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Delphi Riddle

12/02/2021 02:53 PM 


MAGIC ABILITIES:DUELLING: Delphi is a highly skilful duellist. She quickly defeated the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement Harry Potter, and it only took the combined might of Harry, Hermione Granger ,Ronald Weasley, Draco Malfoy, and Ginny Weasley to defeat her, showing her proficiency in martial magic.DARK ARTS: Delphini demonstrated considerable power for dark magic, using both the Cruciatus Curse and the Killing Curse succussfully.  The use of both of these Unforgivable Curses require power and ability, showing her to be very powerful where Dark Magic is concerned, She is also capable of performing the Expulso Cruse as well.CHARMS:   Delphi is shown to be talented with charms, as she was capable of placing a powerful Confundus Charm on Amos Diggory to fool him into thinking of her as his niece convincingly and easily disarming Harry Potter with the Disarming Charm. She is also able to cast other charms such as Locking Spell,Levitation Charm, and Fire-Making Spell effectively. She also used the charm Fulgari proficently to bind Albus Potter and Scorpious Malfoy in luminous chords.  PARSEL-TONGUE:  Delphi is a Parcel-Mouth and thus,can magically communicate with snakes; a rare trait inherited from her father.Voldemort.FLYING: Delphini is able to fly without the support of a broom, much like her father, which itself is a remarkable magical ability that few wizards and witches in history have ever been capable of doing.WANDLESS MAGIC: Delphi is gifted with Wandless magic.  One example of this was when she locked the doors of the church with her hands while confronting Harry Potter,without using her wand. Her ability to cast spells without her wand meant she possesses innate magical skills, like her formidable parents.WAND: Delphi does posses a wand. It is an ebony-colored, aspen-wood, with a phoenix feather core. It is 10.5 inches long. PERSONALITY:POSITIVE ATTRIBUTES (3):  Keen Intelligence, Independant, Highly Determined.NEGATIVE ATTRIBUTES (3):  Short-Tempered, Ruthless, Prideful. CHARACTER ALIGNMENT:  CHAOTIC NEUTRAL=  the alignment that best describes the "NEW" Delphi Riddle. While she is fully committed to her redemption path,she wishes to perform her redemption her way,not the way that wizarding laws want her to. Delphi is a free spirit as she does what she wants,but she no longer seeks to overthrow the laws of the wizarding society.  Chaotic Neutral characters(like Delphi) do what they have to ensure their own freedom, protect their free will and get them the outcome they want. That might be a Good action like helping someone, or an Evil action like misleading someone. However, a Chaotic Good character is more likely to take a Good action than an Evil one because it usually results in a better outcome and an easier time of it for them.  

Character Development, Full Personality

⸶Buffy/Angel Blogs ⸷

12/02/2021 03:25 PM 

Enter Sandman 2

โ™ฅQueenโ™ฅ {Single}

12/02/2021 02:38 PM 

Starter Offer: Fall Of Man.

Type: Drabble/Starter.Theme Song: Man I Feel Like A Woman - Shania Twain.Prompt: Stripper.Outfit if curious - Find on layout or blog. NOTE.This is the short drabble version to draw interest only. I realized that half the time no one wanted a long starter. Unless you’re a novella like me or get into the story once it goes further. Then this would originally be fine for a starter. So here it is. I will say if you asked me I will write this further, which would include the pole dance and more. Unless you like this one, then we go from there. Enjoy! Place and time can also be changed! 8 pm.New York, Down town.Amara wouldn’t say she felt comfortable, at least not only more than living in a brothel back home. Here she was, sitting on this long, red love couch. And yet she couldn’t help but realize this was comfortable. For the obvious reason, no one cared about her, at least only the normal drunk. Her body stretched along with the comfort of the cushions on the furniture. Enjoying the soft comfort, her long legs reaching the arm just touching. It was good. Yet not everything was great. The room gave the feeling of comfort, dirty - or a strip club. Amara moved from that couch. Much like a cat, she rolled onto her side from her stomach. Her heavy flannel shirt sliding down her arms, something she likely stole - who? Well, her food was just that. Food. No one cared. Why should she? Much like the other girls, she didn’t bother to cover herself. The heat within the build welcomed winter, making things unbearable outside. She left her shirt open, using her fingers to tug her black lacy bra down. The stupid thing refused to stay in place, so. Amara didn’t seem to care, then lingering gaze peered at her cleavage. The heat forced everyone inside to sweat. Amara felt a tickle of sweat drip down her breasts. She raised her hand to wipe her forehead, dark brown curls pushed back before framing her round face once more. It was still early, so when the music started blasting through the room, she flinched. She muttered under her breath, her ears ringing from the noise. That was just one thing she didn’t find comfortable. The music was only the first thing to go on; the room was already dark and now lit up with a few spotlights around the room. Some small lamps colored the room purple. She wondered when the girls would start walking down the catwalk, swinging their ass for all to see - Like it was a hard job. Amara could do that in her sleep. She would never understand human men. The men dragged in groups of people looking to have a good time. Under the watchful gaze of the demon, her chocolate eyes followed the nice-looking ones into the room. Wiggling her fingers in a half-hearted wave. It was funny to see the bashful ones duck out of being shy or.... being ashamed of being here. Amara liked to think humans haven’t gone down so far that they lack the feeling. Even she tried to remember how to feel human. Every time someone stumbled inside, she rolled her eyes. Maybe the issue was so many guys have fallen to this level. At least Amara had a reason to be like this.

