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12/01/2021 05:43 PM 

december marathon day 1

This was truly the best day of my life and also the hardest day. This was the day my handsome son was born. When he was born everything appeared normal, and he was allowed to go home with me. However, just 24 hours later I had to take him back to the hospital due to complications, and he had remained in the NICU for 2 weeks. A week after he was released from the hospital I packed up our stuff and we moved back home. He is my everything and I am so glad that I was blessed with such a handsome son.


12/01/2021 03:16 PM 

At the Trojan War

Philoctetes was the son of King Poeas in Greek mythology, a Greek hero who participated in the Trojan War. He first appeared in the story of Heracles' demise; the great hero had worn the tainted Shirt of Nessus which gave him insufferable pain. He then proceeded to build his own funeral pyre, but no one would light it up. In the end, Philoctetes stepped up and lit the fire, thus gaining the deified hero's favour. Before his death, Heracles offered him his fabled bow and poisoned arrows as a gift.Philoctetes was also one of the suitors of Helen, the princess of Sparta. Having sworn the Oath of Tyndareus, by which he was bound to protect her and her future husband, whoever that would be, he was asked to participate in the Trojan War. On the way to Troy, though, the fleet stopped at the island of Lemnos and left Philoctetes stranded there. There are different accounts on why this happened; some say that Hera had sent a venomous snake to punish Philoctetes for helping Heracles. The snake bit him on the foot and the wound festered and smelled bad, thus compelling his companions to leave him ashore. Another account says that Philoctetes would not verbally reveal the location of Heracles' ashes as was asked by his fellow Greeks. Instead, he took them to the spot and placed his foot on top. Immediately, he was wounded on the foot as soon as he touched the ground. There are other versions about this, but in any case, Philoctetes was really angry that his comrades decided to strand him, a proposal that had been made by Odysseus. He stayed in Lemnos for ten years.When the Greeks captured Helenus, the Trojan seer, he was forced to tell them that in order to capture Troy, one of the requirements was to retrieve the bow and arrows of Heracles, which were in Philoctetes' possession. Odysseus and a few men returned to Lemnos, thinking the man would have died by now. However they found him alive, and Odysseus devised a plan to trick him out of his bow and arrows. Nevertheless, Diomedes, one of the companions, refused to take the weapon by trickery and leave Philoctetes stranded. Heracles, who was already a god by now, descended from Olympus and told Philoctetes to join the Greek army, adding that he would be healed permanently by one of Asclepius' sons.When the party reached Troy, either Machaon or Podalirius, both physicians and sons of the god Asclepius, treated Philoctetes' festered wound, and healed him. In one of the accounts, he was the one who killed Paris, by throwing four arrows against him. He was then chosen as one of the soldiers to go into the Trojan horse and participated in the sack of Troy.Source:

๐’๐Ž๐๐‘๐€๐๐Ž, ๐Œ.

12/01/2021 03:17 PM 

character study: Are you late? Could you have stopped it?

The Sopranos, mafia, crime, grief, loss

๐’๐Ž๐๐‘๐€๐๐Ž, ๐Œ.

12/01/2021 03:14 PM 

character study: Figure it out.

The Sopranos, mafia, crime,

Hayden Salvatore

12/01/2021 03:10 PM 

Hayden Elise Salvatore

Name:(Hayden Elise Salvatore)Occupation:(Witch/Vampire)Mother:(Hermione Granger)Father:(Damon Salvatore)Sister/s(Anthea, Danae, Sirena)Writing Style:(Multipara Writer, Drama Free, AU)

๐’”๐’๐’๐’‚๐’“ ๐’‡๐’๐’‚๐’“๐’†

12/01/2021 01:22 PM 

dissonant echoes.

