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12/03/2021 03:43 PM 

Be the energy you want to attract into your life

You are part of eternal consciousness, infinite awareness, part of all that is, has been and ever will be. You are a soul traveling around in this 3D holographic interactive information world for the purpose of the evolution of your soul, to learn, love, grow, mature, and create. Everything that is detected in this world is picked up through the five senses to be sent electrically to the brain to be decoded into your reality. But you are not only here to observe and decode reality into what is seen. You are here to create reality. One of the basics of who you are is a creator.The ignorant person seeks to look to the outside world to solve the problem of finding peace, love, joy, meaning, purpose. The wise person looks within to find the answers because the wise person knows that the kingdom of heaven is within them at all times. Everything you ever need in this world, the answers for your soul that you seek, are within you.This is like the Mullah Nasruddin parable of the lost key. Mullah was down on his hands and knees outside looking for a lost key. People came to help him. When one person asked Mullah where he lost the key, Mullah said in a casual tone of voice that he lost the key inside of his house. The person looked surprised and asked the question that anyone would ask, "So why are you looking for the key out here on the street?" The Mullah answered that there is more light outside.The story may not make sense at first but the meaning is that you can have many great things happen to you and be depressed and you can also barely have anything and be poor but be joyful. How you feel, the satisfaction you have, is all based on your perception. That all comes from within you. This is a conscious choice.Your thoughts control your reality. If you control your mind, you control your world and how you perceive your world. Your emotions are a manifestation of your thoughts. You can either react to the circumstances around you, becoming a slave to them, or be deliberately, intentionally, controlling the circumstances around you with how you respond to them.As a matter of fact, whether you have realized this or not, ever since you were born, you were always actively creating what you see and what happens around you. This is because the world operates on law of attraction by your energy, frequency, and vibration. The energy you give out is given back to you. This is not theory but this is a law of the universe. Everything that is a part of what you see is attracted by your vibration, from the people you interact with, places you see, activities you enjoy, the money you have, and everything else about your life. The thoughts that come to you are attracted toward you by the frequency you give out to the world. Thoughts are floating through the air and the thoughts that align with your vibration will come to you.If you allow yourself to become a slave to the circumstances around you, and the circumstances are not desirable, negative downward momentum can start. Your thoughts can become self-destructive with feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, and depression settling in. You can start to believe the lie that you are not worthy and that others are more worthy than you are of the best things in this world. The truth is that you are no less worthy than anyone else in this world to receive the best things that life has to offer.Your past does not matter. Where you currently are on your journey does not matter. Where you are going is what matters. If you continue to be controlled by what you have already seen and experienced, how life has already been going, that is what you will experience more of. You can choose to defend your reasoning for only paying attention to what you have seen for evidence of how you should feel but unless what you have experienced is satisfactory, this will not serve you well. Energy flows where attention goes. The direction of your life all depends upon what you choose to focus on.What can help is to meditate. Make sure to wear comfortable clothes and be still. When you are still, everything will slow down. The negative emotions of stress and worry will fade away. Let go of all thoughts and be still. You can feel ease, peace, clarity, and an overall better sense of wellbeing. You will feel happier and more relaxed.Now you can focus on affirmations. Think thoughts of, "All of life is coming together to work in my favor. I am surrounded by love and positive energy. I have the ability to make my life however I wish. I can fulfill my dreams and wishes. I can control my reality and manifest my dreams into reality. I trust the universe to always know what I want, through my energy, and be lining up everything that I want. I am able to trust and relax in the knowing that in this world, just as people can all be healthy, everyone can live in an abundant lifestyle with seeing their desires come forth. I am deserving of living the best life possible, and with knowing how to control my reality, I can start living my best life possible today."There is one more thing that is more powerful than meditation and affirmations. This is appreciation. Counting your blessings for the life you are living now will immediately place you into the best positive mood there is. The secret to everything in life is based on how you feel. The better you feel, the more you can be in the receptive mode to receive more of what you have been asking for.The law of attraction does not state that you get what you want but that you get back from the world more of who you are and what you are focused on. The world is an inclusive one that is always saying yes. In other words, what you focus on and ask for is what the universe will give you. If you can be appreciative, thankful, happy and satisfied with where you are, while at the same time excited about all that there is that will come to you in the future, this is the best place to be. All of the things you have wanted are lined up for you but you must be in the right receptive mode, the right frequency, in a receptive vibration of appreciation, happiness, joy, to be able to receive the blessings that you have asked for and the universe wants to give to you.Your emotions are tools for you to use throughout your journey in this world. When you are feeling joy, you are in great alignment with your soul, who you really are. When you are feeling depressed, you are very far away from being connected with your soul. The more connected with who you are, the more full of joy and love that you have, the more you can share with others. This is called sharing because you do not lose the love, joy, peace that you can give to others. When you are depressed, disconnected from who you are, feeling distant from your soul, you find it to be difficult to relate with others or connect with others because everything starts with your connection with yourself.Pay attention to how you feel at all times to know if you are headed in the right direction or not. When you have a thought come to you, ask yourself if that thought serves you well. If that thought helps you feel good, makes you happier, keep thinking thoughts like that. If you notice the thought weighs you down, let the thought go and pull your focus back onto something positive. Nothing matters more than how you feel because this is a vibrational universe that is governed by how you feel, your vibration, and the better you feel, the more positive momentum there will be. When this happens, you will start to feel more energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate about the life you are living.As you go forth on your journey through this world with paying attention to your emotions, you will notice that how you treat yourself and everyone around you has a drastic and consistent effect on how you feel. The worse off you treat yourself and everyone else, when you talk down to yourself or others, you feel worse. Your vibration, energy, frequency is lowered and the world becomes a dark place. When you uplift yourself and others, your world becomes brighter. You start feeling more joyful and you can tell that from your vibration, the people around you react to you in a more joyful state.The very nature of who you are is love. You are love, loved, lovable, and feel at your best when you are being loving to yourself and others. When you are full of love, you radiate love out into the world and love others naturally because when you love others, you are in direct connection with your soul. When you know that you can deliberately control your reality with ease by listening to your emotions, being ecstatic about where you are and your future, when you are able to love yourself, and, in return, love others, you will be in the perfect receptive mode to see the life you have been dreaming about and longing for manifest before your eyes and live your best life now. 

