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President of Devils Amy

11/22/2020 11:59 PM 

Where did she go?
Current mood:  confused

After Asmodeus had summoned her due Dantanian's and Gusions combined powers being abused to recreate past events to tramatize POD Nate into complete insainty. She also was infromed a new Devils Queen had risen. But now she was no where to be found. She had hoped to get to help the poor girl let go of her past that haunts her. Now she is confused on why she ran. Perhaps what the Wolves say are true after all. And she beyond the reach of being saved. Since she seems to always run. Now everyone shall gather to discuss what is going on. And why this all started to begin with. And most of all that it will stop now that Amy has been summoned. 


𝐌𝐨𝐫𝐚𝐥 𝐂𝐥𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐭𝐲

11/22/2020 08:28 PM 

Dust in the Wind

Dust in the Wind                                                   1x1 with Sardonic Savior. Mentions: Livewire, Blackhole and Dark Lotus There was nothing that was more solemn than a funeral. An open hole dug in the ground with all the borders of a rectangle. Rectangles were such unbending shapes. They were also confining. There was a finality about the four walls of earth that opened up to accept that sacrifice of human life. Sitting beside the open pit was usually a smaller rectangular box to go inside the open earth. To gaze upon the box waiting to be planted into the darkness of eternity usually made one contemplate a long life that had now come to an end. The fragrant spray of flowers on the top of the solid rectangular box with shiny metal handles seemed to be a proper tribute to a life ended and the cherished memories shared with that the dearly departed. There was a tragedy that remained unspoken when standing at this funeral. The rectangular box set to be planted into the open pit was half the size of a standard coffin. In the middle of a spray of flowers on the closed casket was a white teddy bear dressed like a ballerina. The mourners were gathered around a man in his 40s and his slightly younger wife. The wife had darkened hair with a curl to it. Her soft brown eyes were red rimmed from the nights alone crying on her daughter’s bed. The man was angry. His eyes were red rimmed not because of crying. The smell of bourbon radiated from the man like a beacon. No one dared say anything to him about it either. Everyone knew that their daughter had been murdered. It was time for the minister to arrive. He was a man that stood slightly over 6 feet tall with graying temples and a robe over his suit. There at the graveside was a small stand set up for the minister to speak. “Friends, we are all gathered here on this day to remember a bright and shining light that only lasted for far too short of time. Little Emma Crosby was a beautiful child and a blessing not only to her parents but to all of us who knew her.” Still lost in the minefield of anger, hatred, and bitterness, Albert Crosby could not concentrate on the voice of the minister. That minister had brought great comfort and solace to his wife Jacqueline. All he could think about was this great and powerful being that sat back and did nothing while his daughter had been murdered at the hands of her ballet instructor. His wife believed that peace would come from this almighty power. He was angry. Rage filled him. Rage consumed him. This had been so unlike him. He was a good man. He attended the local church on a regular basis. He loved his wife. He loved his child. He followed all the rules. He did everything right. He was a good man. What had it all brought him? This God that he served with all his heart had taken everything from him. His eyes traveled over the crowd that had gathered on this cold day to help say goodbye to his daughter. Most of the people he recognized. Members of his family, of his wife's family, and members of their church had all gathered to say goodbye. There was one man that stood in the back of the crowd that he didn’t recognize. This man was young, handsome and seemed to be sorry for what had happened. This young man made eye contact with him and nodded in his direction. It was a respectful nod. There was something about this man that made him curious as to why he'd be here. He turned his gaze back to the casket that held his daughter inside. The words of the minister were hollow. All the goodness, all the joy everything was simply a lie. The funeral service was finally over. The minister would provide comfort to the family. Albert himself had had enough of these hollow and empty words. He walked away to stand under an Oak tree. “I’m really sorry that scumbag killed your daughter. It just doesn’t seem right that the good people don't get ahead in the world. There is no justice for anyone who tries to live right.” The young man that Albert didn’t know was about his same height with the same color hair he had when he was younger. He had green eyes that seemed calming in a way. Albert listened to him when he spoke. The young man was right, there was no justice in this world. What was going to happen next? He watched as the young man who wore the dark suit walk away. He climbed into an older model Camaro that was the same color as the sky. As the engine roared to life, Albert wondered who that young man was and if he’d see him again. ~•~ Stefan Salvatore was the young man’s name. It wasn’t but a few months prior that Stefan and his brother Damon had made a deal with the devil. He climbed into the car to sit beside his brother and loosened his tie. “This one was too easy. Give him a day at the most and he’ll be ready to reel in like a prize tuna.” Being the vampire who was responsible for what happened at Monterrey, Stefan Salvatore had a reputation that preceded him. He was a Ripper. He had blood on his hands that he could never wash off. Cade used this against him. He had convinced the young vampire that if Stefan were to give himself in service to Cade, not only would Damon be free but the Saltzman twins would forever escape his notice. The two innocent girls were siphons and didn’t deserve to be condemned for eternity. They needed a chance he never got. The younger of the two brothers had struck the deal. They were bound for one year to do cades dirty work. If either brother had an attack of conscience that would ruin everything. There was one way to accomplish all this. He had to turn it all off and go back to being a Ripper. He left his fiance behind. The look on Caroline’s face had broken his heart. It was easier to switch off his humanity to avoid the broken look on her face at the time. In a year, he’d turn it all back on setting them all free from the Devil. If it meant saving his soon to be step daughters and his brother, there was no price that Stefan would not pay. In the end he hoped he hadn’t lost Caroline for good. Only time would tell. He looked to his brother and spoke with a slight hint of wicked glee to his voice. “Let’s get out of here.” Moral Clarity ; Stefan Salvatore;  1607177 credit: james kriet


