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07/12/2020 06:12 PM 

Give Me Love.

serpent juliet Give me love like never before 'Cause lately I've been craving more. message comment albums stream bulletins blog Give me Love. Lazy Sunday afternoons with FP were becoming somewhat of a tradition for Betty and Jug, an early dinner and several hours passed quickly in conversation to keep the elder Jones man company. Of course, she always offered to bring something to contribute, always told she didn't need to bring anything but herself with a sly remark about his preference for her company over his own son's. She'd begun to enjoy its routine, sometimes in tandem with more significant fanfare at her own mother's house where FP was always welcome to join. Still, sometimes the nostalgia of the trailer she'd grown to know so well throughout her formative years of sneaking around with Jughead made for a more relaxing end to the weekend. It was that nostalgia that had fueled her less than polite behavior, the mere shedding of his jacket draped over the back of the sofa and a flex of his bicep from beneath his shirt sleeve had Betty running her tongue over her lips with a hunger that had nothing to do with the tacos FP had been preparing in the kitchen.It was never hard for him to read her, she'd always been anything but subtle when it came to the way she craved him, and upon their re-connection, it seemed it was impossible to satiate her physical desire for him at almost all times. There didn't seem to be any complaints from either side. Still, when there was a knock at the front door, allowing them time alone without FP's watchful gaze, it was as if the two were transported back years ago to heated greedy fumbling for one another in his childhood bedroom no less. Her skin burned hot as she'd grabbed hold of his hand, mischievously biting her bottom lip as she all but dragged him down the familiar hallway and into the room that felt like a relic plucked out of a time capsule in their shared history together.The nights she'd spent curled up with him in bed, neither of their parents any the wiser, or if they knew they at least pretended not to let on. The innocent and exploratory make-out sessions, the giggles, and unsure touches led them to where they were now as she was pinned against the wall. Hand brings him close to her face as she was up in the air legs wrapped around him, just the right amount of pressure as she was kissing him slowly, feeling his lips on her neck. Betty immediately growing impatient. The sound of the front door entirely escaped her notice. That jolted her to attention as her eyes lazily rolled open and head whipping back from the sudden movement. Both froze instantly, Betty's eyes while still hazy widening with sheer terror as she looked back at him over her shoulder as she tried to get control of her breathing. "Are you kidding me? He couldn't wait five more minutes?!"


