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07/11/2020 06:33 PM 

31. [C.S]

    31.  "If I told you a flower bloomed in a dark room would you trust it?"  .01: Who's the last person you held hands with?-I don't know about holding hands, but the last hands I touched? Adam's..o2: Are you outgoing or shy?-Probably more outgoing because I do see myself as the agressor in most situations. Quite though only because I mind my own..o3: Who are you looking forward to seeing?-They know who they are..o4: Are you easy to get along with?-Probably not..o5: If you were drunk, would the person you like take care of you?- I think the people I don't even like probably would..o6: What kind of people are you attracted to?-Stubborn. So I've noticed.. -smh-.o7: Do you think you'll be in a relationship two months from now?-Next question..08: Who's on your mind?-A few people..o9: Does talking about sex make you uncomfortable?-No..10: Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with?-Adam.11: What does the most recent text you sent say?-"I'll be there in about fifteen minutes.".12: What are your five favorite songs right now?-F***..13: Do you like it when people play with your hair?-Eh.. rough or not at all..14: Do you believe in luck and miracles?-Luck, yes. Miracles, no..15: What good thing happened this summer?-Well, technically summer is not over yet..16: Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?-Yup..17: Do you think there's life on other planets?-Sure..18: Do you still talk to your first crush?-No..19: Do you like bubble baths?-Occasionally..20: Do you like your neighbors?-I don't know if I would call them neighbors, but no. They are loud..21: What are your bad habits?-I like to think I can do everything myself (which I can), but yeah.. you figure that one out..22: Where would you like to travel?-I would like to see more of the East coast..23: Do you have trust issues?-Where do I start..24: Favorite part of your daily routine?-Food..25: What part of your body are you most uncomfortable with?-Lips..26: What do you do when you wake up?-Debate whether I should go back to sleep or not..27: Do you wish your skin was lighter or darker?-I feel like this question could have been worded better, but lets just say my light complexion burns easily in the sun so... that sucks..28: Who are you most comfortable around?-Bae..29: Have any of your ex's told you they regret breaking up?-No.. they weren't the ones who ended it...30: Do you ever want to get married?-Idfk.31: Is your hair long enough for a ponytail?-Yessss.      


