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Paranormal Haunting Investigations

11/29/2021 02:46 PM 

The Familiar Haunts
Current mood:  anxious

Place: The Myers Residence-Haddonfield, IlinoisFamous Killer: Michael MyersPlace: Camp Crystal Lake- Cunningham County, New JerseyFamous Killers: Pamela & Jason VoorheesPlace: Camp Algonquin AKA Sleepaway Camp- Argyle, New YorkKillers: AngelaPlace: Vannacutt Psychiatric Institute for the Criminally Insane-Los Angeles, CAKillers: Dr. Richard Vannacutt, MANYPlace: Briarcliffe Manor formerly Briarcliffe Insane Asylum- New EnglandKillers: Too Many To Name.Place: The Black HillsKillers: Possible Blair Witch Myths and Rumors. Place: The Firefly House- Ruggsville County, TexasKillers: The Firefly FamilyPlace: Springsville Hotel- Ruggsville, TexasKillers: The Firefly FamilyPlace: Leatherface House- Granger, TexasKillers: Leatherface & his family.MORE TO COME

Paranormal Haunting Investigations

11/29/2021 12:44 PM 

Who Wants To Investigate Evil?
Current mood:  anxious

A group of New York University students who create a small investigation group that covers and films in famous haunted places. Faces I am currently looking for:Alexandra Daddario- The ManagerA former Films Professor and the baby sister to the Film & History Professor. She agreed to help fund the group, and help get them set up.Jensen Ackles- The Film & History TeacherDeciding to help teach his students in a different way. He decided to choose some of his top students to help start the Paranormal & Haunting Investigations.Emma Roberts- The Reporter(Claimed)Alyson had always been a aspiring student. At twenty-four years old, she decided to give up on the soon to be Lawyer path. She was one of the first members of the Paranormal & Haunting Investigations Inc. team, thinking that the team could help her rise.Dylan O'Brien- The Tech WizRecruited into the team with his knowledge of cameras, walkies, and other gadgets, he is a huge fan of the Supernatural rumors and historyBella Thorne- The PartierOnly out for herself and hoping to get fame, she decided to ditch New York University and drop out. But she joined the team immediately, despite having no idea what she'd been getting into.Taissa Farmiga-The SkepticAlmost joining the team out of a dare, the roommate of Alyson decided to join in order to rub it in all of her friends faces that most of their "investigations" come out wrong, but is also very skeptical of history on some of the places.Grant Gustin-The KnowledgeThe first member of Paranormal & Haunting Investigations Inc., he was brought on with his huge knowledge of serial killers, and familiar places. Even if he is a bit too excited when it comes to getting to those places.Ariana Grande-The Psychic(Claimed)Lana was found during a investigation. After running across her in the Vandacutt Asylum for the Criminally Insane, and realizing she had the power to see former victim's thoughts and emotions, they offered her the chance to join them. Not realizing she can also see the victims' last memories, but also communicate with them as if they were in front of her.Dianna Agron-The BitchBest friend to the Partier, even if it's to keep her out of trouble. This girl was also one to leave the University and join the team hoping to bring her success.Joey King- The InternFresh out of high school, and deciding not to go for college. She decided to take a sort of "setting" up job for the team.Josh Hutcherson- The OrganizerThe man who maps out the best ways of getting into the places they want to see. But he is also the scout who first goes to the location with his two bestfriends, The Jock & The Curious One.Taylor Lautner- The JockThe Ex-Boyfriend of The Partier decided to join the team after he injured his leg in a NYU Football game. He decided to join The Organizer being as he was the bestfriend, but also tried to get The Partier back. Selena Gomez-The Curious OneBeing a sort of "history buff," she had decided to join Paranormal & Haunting Investigations, also trying to shed her good girl side at the side of her roommate The Partier. She easily follows the bad influence like lead of her.Jared Padalecki- The InvestorThe middle sibling to the Film Professors. He had decided to help out in the business by paying for all the hotel rooms, and the food for the group.Becky G- "Washed Up" YouTuberBeing a star on YouTube since she was little, subscribers left her after some controversy was caused on her Twitter and YouTube sites. The college student would decide to join the group, thinking herself "better" than the rest of the group.Elizabeth Gillies- The Wiccan GothEntranced by everything Dark & Macabre, The Wiccan Goth channels the killers and victims while exploring the places. However, the group has no idea that she has been around way longer than any of them realize.Lauren Graham- The Cult MotherMother to The Occult Cultist, Tanya decided to start a new life when her "families'" home was raided, and they found all of the missing victims. Changing her name, Tanya and her daughter brought The Fellow Psychic with them, and applied with Paranormal and Haunted Investigations.Taylor Momsen- The Occult CultistUnknown to the rest of Paranormal and Haunting Investigations, she is the daughter of a serial killer. Her college alias is just a cover, and she looks to "enlist" some of the members into her Family.Alexis Bledel-The Fellow Psychic(Claimed)The only person who knows who The Cult Mother and The Occult Cultist are, mostly because The Fellow Psychic is the only other member and victim of The Family to be brought with them. However, she has good intentions, and sometimes wants to warn the Paranormal and Haunting Investigations group.Sabrina Carpenter- The Fellow ReporterA young fresh out of high school graduate, who decided to follow her dreams and become a New York Times Journalist. Even though she is younger, Alyson is jealous of her.Miley Cyrus & Emily Osment- The ThievesBestfriends since they were kids, the two decided to keep staying inseparable even during their college years. THey had decided to apply with Paranormal & Haunting Investigations in order to grab some "souveniors" from the places that the group investigates, without the knowledge of some of the other students.Iggy Azalea-The ModelA college student who previously moonlighted as a stripper. She decided to try and live the "straight" path, and join the group. But she loves her alcohol, weed, and gossip.Torrey Devitto-The MedicPersonally hired by The Film & History Professor, especially since they would be going through rough terrain, and abandoned places. She loves exploring, even if she sometimes gets unsettled by some of the criime scenes.More to come!