07/12/2020 05:01 PM 


<center><div style="width:600px; height:auto; font:11px Helvetica; line-height:12px; color:#000; text-align:justify; margin:50px 0;"><div style="float:right; padding:0 14px; background:#fff; margin:0 10px 10px 10px; border:2px solid #353a42; width:150px; height:auto; display:inline-block;"> <img src=";> </div> <div style="font:bold 40px helvetica; color:#353a42; letter-spacing:-2px; margin: 0 0 15px 0; padding:0 0 15px 0; border-bottom:2px solid #353a42; line-height:40px; display:block;">”I’d Rather have you as a friend.”</div>Hope Mikaelson had been through a lot in her young life and the only place that her mother thought would be the safest for her was the Bayou in the countryside of New Orleans, Louisiana. Hope was 9 now and she had been through hell and back before she even reached her 10th birthday. She sat in the front yard of the cabin they had settled in and called their home since coming back to New Orleans, her crayons, colored pencils and paints spread out around her sheets of paper that she used to create her art with.She had most definitely gotten that creative side from her father. Hayley smiled as she sat on the front porch in a rocking chair, with a mason jar filled with lemon iced tea while she watched her daughter express herself on the paper she seemed to be really into what she was creating and Hayley didn’t want to bother her while she was going through that process that seemed to make her the most happy and relaxed. Grandma Mary had been staying with them since she had a few extra bedrooms in the house, Jackson was out back chopping firewood with an axe he kept against the tool she behind the cabin. Everything seemed to be falling into place, except the fact that Hayley had gotten word from Freya that something had happened to Davina. Hayley hadn’t seen Davina Claire since before she had to take Hope out of the city to keep herself. She had to cut all ties from anyone she knew in order to keep Hope safe from the Hollow, it was the only thing she knew how to do to protect her daughter.Not that she was running away from anything, but during that time Hope was a baby; it was Hayley’s job to protect her from the evil that seemed to want to attack her every which way she could think of. Hayley made a vow to Hope when she was born that she would always protect her. Hope was now her ‘Always and Forever’ and Hayley began to understand the meaning more and more to that saying each and every day that Hope grew and learned new things and experienced her firsts.One Hayley had gotten Hope back from Rebekah and the Hollow had been destroyed; or so she thought; Hayley promised herself that she would do whatever it took to keep Hope safe, no matter what the cost; no matter if it meant losing her own life in the process. “Something on your mind, sweetheart?” Hayley blinked her eyes a few times to pull herself out of her reverie when she heard Mary’s voice, she sighed deeply and glanced over looking at her with bright hazel/green hues and Mary smiled knowing that she was right.“I just… “ She started, leaning back into the rocker and took a moment before she spoke; the mason jar pressed against her lips to take a sip of iced tea to contemplate exactly what she wanted to say before she actually spoke the words that were about to leave her lips. “I just..” She said again, glancing over at Mary once more whose kind eyes studied the brunette while she waited.“I want her to live a normal life, have friends her own age, do things a normal girl does.” She shrugged her shoulders looking over at her with a slightly frustrated look and Mary nodded, knowing exactly what Hayley was trying to say. “Why not think about taking her to the school in Mystic falls?” Hayley bit her lip and looked back at the strawberry blonde-headed child who was still sitting at the table. “I thought about it. I think it would be good for her but I’m not sure how she’d be in a new place, not her home.”Mary nodded in understanding and smiled at her, leaning back into her own rocker and drank from her own mason jar; only hers wasn’t tea, it was something stronger. “She’s a Mikaelson, she’s strong and brave just like her mother, I’m sure she would be fine.” Jackson slowly walked out onto the porch and his eyes instantly met Hayley’s, he smiled. “What are we talking about?” He asked musingly and Hayley grinned up at him, watching him get closer to her before he leaned over and placed a gentle kiss upon her lips, then a gentle kiss was placed against her forehead, having a moment to themselves and Mary smiled while she looked away. Jackson pulled away finally and sat in the empty rocker a few inches away and reached over for the pitcher of iced tea and filled his own mason jaw Hayley had brought out when he was done working.He wiped the sweat from his brow with his flannel sleeve he had rolled up and he sighed deeply while he relaxed into the rocker. Hayley smiled while she watched him and then glanced back at Hope. “Do you think her going to that school would be a good idea?” She asked, then she turned her eyes back toward Jackson; who nodded his head.“I think it would be good for her to be around children her own age, she’s around adults all the time. She needs time to be a kid.” He replied honestly with a shrug of his shoulders and Hayley smiled while she nodded in agreement. She knew it was a good idea but at the same time as her mother; Hayley was nervous to think about her going to school since she hadn’t been in one her entire life, until not if it happened. Hayley knew that Hope was different, so it wasn’t really an issue for her to go through preschool and kindergarten because her Aunt Rebekah was a brilliant teacher when she had taken her away.Thinking about it after a few minutes and a little bit more chatting between the three of them between drinks of delicious iced tea, Hayley finally settled on taking Hope to visit the school. That night Hayley had a talk with Hope while she was putting her to bed. She let her know that they were going to go on a trip to the school that Hope already knew all about.Hayley would take opportunities like this to tell her bedtime stories about the Salvatore Brothers and the house that was soon turned into a Boarding School for the Supernatural and Gifted, Hope was an extremely bright child and she understood more than most of the children her age. Once their discussion was over, Hayley and Hope decided that they would take a trip to the school to see what it was actually about. The next day they took their trip from the Bayou to Mystic Falls, Virginia.Mary and Jackson decided to stay behind and take care of things at the cabin and Mary also thought that maybe it would be a good idea for them to have some bonding time, which Hayley didn’t object to once. Driving up to the old house hours after leaving Louisiana, Hayley stopped in front of the gate and rolled down her window, talking to the speaker when she heard Ric’s voice come out of it. “Hi Ric, it’s Hayley and Hope.” And the gate in front of them opened instantly.Hayley drove down the gravel road toward the school and she glanced over, watching Hope look out of her window and studied her surroundings. “Mom, do you think they’ll like me?” She heard Hope’s question and she smiled, nodding her head and reached over with one of her hands.“Of course they’ll like you sweetheart.” Hayley smiled at her and she nodded at her mother’s words before looking back out of the window. Hope wasn’t used to being around other kids so Hayley hoped that things would get easier for her if they decided she were to stay and attend the school’s programs.Parking her car once they were close enough, Hayley got out and then walked around the front to help Hope get out of her side. Shutting the car door behind her; Hope’s hand instantly wrapped around her mothers and they stood there for a moment just staring at the house turned school. Hayley glanced down and looked at her daughter, smiling a little. “Ready?”  She asked in a small voice and Hope nodded before they started to walk toward the stairs. Walking inside, Hope decided she wanted to walk by herself, and although she stayed close to her mother, she seemed so intrigued by the new place they were visiting.Hayley smiled as she walked behind her and then she noticed a girl sitting on a bench in the garden to the side, biting her lip she watched the brunette staring up at her from her books and thermos of coffee she had in her hand. For a split second; Hayley thought she recognized the girl staring back at her but she then she shook it off when she realized that Hope had already made it inside of the school after pushing one of the big double doors open. Hayley laughed quietly when she realized she had stopped walking but started again and followed her daughter inside. <div style="font:bold 16px helvetica; color:#353a42; margin:15px 0 0 0; padding:15px 0 0 0; border-top:2px solid #353a42; line-height:40px; display:block; text-align:right;">&#10070;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; signature here</div>   </div></center>


07/12/2020 04:48 PM 

Californication share codes

Share banners here soon.


07/12/2020 04:48 PM 

Californication Affiliates

ROLE-PLAY GROUPSFORSAKEN - a mafia crime-themed RPG located in New York.ɴᴏɴᴄᴏɴғᴏʀᴍɪᴛʏ - a create your own character Oakland based role-play group.ᴅᴀʀᴇ ᴛᴏ ᴅᴇғʏ - a CW/CW Seed roleplay group.Sleepy Hollow - a crime based RPG.


07/12/2020 03:30 PM 


  "You're stronger than any of us. Once you find your anchor, tap into it and never let go. No matter what. Then the possibilities are endless." ♡ ♡

deity, chaos, void, pain, teenwolf, riverdale, supernatural, thevampirediaries,

Not Your Typical Scully©

07/12/2020 02:50 PM 

The 🌴 beach

So I decided to grab Angel and go on a road trip. Lets be honest we need it but we also need to find Dana and Will and ta-da GPS. After about an hour or so we pull up to the beach its almost sunrise and I get out of the car. I scan the sand and see 3 figures. I turn to look at Angel and smile. "Over there..." She nods and leans on the car and I shake my head grabbing her hand and pulling her along. I am trying to be careful as she looks like she doesnt have her footing on the sand I pause and turn to look at her. "Angel..really? What you act like youve never been to a beach.?" She gives me a confused expression and that says it all. "Right so. Thats the ocean which everyone needs to swim in once in theyre life..and this is sand its gonna get everywhere " I smile and keep pulling her along.