11/22/2020 07:55 PM 

Pieces of Me

Ever since Rowena had brought Aurora back from death, things had not been the same for her.  Right now, sitting in the living room watching Dean play on the floor with their daughter seeing them like that normally had Aurora laughing and grinning, filled with happiness. Tonight, though the best it could bring her was a soft smile.  It was as if when she was ripped from purgatory something inside of her had been left behind.  She was trying very hard to not let that fact be known to her husband, it was the last thing he needed to worry about right now, especially because he worried about her knowing she had committed suicide because she couldn’t bear to be without him. It was as if he kept special attention on her now.   Lost in her thoughts, she hadn’t realized her husband had been talking to her. “Aurora?” He got up off the floor and sat down next to her shaking her arm. ‘baby?”  A look of concern was on the hunter's face. She blinked coming out of her thoughts and looking at him. ‘What? I am sorry babe I was miles away in my thoughts. “Her husband leaned in and brushed his lips softly against hers before pulling back. ‘Are you okay? I know these past few days since being back have been hard, but you seem a little off.” She smiled and put her hand up to his cheek. “Baby I am fine. Don’t worry so much.” She leaned in and kissed him softly.    Getting up from the couch she looked over at her daughter and then back at Dean. ‘I am going to go to the store. We need a dessert for dinner and I am all out of pie.” She bent down and kissed Nadia’s forehead softly. “Mommy will be back, be good for daddy.” She stood up and pulled her husband close kissing him tenderly before pulling away. “I’ll be back in a jiffy. Can you get the oven preheated and put the roast in?” She grabbed her jacket and her car keys and headed out the door.  Getting into her car she pulled out her cell phone.  Scrolling through it she stopped at the one name she thought she would never be talking to ever again.  She sent a text. ‘I need to see you. It’s important somethings wrong with me. ‘There was no love lost between her and her half-brother, but she knew she needed his help with this because there was no way in hell she was going to Rowena.  She pulled out of the driveway and headed towards the supermarket. On the way over it started to rain heavily. Aurora could barely see and she cursed. Just then there was the screech of tires and a horn blaring. All Aurora could see before blackness was bright lights baring down on the car.   “Did it work?” She heard the unmistakable voice of Crowley. ‘I don’t know she’s not awake yet.’ The other voice responded; one she hadn’t heard. She slowly fluttered her eyes open.  There was a strange face barely inches from hers and she gasped trying to pull away. “sis sis sis calm down. It’s just Misha. Your guardian angel.” Aurora blinked and looked over at her Crowley. ‘I have a guardian angel, but I’m a demon... and Don’t call me that. “Crowley rolled his eyes at her. ‘Now now, I see your temper hasn’t changed.” Aurora growled at him and then groaned putting her hand to her head. ‘What the hell happened?” Misha looked at her. ‘ By the way, demons get guardian angels as well. Well, your car was in a head-on collision with a tractor-trailer. I healed you well Crowley forced me to heal you, though you should have died, you are supposed to be dead.” Aurora shook her head and growled holding. ‘I ...what are you talking about?”   Slowly sitting up the demon princess realized she was in a cabin much like the one the Winchesters had. Misha looked at her. ‘You killed yourself when Dean died. You were brought back unnaturally.  Purgatory is going to keep trying to reclaim you.” She stared at Misha and at Crowley. ‘but...Dean, he for brought back unnaturally... Why hasn’t purgatory tried to reclaim him?” They both looked at her shaking their heads. ‘Maybe he wasn’t in purgatory.” Aurora tilted her head. “But he’s a demon too so....” Crowley looked at her. “Who performed the spell? Mother?” Aurora nodded. ‘Sam used her to resurrect Dean and then Dean had her resurrect me. “Misha eyed her and then placed a hand on her as if examining her soul. ‘She’s been ripped in half. The spell wasn’t performed right. She’s not whole. That’s why Purgatory keeps trying to get her back.” She bit her lip. ‘I have been feeling very off since coming back like something isn’t right with me. God Dean is going to be so pissed I kept that from him.  “ She looked at Crowley. “We need to go tell Dean. But first I need a pie.” Crowley raised a brow. ‘A pie?” She smirked. “I was out buying a pie for dinner.” Crowley rolled his eyes and made a pie appear before transporting them in the middle of her living room.  Dean jumped out grabbing for the nearest weapon when He saw Crowley and Castiel pop in with his wife who had blood all over her. “What the hell happened, baby are you okay? Why are you covered in blood? What are you doing here Crowley? Cas? I thought you were in the empty....” Misha looked at Dean realizing the Cas was directed at him. ‘I’m Misha I’m aurora’s, Guardian Angel.” Aurora walked over to Her husband and kissed him softly taking the gun from his hand. She sat him down and snapped her fingers making a beer appear. “You’re going to need this.” Then she proceeded to tell him everything that had happened since she went to go get the pie.   

