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ʙʟᴀᴄᴋ ᴡɪdow

10/26/2020 01:59 PM 

Death in a graveyard

Gravel crunched beneath the heels of her black combat boots as she made way to the gravesite that held her Madre and son. Every month she visited. Never allowing the moss that covered the other tombstones to taint the stones of those that she had loved more than anything. It was her last stop before heading home. She simply shot Payne a text alerting him of her whereabouts, as he tended to worry when the feisty Latina was out and about on her own. One of which he didn't care too much for, especially with all that had been happening as of late. Luna still held to the newspaper clippings that had been sent to her. An alarm raised to those that she had allowed close to her; and if she were to admit it out loud, she was alarmed as well. The obituaries of her family covered in writing placed in her mailbox. No postage stamp made it clear that he knew exactly where she was. Fear was instilled in her to the very core, but she wouldn't coward down and go into hiding. If the pendejo wanted her, he would stop at nothing to get her. The lives of those that she loved the most would be placed in danger. Come Hell or high water, she wouldn't stand for another life to be taken all because she ran. Her dear ole Padre seemed to have eyes everyone, so it was clear that he knew the company that she kept, even if it be very few. And though the majority of those that were close to her were immortal, quite more durable than she was,  she wouldn't have their fate dangling over her head like a sword. It was a fight she had more than once with Payne. The ever persistent Demon that she had given her heart to. The one that had weaseled himself into the cracks of her foundation and remained at her side, despite the façade she had tossed up in attempts to keep him out. He threw caution to the wind, giving back as much as she seemed to throw his way. She was truly ass over daggers for the man. When asked to keep security on her at all times, she damn near threw a tantrum like that of a child with sharp objects. As there were blades thrown in the argument, she seethed in anger at the request, disregarding it completely. Last thing she wanted or desired was to be babysat. Her defiance was sure to be her demise one day, but she'd be damned either way, right? No more bloodshed because of the likes of her being in the middle. Dense fog danced on ground as she knelt to the ground, fabric of her jeans becoming damp with impact. Palms placed to the cool stone as russets flooded with emotion, tears brimming. "You would have been eight this year my nino. I still hear those little coos, ya know? And that chubby smile? You were going to have the susias lining up at the door, banging it down." she sniffled a laugh. "I'm sorry, precious boy. I couldn't protect you better." pads of digits ghosted along the engraved name before turning to face her Madre's headstone. Sitting Indian style, just as she did many times before, having a chat as if she were truly there. "Mi Madre… I'm by far from the perfect daughter that you envisioned. Not the Dr. Saltero like we talked so much about. But know, I still try to make you proud in doing justice. Despite what my title is, I'm not the reckless killing machine her tried to make me be. Though I still have countless fault, Ma. Not going to lie. There's still an underlying evil that courses through my veins I can't quite put a finger on. I see red and yet…" A laugh from behind her startled the Latina from her spot. A laugh she knew all too well. "You've become soft, hija. Talking to the dead instead of totaling to the body count?" an ice cold chill traveled the length of her spine as she turned her head, gaze landing on him. "Don't look so surprised Luna. You're messy in covering your steps. And at the same time so damn predictable. You visit this place far too much. If you ran the business in this much detail, you'd be more thriving than I could have ever been" his words were a near growl as he spoke. "Yet you waste it. On what? Petty relationships? Your sister? Oh yes puta, I keep tabs well. Arabella has grown to be magnifica. Perhaps I should have trained her to run the business. That sweet little ass would bring in more clients than the likes of a bitter you." Luna's teeth clenched so tightly that her jaw spasmed. "Did you come here just to taunt me, Padre? Or is there a purpose to her stalking me like a cabron trying to get his cajones off?" words laced with venom as gaze darted around. Checking the shadows for his goon squad. A meaty hand waved in the air, diverting her attention. "Always so paranoid, mi hija. I have come to see that if I need a job done, I come to do it myself. I gave you everything and you are wasting it." He threw out his arms as if putting on a show. "I'm alone. What you wanted all along, si? And what a better place for your own death than the very grounds of where the ones you failed to save? Too bad I don't have an audience. The likes of the pretty boy you seem so fond of. Payne is it?" his steps began to strode towards her menacingly. A low growl rumbled in her chest as hand sought purchase on the dagger at her side. "Don't even think about it. I've lost everything once before, I will not make that mistake again." she swung forward without a second thought, glint of the blade reflected in the moonlight that casted from above. But being as he was one that taught her most her moves, he saw the swing coming before she made it, twisting her arm behind her back at an agonizing angle, tip of blade now directed at her spine. "I know I taught you better than that, Luna. Use your anger to your abilities." hot breath tickled at her ear before she swung her head back with force. A cracking sound echoing in her ears as the grip on her arm was released. Crimson dripped from her Father's nose as he wiped it away with the back of his hand. "You taught me nothing but heartbreak." she swung with an upper cut before left leg came up, kicking him in the solar plex, sending him stumbling back a few feet. "Nothing but pain." right fist twisted out with contact to his jaw. "Nothing but deception and cruelty." with a quick turn on feet, right leg shifted out to kick but was caught midair. Her father, a brute of a man tossed her like a ragdoll into the headstones of her loved ones head first. Blood trickled down her forehead as the corners