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08/03/2020 05:45 PM 

[headcanon with bearerofdeath.]

[headcanon with bearerofdeath.]Lavender and Calix both have canid forms, their paws and claws are their weapons. In their human form they feel a sense of closeness and peace when their digits interlock."Hold my hand in the blinding darkness when all we have left is to feel."


08/03/2020 05:28 PM 

nail polish and exorcisms. (drabble @clairvoyantprotector)

    @clairvoyantprotector /1432746 -002. buffy paints lorraine's nails."You ever thought of taking a break from all the demon and ghost fighting and just having girly time for yourself?" Buffy asked, grabbing the sparkly pink mini book bag that was hanging off the chair at the dinner table. She walked towards the living room and descended to the carpeted floor, sitting crossed-legged upon it and looking up at Lorraine who was sitting on the couch across her.Visible neck bruises could be seen upon Buffy's flesh, a healing gash on her forehead, and a few other bruises scattered about her arms and legs. Lorraine, her husband and Giles hadn't been left unscathed either. They had all been hurt by the violent spirit that had decided it wanted to take Willow's body for a ride. Of course, no one had been hurt to the degree that Willow was, but it was still a difficult task to do. Now, you're all probably wondering how in the world all of that happened in the first place? Well... you see, Willow had recently gotten her hands on a ouija board and Buffy didn't really believe that something sold by a major toy company would really actually contact anything truly evil... but they were both clearly proven completely wrong. I mean, they should've known better, right? They were on the Hellmouth - you pop bubblegum the wrong way in Sunnydale and you might just wake up an ancient evil.Everything happened pretty quick with the whole ouija board thing; Willow became obsessed with it, weird things started happening around them, and next thing Buffy knew, Willow was acting like she was Regan from The Exorcist - minus the whole head twisting owl-style thing, but there was gross green vomit involved; Buffy got some of it on her Calvin Klein t-shirt. Totally gross. Really sad. She liked that shirt so much, and she figured that demon possession vomit must've had something that made it impossible to get out, because no matter how many times she tried to wash it off there was zero progress. Eventually she gave up and just threw it out. However, of course! That was the least of her true concerns. She could always replace her t-shirt, but there was no replacing Willow if something happened to her. Giles didn't know how to exactly go about handling the situation because using magic could possibly make it worse, and Buffy was the Slayer, not exactly exorcist material.Luckily, Giles knew exactly who to call in a situation like this; no... not the Ghost Busters, The Warrens. Buffy explained to them what had happened with the whole ouija board thing, and how Willow ended up the way she had, and they didn't really hesitate to lending their helping hand. It wasn't an easy task to get Willow back to normal - that demon was pretty stubborn with wanting to keep her. It kept talking about how she had so much power inside her and that it had no intention of letting her go. It was a long three days and three nights for all of them, but in the end they had succeeded. The demon had been exorcised and the ouija board was destroyed properly. Now, they were all just taking a breather at Giles' place for a couple of days, just watching Willow (who was currently getting some much-needed rest in Giles' bedroom upstairs) to make sure that everything was truly in the clear with her. Ed was the one that had said it was best for them to stick around for a bit just in case, and Giles was more than happy to let them all stay over. Besides, it was nice to have a man his age around to have a conversation with, he was usually having to deal with very troublesome