Alina Grady

11/22/2020 05:38 PM 

Alina Grady

Alina here and well I'm going to make this short my friends and I are kicking off the Jurassic world franchise again. I think it's time to get some new faces and old ones. As for my self I'm Owens sister and well we don't speak much if you would like to start a connection please read my bio to know my character 


11/22/2020 05:37 PM 

Battle log sound of the pulse monitor had faded in and out, Rambo could make out several things while slipping in and out of consciousness. His entire body was sore from the punishment it had endured, but the good thing was that Rambo knew right away that he was back in allied hands -- and he was likely still located in Vietnam or Thailand depending on where they decided to tend to his wounds. Slowly he turned his head to where his eyelids parted to greet the nourishing ultraviolet rays that warmed the surface of his flesh whichever had been exposed to the rays of a new day. The sun had poured in through gray clouds on the horizon bringing forth the coming of another storm, he was all to familiar with how the land had worked by now. The rain for one had been so bad sometimes to where they needed to trek through rivers, ponds, and lakes had taken over the land. Drowning out memorized routes and they needed to focus on the types of trees they passed by, or making physical markings into the trees that they used to move back and forth behind and back across enemy borders. Rambo looked down at the bandages across his chest and remembered the sick visage of the man that takes pleasure in beating and slicing his brothers until death. And had planned the same fate for him, but it wasn't meant to be. He glanced down at the rest of him and quickly found himself well maintained, all four of his limbs were still attached, and his eyesight was beginning to clear by the minute. "Welcome back, Johnny." He recognized the tone immediately -- Trautman. He was more like a father to him as opposed to being a commanding officer, and there he stood in the corner of the room. A tactic he had taught Rambo and his unit but John had quickly adapted to the uses of stealth and silent movement to where it was a casual thing by now. With a heavy heart, Rambo took a breath in, and then released it out through his nasal passages. "They're all gone, sir..." John finally said, and even felt his eyes ache at the memory of the ambush that had taken his friends. "Don't worry about that now.." Trautman said before he moved to his bedside from the right, and Rambo although the sentiment was appreciated. He knew that the soldiers that killed his friends were getting away, and he couldn't live with that. "I want to get them, sir. I want to bring them back home.." Rambo said, slowly lifting up his stature from the bed with his tags clanging together with the movement. "I'm putting together a team to go back in, you stay here and rest." It was then that Rambo upturned his chasm tinted hues up to the visage of his commander. "Let me go back in.." The fury could be seen in his very soul and would burn a hole through those that would stand in his way. Trautman kept a stoic visage much to his special forces bearing, but on the inside, he was both proud and terrified of the man that wanted to go back into the fight after being freshly treated from the torture wounds as well as the bullet hole in his leg. "John effective immediately, I am promoting you to team leader. Your courage and determination have proven to be an asset in recent months, and no one knows this terrain better than you do." Rambo had finally lifted himself from the bed to where the flats of his feet were now standing firmly on the floor in front of his commander. His fingers curling into tight fists, and then his right corded limb snapped a salute to the man who stood before him. The Army officer brought his own salute up giving John that cue to drop his own."Good luck, John." And with that, Trautman had taken his leave from the room. Now having regained his strength back he wished to all of his physical determination to bring the pain against his captors. Rambo had spent a maximum of four minutes preparing for the hike through the forest. His broadly toned arms were painted with black war paint stripes, the same for his face, and to his right was an M60 that he requested for the mission. It felt proper in what he was about to do to those who ambushed him and his team. Light hissing sounded from the oiled whetstone, as he slid the edge of his bowie knife along the length of the honing