11/29/2021 11:09 PM 

For the Love of a Daughter.

serpent juliet the Love of a Daughter "It all boils down to this, Betty," Hal said chillingly, and she felt Jughead pressing calming circles into her back as they all gazed at him. "Either you shoot and kill me, or I murder you and your group of friends."Shaking her fingers, The blonde took the revolver from the box and pointed it squarely at him, her eyes examining every inch of his body for the least dangerous spot to shoot him. Betty realized there was nothing she could do, but she knew she had to be the one to put a stop to it, not only because it was her mission but also because it would always come down to Hal and Betty battling it out in a battle of darkness over light. She didn't know how much light she possessed, but Betty was confident she didn't want to murder her father. If she had anything to say about it, she wasn't going to murder him. Her thoughts returned to prom night and the way she had been pursued through the halls. Hal Cooper, her own father, had followed her down the halls, and she knew she'd never been able to look at them the same way again."Don't make me do this," Betty said, her voice catching and cracking on the word as if the cosmos wasn't done making its point to her. She'd never be able to do this to her own father; she hadn't entirely fallen into the darkness as Hal Cooper had - hadn't quite allowed her demons overpower her in the same way he had. Hal simply smirked."Either you do this, or I murder all four of you," he shouted, his tone a furious hiss, and Betty wondered when he had lost himself so completely that he sounded as blank and cruel as the days had been long. As he began counting them down from one, she let out a shuddering moan, unsure of what to do. She leveled the rifle straight at him and – BANG! – as he reached three, she fired a perfectly placed bullet into his hand, causing him to cry out in pain. She believed she saw a sliver of a grin on his lips and wondered what he thought as she put the pistol down, her fingers still trembling from the aftereffect. "Dad, I will never ever be the same as you." She could hear Jughead reassuring her that everything was OK – that she had done the right thing – and she knew her love was attempting to shield her from the impending horrors."Enough!" Betty gulped anxiously as a harsh, piercing voice echoed out into the frigid night. "You're a complete moron, Hal Cooper." As the redheaded family member marched forward in all her rage, Betty's gaze landed on Penelope Blossom. "You were a horrible killer before, and you're still a horrible killer now. I can't seem to get anything right." She then took up the dropped revolver and fired a round into Hal's temple, knocking him over and throwing him to the ground, lifeless.No."NO!" Betty sank backward, tears flowing down her face, and her scream was little more than a guttural sob of misery. Jughead sprang forward to catch her in a panicky movement, her breath halting in her throat as tears froze in her waterline as she plummeted to the ground. It's over. Dead. Her father had passed away. As Penelope unleashed her anger on them and the men she had working for her began hunting them down like hounds, Jughead moved her face away from the horror and onto his chest, muttering calming things to her.It didn't matter that Jughead was forcing her jaw open and shoving the anecdote down into her throat. Betty wished to crash to the ground with her father, dying beside him.This much she knew: everything had changed. Nothing was ever going to be the same again. Now that she was an adult, nothing was the same. She was always needing to keep an eye on her back. home comment message gallery stream blog It's been five years Since we've spoken last And you can't take back What we never hadOh, I can be manipulated Only so many times Before even "I love you" Starts to sound like a lie


11/29/2021 04:58 PM 

fall season this or that

1.) October or November2.) Pumpkin spice or Salted caramel3.) Cardigans or Scarves4.) Corn maze or Hayride5.) Pumpkin pie or Apple pie6.) Duck boots or Ugg boots7.) Halloween or Thanksgiving8.) Pumpkin reeses or Candy corn9.) Carve pumpkin or Leaf pile10.) Caramel apples or S'mores11.) Outside or Inside12.) Breakfast date or Dinner date13.) Bonfires & books or Candles & Warm bath14.) Spooky mood or Cozy mood15.) Sweaters or Blankets16.) Cold days or Rainy days17.) Coffee or Hot chocolate18.) Walk through the woods or Explore the city19.) Autumn or Winter20.) Daydreamer or Night thinker21.) Jumping on crispy leaves or Jumping on rain puddles22.) Scary movie or Haunted house23.) Soup or Chili24.) Pumpkin patch or Apple orchard25.) Bake pie or Bake cookies26.) Red leaves or Orange Leaves27.) Indoor decor or Outdoor decor28.) Sit by the fire or Take a scenic drive29.) Hocus Pocus or Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown30.) Sweet or Salty31.) Fuzzy socks or Slippers32.) NFL or College football33.) Turkey or Ham34.) Fireplace or Campfire35.) Bake cookies or Make bread 


11/29/2021 04:36 PM 

fall scavenger hunt


11/29/2021 01:33 AM 

Nightmare on Cherry Lane

Nightmare on Cherry Lane   Wicket /1706817 Was it bad to say his mind wasn't in any of this? Dustin felt like this was the worst nightmare ever. He'd wake up in Lucas' room with his favorite Star Wars figure in his hands and a million disheveled curls going a thousand different ways. This was just a nightmare and he wasn't here even thinking remotely that Lucas was dead because he was sleeping over at his house. But no, this was a sick reality where Lucas was gone and his life was far more serious at the moment.Dustin took a look at Suzie who was obviously feeling like the low man in the totem pole because she didn't have the same relationship with Lucas that the rest of them did. Matt spoke. Dustin liked the guy. He seemed cool enough. He addressed his questions mainly toward Mike. Mike was the unofficial leader of the gang after all. Dustin was too numb at this point to even know what to say right now. Normally a man of many words, the death of someone close to him like Lucas it had actually silenced him.The screeching wheels on the tires meant only one thing. Steve Harrington had just arrived. The emotional outburst from Steve was enough to push Dustin over the edge. The tears and the cracks in his voice made Dustin lose it himself. They were all sitting here talking about what to do and going nowhere. "It's all true Steve. It's a sickening maddening twist of fate that's just absolutely threatened to rip our childhood away from us. We're kids! We're not supposed to die! We're supposed to live, grow old and die. We're not supposed to fight Demogorgons, Russians or illegal government laboratories. We're supposed to be kids." He had let loose with a huge outburst that actually helped him feel better. "Since we can't be kids anymore, it's time to do what the adults can't!"It was very obvious how upset Dustin was. He moved his right foot up and started to roll his bike toward where the police tape kept them from going forward. He started to get his balance as he pedaled with both feet stronger and harder than before. He clenched his teeth in anger as he increased his speed. His cap blew off of his head and landed next to Steve's feet. Dustin's bike was going faster as the pent up anger and frustration started to come to a head. He heard the snap of the tape as he rode through the plastic and down further on a path he'd been thousands of times before with Lucas, Will and Mike.The spinning wheels rolling across the ground cracked and snapped any twigs that were laying across the path. The bumps of the road came in rapid succession as the ground began to take that familiar turn downward because of the natural geography of the land.He heard voices calling his name as he continued recklessly toward the spot where Lucas took his last breaths. He was not prepared to see what lie ahead, but he did it anyway. He had to see it for himself. Just ahead lay a clearing. Dustin's bitter tears continued to blur his vision. His wheels steamrolled along the path as he started to widen. He didn't really register that several branches had snapped back marking his own legs leaving bloody scratches. Dustin was an absolute mess.The final few bumps happened and Dustin started to slow down. The place that he was rapidly approaching had various signs that the police had been there. His forward momentum stopped as he finally set both legs down on the ground on either side of his bike. He stood there for a moment trying to let it all process. It cut him to the quick.There was blood quite literally everywhere. Dustin felt his digits tightened over the handlebars of his bicycle. Whomever had killed Lucas had slaughtered him like a pig. No one deserved treatment like that, especially not Lucas. He decided to wait for the others to catch up to him. He likely had scared Suzie half to death. Dustin couldn't help it. He had to go see this for himself.Now? Now he wished to God he hadn't.In the future Dustin would wake up in a cold sweat and screaming as he was laying beside his girlfriend Suzie. She wouldn't have to ask him about it in ten years. She knew. This moment in time was now frozen in his brain and etched in his memory. Nothing was ever going to rid him of it.  "I Am On A Curiosity Voyage, And I Need My Paddles To Travel." credit: james kriet