of her vision became fuzzy. The dark laugh washed over her like maggots feasting upon rotting flesh. "Tocado! She does learn new tricks." Luna's ravenous locks clung to her face as the gash at her head throbbed incessantly. "You stupid girl. You know this only ends one way. Just take your bow now." and at if she were the bullseye on a target in the range, the dagger that she hand dropped in the tussle moments ago was speared through her abdomen. Her cry of pain was drowned out by the likes of the ravens that pecked at the stones and cawed in the graveyard. Shaky hand attempted to retrieve the dagger that was at her ankle, but a booted foot held it hostage. With one swift movement of his other foot in a kick, her ankle cracked before tatted hand took the one weapon she had left. "Choice of death by blade, my darling daughter?" his voice was almost affectionate. Sickeningly so. With her foot at an odd angle, Luna willed herself to move. On all fours, it was as if she were groveling at his feet, something she sure he was eating up with a silver spoon. Tongue swiped across pouts, the taste of copper exploding on her tongue before hands found a loose stone. With all the force she had, she levered the delivery to his knee, sending him buckling to the ground beside her. Death grip still held as she crawled over him, kneeling at his side. Hefting the stone up one last time, she aimed for his head. Before contact was made, a searing pain rippled through her. The blade of her own dagger again impaled her. This time just below her ribcage. Chocolate hues widened as she struggled to the take her next breath in. The blade must have hit her lung because it felt as if she were drowning. "Stupid girl. You can never best me, and now you can rest with the ones I took from you so long ago. Tell your Madre I miss her. And the rugrat…well can't say I miss him too terribly much." Luna's body fell back, phone clattering to the dirt. "Let's send that lover boy a nice little picture shall we. Now smile pretty. You don't want to look a mess when he sees your face now do you?" her father soothed through a grunt as he propped her up on her Mother's grave, cleaning off some of the blood that stained her face. "Say cheese…" the flash popped a halo effect around in the night as the Latina gurgled on her on blood. Fiddling with the contacts on her phone, the picture was sent to Payne. "'Having a killed time with Madre. Don't wait up.' That sounds lovey dovey and threatening all at the same time, right? And S E N D. Shame that my own flesh and blood would work years to try and kill me, hate me, but have it all come to this." he patted her face. "But just not strong enough, young one. I told you, A L L things in life are expendable. Even ones that were a result from a good f***, I might add. Your Madre should have swallowed you, yea?" Her hearing was fading as lids became heavy, his voice droning on yet again with his nonsense. Her breaths were shallow and short, gaze drifting with heavy lids as hands clutched to the wound, attempting to hold on. "Stop holding on hija. Just let go. No one is going to save you…." They say that your life flashes in memories before you die. But it was just fading into nothingness. A black and white version and replaced was the voice of her Father of that one belonging to her Madre. Luna was standing, unscathed from injuries as laughter of a little boy echoed around. Crips fallen leaves of orange, yellow, and brown crunched beneath her feet as she turned in a circle, searching for the laughing boy, or even her Ma. "You aren't supposed to be here mi nina querida. Though I knew your stubbornness would always lead you down this path." That voice she had longed to hear washed over her like a warm Summer's day. "Ma?" Luna squinted, head tilted to the side in question. "How…what…I don't understand.  What's going on?" the little boy's laughter grew as he came and circled his arms around Luna's leg. It was as if he hadn't seen her in years. Squatting, focus zeroed in on the young boy, her heart swelling. "Lorenzo?" the name was like on the tip of her tongue as she examined the child in great detail. The eyes….her eyes mirrored directly back to her. "Silly Mommie, you aren't supposed to be here. Abuela says so. And what she say goes." the boy nodded matter-of-factly. Tears brimmed her eyes, confusion washing across her features. "Why you cry Mommie? Don't be sad. I get to play with Abuela all the time. She got the best bedtime stories. And I get to watch you. I say my Mommie is the most beautimus Mommie ever." he squared his shoulders, hands on his hips. The small attitude that radiated from him, there was no denying it. "It is you, Lorenzo. My sweet sweet nino." she tugged him in for a hug, fearing if she let him go, it would all vanish. "Cru…shing me, Mommie. Can't breathe." he chuckled before another hand came and rested atop of Luna's head. "La Luna… what have you done now? To get you here? Now is not your time, darling. Lorenzo is right. You can't stay here. Not with the deal made and especially not with the company you keep. They simply won't stand for it." Luna's brow knitted together as she shook her head. "What are you talking about, Ma? Wait…what deal? What is this place?" Her Mother clasped her hand between her own, that loving smile lighting up her face as it always did. "Just know, I did what I did to protect you. Now time is important. And that an, the one that has your heart. Trust in what he does. These next steps are crucial, darling. But this is not your time. No more questions, you have to go before it's too late. All will be answered soon enough." She had so many questions and her panicked state had her envelope her arms around her Madre. "Go NOW! And remember, I love you my precious daughter. And I am so proud of you." Before Luna could question anything further, it was as if she were transported back to her present body. In pain, gasping for air that just wouldn't come and she began to choke on her own blood. "Hold on just a little longer, darling."  Her limbs became heavy with every passing second. Her heartbeat slowing as her body lay limp against the headstone. Faint sound of her father retreating as all she saw were his feet walking away. Desperate fingers stretched towards the phone that lay beside her, seeing her own face covered in crimson in the last text to Payne before she drew in her last few breaths…. The End of the Latina?