teenagers."Of course I have." Lorraine responded with the softest of voices, so comforting, so sweet. "I've got a daughter back home, I usually have my girly time with her." She smiled, a smile that matched her sweet demeanor. "She's younger than you and Willow, actually..." Lorraine spoke again, but then there was a moment of silence between them. Lorraine's brows furrowed, and she focused her kind gaze upon Buffy, a soft sigh escaping her lips. Buffy stared up at her, eyes blinking, her own brows furrowed."Are you okay, Lorraine?" She asked, concern in her voice.Lorraine shook her head for a moment, closing her eyes, as if she was bringing herself back from somewhere that her mind had gone to. Her eyes were still shut when she began to speak."You're a very brave girl, Buffy." Her eyes fluttered open, and she focused them upon the young girl, "the whole world on your shoulders. You're so strong. Even when you're scared, no matter what. Especially when it comes to saving the ones you love. You'd do anything for them. You'd give anything." Lorraine could feel the energy bouncing off of Buffy, she could feel the hurricane of emotions that Buffy hid so very well within herself. Even now, she could feel that Buffy was still shaken from the recent events, but somehow she was here, still finding the time to be a teenage girl. Still trying her best to act normal and control how she truly felt. It was impressive.Buffy bit down on her bottom lip and her gaze lowered for a moment. Lorraine's words had caught her by surprise. She was ever rarely an open book when it came to her emotions, especially after the whole Slayer thing. She knew she had to be strong, strong for herself and strong for everyone else around her - didn't she? They all relied on her. It was her job to do so. Buffy took in a deep breath. She felt emotional all of a sudden. Buffy was scared, seeing Willow in the way that she was... but even if she had to offer her body up to the demon to save her friend, she would've. She knew she'd be able to fight it better. Buffy was glad that it didn't come down to that, but she'd be lying if she said she wasn't worried about Willow. If she wasn't scared that it'd come back and attack her. Buffy wouldn't let it. Even if she had to put herself in a dangerous position. Even if she had to suffer."Yeah, it's not easy... I'm just glad she's okay, thanks to you..." Buffy responded, but then she flashed her a little grin. There she went again, swallowing down her emotions. "But you know! As long as I'm up to date with what nail polish color is popular at the moment, I can find the strength to beat the ass of evil." There was her joking, it's how she covered up her true feelings. "Totes can't go fighting the forces evil with last month's color on your nails, you know?" Buffy continued to speak while she made herself busy digging inside the pink sparkly book bag that she had grabbed earlier. It was better than letting herself go and start crying. Buffy knew better than to let that happen, with all the emotions that she held inside? Buffy was afraid that once she began, she wouldn't be able to stop. "Lilac is totally in right now according to Bazaar Mag!" Buffy pulled out a small bottle of Laurel B. Beauty nail polish and reached over to grab Lorraine's left hand. "You did something nice for us, now I want to do something nice for you."Lorraine didn't protest, of course. Again, all she could do is smile softly and simply observe how Buffy was still very much like every other girl her age - despite her calling and the hardships that came with it.Buffy unscrewed the bottle of nail polish and began to paint Lorraine's nails, her brows knitting in concentration - she wanted to stay within the lines and not make a mess. "... And just... thank you for saving my best friend..." Buffy uttered, looking up at Lorraine.Lorraine softly nodded once, "Of course, Buffy. Thank you for always saving us all." She responded, and Buffy smiled softly, before going back to focusing on painting Lorraine's nails.


