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๐š๐šŽ๐š–๐š–๐šŽ ๐š๐šŠยท๐š๐šŠ๐š•๐šŽ

11/24/2020 12:24 PM 

Groupwide - 11/24, Riots

Rae was hundreds of miles away from Valkery, then Roslyn, when the Riots broke out.She was fixated on getting her next contract, limbs tangled up in a delicious man thatfed her every desire. Life was good. Compared to the sh*t she survived back in Turbo City'sAsylum, Raven was living the dream. She couldn't care less what was happening in herold town. Instead, she consumed herself with the pleasures of a good f***, good drink and goodfood. It wasn't until an old contact reached out to her that Roslyn had crossed her mind. Shewas resting in the California King bed, sheets made of the finest black silk with her boss thoroughly exhausted and passed out beside her. The buzzing of her phone stirred her in the middle of a late night drink, causing her emerald orbs to snap down to the device."Someone better be dying." She grumbled to herself, quiet enough not to stir the naked and sleeping man beside her. After setting her crystal aside she snatched up her phone, unlockedit with a quick swipe of her index finger, and read the text. Drake, a connection she made backin Roslyn when she first escaped Roslyn, had reached out to her with a link. An irritated huffpushed passed full pale lips as she clicked on the link to open up a webpage. The first thingshe saw was the hading scrawled across the top ROSLYN RIOTS - THE END FOR THE CITY?Now... Raven hadn't cared about Roslyn, ever. She had been used and abused there for the betterhalf of 10 years so, if the place burned to the f***ing ground, she couldn't be the happier. Aslick smirk twitched upon her lips as she read further. Before she could finish the article,she felt the man beside her move, his calloused fingertips gliding up her arm as he leaned in,warm lips peppering along where he had touched. "What are you doing?" He inquired, his gravelyvoice like music to her ears. Raven shut her phone off, tossing it carelessly back on thenightstand as she turned back to her lover. "Oh... just watching the world burn." The darkhaired beauty chimed as a devilish smirk fixed heavily upon her Whiskey-soaked lips beforeshe placed them heavily against his mouth. 


11/24/2020 12:33 PM 

Not without me alternate Ending

Aurora couldn't concentrate on anything that night. She had had a bad feeling all day, and Dean hadn't checked in with her since the night before. He always checked in, once in the morning and once at night just to let her know that he was okay. She knew that she could try and reach out with her thoughts to him but that was not something she really wanted to do. If she did and he was in the middle of battling a monster she could throw him off guard and then his injury or worse would be her fault and that was not something she would ever be able to live with. So she kept herself busy with her daughter.  It was bedtime and she had just put her daughter to sleep in her crib when she heard the doorbell ring. She looked down at her watch, it was very late who could it be this late? Not her Dad, he would have just ported in.  She slowly walked down the hallway to the stairs her heart racing a bit as worry started to take over her. As she made her way down the stairs, she could hear a male’s thoughts they were jumbled and she couldn't make out what they were thinking but she knew who it was. It was Sam, What was he doing here? He was supposed to be out on a hunt with Dean. A hunt Aurora had begged Dean not to go on because she had a bad feeling, but her husband had just laughed it off and went anyway. But what worried her more was that her father was there in the doorway with him too.  She took a deep breath, and she opened the door. The look on Sam’s face filled her heart with Dread. “Sam... what...” She couldn't even get the question out because she didn’t want to hear the answer to it, but Sam told her anyway. Her heart was pounding in her chest, so loud she could barely hear his words after he had said Aurora, I'm so sorry. Her husband, her soulmate was gone.  Aurora could tell the two wanted to stay to make sure that she was okay but she didn't really want company. She closed the door. The weight of living in a world without her husband was just too much for her.  She turned and as if on automatic pilot she started up the stairs to the bathroom. She turned on the water in the tub and she started to get undressed when she heard her daughter's voice in her head. She came out of her fog and realized what she was doing. She was leaving her daughter alone, she couldn't do that. She knew Dean would never forgive her for leaving their daughter without either of her parents. Turning off the water she pulled on her robe and walked into her daughter's room. It looked as if her daughter was looking at someone and babbling. It was the look she got on her face when she saw Dean. But it couldn't be Dean was gone.  She walked over to the crib, walking over to the crib she leaned down and kissed her daughter's forehead. . "Daddy's here mommy." She heard her daughter's thoughts.  Aurora almost choked a sob at her daughter's words. She shook her head and whispered softly. "No baby, daddy...daddy is not here. Daddy....: She couldn't even get the words out.  Just then Nadia reached up and she touched her mother combining their powers. That's when she felt it, her husband's presence. She turned and she could see him. " Dean? But your.....sam just told me....." She went to reach out to touch him and her fingers only touched air.  Then she heard another voice an older voice and she turned and gasped. " Nadia? but you...." Nadia went to hug her mother but forgot they were both like ghosts. "I brought Dad back here in time, time travels differently when your dead to him it's only been a second but to us it was years. He had to relive your death over and over in his own personal little hell. So I had to bring him back and come with him to stop you from killing yourself." Aurora was choking back sobs and she turned to look at her husband.  "I don't...I don't know how I can do this without you...I don't know what to do baby....." She was crying tears streaming down her cheeks. She wanted nothing but to be in her husband's arms, they always made everything better but he was dead and his ghost couldn't hold her.


