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៚Dark Halo Resources,

11/25/2020 12:17 PM 

Dark Halo | Demonx Free Request's

Welcome to my free request blog. Here I will be offering up my skills to you all, so make sure that you are commenting this blog with what you would like to have from me. I will be offering up the following treatments, Defaults Manips Doorknockers   Please fill out the correct form and comment the blog with it and i'll get to it ASAP! Thank you. -Demonx  Default Form Your Character's Name: Your Display Name: Your Playby: Color Scheme: Extra Or Simple: Textured or Smoothed: Type of Font: Kind of Wording: Border or no border: Color Border: Size of Default: ( default is 365x540 ) Special Effects: ( color hair change, colored eyes etc.. ) Profile URL: Do you want this tagged with your name: Anything else you want me to know of?   Doorknocker Form Your Character's Name: Your Display Name: Your Playby: Theme: Color Scheme: Wording: Special Effects: Type of gif: Border: Smooth or Textured: Types of fonts: Tagging: Do you want a matching headliner: Words for Headliner: [ short ] Anything Else I Should know?  Manip Form Your Character's Name: Your Display Name: Your playby: Size of Manip: ( default is 450x500 ) Type of Manip: ( personal, romantic, etc.. ) Theme of Manip: Color Scheme: Other Person's Playby: Other Person's Name: Setting of Manip: Tagging of Manip: Special Effects: Special Wording: Anything else I should know: 

៚Dark Halo Resources,

11/25/2020 12:14 PM 

Dark Halo | Demonx Premades

div p a { margin-top: 3px; font-size: 12px; text-align: center; text-transform: none; text-decoration: none; background-color: #F4DEF9; color: #B78C8C!important; padding: 5px; display: block; font-weight: lighter; width: 290px; transition: all 500ms cubic-bezier(0.420, 0.000, 0.580, 1.000); /* ease-in-out */ transition-timing-function: cubic-bezier(0.420, 0.000, 0.580, 1.000); /* ease-in-out */} div p a:hover { background-color: transparent!important; border-bottom: 1px solid #ffffff; text-align: left; letter-spacing: 4px; transition: all 500ms cubic-bezier(0.420, 0.000, 0.580, 1.000); /* ease-in-out */ transition-timing-function: cubic-bezier(0.420, 0.000, 0.580, 1.000); /* ease-in-out */ } -Demonx's Premade Index  Hello, and Welcome to my premades! Please comment on what you are going touse and make sure you are signing all the site rules and my own personal rules too beforetaking any content, thank you and enjoy ♥ -Demonx     Females phoebe tonkinKatherine McNamaraNina DobrevLana Del Rey Males Name Here Tv Show/Movies  Name here Holiday Premades  Christmas Edits name here Halloween Edits name herename here Females Test Test Males Test 


11/24/2020 11:32 PM 

prompt | CS

  I have decided to answer them all. Describe your character's first love? Never been in love with a person romantically.  He has only dated one person through high school and he broke up with her within the week. What frightens your character? Gamiphobe for sure. How does your character communicate in a relationship? Richard generally internalizes any problems or concerns he has, which means he will not be the one to open dicussion.  However, he tries his best to be a listener and take the other person's concerns in consideration, especially if he has done something hurtful.What was your character's childhood like? Lonely, dark, full of hours spent in his curiousities and independent. What is your character's favorite treat to themselves? Cream cheese spread on a (previously frozen) toasted wheat waffle with honey drizzle and cinnamon powder. How does your character handle stress? Again, he internalizes everything until the point of blowing up.  Richard can maintain his emotions for long periods of time. There are some who have known him for a long time and still have never seen him lose his cool.  However, he tends to be like a ticking time bomb and when he explodes, it's always in some form of destruction to himself or property. Describe something your character is relunctant of others to know? How bad his executive dysfunction can get. Describe something your character is passionate about. Richard is curious about the entire world and all the questions that come along with it. What does your character find comfort in? Being around his friends, letting them interact and goof off while he is able to sit back and enjoy being a wallflower. What kind of music does your character like? It changed weekly as there is always something new to discover. Quickest way to anger your character? To the point of outward response, the last time that happened was when his best friend's brother started talking sh*t about the absence of his parents. What is the best thing in your character's life? His best friends, hands down. What would your character give their life for? To have just one day with his mother again as her healthiest self, to finally be able to see her happy, to let her know he forgives her. What seemingly insignificant memories stuck with your character? Dinner at Jones' and the conversations he would have with Mr. Alcott.  Or the stocking full of necessities Mrs. Alcott gifted him for Christmas one year. Does your character have a nickname? And if so, how did they get it? Richie and it was sort of a given. Who does your character consider a role model? Carl Jung. What is your character's hobby? He loves doing mechanical things, such as repairing film cameras, typewriters and tape recorders. Recently, he's become more invested in working with electricity. Describe your character's worst enemy. Richard's worst enemy shares the same family lineage as his best friend.  He still holds a grudge at Matty for saying that. What does your character do when they wake up? Now, with the cat, he tends to get up sooner than later as it wants food.  But he likes to just lay there in a sort of meditative state then begin to make coffee. A memory your character wishes they could erase. The first year after his mother passed away.  