Delphi Riddle

12/02/2021 02:17 PM 


Delphini "Delphi" Riddle is a British half-blood Dark witch and the daughter of Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange;both of whom were killed in the battle at Hogwarts. Being the only child of Lord Voldemort, she is able to speak Parseltongue and she became the only known living heir of Salazar Slytherin after the demise of her father.   She was born at Malfoy Manor, shortly before the 1998 battle of Hogwarts. As Bellatrix and Voldemort were both killed in the battle and Bellatrix's husband,Rodolphus, was imprisoned at Azkaban, Delphi was raised by Euphemia Rowle, a Death Eater. However, the life at Euphemia's was miserable for Delphi as Rowle did not really care for her and only took her in because she was paid for it. During her youth, Delphi was fascinated by Euphemia's pet, an Augurey. It reminded her that the future was hers to make. Eventually, Delphi even got an Augurey tattoo on the back of her neck.For obvious reasons, Delphi did not attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and had no friends during her youth. Due to not going to Hogwarts, Delphi learned magic through the Death Eaters in her caretaker's home,including her mother's husband, as well as self-training herself. Her heritage was kept secret from her and she only found out the truth about her parents when Rodolphus Lestrange (her mother's husband), having escaped Azkaban, told her so. At this time, Delphi was also made aware of a prophecy that was about the return of Lord Voldemort. Delphi made it her life goal to return her father to his power.  As Voldemort considered Cedric Diggory "the spare" before he told Wormtail to kill him, Delphi decided that Cedric would be somewhat involved in fulfilling the prophecy. She placed Cedric's father Amos Diggory under a powerful Confundus Charm and made him think that she was his niece, despite neither Amos nor his wife having any siblings. When Amos was put into a nursing home for elderly witches and wizards, Delphi accompanied him and acted as his caretaker.  When Amos, who found out that Harry Potter had obtained a time turner while investigating a Death Eater, heads to Harry's house to convince him to use it to revive Cedric, Delphi accompanies him and meets Harry's son Albus for the first time. She talks with him and gives him the address of the nursing home while urging him to visit her someday. When Albus, who has a stressed relationship with his father, decides to steal the time turner from the Ministry of Magic to revive Cedric, he and his friend Scorpius Malfoy (the son of Harry's old school rival Draco Malfoy) head to the nursing home where Delphi joins them. By use of Polyjuice potion, the three manage to infiltrate the Ministry and obtain the time turner. They head to Hogwarts where they intend to use the time turner to prevent Cedric from winning the Triwizard Tournament. While Albus and Scorpius travel through time, Delphi remains behind in the present. After stopping Cedric from winning the tournament, Albus and Severus return to a present in which, much to their horror, Voldemort has killed Harry during the Battle of Hogwarts and has absolute control over the wizarding world. Voldemort seems to be assisted by a mysterious person called The Augurey. With Harry dead, Albus also doesn't exist in this timeline. Scorpius realizes that Cedric needs to die to prevent this horrible future and travels through time once more, stopping themselves from interfering. Back in their normal time, they meet with Delphi once more and tell her that they cannot save her "cousin" Cedric. Delphi seems content with that, claiming that Cedric would have understood. However, Albus and Scorpius notice the tattoo on her neck, spotting the Augurey and linking Delphi to the mysterious ally of Voldemort in the evil future. Delphi swiftly snatches the time turner and by displaying immensely powerful magic, disarms Scorpius and Albus. When another student, Craig Bowker, arrives to investigate the noises, Delphi kills him with Avada Kedavra.  She then reveals herself as the daughter of Lord Voldemort and reveals how she plans to travel back through time to make sure the future Scorpius saw will come true. Believing in the prophecy, Delphi realizes that Albus, the 'unseen child' needs to be the one who stops Cedric, as the prophecy says so. However, after the three travel back through time both Albus and Scorpius reveal that they would rather die than help her revive Voldemort. Annoyed, Delphi claims that they have no choice as the prophecy states that Voldemort will come back. Albus, however, is convinced that prophecies can be broken.Realizing what this means, Delphi drags the two boys through time once more, arriving in October 30,1981 – 24 hours before Voldemort would kill Lily and James Potter. Intending to stop her father from killing Harry and thus ensuring his survival, Delphi smashes the time turner and leaves the scene, leaving Albus and Scorpius behind. However, Albus and Scorpius realize Delphi's plan and manage to contact present-day Harry, Ginny, Hermione, Ron, and Draco. With a time-turner, the group returns through time to stop Delphi. At Godric's Hollow, they plan to lure Delphi into a trap. Harry transforms himself into Voldemort and waits for Delphi's arrival. When Delphi appears, she believes to be facing her father and reveals her true identity to Harry. Harry manages to lure Delphi into the church where the rest of the group is waiting but there, the transformation fails and Delphi realizes that she's been tricked.  Before Harry can even attack her, she magically locks all doors in the church, preventing the others from assisting Harry. She then duels Harry and proves to be far more powerful than him. However, she has overlooked Albus who was also waiting in the main room. Albus opens the doors and the rest of the group storms into the room. Although she tries, Delphi is unable to fight all of them at once. Harry shoots a spell at her which ties her up. Delphi begged them to kill her or wipe her mind clean She claimed that she had only wanted to meet her father and be with him. Albus wanted to kill her to avenge Craig, but Harry stopped him. In a moment of empathy for her, Harry told her that she must learn to live with the fact that she will always be an orphan, as he has.  Following her defeat, Delphini was presumably imprisoned in Azkaban, for the charges of murder and abuse of forbidden relics.ESCAPE FROM AZKABAN AND WANTED REDEMPTION:Even though Delphi was in Azkaban for less than a year before her escape, the time spent in that cold dark prison got to her mentally,hearing the screams of her victims in the face of the Dementors. She grew disgusted with herself that she let her obsession about her father drove her down the dark path. While sitting that cell,she couldn't help but wonder what good she could do on her own with her immense power. Not wanting to spend the rest of her life in a cell and desperate for some kind of redemption,she collaborated with other inmates for a break-out. Despite losing half their numbers win fight with the Dementors and Aurors alike,Delphi and some other inmates jump into the cold waters and swam to the nearest,but safest, shore. Delphi went her separate ways with the other prisoners and walked back into civilization,determined for redemption. However,since she is an escaped prisoner,she has to relay on disguises,both from Polyjuice Potion and changing her appearance, in order to survive and get the redemption she desperately wants. 

๐˜ฝ๐™ช๐™ง๐™ฎ ๐™๐™๐™š ๐™‡๐™ž๐™œ๐™๐™ฉ

12/02/2021 02:51 PM 

december prompt

titlesubtitle"The holidays aren't my favorite time of the year." He responded, for once Vergil was opening his mind to the holiday celebrations. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy the holiday's, but when it involved his own son, Nero, requesting he and Desi spend the day celebrating with him. It was burythelight // vergil spardason๏ฟฝ OF THE GODS.