11/24/2020 12:11 PM 


Eden grew up in a small town in Wisconsin. She knew what it was like to take care of chores and to putothers before herself, always. Upon moving to California, the petite female was fully prepared for the cultural changes she may soon expect. Roslyn - as it was called at the time - was much larger than she was used to and harbored characters from far different backgrounds. Eden had always been an open personand fully embraced the differences she found in others. She thrived in Roslyn and worked had towards her medical science degree in hopes of one day becoming a general practitioner. Life was simple. She worked,went to school, and returned to work all in order to make ends meet. Despite her busy life, Eden could sensethe changes that were to come. There was a tension in the air, thick and enough to choke her. Still, sheignored it, hoping that it was nothing but her anxiety acting up.The moment the Riots hit, Eden found herself locked away in her home. She had never experienced such chaosbefore. Wisconsin had always been quiet, a state where people were often depicted as overly kind. It tookeverything in her being to remain calm while gunshots and screams ripped through the air just outside her door.Eden spent the entire while tucked at the far corner of her home, hugging her faithful furry companion Orion closeto her chest. In that time, Eden had suffered more anxiety attacks than she could count and, one many occassions,was certain that the Riots would have spilled into her home and possibly take her life. She had no basic defensiveskills, no gun or hope to protect herself even if the need were to call for it. Eden survived off the minimal amountof food and water she had, only venturing out once to grab an armful of goods from the closeby store. To this dayshe considers herself lucky to be alive... but with Lucy and his minions constantly running around, she isn't surehow much longer she may have.


11/24/2020 12:06 PM 

Thankful Tuesday Task

My gratitude list 2020  1. I'm thankful for having a loving and supportive family, with whom I probably would not have been able to get to the place I am now. 2. I'm thankful for Olivia Walsh for always having my back no matter what happens and for being like a sister to me no matter how complicated things get. 3. I'm thankful for Maribelle Wagner for being an awesome gal pal and for being herself. I'm thankful for everything you do for me and I love our friendship. 4. I'm thankful for Meredith Bennett for always challenging me and helping me become a better person. 5. I'm thankful for my work and my family, for the privilege they have given me to live in such a fabulous city like New York for not having to worry about whether I could afford my future or not.6. I'm thankful for my dog, Rupert, for being there for me at all times, for supporting me and for being such a light in my life. 7. I'm thankful for Anderson Wilkerson for being like a brother to me, one that I never had. I'm thankful to have such a wonderful friendship with you and letting me love your kids like they're my own. 8. I'm thankful for all the friends I've made on this journey, because they taught me invaluable lessons and I wouldn't be who I am today if it weren't for them. 9. I'm thankful for having a roof over my head, for being able to stay safe and for the shelter it provides. 10. I'm thankful for being able to give back to the community because its given me so much and it deserves the best.  

โ„จ๐”ข๐”ฏ๐”ฌ ๐”ฑ๐”ฌ โ„Œ๐”ข๐”ฏ๐”ฌ.

11/24/2020 07:52 PM 

Character information.