ꜰᴏʀɢᴇᴅ ʙʏ ᴋʏʙᴇʀ✴

11/24/2020 09:48 PM 

As the war machine keeps turning--;

HEAVY BREATH ESCAPED SHAKEN LIPS. Sweat dripped down olive skin like sap from a tree. Limbs ached and trembled. Bones felt numb and heavy. Eyes remained closed, even though the blindfold covered her sight. The icy cold wind of Jedah’s planet’s surface attacked any piece of skin uncovered; her beige and white robes blew heavily against the wind around her. Still, she continued.      The heavy metal in her hands only intensified as her grip became tighter, blisters appeared over her palms. The plasma blades illuminated the air around her, glowed against her face in bright violet, complemented her olive skin tone. She twirled and danced, feet moved against the sand like a twe’lik dancer. Her saber movements were wild and free, moved like a whirlwind around her body, almost made the saber blades look like a blur of violet light.      Red bolts of blaster fired upon her as she danced amongst the sand. Each blast was countered, knocked against the purple blades and ricochet back at the training droids. Minutes passed as the blaster bolts came to a sudden halt. Her ears picked up the sounds of silence and her body straightened, arms dropped to her sides, saber blades pointed to the ground. Her thumbs pressed against the silver activation buttons on her hilts and the blades disappeared, sucked back into the handles.      Amethyst lifted one hand, pulled the training helmet from her eyes, violet optics now gazed upon the shattered machinery; electricity sparked against open wires and Amethyst couldn't help but to smile, grinned at the pride swelled inside her rib cage--heat bubbled and her heart hammered away at her chest. Her head turned, braided brunette hair swiped at her neck as her eyes gazed at the woman approached her.      She was older. Appeared the same as her: same olive skin, violet eyes and brunette hair. It was like she stared at a reflection of herself.      “Excellent work, Ame,” the nickname sprawled through her lips in a sharp, yet low tone. “You’re perfecting the Jar’Kai technique faster than I expected it to be.”     Amethyst smiled, bowed at her teacher. “Thank you, Mother.” she said, body straightened. She clipped her saber hilts to her hips, placed her arms behind her back, hands on top of her wrist as she stood at attention. “It means a lot.”      Her Mother smiled at her, approached; boots crunched underneath sand. “Just remember,” she stated, circled her apprentice--her daughter. “The Lightsaber is a tool. Like everything else in the universe. It is an extension of your arm.” She stopped in front of Amethyst and smiled. “But don’t rely on it too much. Your power--your real power--comes from in here,” she pointed to her daughter’s chest, “and in here,” she pointed to her forehead. “The will of the Force flows through you, Amethyst. And it’s a power nothing can compare to. Not even your lightsabers. Don’t forget that.”      Amethyst smiled and nodded. “I won’t, Mother.”   “Then, I have nothing more to teach you...kneel, my apprentice.”      Amethyst’s eyes widened. She knelt against the sand, wrist rested upon her elbow. She bowed her head. A saber ignited, the green blade hummed and glowed over her skin.      “Amethyst Slana,” her Mother said. Amethyst’s heart pounded in her chest, adrenaline and excitement rushed through her veins. “You have surpassed all the tests and trials I have set out for you. I could not ask for a better apprentice. Nor could I ask for a better daughter...With the powers vested in me by the Will of the Force, I pronounce you---”      The sudden roar and shriek of a ship’s engine burst out of hyperdrive. Their heads lifted, two pairs of violet eyes focused on the clouded sky above Jedha as several Munificent-class star frigates appeared into the planet’s atmosphere. Amethyst stood and joined her Mother by her side, shared the same perplexed gaze upon her face.      “Wh-what’s going on?” she asked, her low, husked voice full of worry. She gazed at her Mother. “Mother?”      Her Mother said nothing. Not at first. Her brows furrowed in confusion. “I...I don’t know.” she replied.      Before Amethyst replied, the sky erupted in thunderclaps as red bolts of fire burst from the sky and soon bombarded the city of Jedha; debris of fire cascaded around the city, explosions of orange and yellow and reds filled the sky with smoke as black as ink and embers rose and covered the sky.      It was then they knew. War had come.

🔮𝓗ᴇʀᴀ 𝓢ᴄᴀᴍᴀɴᴅᴇʀ🔮

11/24/2020 08:43 PM 

Magical Creatures Owned By Hera

* Phoenix/Fawkes Bird - Not many Phoenix birds are domesticated and it isn't common with many witches or wizards to own one, one known Phoenix bird was owned by Albus Dumbledore. The second known domesticated Phoenix bird is owned by Hera Scamander, hers is called Spitfire. It is unknown how she domesticated him and how the two originally met, just Spitfire is so loyal to Hera and comes and goes when needed. Most of the time he is with Hera keeping her company, she can even call him with a simple whistle. Whenever Hera is in Romania with the dragons, Spitfire always returns to Hera's house back in New York and is always waiting for her to return. She is very good when it comes to protecting the Phoenix bird around the muggles and does her best not to let the muggles see the bird or ask questions. When needed she sends Spitfire away if she is going to be in dangerous situations or around muggles for a length of time, she does this to protect the muggles, the bird and the wizard world and doesn't want to get into any trouble. * Thestral - After witnessing the death of her best friend, she was able to see Thestrals ever since and tamed one known as Elder. He remains at Hogwarts and lives with his herd in the Forbidden Forest, Elder also has a lady friend and a baby. Hera named her Thestral, Elder after the Elder wand, she thought it was a perfect name and the two have amazing bond. She loves visiting him and riding him around Hogwarts, she doesn't get to see Elder often as she has a busy lifestyle.  * Cat - She also owns a cat called Iago and he remains in New York with a neighbour while Hera is away and travelling. She got her cat when she first went to Hogwarts, he always alerts her of danger and it gives Hera a chance to prepare herself or go in hiding when danger is near. Hera doesn't see Iago as much as she is away a lot of the time travelling, the only domesticated animal that she owns and see's the most is Spitfire her Phoenix bird.  