07/12/2020 01:22 PM 

Task 81

1.) Who will you be spending the 2nd Annual Hartsville County Fair with? A:  I will likely spend it with my favorite people: Julianna, Benny, Charlotte, Loretta, Sophie, Ryker and Wyatt; but, as it is a fair and many of the other townsfolk will be in attenence the possibilities are endless. 2.) What is your favorite fair food?A:  Deep Fried Corn Dogs.3.) What is your favorite fair sweet treat?A: Cotton Candy.4.) What is your favorite fair drink?A: Water: I know it's not a very exciting drink; but, it's important to stay hydrated.5.) What is your favorite fair ride?A: Farris Wheel.6.) What is your favorite fair game?A: Balloon Pop.7.) What is your favorite fair animal in the petting zoo?A: Baby Goat8.) What is your favorite fair rodeo attraction?A: Bull Riding.9.) Are you scared of heights or will you ride the ferris wheel?A: Farris Wheel All Day.10.) If you could win anything from the raffle what would you want to win?A: A lifetime supply of coffee and Krispy Kreame donuts. 11.) What craft display do you like the most?A: The custom made tee-shirts.12.) If you could volunteer at any booth which would you choose? A: Being that I'm in a comited relationship I suppose Kissing Booth is out of the question... but... the Dunk Tank could be cool. 13.) What is your favorite memory from the 1st Annual fair?A: Sadly I wasn't around for the first one.14.) What is your least favorite thing about the fair?A: The way people often fail to pick up after themselves. 15.) Do you prefer to go in the morning or night to the fair?A: I prefer the night life, I love seeing all the brightly lite attractions.16.) Do any rides make you sick? If so which ones?A: Nope. Though I think I through up after a ride on the Tilt-A-Whirl once when I was younger.17.) If you could see anyone in concert at the fair who would you like to see? A: Mötley Crüe18.) If you could run into one celebrity at the fair who would you like to meet?A: Dwayne Johnson: "Can you smell what the Rock is cookin'."19.) Are you scared of the fair clowns or do they excite you?A: I avoid them like the plaque.20.) Have you won anything from the fair, if so what? If not what do you hope to win?A: Yes! A giant stuffed bear, which I gave to the lovely Julianna Satorini; because, she said she wanted it.