Full Name:Juliette Althea ArmstrongNickname/Alias:Julie, Thea, give some?Meaning:Juliette:little Julia, Youthful, Sky Father.Althea:Heal, Healing, Truth.Armstrong:Means "strong arm" from Middle English. Tradition holds that the family is descended from Siward, an 11th-century Earl of Northumbria. Famous bearers of this name include the Americans Louis Armstrong (1901-1971), a jazz musician, and Neil Armstrong (1930-2012), an astronaut who was the first person to walk on the moon.Title:Miss, Armstrong.Gender:Female. Orientation:Straight.Age:18 -30 No lower or higher.Birthday: Birthplace:Flexible - If asked - France.Species:Human.Eye Color:Brown.Hair Color:Brown.Makeup:Dark make-up, barely any.Birthmarks/scars: N/A.Distinguishing Features: Sometimes she has these blue contacts; otherwise, her dark eyes can seem so deep because of how dark they are.Allergies: Nuts.Phobias:Thunderstorms.Addictions:History.Treasure.Helping the helpless.Wine.Jack Daniels.Scent:Strong leather with a faint woody scent.Current Residence:Armstrong mansion.Family:Father. - James Armstrong.Mother. - Mary Armstrong.Acting Uncle - Dan Carter.Heroes:Father and Uncle.Equipment:Grappling rope.Extra rope.Dual Pistols.Crossbow.Shotgun.Dual SMGs.Assault Rifle.Grenade Launcher.Minigun.And so on.Accessories:Sunglasses.Protective necklace.Map.Scrunchy.First Aid.And so on.Occupation:Archaeologist.Some Assume Tomb raider.Wealth Status:Filthy Rich.Superstitions:Not really one, but her necklace is a good luck charm.Offer protection to. Apparently from Chinese land.Hobbies/Interests:Read.Search History.Sketch things randomly.Gymnastics at home.Hold charities. Skills/Talents:-She can sketch almost anything.-She hates sketching people.-She has an obsession with history and tends to tune people out. -Loves helping the people who need it.-Good with money.-Manipulative when she has to be.-Very flexible.-Hates heights but doesn’t fear them.Likes: -Chocolate.-Wine. -Drinking on her off day.-Working.-Children.-Animals.-People with no motive.-Hiding who she is.Dislikes:-Being used.-Everyone assuming she is gay for not liking the men who flirt with her.-Anyone with a motive.-Being emotional.-Climbing.-Sketching people.-Bad wine.Pet Peeves: -When people try to sugar coat everything when it’s stupid to do so.-Being called stupid - When she is making a simple mistake.-Anyone abusing children or animals or weak women and men.-Endless killing.-War is used as an excuse.-Anyone giving up without trying.-Someone judging treasure without knowing about it.Strengths: -Sketching.-Mapping out the land.-Fighting - After a while.-Shooting.-Reading into things.-Calming people down.Weaknesses:-Sketching people.-Hand to hand combat for a while.-Keeping herself calm in the face of danger.-Not panicking over something.-Staying out of trouble, apparently.-Leaving history alone without studying it.Favorite Colors:Red, purple.Favorite Drinks:Wine,Jack Daniels, Herbal tea.Favorite Music:Rock.Pop-Rock.Pop.Least Favorite Colors:White,line green.Least Favorite Foods:Fish - Any fish.Least Favorite Drinks:Beer.Plain Water.Least Favorite Music:Rap.Languages:English, French.(Mains and many more.)Accent:French Accent.Signature Quote:Fear will not be my weakness, Fear will just make me brave to face what has to come.Alignment:Good.Vice:Pride.Virtue: Charity.Infancy:The Armstrong family have lived since they first started looking for treasure with the greatest Archaeologist of their time. It was clear, between the croft and them that competition would always work between the families. The father was raised to fight with the family since he was very young. It was a pleasant time for him. James raised as a fortune hunter couldn’t begin to understand the father croft. He was sensible, refused to take the treasure he found for the treasure he would gain from it. While he did, James remembered the day's everyone degraded him for taking what didn’t belong to him. The insult he took head-on with the compliments of his success between himself and croft confused him. He met the mother, Mary from a party one day and she had the guts to insult him for taking the treasure from the home of Egypt while everyone else took one each. Sometimes insulting and other times turning it into a compliment. He was impressed with her knowledge of history and love for the people and their home.Mary was an artist holding her paintings for the charity that night, she was kind and selfish. Often showed that she wasn’t scared to show her disapproval when he said something wrong. It didn’t mean she hated him. Just… Hated the views he had surrounding his life. Mary