The Diamond Standard

10/26/2020 01:30 PM 

Hannibal Ad Portas

"With the negative punishment, you are taking away something…"  Emma Frost, once infamous White Queen and current teacher of psychology, gave pause from her lecture.  Something was off.  Most of the students were asleep with their eyes open, their heads precariously perched in their upraised palms and faces devoid of any semblance of expression (or intelligence?).  Some might actually have been drooling a bit, how unsightly.  It was none of them.  Pursing her lips, the blonde telepath skimmed the surface thoughts of everyone within her reach.  But the school was peaceful--or what one might consider passing for peaceful at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.   Students were in classes at the moment, it was the final hour for the day.  The advent of evening was at hand with the sun hanging lazily between noon and sunset.  The Danger Room was in use, no doubt Logan working off whatever feral itch challenged human respectability at the moment with his usual cohorts, Kurt and Piotr.  Hank was in his lab and Scott in his office.  The library was--for the moment--intact.  No brawls or bravado threatening the structural integrity of the property.  It was…peaceful.  So what set her ill at ease?  Emma grimaced, pressing her senses outward, searching for the thoughts  of this unseen threat.  "Pass these around…"  There!  Someone let slip their psychic shielding, the White Queen detected a glimmer of their thoughts."Miss Frost…?" One of the students peeped from the back of the room. Emma had trailed off and remained silent for far longer than she should have. The response that came was not what the child expected: "WE'RE UNDER ATTACK!" The White Queen's telepathic voice rang out, reverberating through every skull with the utmost urgency. But her alert may have come too late. From the classroom window, Emma could just barely make out the front gate of the school. A large, black van approached the gates at a high speed, predictably crashing through the rod iron. Behind it came more vans. It was an invading army. And she couldn't sense any of them!"Go!" Emma barked to her students, darting a well manicured finger towards the door of the class room. "Follow the evacuation procedures! You've trained for this, now go! Go! Go!" Trained for this indeed! No school should have 'invasion procedures!' This was not the first time the school had been attacked. This would not be the last time, either. In all likelihood, this would also not be the first time the school has been destroyed. Nor the last. Alarms began to sound. Students began following the exits to a safe route beyond the school grounds. The X-Men, however, went in another direction: to the front door. No time to get dressed in impressive matching uniforms with spectacular contour and accentuating lines. Damn. And she loved these Jimmy Choos.Five vans in total crowded the front door of the Xavier's School. As one, the doors opened and the occupants emptied out. They were a laughable bunch, dressed from head to toe in clunky environmentally controlled suits. The U-Men. Nutty fanatics who wanted to graft on mutant anatomy to make themselves superior, whole, or some nonsense. This ought to be an easy beat down.The events that followed seemed to pass in slow motion.The X-Men braced themselves for whatever stolen mutant abilities these zealots had to dish out. The familiar coldness of her flesh turning to diamond crept over her, bringing with it blessed silence from the endless hum of other people's thoughts, feelings, and rapports. The first group U-Men began unzipping their suits. Managled, scarred beings that hardly bore resemblance to humanity emerged from the chrysalises, provoking an involuntary gag response from the White Queen. The vivisection process had not been kind to these men. But revulsion had to wait; they passed on the customary monolog and advanced into battle. The first group was barely within striking range when the second wave began shedding their suits. From these people came a brilliant, blinding light. And then the first group began exploding. The second wave had struck down their own in their effort to destroy the X-Men!Doused in human remains, Emma was rocked by the concussive force of the attack. She was knocked out cold.………………So course. With all the comfort of a brillo pad. It chaffed against her skin. Twitching once as awareness of her surroundings slowly began to get pieced together in her mind, Emma's eyes rolled open, not quite able to focus. The offensive fabric, putrid off white walls and yellow florescent lighting, garish décor. Dear God! She was in some motel! Emma Frost jumped into an upright position, a faint shriek of terror escaping her lips. And immediately she regretted it. Her world spun at a starling pace as a skull-splitting pain threatened to return her to unconsciousness. Exactly how Emma managed to brace herself against the presto board nightstand and bring herself to a standing position was unclear. But finding herself on legs about as stable as newborn calf, she looked around the gouache environment with nausea unrelated to the head injury she somehow incurred in…battle?Where were the others? How did she get here? Where was here exactly? What happened to the U-Men, the school? Fighting past the discomfort, she reached out with her mind only to be sent reeling from a new wave of pain. Emma fell back onto the worn double bed, which screeching in protest from her dead weight."You really oughtn't do that."The voice was distant, grabbled. She could not recognize it through the acute agony overwhelming her senses."Where…?" Was all she managed."Motel 6. Not your usual digs, but that was sort of the idea. They won't think to look for us here...""Why…?" She grit her teeth against the pain in her head."Those zealots didn’t just attack the school, they compromised our identities, accounts, online presence. They laid out a paper trail. The long and short of it this: We're now on multiple government radars that we've got no business being on. We need to lay low."The voice grew more distant as Emma succumbed to the pain, plunging into darkness of unconsciousness.

The Diamond Standard

10/26/2020 01:26 PM 

Memory Loss

I've written something like this before, but the idea just kind of resurfaced last night.  I thought it would be an interesting way to explore the perils of telepathy without the control.  So if this seems familiar, I've written something like this before, but despite being a digital pack rat, I don't have it saved somewhere (go figure).  So, from memory, here's the start of something a little different…  "I can do this, I can do this, I can do this…"  He told himself over and over.  Trembling hands pulled the hoodie over his head.  Casting a parting glance in the mirror, that sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach sank deeper.  His eyes were darkened from several restless nights he had recently suffered, skin was unusually pale and dotted with the telltale blemishes of puberty.  Sweaty, almost feverish, he was not actually sick.  It was actually something much worse--no, not worse, different.  A gene in his DNA had activated and with it came quite the transformation that was just about to blossom.  The lanky youth wanted to play basketball.  And high school requirements said he needed a physical.  Out the door he went, on his way to see a doctor.  Fuuuuuuuun.  Down the narrow hallway of the apartment that was his family home, the stink of mildew and the signs of age greeting him as he made his way to the busy city street in the early morning hour.  New York City was alive and bustling, the morning commute was already stacking up.  Luckily, Ethan was taking the subway.  Shoving his hands in his pockets, he walked the three blocks down and two blocks over to the nearest tunnel.  His stomach lurched.  This was going to be a bad day.  "I need a helicopter."  The former White Queen hissed through grit teeth.  Gripping her steering wheel, she glared out at the sea of cars blocking her path.  How dare these flatscans all decide to get on the road when she needed to go somewhere!  Then there came a sound NO commuter EVER wanted to hear.  A blaring horn from behind followed promptly with a CRASH and jolt.  Emma felt a vain protruding from her forehead as the rage bubbled up from within.  They HIT her car!  Her beautiful, pristine white Lamborghini Diablo.  Climbing out of her car, the ever regal Black King turned to face the offending vehicle and driver with a death stair.   Pursing her lips, she battled for control of her anger.  (Emma really loved this car, after all.)  Releasing a slow, measured breath, she approached the rear of her now wounded car.  The other driver stammered an apology, pointing at the traffic lights.  Peering from the corner of her eye, the blithering idiot was right.  The lights were going bonkers, flickering as though they were losing power.  Something was off.  Turning to survey the sea of traffic, the roar of mental anger reached Emma's mind as prominently as the sounds of horns reached her ears.  But as she sifted through the mental chatter, she teased out more people's shock as their electrical components were shorting out.  Something was very wrong.Ethan followed the familiar motions of going down the stairs, scanning his pass, and hopping on the subway. He could do it in his sleep. And that was probably a good thing, because this particular day left him feeling spacy. It felt surreal to him, like someone else was operating his body; he was just a spectator. By the time he found a pole to hang on, the boy was sweating profusely. Leaning limply against the metal support, all Ethan could think about was this growing despair in the pit of his stomach. But what was the source? He truly could not pinpoint the cause.All at once, the pain came. It started in his stomach and it grew. Doubling over, the boy gripped his guts. Clenching his entire frame against the pain, Ethan--and soon others--became aware of a glowing light emerging from his body. It was beautiful, but it put off heat like an inferno. And he held it, not actually holding it--rather it hovered in the palm of his hands. It looked…was it a miniature sun? But it was blue. Had this come from him? And as he focused on it, it began to grow. The 'sun' turned red, now the size of a beach ball. Too much, too much to handle. He had no control. It was sustaining a life of its own.By now, people were running. A mutant? A ball of light? Oh hell to the no! This could not end well. And they were right to flee. The miniature sun had become a miniature red supergiant star. And it's life cycle was rapidly progressing. What takes billions of years was now elapsing in seconds. Ethan was holding on to a dying star and he had no idea what to do. What came next was catastrophic, both in physical damage and implications for the world.  All at once, everything went dark--traffic lights, cars, everything electronic went dark. Simultaneously, Emma Frost felt the collective psychic cry as the people bellow the surface were snuffed out of existence. Non-telepaths will never understand this, but when a telepath connects to someone dying, it is quite easy to be drawn in to the great beyond with them. Imagine now, if you will, an entire train car going all at once.   "Wha--?!"  And then the world was an explosion of brilliant, burning light.  From bellow, a concussive force blew the concrete upward, sending people and vehicles flying in a shower of debris.   Time, or rather her ability to process events, slowed to a crawl as everything she knew as reality was turned on its head in a singular surreal moment of utter chaos. The force alone stunned the top-notch telepath, preventing her from transforming to diamond. For a moment, she was airborne. And then she was faceplanting in concrete in a most undignified manner…along with everything else.Dazed, sprawled out on the ground, the platinum blonde barely had enough sense to listen to her base instinct to curl protectively into a ball as all Hell rained down around her."Over there…""We have another one…""Get me a stretcher…!""This one's alive...""I need help…""So hard to breath…"Stirring, her whole body ached.

