and she couldn't carry on like that anymore. Most of the time, Tatiana gave as good as she got, but what sort of environment was that for a child? She didn't want her children growing up around their mother's constant fighting and one day, maybe it would go too far. She wanted a divorce. She wanted to end her marriage and get out of there, but it would never be that easy. Raising a hand, the brunette wiped her thumb across her lip, hissing slightly as the pain shot through her like a bolt of electricity. She didn't care about the blood on her finger, the cut on her lip, or the pounding headache, all she could think about was getting to the hospital to make sure that the baby was okay. She needed to make sure the baby was okay.Tatiana had told herself that maybe things would be different this time. Maybe her life, her marriage would turn a corner and this baby was what they needed to get things back on track, but she knew that wasn't the case. Taking a deep breath, she slowly stood up and glanced at her own reflection in the mirror. She didn't recognize herself anymore. She wasn't the same person that she'd been before she had married Ashley. She was different and she didn't like it but she wasn't sure about how she could change it. Feeling a tear escape her eye and cascade down her cheek, Tatiana grabbed her keys off of her dressing table so that she could drive herself to the hospital, though as she slowly walked out of her bedroom, she stopped in her tracks when she heard Ashley's voice. "Babe? Are you okay?" She wasn't even surprised how just how casual Ashley spoke after one of their fights anymore. Tatiana wasn't a victim and she didn't see herself as one. She punched, she slapped, she stood up for herself, Ashley was just stronger and was quicker, more agile than Tatiana was. Taking a few small breaths, Tatiana slowly looked up to meet her wife's hazel colored eyes. "Ash, I'm pregnant." Maybe that wasn't the best time to reveal the news, but whether she planned to stick it out or not, the baby would still be her wife's and she needed to know. "Eight weeks," she whispered, her hand still protectively clutching her stomach. She could see the guilt on the other woman's face. They had just had their worst fight yet and Tatiana was bleeding and bruised, her lip cut, a cut on her cheek and her forehead, along with several other bruises, and she was pregnant. "I'm going to the hospital," she whispered, tears threatening to fall as she pushed past her wife and headed to the front door. As she reached the door, she reached for the door handle, though stopped when she felt Ashley's hand on her arm. "Let me take you," she whispered, her tone quiet and comforting as she spoke to the brunette. Tatiana glanced over at the other woman, her heartbreaking as she tried to find the words that she needed to say, the four words she'd needed to stay for the past two years. "I want a divorce," Tatiana whispered as a tear escape her eye.  

David T&L Leann

07/07/2020 01:31 AM 

My Rules
Current mood:  busy

I do not give 2nd chances to anyone once I block them for claiming that I am part of their family & agreed to be their family when I did no such thing. I am taken by Leann Marie Lynne Ishii Cohaagen who I love so very much so please leave me alone or I will alert the BAU team to what you are doing. I do not want anyone to claim that I am cheating on Leann Marie Lynne Ishii Cohaagen cause it is not true cause I am faith to her more than most. I do not want anyone who rps crappy stuff such as Cartoon 🐱 & Anime 👽 that would abduct people. No rapists, liars, cheaters, abusers, hooker, drug users, pimps, murderers, thieves,, frauds or comedians<---(unless requested during roleplay). Please sign these rules verifying that you do understand all the rules that I have posted here.


07/07/2020 01:07 PM 

The Most Overlooked Fact About Cheap PoE Currency Revealed
Current mood:  artistic