offered to show him what he could accomplish by doing it the way Croft was raised to do, which worked enough to let them bond and enjoy their time together. James fully agreed that the dread he usually felt when taking treasure was not there with her. He asked her to come with him, as a lover. It was a dangerous take on finding some Chinese swords, one day while touring the forest one of them stepped on a loose path and fell into a ditch. Mary was wounded, fatally hurt. However, he didn’t leave her and formed a plan to lift her with a solid wooden platform under her and then rope, lifting her up wasn’t easy but doable at least.Following the years, Mary was in a wheelchair due to her injury, but they found out sooner rather than later that both of them were blessed with a child. While James only thought of treasure he couldn’t help but feel warm when his little girl looked at him. Small, little, and loud. She wasn’t a silent baby that was for sure. They named her Juliette, mostly because of their real home in France. She was a treasure filled with truth for the family, Juliette Althea Armstrong.Adolescence: ([3-18]Growing up she was a loud baby, with a very big and loud temper. That didn’t change much while she grew up to babble and talk to the people around her, overall. Juliette was very curious and happy, the family cherished each moment they could spare and while she was just young her father stayed home. Doing paperwork in his study. Herself and her mother used to paint together while he busied himself for the sake of gaining more money to give them everything they wanted. It wasn’t something she understood until she came to the age of ten and thirteen. He told her that money didn’t grow on tree’s and sometimes he had to take time away from their family to work. That was fine with her because she understood that he had to go and do it. Near this time, Lara Croft came around to play with her and she used to act as treasure hunters and the artist like there own parents.Near the age of sixteen, her mother found out she had cancer. She wasn’t stupid to know that was bad, in fact, she wasn’t entirely sure what to say about it. Jule was a very awkward child when it came to talking about those topics. She might look like she could be fine, but that was hardly true. Her father started leaving to go and search for treasure and the butler took care of them. Either that or she would go and stay with Croft instead. James Armstrong started to get angry, swap his moods at her mother became of the secret. As much as Mary loved him, it was clear she might not make it through this - James was angry, upset, and very confused over her logic. One day he just left for work and never came back.It killed her mother more and more each day. On her eighteenth birthday, as the lone family member, she decided to let her mother rest. She couldn’t get it out of her head, her mother smiling at her serenely, looking happy while she took her last breath. Even with the croft family there she couldn’t bring herself to speak to them. For years she locked herself in that house and just refused to go outside.Adulthood: For a while two years, she spent time just crying, eating junk food with more drink anyone should ever take. Thankfully, everything she needed to take care of herself was inside that house. It wasn’t like Jule didn’t know it was bad, she did. That however felt scarier to stop than keep going on. She just ignored the feeling. Then her uncle came to visit her one day, lecturing her how this was so unhealthy and how her mother would have hated to see her like this. Jule was still very vulnerable about the topic and looked ready to cry, her uncle wasn’t the softest touch in the world. He saw it but refused to back down. For a moment she felt like her father was inside the room. He was just like him. It was funny, considering he wasn’t her real uncle.Her uncle stayed with her since that day, getting her back to healthy food and making her diet until she could balance it once more. Then she trained her body, If Jule was anything like her father then she might want to follow in his path. He gave that option, at first she wasn’t sure and declined. Then he showed her the study and everything he was looking on. He didn’t just leave, he was on his way back but was kidnapped. Her uncle believed he might still be dead, but there was a chance he was being held somewhere. The question was, who and why? From then on she did everything in her power to look into the disappearance. Even if it wasn’t her top goal. She traveled more on her own than on the hunt for her father. 