Demonic Soul

11/28/2021 11:07 PM 

What were you thinking? FT Morningstar

Prompt: What were you thinking? Features: Morningstar // Mentions: D Λ Я K, King and Ouija Board  Julian hissed, pulling away sharply from the cotton ball covered in alcohol that was pressed to his side. A strong hand jerked him back, tightening painfully when Julian tried jerking away. He wasn’t use to this. Being taken care of. He always bandaged himself up. Cleaned himself up. Drowned any lingering pain with alcohol. He was not use to it but what he was more not use to seeing was the angry glare on Lucifer’s face. At least when it was trained on him. He’d seen eye rolls. A narrowing of eyes in playfulness. Even tears that refused to fall. But never an actual glare. It had Julian shifting uncomfortably in his seat, eyes everywhere but the male before him. “What were you thinking?” Lucifer hissed, forcing the other to look at him with a firm grip to his chin. Julian tried jerking away but it tightened and he knew bruises were going to form if he tried moving again. “I’m waiting for an answer.” Julian groaned, eyes closing for a second before he was opening them back up. “I wasn’t…Is that what you want to hear?” Lucifer growled, the sound deep and causing Julian to sigh. “I was protecting you.” “By putting yourself in front of my family? Absolutely not! Never again do you hear me.” Julian almost whined. He hated being scolded by Lucifer. The male always made him feel like a child. “Julian.” “I can’t promise that. You’re….well you. Can’t help but protect those that I care about.”The hold on his chin loosened before it was finally gone. He worked his jaw, rubbing at the places where fingers had dug in. “Julian. I appreciate the sentiment and were the shoe on the other foot I would have done the same. But not like that. If I hadn’t been there: you would not be here. And I would rather not have to explain to Ash how you died protecting me.” Julian scoffed, looking away “As if the bastard would care. He’s got his new boy-toy of the year.” He winced at the bitterness in his voice. It wasn’t fair to call King out of his name but that pang of jealousy from before was coming back. He folded his arms, hissing when he agitated the cut before he was lowering himself further in his chair. Like he was trying to disappear or something. Looking smaller then he actually was. He was not going to cry, damn it. Not for Ash. Not for anyone. “Julian…Ash cares. He doesn’t show it but he cares.” Julian laughed, the sound hollow in his ears. Lucifer sighed, kneeling down in front of Julian. “Julian. Look at me.” He refused, feeling tears prickle at the edge of his eyes. He couldn’t. It was stupid, damn it. Absolutely stupid. He was a man. Been alive for longer than he could even remember. Crying wasn’t something he did. How did they go from Lucifer being angry that he put himself in harm’s way to this? Once he was sure he had his emotions under check he looked back at Lucifer. Lucifer’s gaze was soft, hands on the other’s knees as he watched him. “You okay?”Julian went to speak before shaking his head. No he was not. But he would be. He had to be. Nothing he could do. “I’ll be fine. I always am.” Lucifer looked as if he wanted to say something else but for now he would let the conversation slip away. He’d bring it up again later. Maybe then Julian would let himself cry. Probably not though. Old habits were hard to break: he had the scars to prove it. “Alright. I’ve got a couple of your shirts in my closet. Things you left behind.” “Oh I should take those home then.” Lucifer shook his head, “They can stay here. You tend to find yourself at my place a lot when you’re hurt.” Julian couldn’t let Jade see him like this. Refused to let her see him this way. It would be inevitable but he was going to hold out as long as he could. Jade had been through enough without having to add Julian and how he returned home most nights on top of that. He sighed, looking away “Thanks Luci.” “Well you did get hurt on my account. It was only fair after all.” That feeling of jealousy was gone from before and instead he was able to breathe deeply and relax once more as Lucifer finished bandaging up the other.