08/03/2020 04:44 PM 

dear diary, wtf? (drabble @morningstar)

    @morningstar /1509564-001. buffy discovers luce reading a diary entry that buffy wrote about him."Dear diary, what's new? Just kidding you're a book.Why do I continue to write on your pages when I've got a perfectly good laptop and a perfectly good journal account to do these things on? It's so weird. Do people even have diaries anymore? Outside of school or whatever other sort of work that requires writing - does anyone even choose to pick up a pen and write stuff onto an actual page of paper, instead of type, type, type, save and print? I mean... I guess... me? But, I can't really help it. I like writing in you! It feels so personal... like I share all my feelings with you and it'll always be safe from the entire world. You'd never get hacked into and exposed. You're safe. Hidden away beneath my mattress, filled with my every thought, my every emotion. Good or bad....And now I just feel like I'm rambling. I totally am. I bet I always ramble before I finally get to the point as to why I decided to write in you. I'm good at rambling, I guess. Especially when I'm trying to avoid saying something. Is that what I'm doing now? Avoiding? Why am I asking you so many questions, as if you could write back and tell me an answer. It's not like you're Tom Riddle's diary or anything. Wow, look at me! I made a Harry Potter reference, does that make me a dork now? Do I get honorary dork points?! Willow should be proud of me. Just in case she ever thought I was tuning her out whenever she'd go on her little Harry Potter tirades. I just never knew what to say exactly... not like I know much of anything when it comes to that sort of stuff, you know? And now I'm rambling about something else, wow. Queen of rambling over here.Hey, so, point of this entry... Satan. Okay, that was a weird left turn. Let's try again. I met the Devil. Okay... still weird, ha... but, no. Really. I did. Like... actual Lucifer. Fallen angel. I'm not just referring to a date from Hell. I mean the real deal. Only, he's not what I always imagined him to be, you know? I always thought he'd have a little goatee and be dressed in all red, carry around a pitchfork and all that. Thought he'd go around poking people with said pitchfork and I don't know, setting them on fire and sucking their souls out or something? I've got a fun imagination, can you tell?Anyways, yeah... so... the Devil. You know, would you believe me if I told you he isn't as bad as everyone says he is? Is that a weird thing to say? I mean, of course it is... how many people could say they met the Devil? Okay... maybe a few people before I even thought of existing. Musicians and stuff, right? Whatever. Maybe he's just nice to me? Think he's trying to sway the Slayer onto his side before he gets on with the soul sucking? Should I be worried? He is the prince of lies or whatever, isn't he? Whatever it is that churches say. Hey, is God gonna hate me now? Woah... God's real. So's Heaven? My brain totally cannot handle all of this.I'm just sixteen. Slow down. Slayer birthright, crazy vampire lords trying to murder me, and now... I'm rubbing elbows with the Devil? Questioning my entire existence here. My life is definitely not what I thought it was going to be. But, he's cool, you know?" "Luce! What shoes should I wear with this outfit? These white Gucci platform pumps or... what's that in your hands?!" Buffy's brows furrowed, tossing both pair of shoes that she held in her hand aside and making her way towards Lucifer, who was standing there, as smug as ever with a very familiar flowery pink journal in his hand!"And he's handsome... he has a nice jawline... his singing voice is... just... something else. One time, I took him to a Christmas party, and he called me up to do karaoke with him and it was totally embarrassing! He was all charming and totally doing it on purpose! How dare he, right?! How dare he just show up and be all nice and cool and smooth..." "Aw, I'm pretty sure that's the first time I ever punched. I never thought I'd ever get to say that I punched the Devil in the jaw."Buffy's cheeks grew red with embarrassment. She screamed. "Lucifer! Put that down! I'm going to kill you!!" She was stomping towards him now, but Lucifer stood his ground, a teasing little grin on that face of his.Ooh! She was going to wipe it off!"Is that what you think about me, Buffy?" He asked, amusement painted upon his visage."Shut up! No! You have stupid Devil power things! It's cheating!" She jumped to snatch her diary away from his hand, and he pulled it away, high above her. Lucifer really liked to egg her on. It was adorable, how huffy she got. How quickly he could anger and frustrate her.Buffy huffed and her hands became fists, "I'm going to literally punch you." She threatened through gritted teeth."Oh, come now, this..." He looked into her diary again, reading, "...nice jawline? You wouldn't."Oh, but she would.Buffy's movements were swift, but Lucifer was faster - catching her wrist just in time to stop her from gifting him with one of her lovely jaw punches. "Ah-ah, Buffy, what have I said about violence now? Temper, temper." He scolded her in this smoothest of voices, calm and collected.Buffy narrowed her eyes and glared at him. "I hate you.""Ah," Lucifer clicked his tongue, "your diary says otherwise, shall I keep reading?" He grinned and Buffy growled, roughly pulling her wrist away from his grip.Lucifer didn't bother to hold her back.But, he wasn't going to get out of this unscathed, no. Quick, Buffy brought her foot up and stepped harshly upon his foot."Ouch!" Lucifer bent and Buffy was able to snatch her diary from his grip then."That's what you get for reading my diary!" She turned on her heels, stomping, back to her closet. "Why are we friends?!" Buffy continued to rant.And Lucifer chuckled, regaining his composure again; his hands smoothing themselves against the front of his suit's blazer. "Because you love me and well, who else could you consult about which designer shoes would go well with your outfit? Which... by the way. The Gucci platforms are perfect."Just as the words left his mouth, Buffy gave a frustrated growl and one of the said Gucci platforms came flying at his face; luckily he was swift enough to dodge it. His brow perked as he turned to look behind him for a moment, then right back at a fuming little Buffy."Yes, those." He grinned, and SHE. JUST. GLARED."To be honest, I feel like we've got a lot we could relate to. What does that say about me? I'm not sure... but... he gets me, you know? I'm glad that he's my friend... and I hope he never turns evil on me. I already had to stab my ex in the stomach with a sword once and send him into a Hell dimension. I don't want to have to murder my friend too. Can I even do that? Can the Slayer actually kill the Devil? ... Ugh, lets hope I never have to find out.xo, Buffy."