POD Amara Jade Turner

11/24/2020 08:14 PM 

The Rosario Forest
Current mood:  validated

Amara could go places in life. And if she ever allowed herself too. She might even be surprised just what life could end up giving her. But first, she must learn how to overcome her shattered heart. The first few years after she was thrown out of court. She opted for a plan to build an army. And sought the help of Becker who too had been a leader of his own coven. Since her wales and beauty was in fact hard to resist. After her wooing courtship was over. She then told all the stories that seemed to haunt her.And be what motivated her to the point she was never able to truly move own from the trauma of events themselves. And over time they exceeded to the point. Ethen switched to the last name only adds And all Caleb had was his sister really. And looked as though he had been overcome with depression. However what neither of the two realized. Was the issues that arose under the Court of Astaroth.Due to all these events occurring in Ethen's court. Meanwhile in the Court of Astaroth  She walks in slamming the door.  " Why are you harassing my brother? Is it him you still desire over me? I thought we had now been long past this. If it is due to you think I still harbour feelings for him. I can assure you I love him no more than a brother nor any less.  You have been the only one I have wanted since the day we first bonded our hearts as one. There is no need for this attack on him. Besides, you and I both know he thinks its always me. Just put a stop to it now. What is it now. I already had to deal with Lexi over kissing Abby. I really am not in the mood to put up with another bitch fit. Okay, so can we just please not do this now. And I have not spoken to Ethen since the War of the Devils. And I have no idea what the hell you are bitching about. You know I could be on Stefan, Dom, Or even my Dean I have with Cabera who sends me IM's as soon as I am getting on. Saying Lets Roleplay. She can't get enough of me. And I don't have to deal with all the sh*t. I do here with you, Abby and Lexi. Fine if you would rather be with a girl who makes backstreet boy accounts to pretend she is taken by all means go for it. I could care less. And we both know that what your doing to Elena is a new level for you. But I have my other lovers too. I am not wanting to fight about that. I just want you to stop with this entire jock fest you got going on. Even you say every time we fight that I am the love your life just as you are the love of mine. I have no desire for my brother. I just want all this to stop, please. Let me make this clear I am doing nothing to agonize Ethen. I truly have no idea what you are talking about. And how am suddenly supposed to have control over something? That I am not behind? And that is true so get over here and give me some love already. He said in that way that always knew how to drive her wild with passion and love at the same time. She truly had loved no one the way. She had Astaroth.And as always his love and tender way of touching her physically and emotionally. Had always left her only wanting more. No matter how many other girls had been in love with him. She truly felt he was all her life evolved around. And the sheets become a wonderland of lovemaking. For a little over an hour. Later that morning. I love you babes have a good rest of your day and tell Elena I said hi. And why don't you try and explain to Lexi the men in this family are meant to have sister wives. That way there is no need for you to have to be in so many places. Melaine how is that you know everyone. It blew my mind when I saw you know Elena's Stefan. Tamara had said as she walked in to see her old friend. It had almost been a year since they last spoke. Though even though Mel had wanted to make her sister wives with Rhett. After she lost him over her siblings diliemas. She often felt hurt Tamara kept talking to him. But at least she did introduce her to Elise.Trust me sometimes I wish that I didn't. I have missed you so much. Wowsers its been forever and day. Then the two caught on what Caleb Danvers had been up too. How he even managed to keep up with itall. And how things had slowed down with him and April Storm. So he had been spending more timewith them all again. Caleb Danvers had been another lost due to the current love of her life.Though she would never deny he had been the one she loved above others. She did at times hatethat Caleb thought it was her that cheated with the Joker. When it was someone else at the time. Tammy Tam can I ask you a serious question. I am just a little torn on what I should do or not do.  Sure girl spills it out at me. What is going on now Mel? She said with a sigh since she knew Mel always had this way of getting herself into trouble. And other instead of getting herself out of it. She had ended up burning more bridges. Then suddenly was left with nowhere to go. If you knew someone was doing something wrong. And even though they would not admit to it. Should do the right thing. And put a stop to it? Or should you do nothing out fear? Cause if you do, It might come at a cost. Mel, you are getting all serious on me. I was expecting some boy drama. That sounds to me like one of the questions. On where do want to go when you die? Cause you will have to answer to the choices you make now when that day comes. With that being said do the right thing girl. You are the sunshine of my life girl. I don't know what I would do without you. And I know last time we spoke you were upset with me giving my daddy your number. I am sorry about that. And I am sorry I ever asked you do all that. I love you girl and don't you ever forget it. She smiles. Girl that is water under the bridge. I have to go my shift at Mc Doodles starts soon. I love you too. And don't lose touch okay. These days you are as hard to keep up with as Caleb is. After taking some time to think about it. She decides to call her brother Jason. This better is good you just interrupted my favourite playlist. Jason, I do not know where to begin. Just do not flip a lid okay. But Astaroth has been acting like you. And in more than a few places this time. But that is not what is really bothering me. He's back to harassing Ethen. And I told him we did not have sex. When he came to see me. And I kept my promise to Astaorth I never would. But now ether he wants Ethen or thinks I do. And it's like over 30 or more jocked accounts and I just do not know what to do. Cos he will not admit to it. And I don't know who else I can turn to but you. Since you where the one that helped pull him through finally let go of all that drama four years ago. Just please do not get pissed off. I did not say anything sooner.When will he stop always assuming he has to be you or I OOC to get someone to love him. This is why I wish he had just stayed with Heather.  Don't worry sis I got a plan. To teach him a lesson and reveal he is not me at the same time. And trust me you will know when I put it into action. Alright talk to you later and love ya. I love you too. She said as she then hung up the phone. Knowing even though it was the right thing. She started to cry cause she knew this would likely cause her to lose Astaroth just as she had lost Ethen and Dra. She wiped her tears away. And went on to let herself find a good story to get lost in. Meanwhile at the Danvers Estate Caleb was checking in on Elena to see how things were going. She was explaining to him how much she had loved Stefan. And even though April Storm may have held his heart above all others. He still had loved Elena and loathed the idea of her falling for someone else. I think that finally got all his accounts added. Though I am so confused on which are his and hers. Elena had said recalling Nate and how she loathed him.  