Demonic Soul

11/28/2021 11:06 PM 

I'm starting to think you want to get killed FT. King

Prompt: I’m starting to think you want to get killed Features: King // Mentions: D Λ Я K  Anger filled Julian’s body. Making him see red. Grit his teeth until they hurt. And he could swear that he felt a vein in his forehead pulse in time with his heartbeat. King had been attacked again but this time the idiot had leapt in front of Julian when the other demon got the upper hand on him. Putting himself in even more danger. That pissed Julian off and he had easily overpowered the other demon before whisking King away to his apartment. Now King sat on his bed, Julian in front of him as he dealt with the wound that had been inflicted. Claw marks were a bitch. “You f***ing idiot.” Not for the first time Julian growled out the words: being a bit on the ungentle side with the other but he was pissed. “I’m starting to think you want to get killed.” He glared, “I told you to f***ing run. Not to harm yourself. Not to jump in f***ing front of me. Run! Not defend.” He felt the other flinch under his hands but Julian finished up and moved away. “Luckily for you they weren’t deep and just superficial. Some make up and it should look like nothing ever happened.” “Julian.” Julian spun, glaring at the other male. “No. Do not Julian me!” He stalked forward, leaning into King’s space to the point where King had to brace himself on his hands on the bed. “Next time I say run you do exactly what I tell you. You are too f***ing important to be hurt or killed. Especially for someone like me. I’m not worth it.”Julian went to move away but King moved forward quickly: grabbing ahold of Julian’s wrist. “That’s wrong! You are worth it.” Julian froze, eyes locked on a space to King’s left as King gently squeezed his wrist. “You’re worth protecting…even dying for.” King’s voice was soft. Filled with something that took a moment for Julian to put a name to. Tears. He was holding them back but Julian could hear it in his voice, feel it in the slight shake of fingers against his wrist. Would probably see them gathering in King’s eyes if Julian was looking at King instead of everywhere else. “I don’t know your past….with Ash or with anyone else. I don’t know what you have had to endure. I don’t know any of that but I do know that you are my friend. And I won’t let you get hurt for me anymore. You’re always protecting me. Helping me. I….I wanted to do that for you too.” Julian swallowed, eyes closing. “And I won’t have my friend talking bad about himself either. Okay?” The fingers disappeared and Julian was finally able to pull away. To breath. He rubbed at the back of his neck, “You’re a strange one King….Befriending a demon. One raised to be emotionally stunted like his dear old pops.”It was rare for Julian to refer to Ash as such but essentially the man was his father since he did not know the one who did help create him. King began to slightly kick his feet, leaning back on his hands as he watched the other. The tears from earlier gone. Wiped away by his own hands. Julian caught his gaze, “But don’t put yourself in danger. I protect you because I want to…..because you’re my.” The words trailed off, getting stuck in his throat. He cleared it, pushing forward “You’re my friend.” That was a lot harder than Julian had thought it would be to say but he finally said it. And he meant it. King was his friend. His first. He moved towards the balcony, fingers itching for a cigarette. King bounded up from the bed and moved to stand in front of the door. Julian stopped, eyeing him as he watched the other shift from one foot to the next before smiling. Whatever he had been searching Julian’s face for he seemed to have found it. Julian knew his face showed the confusion because King laughed, clamping a hand onto his shoulder. “You’re stuck with me now. You admitted that you like me.” Julian laughed, “Oh whatever will I do.” And just like that King made the once stifling atmosphere bright again. He really was something else. After all not every day you made friends with people like Julian.