stone, occasionally switching edges to make sure that both ends had formed a flawless slicing-edge for the mission ahead. Rambo lifted the blade so that chasm orbs could examine the blade. "Lieutenant, the squad is formed, sir." The edge of the blade slipped into a sheath at his hip, and he turned to walk over toward the man that was standing at the entrance of his tent. The soles of his firmly tied military boots thumped upon the sturdy ground beneath him, and on the way out he curled his fingers at the top of the M60. The strap was hung diagonally across the material of his olive green vest. Both hands gripped the LMG at his hip, as he turned to walk out toward the berets that greeted their new commander. "Fall out.." Rambo had a mission, and they knew it. With that they all had started their long hike through the forest ahead, John navigated them through the thick foliage of the Jungle. He was glad to see Delmar Barry was back with him. "John, after this is over. You can come and visit me in Cali. My wife makes a mean steak. Now, let's go and get our brothers." Rambo turned his head to the larger soldier who was writing his address down on a small piece of paper. Instead of the typical salute, John accepted the address in a firm handshake and then wrapped his arm around his battle buddy. He would definitely visit him before going home so that he could pay his father a visit, and give him a piece of his mind. For now, his focus was on the mission; Hiking uphill this time, Rambo stopping occasionally to examine the footprints embedded in the mud as he did so. There were many. This was the terrain they used for the ambush prior, utilizing the land to their advantage. Now it was their turn, and Rambo had a trail back to the encampment. "Two teams -- both exits -- no one gets out." Rambo had given the signal to the three men including Barry to scout to the other end. Rambo and the two new recruits had stayed beside Rambo as they moved to the bamboo fencing that surrounded the encampment. "Fire on my command." In a moment's notice bullets popped and snapped through the open space of the encampment, each burst had caused the Vietcong patrols to duck and or fall from the fire. The brass coated rounds tearing through their bodies and caused the commander to try and flee some other way out of the camp. But to no avail, the perimeter of the camp was surrounded by Americans, and he had no real chance of escape. Rambo stood at the center of the camp and leveled the M60 with his waist. The soles of his boots firmly planted in the ground beneath him, and the 762 belt-fed machine gun had sprayed the remainder of his ammunition through the guard towers and huts where his teammates were tortured, the look of aggression on Rambo's face was one of pure rage and vengeance. The shell casings flipped out from the side of the LMG and then once a few of the structures had fallen he approached the commander who even now was attempting to scale of the Bamboo wall of the perimeter. The barrel of his M60 was fixated upon him. "You!" Rambo lowered the M60 to his side and lowered his hand to the knife at his hip. Fingers gripped firmly at the handle of his knife and slowly slipped the shimmering edge from the nylon sheath. The soles of his boots slowly carried him toward the commander and outstretched his fingers to clutch firmly into his trachea. The air causing his voice to shallow, and the edge of the blade was jammed into his pelvis. Slowly the blade dragged up the center of his belly, and Rambo didn't stop until he felt his warm intestines spill out over his feet. SHLUCK SHLUCK SHLUCK..the blade penetrated everything into what made him a man, and then Rambo pulled the bloodied edge of his bowie knife from the emptied cadaver of the commander. Rambo wiped the remains of gore and blood from the blade, and slipped the point of his bowie back into the sheath strapped at his hip. The bodies were carried out in pairs with Rambo carrying the body of Messner, weightless upon his shoulders as each of Baker team had been successfully extracted. It wasn't until Rambo had heard coughing emit from behind him that he stopped to look at Delmar, stopping to expel a throat irritation. Ortega weighed upon the larger mans trapezoid, as he walked up to his new team leader. "You okay?" Rambo inquired, concern in his tone. 'just a cough, buddy. I'll make it.' And with that, the team had carried on from the destroyed camp. Now burning to the ground, as they made their way back to American territory. And that was the last time I saw him alive. 