One additional astounding on-line video gaming is introduced for video gaming eager termed as Path of exile. Path of exile is an incredible web-based battle video gaming which is also often known as Poe. This unique advance of the path of exile is produced by Grinding Gear Games (GGG). Poe is found in three most preferred programs that are Microsoft Windows, Xbox One along with Ps 4. In this particular game play, gamers regulate a sole character inside the complete gameplay. Path of exile is designed with interesting functions whereby they acquire massive targeted visitors of individuals on their system also the adore of its end users in millions of comments. Path of exile is produced in the dark illusion of wraeclast that provides more ignite in the Video gaming.During the recreation, a player explores a broad part of wraeclast through dungeons along with caverns to kill the non-participant persona and horrible enemies. A gamer exactly who destroys their opponents finishes the missions and earns various forces in addition to xp that makes their personality more robust. These classes along with leagues usually are not easily completed by the player so it is substantial for the participant to Poe currency for sale. In the event you also want to become a member of the path of exile in addition to feel the whole features with additional exhilaration then you definitely need to buy Poe currency. Poe currency makes the gameplay much more exciting in addition to smooth for game enthusiasts.Path of exile is regarded as unique gaming from other gaming because of its various currency systems for instance Poe present orbs and scrolls in the type of currency in contrast to gold coins. Game enthusiasts change the gameplay in case they have Poe trade currency just like they can exchange with other participants, buy weaponry, tools and also customize your figure. Poe currency makes simple for the gamer to complete the missions easily and they also canprotect their persona from nasty critters. You can aquire path of exile currency from the distinct on-line dealer of the video gaming marketplace and there's one of the greatest and foremost retail store of gaming currency. Mmogah is well-acknowledged and reliable Poe shop that provides you cheap Poe currency from all of other merchants.  Participants like Mmogah as it would be the entirely attached podium as well as delivering fast and also easy assistance as compared to other. You can also get top Mmogah coupons by which you can save your money while purchasing the path of exile currency. You will get cheap Poe currency from the easiest and also speedy one on one distribution techniques. In conclusion, Mmogah is one of the ideal along with attached poeshop for exile gamers to buy Poe goods. If needed, interested individuals can simply click here or perhaps visit our own official webpage in order tolearn about Poe currency.