Many years prior Elena had been Prince of Demons Nate's first official girlfriend. Though Nate never really quite understood why she had loved him so hard. He had still loved and cared about her. And this placed Stefan in what he felt was a paradox. But no less it had somehow all managed to work. Then suddenly she gets mail from Stefan talking about this account that came out of now where. And it was called the account Hopper. And even until this very day, it baffles all three Mel, Astaroth and Jason. For some strange reason, Elena shared it labelling it. Look at what this person is saying about my boyfriend. Then Astaroth first thought it was Mel but also knew they had been talking at the time it occurred. She was not a hundred percent sure. And Mel tried to convince him. Maybe it was the other Mel since he claimed that Melly stalked him. However, he was still a little torn on it. But deep down thought that Melaine had done it one way or the other. Then one night after He and Johnny had a fight. About it was just time to come clean. He called Johnny a sociopath. And then proceeded to bot out his existence And then opted to just fake his death to get away from everyone. And though Melaine knows he is Sourwolf. She still never attempts to add or talk to him. The same way she will not Ethen. Due to she wants Astaroth to come back to her. Cause at times she is torn on if he does in fact truly still love her. As she does him.  After taking another break and sleeping a few months she did come to rise again. However, her coven has been forever changed since. The late part of the year 2013When Mel had risen she noticed many of the other accounts that she thought where Astaroth had still been around. Though most had seemed as if they just logged in enough. So they did not get sent to the empty. However, she did notice that the Ethen one had still been active. And seeing the title Blazestorm had made her recall Johnny and how many called him Blazer. Which now lead her to think now he had been part of it too. So she decided to go for it and see how things went. Well, it's been what 6 years or more. How about we pretend Joanna is still around and secretly make love in the mail like we use to back in the day. I always loved the way you would finger me. And make me feel so naughty, hot and sexy at the same time. She then wrote out some smutty moves with foreplay and flirtatious mannerisms. And waited to see if just maybe it had been Ethen. There is no Joanna in my life. that is the fake Ethen who was with Joanna. I am the real Ethen Micheal Blazestorm. And that other fake one needs to leave. Followed by profane and stereotypical American slang Then he hits the Block button. What the f*** ever. I know my brother. Though he liked to be abusive as you are. He would not just deny Joanna. Well.. He does deny Damian and Phoebe's existence... And he sure did like going off on me. So from then on Mel was a little torn if it had been Ethen Jocking himself or if was not Ethen. After that, she became Werewolf Melanie in the hopes she might get Dean's Attention and came across her old friends Angela and Coop and caught up with them a while. Learning her dear friend had congestion heart failure. And was having a hard time being a waitress. She always hated that damn Five thousand dollar phone bill from calls to Brazil to Carolina. Caused her and Jeremy to get a divorce. She knew it was so hard for Anglea going from a pampered housewife. To the lifestyle to one of a working class gal.late 2014  After losing Abby and Althea Tyler had pretty much called it quits when it came to women. Even though 9 out of the ten times. It had not been him they wrote with. It still never changed the fact they both just shown him. Women had been nothing but selfish whores. With these strange, it's not cheating if it's on another account rules. To him, it was all the same cause you were writing with others. Who now used feminism as a way to make excuses for their double standards. As though two wrongs make a right. Now it was just becoming the new misogyny against men. Which meant instead of ether sexes becoming equals. It was just spinning the wheel upside down so now the one who was on the bottom was now on the top. To him, the goal should be to break the wheel not take turns spinning it every century.  No less one night after a bunch of dirty man on man smut and feet fetish foreplay. He had a rant about the Devil's clones and then learned who exactly it was. Due to the fact, his lover had known them since spacer days. And that was when he become confused thinking Becker had been someone they were not. This lead to a long line of confusion. And excuse to finally reach out to his ex. Which he never would pass up when he had the chance. Since the fact, he was gay now. Seemed to drive her wild with regret.  What do you want now? Trying act like one of your siblings again when you add me won't fool me.And the new replacement, for Astro, is fantastic. He truly knows how to hit all the right spots. .And as a plus he thinks Lexi is illiterate has no interest in her. And that cunt that is obsessed with my brother left. Cause she couldn't handle all his pint up passion. So please do not let this be some reveal you are about to blow out my ears with. Just to rain on my parade like you always do Tyler.Dayum always a pleasure Abby.  And if only but these days since I drive stick. I clearly don't waste my time keeping up with your new lovers. But its a big reveal and one I know you will like to know. Since you clearly still want to be twat monster over the past. Not let go and forgive me. And act like I stalk you in bushes or you caught me peeping in your window. I just will go ahead and hang up now. And leave you wondering just what it was. Good ole Ty called to let you know out of the goodness of his gay heart. Fine, you have intrigued me. Tyler just what is it. You and your big ole gay heart has called to tell me. That is so epic of the reveal. You just knew that I would want to be the first person to finally know it. She asked as she feared now a little what the info was. Since she knew now no matter how good or bad news it was. It would be something that once she knew. Would forever change her outlook on what she once thought to be a truth or lie. Tyler now calmed down a bit. Overall the excitement he himself had felt about finally knowing. It's about the Devil's Clone. They are run by your nephew Becker and some chick from the Alps. I can only assume Becker and Ethen had fallen out. Perhaps over his time in this fairy tale land or maybe his sister getting to stay in Cali. I was hoping you might know a little more about why Becker was doing it. No Idea as you know since you ran off Mikes sister and outed me for stealing her profile pictures. He has not spoken to me in years. But I do know if Becker had wanted to go to Cali Alyssa likely could have convinced her dad to adopt her and make her one of the Rogers. So it's clearly not over that. I'll check with my family and see what I can find out. But how do you know for certain it is our Becker? That name is as common as my own or Mikes. And I just do not see her doing that. Becker has quite a few Desur accounts last I knew. And I don't see that still occurring. If she and Mike had been on bad terms. But at least now we know the name of the person behind it. Have you told Melaine yet? You know she will be devasted since she always assumed it was Astro 1,0 behind all of it. And that is what ran that sexy red beast of Angel off. Though the new one has no complaints from me. No, not yet but she is next on my list. But I just wanted to be sure you knew what was going on and who had been behind the army. Take care Abbadon later. 2020Amara Jade lands in Rosario Forest and begins to look around. Noticing a Cole is Ethen's father and Ethen and Paige are now to together. She then looks around more noticing an Anthony Castellano. She seems to know how to tell who is Ethen and who is Caleb. However why she gets anything but despair from even keeping track of them. Just seems to not make much sense to Sami Dee. Then she suddenly feels something pulling her back to the portal between the worlds. As though a tornado vortex just suddenly pulled her back. She is lifted from the forest. She tries her best to fight it off. But yet seems to have no way to do so.  