Demonic Soul

11/28/2021 11:06 PM 

What if I bring beer? FT. King

Prompt: What if I bring beer? Features: King // Mentions: D Λ Я K  Twenty-five unread messages. His phone blinking at him as if it was mocking him. Julian glared at the small device, hearing the ping to signal another message coming in. His brows furrowed as he clenched his fingers into his sweatpants. He didn’t know how things got so….wrong. Wrong yet so right. Friendship. It was not something Julian was used to. Something he did not need. So he had picked up his phone, typed out a quick message then sent it to the man that had wormed his way into Julian’s heart before putting the phone down. It was a night when King worked so he knew it would take a while for the message to be read so he had ignored his phone and rummaged through papers on his bed. Lorraine had asked him to look over some evidence that they had gathered of a demon terrorizing a family of three. The first ping of his phone didn’t cause a reaction but when it had pinged about four more times in rapid succession it caused a furrowing of his brows before Julian was pulling his eyes off of the paper in his hand and towards the small device. Twenty-six unread messages later and Julian was still staring. It had to be King. A quick glance at his bedside table showed the time in bright red lights. He was wrapping up a night at Euphoria. So he had seen his message. He sighed, rubbing at the bridge of his nose as he leaned back against the headboard. Another ping. Twenty-seven. His fingers twitched as if they were going to grab at the phone but he kept still. Twenty-eight. Another ping. His eyes clenched closed and he leaned forward.Everything in him screamed to pick up the phone. To soothe a probably panicking King. To type out a ‘Just ignore what I said’ message but no. Friendship was a weakness he could not afford. Pulling away now was the best solution. Before things got even further. Before it was too late to pull away. His fingers tightened as he ignored another ping. Twenty-nine and knowing King it would keep going. His fingers trembled as he took a deep breath: fully intent on going back to what was asked of him to do. Instead his free hand grabbed the phone and easily put in his passcode. The last message ‘What if I bring beer?’ flashed at him. Before he could even try to see why that question was asked a last message appeared, ‘I’m coming over.’ Thirty messages. Julian blinked, trying to wrap his mind around what he saw before he put the phone down. He could type out a message for the other not to come but once King had his mind set on doing something nothing could deter him. He could pretend that he wasn’t home but he had given the other a key. In case he needed a safe spot in a pinch. The place had wards up to keep away anyone that Julian did not allow. A perfect place for King to hide until Julian or Ash could take care of whoever was daring to try to harm King. He could just leave but he was comfortable and he really needed to figure out which of his pathetic demon kind was at fault. He put his phone down, trying to throw himself back into the work laid out before him but his mind was preoccupied with what would be happening.The more he thought about it the more he didn’t want to see King. He’d try to change Julian’s mind. Show him that he couldn’t just walk away from their friendship. King did not understand. How could he? Everyone flocked to him. He made friends easily: with powerful demons. He had the sweetest mother who didn’t teach him that things such as love and friendship was weak and held too much power over you. He didn’t have to worry about the slightest mess up to be met with a disappointed look and sometimes a raised hand. He didn’t understand what Julian had gone through. What he had been taught. He just did not understand. He couldn’t: their lives were so different from each other. “F***.” Julian whispered, deciding for now that he was not going to get anything done. He silently picked up everything and put it into the manila folder that rested on his bedside table. A ping to his right. Another second of ignoring only for the harsh sound of a key being inserted into his door. He looked at his half-open bedroom door, contemplating if he should get up. “Julian?” King’s voice. Julian’s teeth clenched. He shouldn’t. This needed to end. Soft footfalls got closer. He should leave. But still he stayed: eyes on the door. Half-fearing that King would come in. He really shouldn’t. Finally the door opened fully and standing in the doorway was the one who Julian had just tried to get rid of. He couldn’t look at him. His gaze lowered onto the bed, tension in his shoulders as the silence grew between them. Before he knew it the other was putting whatever he had in his hands down. And literally threw himself onto the bed and against Julian.What? Julian’s head was pulled to King’s chest as he wrapped his arms around the other’s shoulders: pulling him into a hug. A tight one. Julian flinched. Not use to the sudden movement towards him. Expecting pain but instead being pulled into a hug. He tensed up, not knowing what to do. His hands were still clenched into fists against his thighs. But that did not deter King in the slightest. Instead he got more comfortable to properly hug the other. Damn it. Damn this man. He should push him away. Tell him to his face that this friendship was over. He should be steeling himself for something that was not this. “I’m sorry.” Julian frowned at the soft apology. Why was he apologizing for? “Whatever I did to make you feel that way. I’m sorry.” Oh….Oh! Of course he would take it wrong….Julian hadn’t explained his side. Just sent ‘We can’t be friends’ and left it at that. Should have known better. That King would think he did something….with Julian having to save him time and time again it was inevitable. Humans were frail things. Too frail. Too emotional. King most of all. Julian sighed, gently disentangling himself from King’s too hard grasp. “Don’t apologize.” He bit off the ‘It’s weak’ comment that was bubbling under the surface. The words sounding loud in his mind and sounding suspiciously like Ash. He scowled at that thought of his father before shaking it away. “You did nothing wrong….I just can’t do this.” This hurt in his chest. That was new. And it just kept tugging at him as he tried to look at King but he just couldn’t. “I’m not use to this….this feeling.” God was he really going to speak about this. Yes….With King staring at him trying to keep his tears that gathered in his eyes from falling, he deserved to hear what Julian had to say. Damn this friendship. Damn these feelings. Damn King for making him feel this way.King held up a hand, “Wait.” Julian’s eyes narrowed as King jumped off of the bed and held out a hand. “I said I was bringing beer. I think you need a drink.” Julian stared at the outstretched hand, shaking his head. He grabbed the other’s hand, letting the other help him up off the bed before he was following after the other. As difficult as it would be to speak of his feelings, he knew King deserved an explanation. But just where the hell should he start? And would King leave at the end of it? Or would Julian change his mind in the end? He did not know but first things first. That beer. Then they had the rest of the night: knowing King he already had probably called or even popped into his home to let his mother know that he probably wouldn’t be home. Fingers wrapped around the neck of his beer bottle, he settled down for a long and hard night. Feelings of friendship were foreign to him but King would be patient. He’d listen without interrupting. Sure enough the male was staring at him, his own beer open but just sitting in front of him as they stared at each other across the table they settled in. Julian eyed the bottle in his grasp, sighing. “King….I’m not use to this. This feeling. I was raised by Ash…to see these things as a weakness. Something to be exploited and used against me. I don’t know what I would do or how I would feel if you were to die on me or get hurt because of me.” Already a liability. King looked torn between wanting to reach out to Julian and keeping still and focused. “You weren’t supposed to become important. I was only told by Ash to watch you when he could not. To protect you when he could not be here. Hell he threatened me if something were to happen to you under my protection.” That had hurt. All this time and Ash had never gotten attached to anyone. Definitely not enough to threaten those under his protection. King looked ready to say something about it and Julian was sure he’d be speaking about that with Ash the next time they met. Julian would deal with that consequence later. Right now he was trying to word his feelings right. Without making King think he was at fault.“You shouldn’t be this important. Just another thing to watch over.” Harsh words and he probably should have said it a bit nicer but that wasn’t his style. And while King did flinch at that he kept quiet. “But then in true King fashion….you wormed your way inside. I should have walked away. I would have. But I didn’t. I blame you. Like the damn sun you are.” Which would make him a planet he supposed but that sounded weird in his head so he did not say it out loud. “And here we are.” King finally spoke, his voice a whisper as if he was afraid if he said anything louder that Julian would run. “Yeah…And here we are.” “I’d miss you.” King whispered, finally reaching over to lay a hand on Julian’s now clenched fist against the table. “I don’t want to lose this friendship….But if.” He stopped. Julian could hear the tears in his voice and while everything in him told him to just let the other go he sighed. “I don’t really want to stop….I might not understand this feeling. And it was definitely unwanted at first but…Well you’re my friend.” Julian caught King’s eyes. “I’m not a good person King. I kill people. Hunt them down. I use what Ash has taught me and I execute it perfectly just the way he taught me.” He leaned forward, “Do you really want to be friends with a monster like me.” “You’re not!” The sudden exclamation caught Julian off guard but not for long. King could not keep these fairytales about him. “I am!” His hands slapped down on the table, standing up as the chair he was sitting in skidded across the floor. “King despite what you think of me I am not human. I look it. I act like it when I need to but I am far from human. Stop pretending as if I am this good person because I am not. I torture people. I seduce them. Lead them on and then I strike. I’ve killed, maimed and did everything in between. I am NOT a good person. I am NOT a kind person.” Why was it so damn hard for King to get that through his head? Why did he think Julian was something he was not? ‘Because you haven’t done it in front of him’ the thought came unbidden in his mind. He wouldn’t. Not even to prove a point.“I know!” King stood up, voice quiet yet firm. “I know all of that. I understand: you’re not human. But despite all of that you are my friend….You aren’t a good person to others but to me you are. You protect me. It might have started as something simple as a command but everything afterwards was all you. You came to Euphoria to watch me when you did not have to. You’ve invited me out to drinks after work when you’ve noticed the stress of everything catching up to me. You gave me a dagger for protection. Helped protect my mother when she was almost brought into all of this. When I was too tired to drag myself home you were there to help me every step of the way. You gave me a key to your apartment JUST so I can be safe if I feel as if home isn’t safe enough. You are a good person to me and while I don’t want to think about what you do outside of here when it is just the two of us it does not matter to me.” Julian swallowed, that feeling of something stuck in his throat getting worse with each word. “I’m not.” “You are.” Julian sighed, shoulders slumping forward as he hung his head. “Damn you.” God how he hated this feeling. Hated it with everything in him. King moved around the table, gently laying a hand on his shoulder, “You have done a lot of terrible things I am sure but I know I am safe with you. I know you will never harm me nor put me in harm’s way. You are a good person to me and that’s all I need to know.”