08/03/2020 01:47 PM 

Task 01:

I had a dream, i got everything i wantedif i'm being honest it might have been a nightmare "Today will be a good day, today will be better than yesterday" Looking into the mirror, she could barely recognize herself, she offered herself a small smile, she wished that she could believe the words out of her mouth, how if things where different maybe she would believe them. A small coo called her attention and she turned to pick up her small daughter and lifting her up into her arms holding on tight to the young girl rocking her slowly soothing her as she rubbed her back gently "Alright baby girl, mamas got to get to school, but you will be at home with grandma, and tonight we will play in the backyard...oh baby girl, I promise one day, the world will know your name, but for now." she put the now sleeping girl back into her crib and smiled, "for now mama's keeping you all to herself." She quickly changed out of her shirt after finding a bit of spit-up and found her heart heavy as she tried to stick around longer until her own mother comforted her and pat her back. "Get going my baby, ill take care of yours." she smiled kissing her mother's cheek and went on with her day driving Logan's old car to school. She pressed play and walked onto campus, the music echoed in her ear, and she brushed aside her hair as she made her way over to the library fidgeting with an apple as she collected her things and slowly got started on studying. Her foot tapped as she listened to her music and attempted to focus and study Physics. Time went by, she went on with her day and at the end of the school day she was back in the library this time getting a headstart on her homework, she got up off the seat and went to search for a book, her headphones dying she pocketed them and mentally gave herself only twenty minutes lying to her mother saying she was catching up with some friends before coming home keeping up the appearance that everything was good, that she was normal- living an average teenage life. As she knelt down searching for a book she'd heard her name and it caused her to hold her breath as if she was listening in on some sacred information.  'Did you hear?? That's why she left last year. She got knocked up.' 'Knocked up?? Wasn't she dating Topher? Is it his?' 'Rumor is she cheated' 'oh how the mighty have fallen' 'But did you hear about the kid?? Apparently it's special and that's why she keeps it hidden' Her heart hurt and she went to clutch it and her eyes burned as she dropped the book and went back to collect her things. She could barely see straight let alone stop shaking as she glanced up and could hear whispers, their eyes were all over her. She felt dirty, disgusting, and she only needed to get out of school, get home and hold her daughter. 'whore' 'slut' 'whose the father' It echoed on repeat, sure maybe their mouths weren't moving, but they were thinking it, she was a slut, she wasn't sure who the father was, she lied to her parents about it, she lied. The world was spinning and she needed to get out of the library, throwing her backpack over her shoulder she walked out towards the parking lot where everyone waited for her. She could hear her own heart racing, could anyone else? The warm tears spilled down her cheeks as she saw her daughter in the crowd, Brian, Olivia, everyone staring at her with disgust. She'd dropped her bag and fell to her knees as her lip quivered and she tried to speak up, "I can explain." she reached over but her hands were stuck in the ugliness and rubble of the parking lot. Her chest hurt and her throat tightened as she just looked to everyone looking down on her. "Brian.." she'd blinked only as he'd approached her and it wasn't hatred she saw on his face, not hurt but disgust, as he walked past her, and she got up looking around, there was a swarm of people she'd lied too, left and never explained. And when her red-headed best friend stepped up to her she was slapped instantly causing the brunette to hold her cheek as she released warm tears and looked to her. 'We were family Annamarie, you knew my secret' and the daggers in her heart turned even more and she could feel her own will let go. Everything hurt, she couldn't manage a breath, a thought, words escaped her and her heart slowed as everyone had something to say, smaller and smaller she got until she was faced with her daughter. Pulling the little girl into her arms she was met with rejection as her mother pulled back her daughter and she blinked. 'You're ashamed of her, why would I let you have her? You're unfit and a bad mother' The cruel words came off easily from her mother's lips, but what hurt her more was the more and more she tried to reach out for her daughter the more distance that got between them. "I'm not... I'm not!" The young mother yelled out before she finally got ahold of her daughter and then she woke. She'd nearly jumped out of bed as she felt her heart race, she looked to the small bassinet next to her bed and just looked down to her crying little girl as she lifted the small body against her and softy hushed the little girl while rocking and pacing back and forth. Wiping her eyes as she soothed the little girl she walked over to her phone and looked for something, a blast, an angry text, she googled and facebook searched her name while her daughter quickly fell back asleep. Climbing back into bed with her daughter she collected a few pillows making a wall around the small child and just softly ran her finger through the baby's hair. "If I knew it all then, would I do it again?" she leaned down and pressed her lips gently to her child's forehead softly singing and humming to the little girl, she cuddled close to her daughter and just fell back asleep thankfully not back to the nightmare. 