๐•Žitch'๐•ค ๐•ƒamen๐•ฅ

12/02/2021 02:29 PM 

A Spell For Hope

A Spell For Hope "I found a witch to preform the cloaking spell... You know the one, Klaus. In return she wants an explanation for Elijah's absence......." Rebekah said softly into her cell phone as she tenderly rocked baby Hope to sleep.   The newborn girl was absolutely precious and she brought out a change in her father that very few saw openly. A side that she hadn't seen since their childhood, and that their brother Elijah spoke of redeeming. It was because of this beautiful baby that the blonde could even dare to ask for a task like this to be done. At the same time, she also felt that it was appropriate. She managed to get her freedom after hundreds of years living under the shadow of Niklaus' control. It was time that Elijah had the same freedom -- even if it does pierce into his polished resolve for family vows a little bit.   "I know there is no excuse. I do not think it would be easy at all, but it's unthinkable that he would abandon her. After so long the truth should be heard, as we have all acted as nothing ever happened....... He will be furious but Phoenix is the only local witch not of this Covent to preform a cloaking spell." Rebekah continued her conversation as she settled the little princess into her crib. making sure that she was placed straight upon her back without rolling to one side or the other. Standing upright again she smiled and admired, her hand reaching to clasp the phone now. "Of course. He will be furious with both of us. What do you expect? ......I can do this, Klaus. Hope will be safe. I know what to say to sway our brother to come here."   It was strange to hear the once brutal Niklaus agree to have his influence removed. Rebekah had a theory that Elijah was made to forget and the only way to do that was to have another Original preform a compelling effect over him. Otherwise the stubbornness of Elijah would have continued to see the woman he loved. But... there was something else. Maybe his soul was also yearning to get back to her. A person as guarded and well reserved as Elijah Mikaelson never let anyone get close. When he did manage to find someone charming he would explore that personality quirk -- which might lead to a little intimacy -- but it would never be a one night stand. This hidden witch Ally was another story though. In Rebekah's mind the way he seemed to just let a Hybrid named Hayley Marshall in emotionally was far to quick. And so, Rebekah prepared for a road trip, intending to conceal Hope as she travelled so that no one would suspect. The lovely witch would have her explanation, from Elijah himself.   -_-_-_-_-_-_- Two days later... -_-_-_-_-_-_-   The travels back into New Orleans we're not recommended but when an Original was determined there would be no changing their mind. Rebekah just needed long enough to sway her brother and for that she let Phoenix babysit little princess Hope. When she came into the compound it was just after the family had found out that the White Oak Stake was missing. Elijah was determined to find it as this particular weapon meant life or death for an Original. He figured that one of their enemies would know where it was, but exactly which one was the question. In the meantime he had hoped that Davina would preform a locator spell to pinpoint the stake. When Rebekah found him he was studying the maps the family had of New Orleans. If he were to keep the weapon that kills Originals then where would he put it?   "Worry looks rather taxing on you, Elijah," she said softly as she stepped up next to him. Hearing her voice the man instantly straightened to face her. A different type of worry was spread across his face but before he could say anything she held up a hand to stop him. "No need to worry. She's hidden, safe and just fine. There is something needed to keep her that way though."   "Anything you need, sister, you only need to ask," Elijah said softly. Rebekah gave a paused nod and the body language alone was enough to bring questions. "I imagine this is a difficult task, then?"   "No. Well... in a way, which would all depend on you, brother," Rebekah said softly. She then reached for his hand, tugging him away from the maps spread across the table to sit down in a nearby chair. "This witch is familiar to you in a way that... in my mind... explains your easily accumulated affection for Hayley."   Elijah stared for a moment, not expecting a talk like this from her. Usually it was Niklaus that held the relationship possibilities over his head, which he has expressed his resistance. His feelings have also been openly stated to his younger brother but only in great crisis, like when Hayley had nearly died multiple times. It didn't come across to Elijah to expect his loving younger sister to bring up the subject.   "Hayley and I are not--"   "I am not shunning you, Elijah. More rather... I think your soul rests with another, whom you cannot remember. And so, reflected in your instinct to get back to her, you may have fallen for Hayley due to their similarities," Rebekah said.   Elijah couldn't help his stunned silence as it seemed that his sister had gone mad. He would never openly choose to forget someone that he loved as deeply as he was growing to love Hayley. Although it did seem one sided in the effort to form a relationship. She had her pack to think about and was growing to become a leader there all the while he had goals to support her in her pursuit of family. In general he tried to press this feeling toward counting her as family -- and by extension that should be where his close feelings come from.   "Rebekah, that seems a little farfetched," he said as he leaned back in the chair to relax. Or try to relax, considering that her words baffled him.   "Isn't it? So, tell me why someone who has endured one thousand years of pain and lost love in brutal ways would let a girl in? Not only that but why letter in so quickly despite the moral undoing it could bring to you dear younger brother? Or the confusion it would bring to little Hope as she grows older?" Rebekah asked. These concerns were exactly the reason why he hadn't proclaimed his love for Hayley... He shook his head lightly and shifted to stand but Rebekah reached for his hand. Holding it tightly, she wore a serious face that he hadn't seen since the three siblings were sealed together inside the cemetery. "Elijah... What I have to tell you is important. It was _____ ago that you loved another. I was so confused when you openly abandoned the life you were getting ready to build. She held you for all the ugliness of your fears, became that medium in which you faced them and for the first time in bloody well hundreds of years you were happy. Genuinely happy," she said softly.   ".....I would never choose to forget someone like that," Elijah said flatly.   "No... which is why I theorize that you were forced to forget." She then reached out to touch his face, giving a soft sigh as Elijah seemed to shake his head. The concept of him letting go of a love like that when he has always been devoted was insane. The motion alone was enough for him to meet her gaze again. "I know it sounds terrible, but I would never play with something like this. Her name is Phoenix and she is a witch. Not only can she give you your memories back but she can give you something no other woman can, Elijah..."   "....And what is that?" he asked, the tone of his voice clearly unsure if he was ready for that kind of answer. He had held back on love for so long and only just recently let the cracks in his resolve show. Kisses were exchanged between him and Hayley but they were not official yet. And now Rebekah was telling him it was all in his soul's yearning to get to someone else. That his feelings were false in an echo of other feelings. "If it has been a year since I.... supposedly lost my memory then why did you wait until now to tell me this?"   "You deserve honesty, brother. I admit that I failed you there... It was fear that compelled me not to say. For what felt like forever it was fear. But when Niklaus brought Hope to me there was a change that I never thought I would see. He was genuinely happy and moved to have a baby. He was devastated to have to send her away. When I searched for a witch to preform the cloaking spell I learned that Phoenix lived from what her Covent did to her. She will preform the spell but she thinks you have abandoned her," she explained.   "If I truly loved her that much then I would have never abandoned her..... What happened to her?" he asked.   At a question like that, Rebekah couldn't help but to c*ck her head to the side. 