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drabble: At Every Occasion I'll be Ready for the Funeral.

Jackie Jr's funeral, her behavior. Blah blah blah. Who cared? Meadow knew those a**holes singing and cheering them on didn't. She was sure one of them had probably ordered the hit themselves, and she couldn't help but look her father in the eye once more-- And wonder, yet again, if this had been his call. If Jackie Jr had died because of her father. Because of her.The concern in her mother's voice nearly buckles the young woman, as she looks down and sobs. How can this be real life? Wasn't she just a kid a few minutes ago? (If only she understood the irony; And how Carmela and Tony were standing there thinking something very similar to themselves. Hadn't there been birthday parties? Princess ponies and candy hearts? Who was this young woman standing before them? Why did she sometimes seem to know something they didn't, as if she'd skipped ahead a few pages and was patiently waiting for them to catch up?) "Hey, Mead, come on now..." Tony's heart broke. How could he ask her to apologize, really? Couldn't he just tell everybody she was grounded into the next century? She didn't know what she'd gotten into getting involved with a dirtbag like Jackie Jr, and he wasn't a fan of the kid; But he hadn't wanted him to die. As a matter of fact, he'd tried to look out for the kid despite his stupidity. "Look at me. I know you know that I can relate." He walked over to his daughter and pulled her into an embrace. He'd tried so hard to protect her from all this, and here he was now, feeling like a failure. "I didn't do this, you know that, don't you?"Meadow was caught up in her grief and her anger, crying into his chest. At his question her crying slows, looking up at her father. Truthfully, no. She didn't know he didn't do it. Up until that very moment she'd been wondering how much he was involved. "I know, Dad. Yeah, I know," She replied with a sniff, wiping at her nose with her sleeve. God this was embarrassing. She hoped none of the neighbors were snooping. This was why she had to stay out of Jersey. Then again going back to Columbia felt out of the question. Her grief felt like it was threatening to swallow her up whole and drown her. "I told them to take it easy on him. He was just a kid.""He wasn't just a kid. He was my friend. And I loved him," Meadow stated matter of factly. It didn't make much sense since the two had broken up before his untimely demise, but she was certain now that some part of her had been in love with Jackie Jr. He was sort of her first everything. She couldn't believe he was gone... She'd let herself forget just for a moment, a reprieve, but then... The guilt, and it would all come rushing back. He's gone. He can't come back. He's gone, and he's never coming back. Don't forget. "I know honey," Tony said as he gave his daughter's frame another protective squeeze. He knew she was growing up, and he couldn't protect her forever, but he couldn't help but decide to try just a little bit harder for just a little while longer after that moment. It was the least he could do, really. 

The Sopranos, mafia, crime, grief, loss


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this or that - fall edition.

1.) October or November2.) Pumpkin spice or Salted caramel3.) Cardigans or Scarves4.) Corn maze or Hayride5.) Pumpkin pie or Apple pie6.) Duck boots or Ugg boots7.) Halloween or Thanksgiving8.) Pumpkin reeses or Candy corn9.) Carve pumpkin or Leaf pile10.) Caramel apples or S'mores11.) Outside or Inside12.) Breakfast date or Dinner date13.) Bonfires & books or Candles & Warm bath14.) Spooky mood or Cozy mood15.) Sweaters or Blankets16.) Cold days or Rainy days17.) Coffee or Hot chocolate18.) Walk through the woods or Explore the city19.) Autumn or Winter20.) Daydreamer or Night thinker21.) Jumping on crispy leaves or Jumping on rain puddles22.) Scary movie or Haunted house23.) Soup or Chili24.) Pumpkin patch or Apple orchard25.) Bake pie or Bake cookies26.) Red leaves or Orange Leaves27.) Indoor decor or Outdoor decor28.) Sit by the fire or Take a scenic drive29.) Hocus Pocus or Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown30.) Sweet or Salty31.) Fuzzy socks or Slippers32.) NFL or College football33.) Turkey or Ham34.) Fireplace or Campfire35.) Bake cookies or Make bread 


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AC 025

I remember the first time I came into contact with anything Disney was when my parents allowed me to watch Disney movies when I moved to the united states. Before that, I was unable to watch it because well my parents didn’t think it fit well with childhood. They somehow changed their mind when it was more popular in America. Which had me excited because everyone in kindergarten would always talk about it and I was unable to.Of course, the first movies that we started to watch were the classics like Cinderella, snow white, Bambi, Winnie the pooh, and so forth. I was not the biggest fan of the Disney princess movies at all ut when I saw Winnie the Pooh the first time I knew that would be something that would stick to me as I got older. It shares different stories that would happen in life and teaches you it’s not just a love story Disney tale like most.Then we went to Disney I was anxious to be around all those people in such a large space. I was mostly with my parents my entire childhood and didn’t have many friends. So it was just me and them. I know pathetic in all honesty but it is what it is. Anyway, we went to Disney for the first time and I was nervous. I was glued to my parent’s side and couldn’t ride any rides but I remember going to different attractions anyway and I got to meet many characters. From peter pan to Buzz I was meeting them all and my nerves were slowly going away. I was starting to come out of my shell more.Things got better when I met the cast of Winnie the Pooh I remember crying when I saw them. They waved at me, hugged me, and made me feel the most comfortable. That’s when I knew it was something that would stick with me for the rest of my life and I knew it would be something I would like for a long time. They knew how to make an anxious kid let loose and have a fun time. I held piglets’ hands for a long time. My parents eventually had to pry me off the poor thing but he was understanding. He told me that it would be okay and to be brave and from that day on I did my best for that piglet in a costume. It stuck with me and I hope to make a trip to see the characters again.🐝

