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Student Reporter

11/27/2021 07:06 PM 

Who Wants To Investigate Evil?
Current mood:  anxious

Looking to begin a small writing group that starts on RolePlayer. A group of New York University students who create a small investigation group that covers and films in famous haunted places. Faces I am currently looking for:Tom Holland- The InvestorAlexandra Daddario- The ManagerJensen Ackles- The Film & History TeacherEmma Roberts- The Reporter(Claimed)Dylan O'Brien- The Tech WizBella Thorne- The Partier(Claimed)Taissa Farmiga-The SkepticGrant Gustin-The KnowledgeAriana Grande-The PsychicDianna Agron-The BitchAmong others. I am welcome to INQUIRIES, IDEAS & OTHER FACE CLAIMS!

𝒐𝒄𝒆𝒂𝒏 π’†π’šπ’†π’”.

11/27/2021 06:38 PM 

character study: daddy issues.

character study, daddy issues, politics, environmental activism

𝒐𝒄𝒆𝒂𝒏 π’†π’šπ’†π’”.

11/27/2021 06:36 PM 

character study: the end of the innocence.

environmental activism, politics, dramedy,

(S.D.)- Dr. Victor Frankenstein

11/27/2021 04:20 PM 

Ode to the Queen
Current mood:  creative

A Sonnet by Cristian CastaΓ±eda My clever queen, you inspire me to write. How I hate the way you bark, sneer and roar, Invading my mind day and through the night, Always dreaming about the unreal tore. Let me compare you to a creepy moon? You are more sleepy, weepy and heavy. Sharp sun heats the benchmark peaches of June, And summertime has the surreal levy. How do I hate you? Let me count the ways. I hate your attitude, fingers and feet. Thinking of your dark fingers fills my days. My hate for you is the forever cleat. Now I must away with an epic heart, Remember my hot words whilst we're apart.

(S.D.)- Dr. Victor Frankenstein

11/27/2021 04:03 PM 

Cristian's Torment - The Villanelle Of The Summertime
Current mood:  creative

A Villanelle by Cristian CastaΓ±eda Cristian couldn't stop thinking about the summertime It was just so gentle and splendid But he could never forget the lime That morning, Cristian encountered a summertime so sublime He found himself feeling rather distended Cristian couldn't stop thinking about the summertime Later, Cristian was spooked by a climb He thought the situation had become rather unattended But he could never forget the lime Mavis tried to distract him with a time Said his mind had become too intended Cristian couldn't stop thinking about the summertime Cristian took action like a downtime The summertime was becoming too extended But he could never forget the lime Cristian nosedived like a brave pantomime His mind turned into an ended Cristian couldn't stop thinking about the summertime But he could never forget the lime