The Diamond Standard

10/26/2020 01:23 PM 

Sneak Attack

At long last. The relentless chill of winter had ebbed! Mother Nature saw fit to temper her wrath, letting the thermometer to rise above 'bone chilling' to 'moderately brisk'. It was, in fact, quite lovely. So lovely that Emma Frost saw fit to break out a Dolce and Gabbana sundress. Looking pristine with not a hair out of place, the White Queen had perched herself delicately on the slightly unstable metal chair of the outdoor seating for the artisan coffee shop she rather adored. The city bustled around her and Emma simply drank it all in. Sometimes it was just nice to be in the middle of the organized chaos. The sounds, the smells (even the unpleasant ones), the scenery were all part of its intrinsic charm. And, as only a telepath can, there was also the mental murmur of the residents. Casually sipping her coffee, Emma ease dropped on the surface thoughts of anyone who crossed her path. If you thought social media was a mess, you ought to casually try listening to an entire city block's thoughts. It was delicious in the same way one might enjoy a soap opera; it was a guilty pleasure.Urrgh…The White Queen was overwhelmed by a searing pain in her head. The coffee cup dropped from her grasp, spilling its content on the table. Her hands went to her forehead as the pain intensified. It took Emma a moment to get the cohesive thought through, but the skilled telepath realized she was besieged by a psychic attack. They were strong, that was a given. But no control, no discipline. There was panic and thrill, but a growing realization that they were at the helm of something too great. She could feel them, like a toddle with their hands on a Gatling gun. Raw power was all fine and dandy, but strategy could overcome the most daunting of circumstances. Gritting her teeth, the White Queen marshalled her own power and pushed back against the assault. Emma maneuvered around their crude psychic shield with rather ease, returning fire with a tried-and-true psibolt with the precision of a veteran sniper. A single shot was all she needed."Enough!" Emma stood up so abruptly, she knocked over her chair.A woman standing across the table from her doubled over, screaming with untold agony. When had she approached the White Queen? Without her knowing? Had Emma been so distracted that she had missed this woman's clumsy psi-shield? Jacquemus pumps clicked loudly as the now enraged telepath extraordinaire came to stand over the wailing woman. Amateur! Narrowing her eyes, Emma gripped the woman's head and forced her way into the woman's deepest, most personal thoughts. And none too gently at that. Forget finesse, Emma was going straight to the source. The woman screamed louder as the raw force peeled apart her mind; ripping one layer away at a time. Lashing out with all the fear of a wounded animal, the woman attempted to throw Emma out of her mind. Emma, however, merely batted away the attack. Instead, she dove even deeper in the distressed psyche. Taking hold of her hippocampus, Emma pried open her episodic memories."Let's see just who you are."


10/26/2020 11:44 PM 


Halloween had always been Bowie’s favourite time of year. She loved all things horror, and loved a good scare. So when her friend invited her to a haunted house experience she jumped at the chance, she just hoped it would actually be scary this time. She had been to a few in the past and they were lack lustre and really lacked the fear she was looking for. Dressing in all black Bowie made her way to her friends place and picked her up before driving the two of them to the haunted house. She parked up across the street and the two got out of the car and stared at the building for a few moments. A derelict house stood before them, repugnant and mouldy. It looked creepy from the exterior. It appeared darker than the rest of the houses, even the sky surrounding it seemed to be a darker shade of black. The front garden was overgrown as it had been left alone for a long period of time. Bowie got a bad feeling about it. Fear anchored her feet in the darkness. An immense storm could be heard in the distance, echoing through the silent night. Lightning ripped the inky sky. The two crept across the street and pushed the cast iron gates open, which shrieked as they did so. A female was waiting for them, she was the person whom her friend had spoken to, to arrange the experience.“Good evening ladies” the female smiled. “Welcome to the haunted house experience. Here is your recorder and video camera and flashlights and a walkie talkie to talk to me” she said before handing them over to the two of them. “Tonight you will be locked in this house and will be free to explore the house as you wish, your experience will come to an end when you both leave” she stated. "Locked in a haunted house" Bowie stammered. “You never told me we would be locked in a haunted house” Bowie said to her friend. “What’s a matter, scared?” she chuckled. “Of course not” Bowie snapped back, not wanting to show her fear. “You are free to do as you wish, go nuts and have fun. Enter when you want” the female said. Bowie gulped slightly. She twisted the handle of the door, it creaked ominously. Bowie stepped inside and the air felt thick around her, it almost became instantly difficult to breath. She used the flashlight to illuminate parts of the room, there were cobwebs everywhere and thick dust covered the room. Things had been left exactly how they were before the people had gone. It was somewhat creepy, seeing the things the living had once had, now that the house was dead an abandoned.The two spent an hour calling out trying to capture something, but nothing had happened. It seemed to be a total bust. “Maybe we should call it a night since nothing is going to happen” Bowie said. “No, come on just a little longer” her friend pleaded and Bowie agreed. They called out some more then they heard a loud bang echo throughout the empty house. They both jumped. They did some more calling out and strange noises began sounding. Just then the crackle of the walkie talkie made them both jump. "Timothy Davidson is here" the female outside said through the talkie. “You need to get out” she instructed. The two females made their way downstairs to the front door and discovered the door was still locked. “You need to unlock the door” Bowie said into the talkie. After a few moments the female’s voice came through “I can’t find the key” came a response. “You mean we are trapped in here with a random guy?” her friend asked. “Unfortunately yes, maybe try and crack open a window and slide out” was the response.The two walked around the house trying different windows but neither one would open. As they entered the kitchen Bowie noticed a pool of blood on the floor that had not been there when they walked through earlier. “That’s gotta be fake right?” Bowie said, trying to convince herself more than her friend. “Is he going to kill us?” her friend asked. “Don’t be stupid” she replied, trying to remain calm. Screams then echoed throughout the house but they could not locate the source of the screams. It was all becoming very odd. “We need to get outta here” Bowie said. She began banging on the windows trying to open them. “Careful you don’t smash the window” her friend said. "I'm frightened and I don't know what to do" Bowie responded. “If breaking the window is the only way out then f*ck it, I’ll end up breaking it” she said. She turned her attention back to the door and began kicking it as hard as she could and the frame cracked a little. She yanked and yanked the door before it finally came open and she and her friend got out of there as quickly as they could. 