Poe currency, Poe goods, Poe shop


07/07/2020 12:48 PM 

The Slayers Of Malivore, Legends Become Born

Landon Kirby had a rough and tough life. More than most. He had been through hell and back in his young life. Bounced around from foster home to foster home he hated and despised his birth mother blaming her for his issues when he was younger. He always knew who, what he was, and of his supernatural being, gift that was a Phoenix. But his abilities and powers would come to him slowly. He then have to adapt and would control them. Often practicing. He was a careful and very responsible person. He was independent and on his own. Landon got sick of the foster care system though he finally settled down had parents finally accepted him for the supernatural being, his good path he chose early on which made his father Malivore despise and hate him as their own along with his foster brother Rafael Waithe. Landon loved them called them everyday, flew in with Rafael to see them every chance he got. He grew up so fast so quickly. He learned to survive by working dead end jobs and to cook, clean, even take care of himself. He had done a lot brought good in the lives of lost supernatural gifted beings Milton Greasley a young vampire student, Josie and Lizzie Saltzman the gemini siphoner twin witches, Hope Mikaelson the being one of her own kind in existence like him tribrid, and of course the newer daughter of Alaric Saltzman, from a past relationship Elaina Saltzman new student at the Salvatore Boarding School for supernatural gifted. Landon had befriended Josie most of them all becoming her best friend. They hung out a lot. He got her out of her shy zone. He helped her with her inner darkness she hid from the world showing her to curb and control it, taught her how to fight it. He has a darkness of his own. He only told her and controlled it. Not letting it control him by singing, writing music, and playing his guitar. He also did it by training with Headmaster Alaric to better defend himself and his friends. Alaric was so deeply touched helping his daughter. Landon was very close with Josie. They tormented each other, went to the park singing together. They fed ducks and he would take her away from bad situations with small things that stressed her out teaching her to calm herself to breath. He also taught her to fight back, not to let people walk all over her. Like after Lizzie was so mean and cruel to him at first but after awhile, after they worked together to save girl students at their school. He treated her with so much respect, manners, and was good, nice to her he won her over. After also saving her life few times she stopped tormenting, being mean to him not promising though to stop calling him Mophead and Hobbit. He just got used to it. It was her thing. He also grew closer to the school after one day fight broke out with werewolves vampires and witches. Hope along with Josie, Lizzie, Milton, and Rafael tried to stop it. Landon got pissed off after seeing Josie knocked down it set him off. He went over displaying a new supernatural ability of his of the Phoenix. Fire trail from his hand he got their attention telling them all they all act like a kindergarten class and that they ought to be ashamed of themselves. He told them cold heart truth they all were in this together, equal, the same no being is better than the other. And all fought the same battle, same mission. That this ancient war has done nothing but hurt innocent people. And they need to work together as one. It worked he brought a ton of supernatural beings and gifted together helping Josie up.   Landon helped his best friend Josie learn to fight back for herself. Giving her advice not to let others walk all over her. He helped her fight back for her dignity and pride. Landon was sick of seeing her in hurt, agony, and pain. It drove him half insane only because she was his friend. She just let it happen. Also it was making her darkness bad inside. Landon had enough. He taught her to control it and keep it at bay. He also saw her going into toxic relationships. He of course after her getting hurt stood up for her and even Lizzie after Penelope did what she did. Landon helped Josie stand up for her, her sister. And told Penelope she was a heartless, cold, mean, self serving bitch that cared only about herself. She expect this from Lizzie but not her. Josie had learned that from Landon. He helped her fight back for her own self, dignity, and her darkness. She was becoming better now. Landon was very protective of her, Hope, Rafael, MG, Elaina, and Lizzie he would do anything for them also to protect them.Landon always cleaned up after their messes and didn't ask for anything in return. He had a humble heart and had a genuine goodhearted soul. He was one that would give anyone a chance and take a chance on anyone that no one else would. He believed in Josie, Lizzie, Hope, Lizzie, Rafael, Elaina, and MG they were all he had. He had drawn and brought them closer together. Had a bond and them become like a squad, team of supernatural gifted that made the decision to use their supernatural gifts to protect the town of Mystic Falls, each other, their school, and people in town though they would quickly retreat after saving, helping people. Headmaster Alaric Saltzman was proud of these young heroic group of young men and women. Landon had grown tired of Jed him abusing his power breaking school rules. Pushing around young wolves. He saw the alpha of Mystic Falls Werewolf Pack using it for his own selfish gain. Landon had shoved and confronted him after saving a werewolf standing over him then had his hand up with ring of fire. Nearly missing Jed. Him, MG, Lizzie, and Josie put Rafael to challenge him to restore, bring honor dignity back to the werewolf pack. Rafael courageously fought and beat Jed in a fight becoming new alpha. Rafael made new honorable rules and rid of the tormenting, taunting, and hazing of werewolf students giving them a choice to join or not. Rafael used the pack to go on watch duty and patrolling town. To detour the threat of the actual father, their new enemy, big evil bad in town Malivore who had a goal of eliminating all supernatural beings, humans seeing, deemed himself as the ultimate superior being above all. Like a God. Malivore had a heartless, cold, mean, selfish self serving ego. He was about himself seeing himself as a God. Malivore had sent many creatures to destroy them and everything but were defeated constantly by this group of supernatural gifted led, mentored by Alaric Saltzman himself.  