๐•Žitch'๐•ค ๐•ƒamen๐•ฅ

12/02/2021 01:24 PM 

Witch In Distress

Witch In Distress Born into a very powerful family Phoenix was the youngest of 15 children, she was also a triplet to the Gingermint triplets. She was always the baby, she also was the only one who enjoyed her witch part more than her wolf part, a part that she's not going to trigger. She just wanted to be a witch, she felt more powerful that way. In that time of her practicing her magic she met a very strange yet particular Vampire who happened to have a interest not only in her witch wide but her wolf side. Niklaus Mikaelson, an original vampire, who was also the worlds first and only Hybrid. In this time he learned a lot about her, she did a lot about him as well as his family. She agreed to be on call if he needed anything, when it came to finding the doppelganger he needed to find.    It took a few months for her to finally find the doppelganger in Mystic Falls, Virginia. So being the dutiful witch she was to Niklaus she called and told him. He explained he would meet her there in a few days, he would get everything taken care for her. She ended up in Mystic Falls looking for Niklaus but instead of Niklaus being there he had text her stating that his brother was going to be there to assist her, since he was following up on a different lead, as well as making sure the family was safe. One think about Niklaus Mikaelson may want to keep his families loyalty to him he did love and wanted to protect them. She took a deep breath as she walked down the street heading closer to the Mystic Grill where she was supposed to meet this other Original family member.   Her long red strands glistening in the sun as she walked down the street wearing a short black leather skirt, and a red polka doted halter-top. She was wearing her iconic read heels as she walked down the street, every man stopping and looking as she passed them. She was a very beautiful woman, a woman who knew how to look good as well as use her looks to her advantage. She walked into the Mystic Grill as everyone looked at her and watched, she saw the man in the suit, he was a very good looking man as she walked towards him smiling softly revealing her perfectly white smile separating her red lips. She extended her hand and smiled "Elijah I presume?" She asked softly as she looked at him. "I'm Phoenix, Niklaus said we could go over what I found?" She said softly just smiling from ear to ear. There was something about this man, his smile, his whole personality just intoxicated her and pulled her in to him even more. "You have a certain grace with witches, brother," Niklaus said as he followed his older brother into the piano hall of the Manor. He had asked twice and the vampire in a suit disagreed. There has been too much sadness in his life when it came to witches but for some reason the Hybrid was determined.   "Niklaus, do try not to forget that I am not a fool. I am disinclined due to past occurrences. My only question is this: what is in it for you?" Elijah said as he stopped to adjust his sleeve cuff. Klaus had snagged it in his insistent tugging, but he swallowed down an annoyed groan and fixed it.   "Alright, if we are laying secrets out upon the white oak table… I do need an ally. Witches have a means to magic that vampires do not. Need I say more?" he said, but after a pause Elijah gave him a hard eye. That squinting expression to try to read what he might not be saying. "Alright, fine. I do have an objective. I get tired of not being able to come and go. Mother's grimoire has the means to compel the will of nature to bend -- or so I hear. It gets rather annoying when a human is a straight sod and I cannot get to them because of invitation. But you! You benefit too. You could finally understand Mother's grimoire as well and thus perhaps answer all those questions you have been seeking."   "My questions have no quarter to your squabbling, Niklause--"   "Then perhaps to past pain then? There is magic to allow some mortality in there. I understand that much. Help this witch with her inner demons and she can help you. Besides, she has found a doppelganger that you have been looking for for quite some time," Klaus said with a smile.   Blasted temptation. That was all the reasoning Elijah had when he departed from the Manor toward Mystic Grill. He would be meeting with a witch who was a mystery all because she found remnants of a doppelganger he lost. Somehow this felt staged, but still he put on his best face. After a trip in a car, he took a moment to adjust his tie and then made his way inside. Lust was thick in the air to the point where Elijah could taste it. Thirty eyes drifted toward all angles of the suit. Some women and some men but all of them knew not to touch. He ordered a bourbon, full bottle and two shot glasses to kidnap into a corner. A sure sign to the rest of the establishment that he was here to meet someone.   What he didn't expect was such a scent to come in through the door. There was an aura… similar to his brother's. Not just a witch but also a wolf. He could sense the power that flowed through healthy veins as well as the venom still purified. She was dangerous and yet… pure. The clacking of heels stood out even over the music until a figure came to extend a hand in greeting. When he looked up from his seat, Elijah couldn't help but to smile. She was fire in woman form standing out in the wooden tones of the grill. So, he stood to return the greeting. Extending a hand to shake softly.   "It's a pleasure. Phoenix? Is there a last name with that? It is quite a name…. Pardon my rudeness. Yes, I did come in Niklaus' place. He feels I have more grace with witches and he would rather not lose an ally." Although there is more than meets the eye. He wanted to say that but curiosity drove him. He wanted to find out the conventional way, and so Elijah gently tugged a chair out from the table. Offering her to join him the way any gentleman should. "The bourbon is my treat tonight. Unless you prefer something else?" he asked as he moved to sit down across from her.   Looking at the man standing in front of her she smirked softly at the question as she sat down at the table with him accepting the drink she shrugged a bit. "Last names don't get told until I know I can trust you. Mikaelsons have a very nasty reputation." She said softly as she quickly downed the glass of burboun. She took a deep breath making a funny face before she went straight back to business. "So in this town, there is a girl, her name is Elena Gilbert. She is a dead ringer for Katherine. Every spell I've cast, and every book I have has led me to the doppelganger." She paused for a moment as she looked the man up and down once more. He was so elequently dressed, as if he knew something noone else knew.    He was the picture perfect man. However, Phoenix didn't know it then but this man will be her undoing. She took a deep breath and looked at him. "Why did Nik send you and he didnt come?' She asked softly now feelig like maybe there was something more benind it. Was he a double crosser, did he really want it out for Niklaus and all of his followers? He was handsome, his suit fit him well, he was distinquished, well educated, he just looked like a dream in a suit. Phoenix couldn't stand it anymore she just needed to get back to what Niklaus needed from her. She took a deep breath and shook her head as she bit het bottom lip.    A million questions ran trough her mind as she closed her eyes for only a moment to clear her thoughts. She was a witch yes, but she was very empathic. She hated it most times, but on others it was great. Studying the mans features she smiled slightly as she felt her cheeks get a bit warm she smiled at him softly. "I don't mean to come off rude, but why are you here? I mean I've been dealing with that lunatic brother of yours, so why does he care what I do? Or that you do if that even matters to you." She said softly before grabbing the bottle of burboun pouring more in her glass.   She brought the glass to her perfectly plump red lips before tipping it and letting the brown liquid go into her mouth swallowing as she looked back at the man. There was something about him that drew her in, she couldn't tell what it was about him that drew her in but she was intoxicated from the moment they met, She couldn't help but stare at him until she noticed him doing the same. She smiled softly as she looked at him shrugging softly.Family history strikes again. it seemed that there was no escaping it, and normally an immortal man like Elijah would let it go. Conduct his conversation and be done with it. Life goes on, after all -- and yet something within Elijah just wouldn't settle. Once the lady was rested in her chair he returned to his, letting himself relax. His gaze looming a bit over her as she took down the shot glass of bourbon. This woman knew how to have fun all the while making sure that business goes on. It was when she mentioned the doppelganger that he was reminded of why exactly he had come in his brother's place. He was trying to find peace in a darker event in his life and the doppelganger was the key to that. However... he had already met Elena and made amends. Perhaps Niklaus failed to inform her of that, which means that he has another agenda here. Truthfully there was someone much more interesting than even Elijah imagined sitting right here, considering that Phoenix managed to get a smile and light chuckle out of him.   "Ah, yes, that truly is a poetically true statement. Likely no one knows that better than I do. Niklaus is.... difficult even at his best of times," he said softly.   When she shifted to pour herself another drink he couldn't help but to watch. It was almost like the color red was a stamp of adentity to her. She mastered it so perfectly and there was no better example of that than her lips. So defined in color they demanded to be seen. Even a well level headed man like him couldn't help but to notice… It was when she noticed his staring that he fidgeted for the first time. Sitting up again to gently pour another glass as well.   "If I am to be honest -- which you deserve that much -- I have a theory as to what his direction is. As for my own, it is more a need for change. He insists on control over family ties and I will not let him have it. So, sending me instead is likely a distraction while he scrambles to think of another angle. Childish, I know…." He then gave a light sigh as he thought for a moment, bringing the shot glass up for a drink. There was something that shifted within him, at the possibility of possibly being caught staring at a woman. Especially at the realization that she seemed to stare back. It was so rare that a first impression charmed Elijah Mikaelson. "I do have to give him credit where it's due, though… It did seem to work. So... for curiosity sake, what would it take to gain trust enough for last name familiarity?" he asked, his palm lightly swishing the bourbon in the circular Manor. Just in a slight motion to occupy his hands.   Alright... grace with witches aside, he really couldn't help but to flirt with this one. She seemed different somehow.She bit her bottom lip as she watched him, her eyes on his every move, what was she doing? Was she really attrackted to this vampire? She was always told, don't get mixed up with vampire business it will leave you nothing but heartache. But she couldn't help it, something about this family drew her in and kept her there like a moth to a flame. But she knew better god did she know better. Something about this one was different though, he seemed gentle and kind, something she definetly didn't get off of Niklaus. He was cold and only cared for himself, yet this one in front of her was different she smiled softly at his question as she raised a brow. "Since you did offer me a drink, it's Segreti." She said softly as she looked at him. She wasn't sure why she would break so many of her own rules after meeting someone for just a few moments. She took a deep breath sighing softly before bringing her glass up to her lips one last time before allowing the liquid to pour into her mouth as she swallowed it.    She looked around and shrugged her shoulders as she looked at him softly with kind eyes. "Look, I wasn't going to say anything because people around here want Niklaus dead, I was threatened to get him here." She said softly as she looked at him before she looked down then back up at him. "It's not safe for you or your family to be back here in mystic falls. I was hoping Niklaus would be here because well he usually would have no problem ripping the hearts out of anyone who put him in danger. I needed his help more so that anything." She said softly coming clean to the man in front of her. She wasn't sure why she was spilling everything right now but a part of her wanted to protect this man as she looked at him once again sighing softly. "I can't leave but you still have time. They will kill my family, I have to get my sister before they realize I told you everything." She said softly looking at him with a complete fearful look. Her sister was part of a triple born she was her twin, yet she also had a brother. Her sister and brother have activated their warewolf gene, Nix hasn't. Which meant she was the only magical one out of the three, the only way anyone could get her to do what they want is to put one of the siblings in danger. Elijah couldn't help but to silently go over the woman's full name in his mind. Phoenix Segreti. It had a ring to it. However, there was an instant change of mood when she let her surface persona fall. Her features going from confident smile to fear and desperation. Almost instantly Elijah's tactical mind went to work, realizing that Niklaus convinced him to come instead because he knew something was wrong. He should have noticed it before. His brother even gave a hint to fix what was wrong with the witch -- it all fell into place now. Someone put her up to this, and so to enforce this threat they were likely here in bar. Maybe even with their hostages.   "It appears that times like these I can be fortunate in my choice of a corner table," he said in a tone that was still tenderly soft but somehow so dangerous. The threat was clearly there on polished and elegant tone. The truth was that Elijah was more dangerous than his younger brother. While one brother had a terrible temper and self centered will to brag, this one was a calculated aggressor. "I assure you that no harm will come to you or your siblings... but I will grace you with the warning that this bar will close early on a count of hazardous conditioning," he said with a light smile, shifting to stand from where he sat. Biting her bottom lip she listened to him, she thought he would be furious with her that he would want to try to kill her. Looking at him she took a deep breath and nodded. She couldn't help but be frightened yes she was a witch but when it came to her family she would do almost anything for them. Hearing his last sentence she looked at him. "What is it you're planning on doing? If you attack here someone may get hurt." She said softly before coming up with an instant plan. She looked at him and smiled softly. "You might want to take cover." She said softly before grabbing his hand incase he didn't want to so she could protect him. Just as she grabbed his hand she lifted her left hand flicking her fingers a bit as the fire sprinklers went off , some customers just stood up and simply left the others quickly began screaming as if it were acid rain. And well it was, but only to vampires she smirked as she flicked her fingers once again.    As the water stopped she quickly too her hand back from him as she smiled. "One thing I've learned about this stupid town is they really don't trust vampires and put vervaine in everything." She said softly as the vampires began to get back up and gain back their strength "You're going to die Witch, and your sister too." She shook her head as she looked at Elijah before she quickly closed her fist breaking the mans neck. "If you insist on fighting, you will lose." She smiled softly as she looked back at Elijah, she couldn't stand the thought of him being harmed as she smiled softly at him. "We're in this fight together." She said softly with a nod hoping he also agreed There was something particularly attractive about a woman who stood her ground. She stood and even in heels she was shorter than him... but when she grabbed Elijah's hand it was like the two might as well be equal in this fight. With a wave the vampires in the room -- except for himself -- began to writhe in pain. Not a single enemy here would make it out alive and between the two of them that would be true.   When the waters died down a vampire in a leather jacket could be seen cowering toward an exit from under a table. Elijah's movements were quick as a snap, crossing the distance to take hold of the man by the color of his jacket and arm. With a swift turn he had the vampire slammed face first upon the table where the wet liquid began to burn at his skin. After just a moment he jerked the man upright and he snarled.   "Get off me, Mikaelson--" And with that he was slammed again for the damp table to continue to burn at him.   "Your last moments are dwindling. If you intend to prolong them I suggest you make them count with information," Elijah said flatly.   "Piss off! I'm not telling you a thing," the man said as other vampires began to advance.   "Very well. Perhaps one of them will." And without hesitation Elijah ripped the vampire's head straight off his body. A simple snapping of the neck the man would have been able to wake up. But a lesser vampire like this doesn't wake up from a full beheading. Elijah's gaze then crossed the bar for those that remained, stepping back to stand next to Phoenix as he unbottoned one button of his jacket and then undid his sleeve cuffs to slip into his pockets. "Anyone who has information. I will have it whether you tell me or not. Whether you keep your head remains up to you. Now... shall we?" he asked openly only to have the group extend their fangs and start the advance. To which Elijah gave Phoenix a light smile. "Of course... Ladies first?"