Dante "Touch" Genovese

12/03/2021 01:48 PM 

Returning to the Genovese Estate
Current mood:  contemplative

As the former boss of the Genovese Crime Family crossed the mall of his courtyard, leaving the taxi cab behind with a "thank you" and a modest tip... he was both relieved and disappointed by what he saw. The chateau was in decent condition- and staff were clearly still present on the grounds- as the upkeep showed in the neatly-trimmed hedges and maintained gardens- and the paint on the building was clearly still maintained despite the harsh weather of the Brooklyn area. But there was disappointment too- as he looked to the car park and saw only a handful of vehicles in "staff" parking. None of the family spaces were filled.In his years in federal lockup, he'd been out of contact with his entire family. He'd been legally withheld from contact with any known member of the Genovese family- a ruling that was taken to mean both the "Family"... and the family. He'd heard and seen nothing from his siblings, his advisors, his enforcers, or even his children. He'd been unable to access news or updates on the outside world. No one had even been notified when he was released. Apparently the release had been organized due to a certain old ally in the Senate- to whom Dante owed a great debt... otherwise he would surely be in lockup until his dying days.When he reached the intricately hand-carved double doors of the estate, he found them open- a cleaning crew was currently shampooing the carpeting in the main foyeur... and the hose to their device required the door to be ajar. As he stepped through the door... he frowned deeply. The overwhelming smell of clean carpets and fresh air told him a sad truth- the building was not being lived in. This estate had been his Mother and Father's years before... and he and his two siblings had grown up on its grounds. Yet now, as he gazed up the grand staircase... he knew that his empire had not been run through this building as he'd hoped. In fact, he was certain now that the building's upkeep was likely only due to the nostalgia of one or more of his children... like an empty grave for a missing Godfather.The cleaning crew stared as he approached the grand staircase and began to ascend the still-uncleaned carpeted stairs towards the second floor of the building. The crew whispered amongst themselves in what Dante recognized as Spanish. They hadn't the slightest idea who he was... or even if he should be there.His eyes looked back and forth. The expensive paintings that had hung on his walls had been swapped out for obvious prints and cheaper artists. Probably a wise decision given the lack of Genovese personnel around the grounds. It wouldn't do to allow a priceless Rembrandt to be pinched by a tempted maid or security guard.His eyes fell sad as he saw his office door just at the top of the stairs... the family crest on the door shiny and new- yet it looked somehow sad and downcast- the flawless shine of the handles, which he might have normally found splendid- only confirmed the lack of life to this tomb of an estate. There was no one here.He paused at the door- taking a long breath before daring to open the door and cross his office's entryway. What would he find inside? What would he discover about the fate of his family... or even his empire?It was at this moment a case of Shrodinger's Cat. Until he opened that door and searched his office... his Empire both existed and didn't exist simultaneously. His family was both well and unwell. They remained in an infinite state of uncertainty until the box- his office- was opened and the fates revealed.The aging crime boss took a final breath... then twisted the door handle- and pushed the door open.The main window was open, allowing light to fill the room.His desk sat much like it had for most of the Don's career. And with a cursory glance- the rest of the room looked almost as if no time had passed since his incarceration. However- as the man looked around his officer... small chinks in the illusion of timelessness began to appear to him.The pictures of his children were gone.His old lounger for guests was missing- replaced with a red-leather couch decorated with brass Lion's heads- the family's patron animal.But the thing that stung him the most- that gripped his heart in an icy grip- was that his desk was clean and bare. No papers- no photos- nothing. No indication of any kind as to the fate of his family or his empire. As he moved to sit in his old office chair- he found it comforting. Nostalgia overwhelmed him as he wrapped his hands around the soft leather of the armrests... and eased back into the well-constructed chair. Good. It had been cared for as well- the material hadn't stiffened or cracked as aged leather so often wanted to do.He then brought his shaking hand forward to his desk drawer... and pulled at the handle. It clicked with a metallic sound that told him the drawer was locked. Indeed- all of the drawers were locked. And he didn't have the slightest idea where the key was. He reached for his corded desk phone... but again stops with a pained grimace. He didn't know who to call. He didn't know anyone to contact to learn anything.He had never- in his life... felt more helpless and isolated. Don Genovese had never been a man to allow himself to appear weak or helpless... and he'd never felt that way either..... No- that wasn't true. When his first daughter Cecily had been born... she'd had a complicated birth. It was feared that neither the child nor mother would survive. He'd felt exactly then as he did now. Only then, he'd had his siblings and sons with him. Now? He had no one."Excuse me, sir? I'm going to have to ask you to..." The polite voice stopped after going quiet. Dante looked up... blinking as he sees a small man in a smart suit- a young greek man? Or perhaps Spanish? Mediterranean, at least- though he doubted the man was Italian. The man stared at him slack-jawed in such a way that immediately, Dante knew the man recognized him- though Dante hadn't the slightest idea who the man was."D-Don Genovese?!" The man sputters out with a tone of utter disbelief. Dante frowned at that. "After all these years, I'm not the Don of anything." He nods, then asks. "I take it you are a member of the staff?"The man swallows, then nods. "Uh... yes sir! Stellio. I'm the caretaker of the grounds." He blinks wildly, then states with a questioning tone. "I hadn't heard you'd be returning! I... w-welcome home, sir!"Dante offers a forced smile. A sad smile. He hadn't seen a familiar face since leaving prison. Not even in a photograph. "Stellio... I need you to do something for me."The man nodded rapidly, clearly still shocked- but willing to assist the seriously- toned Sicilian man. "I'm afraid I'm a bit lost at the moment. I'd like you to please contact whoever in my family you can. And tell them to come here as soon as they can." He offers with a small smile, then adds. "And- I don't suppose any of my clothing is here?"(Note- no killing is valid in this blog. I reserve the right to remove trolls or random silliness from the blog.)