☼ ғᴇʟɪɴᴇ ғᴀᴛᴀʟᴇ

10/26/2020 12:33 PM 

Zodiac Adventures: Awaken The Lioness

  The day had started out simple enough. A ten mile jog, a few hours spent at home working on new material, a few others put into a bartending shift downtown. A routine day, the kind in which nothing memorable was expected to occur. Amber wasn’t lined up for any acts, she had no plans with her promising new manager. The day was a blank canvas that the ginger had painted beige. A monotonous kind of day that led to the monotonous night that she was trying to liven up by taking her skateboard into the city. Usually, a few sick tricks and a breath of cool night air was enough to turn boring into good. But the night remained steadfast in its dedication to dullness, it remained the kind of night Amber would forget about come morning. Or so the universe had led her to believe. Looking up at the inky black sky, Amber yearned for the stars that were drowned out by the city lights. The ones that painted the darkness back home in Texas, the stars she retreated to when she’d sneak out her bedroom window and sit on the roof while her parents were asleep in either their bed or off at their stations. With her skateboard upright, she sighed, leaning on it lazily as she made a note to give up on tonight. Maybe it wasn’t boring after all; maybe she was just lonely. Maybe the choices she had made in lieu of her impending big break were choices that were still weighing heavy on her. Choices that had cost her the one person who had that magic way of making *every* night special. Maybe, just maybe, monotony was simply the cost of life without Remington. A terrifying realization, and one she’d keep to herself even under threat of perjury. Amber Grymes didn’t need anyone; of that fact she could not be swayed. These feelings would fade, they always did. Time heals all wounds, right? Even if this heartbreak seemed more comparable to amputation than the paper cuts that were any of her other relationships. With the kind of groan usually reserved for long waits at Starbucks or patriarchal oppression, Amber let her board fall to the ground, wheels sailing along the sidewalk as she commanded their actions like the captain of her vessel. She had no destination in mind as she soared past buildings and pedestrians and — considering the part of the city she was in — convicts. She simply went with the motions, uninhibited by things like direction or logic. She was one with the board until the monotony shattered. She was one with the board until destiny intervened. The starless sky was always black in the city, so when a streak of gray painted its canvas, Amber could do nothing but stop and stare at the brief flash of light as it occured. A shooting star, maybe? A meteor from beyond? Whatever space phenomena had caught her attention, Amber couldn’t get it back, no matter how silly it seemed. Instead she felt summoned, like an absentee father being served for child support. Like an agent of war on the night of a battle. Spiritual hoopla was Remy’s schtick, not Amber’s, but that didn’t mean she didn’t feel the call. It was a beckoning force, an entity that gripped her. There was no choice in the matter as she skated in the direction of the undeniable pull. It was a natural reaction — a warrior’s instinct. And above all else, Amber had always been a warrior first, even if she’d never found a war worth fighting. Amber didn’t know how long she had skated for, nor did she recognize where that primal pull had taken her. Familiar buildings had long since turned unrecognizable, and she could feel her body growing tired as midnight turned to sometime in the wee hours of morning. But she didn’t stop her search until she was hopping off her deck and clutching it in her hand, finding herself at the entrance to a run down building that had seen much better days. Beside the door rested a shattered window, one that was freshly broken considering the amount of glass that remained scattered all around the entrance. Reaching for her hair, Amber pulled out a bobby pin and used it to pick the lock on the door, deciding against crawling in through the glass. The last thing she wanted was to follow a ghost feeling just to find herself leaving with tetanus. Besides, what was the point of such an awesome skill if she never actually got to use it? Successfully unlocking the door, Amber shoved it inward, revealing a large looking room that must have once been a warehouse. It was dark inside, and it smelled of mildew, but that didn’t stop her from walking in farther, nor did it stop her from seeing what had called to her. In the center of the room, a football sized chunk of space rock was glowing, reddish-orange in color as it beckoned her over.The moment seemed surreal as Amber took careful steps towards it, not stopping until she was crouched on the ground, staring at it from only a foot away. “I wouldn’t touch that if I were you,” a voice spoke from the darkened corner, startling Amber, if only a little. Looking over, she spotted an elderly man in matted clothes, whose personal grooming led her to believe she figured out the origins of the putrid smell. “Woah, I didn’t see you there,” she said casually before looking back to the rock. “You trying to give a girl a heart attack?” Shaking her head, Amber’s instincts told her the opposite of his advice. Reaching forward, she gripped the rock with her hands, lifting it to her face only to watch it crumble like a pastry in her palms. “The f***,” she questioned as its structure fell to pieces, and all that was left was a glowing key that formed the shape of a lion. “I must be dreaming,” she muttered as she picked herself off the ground, studying her find with confusion in her eyes. “Hey, dude in the corner, are you seeing this too?” Turning to look at her unexpected guest, Amber took a step back when she noticed he had moved to only a few feet behind her. “Yes, I’m seeing it,” he grinned, his face spreading into the kind of smile that fueled even Tim Burton’s nightmares. “And it’s my lucky day. An untrained zodiac hand delivered to me. They’ll all be so proud of me. Give me the key, little girl, and I shall make sure your death is quick and painless.” Barking out a laugh, Amber held the key tight, not needing to know what was going on to know that it was of grave importance. “I may not know what brand of crazy you’re trying to spiel, but I should warn you, I’m far from untrained. And if you touch me, your geriatric lifestyle will be the least of your issues. ” As if to let out a laugh of his own, the elderly man’s jaw unhinged, flesh unravelling to reveal a mouth the size of a basketball hoop, and teeth the likes of which she’d only seen on discovery channel. ”Oh… sh*t,” Amber said as the severity of the situation fully kicked in. Assuming a defensive stance, her mind swam through years of rigorous combat training, but none of it had prepared her for whatever this was. Could anything have prepared her for such a terrifying sight? Prepared or not -- the creature came charging, alien cries sounding as it lunged at her person. Expertly rolling out the way, Amber held on to the key for dear life, before using the strength in her leg to deliver a kick to its back that sent it soaring across the room, causing her to blink rapidly. Amber was a revered fighter who had been trained for a life of special ops assignments, but the strength she had just exhibited? That did not come from her training. That was about as human as the creature who went flying. What in the actual f*** was happening? Looking down at the key for a moment, Amber mouthed a ‘what are you’ just in time for it to turn into a ball of light, before wrapping around her dominant hand in the form of a type of glove. It was a simple design, tipped with sharp, heavy claws, like something Lady Gaga would wear to the Emmy’s. While it didn’t seem like the most useful weapon in her current predicament—a sword or a bazooka would have been much more promising—it was certainly better than the nothing she had before. Assuming a defensive position once more, Amber braced herself for the next assault, before their bodies tangoed for life or death. The creature's body morphed as it fought, sending two arms her way then four alien limbs next. It changed up its tactics with every swing and miss, and Amber continued to dodge with her practiced grace, unable to find an opening to do real damage until she was able to deliver a swift punch to its chest, leaving a gash with her claws before back handspringing away. She had been proud of herself as she landed with ease, but that feeling faded as she watched its wound heal right before her eyes. Annoyance ripped through her solid layer of determination, annoyance that was laced with anger at the unfairness of this situation. As that anger peaked, it felt as though her body was psychically warming up, a feeling that spiraled through her until her hands were covered in actual flames. If it hadn’t been happening, she would have never believed it. Hell, all of this was happening and she still was having issues wrapping her mind around it fully. But that didn’t keep the fight from raging on, nor did it stop her confidence from swelling at the sudden realization of just how bad ass this fight left her feeling. She had always known she was hot sh*t— but this? This was a whole other level, especially as she ran up the wall, backflipping into an aerial attack that allowed her to rip through the back of the creatures neck with her flaming claw. In turn its neck became no more than an open wound, head slipping from its shoulders and rolling in the opposite direction. Watching it carefully, the body writhed and crumpled, before its form shifted back into that of the old man. Of course, this time his head was five feet from his body, and its putrid odor was impossibly worse. Not willing to chance the creature coming back, Amber used her flames to set the body and head ablaze, allowing it to fill the warehouse with the godawful stench of burning flesh. When the deed was done, the ginger looked to her hands. The burning flames had self extinguished, and the battle claw returned to an orb of light, before morphing back into the ornate key it had started out as. ”F***,” was all Amber had to say, before shoving the key into her pocket and hopping back on her board. Despite her state of shock — and suspended disbelief — the last thing she wanted to do was wait around for the aforementioned “they” who would have been proud of the win she had denied him. What she needed now was to figure out what was happening and why, and all she had to go on were aliens and space rocks and magic keys and the word “Zodiac”. Once again, Amber found herself wishing Remy was still around. But once again, the words she spoke to him — the way she left things — chose to haunt her instead. She couldn’t go to Remy with this — she’d figure it out on her own. Besides, she still wasn’t convinced that this wasn’t a fever dream induced by one too many nights streaming Buffy before bed. She’d figure it out come morning. Until then, she was going to skate. Some people ran from their problems — Amber on the other hand preferred to roll with haste.