๐•Žitch'๐•ค ๐•ƒamen๐•ฅ

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Phoenix and Elijah

Phoenix and ElijahWritten with: Phoenix Segreti In The Past Witch In Distress Love Reunited A Spell For Hope


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10 SONGS BOWIE HAS ON REPEAT RIGHT NOW 1) Upset The Neighbors - Nicotine Dolls 2) Body Fat Percentage - We Three 3) Sleepless - On The Outside 4) Officially Christmass - Dan + Shay 5) Distance - Seldom Fade 6) Easy On Me - Adele 7) Shivers - Ed Sheeran 8) No - Little Mix 9) Should Have Danced - Nicotine Dolls 10) Same Way Too - We Three


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Meaning of Clio

A little tale for a not so furthering sci-fic, inspired by the Muse CLIO."To mark"Clio's name is etymologically derived from the Greek root κλฮญω/κλεฮฏω (meaning "to recount", "to make famous" or "to celebrate"). The name's traditional Latinisation is Clio,[8] but some modern systems such as the American Library Association-Library of Congress system use K to represent the original Greek kappa, and ei to represent the diphthong ει (epsilon iota), thus Kleio.DepictionClio, sometimes referred to as "the Proclaimer", is often represented with an open parchment scroll, a book, or a set of tablets.MythologyLike all the muses, Clio is a daughter of Zeus and the Titaness Mnemosyne, goddess of memory. Along with her sister Muses, she is considered to dwell at either Mount Helicon or Mount Parnassos.[3] Other common locations for the Muses are Pieria in Thessaly, near to Mount Olympus.She had one son, Hyacinth, with one of several kings, in various myths—with Pierus or with king Oebalus of Sparta, or with king Amyclas,[9][10] progenitor of the people of Amyclae, dwellers about Sparta. Some sources say she is also the mother of Hymenaios.[citation needed] Other accounts credit her as the mother of Linus, a poet who was buried at Argos, although Linus has a number of differing parents depending upon the account, including several accounts in which he is the son of Clio's sisters Urania or Calliope.LegacyIn her capacity as "the proclaimer, glorifier and celebrator of history, great deeds and accomplishments," Clio is the namesake of various modern brands, including the Clio Awards for excellence in advertising. The Cambridge University History Society is informally referred to as Clio, similarly, the Cleo of Alpha Chi society at Trinity College, Connecticut is named after the muse. Likewise, the undergraduate student outreach group for the Penn Museum at the University of Pennsylvania is known as the Clio Society. 'Clio' also represents history in some coined words in academic usage: cliometrics, cliodynamics.