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Swinging into the tangles of her dream-like state.Light and shadow, noise and silence. The clatter of footsteps long-stilled or never-made. Voices. So many voices. Whispers and screams and everything in-between; everything all at once, all the time, just like the bad old days before… Before. Control. Uncontrolled. Arms outstretch for an anchor. Something to pull her back to the now.The smell of freshly varnished wood, the feel of it worn smooth under countless careless fingertips, the way the afternoon sunlight strikes a window at just the right angle to paint rainbows on the wall.A girl sits hunched in on herself, her arms wrapped tightly around her body, the too-loud sound of her breathing harsh and ragged over the soft susurration of voices and laughter. She sinks into her seat as if she’s trying to hide, but the harsh glare of the overhead lights illuminates her trembling form like a spotlight aimed right at her. The source of the voices lurks just outside the circle of light: a crowd of vaguely human forms, blurry and indistinct aside from the feral glint of teeth and eyes and nails as they shuffle and point. And laugh. The girl trembles; a full body shudder that makes her teeth rattle and the legs of the chair clatter on the shiny hardwood floor.“No,” she whispers, and the sweet smell of cooking meat suddenly fills the air, mingling with the smell of complex hydrocarbons to produce a cloying, sickening aroma. “No, no, no,” as her skin starts to redden and smoke. “No, no, nononono.” The words turn mushy and indistinct, fading into a gurgling moan as flames erupt from the flesh. Fat sizzles and drips, skin charring and peeling to reveal scarlet, wet muscle that blackens and burns away to show internal organs bursting like rotten fruit, charring to the bones. The greedy flames feast on the flesh, consuming all of it to burn ever brighter. Somewhat improbably, the eyeballs are the last to go, rolling in the sockets like marbles before they, too, start to bubble and pop.And still the figures laugh.Jean flinches away and…"They're not afraid of you, they're afraid of me." The visions rewind, a movie reel skittering across a screen. White noise tingling within her ears.Blood, there’s so much blood and shouting and the shouting sounds like sirens. The pain is back and it’s repeating, lapping over itself like a broken record. Thrashing like chains are holding her down, there's warm liquid on her face. Blood. When did it get on her face?The sirens sound like they’re screaming a call for death. She can’t get enough air, the blood is choking her - overwhelming. The siren is screaming for her. There's silence. She whips her head behind her, 180 degrees.The rich scent of baking pies curling kindly through the air, heat from the oven mingling with the bright summer sunlight to wrap the whole scene in lazy warmth.The room is bright, and light and airy. Colourful posters plaster the walls around a bed plump with pillows and sheets and worn but comfortable furniture takes up almost all the available floorspace, giving the place a cozy, lived-in feeling. Music drifts in through the open door; a woman’s voice singing along to the radio. Cracked in places, and missing a few of the high notes here and there, the voice is nonetheless made of joy and comfort and love. This is a safe place. A happy place. Home.Even if the details blur and change, posters morphing shapes and colours when they’re not in focus, even as the window blurs between having curtains and having none, even as the taste of longing and loss is almost palpable upon the tongue.Jean turns around and…Sweat and musk and mingled breath.Blurred figures on a bed; moving, straining, writhing against each other. Details drowned out by a sea of conflicting needs and sensations. Heat and touch and hesitation and desperation and desire, raw and inchoate and everything all at once and too much and more more more. Reaching, grasping, touching wanting…Jean's mind snaps. An elastic recoil.And, all at once, she's in her bed. The room is cool, legs are tangled up in sheets, and Wade lays on the pillow opposite her own. He watches for a second, digits still grasping her petite wrist. "Nightmare?"She nods. Keeping it simple was just,... easy, "Nightmare," she repeats. It was so much more than a nightmare and he knew it just as well as she did, though he never pressed for more.Telepathy, astral projection, precognition, delving into the minds of others,... while in her vulnerable state of rest, some of her abilities were amplified. How one could be so powerful and powerless.Sleep was hardly ever found to be soundless.Restless. Tired. Exhausted. Gone ungently into the night.

Serial Killer's Nightmare

12/01/2021 12:23 PM 

Information on James Valor

Information on James ValorJames valorFBI Agent for Serial Killers and Supernatural EventsJames was born in Haddonfield on October 12th, He was a healthy and pure child, kind and loving and sweet-hearted man as he grew up. He grew interested in serial killers and those that most humans couldn't understand. It was on his twenty birthday that the family legacy slowly started to come open to James. James had to run away and hide most of the time away from Haddonfield. Knowing his kind would search for him endlessly as well. he left behind one of his closest friends due to that and never forgave himself for leaving.He was captured by his race and was spared death only if he agreed to search and kill serial killers and supernatural creatures that were running amuck. Now part of a secret organization that deals with killing off the evil of the world James is tasked by taking on the hardest ones to take down. Unfortunately also putting him on a  warpath with his closest friend, scared he would one day have to kill her.His commander was a man full of anger for most humanity demanding that any human that wanted blood shall die just the same way. James knowing better had to listen and despite the fear in his soul and his newfound gifts he has to carry out orders. No one could interfere, not even those close to him.No one can outrun their fatesThe Angel Of Fate