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Sofia Strange

Name: Sofia Persephone Strange Nick Name(s): Give her some! Age: 1000 human years Age appearance: 19-20 Gender: FemaleBirthday: Uncertain as Clea never told her so she goes with April 13th Race: White Species: Human, Mhuruuk, and Faltine Accent: faint New Orleanes accent when she gets frustrated Height: 5'7" Weight: 154lbs Skin tone: Ivory Hair color: Black with a few white streaks Hair style: Wild and wavy Eye color: Sea Blue Unique feature: The white spots in her hair Personality: Sofia is usually rather kind. She's confident and strong in more than one way. She helps people out and stands up for those who can't do it themselves. She isn't afraid to bite back either. She isn't one to bottle her emotions up, but sometimes she tries to harden herself by putting her feelings aside, only allowing them back in when the time is right. She's curious and asks a lot of questions. She likes to learn things and isn't afraid to explore or go on an adventure.Occupation: College and Sorcery lessons (at least if she can push her father to teach her Clea no long desires to be in the picture) Education: Tulan University in Louisiana. Family: Stephen Strange (Father) Clean "Strange" (mother, estranged) Friends: N/AAllies: N/ABest Friend: N/ABio: Sofia is the daughter of Stephen Strange and Clea. Since Strange is human, and Clea is a Faltine and Mhuruuk hybrid, Sofia is a hybrid of these three. Clea hid Sofia from her father and possible dark forces that would attempt to harm her. She lived in New Orleans with her nanny, Aunt Vesper. Sofia knew what she was, but she couldn't find much about the Faltine and Mhuruuk. The only thing she knew was that the Faltine are creatures born from pure magic, and the Mhuruuk are extra-dimensional beings naturally adept at manipulating magic. And since Strange also uses magic, it wasn't much of a surprise to Sofia when she realised she possessed magic abilities as well.Eventually she felt like she needed answers, and thus she left New Orleans and set out for New York, in hopes of finding her father.Abilities: Sorcery: Sofia has the ability to tap this universe's infinite store of ambient magical energy and manipulate these to a variety of effects. A skill derived from three major sources: personal powers of the mind/soul/body, powers gained by tapping the universe's ambient magical energy and employing it for specific effects and finally, powers gained through the tapping of extra-dimensional energy by invoking entities or objects of power existing in mystical dimensions tangential to her own. The latter means of power is usually gained by the recitation of incantations. Sofia has also demonstrated transmutation, levitation, erasing a person's memories, and communication with the dead.Spells And Phrases: Sofia has demonstrated knowledge in mystical spells and incantations invoking names and aspects of various extra-dimensional objects and beings of power. Through these incantations she is able to call upon these extra-dimensional power sources for very specific effects without taxing her personal abilities.

(S.D.)- Dr. Victor Frankenstein

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New Character to S.D.
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  Dr. Viktor Frankinstein


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WLHYL EP 5 - Fergal Zuccalmaglio