12/03/2021 01:19 PM 

Dec 3

The day my son was born was the best day of my life. Even if my ex-husband didn't want him to be in the world. He is truly my greatest blessing and why I do all that I do. He means everything to me and I am so blessed that God chose me to be his mama. He truly is the best thing to happen to me. Landon Cole Rodgers, I promise to be the best mama I can be to you and I promise to make you proud that I am your Mama.


12/03/2021 11:43 PM 


Summer.Beach Day.All Season.Formal.Inspired.All Season.Casual Formal.Inspired.All Season.Original Style.Inspired.All Season.Smart - Workaholic.Requested.All Season.Dressy.Requested.All Season.Sports.Requested.All Season.Bed Style.Inspired.Special Requests.


12/03/2021 09:56 PM 

Yuletide Nope.

Circa 2010, this is a super throwback.  But, honestly, I feel like this is way older.  Maybe 2008?  Was myspace still a thing?  Either way, this is one of my earliest pieces of work for Nox outside of yahoo!groups, her birthplace.The night was especially cold. Colder than cold. Freshly fallen snow blanketed the landscape in its frosted beauty, obscuring most of the filth and grunge of a dirty city. Dark clouds, laden with the promise of more snow yet to come, hung over the landscape like a gray specter ready to pounce on the poor city residents as they went about their busy ways. At such a late hour of the day, the noise of the city took on a different tone. Traffic was unavoidable. The bite of winter was insufferable. And the local residents were as rude as ever. But with the looming holiday season at hand, there was a difference in people, in the city. Every storefront was decorated in gaudy bright colors and eye-catching displays, inviting people to come in and find the best Holiday sales. It was a welcomed distraction from the dull, listless day-to-day life, a sugary fix, and childhood memories long past wrapped brightly in political correctness and commercialization.Mary Sinclair was finishing her holiday shopping this particularly cold night. Her arms were full of brightly colored parcels and shopping bags. Thank God for free gift wrapping, right? Mary was a visitor in the city, she lived out in the suburbs, nice and safe from inner-city crime and other disreputable factors that came with living in the big city. Her day had just slipped away from her; she had been so busy with a luncheon with girlfriends, a spa date, and shopping, but now…now Mary found herself lost. As she wandered from here to there, Mary began to notice the space between bright window displays grew further apart. People became equally spread out. Faces grew less and less friendly. Finally, Mary became terrifyingly aware of footsteps following her. The woman dared not look behind her. Perhaps if she kept walking, the punks might become discouraged and leave her alone. But as she walked faster, so the footsteps followed. And at much the same pace.By the time Mary was at a full run, however, the panicked woman realized the footsteps were no longer behind her. Slowing her pace, the suburban woman finally mustered up the courage to look around her. It was a filthy inner-city neighborhood, the type one might see on a crime show. Trash littered the ground, feral dogs ran the street, and it was all in all just in shambles. She saw the men who had been following her, they circled like sharks at the mouth of a darkened alleyway. Mary watched with horrified eyes when she realized the men had found themselves a new victim. She couldn’t see the young woman very well, but Mary was certain it was a woman with wavy blonde hair and a slight frame. They crowded the young woman into the alley, no doubt to rob or rape her!“Help!” Mary screamed. The men barely paid the older woman any attention. “Help!” Mary screamed again, louder and louder. Would no one help the poor girl?! But no sooner had she begun to question the amoral standards of the evil big city that a dark figure moved along the rooftops. Mary gave a sigh of relief at the sight of the famed Night Guard, the vigilante superhuman. The newspaper both praised and condemned him for his self-styled justice. He purportedly has incredible strength! But even before the self-styled superhero could take action, the sounds of screaming caught Mary’s attention. It was not the scream of a young woman being attacked. No, it was the sound of grown men crying out in complete horror. From the street, four grown men screamed like little girls. Accompanying their screams was a low, resonating growl that grew in magnitude until it was a booming roar.The men staggered back from the darkened alleyway, their faces contorted into looks of complete terror, their skin turned ashen gray. Advancing from the shadows the alley provided came a monstrous beast. It stood on hind legs, but the arched posture suggested it would have been more comfortable on all fours. Covered from head to claw-tipped toe in dark, brown fur, the creature looked almost canine! The thing even had a bushy tail! Its head was--this was utterly impossible, Mary thought--just like a wolf’s…it had a long, narrow snout and large pointed ears set atop its head…like a wolf! Was this…no…it couldn’t be…but it looked just like something out of a horror film! But this was no actor in a corny suit with prosthetics. Dare she say it? Was that thing…a werewolf? The creature stood maybe six feet tall, for it met eye to eye with the tallest thug. It wore the tattered remains of clothing, like those of the woman Mary had seen being chased into the alley by the thugs. Was that the woman? Looking closer, dear sweet God, the beast even had what looked like breasts!Mary turned and ran for her life. She wanted nothing more to do with the scene unfolding before her eyes. A female werewolf beating up the thugs who intended to rob her…poetic justice, yes. But just too weird! Costumed superheroes she could handle, but this was just too much! She wanted to go home, home to her cheating husband and ungrateful children. She would never complain about them ever again so long as she got home and in one piece!The werewolf--for lack of a better name--faced down the four thugs. The leader of their little pack had courage enough to pull out a switchblade and charge her. She had to give him credit for the bravery, but it was a futile effort. She spread her legs, planting her paw-like feet firmly on the ground and lowering her frame into a crouch. She spread her arms, ready to grab the thug in a powerful bear hug or at least to counter any possible attack he might throw her way. Her muscles were taut, ready to spring like a sprung trap at a moment’s notice. Leveling her broad head with her body, the werewolf’s ears folded back and she exposed her most fearsome assets: her teeth. A biologist would explain that her posture was one of a fighting stance. This creature, this werewolf was ready to fight. A low growl resonated from the depths of her throat as she dared the lead thug to test her. And to the man’s continuing credit, he did actually make a run at her. The thug, a man by the name of Quentin Baden, lunged at the wolf-creature, his hand gripping the switchblade with confidence, perhaps more confidence than he actually felt. For a split second, he looked like he might actually land a blow on the strange beast. But as he pinwheeled his arm to stab the wolf, her hand grab his arm and lifted him upward. Though he was not that much shorter than herself, the werewolf managed to lift him off the ground by his arm, still clutching the blade. Quentin cried out, both in fear and in pain. 


12/03/2021 06:01 PM 

New Years Resolution

The one thing Phoenix wants more than anything else is for her daughter to have a relationship with Silas. She wants her daughter to know her father and bond with him, but she is terrified that he will break Josslyn's heart like he did hers. Deep down she knows it's not as simple as that, but she can't seem to bring herself to let go, even just a little bit, and let Silas back into their lives. So, that is her New Years Resolution. She wants to find the strength to let him back in and to let him get to know their daughter. 


12/03/2021 04:54 AM 

Task 71

โš˜ Hแด€สŸสŸแดแดกแด‡แด‡ษด วซแดœแด‡แด‡ษด โš˜

12/03/2021 03:08 PM 

๐Ÿ”ช๐ŸŽƒ Halloween Queen's Rules ๐Ÿ”ช๐ŸŽƒ
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12/02/2021 11:15 PM 

Grizzly Adams Guidelines, Rules, Etc...
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Splitting Soul