11/24/2020 03:27 PM 


1. My daughter Gracelynn Keating- She's the light of my life and everything good in this world. I am grateful for everything she has taught me since she was born. She has been the best thing to ever happen to me and I could not be more grateful for her.2. My Son Landon Keating- He's my little superhero and has saved me on numerous occasions. He's been the light to light my way when I felt lost. I couldn't imagine a world without him in it with me.3. My twins Cassie and Maxwell Keating- They came into my world during a dark time but I could not be more grateful for them. They make me smile when I am having a bad day and their laughs are contagious. I couldn't be happier to have them in my life.4. My Brother Wyatt and Sister in law Huntsleigh Bellhouse- You guys have been here for me through thick and thin and I can't thank you enough for that. I wouldn't have gotten through half of what I did if it wasn't for the two of you. I love you both with all my heart and I am so grateful for you guys.5. Persephone Wight- Thank you for being one of the best people in my life. You helped me when I was in the deepest hole and you got right in there with me. You are the Jelly to my Peanut Butter and you always will be.6. Alaska North- I have no idea what I would do without you Bubbles and I never want to find out. You are my best friend, my person, and my sister all rolled into one. I am so grateful for the bond that we share and the fact that I can always count on you to be here for me no matter what, I love you Bubbles.7. Riley Quinn- You are one of the most incredible people I have ever met in my life Buttercup. I know we are a bit away apart from one another now but I will always love you and be grateful for you no matter what. You will always be my Buttercup and my best friend until the end of time.8. My Animals- I love them all very much and I am very grateful for all of them. They make me smile every day and feel my heart with so much joy. I am so happy that they came into my life.9. My House- I am thankful for the 4 story house that I am blessed every day to have. I never thought I would get something like this. So I always cherish it whenever I can.10. My Job As A Detective At The NYPD- I never thought I would be a detective but I am so grateful for my job. The people there are so nice and welcoming. Also, I love the fact and am grateful that I can help people and catch the people who wronged them.

Demonic Moose

11/24/2020 06:49 PM 

Sam's Music Shuffle

Put your music player on shuffle and answer the questions below with the song titles. No cheating.1. The song that will describe how you will die. Killer Queen, Queen2. The song that describes your love life.Highway to Hell, ACDC3. The song that you will play on your wedding day.Crazy little called love, Queen4. Add 'in my pants' at the end of the title. Thunderstruck, ACDC (in my pants) LMFAO5. This song will play at your funeral. River, Ed Sheeran & Eminem6. Add 'with a shovel and a screwdriver' to the song.I want to hold your hand, The Beatles (with a shovel and a screwdriver)7. This song describes your week.Radio Ga Ga, Queen8. This song is your theme song.We didnt start the fire, Billy Joel9. The song you play when you think of someone you love.Yellow Submarine, The Beatles10. This song will play when you miss someone. Another brick in the wall, Pink Floyd