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Character Aesthetic.


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bronwyn stark

Bronwyn is the eldest Stark daughter, born almost a year after Jon. Though she may not be considered an extraordinary beauty by some, she possesses a natural charm that draws attention. It's not entirely unwelcome attention; she can be quite vain and often craves the validation. She's a social chameleon of sorts, with a warm disposition and is able to get along with most, but tends to come off a bit twee to some. When all the Stark children are given direwolves, she chooses the one that seems most timid and apprehensive, naming her Ilva. With her being a wolf and not a domestic dog, Bronwyn sees it fit to let Ilva roam freely and consequently has frequent 'wolf dreams.' At some point, she begins warging so often that she sometimes exhibits feral behavior.

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Activity Check 11/1

Raven had lived in a metaphoric horror film since the moment shewas born. Odds had consistently been stacked against and when shefinally believed that she was going to be adopted into a loving home,she found herself locked in a cage and tested on like a lab rat forover ten years. Despite the sh*t-show that had been her life, Rae made it a point to live freely. She was done being shackled for otherpeople's gain or amusement and so from the moment she escaped the testing facility at the age of 16, she did just that. She lived.It was another typical night in, a bottle of whiskey settled betweenher thighs as she mindlessly watched the pictures of the televisionflash before her eyes.  It had been a long week filled with the typicalchaos that Valkery was known for, causing her to fall in and out of sleepuntil all at once, she felt the heavy seduction of her subconscious takehold and pull her under.Her eyes fluttered awake slowly, irritated at a sharp prick at the crookof her right arm. A soft groan in protest slipped past her lips as her headrolled to the side, curious to the sensation. Her visage was blury at first,bringing her to blink several times naturally before she could take inwhat she was looking at. There were muffled sounds about the room followed bya melodic beep that occured every few seconds. There was a figure, blurry stilluntil she blinked a few times and noticed a familiar white coat. The gray-haired man's face came to view and all at once, she felt the color drainfrom her features. This wasn't just any old man... this was The Doctor, thevery one that had led the inhumane tests on her for well over a decade.Fear gurgled up to the back of her throat as she naturally began to writhewithin her restraints, ignoring the bite of cold metal against her wrists andankles each time that she tried to fight against them. A soft gravelly chuckleescaped The Doctor as he pulled the needle away from her arm, his onyx opticsfixing within her wide, emerald oceans. "Try all you want, but all you aredoing is harming yourself" He chimed, his voice annoyingly cheerful. "I toldyou, did I not? There was no way you were going to get away from me. I haveonly just begun." The man completed.Rae snarled, eyes narrowing in on the man. "LET ME OUT!" She bellowed, stillattempting to free herself from the restraints to no avail. The Doctor turnedaway from her, the sound of items clinking against one another ringing withinher ears before he turned back to her, a scalpel in hand. Her eyes snapped downto the sharp knife that glinted under the luminescent lamp overhead. "Don't youcome near me!" Raven screamed, her body still thrashing against the table untilshe felt an odd warming sensation wash over her. 'The injection. He injected me with some sort of sedative', she thought just as her vision began to blur. The old man laughed under his breath once more, lowering the knife down to her chestafter he pulled down the thin white sheet that covered her bare body."There's no use in fighting it. You're mine." And with that, he lowered the tipof the scalpel down to the center of her chest and pressed down, the sharp paincausing her to scream internally as dark crimson blood beaded from the puncturespot. Rae wanted to scream, to foolishly cry out for help but before she could,she felt the heaviness of sleep take over her and all at once... she slipped away.