12/02/2021 10:32 PM 

Reply to guilt ridden- harry

Sweet victory. It was finally the moment that he was searching for. It had taken him months to find the location of the Potters. Thanks to Peter Petigrew, the secret location was revealed. Peter had proven his loyalty to Voldemort by betraying James and Lily. The betrayal never would have happened if Lily and James would have just joined him. They had denied him and therefore that meant they were against him.  Voldemort and his followers stormed up the steps. The goal was to kill the baby. Voldemort had no reason to kill Lily or James, even after they proved to be enemies. He only needed to kill Harry. According to the prophecy, only the boy needed to die. Of course it was Harry, he was half blood just as himself. He had even sensed a part of him in Harry. There was no way that the prophecy was talking about Neville. Neville was pure blood. Voldemort knew better despite the two of them being born in the same birthday month.  Voldemort stood in the room in Godric's Hollow that Peter revealed to him. Lily and James were in the room. “Step aside Lily Potter. It is the boy who I desire to kill.” Voldmort said to Lily as she stood fighting for baby Harry. . Of course he knew that she wasn't going to move. She made the decision easier for him. Kill the whole family. Besides, James and Lily needed to die for not joining him. There were few that got away with defying him. How was it that he seemed to be showing them mercy so many times. Voldemort paused. Someone else was in the room. He saw someone step from out of the shadows. He looked at him confused and got a feeling. In his gut he felt as if he was looking at the boy he was needing to kill.  “Harry Potter?” Voldemort’s look of confusion grew into an angry look. He looked around at his followers and then at Lily and James. “How is it that you are older? You think you can keep me from killing your mother and father. You travelled in time before I succeeded? For what? To save them?” He laughed as he walked closer to the boy unafraid of him.” I’ll kill you now, and finish your parents afterwards. Surely, you didn't think that you’d succeed in battle with me? Don't worry they’ll meet you in your afterlife.`` Voldemort said to the older HArry Potter as he held his wand up at him, minutes away from using the killing curse.

๐Ÿ’˜ วซแดœแด‡แด‡ษด แดา“ sแด˜แดแดแด‹ส ๐Ÿ’˜

12/02/2021 09:38 PM 

๐ŸŽƒ Queen Of Spooky's Rules ๐ŸŽƒ
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๐ƒ๐„๐…๐‚๐Ž๐ the halls!