11/27/2021 02:18 PM 

Owes updated 11/27/2021

Owes to:Owes to meGio reply 12/1Lily reply :12/1Emilio reply 12/1


11/27/2021 11:44 AM 

Optional Task 261



11/27/2021 10:58 PM 


π•Žitch'𝕀 𝕃amenπ•₯

11/27/2021 06:57 PM 

Hayley and Elijah 1x1 Starter

Elijah Mikaelson Chaos Realm RP Hayley and Elijah | Mentions: Hayley Marshall; Hope Mikaelson; Niklause Mikaelson ... There was always something about seeing new life that made a person reevaluate their own. In the case of Elijah Mikaelson, it was the direction he took to his goals. He always aspired to make those he cared about happy. The strange irony being that one figure he wanted to be close to he was fleeing. Making sure his siblings were happy and that the family didn't kill each other was one thing he made a point to do. However Hayley was the object of his affection that he hoped for. He wanted to be there and care for her, but family entanglement got in the way. As always, Elijah bit down on his feelings for his brother's sake -- even laying down his own happiness to do it…His mind continued to trail back to Celeste in the days that passed Hope's birth. This time not in adoration, missing her or wondering where he went wrong in saving her. He already knew where his blame was for that. Not even in anger for her trying to kill Hayley and the baby. This time it was something she said that stood out.Always and forever.The very vow that held together the foundations of his family was also the reason why love always failed. A family member -- usually Klaus -- bearing judgement and ending things before it even had a chance to blossom into something beautiful. The closer a lover came to the fold the more it acted like a raging fire and they were burned. Elijah knew that all too well.So why does he continue to come out here? To the Bayou, where he hoped just a walk would carry the echo of her laughter on the air. Where he could watch that spark of Hayley's soul continue to grow. Her pack adored her and in truth he did too -- but in a way he felt he couldn't express. All he wanted was for her to be happy, right? And she was getting to know her own fold of family, which brought a smile that he might catch sight of from a distance.This was childish… but here was the always sharply dressed Elijah Mikaelson clinging to hope the best way he knew how... "Always and Forever"   template credit.

π•Žitch'𝕀 𝕃amenπ•₯

11/27/2021 06:54 PM 

The Awakening Starter Post

  Elijah Mikaelson The Awakening RP The Resurrection | Mentions: Location: Beacon Hills, CA ... The shadows of a church shifted as a young woman scrambled to place what she needed in order. She didn't have much time and she knew that this would be her last stand. When Hannah Rodriguez sought out a resurrection spell she knew that other witches were spying. They had turned away from her years ago and strangely she found security in a vampire. She owed Elijah Mikaelson everything as everyone in her own Covent had turned their back on her. Now in Beacon Hills, California the young witch intended to repay that debt and bring him back.She had so nearly finished the ritual. His form growing in the midnight blue suit she had placed within the circle. That was when the doors of the church began to bang. Her barricade wouldn't last long. All Hannah needed was a few more minutes. She could see his skin take form and become a light gray, turning healthier by the second. His eyelids still closed but he did begin to breathe. That was when the doors suddenly slammed open -- a harsh wind sweeping over the open lobby of the church. Hannah rose to her feet almost instantly, turning to defend what she started.When Elijah woke up his vision was blurred. He saw the deep oak color of the wood ceiling above him. Blinking harshly he tried to focus his gaze and shifted to turn upon his side. There was screaming that soon came to his ear. He stretched his jaw, which seemed to pop his ears painfully. That was when a figure was thrown into a nearby wall. A woman then quickly ran up to him, carefully picking him up off the floor."Elijah, listen to me! The spell isn't complete. You need time to heal but I was able to bring you back," Hannah said, trying to fill in as many details as she could.The vampire looked toward her and familiarity struck him almost instantly. She was a Spanish woman that he helped through charity work back in New Orleans. She was a witch passing through, but her Covent made it a point to leave without her. Elijah working to preserve antique structures supplied her with a place to stay while Hannah planned what to do with herself. Looking past her, he could see three witches who had been thrown to the sides, scrambling to get back to their feet."Look at me, Elijah," Hannah said in a tone between soft and stern. "You're not at full strength. I can stall them, so you need to run. You have to stay healthy or you won't get your memories back!""My memories?" he asked after a deep breath.It was then that another harsh wind rushed past them, with Hannah stepping in the way to block it. The spells clashed between witches and she looked back at him over her right shoulder."Go! Go now!" she yelled.Elijah hated this. It went against every personal code he ever set for himself to leave an ally behind to their fate. However she was right. He was nowhere near strong enough to take on one witch let alone three. He needed to feed before he could even think to do any type of fighting. He finally relented and reached for a nearby pillar. Finding the means to steady himself on his feet, Elijah moved to the side entrance of the lobby. This allowed him to pass through a side hall, past the dining area toward the back door. He could hear the crashes of battle behind him along with screaming and breaking bones. As much as he would have wanted to find someone for a quick feed and then come back it was likely too late now.The truth was that he just couldn't move fast enough. Elijah's lack of energy made his movements lag, feeling like as if he had come out of a deep freezer without any kind of warm attire. He was stiff as his body was still adjusting to being alive again. Finally, he came to a back alley where a man was warming his hands over an oil can fire. Taking careful steps to sneak up behind him, Elijah reached out. Taking hold of the man by the curve of his head and the middle of one arm, the vampire extended his fangs and sank them into the side of his neck. When he began to scream in pain Elijah swiftly covered his mouth. The last thing he needed was for these witches to come chasing him down. The homeless figure struggled but the sharp dressed man managed to grapple him and hold him still as he fed. Finally releasing, the vampire pulled him toward the side wall where he laid him down carefully."A thousand pardons…. I never thought survival was always honorable," he said at a light whisper, tugging out a handkerchief to wipe his chin and lips.Now… the task at hand was to figure out where exactly he was. "Always and Forever"   template credit.    