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Crimson Teardrops I/IV

The Story of the First Ripper.Crimson TeardropsParagon /  Elijah Mikaelson/ 1545178Chapter I of IV1956 NovemberLos Angeles, CAThe television studio was electric.  This was the first major network program ever hosted by an African American.  Nat King Cole straighten his tie and looked in the mirror. He was very excited to get this program underway.  “Is my tie on straight Elijah?” It had been in 1923 when Elijah was on the run after having separated from Klaus and Rebekah in New Orleans that he found himself in Chicago IL. He took solace in a Baptist Church hoping that his father would not come searching for him there. Mikael the Destroyer was after his children. Elijah had sworn to Klaus and Rebekah that Mikael would be held off for as long as he could back in 1919.  It was four years later and he’d assumed all was safe.    Elijah had heard that his brother and his sister had been in Chicago. He’d also heard that their father had almost captured them but they managed to escape.  He longed desperately to be reunited with his siblings. The best place to start was in Chicago the last place that he'd heard they’d been.That tiny little church in Chicago was a safe place for Elijah that day.  There was a small boy sitting, at the piano that day. Elijah was mesmerized by the talent of the boy as he played the organ. He came to find out, that little boy’s name was Nat.  Here he was 30 years later with that boy as a grown man and talented musician.   Elijah had tried to keep his secret from Nat, but all did not go according to plan.  Nat King Cole new that his buddy was actually one of the oldest creatures alive. The fact that Elijah Mikaelson was an Original Vampire didn’t phase the musician in the slightest. “You look fantastic my friend.   I’ll be watching off stage.  Break a leg!” He told him.Nat winked at his friend before heading off to film his first TV show. Elijah had big hopes and dreams for this young man. Nat King Cole was a brilliant musician. The Original stayed in the background silently watching and doing what he could for his friend.   It was really a shame that most people in this land that was supposed to be where all men were created equal still treated men and women of color as objects.   Elijah looked around at the television studio backstage. Various Christmas decorations we’re being placed here and there throughout the studio. It was November. Christmas was coming.  Christmas was supposed to be a time of peace.  For many, Elijah included, the only thing Christmas brought back was bittersweet memories.~*~Kingdom of Leinster, Ireland1172 NovemberThe journey had been long and tedious. Elijah Mikaelson was riding with an entourage to the court of the Gaelic King of Leinster to attempt to get him to swear fealty to the British King Henry II.  He was heavily armored with weapons of his own design.  He was known as Stormborn because of the fury in his eyes in the heart of battle.  It was a bloodlust that they saw that frightened many men.  Little did any of these men know, but the knight they rode with on this day was actually a monster and not just a fierce warrior. Less than a century earlier, Elijah traveled with his siblings  to the Court of the French Count de Martel with a little help. They were fresh from a journey across the ocean to Europe.  Their eldest brother Finn had been born in the old country. He was but a child as the trip was made now two centuries prior.    Elijah was the first born in the New World.  Adjusting to life in the Old World as a hideous monster who thrived on human blood had taken some getting used to on his part.   Using his skills learned as a human Viking, Elijah put them to good use.  He had been a talented blacksmith when he was human.  These were skills he’d never forget.  Feudal Europe was the perfect place for him.Carrying the banner of King Henry II, the contingent was greeted by vassals of the Gaelic King.    Elijah climbed down off his horse.  “I assume your Master is expecting me?” Elijah spoke with a noble regality all unto his own.“Aye, m'lord.” The vassal didn’t expect much of a response from the King’s messenger.   He took the horse to make sure it was properly treated.Elijah stormed directly into the throne room of the Gaelic King known as Strongbow.   The doors were immediately thrown open for him clearing the path.   Strongbow was more than prepared.   He was sitting on his throne ready to not allow his gaze to leave the eyes of the King’s Messenger.   “Adequate quarters have been prepared and there will be feast in your honor, Stormborn.” Elijah was impressed by the Gaelic King.   He nodded in acknowledgement of the respect that was given to him.    “I believe you know why I have come.”The doors opened again.   This time a woman entered who was great with child.   She wore the dress and bore herself as noble woman would.   “May I present my Queen, Aoife?” She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He’d been in love with Tatia years ago, but Aoife looked as though she was the goddess Freya herself.   He approached the queen and bowed to her.   He took her hand and kissed it gallantly.  “It is an honor to meet the most beautiful woman in all of Ireland.” He spoke.    Elijah was completely enamored of another man’s wife.  A sense of dread started to creep in regarding her but he tried his best to ignore them.What could possibly happen?To be continuedcredit: james kriet

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Blood Paradise

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Open Roles as of 11/24/2020

Males*Lestat (in reserves)Louis*Marius (in reserves)AntoineDaniel MalloyNicolas de LenfentNotker the WiseFelixKiller DavisFareed BhansaliGremt Stryker KnollysQuinn Blackwood ( this is the only dual character)Armand (Amadeo)BenedictEverard de LandenMagnusMaelSethAvicusAlfredoFlavius*Santino (in reserves)ThorneEricCyrilRhoshmandesBenjiAzimArjunKhaymanEnkilDavidGregory JabareAlainViktorTeskhamenAmel -not allowed at this timeFemalesSevraineZenobia *Eudoxia (in reserves)MekareMaharetBianca SolderiniAllesandraMadeleine*Claudia ( in reserves)Baby JenksJesse ReevesHeskethChrysanthe*Eleni de Landen ( in reserves)Eugenie de LandenGabrielle de LioncourtSybelleRoseDr. Flannery GilmanBabette -not allowed at this time.Rowan Mayfair -not allowed at this time.Mona Mayfair -not allowed at this timeMerrick Mayfair -not allowed at this time 

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Looks like they had a party without you.
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" You really should not have runoff. I had not even got to all the good parts yet. But that is always you. So lost in that speck of hope. That is just as delusional as you think now your dark haired ex will show up to save you. But you see life is not TV. For entertainment purposes, TV is only a reflection of it. " " So all you have is me. Sure maybe one former Riley to their Edwards soldiers showed up. But that is all you have. You really should do yourself a favor. And crawl in a bathtub and slowly run the blade down your arm. Like that secret one. You only keep in the DM's. " " At least you are not like the other one. Always running about the forest of the wolf. Always being the one on the outside looking in. At a place that does not desire nor want you." "Still you carry on lost in your delusion that someone actually cares. And the reality is they don't. Like it has always been they just want you to scurry off. And get lost to never return. That is why I am trying to show you the path to death. So you can finally be free of these plagues that haunt you." " No matter you will see soon enough. Even your own army turned against you. No Father nor Mother you had wants you. And no one you once knew. Wishes to know you again. And that is when I will finally win. And you will accept that this is your end. And then I can move on to my next victim. " " And until then remember no one pities the fool. For it's their choice to be one."  