11/22/2020 05:01 PM 

A Chance Encounter

First Age: 127The first frost had come to Doriath, the chill in the air was as crisp and sharp as ever. Bright, cool sunlight highlighted delicate webs on expertly carved bushes, the pearls of water dancing in the near winter morning.  The wan yellow light filtered through the hazy clouds, reflecting off the gently moving water. It wasn’t cold enough to freeze the flowing water, but it would be cold to the touch. The ground crunched under Thranduil’s feel, the frost crusted grass bending slightly as his passing. He knew he should stick to the paths and walkways but there was something delightful about the noise. It reminded him that the seasons were to be savoured for their different merits and not to be yearned for after they had passed. He did miss the heat of the summer sun on his back, but there was also something rather lovely about wrapping up in a warm cloak and filling his lungs with the cold air of the early winter morning. Although he was less than impressed with the task he had been ordered to do by his father, he had made no complaint. The basket hanging on his arm merely served as a reminder that he was not yet old enough to undertake defensive duties. He was One Hundred and Seven! He was an adult and as such, should be able to go with the archers and swordsmen on their rounds. Instead, here he was with a basket on his arm to gather fresh fall for the table. It was beneath him! No amount of arguing would change his father’s mind however, and so he had left. Previous experience had told him exactly how that would go.Still, the air was fresh and the day young. There was some joy to be had in that at least, and later on he would be able to read some more of the books he’d stashed away and perhaps even some time would be spent with his mother.Chores first, always that. As he walked towards the low shrubs towards the woodland area, he thought about his father’s wisdom in that. Oropher was a kindly soul, one who cared for the people he knew. He was inspiring, and Thranduil hoped that when he was older, he would be the same. He also made sure that everyone did something to assist the others, no matter how small. His mother wove the finest cloth; he was wrapped in some of it now, not that he had really noticed how cold it was.The berries and herbs he had been sent to fetch glistened with hoarfrost, the red looked sharper for it, though the green of the leaves appeared grey. Perfect. They worked and tasted so much better after a frost. The berries would make a delicious jam, and the herbs would be used for healing. They would leave his fingers smelling earthy, a scent he favoured. Pushing loose strands of hair from his face, Thranduil began looking for the berries that were ripe and ready for harvesting. He had to resist eating them, they were sweet and gorging on them would make him feel unwell – he had learned that in previous years all too well. Before long, half the basket was full and he started on the herbs.It was then that he realised that he was no longer by himself. Someone had approached without him realising. Thranduil sighed, “If this is your idea of humour Caseriel. It is not funny. It wasn’t funny yesterday, and it won’t be today either,” he said, not keeping the sourness from his tone entirely.“What’s not funny?” Thranduil looked up from the leaves he had been cutting, straight into the warm blue eyes of an elf he had never met before. “You’re not Caseriel!” he exclaimed.“Would you rather I were?” she asked. “No, I mean yes.” He shook his head, “I am not sure if there is a right answer to this.” She raised an eyebrow and tilted her head, auburn hair the colour of leaves flowed over her shoulder. Her skin was as clear and pale as the wintery morning. She was dressed as he was, for the cool weather and for a walk out. “What are you doing out here?” she asked. Thranduil indicated the basket on his arm. “Isn’t it obvious?” he asked.She shrugged. “You’re not out with the other elves patrolling? Why is that?”He felt his ears burning and his cheeks flushed, “I think I would prefer it if you were Caseriel,” he said. “I am out here gathering berries and herbs at my mother’s behest. She asked me to do this and so I am here!” He tossed his head, hair fluttering with the motion. “Who are you anyway? Why are you bothering me?”“And I am out here simply to catch the morning air. I heard that there was great beauty to be seen in this part of the woodland, but here I only find you,” she shrugged again and a smile split her face. Thranduil thought that it was a most lovely smile, not that he was ever going to tell her that. The rest of her was quite unbecoming. Although she wasn’t exactly dishevelled, she wasn’t tidy either. She looked as though she had just returned from a romp through the mud and forgotten to dust herself off. It was decidedly unelflike.“Well, perhaps you should go then, see if there is something better to look at through the trees,” he said. He bent back down and picked some more of the leaves that he required, trying to ignore her in the hope that she would go away.“What else have you got in that basket?” she asked. He didn’t respond, instead showed her the contents. There were a couple of larger fruits to one side that he had pilfered for a snack later if he wanted one. She leaned over the bush for a closer look; thankfully she wasn’t able to reach in and take it herself. “You have a picnic, how quaint,” she said.“Just in case I get hungry,” he said, sure she was taunting him for it.“Of course,” she said. When she didn’t say anything else, he paused, unsure whether he should speak or not. He didn’t know what to say to her, now did he want to appear foolish by opening his mouth and saying something moronic. It felt odd to be silent however, so he coughed.“I didn’t get your name,” he said.“I didn’t give it. What’s yours?”“Thranduil, son of-““Oropher, I know,” she said.“Why did you ask then?” he said before thinking. “I wanted to see if you would give it freely,” she said. He snorted and shoved the last of the leaves into the basket. Getting to his feet, he picked it up again.“It is given,” he said. She nodded then and looked in the direction she had been walking. “As lovely as this exchange hasn’t been, I really should continue on my way,” she said gesturing towards the wilder part of the forest.  It was safe, for the boundary of their lands was far to the south. Thranduil shrugged.“Pleasant day to you then,” he said.She smiled again, and Thranduil felt the corners of his mouth tug upwards without thought. She bade him a gesture of farewell with her hand and left him standing there in the middle of the path watching her go. What an unusual creature she was. She had reached the edge of the forest when he realised that she had not told him her name. He wasn’t about to chase after her for it, so he raised his voice instead. “I didn’t get your name!” he yellowed.She turned back, “I never gave it to you! Let me have one of those shining apples?” Without hesitation, he plucked one up and threw it at her head. She caught it nimbly before pulling it in and taking a huge bite from it. He waited a moment. “Well?” he asked.All that came back was joyous laughter. “Perhaps next time!” she called back before walking into the forest. Thranduil was left puzzled at the exchange, but found that he wasn’t angered by it. Perhaps next time he was here, he would see the she-elf again and learn who she was. 

solo, sample, dialogue, sass.