07/11/2020 06:18 PM 


Pathfinder   For Sharp Edges He had no idea how long he’d been on the road. Tyler Lockwood had nothing more than just the clothes on his back and bag with some hastily crammed clothes into it. The young man was a hybrid. To anyone watching him along the side of the road trying to hitch a ride, would never realize that two different creatures lived inside this young man who was running away from his troubles. He was a werewolf by birth but also now a vampire because of a cruel twist of fate.As his steps continued along the side of the highway, he had no idea where he was. OH he knew he was in the United States, but he didn’t know if he was in Virginia or wherever the hell else, his running had gotten him. Fortunately though, with his status as a hybrid, he didn’t have to worry about changing with the full moon. Being a hybrid had solved that issue.He could hear the sound of a car coming from behind him as he walked. Lucky thing was that not only was his hearing better as a werewolf, but toss the vampire into it and he could hear a fly taking a p/iss on a decaying piece of food someone tossed out of their car while they were driving down this long stretch of road that had mountains surrounding it. Tyler turned around and stuck out his thumb when the car got close enough. When the car sped up just to spin dust in his face, he started cursing louder than anything before. “REALLY? REALLY?” He turned back around kicking at a few rocks as he continued his walk.He pulled the bag over his shoulder higher because of his anger and disgust at everything. He wished that he didn’t have to leave Mystic Falls. He knew he couldn’t be there because of what had happened. Klaus Mikaelson, the author of his condition as a hybrid had ordered Tyler to bite his girlfriend knowing good and damned well that it would end up possibly killing her. Klaus didn’t care about it. All that the hybrid cared about was his war and winning everything no matter what the cost. The image on the face of Caroline Forbes when they both realized that he bit her was absolutely horrifying. Caroline was only a vampire. The bite of a werewolf was deadly to a vampire. Klaus had ordered Tyler to kill the girl he loved. Instead of being strong enough to overcome that command, Tyler fell in compliance like a good little soldier. He couldn’t stay after what he’d done. Caroline wouldn’t be safe as long as Tyler was nearby and he hated Klaus for it.Stomping harder with each step, Tyler was determined to find a way to break this sire bond with Klaus. Klaus was his sire. He turned Tyler into this… this thing he was now. He was stronger, faster and better than both werewolves and vampires now because he was both monsters in one. What ruined the whole thing was his damned tie to Klaus. It was too bad he couldn’t just kill the bastard and be done with it. If Klaus died, so would he. “Convenient.” He muttered to himself. It was no wonder that the Original Hybrid lived for as long as he did. He changed people into monsters and left them to protect his sorry a/ss. But still, Tyler was determined that there had to be another way out of this. He was heading in the direction that Jules and Brady had told him were more wolves. Wolves tended to like the woods a lot, so the only woods he knew of even close to Mystic Falls were in Tennessee and North Carolina. The Great Smoky Mountains was his destination. He just had to find a way to get there. Leaving his own car behind was not the best decision he’d ever made, but it wouldn’t be hard for anyone to find him using credit card receipts as he stopped for gasoline. He couldn’t risk any of that, so he left on foot and hoped for the best.Another car was coming up behind him. Tyler turned around to find another car approaching. He stuck his thumb out hoping that this would actually work this time. Much to his surprise, a car began to slow down for him. With a spring in his step, Tyler raced to the door. He was happy to see an older man sitting behind the wheel of the car. He had mostly white hair with a hint of black in the middle of the white that was curly. The shade of the mustache under his lip matched the hair that was on top of his head. He had quite a bit of hair for a man who was obviously in his 70s which made Tyler smile. Friendly chocolate hues looked back to the young man as he stood at the window of the old Ford Aerostar minivan. “Need a lift?” The old horn rimmed glasses had been back in style now, but Tyler had a distinct feeling that this gentleman had gotten these first hand when he was a youth some time ago. “Hop in.” The man told him.“I really appreciate it!” Tyler opened the door and climbed inside. The low music of Hank Williams Sr. played from an CD player that seemed oddly out of place in this older model minivan. He smiled back at this man who helped him out in the middle of his time of trouble and inane self pity. “How close am I to The Smokies?” He asked of the older gentleman.“Not too far.” The man replied to him. “Is that where you’re heading?” There was something deeply welcoming about the older man to Tyler. Judging by the state of his minivan and the lines of age on the man’s face, Tyler easily surmised that he was someone’s dad and granddad, maybe even a great granddad which put the younger man at ease. “A young wolf such as yourself is far away from his pack.” The man observed.Tyler was surprised when the man sized him up as a werewolf. “Yeah, you could say I am.” He canted his head to the side much in the way that a dog would do in sizing up a situation before him. “’re a werewolf too?” Tyler began to see the smaller things that only someone would really see if knowing where to look.The older man chuckled warmly. “That I am. Found out when I was in the Mekong Delta. Helluva way to find out that you’re a werewolf in the middle of a Police Action. But I ended up serving my tour and coming back home in one piece. Been home 50 years now.” He nodded at the young wolf as he continued driving down the road.Tyler was momentarily stunned by the fact that he’d found another wolf this easily, or well this wolf found him. Jules and Brady were right about heading to the mountains after all. “Where’s your pack?” He asked oddly curious.“Oh they’re around. Pack life is important for you to derive your strength from Son. Don’t let anyone else tell you different.” It was pretty obvious that the young wolf had no pack and was still fairly new in this entire lifestyle. He took a few turns and pulled up at a bar. He put the minivan in park. “Several packs call this place home. If you head in there, you’ll find someone that should help you with what troubles you. Just remember that your strength is in the pack. Those are the only bonds you can truly trust.” He started to reach into his wallet and handed the young man a twenty dollar bill. “Take this. Get them to make you a cheeseburger with fries and drink a draft beer on me, Alright?”Tyler was grabbing his bag and raised his hand to open the door. The extended greenback was there in the middle of the air. “I can’t do that to you. You don’t know me.”The older man insisted. “I don’t have to know you to know you’re in trouble and need help. It’s the thing about being a wolf. It’s all about family.” He held out that bill closer to the young man in his passenger’s seat.Tyler took the money offered him and stuffed it in his pocket. “I really appreciate this. You just don’t know.” The gesture touched him more than anything else ever had. “My name is Tyler.” He held out a hand to shake the older man’s in friendship.The older man shook his hand in friendship. “It’s good to meet you Tyler. I’m Thomas. You’ll be in good hands here. I promise.” A hint of gold flashed from the man’s rich brown eyes that was in no wise threatening. “We’ll likely see each other again soon, I’m sure.”Tyler smiled at the older man as he climbed out of the van shutting the door. He waved at Thomas as he drove away. He then pulled his bag back over his shoulder and headed into the bar. He put in his order for the cheeseburger, fries and a draft and then locate a table off by himself to sit. He actually felt oddly at ease. This was an unusual feeling. Tyler like feeling this way. He was still a babe in the woods when it came to being a werewolf. Maybe he was finally going to get the answers and the help he needed.  Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus credit: james kriet