𝒦𝒾𝓂𝒷𝑒𝓇𝓁𝓎 𝐻𝒶𝓇𝓉

07/12/2020 01:03 PM 

A Dark Night

<div style="text-align: center;"><div style="text-align: center;">&nbsp;</div><div style="text-align: center;"><div style="text-align: center;"><center><div style="display: block; width: 420px; margin: 30px;"><div style="display: block; padding: 20px; border: 1px solid #f2f2f2;"><span id="docs-internal-guid-6d9fd74f-7fff-ff8d-5a76-2017a0e2829f"><span id="docs-internal-guid-894598fb-7fff-f88c-00fd-f0f1d3a2c7a5"><img src="; style="height: 200px; width: 375px;" /></span></span></div>&nbsp;<div style="display: block; font: 30px times; line-height: 30px; color: #2d2d2d; text-transform: uppercase; font-weight: bold; letter-spacing: -3px; background-color: #fff; padding-top: 10px; padding-bottom: 13px; margin-top: -110px; margin-right: 23px; margin-left: 23px; opacity: .6;">A Dark Night<div style="display: block; font: 9px calibri; line-height: 9px; color: #2d2d2d; text-transform: uppercase; letter-spacing: 2px; margin-top: -3px;"><span id="docs-internal-guid-6d9fd74f-7fff-ff8d-5a76-2017a0e2829f"><span id="docs-internal-guid-894598fb-7fff-f88c-00fd-f0f1d3a2c7a5">;/span></span></div></div>&nbsp;<div style="display: block; padding-right: 40px; padding-left: 40px; padding-bottom: 40px; padding-top: 15px; border-right: 1px solid #f2f2f2; border-left: 1px solid #f2f2f2; border-bottom: 1px solid #f2f2f2; margin-top: 60px;"><span id="docs-internal-guid-6d9fd74f-7fff-ff8d-5a76-2017a0e2829f"><span id="docs-internal-guid-894598fb-7fff-f88c-00fd-f0f1d3a2c7a5"><font style="display: block; font-variant-numeric: normal; font-variant-east-asian: normal; font-stretch: normal; line-height: 13px; text-align: justify; height: 210px; overflow: auto;"><font face="Georgia" size="2" style=""><i style="color: rgb(45, 45, 45); font-variant-ligatures: normal; font-variant-caps: normal; font-weight: normal;"><i><i>&quot;Kim, meet us at 6:30 down at Mark&#39;s Pizza, okay?&quot; </i> Zack chuckled watching the former Queen Bee take her books out of Trini&#39;s locker. Kim rolled her eyes and faced him with a smirk. <b>&quot;Okay, and if I don&#39;t?&quot;</b> &nbsp;She chuckled as Trini came up behind her. <i>&quot;You have to! We are all going, plus it&#39;s Friday. We ALWAYS do pizza together!&quot;</i> She pouted cutely as Kim blushed at how adorable her girlfriend was. <b>&quot;I&#39;ll be there. I was just joking. We can all go to my place after, my parents are gone for the weekend. Again.&quot;</b> She let out a soft sigh and looked at her four friends. Trini gave her a gentle hug before heading to her own home to get her overnight bag. She always stayed the night with Kim on Fridays. The boys headed off as well and Kimberly drove home.<br /><br /><br /><br />Kimberly pulled in the driveway of her parents&#39; home and shook her head. They didn&#39;t even wait for her to get home before leaving. Shaking her head she got out of her car and walked inside locking the door behind her. She was a bit paranoid when it came to being home alone, which is why Trini always stayed with Kim on the weekends. Kim went upstairs to her room to shower and change into something a bit more comfortable than what she had worn to school. Once she had changed she headed back downstairs to do her homework. She hated school, but she did like learning and she liked getting the homework out of the way to just be with Trini and the boys on the weekend.<br /><br /><br /><br />It was now 5:30 and Kim was about to leave, she lived on the other side of town so it would take her 30 minutes to get to the pizza parlor anyway. Just as she grabbed her keys she heard a window break followed by the front door opening. Getting on high alert, Kimberly walked cautiously toward the front of the house. &nbsp;<b>&quot;Hello...&quot;</b> As soon as she said that she regretted it. Kimberly had always made fun of the &#39;dumb girls in horror movies who call out hello&#39; now she understood it. &nbsp;Kimberly didn&#39;t get an answer, instead, she was thrown backward against a wall. Kimberly groaned as her back slammed against the plaster cracking the wall beneath her. Kim fell to her knees after making an impact and winced slightly as she slowly got to her feet. &nbsp;<i>&quot;Hello Pink Ranger.&quot;</i> A deep voice spoke causing Kimberly&#39;s stomach to turn and her heart to race. <b>&quot;Who...who are you?&quot; </b> She stuttered in fear. The masked man didn&#39;t respond as he grabbed her by the throat. She gasped in fear causing him to tighten his grip. He leaned in close whispering in her ear. <i>&quot;Where are you precious friends, Kimberly Hart.&quot;</i> His voice caused her body to go cold with fear as tears-filled her eyes while she struggled to breathe.<br /><br /><br /><br /><u>*With the other Rangers*</u><br /><br /><br /><br /><i>&quot;Hey Crazy Girl, where the Hell is Kimberly, she is 15 minutes late!&quot;</i> &nbsp;Trini rolled her eyes at Zack. <i>&quot;Are you EVER going to stop calling me that?&quot;</i> She laughed softly but her smile faded. It wasn&#39;t like Kim to be late, especially not for their Friday hangouts. &nbsp;She always teased about not wanting to go but she loved their nights hanging out. &nbsp;<i>&quot;Come on Kimmy, where are you...&quot;</i> Trini sounded worried as she looked at the boys. <i>&quot;We should go check on her, it&#39;s not like her to be late.&quot;</i> The boys agreed and they all go into Jason&#39;s truck to head over to Kimberly&#39;s home. Trini could barely sit still in the truck as they drove up the mountain road. <i>&quot;Jason drive faster!&quot;</i> She begged as she started to panic because Kim wasn&#39;t answering her house phone or cell phone. &nbsp;<br /><br /><br /><br />Kim was struggling to fight back but she was growing weaker. This man was much stronger than her. He had to have been more than human or at least like her, he had some sort of super-strength. <b>&quot;Who are you?&quot;</b> She spoke again in a much weaker tone now as she charged him. He stopped her with a knife as the blade stuck into her. Kim cried out in pain falling to her knees. <b>?&quot;Stop. Please.&quot;</b> She begged to hold her stomach which was now bleeding. &nbsp;Kim closed her eyes crying as the pain started to become too much for her. The man walked toward her pulling up as she screamed in pain again. Little did Kimberly know that her friends were right outside now.<br /><br /><br /><br />The four rangers jumped out of the truck just in time to here Kimberly scream followed by what sounded like glass shattering. Trini felt her heart shatter as she rushed toward the house but the boys held her back. <i>&quot;Let go! Kim needs me!&quot;</i> She fought against the two boys holding her back as Billy started to worry, he hated when any of his friends were in trouble. &nbsp;<i>&quot;LET GO OF ME!&quot;</i> Trini screamed as glass shattered again and a shadowy figure ran from the house. The boys were distracted and Trini broke free running inside. Seeing her girlfriend on the ground her heart shattered. <i>&quot;GUYS HELP!&quot;</i> She cried out bending down next to Kimberly who was curled up in the fetal position crying in pain. <b>&quot;Trin...It&#39;s not have to go.&quot;</b> She breathed out as the boys rushed in. Trini shook her head as tears rolled down her cheeks. <i>&quot;I&#39;m not leaving you!&quot;</i> The shorter brunette looked at her friends. <i>&quot;An ambulance will take to long. We have to get her to the hospital!&quot;</i> Trini was desperately holding Kim&#39;s head on her lap crying through her words.<b>&quot;No hospital.&quot;</b> Kim groaned as tears poured down her cheeks her hand still holding her stomach. Trini carefully took her hand away seeing that Kim&#39;s hand was soaked in blood. <i>&quot;Kim you&#39;ll die!&quot;</i> Trini looked into her eyes, her own eyes filled with fear and sadness. Kimberly wanted to resist but she was too weak and she knew Trini was right.<br /><br /><br /><br />Once at the hospital Jason spoke to the police officer who had been following them for speeding. Jason explained the situation and the officer helped carry Kim inside. They got her on a stretcher and brought her to the back but they would not let Trini go back with her. Jason pulled Trini into a hug because now the young woman was crying harder. <i>&quot;She&#39;ll be okay Trini.&quot;</i> He tried to convince himself at the same time. <i>&quot;She&#39;s tough, we got hit by a train and survived. She&#39;ll be okay.&quot;</i> He rubbed Trini&#39;s back as he spoke but it didn&#39;t help. Her&nbsp;girlfriend was in the hospital alone and probably scared. She hated knowing &nbsp;Kim was in pain and she couldn&#39;t help. After almost an hour that felt more like five, the doctor walked out to speak with the group. <i>&quot;She lost a lot of blood, but she&#39;ll be fine...sore but fine. You guys got her here just in time. She&#39;s lucky you knew something was wrong.&quot;</i> The doctor seemed like he was questioning them. <i>&quot;She was supposed to meet us for our pizza date and she didn&#39;t show up, it&#39;s not like her to be late.&quot;</i> Trini was still sobbing as the officer walked over to speak with them and question them.<br /><br /><br /><br />After the boys and Trini, each separately explained seeing a shadowy figure leave a window the four were free to go see Kim. Though the officer would be questioning her first. <i>&quot;Can you tell me what happened?&quot;</i> The officer asked Kim gently. <b>&quot;I was getting ready to go to Mark&#39;s Pizza to meet up with my friends Jason, Zack, and Billy. Also my girlfriend Trini.&quot;</b> She smiled thinking about how she still got to call Trini her girlfriend. <b>&quot;I heard glass shatter and the front door unlock then open. My parents aren&#39;t home so I went to see who it might be, this man attacked me. I couldn&#39;t see his face he had a mask on.&quot;</b> Her voice was weak and it was clear she was in pain. The officer decided to let her rest, he could always question her for more details later. <b>&quot;I have security cameras at my house. I can get you the footage when I get out of here.&quot;</b> She spoke as the officer left the room nodding. <i>&quot;Thank you, Miss. Hart.&quot; </i> Her friends rushed in once they were allowed and Trini was still in tears as she crawled up next to Kim. <i>&quot;I was so scared I was going to lose you!&quot;</i> She sobbed, Kimberly weakly pulled her into a hug and cuddled her. <b>&quot;You saved me.&quot;</b> She whispered holding her close and closing her eyes. <b>&quot;My parents are going to kill me for the mess at home.&quot;</b> Kim whispered through her pain as she fell asleep. Between the blood loss and pain meds, she had been fighting to stay awake.<br /><br /><br /><br />Jason knew how much Kim hated disappointing her parents. She felt like they didn&#39;t love her all because of what happened last year. The truth was she felt worthless and now she had made a mess of the house. Jason didn&#39;t want her to feel this way so he decided to call her mother. <i>&quot;Mrs. Hart, it&#39;s Jason Scott. Kimberly&#39;s friend. There&#39;s been an accident. A man broke into your home tonight and attacked Kimberly. She&#39;s in the hospital. The house is a bit of a mess and Kim&#39;s afraid you&#39;re going to get mad at her.&quot;</i> &nbsp;He spoke calmly not wanting to step on any toes. <i>&quot;I don&#39;t care about the house. Is she okay?&quot;</i> Kim&#39;s mother sounded horrified that her only child had been attacked. <i>&quot;She lost a lot of blood, the man who attacked her stabbed her and beat her up pretty good. We were all going to meet for pizza. When she didn&#39;t show up... we got worried and went to check on her.&quot;</i> Jason explained as he heard Kim&#39;s mother gasp. <i>&quot;Tell her we are on our way.&quot;</i> She spoke trying to sound calm and she hung up. Explaining the situation to her husband.&nbsp;</i></i></font></font></span></span></div></div></center></div></div></div> 