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AC - 11/1

It was no surprise to anyone that Halloween was Eden's favorite holiday. In fact, she tyically has herhome completely decorated for Halloween every year the moment the third week of September rollsaround. Her family never understood her fascination. Bible thumpers like her step-mother and fatherthought that there was something psychologically wrong with the petite female but in the end, therewasn't really anything that needed to be done. Instead of favoring Christmas, she liked Halloween.There was no need to cure that.Eden was in the midst of watching some of her favorite horror flicks, this time around she had zonedin on The Exorcism of Emily Rose. To watch the movie correctly, the brunette made sure to turn offall of the lights in her home, only leaving a few orange and purple string lights as 'mood lighting" aswell as a lit candle here and there. She had watched this movie several times before and despite beinga seasoned horror queen, she could never fully get over the  way the demonic scene got to her. Sheknew it was coming. Her mocha hues fixed on the screen as she watched the priest and others hurryoff to the bar where they watched a possessed Emily Rose rush into. Eden was sitting cross-legged,naturally leaning forward as she felt herself get sucked into the scene as they found Emily who then moved in unnatural ways, her foreign tongue rambling off of every demon that possessed her as herwild, dilated pupils bore heavily into the viewer.A strange, icy chill washed over Eden's body as she watched this scene, the very scene she must have watched at least fifty times before this. Emily opened her mouth and out poured the most unnaturaldemonic scream; before it was over, a large decorative picture that was hanging on the left side of thetelevision fell off the wall, the glass shattering instantaneously as it crashed to the floor. Eden jumped,her heart feeling as if it were about to tear through its bone cage as she lept up from the couch and staredat the broken glass. Pale fingers fumbled for the remote to pause the flick, realizing how scared she wasby how long it took to pause the movie due to her clumsy, trembling fingers.  Once the movie was paused,she found herself lost within the eerie silence of her home.Eden typically enjoyed the adrenaline rush that scary movies gave her and, typically she prided herselfin being unable to find a movie that truly scared her... but now, she was scared. How did the picture framefall off the wall? And why did it have to fall at that part of the movie? Her heart still felt as if it were goingto beat out of her chest as she hurried away from the broken picture to turn on every damn light in her house.Even though, Eden couldn't bring her heart to calm long enough to deal with the picture. She turned off the movie and found the cutest show she could find filled with baby animals in hopes of helping her forget thestrange coincidence that will soon spring forth a good week's worth of nightmares.


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A hunters timeout

A hunters timeout No one can look away anymore. The warmth faded away, replaced by coldness. Not stinging and icy just yet. But not pleasant either anymore. Summer said goodbye, while autumn sent out its lovely colorful greeting. The trees began to shake off their red, orange and yellow coat, collected to their roots and all around, wherever the fresh wind carried each leaf. Bright and long days pushed into the background, gave the lead to a gloomy atmosphere.  But it was a wonderful season. Warmer clothes came along with a warm feeling within the heart. And least this is how Noah saw this time of the year. It was stunning, beautiful.The sound of relaxed and soft steps, created by warm black boots, underlined the peaceful atmosphere of the evening. The sun disappeared on the horizon, gave room for the full moon high up on the darkening sky. It was the perfect time to get a few drinks, enjoy some music, and, if it happened by chance, have a good conversation and company. Pale hands lifted, slender fingers brushed through blonde-pink dyed hair to fix the wavy strands in a lose tie, a moment before the desired place came into sigh. "There it is." the honey sweet tone of Noahs voice swung through the air around him like a soft melody, joy visible through the tender glance within his onyx orbs. A couple of steps later, behind the door that had blocked the scene from the world outside, Noah already mingled under the people within the club he had entered. First a drink at the bar. That's  how he started nights like these. Slow. Lifting his slender figure elegantly onto one of the stools, a sign to the busy bartender was enough to draw attention. By now he was a regular here, and so no words were needed, a glass with his favorite amber liquid got placed infront of him. Lifting it to his lips, sipping a small amount, his onyx hues closed, he savored the flavour, pushed out a satisfied sigh and let go of the remaining tension he had carried around. Now all he see as a positive addition to this perfect moment was company.((If anyone wants to use this as a starter for a roleplay with me, please reply in messages.)) 

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𝚃𝚠𝚎𝚗𝚝𝚢 𓃉 𝙿𝚛𝚒𝚟𝚊𝚝𝚎 𝙸𝚗𝚟𝚎𝚜𝚝𝚒𝚐𝚊𝚝𝚘𝚛 𓃉 𝙼𝚎𝚖𝚘𝚛𝚢 𝙼𝚊𝚗𝚒𝚙𝚞𝚕𝚊𝚝𝚘𝚛synopsis❟Valeria is a mutant. She has the power to manipulate memories through touch. She can create, erase, alter and view people’s memories. She works as a private investigator. She’s usually hired by the lonely wives of rich businessman to confirm their suspicions of affairs. She takes whatever business she can get, She’s not discriminatory when it comes to income. She often ends up working for opposing sides.personality❟Valeria is constantly exhausted, so she is quick to temper. She drowns her problems at the bottom of a flask. She is almost always sarcastic, and can't take anyone or anything seriously. She will usually disregard anything unless it has to do with violence against women. Things like that enrage her and send her into a spiral.headcanons❟coming soonbiography❟coming soon 