His Holiness

12/01/2021 11:16 PM 

Slytherin Captain'

Why should I trust you after everything you’ve done?   George sat in the front row of the funeral. All he could do was stare at the coffin that held his twin brother, Fred. He wasn’t processing what was being said, not that he cared at the moment. He didn’t care what was going on around him. He just didn’t want to deal with today. But Mrs. Weasley insisted that George attend the funeral, say his last goodbye to Fred. Not that George really wanted to say goodbye to his twin. That made it all the more real to him, that Fred was no longer with him, with his family like he should be.   After about an hour, people were filing out of the court yard of Hogwarts and into the castle, which was still being rebuilt. But McGonagall had insisted on having the funerals at the school. Not that George wanted to be back there so soon. He had missed Tonk and Lupins funeral, but he had to attend Fred’s. Mrs. Weasley wasn’t having it when he repeatedly said no, not wanting to face the truth of Fred being gone.   George had sat for twenty minutes before Bill and Charlie finally managed to get the crying male to leave. He felt out of it, still having a hard time trying to process anything. He sat at the end of one of the tables, Firewhiskey in hand, when Marcus Flint approached him. The male stood there awkwardly, seeming like he wasn’t sure what to say. “If you have something to say Flint, just say it” George said flatley. He just wanted to go home.   “I just wanted to say” Marcus paused, like it was hard for him to say it “I just wanted to say I’m sorry about Fred” He finally managed to get out. “I know I wasn’t always the nicest, but I respect you two and what you managed to do with your shop” George eyed him suspiciously.   “Why should I trust you after everything you’ve done?” George asked as he looked up from where he sat. “After everything you’ve done, why should I trust you?” George asked. In school Marcus had put on the act of a Slytherin, but George didn’t know him well enough to know it was an act.    Marcus looked down then back to George “That’s fair” He said as he put his hands into his pockets. “I came today to pay my respect to Fred. and to you, you can accept what I say, or not, but I really am sorry for the loss of Fred” He said again, before leaving George alone at the table.  


12/01/2021 10:45 PM 

Owes list

last updated: 12-4OWES:Colton Baxter - reply 12-4OWED TO ME:Cade Baxter - reply 12-3Eleanor Miller - reply 12-4DISCUSSIONS: AliceMaiaAlanisEchoJoshua 

His Holiness

12/01/2021 10:48 PM 

Drabble reply for Brilliantly Scary

With Christmas just around the corner, the shop was getting more and more busy as everyone was trying to get the things they wanted or needed for presents or things for celebration. George had been putting in longer hours trying to keep the products flowing and help as much as he could on the floor. But most of the time he was in the back room just to keep going with products. Maybe he should get the extra help. Sure, he had Verity, Lee Jordan and Ronald, but it was still time consuming.    George was exhausted, even trying his hardest to hide it from Hermione and the kids. He didn’t want them to worry about him. HE sighed as he sat on the couch, his head on the back of it. He thought Hermione was out since they didn’t have any of the kids, but then he heard her call his name. He looked up to see Hermione approaching the living room, with a gift in hand. He sat up straight, giving her his best smile.   “Hermione” He said as he looked at her then at the gift.  "I have something for you. I was going to wait until Christmas eve but you seem to really need cheering up so I want you to open it now.” She said to him, holding out the gift. “Hermione, just having you here cheers me up” George replied as he tried to give her the present back.   She was persistent on opening it. All too excited. "And before you say no to opening it? Shut up. Do it. I want you to open this!" She bounced up and down as he took the package from her with a big smile on her face before sitting down in front of him on the floor. "Well? What are you waiting for? Open it! And before you joke about me being bossy? Remember you seem to like that since you asked me to marry you." Her tone came out teasingly as she put her hands on his knees.   George couldn’t help but chuckle at her bissy comment. It was true, he did like when she got bossy. But that’s not a reason why he was marrying. Her bossiness definitely helped him in the times that he needed to get motivated, but there were so many reasons why he was marrying her. “Ok ok. Keep your knickers on, I won’t keep you waiting” George said after she asked if he was going to keep her waiting.   George unwrapped the box, soon taking off the lid to the box. His eyes went wide as he saw the stick. “Hermione is this….?” He couldn’t finish his sentence as he picked up the stick. It showed two little pink lines. He could only assume that meant she was pregnant, otherwise she wouldn’t be giving it to him. Then he noticed the ultrasound pictures. “You're pregnant? Your actually pregnant?” George exclaimed as he picked up the sonogram picture. He had tears in his eyes, so happy that she was pregnant with his child….. Or children by the looks of the sonogram.    “With twins!” He said happily. He could faintly make out two little toad-like things in the picture. He placed the box, pregnancy test and pictures on the coffee table and stood up, picking Hermione up and spun her around. Once he stopped he gave her a kiss. He was so happy and excited to be starting this journey with her. “How are you feeling?Can I get you anything? Or are you hungry?” He asked her as he set her on the couch.  He knew, just since she came into the living room that she was excited, and he was so excited to.  