11/27/2021 03:33 AM 

A New Start

A New   Start 1x1 with McKayla. It wasn't often that he was contacted in regard to his art. Cade Baxter had received a call from some committee that wanted him to do a mural for the main terminal for the airport in Hartsville. He was skeptical at first, but after some reassurance he decided the offer was legitimate. It was also quite a substantial payment to him upon the completion of said mural. When he was told the number, he nearly dropped his mobile phone. He accepted and prepared to meet his contact at the airport. There was a problem. As a result of his incarceration and as a condition of his release, Cade was not permitted to drive or own a car. There was only one option and he took it.Soon the voice of his good friend Sam Barnes was on the other end. "Hey Cade! What's up?" The voice of the gravedigger was always a welcome one to him. It gave him hope that others in Hartsville would have improving views of him. The whispers never stopped. When Sam was with him, the voices were silenced."Hey Sam. I'm in a bit of a mess. I got a commission from the airport that they want me to do a mural in the main terminal." Cade was pacing back and forth as he spoke. "I agreed to meet with them about the commission. I just need a ride out there. Can you help me out?"The voice on the other end was something that always regarded him with great respect. If anyone would learn the truth about what happened, Cade always felt as though it would be Sam. That wasn't here nor there at the moment. "Sure man. I can help ya out. When do you get off work?"Relief washed over him. He hated to impose like that. Getting one of his sisters to take him would have resulted in endless droning on about what he was doing in his life. He didn't need that. All he wanted to do was just what he wanted. He loved to draw and paint. His art was everything to him. "That's great! Thanks Sam. I'm actually off today. I'm at my place.""No sweat. I'll be there in 15." The man on the other end tapped the screen and slid his phone in his pocket. Cade did the same. Now he just had to get ready. He didn't want to over dress or under dress. It didn't take him long to find a knit blend shirt and comfortable slacks. His favorite blue jeans were definitely not acceptable for what he was about to do. It was pretty much a job interview and he didn't need to look like a slob. Sam got to Cade's apartment in 15 minutes as he said. He grabbed his sketch pad and several pencils before walking out to Sam's car. He got inside once Sam unlocked the door. After some gentle chiding from his friend, they took off in the direction of the airport. A thousand things ran through his mind. He wanted to say something but words eluded him for the moment.Sam noticed how nervous Cade was. "Don't sweat it, Cade. You got this. I've known you most of my life. Nobody's better for any mural than you are." The pep talk did him wonders. Cade wasn't ever really high on himself alone, but when someone he cared about him, that gave him the missing piece he always needed.As they pulled up toward the main hub, Cade looked over to Sam. "Thanks for everything Sam. I really needed that." He stuck his hand out to shake the other man's hand. The other man gladly reciprocated. They didn't make them like Sam anymore. He was one of a kind and Cade was grateful for that. He exited the vehicle and headed inside the airport's main terminal.The terminal was filled with all sorts of travelers coming back home from the holiday and others who were leaving to go back to their homes after visiting family here in Hartsville. Cade almost felt like he was going to get lost among all the crowd that engulfed him. His anxiety levels were starting to get high again. He stopped where he was and began to breathe slowly. "Well what do we have here?" The voice from his past greeted him with scorn and disdain. "Cade Baxter. You're the little sh*t that killed a guy with your brother's car. What hole did you crawl outta?"Cade spoke softly with the man who looked to be his older brother's age. "Please. I don't want any trouble. I'm just here to make a mural for the airport. That's all." This was what he was trying to avoid. His past was always threatening to expose him at every turn."You? A mural? Ha! Didn't know they'd let murderers out in public?" The man's voice got louder and people were starting to stare. Cade wanted to just crawl up in a ball and die himself. This would have been a great time to come clean about the accident that happened, yet Cade remained silent. The past was the past. He was always trying to move forward. Was it too much to ask that others did too?    credit: james kriet