Landon despised him and grew a pair joining his friends in fighting and stopping him. His plans. Landon was growing into a courageous heroic young man that only thought about others and putting others first. He was the most selfless male student there. Milton was the peacemaker, helped keep them all stay positive, offered guidance, and advice to help them with their problems.   He also kept the peace joining them in their battles. Hope of course always saving their asses taking a tiny step back making her realize her friends were there now and helping her battle to save other people. Protecting others. When Hope get busy he call her up to hang out. Lizzie and him, Elaina all become closer. Becoming like sisters to him but would make excuses they were busy so their sister be all happy, excited, perked up giggling all happy. He also helped Josie with her magic when it came to protecting her father, him, Rafael, MG, her sisters he let her draw from his Phoenix powers making her stronger. She was so selfless, kind, and put others before herself. She would do anything for anyone and thought of them first not herself. Also at this time Hope and Landon noticed their relationship hadn't been the same. Lacking the spark they once had, their love deteriorated do to them having nothing in common except the only being of their kind in existence. They weren't the same felt like they grown apart and even were just best friends. Meant to be that. Hope was becoming more involved in saving everyone and facing Malivore head on. Whose plan of destroying his own son Landon.  Malivore wanted to institute a new race. Molded in his own image and his own kind. He did occasionally show a bad boy side he always had drinking and partying now and then. After all supernatural creatures they battled on a daily basis his evil father he despised sending them to take over the world instituting a new race. To also take him and others out. But failed. With everything he dealt with it made him have hurt, misery, and pain it affected him. Hope also knew and noticed their relationship had deteriorated. She was ready to speak to him on this soon. Wanting to break up amicably and be best friends. Landon and Hope had did just that. They were so happy now and it not being so awkward. Feeling like that was what they were best of friends. Landon also protected people often risking exposure of him being a Phoenix he didn't care.  One night though Milton had battled his own deep darkness he kept from others. Fighting it with a smile on his face. He lost control and had killed a person. By accident. He was so afraid, crying how his good name would be ruined viewed as a monster at school maybe even kicked out. He had friends in them. Of course he could had called Kaleb but he instead surprisingly called Landon. Told him what had happened. Milton didn't want to be kicked out of school or sent away. Landon helped him fight back. Telling him it wasn't his fault. That it was a accident and that his control was off. He would help him. And didn't tell Alaric. He helped rid of the body as MG did kill a person no one would miss though so it wouldn't cause attention. Landon helped MG stood by his side, along with Josie, Lizzie, Elaina, Rafael, and Hope helped him overcome this little mishap getting his blood lust under control. In check. He won his battle against his demons. They decided when one was struggling they would help each other. On the night that would change everyone and everything. Hope Mikaelson was afraid for everyone the headmaster Alaric Saltzman her father figure mentor, Lizzie Saltzman, Elaina Saltzman, Milton Greasley, Rafael Waithe, everyone in town, everybody at their school and their well being with Malivore being a true threat to them all. She couldn't bare the thought of losing anyone else. She hatched a plan of her own. She did research on how to rid of Malivore for good. She had learned that someone powerful enough had to take a leap into the pit and their magic would close it off. Downside everyone would forget they ever existed. A prince Hope was willing to take to save everyone. She was so selfless and she called her best friend Josie and Landon to meet her at the Malivore pit. They came as expected. Hope told them both also she was going to break with Landon that night but was wanting to end this threat once and for all. She told them both about her plan and Landon, Josie looked at her. Landon then demanded she not do this. Decision he was going to make he sacrifice himself so they all go on without him. Hope smiled crying happily with Josie. Josie pushed him aside reasoning with him. It made Josie admire him more he was so selfless, caring, with a big heart for others like her. Hope told them she couldn't do this without their help. She was going to open the portal they would destroy every last creature, close the pit off for good with her taking the plunge Landon calmed down agreeing to it not liking it one bit. Josie and Hope joined hands reciting the spell opening it. They banded together like a great team. Landon throwing fire balls and ball of fire at them, Josie and Hope throwing magical blasts at these creatures and destroying them all. Then as they defeated the last one and it was a long grueling battle took a lot out of them. Killing last one. Hope hugged them both. Gulping looking back them both telling she missed them. She jumps and the hole of the pit sent a blast blowing Landon and Josie away. Him catching Josie and shielding her from the debris. With his Phoenix wings and Hope fell into it. Sinking as it closed then they all forgot Hope Mikaelson existed.It was different for everyone. They all knew something wasn't right and was missing as life went on for Landon and everyone it was so different without Hope around. Landon and Josie were honored by Headmaster Alaric Saltzman and everyone even had a case with their pictures being celebrated as the slayers of Malivore dubbed, nicknamed as that. Earning their mark as heroes. Josie and Landon didn't think nothing of it. Both saying it was just them protecting everyone and doing what was necessary to protect them all. Doing their good duty and their job. Landon just felt so free and that he was feeling like a bird in a tree. They became something of a supernatural phenomenon and legend that they slayed the unbeatable evil supernatural being which was father of Landon Kirby and his evil army and legion. The whole school now honored them everyday and got congratulated too.