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𝚏𝚕𝚎𝚡𝚒𝚋𝚕𝚎 𝚊𝚐𝚎 𓃉 𝙷𝚞𝚏𝚏𝚕𝚎𝚙𝚞𝚏𝚏 𓃉 𝙼𝚊𝚐𝚒𝚌𝚣𝚘𝚘𝚕𝚘𝚐𝚒𝚜𝚝 𓃉synopsis❟Adina is a Kazakh-English witch who grew up in a nomadic tribe, traveling through central Asia. Her family’s tribe has a history of having the ability to warg through animals. Adina can see through the eyes of her pet hawk Artemis.personality❟Adina is quiet and well-mannered she's accustomed to living alone so she is often found talking to herself. she prefers the company of animals to people. She is warm-hearted and empathetic to a fault, willing to give someone the shirt off her back if they needed it.headcanons❟ ∘༚𐩑 She wants to become a magizoologist. ∘༚𐩑 Her pet eagle Artemis is her best friend. She’s rarely seen without him in the area. ∘༚𐩑 She is an expert shot. She was raised around a bow and arrow. ∘༚𐩑 She was raised Muslim, so even though she doesn’t practice anymore she still doesn’t eat pork. It makes her stomach hurt. ∘༚𐩑 She believes Robert Smith from The Cure and Bjork are wizards/witches. Don’t try and convince her otherwise ∘༚𐩑 She speaks English, Kazakh, Russian, Mongolian and a smidge of Chinese ∘༚𐩑 Adina’s wand is second hand. One of the last wands made by Gregorvitch himself before he passed. ∘༚𐩑 She can’t swim. ∘༚𐩑 She loves to be outside, even when it's raining. You can always find her by the lake, in all types of weather. biography❟Adina’s father was an Russian-English wizard, and her mother a muggleborn Kazakh witch. Her father Eric had traveled through Mongolia to research the witches and wizards of Central Asia, who managed to tame eagles and hawks. The number of these witches and wizards had dwindled, due to the modernization of society. During his travels in inner Mongolia, he met a small nomadic tribe. He met a woman named Yana, who had a particular affinity with her eagle. During a moonlit hunt she confessed to him about her magic. She could see through the eyes of her eagle, and sometimes she thought things to fruition. The whole village had been keeping her a secret from prying eyes and other tribes her entire life. Eric then told her about the wizarding world where he was from. They talked for hours, and their shared secret brought them closer. They married less than a year later. Yana and eric moved back to England, in a little cottage in the hills. It took a while for Yana to get used to modern appliances, and even longer to get used to the noise. Her eagle also accompanied them, living in the area and causing the locals quite the scare. He returned home nightly, and was sometimes sent all the way back home to carry messages. One such message was of Yana’s pregnancy.Adina was born on a perfectly average rainy Sunday. Her mother had her at home, with her father Eric, and a midwife by her side. She was always a perfectly pleasant baby, preferring to coo and giggle than cry. As a toddler, she kept up with the sunny disposition, oftentimes lost in her imagination, or trying to lead another group of children. As she grew up her friendly and adventurous nature lasted all throughout her childhood. Wherever she went, she attempted to create her own posse, as she couldn’t stand to be alone. When she was six, her mother and father took her back home to Kazakhstan, where her clan had been living. They migrated back to Mongolia. Yana had enough of all the noise, preferring the calm stability of home. They would travel back and forth from Kazakhstan to China throughout the year.Yana tutored her daughter in the skills she knew best, teaching the child how to master beginner potions. Her father prepped her with simple wand magic. There were no laws here regarding the use of underage magic. It was here, without other children around that Adina had befriended her first eagle. He had landed a few feet away at first, cautious to the eager youngster’s grabby hands. He flew away, and they thought that was the last of him. He returned every day from then on, getting closer and closer. Adina offered him a rat, and from that day they were inseparable. During her afternoon nap she would have a recurring dream, in which she would fly high over the landscape, soaring through the plains. She told her parents about this dream, and they celebrated their daughter's first signs of magic.When Adina turned 11 she received two letters. One from Hogwarts and one from Koldovstoretz her parents debated on this for days. Her father fought with the idea that she could get a better education at Hogwarts, her mother wanted her to stay close to home. eventually, they came to the decision that Adina would attend Hogwarts. She lacked formal education and struggled to keep up with reading the text. The only class she found solace and comfort in was the study and care of magical creatures, where she shone and excelled. She could feel a connection to each and every animal that was inexplicable. The dreams kept coming. Every night she would inhabit the body of another creature. it was mainly her eagle Artemis at first. It then developed to other animals at the school. She considered it normal, her mother could do it, so couldn’t everyone? It was in class where this was brought to the professor's attention. They pulled her aside to examine her skill. confused, Adina couldn’t understand why this was becoming such a commotion. To her it was simple, like slipping on a glove or falling into a dream. It just happened. She had private lessons scheduled, and her control over it began to increase. She could now do it during waking hours, and even control the body she inhabited. With the help of the professors and even a few of the students, she rose to the occasion. She had planned to attend school to become a professor.School overwhelmed her. she had always been mediocre at best. Adina felt like she could never measure up. There were whispers from the others, hushed voices in the corners of the common room, and walking through the hallway. She was the primitive girl who lived in a hut. She clung to the hope that one day she would best them all, and set to work to not only improve her primary skills but all of the others as well. She would often fall asleep in the library studying. When the other students saw the effort and drive she displayed they quieted. Although she has worked hard to prove she was worthy, the thoughts still live in the deepest corners of her mind "Am I good enough? Do I truly belong here?”

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I'll keep this short, sweet, and to the point (since I know if anyone actually DOES read this, they'll scan through it anyways) BEHAVIORA modicum of respect. It's a two-way street. No I don't want to smut with you random stranger. I reserve the right to block and delete without warning. Don't be too pressed. WRITINGI am not picky! I just want to explore cool storylines with cool people. I don't have a strict standard for writing other than literacy. Any length is fine, discussing, status play, banter, it's all good sh*t. Because of the nature of my account, I do HAVE to discuss before beginning any storyline (although if you have a character in mind skip ahead and address them directly!) There probably won't be too much romance, but if there is it obviously means this account is a multi-ship.  IN REGARDS TO MCRP ACCOUNTSI absolutely adore them! I, unfortunately, have too many characters to have a different page for each one, so this works best for me. If you have some kind of issue with MCRP's please go ahead and delete me. I'm just here to write and make friends! I don't know how being a multi-muse page would affect that.


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