12/01/2021 10:34 PM 

Info & Rules

First things first!  Info!Noxy is my OC, I creatured her in 2005 for a RPG that I ran on Yahoo!Groups (RIP).  She is more wolf than woman, sarcastic, foul mouthed, and prone to drawing blood.  But deep down she's really a sweetie!  I promise.  Over the years, Noxy has changed and grown, even various versions.  Originally blonde, I mastered white hair with photoshop and though that would be something different.  This was when RPme was just launched; since that time, white hair has become much more popular in media.  Game of Thrones, Witcher, etc., thanks a lot!  Pfft!Rules or more just some suggestions.  I don't know.There's the obvious stuff that shouldn't really need being said.  Like god-moding, we all know that's a no-no, right? Try making sure your work is grammatically correct.  I won't hold a missed comma against you or anything, but knowing the basic things like which there/their/they're to use.  Not asking for War and Peace, just some basic ELA skills.  You can down programs that will literally do most of all that for you!I prefer to improvise SLs rather than plot it out.More to come. 

แŽซ๊ญบ๊ฎฏ๊ฎถ แŽฌ๊ฎฏ๊ฎ‹๊ญผ๊ญฒ๊ฎ‹๊ฎ–๊ญผ๊ญฑ

12/01/2021 06:15 PM 

๐™ณ๐š›๐šŠ๐š‹๐š‹๐š•๐šŽ ๐™ธ - ๐™ฒ๐šŠ๐š›๐šŽ๐š•๐šŽ๐šœ๐šœ ๐š๐šŽ๐šŸ๐šŽ๐š›๐šŽ๐š—๐šŒ๐šŽ

  The wind blew against the two of them, the fabric of Jack’s t-shirt rippling and dirt dusting the air. It lifted Sorcha’s make-shirt veil, and he could see the blood red tears that streaked her cheeks beneath the dim light of the moon. His gaze averted, now on the footprints in the dirt around them. Sorcha was profoundly affected by the death of Sean, and Jack found a deep feeling of respect for this. Had he been on his own, he would have never spoken a word for Sean or held space for his brief existence. He almost felt regretful, but if he felt anything now, it was respect for this kindred doing more than he ever cared to. A part of him envied the humanity in it.When the trees fell silent again, so did Sorcha, and she turned to him for something more. He hesitated, but politely nodded as he cleared his throat and stepped towards the grave. He stood next to Sorcha now, hyper-aware of her proximity and energy as this was the first time they’d been this close since they faced off in the basement. He spoke in hushed tones with his eyes on Sean as he took in the shape of his body as it rested in its last bed.Jack stood there, trying to find the words to say but none ever came to him. He couldn’t bring himself to chant the words that were distant on his tongue but still so clear.. Those were the words he’d sung for his father, for his brothers and sisters, and he would not share them. Instead, he recalled a piece of a song he’d heard at a Scottish sea burial once several decades ago. He hadn’t held a tune in some years, but still, he cleared his throat again to make way for the words he did know. It was a somber tune, one meant to be uplifting but Jack let the notes go deep and raspy at their edges. It was the only verse he knew, and so he repeated the last lyrics twice over and let the last note hang in the air until it disappeared with the wind.“Oh all the time that e’er I spent, I spent it in good company; And any harm that e’er I’ve done, I trust it was to none but me; May those I’ve loved through all the years Have memories now they’ll e’er recall; So fill me to the parting glass, Goodnight, and joy be with you all. After taking a torn piece of fabric offered from Sorcha, Jack stepped towards the grave so he could lower himself in one more time. He was faced with Sean again, and as he gingerly positioned the fabric over his face, he noted how it covered the bite. He almost looked peaceful now, until the blood began to saturate the white cloth. Almost. As Jack climbed out of the hole, he moved towards the mound of dirt so he could begin to dump it back into place.With each scoop, Jack let himself feel the grains beneath his nails and between his fingers. The smell of the Irish soil was familiar, but as he dumped it over Sean’s resting place, he couldn’t help but wonder how many of the kine had been taken away by his orders. None of them had seen the care and intention that Sean had, but as he scooped the rest of the dirt into the hole and began to flatten it, he thought about the first time he opened the door to see him. The small smile and confidence Sean wore despite being faced with the monster that would put him in his final resting place. What a shame. He could have made a great candidate for a progeny.Once finished, he stared down at the dirt that now looked only mildly disturbed. He kicked over the remaining mound of dirt and spread it over the ground so that it could melt back into the Earth with the next rain. Jack finished the task by lifting the large rocks and placing them in random spots over Sean’s grave, marking it so that Sorcha would be at ease… And so that he knew where to dig when he came back to destroy the evidence.“Sov godt, Valr.” He whispered. Sleep well.