Slayers Of Malivore, Legends Become Born, Season 1 Finale, AU


07/07/2020 12:39 PM 


1.) What can you find at Aqua Dawg?A: Kayaks and Paddleboards2.) What can you find at Above and Beyond?A: Hot Air Balloons3.) What is Go Green?A: A Golf Course4.) If you go to the local arcade where are you going?A: Rocket City5.) If you are participating in a dart competition where would you go?A: Dart Drop6.) We have an amazing children's amusement park named?A: Enchanted Island7.) What is Split Happens?A: A Bowling Ally8.) If you go to the comedy club where are you going?A: Stir Crazy9.) What does Warfare have to offer?A: Paintball10.) Where can you go to pick your own tulips?A: Dutch Hollow11.) What is Classic Cash?A: An Illegal Casino12.) If you go to The Best Lures what are you planning on doing for the day?A: Fishing in a tournament13.) What event is only open every first and third Saturday of the month?A: Run-A-Muck14.) Where can you go to indoor rock climb?A: Planet Granite15.) What is Laser Blitz?A: Laser Tag16.) If you want to see a drive-in movie where would you go?A: Starlite17.) When you go to a neon-lit roller rink what business would you go to?A: Roller Skate18.) What does Get High have to offer?A: Helicopter Rides19.) What does Get Vertical have to offer?A: Indoor Skydiving20.) Do you like these scavenger hunts and learning what the group has to offer? Yeah it's fun


07/07/2020 12:04 PM 

Landon Kirby Supernatural Abilities And Powers

Advanced Healing: Landon can heal himself and even others with mortal wounds healing them completely.Soul Sensing: Landon can sense what others are feeling, going through, and thinking.Fire Torch: Landon can light evil supernatural creatures and beings on fire and turning them to molten pile of ash. He can also extend it to many yards and even a few miles.​​​Self-Resurrection: Phoenixes, such as Landon, have the ability to resurrect from the dead. The body will spontaneously self-combust only for the phoenix to be reborn from the ashes. It is unknown whether or not if there is a limited number of times a phoenix can resurrect before they perish permanently. Furthermore, there does not seem to be a set amount of time that it takes for a phoenix to resurrect.Levitation: Phoenixes seemingly possess some form of levitation - allowing them to float a few feet up off the ground. While embracing and kissing Hope, Landon seemingly caused both himself and Hope to rise off of the ground and remained mid-air for a few seconds before the pair fell back down to the ground.Flight: Phoenixes can produce wings of fire from their backs that enable them to fly. Landon was able to produce his flames as pyrokinetic wings and fly back to the Salvatore School to get a gravely injured Dorian medical attention.Magic Repelling: Landon is immune to all forms of magic including witch spells and magic. He can get normal mortal wounds but is untouchable with in regards to witch magic.Vampire Repelling: Landon is immune to all vampire powers including compulsion and bites. He can't be turned into a vampire.

Full Supernatural Abilities And Powers Of Landon Kirby, Legacies


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Lilith's Information

BASIC INFORMATION:Full Name: LilithNickname(s): Lily, DaughterDOB: N/AHatched: N/AJob: Being Papai's DaughterSpecies: Ruby DemonParents: AcheronSiblings: ThousandsHeight: 5ft 3inHair Color: Black and Red (natural) but hair can change to match Acheron's hair colorSkin Tone: PaleBuild: Curvy/AthleticMode Of Transportation: Wings or PapaiWeapon Of Choice: Fangs, Fire Breathing, Tail, or Pappai++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Not much is known about Lilith, because she never speaks of her past, that is because when Acheron saved her from abuse and slavery, instead of her owing a debt he offered to adopt her as a daughter and she accepted it. Because she's a Ruby Demon, that means that when someone saves you, you owe an eternal debt, however Acheron didn't like that idea, and gave her freedom and a father figure. Lilith's age is ONLY KNOWN by Acheron; however even though she had a grown up body, her brain develops much more slowly, so some say she looks to be in her twenties, even though she is much older than that. But imagine a twenty year old with the mind of a sixteen year old. It'll take centuries for her mind to become adult like, but even then she'll still look like she's in her twenties. She is spoiled rotten by Acheron, who she fully loves and trusts. She also looks out for him, and helps him while he protects the innocent. She doesn't always understand why Acheron does what he does, but she respects and loves him enough to follow his lead. Lilith is only ever seen with Acheron, she never goes anywhere alone, and it's not because he demands this, she does it because she feels completely safe with him around. She jokes and teases, and loves shiny objects. Basically whatever she wants Acheron will give her. She doesn't understand the concept of betrayal, because her species literally CAN NOT betray anyone. And she doesn't understand the concept of feeling lonely, or wanting love. Acheron tells her she will one day, but she knows about love for she loves him, what she doesn't understand is that he says there's different types of love. But she doesn't try to figure it out. She loves being around Acheron, loves traveling and just seeing the world. They're never in one place for far too long, but because they have homes everywhere, she has everything she could ever want in each house. She is sweet, innocent minded, caring, loving, kind, understanding, and slightly intelligent. But if you hurt her Papai (Acheron), she will let the demon in her out, and she will kill you very slowly and painfully.++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++POWERS & ABILITIES:Enhanced StrengthEnhanced SpeedEnhanced Heightened SensesEnhanced EnduranceEnhanced AgilityEnhanced StaminaTelepathyPyrokenesisPolymorphismFlightCompulsionVenomous FangsVenomous TailHand to Hand combat proficentExcellence in WeaponryTeleporationLinguistics