07/12/2020 12:12 PM 

Curiosity kills - ft American Psycho

  Curiosity really was the most dangerous thing to have ever existed. Especially when one was alone, and looking for answers they had no business searching for. But here, in the darkened room she called home at the Salvatore School, the young witch carried on.Smoke and fire enlivened the air, charging the cramped space with the heat of this thoughtless spell. The surge of magic awoke every fiber in her being, as she called upon lost and long-forgotten spirits to bring her father back to her. Having done this only once before, the headstrong female decided to try it again- despite the previous, unfavorable results.“I know more this time... I can do this...” words murmured as she prepared, trying to convince herself she could conjure a more favorable outcome this time. “I need to find him...”With the alter readied, Davina found the only relic she had left of her father- a dagger her mother, inexplicably tried to keep hidden from her. Placing the shining blade at the center of the altar, the witch began reciting the incantation- repeating the spell as the charge around her became almost tangible; windows flying open and a small cyclone whirling around the room.And just as suddenly as it had all started, everything stood still. It felt as though even time itself had stopped- everything but the deafening beat of her heart, pounding in her ears.“... H... Hello?...” words stuttered softly in the silence, turning as the feel of eyes on her back burned into her flesh. Lights flickering softly in the darkness, her eyes strained to adjust when she looked down the hall, the shape of a man emerging from the darkness “Are you... my....” as the figure came into view, her words drifted into nothing. Realization flooded the color from her face as the soul that came back stepped closer “You... you're...” the heavy load of what she had just done was setting in, "Malachai Parker..." she swallowed down the string of obscenities she could have tossed his way, trying to think of a plan on how to rid herself of him. "How... why are you here?" spat the witch, taking a half step back.