07/11/2020 06:12 PM 


I owe you:---------------You owe me:---------------Last updated: July 11th, 2020.


07/11/2020 04:30 PM 

𝓥𝓮𝓻𝓸𝓷𝓲𝓬𝓪's Sacrifice.

If she's going to try, go all the way. Otherwise, why bother to start? This could mean losing amazing relationships, sisters, brothers, friends, relatives and maybe even her own mind. It could mean not eating for three or four days. It could mean freezing on a park bench. It could mean jail. It could mean derision. It could mean mockery and isolation. Isolation is the gift. All the others are a test of her endurance, of how much she really wants to do this. And, she will do it, despite all of your worries, fears, objections, rejections and all other worst odds. 'And it will be better than anything else she could have ever imagine. If she's going to try, go all the way., right? She will do everything if it meant saving the lives of not only her friends, but the town of Beacon Hills. SHE will be the cause of her own demise. There is no other feeling like that. She will be alone with the gods, and the nights will flame with fire. She will ride life straight to perfect laughter. It's the only good fight there is. Her power is stronger than ever and that power will ultimately kill her in the end, so why shouldn't she be brave and risk it all?Her sacrifice won't be in vain, but will it be worth all the pain? 

deity, chaos, void, pain, teenwolf, riverdale, supernatural, thevampirediaries,


07/11/2020 03:40 PM 

Task 80


07/11/2020 03:21 PM 

the history files
Current mood:  hopeful

        Childhood means simplicity. Look at the world with the child's eye - it is very beautiful.     On March 22, 1989 a screaming female infant was brought into the world in a very loud fashion. It seemed everyone was interested in seeing the newborn daughter of a popular political family that was loved by an entire state. Even in the beginning of her life people were betting on what she would become when she came of age; they all wanted to track her every move in order to write their papers or take their pictures. John and Nikita Hoynes did their best to shield their daughters from the public eye, but it became more difficult as John began to climb higher on the political latter in the Lone Star State. Right away Donna was doted upon by all the members of her family - it was nice to have the freedom to grow up doing just about anything she wanted to do. There were times when her mother explained to the girls the importance of being a lady and acting presentable in the public eye - there would be freedom but there was a way to go about that freedom. Donna thrived in the world her father was involved in - they were like two peas in a pod when it came to town halls and bill signing events. The darker side of things always seemed to be kept away from her during her young and innocent years - she always wanted to see the good in people even though some of them were down right horrifying. Donna was just the kind of being that usually didn't let things bother her - yes it was difficult to see people go after her father but she knew that her father could handle himself against that kind of behavior. It was thanks to her older sister's love of laughter that always kept the Hoynes family running smoothly and focusing on the future ahead of them, Donna felt at peace in her home life despite the paparazzi. The entire family understood that John had a strong ambitions to be president; Donna thought it would be exciting to take that adventure with her father and see how far the Hoynes family could succeed.  She was excited to go on the campaign trail with her father as his dream of being president was underway, Donna and her older sister Kathleen would only be able to participate during the summer months and when they had breaks from their education. The older Hoynes child was not really looking forward to be more under the public eye; Kathleen had always been a bit more reserved when it came to the public and the way political families were handled by the media outlets. Even though she was the youngest; Donna always stood up for her sister and helped her overcome the fact that she was scared of the entire world rejecting her. Time moved on and the Hoynes campaign began to pick up steam - the media began to pick apart the personal life of the presidential hopeful. This was when Donna became well aware that not everyone was what they seemed; it would serve as a wake up call for her in this life of politics.     