©Kaye Singer

11/22/2020 04:43 PM 

Death’s Door (Drabble)

Sitting in the hospital waiting room, the orange headed female was waiting in terror as the one thing she never thought would happen was happening; her father, Bobby, was fighting for his life. Bobby wasn’t doing well after being shot in the head by the Leviathan, D*ck Roman, and the swelling in the brain was too much for the doctors to attempt surgery. All Kaye could do was hope and pray that her father would pull through. She had no idea how she was going to cope if she lost her father. Kaye had already lost her mother at only the age of seven when a demon possessed Karen the day after Kaye’s parents got into a huge fight. Since Bobby nor Kaye had any idea what demons were, Bobby ended up killing his own wife and the mother of his daughter before knowing what truly was going on. Now years later, Kaye was scared another supernatural being was going to take her only parent away. Sam and Dean were with Kaye in the waiting room. They all had been out trying to figure out what D*ck Roman was up to to try and take over the nation and have the Leviathans rule the human race and Earth. Sam and Dean were terrified of losing someone they considered a father. Dean was trying to be the strongest for everyone, but Kaye could tell Dean was just as heartbroken. He had gone as far as telling off someone from the insurance company and punching a wall. There was plenty of tension to fill the whole hospital between the Winchesters and Kaye worrying so much about Bobby. Only time could tell what would be Bobby’s final fate. A few hours had gone by and Kaye was allowed to sit in the room with her father. She reached over and took his hand, feeling how cold her father’s hand was, but the female still never gave up hope. Kaye figured if Bobby had been fighting this long that he wasn’t going to give up. She knew Bobby was fighting this hard for a reason, but the worry and tension just continued to grow as Kaye finally began to cry. She gave her father’s hand a gentle squeeze and laid her head on the bed, whispering, “Daddy, please don’t go. I can’t lose you.” Her body began to shake a little from the feeling of anxiety that was finally flooding out of her and also from the tears that were streaming down her face. Kaye was about to give you hope. The female kept her face buried in the hospital bed until she felt a squeeze to her hand. She slowly lifted her head and tried to look at the foggy silhouette of her father through her puffy tear-filled eyes. Kaye wiped her eyes with the back of her free hand and noticed that Bobby had opened his eyes. A loud gasp of excitement escaped the female’s lips as she called out into the waiting area, “Sam! Dean! Come quick!” Only seconds after she called out for the Winchesters the brothers were in the room and by Bobby’s bedside. Bobby couldn’t talk and Kaye could tell her father was struggling to say something. For a moment, Kaye felt like her hopes and prayers were answered. Maybe her father was fighting to pull through. Her heart pounded with excitement and was overwhelmed by Bobby waking up. She noticed Bobby reaching over to try and say something. Kaye looked over at the pen and paper, quickly grabbing it for him. Bobby only took the pen and reached over for Dean’s hand. The suspense began to grow in wonder of what Bobby was trying to say. Bobby gently grabbed Dean’s hand and wrote a series of numbers on the male hunter’s hand. Numbers that neither the boys or Kaye could decipher right away. They were still lost in the moment of Bobby waking up. A couple of minutes of silence fell in the room, other than the sounds of the beeps from the machines, before Bobby reached up to grab the oxygen mask. Kaye sat up quickly in her chair as Sam and Dean stepped closer towards the bed. Bobby was only able to make out one word and with a soft smile on his face as if he was proud to say it, “Idjit.” A soft laugh escaped Kaye’s lips, knowing she needed that bit of happiness. But the happiness didn’t last long as Bobby’s head fell to the side and his eyes closed. The sound of the machine went from beeping to one long monotone sound. Bobby had flatlined. Kaye jumped up from the chair instantly when she heard the flatline sound and began to shake Bobby. “Dad..Dad..” She was soon grabbed by Sam and Dean, who were pulling Kaye away quickly to exit the room for the doctors. Kaye was too weak to put up a fight as her body was in shock at how fast everything was happening. Dean held Kaye close as they all watched on, hoping the doctors could bring Bobby back to life. Kaye continued to stare at the monitor, no change in the flat line. After the third try, Kaye knew there was no more hope and yelled. “Dad, wake up! No!” She tried to fight to get back to the room, but Dean kept a grip on the young female. Tears began to run down the face of the orange haired hunter as she turned quickly, burying her face into Dean’s chest as the boys couldn’t help but watch the doctors talk and call the time. Bobby was gone. Kaye’s father and a father to the Winchesters had passed away. There was nothing else there could be done. All that was left was a series of numbers and one word; idjit. Another hunter had lost their lives while taking down a supernatural being. This time the revenge was going to be stronger than ever for Kaye, Sam, and Dean as the three were not going to let Bobby truly Rest in peace until D*ck Roman was dead himself.