Southern Gothic✝

07/12/2020 11:34 PM 

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{Sign in any way you see fit. A gif of your face claim, a quote, a song lyric, a stupid video, I don't care.}Disclaimer: I am not Stephen Moyer who played Bill Compton on the hit HBO show True Blood. I am not Bill Compton, who obviously is a fictional character created by the author Charliane Harris for Southern Vampire Mysteries novels. I am just a roleplayer who likeed the books and the show.1. This is probably my most important rule and why I am listing it first. Please understand that I will not, repeat I will not be online 24/7. I love roleplaying and I've been involved with it longer then I've been able legally to drink but it is just a hobby. In my very busy real life, I work a part time job at Amazon that I am hoping to transfer to full time in the coming months along with going to back to trade school as my long term plan is to be an X-Ray techincan. I also live at home where I help out with my parents who are both terminally ill. I also have other pages I do write on. Bill is not my main page. But above all else, life should not be spent in front of a computer screen. I may not be around because despite the CO-VID 19 outbreak, I do leave the house. So please excerise extreme patience with me. I will try to make the wait, however long or short it may be worth it in the end. Hounding me over and over to write when I don't have the time or muse for it will get you deleted.2. This is another important rule. I don't deal with OOC drama or toxicity on the site anymore. Since joining this site in 2011 I've seen a number of individuals who like to cause problems for no reason. Bottom line is this, if you have no intention of writing and are only here to be miserable or cause misery for others then you have no business being on my page. If you're on my page I expect you to write and have fun, not act like a jack ass for no f***ing reason.3. Alright for the most part I like to keep in IC when I am site. Honestly it keeps the lines of what is real and fiction in tact. However if I say anything with OOC or // in front of my statuses then consider that me being out of character. However just because I like to remain IC doesn't mean I am completely shut off from sharing real life information about myself. For starters I have roleplayed since 2003. Such a long time ago now that I think about it. I am also a 35 year old man in real life, I know shocker considering how many of you talented female writers on here like to roleplay as men. Now if I get to know you I will share more information but please do not go hounding me for it.Now on to the rest of the rules...4. My take with  Bill Compton is that he's going to be more canon to the events of the show over then the events of the novels. This is due to the fact I have only read the first two books. Apologies to the book readers who may add me here. Our rp can take place in any point in the time of the show's seven seasons. I can do AU takes that deviate from the show and considering the fact Bill has been around since the mid-late 1800s I can do storylines set in the past.5. I am for the most part a multi-para writer but I will dabble into novella writing and on days I am lazy, I will para or banter on Discord or in statuses.  When I do write I write in comments and messages. I will overlook grammar or spelling errors as no one is perfect and as long as I can understand what's being said. I do prefer to at least plot something out prior to writing.6. Even though I am a supernatural roleplayer. I do crossover on Bill. Crossovers are fun when you think outside of the element of your own verse and branch out in other verses. Given how rare or death my verse is I feel like I have to. So the following verses aside from the supenatural verse I will add are: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Comic, Crime, and Modern/Normal.I will also add OC characters. Because OCs deserve some love too.7. Let this also be said, my world is R-rated. If you have watched True Blood or read the novels then you know it's not meant for minors. I will absolutely not write with anyone under the age legal age of 18. My content can and will include the following themes.** Blood & Gore - Bill's a vampire. This should be a given, he may mainstream and drink Tru Blood but he will indulge in blood drinking in different situations. Given the supernatural verse in general, gore should be expected.**Adult Language - I will say it now Bill will be dropping some choice language. Enough said.**Sexual Content - Yes Bill will have sex if storyline calls for it. It's also fine if it doesn't come up as well. Fair warning though, Bill and me the writer are heterosexual so any kind of sexual roleplay is with women only. Also be aware it's 100% consensual for both parties. Lastly let it be known I do detailed stuff so please let me know what is or isn't off limits.8. I am multi-li page. What is multi-li? It means in different storylines seperated from one another I will allow romantic and potentially adult situations occur with more than one character. Do I think this is cheating? No, I don't. I am not commmiting to anyone. Now if this is an issue for any of you ladies on here, I would recommend not letting romantic themes be in our storyline. If you have a problem with multi-li roleplayers in general, then we shouldn't write together. I won't be shamed for my stance on this issue.9. Mains and connections. Let's be real, chances are someone else is going to be playing your character. I don't play favorites so I will never ever have a main so and so. I will add connections but let me say this, connectiosn have to be earned. Don't think you'll be a connection off the bat if we aren't going to roleplay, and yes this rule applies to people I know.10. Last but not least, Please have fun. If you're not here to write and have fun then why are you here to begin with? Right? 


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1.) Who will you be spending the 2nd Annual Hartsville County Fair with? All different friends2.) What is your favorite fair food? Corn dogs with mustard3.) What is your favorite fair sweet treat? Cotton candy4.) What is your favorite fair drink? Slushie/Iced drinks5.) What is your favorite fair ride? Carousel6.) What is your favorite fair game? Coconut shy and ring toss7.) What is your favorite fair animal in the petting zoo? Goats and maybe owls if they are there8.) What is your favorite fair rodeo attraction? Riding a mechanical bull9.) Are you scared of heights or will you ride the ferris wheel? I’ll ride it10.) If you could win anything from the raffle what would you want to win? Anything, it doesn’t matter but a holiday would be nice11.) What craft display do you like the most? Anything to do with upcycling12.) If you could volunteer at any booth which would you choose? Kissing booth13.) What is your favorite memory from the 1st Annual fair? Petting a baby goat14.) What is your least favorite thing about the fair? Stepping in poop15.) Do you prefer to go in the morning or night to the fair? It’s an all day occasion 16.) Do any rides make you sick? If so which ones? None17.) If you could see anyone in concert at the fair who would you like to see?  Chase Rice18.) If you could run into one celebrity at the fair who would you like to meet? Chase Rice19.) Are you scared of the fair clowns or do they excite you? Scared of them. 20.) Have you won anything from the fair, if so what? If not what do you hope to win? Stuffed toys.


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Friendship Harmonies - Muesday Tuesday

1. Rockstar ft. Roddy RIcch - Da Baby2. Savage Love - Jason Derulo3. Savage Remix ft. Beyonce - Megan Thee Stallion4. Sunday Best - Surfaces5. Say So - Doja Cat6. Before You Go - Lewis Capaldi7. Location - Khalid8. Happier ft. Marshmello - Bastile9. Gucci Gang - Lil Pump10. Tonight Tonight - Hot Chelle RaeOne thing I know about friends, a goodtime can always be spent together with music blasting. Speedy tempos always call for better moods. especially in larger groups. This playlist here is a list of songs I have heard on all my friends playlists even mine. Hell even when its just two friends this playlist could list a mood, and even a dance party could happen. Drinks, Dinner, Barbecues, and summer hangs on the beach. This playlist is for everything, well maybe not a romance setting.


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soul sisters/brothers Muesday Tuesday

Colson, Esmeralda, Gracelynn, Harlow, Livia, Mason, Matthew, and Sinikka. The infamous crew, The one of a kinds. They have made me laugh, They have made me cry, They have saved my life. These fantastic nerds have proven to be the ones that are worth living for. Colson man, He is a wild one let me tell you, even though I sell you drugs, we have had some damn good times, and I know he has my back no matter what. Esmeralda, We met on wild terms, and I never expected us to stay friends, I am stupid glad I met her. Gracelynn, Damn did I meet her in the craziest way, I owe her a lot. We saved each others lives. Literally. Harlow, The love of my life but also my BEST friend. Never replacable ever. Livia, you're a crazy one, and I'm glad you are in my life, its amazing to see you grow outside of Rafe. Happiness suits you. Mason, No matter how much you piss me off, you're a chill dude. I wouldn't replace your annoyance at all. Matthew, We have a long history and I owe you big time for helping realize who I am. Sinikka, most of all I owe you everything I own, You saved my life LITERALLY, Taught me that drugs aren't really all that important to consume. I'm clean and sober from cocaine because you helped me learn from my stupid mistakes.