07/11/2020 02:30 PM 

Void Stiles & Roni

R: "St-Stiles?V: "Guess again."****R: "We're going to bring Stiles back!"V: "You really think you can stop me? Me? This was my game!"****R: "Why me?"V: "You're too special to me Roni. That's why I'm keeping you so close."****R: ".Wh-What are you doing?"V:  "I just need your powers."R: "St-Stop"V: "Hahahahaha.." *****V: "You really think your little powers are going to stop me, Roni? Think again!"R: "I can try.."V: "You're just going to kill yourself in the process." ****V: "You can't kill me!"R: "But we can change you!"

deity, chaos, void, pain, teenwolf, riverdale, supernatural, thevampirediaries,


07/11/2020 01:34 PM 

task 80.


07/11/2020 01:23 PM 

Task for July 5th-July 11th

  ✿ There had always been something different about twenty-three year old Caleum Grey. Caelum had grown up in a rich family, with a drug addicted mother. Her father was a lawyer and her mother used to be prestige in her own way. When Caelum was a little innocent child, her mother was a prosecuting attorney. Somehow, at the age of just eight years old, her mothers life went from perfect to down-ward spiraling in a matter of moments. The poor child would often wake up without her mother and go to bed without her mother.    ♡ It became a daily routine. Her father, Collin Grey, was always around but during the day. He would wake her up before school, make her breakfast, chat to her during it, and be out the door. But before he left on his daily commutes, he would kiss his daughters forehead, tell her loved her and would vanish until about 10 o'clock at night. Caelum's mother would always come home after her father would leave, screwed up beyond repair, and disappear into her room; shutting her daughter out from her own world. Caelum couldn't help that her mother didn't want to be around her. She couldn't help that her father played the role of father and mother. Caelum knew her father was trying the best he could. Yet, Caelum's father believed that instead of doing the drugs, she was having an affair. Caelum didn't know what to truly believe. She tried to keep out of her parents' business as best she could. She needed to grow up on her own; without any bad habits around her. At fifteen years of age, she watched as her druggie mother snorted cocaine. Trying to help her just wasn't an option. A fifteen year old could not simply wipe that away from her own memory. It was just something she had to deal with. She didn't want to tell her father, but she had no choice. Later that week, Nathan, a local cop for NYPD, had known the family for as long as she could remember. Being a friend, he came to her father, and explained that in the best interest for young Caelum, Morica had to get help or he would take her away. So, a concerned Collin, caring for his own daughters wellbeing, decided to take her to get rehab and paid for the very best treatment./p>  