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๐… ๐ฅ ๐ข ๐  ๐ก ๐ญ . {Writing Entry}
Current mood:  accomplished

      { Do play the music track above for some melody to go with this entry of mine. ^-^ }      To float a bit and carelessly hover from one place to another is already hard. To soar high and sail the gales like a proud eagle, now, that is a much steeper and more daring act on its own. But she has to commit to performing the latter, even if she has failed time and time again throughout the years.    Through the cruel and calculated control of an ancient devilish space-ferrying empire, the means to use the sky as another plain to travel on was laughably fleeting. In this day and age, removed from the many privileges of being an unholy puppet, this maiden is denied the ease of those godlike feats. Some, if not all, she would want to regain, oh yes. At least, they would make her long aching life a tad less unbearable.    On a tall mountain cliff, this doll in rags is staring at a sea of clouds, nearly still in their presence. Bluish-green eyes seem lost in all the large clumps and puffs of white. Birds, scaled legends and angels can glide well through the milky realms. So did she, eons ago. That feeling of freedom far away from the earth was only achieved through long horrific imprisonment. Yes, she could do those extraordinary things that would make rulers in many worlds envy her badly. But those privileges came with many strings, strong, sour and sinister ones that resulted in countless exploitation and agony. The memories of old do still hurt.    However, on more than several occasions, she has been told that she can restore some of them, including the means to soar the heavens again. That would be swell. And so, close those lovely eyes. Take a deep breath. Recall a heartfelt encouragement from prior millennia. It is still there in you, Astrid.The marvels and majesty of a goddess.What you believe to have been lost.You need only to reawaken them.    Astrid slowly brings herself down on her right knee while still on the protruded edge she has been standing for a while. Soft fingers of her right hand are placed on the hard dirt. It is cold and coarse to the touch of someone who is quite delicate. A dear damsel who had gone through so much that to speak had become a genuine hardship for her.    She takes another deep breath; creamy pink lips lightly parted while she cools her lungs. Feel the many flows of energy in the cosmos making their way into her flesh. Let her nerves feel the faint sting of those tiniest specks that were ushered into existence by the primordial forces of creation.    Think of her sisterly friend. Think fondly of that loveliest doting Witch-Queen who brought her salvation and true liberty from that wretched empire that treated them both like nothing else but deadly weapons and delicious whores. Think of her kindness, her smile, her desire to make this maiden feel better even if things are bleak, her sacrifice, her love. She would not want her younger sisterly friend to remain in torment and know that she still suffers greatly to this day, does she not?    Another deep breath is taken; her soft whisper of each release is sultry. The air around the kneeling maiden begins to rumble, wind swirling gradually until it gets faster. Her nerves ache. Her spark to not give in to fear and futility grows more ferociously inside her. Strands of her strawberry-blonde hair in a bun, long and flowing if brought down and loose, flail up and down from this overture of something ancient and astral being awakened from such a long slumber. Slowly clench the fingers on the rocky surface into a fist. Many specks of dirt near this lass are rising. Perhaps, even just saying her name, despite the crippling coyness, can encourage this lone doll to push on. “A-Azz-...zzaaa......”    She brings herself a bit more down, perhaps an inch or two, from her lowered stature. The icy wind spiraling around her is stroking her smooth skin, tickling her cheeks that had been drenched in tears many times before. Clench that little fist tighter, forlorn shy lass. One last deep breath. Bring in the goodness. Let go of the sadness.    Astrid opens her eyes as she cast that liberating breath, her voice quite crisp. In one fell swoop, the lone doll in rags pushes her entire kneeling up into the nothingness before her, vigorously and violently. The rocky edge she was kneeling from is brought into a small crater from the might that came with her powerful leap. The path of her self-induced toss is wide and arched, but soon she begins to plummet after leaving the high earth more than a hundred yards behind her. The roar of the air is nothing short of loud, growling on her ear as the minty push is giving her sullied princess face a bit of sting.    She is falling through the sea of clouds. The green and brown of the great distant earth is before her sight. Lines and shapes of the many things down there are still blurred but can become clear fairly soon. One of them is a large lake bigger than the bustling town she left had from a month ago. If she fails at this latest chance to not simply float but to actually fly, the rich wonders below await her with a nasty fatal kiss and her being a lifeless corpse so soon, pretty and pathetic. Muster your bravery, almighty as the sun.Keep training your body, mind, heart and soul.Through those moments of pain, you will see it.The grand opportunity to reclaim what is rightfully yours.Temper yourself well, dare not wither and whittle.Your godhood will be yours again, dearest Astrid.    Once up high on that mountain edge, the woman is becoming dangerously closer to the lake below. Even with what a watery plain to greet her, she is sure to die or have her unholy body put her to sleep for months, if not years, before she recovers enough. Cease clinging into inhibitions. Spark up and more those tiniest living blocks that may as well belong to a crowd of celestial beings that can move the heavens and the earth. The lake is becoming larger to her gaze. Her soft voice cracks as she brings herself nearly in tears, trying her very best to finish speaking the name of her sisterly friend who she misses so achingly much. “......-Vela.”    Just a few yards before the lake surface, a mighty crack of thunder rattles the air for miles! Branches of nearby trees by the hundreds sway from the wall of gale that blasted from the center of that madness which is Astrid herself. Even the lake itself awakens from this explosive drama through a tall white tower of water! She gradually directs herself from a sheer downward drop to a new forward path in long wide swerves. She zooms ahead; her speed is much faster than the raging winds around her.    The once-fixed bun falls off, revealing her beguiling fiery-blonde hair that flails along with the edges of her tattered cloth soaring so swiftly ahead. Miles are covered in mere seconds as this lonely lady has reawakened what she has been dying to regain for ages, after much trial and more errors that she can possibly count.    Joy comes with sweet sorrow, for tears are soon shed from her narrowing eyes. The waves of disbelief are surreal, but so are those of her bliss and pride.    Astrid pirouettes to change her formless road from forward to up. With another rich thud of something only the heavens should be able to sing, there goes another thunder! Astrid hurls herself up high, her right arm raised up with its fist fairly clenched. The cool battering breeze is sensational.    A new curiosity manifests itself on this momentous occasion. White flames soon surround this skyward beauty, gnawing through her dreadful pauper’s clothing until it is no more. This searing force hurts her a bit, but she endures it. Perhaps, she is aware that it is a transformation she must go through. Astrid may be reawakening more than just her gift to travel these higher plains, after all.    Left bare while up high, the gleaming flame dresses this young beauty in something slimming and shimmering. A slender gown-like ensemble fitting what she may probably is. Two pairs of pellucid seraphic wings come into form on the back on her back. Truthfully, they are not needed for her heavenly journey. They are extensions of her celestial form to store in and brew the power of the stars in the event that they are needed on her command. Astrid soon towers past the mountain she tossed herself from. She curves her path again to explore what is ahead rather than just what is aloft.    Astrid gently wipes her tears with a curled finger while her lovely watery eyes are gawking at the far horizon. That blend of joy and woe is still on her face turning a bit rather around the nose from her silly weeping. It should not be a shock that this heavenly doll with her dazzling dress and wondrous wings is thankful for this incredible freedom she is given. She dares not give it away without a fight.    O, how the exceedingly elegant Aza-Vela would have been so proud that her sisterly companion from eons ago can also achieve what that elder Witch-Queen had done so prior to her passing. Awaken and reclaim her godhood for her own.    As her tears lessen, Astrid stirs a bit of her pride awake, letting out a sultry smirk providing more intrigue to her glamorous visage. One that many below will desire her madly at the mere sight of her right now. She springs parts of herself forward to let out another loud crack of thunder. Astrid pierces through the heavens in pirouettes every now and then. Roar on and away through her skyward sail while feeling as unstoppable as a storm and perhaps faster than one. The angel delights herself once againin a divine privilege she lost eons ago.The gift of flight.   r o l e p l a y e r / B r o k e n A n g e l    