12/04/2021 04:07 PM 

December 4th - Day Four Marathon

Finding this waterfall was absolutely amazing. The view was so beautiful I never wanted to leave. The sounds of the water was therepeutic and calming. Just laying there was so peaceful. It was nice escaping the town for a while and spending time with nature. I cannot wait to go back, because, it is a wonderful place. It was great exploring alone but I may take Avery with me next time, because, I think she would really enjoy it. 


12/01/2021 03:37 PM 


DRABBLEThe crimson liquid on the floor lead to the body of a young female. Bowie looked down at her, shocked by what she was seeing. She leant down to examine the female and discovered a gunshot wound to her abdomen. Bowie took off her sweater and pressed it against the wound firmly, trying to stem the bleeding. Her adrenaline was pumping, and her arms were shaking but she knew she needed to try and save this woman. Reaching down with one hand she dialled 9-1-1 and put her phone on speaker so she could talk to the operator on the other end of the line. “You’re going to be okay, don’t worry” she said to the female. “What’s your name?” she asked. “Margaret” the female replied. Bowie was trying to be as calm as possible as she didn’t want to freak the female out. Supressing her fear, panic, worry and concern was definitely hard to do though.Just then a ‘hello’ came through the phone. “I need an ambulance, I have a found a woman with a gunshot wound and she is losing a lot of blood” Bowie said, her voice shaky with nerves. She gave as much detail as she could and gave their location and was informed that paramedics were on the way along with police officers. Bowie noticed the female closing her eyes “hey, come on open your eyes you need to stay awake” she instructed. Bowie pressed a little harder on the wound to stem the bleeding, trying her best to ensure she did not lose too much blood… well more than she already had.Bowie’s blue hues kept darting around to see if a threat was still around or not. She was on high alert in case the gunman was still around. She was in danger as was the female and she was scared of what might happen. She was praying the paramedics would arrive quickly so the female could get the appropriate care she needed. “Tell me about yourself” Bowie said, hoping a conversation would make the female stay awake. The female then told her a little about herself.Sirens wailed like a crying baby and the ambulance came to a screeching holt and paramedics jumped out of the vehicle and came rushing over, relieving Bowie of what she was doing. She stepped to the side and allowed them to do their job. Cops then showed up a few moments later and pulled Bowie to the side to take a statement. “Can you tell me what happened here?” Officer Cortese asked her. “I… I was walking home from work when I heard someone softly calling for help. I then noticed the trail of blood and followed it and then I found her. I immediately applied pressure to the wound and called 9-1-1” she declared, giving them the information they wanted. “I didn’t see anyone around, or hear a gunshot or anything. I am so sorry I cannot provide you with more detail” she said. “That’s okay, no need to apologise. That will be all for this evening. If we need to talk to you at a later date we will be in touch” the officer said. Bowie nodded her head before leaving the scene, just as she was wheeled into the ambulance to be taken to the hospital. 

๐Ÿบ แดกแดสŸา“ แด˜ส€ษชษดแด„แด‡ ๐Ÿบ

12/01/2021 12:18 PM 

๐Ÿบ Wolf Prince's Rules ๐Ÿบ
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