RES Family

07/11/2020 12:39 PM 

New Roads for RES

NEW ROADS AND NEW DESTINATION FOR ALL OF RES  First of all I would like to say Thank You for everyone who is in RES and has been loyal from day one. RES would mean nothing withou YOU!  I have exciting and thrilling news to announce. Which I know will lead RES into a High Fantasy genre like no one has seen before. I wanted to put new life into RES and The Strega. I think this will do just that.RES (The Strega) is one of the only groups who writes in ancient verse anymore. However it was brougth to my attention that everyone bascially writes in Modern Verse. I did not know this. Even myself I am split between Ancient and Modern Verse.  However I do float back and forth. So the wheels in my head began to turn and spin. I have come up with a wonder plot twist for the RES.  I hope you think so too.The RES is now going to be split between the Modern World..and the Strega.  Myself and Lucy has been doing this for quite some time now. We run GiLu Enterprises. Giada the CEO and Lucy is the President. We are based in New York City. The business is simple. It is an Import business. We import natural resources and things that are strictly unique to the Strega. We will even visit other collect items from there too. So the Modern World can expeirence the beaty of the Strega as well.  Lucy and Giada also lives in New York we split our time between teh two realms as well.What hasn't changed is Giada is still Empress Giada Reaper..of the Strega. She still rules the empire. All lands that were given to people you still own them.  All that were kings or queens are still kings and queens.  Her land is still Gallendrell.When Giada is not in the Strega..You might be there in her stead? ...who is ruling the Empire?Who would Giada trust  with her belvoed Empire?  Well I am glad you asked.The two that started the Empire of course. William and Trinity Reaper.  How you might ask since they are dead? Been dead for centuries?  Do you doubt the powers of Giada? Do you doubt the Goddess of the Oracular? She has involked a spell that will bring to life the two when she is gone. They are her great grandparents and they will guard and watch over the kingdom in her absence.  The kingdom will become enchanted..and accept their rulings once more..until Giada's return. Then the enchantment will fade while she is there..when she leaves..the enchantment will once more take place. I feel this is an exciting step for us all...Entertaining both worlds. It will be challenging for us all and lead to great stories and full imagination. However, if anyone does not want to take on this story line..please let me know.. If anyone wants to leave RES..because of this or for any other reason..again please let me know.If anyone would like to take part in GiLu a part of the family business..please let me know that as well. Positions are open..All except CEO and President of course.I only want people here who want to be here. Who want to be family. RES is NOT a revolving door. I have been experiencing that a lot lately with the new members that have joined. This is a family..and family does not desert family.  If you have any problems or concerns please contact me. I am here to help you. Vlad is also here to help you..We have two new Admins who are also here to help you Lucy (The Wolf Princess) and Nefertari Evie. If you have any questiosn on this new twist for the Strega and RES..please ask...I am excited to talk to anyone who has questions.  POSITIONS THAT ARE AVAILABLE IN GiLu EnterprisesThese are all I can think of at the moment.however, If anyone has an idea for a new oneplease let me know..President--Giada ReaperVice President in charge of Distributiom--Vlad DraculeaVice President in charge of Commodities--GeraltVice President in charge of Advertisement--Asa ReaperVice President in charge of SecurityVice President of Providences--Raven DelioncortTreasurer--Communications DirectorPublic Relations DirectorHuman Resourses DirectorPersonnel DirectorDirector of Spirits and Consumption--Traku and ArdrynDlirector in charge of Security--Malachai BesariCompany Chauffer--Angelus Reaper Jr. (AJ) 


07/11/2020 12:22 PM 

additional task 02

If you were to ask Sarah about any memory she had, the one that would mean the most to her would be one from the night she finally left. She had suffered so much at his hands, she wasn't sure if she would ever see the next day. It had all become too much and she knew if she didnt get out then she never would. She wasn't really sure where she was going, but she got into her car with hardly nothing but a little bag and just drove. It was dark, it was raining. It was like the outside world was falling apart with her. The rain that fell onto her car was matching the tears that fell from her eyes. She drove into the night for hours, destination unknown, she just knew she had to get as far away from there as she could. It was one of the hardest, and the best choice she had ever made. It saved her life.


07/11/2020 11:50 PM 

Owes List♥



07/11/2020 11:26 PM 

Owes List♥

IOUEloise (7/8)Logan(710)YOMElayneNat (7/11)


07/11/2020 10:40 PM 



07/11/2020 09:38 PM 

The untold story of Deception and true friendship.