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Prompt: Pursuit.

       The red-haired maiden finds herself in a grand hall, leaving the slim passage behind her. Her greenish-blue eyes marvel at this citadel of turning wheels, cogs, and rods. Most are colossi in contrast to her young damsel of a stature.    Darkness is kept at bay by spots and stripes of yellow lights placed in nooks and crannies to guide and give light to anyone servicing certain parts of the monolithic machinery. The symphony of hardened steel, brass, and copper is rich as a roar of the open sea. The path ahead, a long bridge with guard rails on both sides, seems to lead to a distant wide landing and branches into different shorter bridges and even staircases going up and down.    Her friend has been onward for half an hour who she is in pursuit of. The spirited fellow is dutiful to give the big cheese of this place a stern talking, even if it means awakening his steel to make a sharp point. While he can keep fending danger on his own, he will still need all the help he can get to bring into life a noble goal.    This sky fortress they are both in is bearing on a kingdom that had just recovered from a harrowing assault by land. The same head minds of this astonishing modern marvel were the cause of much grief that led to ruined properties and lives lost. This maiden and his friend are among the band of brave souls who must infiltrate and disable this hovering island before it can be used to usher in the worst for the good folks below.    The clap of metal on leather is crisp as she goes for a brief stroll further into the long narrow path ahead. Her eyes wander left and right, high and low, searching for the respective path her friend took. A gloved hand is holding onto the highest rail to ensure her balance and safety. A fall into what distant darkness is underneath her feet would be nothing short of horrifying.    He did say early on that he will leave a clue of sorts for her team to see, so they can catch up. Those who need or want to, of course. Her eyes narrow at the sight of something protruding from a platform two stories above going into a doorless passage. The lights on top of the doorway give enough for her gaze to understand that it is some sort of broken piece of machinery. It lets out a rather rhythmic spark, making nearby walls glow every several seconds. The sides of the door frame seem to have been licked by fierce swordplay judging from the lengthy slash marks on the left and right of that entry. And she knows how ferocious her friend can be if he is given time and focus to unleash his skill with a blade.    How curious. And she, a wandering cat on a dire quest, must be fed with such a curiosity. The red-haired maiden goes onward further into this long narrow bridge, carefully treading with a hand on the rail. She tries not to get distracted by the big moving pieces and their deep grinding noises and sharp squealing. What manner of help she can actually give him, she has to first catch up and be by his side again.    Behind her, several stories up and coming out of a different passage meant for smaller things to come in and out of, something is watching her. Six pairs of red eyes and faint skittering of something inhuman. Through those round rubies, they feed information to be sent away, bouncing off from walls and into other apparatuses. Surveillance in a different part of the fortress is at work, doing well to assess the level of threat this other intruder may bring. The former is indeed formidable. And so, what about this lone doll in slimming leather?    The feeling of being watched embraces her. The maiden stops to look around, minding the wheels and cogs, the large spinning rods connecting one portion of machinery to another. Steam hisses once in a while, adding more noise for her ears to drink. Her eyes are nearly lost from all this hustle and bustle of inanimate objects. Alas, the watchers are too far from her and they are able to easily crawl away from direct sight if necessary.    Deeming that she is wasting precious time with her wandering eyes and glued feet, she snaps her right out of her spellbound pause and takes a deep breath. The large patch of metal landing where staircases and smaller bridges meet is getting closer; the former which does go up being is something she would want to follow to be with her friend. The spies also pursue this wandering doll. Given time, other odd assets will arrive to greet her, perhaps even capture her. It would be such a blight to her noble quest if she fails to realize too soon and act accordingly that her presence is in this sky fortress is quite unwelcome.   r o l e p l a y e r / 1 7 4 2 6 5 8    