Laura Victoriano

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Once more, I present headcanons

- Laura has a seafood allergy. Ingesting any seafood can kill her, so she avoids it like the plague. Though her parents didn't seem to care and often never tried to help when they were in a situation where the only food available was seafood.- Laura's favorite flower is actually a rose, with sunflowers a close second.- Laura has a mild form of epilepsy.- Laura can sleep through pretty much anything except a thunderstorm. Even in the middle of a hot day playing outstide with Ruben, if she's tired enough she can fall asleep.- When Ruben was very little, whenever he cried from getting a scrape she would not only bandage it up, but she would carry him around the entire day to make him feel better. - Her favorite food by far is cherries. She loves anything with cherries.


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The Sire Bond

The Sire Bond   Finding Freedom (Les Mis July Drabble) It was a big house that put the Lockwood Estate to shame. He was dressed in some of the finest clothing that money could buy. He wasn’t the son of the owner like he was when his parents were hosting those political parties during the height of election season. Instead, Tyler Lockwood born a werewolf activated the gene after he accidentally killed a girl at a party. He fell in the line of sight of the Original Hybrid Klaus Mikaelson. Tyler was the first of a new breed of monster. He was the first non Original Hybrid created by that bastard himself. Damn it all to hell.He’d left town for a while and met up with other werewolves in other areas closeby. He envied them and how they were all surrounded by a loving pack and how those bonds had been. They grew up knowing what wolf life was about. Most of them knew what it was like to be a wolf. They had been raised that this wasn’t a bad thing. Tyler had watched children who had the werewolf gene but hadn’t activated it yet just grow up happy, loved and carefree. Tyler didn’t have any of that. He didn’t know that he was destined to be werewolf until it was practically too late. He was on a crash course with destiny. That destiny was in the person of one Niklaus Mikaelson.Tyler had been nothing but a pawn in the game for control that Klaus had when it came to Mystic Falls and all the people he loved and cared about in life. He remembered feeling so helpless as those arms had him so helplessly bound. The taste of Klaus’ blood being forced into his mouth made him feel like a helpless puppy. He struggled so hard to try and break free from the Original’s grasp, but he was fighting a losing battle. Then unimaginable pain came and his world ended. Tyler Lockwood was dead.Those first few moments after his initial transformation as a wolf were so intense. Everything was so much more intense. He could smell things, he could see things, he could hear things that he couldn’t before. The pain of every bone in your body breaking was something that made him hate life to put it mildly. His libido was stronger. He couldn’t get enough of his girlfriend Caroline all when he wasn’t changing into a wolf and going after her in a mad frenzy. This all changed when he woke up after Klaus has fed him his blood. Tyler saw nothing but red. He was so hungry. He needed to feedHe was sitting there on a chair in Klaus’ massive estate that he was prepping for some big event and stared at his hands. He was the first of an entire staff full of hybrids that Klaus had created. As a hybrid, Tyler no longer was bound by the moon. He didn’t have to change with the full moon. He was a vampire and a werewolf and he was always horny. Tyler clenched his jaw and felt his temper rising. He was free in a sense, but he was still bound. He had that sire bond that kept him tied to Klaus. What was freedom in one sense when it was a prison of another sort. Freedom from changing every month versus being bound to a monster and his every whim.“TYLER!” The voice of Klaus Mikaelson filled the house as the Original was looking for his most prized possession. “Where are you?” He called out with an annoyed tone in his voice. Nobody liked it when Klaus was angry. It usually meant that someone was going to die painfully. “Oh there you are! I need you to do something for me.”Tyler looked into the eyes of the monster who held the leash on his freedom. “Look, I really appreciate you and what you’ve done for me. Turning every month was a real pain in the a/ss. You really saved me from that.” For a moment, he felt as though he didn’t recognize himself with these words that came out of his mouth.That sneer curled his lips with a self assured grin that made Tyler’s blood run cold. “Yes, yes. I’ve granted you the greatest gift of all.” His expression was the most cruel evil that he’d ever imagined. “Elena Gilbert and all her friends have decided to defy me one too many times. They must be taught a lesson. I want you to bite your girlfriend.”Tyler’s eyes widened. “You want me to WHAT?” Tyler’s temper flared. “Are you SERIOUS? A Werewolf Bite will kill Caroline.” He insisted rather fervently. He glared at Klaus with incredulity.“You heard me. You will bite Caroline. I know full well what it will do. It will teach them not to defy me.” He was so cruel and callous in what he spoke. Klaus knew how much Tyler loved Caroline. He’d also been sensing a bit of willful rebellion on the part of his first successful Hybrid. He had to insist on this to keep them all in line, including Tyler.“I won’t do it!” He shook his head and ran off from the Original Hybrid. Tyler ran through the house and out onto the grounds. He stood there with his hands on his legs bent over. He couldn’t believe Klaus wanted him to actually do the one thing that would cause her the most pain and even kill her. Caroline had done nothing but love him and he’d put her through hell. She remained close and ever faithful to him. Klaus wanted him to repay her with a painful death? He wouldn’t do it. He just couldn’t do it.~*~Later that evening he was in Caroline’s arms again. They were wrapped out in a passionate embrace once more. He loved her so much. He needed her like he needed the air to breathe. Tyler loved her so much it almost hurt. “OW! Tyler! What did you just do? Did you just bite me?” The look on Caroline’s face was that of betrayal and pain. She touched her neck where there was a spot of blood. It wasn’t a huge bite, it was a nip. Tyler did bite her, just like Klaus wanted.He was horrified at the fact that he couldn’t rebel against Klaus for the woman he loved. Tyler backed away slowly. His face was wide in horror. Klaus had such a powerful hold on him that Tyler was in no place to actually reject anything he said. Now this was going to cost him everything. He had to find freedom from this sire bond somehow. Tyler ran off leaving Caroline behind. He shot a text to Matt to come and check on her. He didn’t trust himself anymore. . He needed freedom from this sire bond somehow or else he couldn’t be around anyone he loved. He had to find a way to break free no matter what the cost. The price was already too high  Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus credit: james kriet