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Raptor Daddy

I don't think I need to tell ya who I am or what I do..the names Owen but that should t come as a surprise so now to get to the point. I'm here for storylines if ya can do that great. I am up to mains if your up to it but if your looking for numbers than look the other way this raptor daddy isn't interested.


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m  a  t  e  r  i  a  l––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– w  e  a  l  t  h   Alanby Cassidy's estate, built in 1925. One of the many journals left behind for Richard, each page filled with detailed notes, sentimentals and photographs. Two pistols,a compass and a decent supply of ammo Gerald, Alanby's maincoon  A flight jacket with sewn-in interior pockets for weaponry, pens, compass, journal, wallet, cell phone, etc. 


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  October 29th, 2020 Richard, If you are reading this, it is likely that I passed over a week ago. You may not remember me, but you have fallen asleep on my chest quite a few times. I remember you vulnerable and doe-eyed, curious about sounds and textures.  "He will one day be an inventor of something we did not know we needed!" I would always tell your mother.  I hope your mother is doing well.  She always struggled with finding light and never realized it was her who produced it.  It's almost like her light was so blinding, it casted a shadow too dark for her to see past.  She was too good for Hugo and frankly, I am proud of her decision to raise you separtely.  Though, it has caused our relationship to end too soon and I was never able to teach you the things I always wanted you to know.   That is why I chose you to be the beneficiary of not only my research project but my estate as well as my dear friend, Gerald.  He eats homemade cat food, which I will add the recipe on a seperate document.  As I'm sure by the time you've read this far in the letter, you have met Gerald. After all, he came with the letter.  Hopefully, I can give the fair warning that he does not like his behind scratched.  He is a marevelous reading companion and enjoys to hear you tell the stories which you are reading as he cannot read. A man named Carey will be contacting you and scheduling to meet you in a private location to discuss some important information.  Do not be afraid of this as it will only connect you where you need to go.  He has been my assisstant for nearly ten years now.  Carey is trustworthy. Again, I have died with the regret that I have never told your father to eat sh*t and  should have been more present in your life.  Hopefully, the material things and knowledge I leave behind will be enough.  If I could have been there, child, I would have.  Please know that.  I love you, my only grandson. Your grandfather, Alanby Bernard Cassidy P.S. Keep an eye on Gerald's stool.  

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Into the unknown World of Dizzy Shawcross (Drabble)

Into the unknown World of Dizzy Shawcross (Drabble) It was a normal night in Arendelle and Dizzy was living in her ice castle when she heard a voice singing part of her knew who the voice belong her lost grandmother the queen. And when Dizzy sings show yourself she feels like her grandma was calling her home."Dizzy?" a voice called out Dizzy heard the voice call her name as she said back "I'm here?" Once she said that the voice show themselves and when Dizzy saw her grandma a tear came falling from her eyes down her face..The voice heard Dizzy said she is here and said back to her "Walk this way i will show myself to you my amazing granddaughter" Once Dizzy heard the voice speak again her heart fell knowing it was her grandma this whole time.Dizzy falls the voice and sees her grandma standing there in front of you and now you may be thinking the queen was gone she wasn't gone in this drabble. Anyways when DIzzy saw her grandma all things started to come back to her as she ask "how I do safe Arendelle?" Once she asked this the queen said "by showing them who you truly are and what you can for them" So Dizzy went back to the kingdom and show her true self everyone said "I am the pirate will safe my home my kingdom and I will help you all" she thought being her true self was going to be hard but it was at all.Its been 2 weeks since Dizzy heard the voice calling her and she would be laying on her bed in her ice castle. She was thinking to herself *What did the voice want from me? Was my grandma calling me? Did she want me to come back to the kingdom? I'm so confused now* She stopped thinking and came back from being spaced.She called her big brothers Harry & Liam so she called them on a 3 way as she said "Hey bro?" Harry "ey sis" Liam "Hi Sis" She then told them all about the voice and her adventure they both were shocked to hear about her adventure and then Harry spoke up "Do you think Grandma was calling?" Dizzy thought a moment and said "Part thinks so yes but the other half of me was like no"To be continued. 

𝓫𝓲𝓽𝓮 𝓶𝓮,

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5 things,

  traits 1 ) Blunt. 2 ) Street Smart. 3 ) Headstrong. 4 ) Leader. 5 ) Strong.   scents 1 ) Honey. 2 ) Vanilla. 3 ) Rice cakes. 4 ) Eucalyptus. 5 ) Cherry Blossoms.   wardrobe 1 ) Mostly black and maroon, with some touch of color. 2 ) Spring dresses. 3 ) Leather pants and jackets. 4 ) Heels and platforms. 5 ) Feathery clothing.   found around the house 1 ) Serial killer movies/horror movie props. 2 ) Candles and incense sticks. 3 ) Animals. 4 ) Mirrors. 5 ) Stereo.   (bad) habits 1 ) Abrasive. 2 ) A little too blunt. 3 ) Holds grudges. 4 ) Doesn’t like very many people. 5 ) Hardly sleeps.   favorites 1 ) Moon. 2 ) Sang. 3 ) Arnold. 4 ) Ludo. 5 ) Liz.   mannerisms and body language 1 ) Wild. 2 ) Elegant. 3 ) Swift. 4 ) Feisty. 5 ) Irrational.   always on repeat 1 ) Low Roar. 2 ) Bon Iver. 3 ) Choi Sung Bong. 4 ) IU. 5 ) SUGA.  