12/02/2021 08:11 PM 

Living dreams and wonderlands, Tiny Little Tree

It was something that she had overlooked undertaking; singing. It was a pastime that she had shared, lovingly, with her mother pre-explosion of her entire life. It was always spontaneous and her Anya; oh how ethereal her voice genuinely was to the youthful Wanda. It never faltered; not ever.Oh, how Wanda loved to be awoken with her mother's dulcet tones as she prepared breakfast for the family. Open country-bread sandwiches with túró cheese, májkrém, and bacon...what could she state? Pietro loved his porcine meat products, and Wanda did as well. Their father loved to have some kenล‘májas on his sandwich and there was always an abundance of kabanos and beerwurst. It covered everyone's preferences, but her mother would always go the extra mile to make sure to always have fruit products as well like, mulberry jam and Hungarian fruit soup, and some apple-pear juice. During the preparations, her mother would sing so beautifully and, sometimes, if he was in the mood to; her father would break out his zither to accompany her. The sounds, smells, and feelings of love permeated every inch of her morning meal. So swept up at the moment that Wanda would accompany her with various songs.During the day, right after school, Wanda would rush home to be with her parents because it inevitably meant that she would get to learn how to play and sing as beautifully as her parents did. They tried to teach Pietro the zither but he was more in tune with listening silently as his father played and mother sang. Wanda, on the other hand, absorbed like a sponge. Each lesson was new, enlightening, and full of pleasure even if she got frustrated with it most days. It just forced her to practice, practice, practice.These were the lessons that she truly wanted to learn. History of Sokovia be damned to her; it was all boring facts about its history, language, and government. But, learning what vibrato meant or how to play the of the zither? A zither was harder than you can expect and then add a few more metrics to it but Wanda could, eventually, find herself a rhythm with the instrument. Not a pro; not even by a long shot but she was proficient at a beginners/intermediary level. It made her proud, and it gave her so much alone time with her father that she got a better history of Sokovia. Flowing tales that he regaled her with about his childhood, stories about her Nagyapa and Nagymama as well. Wonderful things that she treasured more than life itself. Things that she found out by more than just hanging around him day to day while he went about his business and she; her own. Finding out tidbits about past wars; especially the big one which made Wanda sad and she would openly weep as her father regaled her with stories of their past. All of her Jewish relatives, other's family members, their children, their cities, and their countries. That sadness brought a rich depth to her playing the zither. All those feelings of powerlessness that her people felt, her own sadness, as well as her utter joy from learning these lessons and finding a new love for the teacher. It added a rich depth to her playing. She could feel the sounds of each string deep in her soul for which she plucked from the air in her mind and named them after her lost heritage.Wanda and music? It was a very storied and loving past that, not only brought her to her ancestors of old but bonded her so intrinsically with her family with each string that she pulled or each note that she executed. Now, when she did sing? It was always in private as a way to connect to her family; the entire line of her parentage. Being a jew who did not celebrate or live by her religion; this was her time of devotion, praise, and connection.As she had gotten older and came into her powers; Wanda's singing became even richer with more moving parts to it. Hex Magicks would ignite around her thoughts as little fairies danced around her room. Rich, brilliant flowers would bloom out of the wooden slats of the flooring. The sun slowly rose in the east to lighten the room in a field of cerulean and gold. All too soon, her meager room would look like the movie; Fantasia as her voice became both soft and bold, wild and tempered, sweet and dark. This was what magic should be; she always thought to herself. Not some power that can rend universes, break minds, ensorcell and rend.So, when Groot had asked her to sing him a song; Wanda was, slightly, taken aback. He was her ward, a very special, little being that had taken over her heart in mere moments. All she wished to do was protect him, unlike what she had done with her own twins. The difference? Groot was real, manifested, and made on a real plane of existence. All Wanda wanted to do was protect him, enrich him, play with him, teach him, and love him. There was so much more, kind of like a diamond because it had so many facets to it.Singing; this time around? It was something that she wanted to share with another being. Project the love for the craft and how it cradled her in times of need and gave her life some semblance of meaning.To manifest this love into something tangible. Wanda wanted to delight him, entrance him and move him like he's never been moved before. She had to plan.Tuning her zither; sadly it was not her father's due to the damage at her house and later to her country. The first thing she had purchased when she became an Avenger was a zither that she made sure had a very rich history to it. It was tuned and polished so that the rich wood gleamed when the sun or her Hex Magicks hit it with a trickle of light. Next, she bought herself a Sokovian traditional folklore outfit and watched videos on how to braid and