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Angelic Demon Princess

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So, I hate posting these. I'm not going to get all crazy here. I'll write with most people from para and up. I will most likely deny one-liners and semi para writers. I just find it incredibly boring. I don't write smut or in the wrestling verse, so if you're here for that, it's another automatic deny.What I AM here for is stimulating, gut-wrenching writing that gives you all the feels. I couldn't care less if you are a female ooc writing as a male. It happens. That's life. Authors write as males all the time...why can't we?I don't mind being a number, but I would MUCH RATHER have a connection or some sort of a conversation with you. Even if it's just status banter, I'm OK with that. As long as we just chat :).As of now, I am a single love interest. I ship with chemistry. I've done the whole multi-ship before and it gets confusing keeping track of who's who and separating storylines.I ship with chemistry. Period.I am an 18+ writer. There may be dark themes involved. As long as you are mature enough to handle it, welcome aboard.

Chaotic Technomage.

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Char's Technomagic

Techno-Spell Casting (replicate technological effects) Energy Blast Force-Field Generation Missile Generation Nano Magic Physical Restoration Wish Granting  Augmentation Enhanced Crafting Impossibility Inducement Rule Bending Techno-Magic Enhancements Evolution: auto-upgrade once new technology becomes available. Extrasensory Perception: enhance detection and analysis via ESP. Infusion: enhanced weapons with supernatural effects. Regenerative Healing Factor: fast self-repairs after taking damage. Reforming: self-reconstruction when destroyed. Sequenced Teleportation: automatic retreat to safety after taking too much damage.


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