You can't just run from me.

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The owners, Akasha and Pandora are long standing roleplayers & will run the rpg as they see fit. No auditioners/potential members may interfere in our audition or writing processes Each official member may claim 2 roles & create 2 seperate profiles. If members remain highly active, they may be granted permission to make more than 2. There is an audition process, auditioners must follow it & be patient for the results. There are several roleplayers who have plagued us with drama in the past. This is completely unacceptable, everyone will be given a chance to join but if we deem your behavior online inappropriate, we have the right to deny your entrance to the group. The owners are NOT babysitters, we do not do activity checks. You either choose to write or not. We don't care however if you are refusing to write for over three weeks with no requested hiatus/notification to the owners. Your role will re-open. If you want it back you have to audition all over again. While characters in this verse can be bisexual, homosexual, and quite androgynous- keep in mind we follow Anne Rice's theme that females are barren and males are sterile. Sex activity as in the actual act is minimal and should be kept yo your private rps/blogs. The blood- drinking is the actual act that is equal to human sex for the vampires; their orgasm is within that act only. Keep your players in line with this theme, there is no exception. If your character is dead in the books, you may revive him/her if the revival makes sense and keeps in line with the stories. There can be NO duplicate face claims or characters. NONE. We do not crossover with True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Twilight or any other vampire world. This is an Anne Rice vampire realm. Mayfair Witch roles are permitted if they audition with First Street only. Crossovers will be considered if you can place said character in the Anne Rice vampire realm by NOT being a vampire. We do not want interfering vampire themes/mythos to contradict our stories. While it is not required to have read all 15 novels, it is wise to have read at least 2-3 novels. The realm is based on the books not any films. If you plan on sticking around here, suggestion is to read or you will be lost in the shuffle. Our friends are our friends, no one may come in and try to sway us to abandon our friends.  No bullying. No Hate. No Drama. There is to be no harassment of any kind to any of our members. We do not care about other Vampire Chronicle RP sites, let them be and do their thing. We do not regurgitate Annes's all ready written stories, they are only a basis of our realm. There are triggering themes in this realm including death, child vampires, incest, blood, gore, religion, and violence, It all occurs in the novels, so it will occur here. We do not allow graphic sex scenes, rape scenarios, harm to children/animals, bdsm or any other weirdo kinks.  If you are someone who is squeamish this may not be the writing realm for you. You must reserve the character (s) you audition for so we may keep them out of the open role list while you audition. You must make a proper reservation via messages to Akasha. You may NOT integrate love interests into our stories unless they are members of this rpg. It is stupid I have to say this but we just do not give a rats arse if your character is in love with Dean Winchester or Chester Cheetah, it has no bearing on the stories within our realm. You may never ever ever speak, act, or move someone else's character. Just do not do it. Do not ignore posts directed to you. If you need some time to reply, speak up and tell us. Since Akasha is an editor, all edits, banners and such are done by her. She may go to an outside source if she is happy with someone's work but most likely this will not happen. Our members are ALL required to sign a contract to not be malicious and hateful for any reason towards anyone. (LINK)  We will not make pages for anyone. We also will not write entire roles out for you. Open Roles will have an intro to the character, if you plan to portray said character- research it on your own, Original characters are permitted but they better be well fleshed out and fit exactly within the realm. No one may audition for originals until we have 15 cannon roles filled. There will be activities but we do not assign tasks, you can participate in our contests, prompts, mood boards and etc... only if you want to, it is not a requirement. We do not penalize anyone, This is not school. We are not assigning a point system or anything like that. You can choose to have discord or not, we do not really care. Upon acceptance, you must add the owners and all members, you also must make an effort to roleplay with everyone or at least speak to everyone. Camraderie is a good thing, we cannot be completely anti-social. Rules may change so keep yourselves updated. The owners are pretty laid back so simply put "Don't sweat the small stuff!" We don't and never will. Sign below, No gifs or images please.


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American dream or American nightmare?