08/03/2020 02:17 PM 

Task- 001

“Hear me out, what if I do a ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 days’ column??” Sophia asked the editor in chief of their school’s newspaper. “I mean Kate Hudson’s character got away with it, why can’t I?” She said before letting out a sigh when he said no. “Fine I’ll think of something else.” She slumped back into her seat and swirled her pen between her fingers thinking about what she wanted to write about. “Parker!” She leaned over to the boy. “What do you recommend I write about? I got shot down for the idea I wanted and I’m drawing a blank and need help with ideas.” Sophia said as she propped up her elbow on the table and rested the side of her head on it. Parker laughed and shot his ideas to her; they were solid ones she must admit. “Thanks, P. I owe you one.” As the bells for lunch rang through the room, she stood up from her chair and made her way towards the bathroom. Sophia walked over to the bathroom sink and looked at herself in the mirror. She looked tired. She WAS tired. She had not been sleeping much lately and one could tell. She turned the faucet on and splashed some water in her face a few times before turning the facet back off. Sophia looked in the mirror and noticed a few other girls looking at her from behind. She turned her body to face then and scrunched her nose. “Can I help you?” Rather than saying anything back they exited the restroom. Weird. She shrugged it off and walked out of the bathroom and into the hallway.     As she walked down the hallway towards her locker she noticed and abundance of people looking at it. It was absolutely freaking her out. She couldn’t t tell if she was just being paranoid or if she had something on her face or what. She brough her hand up to her face as if to knock off whatever was on it, however they just continued to stare. She sped up her steps to her locker and quickly opened it once she arrived. She grabbed the books she needed for her classes after lunch and replaced them with the ones from her earlier periods before grabbing her cellphone and closing her locker. People were starting to whisper around her as they stared. Literally what the f*** was going on. “Okay am I being punked right now?” She said out loud with a nervous chuckle. Again. No answer from anyway. “Fine, stare all you want. Doesn’t bother me.” Sophia huffed out a breath of air and b-lined towards the courtyard. Once she noticed a table with her friends, she quickly walked over towards them and sat down next to her best friend, Andrea. Sophia’s heart nearly fell out of her chest when the girl moved away in disgust. “Is this true?” The girl shoved her cellphone in her face for Sophia to look at. She scanned the screen as tears started pooling in her eyes. “I….” She felt her entire body fall in defeat. “Yes, it’s true, but Andi you have to unders---.” Her face started stinging when she realized the girl had slapped her across the face. The girl laughed. “As if you’d think I’d be into you like that. I was only ever your friend because I felt sorry for you. I’m never going to love you.” Andrea started laughing and all her friends around the table started laughing with her. Sophia quickly got up from the table and made a run for it. No destination, just away from there. She ran like she never ran before and when she turned the corner to leave out the courtyard she ran directly into Andrea, who was still laughing at her. Her eyes got dark and before she could even blink, a fist collided with her face.     Sophia woke in a pool of her sweat. She had never experienced a nightmare of the sort like such she just did. She scrambled to her nightstand and grabbed her phone to see if there was any sort of news. Nothing other than a few Instagram and twitter notifications. She took a long deep breath and swallowed the lump that was in her throat, trying not to cry again. She laid back in her bed and looked up at the ceiling for quite some time before opening her phone once more. It read 3:45am. She clicked on the Instagram icon and pressed the notification button; she had been tagged in a photo. Sophia couldn’t help the smile that appeared on her face as she looked at the photo Andrea posted of the two of them that they had taken just the day before. “what am I doing?” She mumbled to herself before pressing the little heart button to like the photo. She locked her phone and set it back down on her nightstand before rolling over and closing her eyes to try and get back to sleep.  