11/27/2021 02:26 PM 

Task 18 - Month of Muse Task (Present Moodboard)

β €

11/27/2021 12:26 PM 



πŸ¦‰ α΄‹ΙͺΙ΄Ι’ α΄‘α΄€Κ€Κ€Ιͺᴏʀ πŸ¦‰

11/26/2021 10:48 PM 

πŸ¦‰ King Warrior's Rules πŸ¦‰
Current mood:  blissful


His Holiness

11/26/2021 09:16 PM 

Prompt for CursedRοΌ₯οΌ€nose

I didn’t mean to hurt you   To say that the last three months has been rough is understatement. It was hell. No matter what George did, he was in the wrong. He was used to feeling low, it was normal. His mother always belittled him for the things he did, the pranks and jokes, even commenting that his joke shop wasn’t something he should be doing. He had learnt at a young age to put on a mask, pretend that everything was well. But since the war had ended three months ago, it was hard to put on that mask that everything was fine.   He had fallen into a depression, sinking into despair. He felt like he was spiraling out of control and had no idea how to get out. Everyone was in a depressed state and trying to move on. George just felt stuck and unsure what to do. He hadn’t expected to lose Fred. He expected to lose people, lose friends, but didn’t expect to lose from his immediate family. Now what was he supposed to do?   George had been sitting in the law, doing nothing in particular, even though he had parchment, ink and quill. His mother had said sometimes it’s easier to write a letter, even if the letter doesn’t get to that person, it helps to get it off of his chest. So George had decided to write a letter to Fred, to help him move on. But George hadn't been able to do it. He didn’t know where to start.    “George” HE heard from behind him, making him jump. He turned quickly to see Ginny approach him. “Hey Gin,” He said softly. “Seriously. You have to do something” She started on him. “You’ve been in this state for months” She stopped in front of him as he stood. “You're not the only one who lost someone in the battle” Ginny continued. “Everyone is finding it in them to move on. SO can you”   George looked surprised at Ginny. She wasn’t always like this. Had he gotten that bad that Ginny of all people was snapping at him? “Mum lost Fred too. Not just you, we all did” She crossed her arms.   Hurt flashed across George’s face. “Easy for you to say” George snapped. “Everyone has someone at their side to help them. No one bothers to look at the twin without pity” He shook his head. “Everyone expected me to be the same person I was before. Everyone expects me to crack jokes all the time” He looked at her with sad eyes. “Everyone doesn't want to seem to think that the person who made people laugh may need someone by his side to. SO thanks Ginny, for the reminder that I’m alone while you and everyone else has some one there for them”   Ginny’s jaw went slack at the sight of her brother, sad, hurt, angry. He didn’t snap, like at all. For him to do this, to snap at her, he was hurting pretty bad. She hadn’t thought of those things “I’m sorry George” She said as she tried to reach for him, but he stepped back. “I never meant to hurt you” She whispered as she tried again to reach for him. “You never meant to hurt me?” He said as he gave a humourless laugh “Yet you came waltzing down here to give me an ear full”    George shook his head “It’s nice to know where I stand with everyone” HE scooped up the parchment, quill and ink, then apparated away to his flat. Where he could be alone, without having everyone look at him like he was pathetic, when all he needed was someone to be by his side.  

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