11/24/2020 04:09 PM 

Thanksgiving moodboard

May your stuffing be tastyMay your turkey be plump,May your potatoes and gravyHave nary a lump.May your yams be deliciousAnd your pies take the prize,And may your Thanksgiving dinnerStay off your thighs 


11/24/2020 03:37 PM 




11/24/2020 03:32 PM 

Task: Thanksgiving Moodboard

"Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more.If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never ever have enough."


11/24/2020 06:39 AM 

Moodboard Monday. (23.11.20)


11/23/2020 10:39 PM 

It has been a long time

I never expected to catch sight of you again. You will have to forgive me for I will need to be cryptic for many reasons. Most I am sure you already know. Due to the expression on your face. This charade has been going on for quite some time. Though now I fear its reached tabloid portions. At first, I thought they or whoever it all is. Was just simply trying to restore the bit part you filled. Due to they just needed to fill some void. That they just felt was missing. But I sat there and watch them intentionally demolish it. As though during the process of it. Seemed to set off some type of cognitive prompt. I did my best to try and contain it. However, failed considerably at doing so. Then from there it just seemed to become this roller coaster of lunacy. At first, as many others think. I thought they had disorientated intelligence. Or perhaps all been sharing some bad batch of narcotics. Then when strange and uncanny things started to unfold. I realized then whatever was going on. Was way more than meets the eye. And only those who had been former colleagues would ever get the deeper meaning of it. However now a part of myself. Thinks perhaps its all just like an incantation broadway exhibit to them.  And they think it is their only option left. To try and bring about their concealed inclination.I just know it truly terrifies me. To the point, I almost feel compelled to involve outside sovereignty. Then a fragment of myself thinks perhaps it's just the way they correspond an apprise of a narrative. No matter if you are here to reassemble your dominion. Or you now feel it is time to finally dismantle it. I will support you in ether venture. As with all noteworthy parts of our life. We must first start with the basic fundamentals. And that is your firstborn descendant.No matter what the nucleus that you desire most. You must find him then influence him to see the blunder of his course of action. Then perhaps he can finally end this unpunctual pandemonium.My adoration has not waivered for you. I wish that there was some way I could lead to where your juvenile and bruvver are. From what I have put together. It is not here in our society. Yet another that the infuriated seeds from the trinitarian helpmate seem to know. Though it is an affliction to admit. You must assimilate the keys from the ones. You now find in distaste.    I can not stay long some may take notice. But I will return if that is what you need at this time. And I hope you get the denouement to this chronicle. For it is yours more than either faction of the cacodemons. With Love your matron Kate 

Snake Prince

11/23/2020 09:16 PM 

Snake Prince

Draco here this wizard had made his return. So here's the thing I will take mains as they go but been meaning to get my selves involved with the vampire diaries so if your a fan of both or in one or the other go ahead and add me if your looking for some rps


11/23/2020 08:59 PM 

Other Info

Skills:The girls have proven to be proficient in the following.- Fire arms (both hand guns, and automatics)- Hand to hand combatants (easily exceeding regular level, individually able to put up a decent fight to more advanced fighters like the three little kittens.)- Explosives (From hand grenades to home made bombs)- Swordsmanship (Each is trained in the use of swords, that they hide in yard sticks)List of crimes:- Larceny and theft- Assault and battery- First degree Murder- Breaking and Entering- Prostitution- Kidnapping- Drug possession- Blackmail


11/23/2020 08:58 PM 

Brief History

((This is our own made up AU history of the Satanic School Girls of Doom, this is not by any means cannon or approved by Broadsword Comics.))There have been very little confirmed details regarding the history of the three Satanic School Girls of Doom (SSGD), but the few details provided have described their early lives at best as "Murky". Even their own personal names have never been publicly revealed, and they have always acted as a single entity.Appearing on the streets of New York City in their early teens, the triplets have always stuck by close to one another, and rejecting any further help form anyone, either officials or not. Their combat skills have proven to be ruthless, brutal, and efficient, making short work of any who would seek to challenge them, and not hesitating to resort to murder with little to no warning. It's unclear why they chose to take up the church of satanism, but all three girls have claimed to be devout members of the religion, although this has never officially been proven. A long standing list of crimes can be found in the history of each, including (See other blog for details). It wasn't until their late teens or early twenties were the girls and recruited by the Fabulous Latex Red, and the three quickly fell in line with her leadership, eager to join the cause of their sexy, seductive, and charismatic female lead, and quickly offering her their support and unshaking alliegance.