“We are getting far away from here. We will be safe. No more killing. No more gunshots. No screams.” Amir said to his children and wife Kamilla. “You promise Baba?” Tariq at eight years old said to his father. The Javars were crammed in the back of a beat-up truck. driving through the dusty roads of Afghnistan. “I promise. We will be living the American dream in no time.” He brought his youngest son into a hug. They were heading to Pakistan so that Amir could figure things out. At eleven years old Tariq and the rest of the Javars would be in America.Nassir (Marwan Kenzari)It was the sound of his mother screaming as if she was stabbed in the chest that caused him and his sister Aryana to look at one another with a confused expression. Usually, nothing could tear them away from the television when wrestling was on. Standing up they practically stumbled over each other to head to the foyer to see what was going on. Two police officers were standing in the doorway. Their father kneeled on the floor holding his wife. The officers would eventually venture out of the doorway. “Baba? What’s going on?” Tariq asked, his father Amir would wave the sixteen-year-old off.Later on that night Amir would call the youngest ones into the living room. The mood was off. Amir was not his usual self. Since being in America Tariq had never seen his father so happy. They were living this American dream. The older gentleman waved for his children to sit down. “Nassir…” He brought his hand up to his head, his facial expression showed that he was in disbelief. Their mother Kamilla was in her room, they had not seen her since the foyer. “Your brother was killed.” Nassir looked down for a moment then back up at his children. “He was leaving the Mosque when it happened.” It’s been a week since 9/11 happened. A lot of Muslims feared leaving their house. Attacks were all over the place. Nassir was a victim of a brutal hate crime. It didn’t take long for the news to hit that three officers watched it happen. Beaten by multiple men. By the time they had stepped in it was already too late. That day had changed the dynamic of the Javar family forever.Kaiser (Jason Momoa)“YOU LET HIM GO! YOU BROUGHT US HERE!” The now oldest Javar shouted at his father. “You filled our heads with lies! America is not what you said it would be. My brother is dead!” Kaiser said as he slid on his jacket. “Unlike you,” He pointed at Amir. “I’m going to go do something about it! The law won’t fix this. It won’t bring him back. Just like in Afghanistan our people are suffering here!” Amir stood up from his chair, he spoke in a calm tone. “I brought you all here to escape that war zone. I did what I thought was best for my family.” This was something Tariq knew he should stay out of. His brother had roughed him far too many times. Kaiser was seven years older than him and the size of a massive football player. No thank you. “Well, baba… You thought wrong.” Kaiser said before walking out of the kitchen and out of the house.Hearing loud knocks on the door Adeel opened the door. Two police officers standing there and another cop outside in the car with the lights on. “Is Kaiser Javar here?” Adeel nodded his head with confusion. “Y- yeah… why?” Kaiser would find his way to the door. “What’s going on here?” He asked looking at his brother. “Kaiser Javar, you are under arrest for the assault of officer Fragim.” It started about a year ago. Kaiser started to get involved with some suspect folks. Those folks along with Kaiser assaulted an on-duty officer, one that allowed for his brother to be beaten to death. Kaiser was eventually sentenced to twenty-five years in Rikers Island.Adeel (Tama Tonga)Tariq looked over at his older brother, his eyes started to tear up. “You’re really going?” Adeel nodded his head. The male was always easy going. Seemed to always be at peace. “This is not where I see myself. This place is not for me.” He placed his hand on Tariq’s shoulder. “You are always welcome to come. Finish school first. I believe you are going to do great things.” Tariq cleared his throat and blinked a few times trying not to cry. “It’s okay to cry, brother. Don’t let baba tell you otherwise. Emotion is good.” Adeel patted his brother’s cheek. “You’ll have to come to Mecca sometime anyway. You were so young when you went. It’s a beautiful place.” Adeel grabbed his brother and hugged him tightly. “I love you. Look out for our family.” Even when Adeel tried to part from the hug Tariq held onto him tightly. At this point, he couldn’t hold back the tears. The two brothers stood there hugging a little longer before parting. “You’re special Tariq. Out of all of us boys, you are something special. You always carried leadership, passion, and love. The only promise I want from you is that you will never lose that.” Taking a few steps back Adeel grabbed his bags before heading off to say goodbye to everyone else.Alim (Dev Patel)“I rather have a dead son than a gay one!” Amir spoke in a harsh tone. Tariq, Alim, and Aryana were the only children still at the house. Nassir was dead, Kaiser in prison, and Adeel went off to Saudi Arabia. There was always something different about Alim than the other brothers and Nassir treated him differently for it. “Baba, how could you say that? You know the pain of losing a son already. You say these things to me?” Alim’s eyes were filled with tears. “I said it with no regrets. I wish you were the one who was dead. Beaten...” Amir looked at his son with disgust. “Killed for your sins. You are living in haram! I will not accept you for that.” At this point, Alim couldn’t take the verbal abuse. “Nassir is dead because of you! Kaiser is locked away like an animal because of you! YOU RAN ADEEL OFF! BABA! YOU ARE LIVING IN HARAM! TWO OF YOURS WIVES ARE DEAD! DEATH SURROUNDS YOU!” His words sounded more and more emotional as he spoke. “You…” Amir quickly walked in Alim’s direction. With no hesitation, he slapped Alim across the face then shoved him into a wall. “You get out of my house! GET OUT! GET OUT!” He had him by the collar of his shirt shaking him. “OUT! I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOUR FACE AGAIN!” He slammed Alim before letting him go.Alim didn’t say anything to anyone before leaving. From this day Tariq had never heard from his brother again.Aryana (Leah Van Dale)Due to the rest of their siblings no longer being around Aryana and Tariq were very close. You’d never catch one without the other. That was until college. Tariq always pushed his sister to be the best she could be. Their father did not approve of her career choice. She was smart and wanted to become a wrestler? That made no sense to Amir.“I can’t believe this!” Tariq looked at his sister who was holding the women’s championship. We were eleven when we first watched it. Now, look at you!” His hands moved in her direction. “I’ve never been more proud of anyone in my whole life!” His face was lit up like New York City at night. “Baba always talked about living the American dream back in Kabul!” His wide smile turned into a half one. “At least one of us is doing it right?” His brown eyes shifted down to the ground. “T! It’s not just me! Look at you! Everything you’re doing with your life! You’re helping so many people!” Tariq shook his head laughing. “Don’t say that. I’m not doing that. I wish.” Aryana stepped closer to her brother. “You’ve changed my life. You were the only one that had my back and pushed for me to accomplish my dream. If you weren’t there for me then I don’t know where I’d be. After Nassir died our parents weren’t the same. Our family wasn’t the same. You were the strong one. You didn’t care if I was a girl or not! You knew I would be an amazing wrestler and performer.” Aryana hugged her brother tightly. “You are special. You’re so important to this world, to me.” She squeezed her brother before pulling away. “Now! Enough of this sappy stuff! Let’s go celebrate! I’M THE SMACKDOWN’S WOMEN’S CHAMP BAYBAY!!!” She started to moonwalk with her title held high.

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