flower her hair in just the right fashions to go along with her outfit.When everything was shopped for, picked up, and put together; she gave it the stamp of approval in her bedroom mirror and then undressed to put the items away as she continued her preparation for that day. The music; a song that was a lullaby rich to her people's history had to be just perfect. Wanda could only settle on one song; though it referenced a father over a mother. She did not think that Groot would mind the small inclusion of the word mother over father within the song itself. It was not like she was going to be singing this to a packed audience, you know?So, finally, with the song in hand and practiced for a week straight. Wanda was ready.That morning, before he was to awaken. Wanda woke extra early and prepared her entire morning. She had bought all the same breakfast fixings that her mother would make each morning before school would start. Everything was at the ready there; now it was time to shower and then put on all her accouterments for the full effect. When she looked into the mirror as she finished every small detail; Wanda began to openly weep at her visage. It was breathtaking.(An example of a Hungarian folklore costume: It was about that time that she heard the first stirrings of her little tree. Dressed to the nines, Wanda waltzed into his room to wake him up while she waited for him to appreciate or comment on her full regalia. She was all smiles; her heart filled with simple pleasure and joy at this connection to her people, her family, her heritage, and her previous life that was now connected to this little being. She dearly missed those frugal but carefree days full of love, life, and daily night-time viewings of her favorite American family comedies. God, it had been so long since she looked back to that time with peace and love.As he woke, little brown and soulful eyes gazed up at the woman he, now, called mother and he seemed befuddled. After a few moments, the grains of Puck's sleep were gently wiped from his eyes. The smile was what every mother could ever dream of seeing from their child: one of abject love, acceptance, and sweetness. Sitting up quickly, she lifted little arms to her while he asked; "I am Groot," (What are you wearing, mommy?) Wanda smiled warmly and answered him in a singsong voice. "These are the clothes of my peoples, little tree. They are part of my heritage."Lifting him, she put him on her shoulder and then moved to the mirror so he could see her fully. The morning sun shone off of her scarlet, curly locks in such a way that they looked like a mix of gold and copper and reddish-brown. A patchwork of her life and of coming into her powers, she mused to herself. Little fingers moved to one of the braids as they danced along the strands; mesmerized."I am Groot" (Your hair is so pretty mama, but why are you all dressed up like this today?) Wanda gave a broad smile and spun around to the sounds of him going "Wheeeee," in her ear. It made the Sokovian woman giggle; something that she had not done to this extent in such a long, long time. With utter joy and glee in her breast and her mind."I am going to treat you to something you have been asking me for weeks now. You wanted me to sing to you, yes?"She did not wait for an answer, though."I thought that it might be prudent for both of us that I reconnect to my past. To give you a show and to, finally, find some true passion and light in this life. That is you, that is me, this cabin, and our new life together. It is a time for me to stop seeing my past and being enraged but to be bewitched enough to fall in love with what once was. So, I am going to sing you a song; like you have been asking me for. It is a lullaby, my little tree. I apologize for not singing it to you at night, but I wanted to show you how my family was before all of this started," she sighed heavily. She did not want to get sucked back into that rage or hate again. No, this was a celebration."All right, it is time for breakfast. I have many treats for you and while you eat, I shall sing you a song. Deal?"The little man looked at her with that puppy dog, soulful eyes, and smiled so brightly that he could put Dazbog to shame with all of its radiant glory."I am Groot" (I am starving mom; I am ready.) With that, Wanda nodded softly to him and moved toward the kitchen area.She was quick to put together his breakfast. Toasting the bread, putting out the cheese, sausages, liverwurst, fruit soup, mulberry jam, and everything else. The dishes were special too, just to make this day as magical as she could for Groot.When she could juggle and herd him into a seat with a feast before him; all of his morning rituals were put on pause for the time being; Wanda took a seat on the other side of the table. Pulling out the zither, she placed it on the table and gave him the most loving of smiles."Ready my little tree?" She asked with a cant of her head and a gentle smile. Groot gave a sage nod while his little cheeks were stuffed so much that he looked like a baby chipmunk. With that acknowledgment, Wanda was ready.The zither was laid on the table as Wanda leaned over it and with steady fingers; she began to pick the strings until the stiffness in her fingers began to dissipate. Clearing her throat, softly, she had done some vocal workout as she had gotten ready. So, she could feel how loose her diaphragm was and how warm and flexible her vocal cords, now, were. All she needed to do was to play the song. She planned to sing it in its original tongue as she used her mind to let him hear the English translation.The sound of the zither was dreamy and otherworldly. It added depth to the vocals as she felt a sudden swarming of