11/23/2020 08:50 PM 

( ๐ญ๐ก๐š๐ง๐ค๐ฌ๐ ๐ข๐ฏ๐ข๐ง๐  ๐ฆ๐จ๐จ๐๐›๐จ๐š๐ซ๐, )

"be present in all things, and thankful for all things."


11/23/2020 06:12 PM 

Thanksgiving: Letter to Adult Landon

This Thanksgiving was going to be completely different for Landon. This would be the first without Jordan, and he had not intention of trying to go back home and see his folks. It was just too hard to go back there and Jordan not be there. He didn't want the constant reminder of his absence. Everywhere he looked back home, he would see memories of their childhood and growing up together. Being in his childhood home, seeing their room left standing like they had just walked out of the was too much for Landon. He knew this was just as hard on his parents as it was him and Kimmie, but it hit on a different level with him. That was his twin after all. The man he spent 9 months in the womb with, sharing nutrients and space. There would never be a bond tighter than the one they had.Kimmie made things a little easier. Hell, she had her own demons to deal with for the holidays. Not only did she have to spend it thinking that Jordan should be here for us to gang up and pick on her together, but she had to think about not having her child with her to celebrate with and learn traditions with. They didn't talk about it much, but Landon knew it hurt her, and even though he came to Florence to start fresh, he was happy she came too and wanted to start fresh with him. It made things so much easier. Landon hadn't bothered going through the mail this week that Kimmie had been bringing in for him while he was at work. He would glance at the stack and go on. Nothing important looking and he really was hoping people hadn't sent him Happy Thanksgiving cards. It was Thanksgiving Day, and Landon had agreed to zoom call his parents with Kimmie, later in the day. As he walked past the stack of mail on his way to the fridge for a beer, he stopped. Assuming the letter had been brought in yesterday, he took it off the top. It was an old envelope and it caught his attention. Making his way to the fridge to get the beer, he sat down at the small kitchen table and opened the envelope. His eyebrows raised as he read the content. There was an old looking letter as well as a new one. The new one was from his mom."Baby Lan,I was going through some boxes this week and found this letter you had written to your adult self. I didn't read it, but I did see your brothers name at the bottom as well. I thought you might want it.We miss you and Kimmie so much. And we love you both dearly.-Mom"Landon brought his hand to rub his face as he took a breath. Reaching for the bottle of beer, he popped the top and took a long swig of the dark liquid. Sitting the bottle back on the surface, he unfolded the old letter and began to read."Cool Ass Adult Landon,First of all, you my dude, are the sh*t. Don't let anyone tell you differently. You are Landon Daniel Wolfe, and you are a pack leader. I bet you made it out of Pikeville, which is AWESOME! This place is nice, but I want more out of life than living in a small town where everyone knows everything you do. How are we suppose to land all the babes if they know each other?! I would bet Jordan is with you too, as always. I bet we've done some pretty cool sh*t and ya'll have some hot babes and live in nice ass houses somewhere across the country. I'd say you are a trauma nurse..that's what I want to be right now anyway. And Jordan, well, who knows with him. I bet he is like some film maker or urban legend hunter. I know I have to say this to him a lot, maybe you still do. “A walk in the woods seems like a bad idea. Ever seen Blair Witch Project?” But damn, if he isn't always trying to drag us out in the woods to look for sh*t. Hell, I bet he is famous for hunting now. lmao. Anyway, Adult me, keep it real, get laid a lot and drink like a fish..because I an pumped to finally get to do that!Signed,Landon.PS. Adult Landon, you are a fvcktard. Love Jordan :D"Landon laid the letter on the table to bring both of his hands to his face. He would have given anything to have Jordan here with him, to let him read this letter and laugh and joke about how stupid they were as teenagers. He would have loved to have seen if Jordan would have actually became famous for something like his myth hunting hobby. Rubbing his eyes as he held back the emotion, he finally brought his face back from his hands and took the beer; downing the whole thing before standing from his chair. "I need more alcohol today." He took the letter in his hand as he tossed the empty beer bottle away and grabbing a bottle of bourbon from the counter.

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