It was all a bit too much to of handled all at once ,Annie had never dealt with stress as well as most of her siblings did but that never drove her less into backing out of taking the once in a lifetime job,who knew her training would consist of events that would stride her life on different ways.Captain Edward Smith asked the White star Line for new crew members,he wanted a challenge and he knew that the then eighteen year old Annie Desmond couldprovide.He learnt of a knew ship upcoming that would change the world of travel as he knew it,he wanted only the best crew on board.He even admitted most never acquired the training the company honoured itself on.The lusitania was never due to set sail for a few weeks,at this point, Annie introduced herself to her fellow crew mates,one being an Italian 1st class waiter Paolo Sandrini.At first she could not stand the site of him,he seemed to inhis own world,but that was hee own opinion.He reflected as being charming,charismatic and rather intelligent,for this day abd time it seeded rare weather anyone would be like this.She knew to take her job seriously,no in work relationships were ever allowed,she never first he charmed her,made her feel special,took care of her.Yet everyone aboard the Lusitania tried to make her aware of his Devious plans though she chose to take no notice of her surroundings.Her training days were over,she ventured home to excitingly tell all her loved ones of her new profession.Yet she was not alone,she arrived home with the Sandrini man,who just looked odd.Her sister and her own twin brother found him to be strange,as if he would use her,later on in the year they would regret to think that.Annie,unaware of how he began to act,agreed to all of what he said and what he wanted,she could never see the damage it had on her family.It was destroying them.The weeks following, things began to make her brothers suspicious about this man,never did paolo stay with annie for longer than a day,he always made an excuse and this annoyed them all and knew they had to make their little sister abandon this man and what ever it was he had planned.But it of course became far too late.Finding out that their sister became pregnant infuriated her siblings,they didn't like the fact someone she worked with had been allowed to do this.Jack,had written letters to White star Line but revieved no reply from his worries,deciding to write to Paolo's brother Mario, they knew he would eventually come to collect him.That's surprisingly what happened,but not what they told Annie,it seemed like they had planned this,they told her he accidently died from helping build the newly awaited ship, and yet Annie knew well enough to know that Paolo was not a designer or builder,but she shrugged it off perhaps they had gotten confused how wrong she was..Months,weeks whatever, she found out the horrible truth of what happened,her familg where so infuriated by her actions that they sent letters to the man's parents back in Italy begging them to force him back home,with them doing so, he had died from being in an accident to where he froze to death on a sinking ship,it of course remained to lesser known that what she could experience just five years later.Devastated by what she knew,the then Seventeen year old Annie Desmond abandoned her entire family, moving in with a friend in the town centre of Southampton. Yes, of course her parents were displeased by her actions and tried their best to force her back onto their household but they failed.Handing over her infant daughter to her parents,which was meant to be for a few weeks whilst she went back to training but that turned into three years.Annie felt desperate to get her daughter back but she knew well that this was blackmail,she knew her parents did this so she would be in their grasp once more.Frustrated by the occasions that went,Annie paid someone who take responsibility for taking her daughter from her borderline abusive parents,she had always vowed to never give in to their ways of blackmail.Now it was 1910 and she still had gotten nowhere, she felt completely torn into pieces,she became depressed, constantly emotional and particularly angry at most things in her way,she felt like the worst failure,she began to think maybe her mother had always been right about her maybe she was a complete embarrassment to the Desmond name.At this point, her mind had other ideas,after contacting the central police explaining g her situation, they knocked down the family door and took the then four year old toddler from her 'loveable ' grandparents, and a restraining order had been put into place and could never be lifted.She now got what she had wanted since the age of five,a separation from her parents.This opened up a new door for Annie,she knew in no more than sixteen months she would be held the job of a absolute lifetime and that she would take her daughter with her.But for now she had to stick to the Olympic until her new job would be enlisted for her to move too.Here she met the most important people she would later be thankful for knowing, one being a very well dressed man, spoke perfectly and had what she would call star struck eyes.She later learned that his name was Caledon Hockley.A group of designers, ones.wgo had designed the ships she had worked on and still remained to do so,she had little information about this family but of course ehad became very close with the young woman known as Arianna De Changny,who she classed as being the most enriched person she had ever knew.But one woman stood out,she seemed so different to the rest she had passed in the recent days,but she could never understand what exactly could be different about her,a man seemed to be around the woman, an older man,raising her eyebrow she asked questions and later learnt that her name was Katherine Pierce,she may of had a strange feeling about something deep of this girl,but she needed more than one friend in this life, and she seemed friendly enough .Once leaving the Olympic, she had lost contact with Arianna and Katherine but strongly not Caledon, she had grew extremely close to the man,she knew she would literally never let him disappear from her, it wasn't happening again.It had landed, it was the day the Titanic had been cleared to set sail, her maiden voyage excited her greatly, yet she still jad a grappling feeling,it could just of been nail bitting nerves doing this and she had to just push it back and continue to do the job assigned to her.Boarding the Ship, she noticed she had been certified to maid on second and first class,yet the best part about this was that she had been given her own cabin for her and her now six year old daughter.Apart from the constant cries for attention from the passengers on the deck she had been assigned to work on, she knew this trip to new York would be a piece of cake,she could basically do this job with her eyes closed,yet with her multiple bosses constantly shouting for or at her she knew that doing it with her eyes closed wouldn't be the best intention..It was only the first day aboard the steam beauty and yet she had already made two mistakes, one was leaving a six year old to defend for herself whilst she worked and the second of course had been screaming at her bosses.                               Get your own valid XHTML YouTube embed code  


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