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Phone A Friend Muesday Tuesday

Cameron pulled open the last button on his suit before he sat down. He pulled a piece of paper and an envelope from the top drawer of his desk. He grabbed his fanciest pen and dipped it in the ink well. He addressed the envelope to Matthew Cronwell before setting it aside. He sighed softly thinking about the things he wanted to write to him, nothing too cheesy just a letter of appreciation you know. He chuckled in thought and placed his pen to the paper and began to write:Dear Matthew,Damn man, it truly was nice running into you again. Sort of stoked seeing as how we so easily got along after all these years, you know? Sh*t feels so different being older now. Usually being the way, I am and how I changed after you left with Livia. I did not change because you left, I changed because Charles told me I needed to grow up. He was right I was about to be 18 and out of the system. So, I secluded myself and became this man who pick and chose who he really wanted in his life. Met a group of people when I moved back to Maddison. You know I allowed them to get close and even made business partner with one. Managed to develop a damn good relationship with him. He was my best friend.I have you to thank for that. You allowed me no matter what to be comfortable with myself. To be comfortable with the people around me. I may hide my sexuality now more then ever due to my job. But I genuinely more open about it around my friends. So, THANK YOU, man it feels so good to finally say those words. I also want to say that I am wildly proud of you achieving your dreams. Also, seeing how smart you are and how much you have grown up. We all got problems man and we all have hardships, but it seems as if you handle your sh*t a lot better then the rest of us.I also wish you big luck on your endeavors with Zyra. She seems good for you man. She genuinely seems to make you happier than anyone I have heard about. But hey even if that does not become something more. I am stoked to see you have a best friend that keeps you in check. Sh*ts wild now a days and best friends, well good best friends are hard to come by. Keep her close dude.                                                                                       Cam.Cameron signed the bottom and blew on the ink to make sure it dried before he folded the letter up and placed it in the envelope. He sealed it with a small piece of tape and set it aside for later. He figured handwriting a letter and delivering it to him in person would be better then mailing it. But for now, he needed to stop procrastinating and get work done. The cases were piling on lately and some of his colleagues had taken early vacation. Leaving most of the cases for him and the new lawyer that had just been hired. 


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jolene. ( drabble )