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Simple Things

Simple   Things 1x1 with Echo. The last few ticks of the clock always seemed to be the longest. Cade Baxter had a broom in hand as he was sweeping the floors of the Black Garden Tattoo Parlor. He really liked his job. It wasn't in the public enough to bring in undue anxiety. He also got to explore his love of art as well as the talent he possessed as an artist. On this particular day however, it was payday. He had his paycheck in his pocket. It was time to go to the bank.When that last minute ticked off the clock he was able to put aside his broom. He used the keys from behind the counter to lock the front door. He checked his wallet and saw that his paycheck was still slid into the back like a stack of dollar bills. He slid it back inside and placed the wallet back in his pocket. Satisfied that the door behind him was completely locked, he started off down the street. It was fortunate that the bank was close to where he worked. As a condition of his release from jail all those years ago, Cade no longer had the ability to drive a car. He either had to get rides from people or walk.It was really a very lovely day. The Sun was shining brightly overhead as it warmed the earth below. He passed by other people on the street as he continued his walk to the bank. Some people were very friendly and waved as he walked by. Others were not so friendly. They actually crossed the street so as not to come close to him. That sort of thing used to bother him, but Cade was used to it. He knew there was a way to change their opinions, but that was a subject he was not going to approach. What's done was done and now he was trying to live in the present. He glanced up ahead and saw that the bank was just a few more feet away.It was a Friday, so Cade expected there to be a lot of people. He knew he could avoid all this by having an automatic deposit, but what was the fun in that? He preferred having a paper check in hand and the feel of the dollar bills in his fingers. He considered himself an old-fashioned Southern boy at heart. This was just one thing that he did that he would hold on to for as long as he could. When he was incarcerated all those years ago an act as simple as this was virtually impossible.The crowd was moderately heavy. The tellers were busy working the crowds smiling and socializing with their friends and neighbors. The line was moving along at a good clip, so Cade knew he could get in and out pretty easily. He moved to one of the tables near the tellers where most people filled out their deposit slips whenever putting money in their account. Cade was doing it the old fashioned way again of course. He started to fill out the amount of his check plus how much he wanted to keep in his account, finally adding on how much money he wanted to carry in his pocket. He wanted to go out to eat on a Friday night just because it was Friday. There was no harm in that. The first major obstacle was to get through the bank. Then his weekend would officially begin.He wasn't making an excessively large amount of money. It was good enough work to pay the bills and to take care of other little minor things. He also loved it very much. He wasn't about to give up for any reason. He also knew that there were quite a few people in Hartsville that had tattoos that he had designed. They were living examples of his art. That was satisfaction enough for young Mr Baxter. He finished up writing the numbers on his deposit ticket and took his place in line.More people continue to enter the bank. Cade was lucky that he got there when he did. This was the big rush before the weekend. Looking around he could see quite a few people that he had known all his life. The people that were currently in the bank that he recognized were all friends, mostly of his parents. There were a handful of people in the bank today that were close to his age. Most people his age or younger usually went the computerized banking route. He was glad to see that there were a few holdouts like him.He didn't pay attention to many details when he noticed some nervous looking men that were standing off to the side at one of the tables like he had been only moments before. They appeared to be waiting for something or maybe someone. Cade brushed It off mentally. He tried to be discreet when he could. These guys were hardly unnoticed by the others entering the bank after he did. Maybe they were from out of town and they were waiting for someone in particular to help them. Every person had a different story, so these men that he was watching could just be another group of passers by or perhaps one of the newest residents wanting to get a bank account established. He was third in line at this particular teller.The people were clearing out of the bank once they'd made their deposit. Most would stick a few bills they had received from the teller into their wallets or into their handbags before leaving the bank. It was considered the wise thing to do. That was what Cade was going to do wants his turn had come and the teller processed his paycheck. Just another Friday night in the town of Hartsville was within his grasp. That slightly familiar feeling of agitation was starting to grow the longer he stood there. When the teller was engaged in a full-fledged conversation with the customer in front of him, Cade smiled pleasantly trying to hide his mounting anxiety. It was like something was going to happen. Cade felt the air filling with tension. What the holy hell was going on behind him?    credit: james kriet


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December 1, 2021Anabel has many new year resolutions, but one that is super closeto her would be volunteering more for the greater good.Coming from a family that's not always so nice with what they do,Anabel feels like she could take more of her focus and help feedthe homeless, or give to a child that needs clothing or school supplies.She had seen just how cruel the world could be and if she could make itjust a tiny less miserable for one person, then maybe there would be hopethat life would be okay. She doesn't know how much longer she is here on Earth either, so she wants to give it her all while she's here.


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DC DRAB #7 / Pregnancy pt. 1

      [ trigger warning: mild language ]12/01/2021 -- Pregnancy part 1.November 10, 2021 – Eleven days after Helena’s Halloween party, Delilah keeps herself under the radar while she processes the fallout with Maksim and Saylor. The music producer and his hot-headed girlfriend stayed clear of the clairvoyant. They uploaded pictures of the Halloween party with their matching costumes and other PDA photos on Instagram that screams #baegoals. The viral pictures were enough for Delilah to unfollow Maksim and log off social media when she wasn’t posting online horoscopes. She’s still in love with him, even when he publicly pretends the feelings aren’t mutual. Late night texts with paragraphs of apologies from Maksim were inconsistent to Saylor’s #wcw posts.A text from Delilah’s manager, Tiana White, of an audition for a role in a Christmas movie special on Disney+.Series: Chanel’s Christmas Wish.Roles needed: Chanel Wallace, Chanel’s parents – Chad Wallace and Duchess Juniper Morris-Wallace. The Morris Royal Family: Duchess Adrianne Morris, Duke Paul Morris, Marquee Dean Brighton, and Marchioness Jacquelyn Brighton. Chanel’s chauffer Marcus Tyler, and Chanel’s friend Xio Finn.Air date expectancy: December 17, 2022.Synopsis: After Chanel Wallace lost her parents, she moves in with her mother’s family to Canada and discover they are royals. Chanel is next of kin to the family’s heir and begins her training as duchess. The new duchess tries to win the royal’s approval while navigating daily adversary as new girl on campus. When the Morris family gathers other royal families for a Christmas dinner, Chanel’s school crush invites her to the school’s winter formal. Chanel decides to go to the formal but was forced to stay for the Morris party. As she gets ready, she meets a genie that was hidden in her mother’s old room and grants Chanel a wish. She wishes for another Chanel to stay behind at the dinner party while she attends the formal. The genie grants her wish, only the wish comes with a price. Her double is the opposite, causing mayhem and trickery to discredit Chanel’s reputation. Chanel faces the obstacles to undo the damage of her Christmas wish or go about the genie’s request to let the wish play out until the night is over. “Count me in, send the sample script.” Delilah giddily sends the text to Tiana and press play back into acting. Her contract with The Good Doctor ended after the fourth season and decided to focus on her social media platform. DClarity has gotten more recognition since her role as Dr. Claire Browne. She couldn’t be more grateful to her followers and support from the online community. Messages from followers who keep tab of Delilah’s activity and check-in. Dana noticed their sister’s withdrawn behavior. They’ve spoke on it until they collectively elevate their minds with marijuana and Moscato.Delilah stops in her track at the doorway of the bathroom. She feels the motion underneath her feet and sways side to side. Her body sends heavy chills from the brain down to her abdomen, sensing nausea in her wake. She swallows thick saliva and paces her breathing. She controls the urge to vomit as she looks at herself in the mirror. Stitch follows her to the bathroom, licking her ankles before sitting in between her. “I’m okay, baby.” She looks down at him with a fake grin. She focused on the surface of her anxiety instead of pondering the thought that can be saved for after the audition.The warm shower water relaxes her body, she can still feel Maksim’s touch from when they were in San Diego. She daydreams the events in her head to ease her nausea until her stomach turns in knots at the thought of Saylor. Delilah drowns out the thoughts with affirmations of succeeding her audition. After her shower, she didn’t waste time throwing on her clothes and got on the phone with her manager.T: Duchess Adrienne would be the perfect role for you, a light cake strolls back your way to television!D: I can see that. What about Jacquelyn or Juniper? I don’t know if I want to be a starring role with antagonistic themes. It’s done to death.T: Well, that may be true, but I say Adrienne because I don’t want you to lose your limelight by supporting role. Beyonce can play Juniper and still get a bag. B*tch can’t act, but you deserve your Emmy.D: I think Dana will have an Emmy before me and Beyonce. -laughs- I’m ready for this. Did the casting manager send you over the sample script I’m reading?T: Let me check. Ah! There it is, I’ll forward it to you now. He has time to hear your reading at 2:00pm and I can pick you up?D: Sounds good. Text me when you’re out— Vomit suddenly spews from Delilah’s mouth and on her bathroom sink. She jumps to the toilet and surrenders until the episode was over. She looks back at the mess, stomaching the energy to get back on her feet and clean up. “DC, you ok? DC?” Tiana still on the other end of the phone and concerned about what she heard. Delilah noticed chunks of fluid on her shirt and takes it off. “Do me a favor and go to the pharmacy before you head over here. Text me when you’re downstairs.”

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