warmth and abject joy. His visage with that smile would forever be burned into her mind. Closing her eyes as she got into the song; her powers began to manifest slowly but with a passion that she's never truly felt before.The room burst forth with a brilliant red light; as if the universe had just come into being with a wild bang. As the zither's tones started to get richer and more precise; the light broke off into a world of wonder and amazement. Tiny fairies buzzed about the room as beautiful flowers blossomed into being all at once. Lush grass began to bud and then grow at 15x its normal rate. Trees of all kinds began to make the floor shake under their feet as they began to push forth from the fertile ground. Small saplings of Pine, Willow, Dogwood all shot upward and filled themselves out into large, sprawling beasts that were knotted and bent with giant sprays of branches that were fecund with leaves. All too soon butterflies unfurled from cocoons that sprouted in the lush trees all around the kitchen. Leaving them sitting in their own secret world. Although her powers only manifested themselves in a lavish red; these manifestations started to separate, coalesce and join in an orgy of varying shades of crimson. Blush pinks with hints of gold, radiant rose, and all the shades of red in-between. A feat that even a master painter of Italian ancestry could never come close to embodying.This was their world, their perfect hideaway. This was Groot and Wanda's Eden. A day that she wished that she and Groot would never and could never forget. Once she had gotten her fingers to pull together and shape the world, they were within; Wanda started the song. As the song began, the first note that could be heard from her was silken with a gentle fire lit underneath it all. The embers felt warm which brought out the honey in each note."A csendes ég lenyugodott, a város alszikMenj aludni fiam is.Fölötted egy gyönyörลฑ pillangó flörtöl,Száz tündér suhan feléd.Kitárod a karjaidat búcsúzóul,Így suttogsz jó éjszakát,Amíg a tündérek földjén jársz,anyukád vigyázni fog rád.Te vagy életem reménysége,Te vagy nekem az élet.Csak add a kezed anyukádnak,És álmodd gyönyörลฑ gyermekemet.Álmodban hallgass mesetörténeteket,Hallgasd szívem dalát,Szeress úgy, ahogy én szeretlek téged,Jó éjszakát kicsi fiam.Amikor virágok nyílnak az útonTörล‘dj velem.Mindig szeretni foglak, várni foglak, hívlak,Gondolj rám gyönyörลฑ gyermekem.Amikor utam végére érek,Mondj búcsút tล‘lem,Búcsúzz el édesanyádtól, mint a régi idล‘kben,Pihenj, és jó éjszakát.Búcsúzz el édesanyádtól, mint a régi idล‘kben,Pihenj, és jó éjszakát."In Groot's mind, Wanda relayed the words in English and with the change from father to mother; hoping that the person who wrote it would be all right with it all. This was solely for fun, anyway.(The quiet sky has set, the city is sleeping.Go to sleep also my son.Above you, a beautiful butterfly is flirting,A hundred fairies are gliding to you.You open your arms as a farewell.This is how you whisper good night.While you are walking the land of the fairies,your mommy will watch over you.You are all the hope of my life.You are life to me.Just give your hand to your mom.And dream my beautiful child.In your dream may you listen to fairytale stories,Listen to the song of my heart.Love me just like I love you.Good night my little son.When flowers are blooming on your wayCare about me.I will always love you, wait for you, call you.Think about me, my beautiful child.When I reach the end of my road,Say farewell to me.Say goodbye to your mother, like in the old times.Rest you and good night.Say goodbye to your mother, like in the old times.Rest you and good night.)This all had been a very trying bit of her extraordinary powers. A superior muscle that she had never exerted but was dearly in specific need of proper use. They dearly needed flexing, stretching, and building strength so it was well worth the hearty squeeze for herself. Plus, she got the chance to faithfully deliver him, and herself, the emotional time of their lives. A private time that most active parents typically achieved by traditionally employing pillow forts and using projectors. Wanda got to inextricably entwine him within her complex world with sights, scents, sounds, feelings, and history. As she naturally came to a gentle stop, her pleasant voice slowly faded out like the unique strings of her zither came to a slow stop. Wanda sat back inside the peaceful quiet and felt higher than a kite. This whole thing had been precisely like a psychedelic drug for her and it was addicting. It instantly gave her such extraordinary power that she traditionally knew the corona of brilliant crimson within her fierce eyes would not fade for precious hours now. Standing on wobbly feet, she gently took in a deep, gentle breath and moved over to him so that she could kneel in front of him. A beatific smile on her lovely face all for him."So, little tree...Good morning," she said thoughtfully with a knowing wink and then placed a tender kiss on his lovely head. Gradually, she sat back onto a plush chair and began furiously to make herself some breakfast as she waited for Groot to finish his mouthful of food and parse his real feelings to her about the whole event. Wanda waited with her whole soul abuzz with this increased power. She felt instantly relaxed; calmer than she has ever felt in her possible life as she merely watched the magical diorama that she had created for her and Groot begin fading from sight like fairy dust falling into glimmering pools on the floor at their feet.(An example of a Hungarian lullaby: )(An example of Hungarian instruments, the zither is listed in there: of a zither being played; The sound of silence: )