“You’ve got to be f***ing kidding me?!”   It had only been a few days since Aria had been back in Los Angeles for good since the filming of season one of Fury wrapped in New Orleans last week and flying to DC to pick up her daughter from her father’s. She could relax and she was hoping she could -- well, her version of relaxing. She had a lot of things left to do before her son was born, and she was completely in nesting mood.    Standing at the door with widened eyes, it was as if she had seen a ghost; though, technically, it was. Standing across from her was none other than the woman who didn’t win mother of the year -- Jolene Winters. The young mother took in the appearance of the older woman, noticing how different she looked. Sure, she aged, but it was clear that she had been clean from the drugs for a few years now….and had fashion sense? Who was this person?   “How the hell did you even get through the gate? You’re not on the list,” she scoffed. She was agitated at the sight of her and all she wanted to do was slam the f***ing door in her face. She had nothing to say to her.    Jolene grinned. “Honey, we’re Winters women. We can talk ourselves into anything,” she responded with a shrug. Her eyes fell to her daughter’s bump and she gasped. “My, you’re gettin’ so big.” She went to touch her belly, but was stopped by Aria smacking her hand away.    “Don’t f***ing touch me,” she hissed, the tone of her voice said it all.    Jolene’s lips formed into a thin line. “Same ole Aria, I see…” she said softly, and the blonde rolled her eyes. “Mind if I come in? It’s hotter than a whore in church out here and I could use some ice cold water.”   “Well, you’d know so much about that, wouldn’t you?” Aria fired back, sending her a sarcastic grin before stepping back and allowing her mother -- she used that term lightly -- inside. As much as she wanted to send her on her way, she knew Jolene. She wouldn’t go away until she got what she wanted, and that stress was something she did not need right now.   Shutting the door behind her, she sighed. “Make it quick, Jolene. I have things to do. What the hell do you want?” She got straight to the point. She wouldn’t be here if there wasn’t something she needed. They hadn’t seen each other in eleven years, and suddenly she showed up at her doorstep? Seemed fishy.   But Jolene wasn’t ready to answer that question just yet. The older blonde looked around the house from the doorway. “Nice home you got here,” she said, her country accent still as thick as ever. Aria ignored her and waddled her way to the kitchen, pouring the both of them a fresh glass of lemonade. Jo followed her to the kitchen and took a sip of the lemonade. “Mm, this is delicious. Definitely tastes better than how I made it.”   Aria rolled her eyes. “You never made it, Jolene. You bought it in a jug at the local gas station. You may have fooled dad, but I saw right through your bullsh*t.” She was getting impatient. Hunter and Eden were home, just in the next room and she didn’t want them to see Jolene here. Or better yet, want Jolene to see them. She didn’t have the right to see her grand-daughter in the flesh.    At the mention of her father, she noticed Jolene flinch, holding onto the glass a little tighter. “Well, he never complained, so…” she finally breathed out.   That only caused the actress to roll her eyes again. “Enough with the small talk, Jolene. Why are you really here? Surely, it’s not to rekindle our relationship, because let’s be real, we never had one to begin with. You were never a mother to me. You cared more about your next high and f***ing strange men in your husband’s bed even when he was alive. You were selfish, and quite frankly, if this is you wanting to make amends, you can f***ing forget it because I don’t want to. I don’t need you. I’ve done a pretty damn good job without you. I have the career of my dreams and I’m still doing more, I have a nice home and a beautiful daughter whom I love more than anything on this Earth, which is a lot more than you can say about me. I’m about to have a son, and I have a wonderful boyfriend who loves me and friends who support me. So, yeah, if making amends and starting over is what you want, then you can forget it because I don’t want it.” She inhaled a deep breath after her rambling, taking note of her country accent coming out as she kept her eyes on Jolene. Aria felt no ounce of remorse for her words. “I’m nothing like you, and thank God for that.”   Jolene didn’t even hesitate to respond. “You’re nothing like me?” she laughed. “You’ve gotten knocked up by a married man twice. That screams Jolene.”   Aria inhaled a sharp breathe; Jolene always knew where to hit her. She gripped the counter top tightly to refrain from smacking her across the face. “I am nothing like you!” she yelled, her jaw tensing as she slammed her glass of lemonade into the sink, causing it to shutter from her anger.    The loudness of her voice and the glass breaking made Hunter run into the kitchen, eyeing the two women with furrowed brows. “Is...everything alright here?” he asked cautiously, looking between them. Hunter knew a little about her mother and he knew better than to ask.    After taking a few seconds to simmer down, she looked over at Hunter with a smile. “Everything’s fine, babe,” she said, her eyes narrowing at him. “Can you take Eden to the backyard and keep her occupied, please?” Hunter nodded, knowing better than to question her. He could sense the tension in the room.    Once he disappeared, Jolene let out a whistle. “Damn. You get to sleep with that every night? I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off of him. He’s delicious.” She waved her hand on her face. “And he’s with you even though you’re having a baby with someone else? You better keep him, honey, because he seems to be the only one who can deal with you and your neurotic ways-“   Why was she allowing her to talk this long?   “I swear to God, Jolene…” she cut her off, trying to keep her temper in check. “If you don’t tell me why you’re here, so help me, I will throw you out of here and-”   “I have cancer, Aria. Ovarian…” Jolene finally said, cutting her off as she looked at her daughter, face serious.   Aria looked up at her and was quiet for a few moments before she burst into laughter, head falling back with amusement. “And I’m supposed to care, why?” Harsh response, but she didn’t care. Most people would respond with sympathy, no matter what that person had done, but not her. Call it immature of her, but she had no sympathy for her. Not one ounce.    “You’re supposed to care because I’m your mother and I’m dying…”    “Hm, yeah, you look like you’re dying,” she fired back, rolling her eyes. “Is this another one of your bullsh*t scams? Cry wolf so people feel sorry for you and give you whatever you want? Tough sh*t, Jolene, it’s not going to work on me.” She really wished she could have something strong right about now…   The woman’s lips formed into a line as she looked down at her hands, eyes watering. “Crazy to think that you’d care about me during this time…” she spoke softly, shaking her head. “Whether you believe me or not, here are the facts.” She stood up from the bar stool and placed her freshly manicured hands on the counter top. “I got clean about five years ago, found me a rich man who loves me-” Aria scoffed at that. “I have two step-children, they’re twins and are finishing high school. I found out I had stage three ovarian cancer about a year ago. I’ve tried chemotherapy and surgery, but nothing worked. The cancer is too wide spread and it’s rapidly spreading at a rate that no doctor wants to touch it. I have about a week or less left and I….” she broke off, swallowing hard. “I guess my coming here was for selfish reasons. I wanted to see you before I’m dead, just to see how you were doing and it’s nothing less than what I expected.” Jolene smiled. “You have a beautiful home and a beautiful family. You may be like me in some ways, but you’re so much better than I could ever be. You’re a great mom, Aria. You’re doing just fine, and you’ll do just fine after I’m gone.”   “Damn right, I will,” Aria remarked, arms crossed as she looked at Jolene with arched brows. “Is there anything else, or are you done?” She was acting insensitive and rude, but she had every right to be. With Jolene, she never knew what to believe so everything she said, she took with a grain of salt, especially when she was younger.  She watched as Jolene pulled out a closed envelope from her name brand purse and held it close to her. “I wrote you a letter. Everything I can’t say to you in person is in here, along with my funeral arrangements. You are the beneficiary and although I have no money to my name, my husband will take care of the costs of everything. I just need you to plan it because he’s not really good at planning anything and I know you are, so...if there’s one thing you can do for me, please plan my funeral. You can make your speech as harsh as possible because let’s be real, I’m a horrible person and I deserve it.” She shrugged, placing the envelope on the counter in front of Aria. “Please make sure you read the letter. There’s a lot that you don’t know that you need to.”   Her eyebrows furrowed. What did she mean by that?    “But don’t open it until after I’m gone. All the answers will be in the letter.” And with that, the older woman went towards the door, stopping as she opened it. “It was good to see you, Aria,” she said with a sincere smile.  Aria’s lips pursed together, her tongue running over her teeth before responding, “Wish I could say the same…” Her eyes met Jolene’s. “Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out.”   One last look from Jolene before the door finally shut, allowing Aria to finally breathe. “Un-f***ing-believable..” She leaned against the counter and closed her eyes, focusing on her breathing. She wasn’t going to freak out. Her mother was dying, so what? She didn’t feel anything, other than anger. She should be sad -- crying, even. But nothing. Not a single trace of sadness within her. Maybe she was a heartless bitch after all.   After she got herself together, the blonde made her way to the backyard, coming up behind Hunter who was sitting on the outside furniture and wrapped her arms around his neck, planting a soft kiss on his cheek. Hunter turned to smile at his girlfriend. “Hey, everything go okay?” he asked and she sighed.    “No, but I wasn’t expecting it to,” she answered honestly, sighing again as she hugged him close to her. “I’m just...glad I have you and Eden. Y’all are all I need.” Another kiss on his cheek before she sat down beside him, watching Eden jump on the trampoline in front of them.   She would inform Hunter of everything that happened, but not right now. Right now, she was going to enjoy her time with the two people she loved most in the world. She would worry about the funeral when it happened.   If it ever happens, that is.


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