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Disclaimer: I’m not Juliet Simms and nor to do I claim to be. I’m using her as Dizzy’s play by. I have not met Juliet Simms. Drama: No Out of Character Drama is allowed on my page. In Character drama is fine it makes for a good story, No Cartoons at all I think people who write cartoons only take with there verse only. Sex: I will not be a whore with every single guy on this site only for my man Vic Lakota. I’m not a whore and nor I will be a whore sorry not sorry go find a girl who enjoys sex. Lover: Dizzy is dating Johnny Faust a member of the rock band The Relentless. She is not going to cheat on her man. So don’t add her for sex it won’t happen. Verses: Sons of Anarchy, American Satan, Descendants 2-3 and Once upon a time. I have seen all seven seasons of Sons of Anarchy and All 3 movies of Descendants 2-3 and only three 3 seasons of Once upon a time. Parents: Dizzy’s parents are Ruby Lucas and Jax Teller sons of Anarchy and when she 2 she got adopted by Tara Knowles. She is thee god daughter of Hades lord of the underwood and Misteress of evil Maleficent. And the second daughter of Belle and Beast. Real Life: I am busy during Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 4:30pm I am watching my niece Jaydee while my brother and sister are school right now its thanksgiving break for my sister and brother so my niece is at home with her family. I also go to bible study on Tuesdays I love going to bible study. Reptiles & Starters: I know people see my replies to Harry and others who get my heart and detail but others don’t I’m not going to put my heart into my replies and starters if no one puts the same effort as I do. Writing: I write Para to Multi Para nothing more I am not ready for Novella. I will only put my heart into sexual stories when I’m writing with my man VIc not for other guys but him. Don’t like don’t add plan and simple as that. Sign my rules with your favorite song from Descendants 1-3. Dizzy


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Los Angeles had been Robyn's second home, even with the nosey paparazzi and neighbors. She tried to keep her private life out of the public eye, ever since she was 18. Her fans only saw bits and pieces of her private life and Robyn only revealed what she wanted, and was only seen when she wanted to be. Since becoming a mother not for the first or second time but the third, she knew she needed to be different. The Bajan woman was known for vanishing from the public eye, and social media for weeks on end but shw somehow managed to come back and check to keep her fans from going buck wild in her comments. Her first home is her hometown, Barbados, the Islands. Everytime she wanted to escape her celebrity lifetyle, she would pack up her and her kids and head home to her parents and brothers. Since her ex husband was no longer in the picture, she knew she needed to get back into the swing of things with the new found gifts Robyn had recently discovered of herself, her son and her oldest child. Since moving into a new home, Robyn knew that her life was going to change for the better, having Jamal changed Robyn, making her different from the rest of her fellow celebrity acquaintances. She could see things that weren't there, and hear things that she wasn't sure she heard; her eyes changed from green to golden when her moods shifted. Even when she was pregnant with Jamal, she was almost certain that she could hear her unborn child speaking to her. Eliyah hadn't been human, he had been half wolf, half demon; Robyn had only seen his darker side one other time, but who knew her son would be gifted that very same curse? She still loved him, her was her first son, and he protected her during the pregnancy. Seraphina found interest in the supernatural world, just like her mother. Her Godfather, Louis' deceased vampire child, Claudia had taken cover in the kids' room, not that Robyn minded. The media knew Robyn had become single again, they had a tendency to assume she was in a relationship with every man she took a photo with. The main one being her ex fiance, Chris Brown. Robyn always kept her eye on him, even showed him love from a distance, he was truly the King of R&B and a great father, His son had just turned one, everytime she came across a photo of the two, she'd smile to herself; Not that she cared what the media thought, but Robyn still loved Chris, they recieved alot of backlash when they had first gotten back together. But she would always turn around and do something petty, just to show the world she didn't care what anyone thought about her choices on taking Chris back. At the end of the day, she knew what kind of man and father he was, knowing how he was with Seraphina, how he was with Royalty. Robyn pulled out her IPhone 11, scrolling through her contacts before stopping to the screen name "1Love." The name she fondly used for Chris. Smirking to herself, she sent him a message. "What's good wit chu, Breezy? Happy Birthday to yo' twin, lil dude stole ya whole face! (:" She tacked a smiling emoji on the end before sending it off.  


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