Hey hi hello, and welcome to another episode ‘When Life Hands You Lennon’s’, the podcast where we talk about anything and everything! This weeks special guest is my super handsome, super strong, and super talented husband, Fergal Zuccalmaglio! Say hi to the people babe!-laughs; Salutations to the people.It’s about time I got your butt in here. Did you bring me any pizza?The only reason you married me. The pizza. It walks in the room before I do. -laughs; of course I did. But before we move on, I just want to say... you look exceptionally lovely today.That’s not the only reason! It is high up there on the list though...-laughs, flashing a smile; you’re making me blush, stop it. You look hot today too. But that’s not why we’re here! -laughs; for those that don’t know, which I assume many don’t, you started wrestling again. What made you decide you wanted to get back into it again after spending so much time away from it?I love to bust your little lady nuts. It's cute as hell. -laughs before growing serious at her question; It's definitely no secret that my wrestling career has been nothing short of controversial. It's no secret that I've struggled with addiction for most of my life. Long story short, for those who don't know, I was let go from the WWE for violating my contract after a very public relapse. As fate may have it, I recently reconnected with Triple H and they are willing to give me another shot. I didn't dream of this when I was a kid, I won't sit here and lie. But I fell in love with it. The free pizza didn't hurt my chances for a comeback either. -laughs;-laughs, rolling her eyes at him in a playful manner before listening intently; Has it been a hard transition to get back into the ring after so much time off? You’ve obviously stayed in shape - you’re welcome, by the way - but, has it been physically taxing on your body at all after not being in the environment for so long?It's funny because I'm no stranger to fitness and keeping in shape but man.. the bumps, the hits.. It's rough. -laughs, showing off a few bruises on his arms; I can look like I'm in shape all I want but my body isn't nearly as conditioned as it was during my prime. It's definitely going to take a few long weeks to get back into "fighting shape". I'm excited for what's to come though. It's a plus to have a hot young wife keeping me on my toes.Like I said, you're welcome! -laughs; Has there been any negative feedback from people in the locker room since coming back?-thinks for a second, laughing; All I'll say is that not everyone was happy to see me. I wasn't in the best place mentally when I was wrestling and it showed, especially in the locker room. I know that I have much to prove. I know that a lot of that is less about my in ring abilities. I just hope that some of these lads are open to giving me a second chance to prove my character. The real me. Not the a**hole kid fresh out of rehab who thinks the world owes him something. Problem is that ego's get in the way of squashing beef. The only fighting I wish to do is in the ring. That's it. So we'll see.. next interview I'll give you an update. -winks; but what about you? How do you feel about me wrestling again?I can see why there would be some tension.. but hopefully it won't be too hostile of an environment. I've known you for many years, even back when you were an a**hole kid fresh out of rehab who thought the world owes him something, -laughs, before continuing; and I think you've grown a lot. Which... takes me to your question. I'm excited for you. I know how much you love this sport, and how much you enjoy being in the ring. I've seen how much of your heart and soul you put into it, time and time again. I guess I'm afraid of you getting hurt, though. You're not as young as you once were, grandpa. -grins; Do you have any scheduled matches coming up? Anything to look forward to?I think the part of all of this that I'm most looking forward to are the cakes you're gonna bring me after my big boy matches. -laughs; I'd like to put in a special request, so jot this down: peanut butter German chocolate. No panties. -nods; In all seriousness, that means a lot to hear you say that. You've seen me at my worst. I'm not proud of it but I am proud of where we are now. -laughs; trust me, I feel it every day. My joints pay a heavy price for this sh*t. It's worth it to me though. I'd run my body into the ground for this. I just love it. -thinks; It's always fun to feud with Seth Rollins, that's what my schedule seems to be leaning towards but I'd say the biggest thing to look forward to is the way the crowd reacts. I'm not sure how well I'll be received. Either way, it's going to fuel me to keep going. Keep getting better. Keep proving myself. I'll build off of whatever they give me.As if I wouldn't bring you your favorite cake. Might as well make it two of your favorite cakes, if you know what I mean. -wiggles her eyebrows; Hopefully they won't keep you stuck in the same storyline for months and months on end like they did with Brock Lesnar... I'm still mad you didn't win that match at Royal Rumble a couple of years ago. -laughs;Three.. one for each hand and my mouth. -gasps with a grin; uh oh.. is this PG-13? -looks around, laughing. Adjusting the mic, tugging at his shirt; is it hot in here or just me? -laughs; Yeah, I think that was the only match you watched. Mainly to see me in man panties, admit it. It sure was a time to be alive.. let me tell ya... but no, they aren't going to put me anywhere important for a while if I had any guess. I won't get into the politics right now. We don't need another twitter war between myself and the big man... yet.Fergal!!! -she laughs, reaching over the table to swat at him; now is not the time!!! Sorry folks, my husband has quite the sense of humor and sometimes forgets there are people listening. -laughs; it wasn’t the only one I watched. Just one of the only important ones. Plus it was a different time in our lives back then! The manties were a plus though. It sucks, in a way, that you have to prove yourself all over again. Are you nervous about that? Or are you nervous about how the fans are going to react to your arrival?I don't forget, baby.. I just don't necessarily give a sh*t. -laughs; this is why I need PR up my arse 24/7. I'm a work in progress.. but who isn't right? -nods; Ok, fair. You were more interested than I was -laughs; I appreciate you. I always have. -goes to speak but lets out a sigh in thought; I think.. that regardless of whether people love me or hate me they can't deny the fact that I can wrestle. I'm not nervous about how the fans perceive me. To be honest, I expect many more boos this time around. I'm not a face. In wrestling terminology that's the "good guy". I'm coming back as the bad guy. Playing off of the way I left. Boos or cheers, it's a reaction. I'm making people feel something and that's what I'm aiming for. Hate me all day. -laughs;Fair enough, -she laughs; You can wrestle. I’ve seen it, and there’s definitely no denying your talent. If anything, I’m excited to see you get back out there and kick some ass. I’m sure others will be too!Okay, we’re gonna switch it up and do a speed round. Ready?You're making me blush.. -turns red, laughs; my heart is beating extra fast. See what you do to me? Ok.. ready, I am.Stop, you’re making me blush! Okay! Favorite finisher that’s not your own?We're exposing ourselves here, babe. -laughs, turning redder; Hmmm... ok.. most definitely the curb stomp and the stone cold stunner. Magic.Yeah well… everyone knew we were grossly in love with each other so… they’ll get over it. -laughs; Good choices! Favorite place to wrestle?They don't have much choice. -takes a sip of water; Oh.. one million percent, Madison Square Garden. The energy. The history. I love New York City and that place is it. But I also get that feeling in Ireland. My heart is in both places.Do you have plans of ever going back to Ireland? Not just to wrestle but to live? Or do you prefer the hustle and bustle that the city has to offer?It's weird because... I was born in Dublin, ya know.. but I truly feel like I was reborn here in New York. I was adopted here when I was 7 so.. I feel like there are two lives there.. two births, if that makes sense. But that's a topic for another day. I think I could live in Ireland, but I would need a place here too. I would miss the states, I would miss my family. I'm Irish but I'm Italian American. -laughs; who makes pizza for a living and play fights men in underwear. It's a mind blowing existence. I'm not sure I actually answered your question -laughs;-she laughs, nodding her head; it kinda answered it but I’ll accept it as ‘yes and no’. Speaking of pizza! What made you want to get into opening your own shop?A drunk night hangin' out with my brother, Nick. We had an idea that we would open up a pizza spot because at the time we were both dealing with some personal stuff. We figured it would be something we could invest in, focus on and give a real sh*t about. Make our parents proud and all that. My dad has many connects and he helped with the business stuff. I found that making pizza, cooking in general, is something that I love and I'm damn good at it. It calms me. It gives me an outlet and centers me. I struggle with addiction so this is my zen. But yeah, it really did come from a drunken idea one summer night on the stoop like two morons. I wish I had better stories for you guys -laughs; I literally just pull sh*t out of my ass and decide to do them.Hey, some of the best ideas are drunken ideas. That’s how we decided to get married, after all. -she laughs; we have a lot of specialty items on our menu, but what would you say is your favorite to make?We really did just wing that huh? -laughs; best decision of my life. Quote me. -eyes light up; Oh man.. the Taco Tuesday Pizza is pretty fun. It's an event. People line up for it. It feels like an epic meal time challenge, it's so ridiculous with all that sh*t on it. I enjoy making things that aren't pizza into pizza. Or f***ing around with activated charcoal and sh*t that isn't "normal" for a small New York City pizza spot. The squid ink is a favorite. I'm excited for the Halal pizza we're unveiling soon. The paella pizza. The goat cheese and pear. I don't want to give too much away.. for anyone listening in the Tri-State area come by Zucc Bro's pizza for a taste bud experience unlike any other. Was that a good plug? -laughs;It was a great plug, -laughs; You guys…. If you’ve ever had food from a Halal cart, you NEED to try the pizza. It’s so f***ing good, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. -laughs; Thank you so, so much for joining me on the podcast today babe! You can catch Ferg on the USA network every Monday on Monday Night Raw, or if you’re lucky enough, you can catch him in the pizza shop Tuesday-Friday when he’s not traveling! That’s all the time we have for ‘When Life Hands You Lennons’, with me, your host Lennon, but make sure to tune into our next episode, starring Benny Novak! And a huge shoutout to our sponsors, the 'Yeah No, I'm Not Ok' podcast & Zucc Bros!.We made love to it the other night. A full blown flavor orgy with extra white sauce. You can edit that out. Christ. -laughs. Nods proudly in agreement; Oh, the next one should be good. Benny the Squiggz. -laughs; ok ok.. time to shut up. Thank you everyone. Hug a stranger. Peace out.FERGAL. SHUT UP!-laughs; Night everybody!

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