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Reagent Rules

  Good evening Just wanted to take some time to thank you for accepting/requesting me as a friend. I don’t want to bore you with too long of annoying details, but I like to be upfront with individuals when I role-play. So please if you have chance read over my rules before continuing.  MAIN VERSES --- are (but not limited to) --- Dune | The Witcher | Star Wars | AU | Cross-Over etc.      NO DRAMA -- Here to role-play and create interesting SL’s. No outside Drama Please.     COMMENTS -- are used for (discussion | OOC)          MESSAGES -- are used for (Storylines) this is much easier for me to keep track of who I’ve replied to DISCORD - SAINTOFTHEKNIFE#0871 --- Easiest way to get ahold of me PERSONAL PREFERENCE -- Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you prefer our discussions to be used in a different way. And from there we can figure something out.          PATIENCE IS KEY -- We all have lives away from the monitor, please respect that. And please don’t rush me when it comes to sending replies. If this is too much to abide by, feel free to disregard my friendship.          REPLY LENGTH – My replies tend to be Multi-Para | Novella. I like to make sure the individual I am roleplaying with is getting detailed replies that keeps them invested and interested. So please if it takes you some time to reply that is perfectly fine.


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DISCLAIMER! | Are you okay with random PMs? YesDo you want people to comment first? Two-Way StreetPara/Multi-Para/Gif Open/Status Open for plotting or someone to talk to on DMs ๐™ณ๐š˜ ๐šข๐š˜๐šž ๐š ๐š’๐šœ๐š‘ ๐š๐š˜ ๐šŽ๐š—๐š๐šŽ๐š›?   โฅ•(๐šˆ๐šŽ๐šœ) | ๐™ฝ๐š˜   โ˜† • ๐š†๐šŽ๐š•๐šŒ๐š˜๐š–๐šŽ • โ˜† {โ™คโ™กโ—‡โ™งโ˜†โ—‹โ–ก}   โ•” °.โ™ก• โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•— Hello to Rules! โ•šโ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ• °.โ™ก• โ•   ๐š๐š˜๐š•๐šŽ๐š™๐š•๐šŠ๐šข ๐š‚๐š๐šข๐š•๐šŽ๐šœ:   First Person P.O.V [โœ“/?] One Liners [โœ—] Semi-Lit [โœ“/?] Literate [โœ“/?/]โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹ ๐š๐š˜๐š•๐šŽ๐š™๐š•๐šŠ๐šข ๐™ฟ๐š›๐šŽ๐š๐šŽ๐š›๐šŽ๐š—๐šŒ๐šŽ๐šœ: Adventure [โœ“/?] Romance [โœ—] Angst [โœ“/?] Fantasy [โœ“/?] Horror [โœ—] Alternate Universes [โœ“/?] ๐™พ.๐™ฒ'๐šœ?: [โœ“] Absolutely! [โœ“] Crossovers?: [โœ“] Absolutely! [โœ“] ๐š๐šž๐š•๐šŽ๐šœ Do not be rude. This is fairly self-explanatory. Treat others the way you'd like to be treated, and everything will go smoothly. Bullying will NOT be tolerated. Try to be descriptive in your posts. It can help keeping interactions going and smoothly. Do not spam. Real life always comes first, just try to let others know if you aren't going to be around for a while.  โ™ก โ•โ• °.  • โ•โ• โ€ โ•โ• •  .° โ•โ• โ™ก   โ•”โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•—   Consquences -   Warning 2 - Warning Blocked   โ•šโ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•โ•

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Isolated House-Short Story-
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The Wilkes housed has been desert for many years ever since Roman Wilkes was found dead in his bedroom with an axe stuck in his dead as pool of blood around where his head layed. Roman died a lonely man after all his wife already has past on from brain tumor while his childen far from grown up and already have their own children so when he was found dead in bed no one has claim the house. Many years went by as no one ever brought the house no matter how many times it went for sale. Yet those who live around the house all swear they see lights turn on by themselves yet no one can be seen at any window where the lights were turned on. Then one evening a woman who decided to sit outside because the weather was warm she swore she saw the lights on and a shadowy figure just standing there but everyone knows the place is empty but who could that be as this continues every night without fail and there will always be an eye witness seeing the lights on and sometimes a shadowy figure just standing there as if waiting for something.

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