ᴅᴀᴍɴᴇᴅ ᴍɪʀʀᴏʀꜱ

08/03/2020 01:39 PM 

Once Upon a Jack (@BabyWings)
Current mood:  curious

I am asleep and all I dream of,is waking to you. Her heart is racing. Davina doesn't remember herself casting such a similar spell previously in her life. She is walking into her room and gathers some candles. Enough to shape a circle around herself and Jack. In the meantime, Castiel is transferring Jack's body to lie on the floor of the main room of the bunker. The young witch studies one more the spell from her old grimoire. Thank God she is a geek noting down spells she might need. In her small box, she also places a little vial of dread rosemary, valerian root black salt, and a needle.  The small ritual has started. Davina placed all the ingredients in an earthen vessel and used the needle to take some of Castiel's blood, her own blood, and Jack's into the vessel as well. Both of her eyes shut, two arms raised up high, she is snapping her delicate fingers and casts the initial spell. "Incendia!" The magic fire licks the wick of the candles. She is walking in the circle and lies next to her friend. Looking at him once, she blinks before her eyes shift to the ceiling again, reaching for the boy's hand. The blood of their fingers mixed together as she whispers the spell. "Permitte me intrare in somniis tuis et expergisti" The angel and the two hunters have their eyes focused on the procedure. "Permitte me intrare in somniis tuis et expergisti"Repeating these words make her eyeballs twirl and turn white, getting spasms. Dean and Sam jump from their seats to get to her but in that instant, she is calming down, her eyelids shutting down and her entity travels to another world. The world a warlock took her friend into and she is more than ready to get Jack back from any trickster playing around.  When her eyes open, Davina is sleeping on the forest's earthen ground. She can breathe fresh air and little squirrels jump from the trees, right next to her like they're studying her. "Here I am" she is saying getting up to clean her clothes from the dried leaves and branches. Looking down, her eyes lit up. She loves her dark green cape with the hoodie as much as she enjoys these earthen color lady pants and the leather-fury vest. Colors that will help her hide in the woods searching for Jack and not meeting with some enemy or something. "Here we are!" she giggles patting the belt of hers which holds a knife. Does her magic work in here, she wonders. Locating Jack begins... She is walking around for two straight hours looking for Jack. How could she find him? Where to look? Sighing she leans her back on some tree, sighing out when she hears the hoofs of a horse hitting the ground. Cautiously she jumps behind a bush waiting to see a friendly face or to spy on the possible enemy. She is sensing a warlock's magic surrounding the place from the very beginning that she got there. Holding her cape with both her hands she is whispering "Gardez-moi caché dans la lumière de la sorcière, de la vue des autres" making the cape hide her from any enemy's sight.   


08/03/2020 12:42 PM 

The power of Imagination
Current mood:  imaginative

Tesla was just a normal girl, but struggled in school and was picked on relentlessly for just generally being different. But different how? Her imagination would often run wild. Seeing things that weren’t there, playing by herself but not really. She believed the things she saw were real, no matter who tried to tell her otherwise. No one understood, well except her father. He didn’t even really understand, more intrigued with her condition. He was one of the top researchers at some high security government facility were they tested experimental drugs. Everything was fine until bring your daughter to work day. That was when he got an idea for a special kind of experiment just for her.   She may have cried as they strapped her to the table and shoved the needle deep into her brain but what came to follow no one expected. As she cried for them to stop, a massive fluid like creature started to take form within the room, stunning everyone. Tentacles flailed and a massive mouth of teeth. Tesla was mad, scared, confused... well at first. Then the creature seemed to understand her, picking her up from the table with ease and resting her on its back. Teslas father was amazed as he called out to the others that it worked. The power of imagination could be weaponized.    Tesla was not having that. She wasn’t about to be the start of what could be the next atom bomb.  “Toothy!” She smiled, already comfortable with it as if they played together before. “Break everything, leave nothing left.” She said with no remorse and pointed to her father. “Feel free to eat him, okey dokey!”  Toothy wasted no time destroying the facility and devouring every scientist there. They couldn’t stop it, bullets just sat within its oozy body. They never stood a chance against what they had created, the power that they had given a eight year old girl.   Years past from that day and she only brushed the surface of her new abilities. There were darker thoughts sometimes but ultimately she used her gift for the greater good. Besides no one expected a thing from a small framed girl. She would make herself useful wherever she could. Leaving common criminals bound by a fluorescent glowing lasso for police to pick up. Building fires easily extinguished by creating a Blastiose to help firefighters. Car chases being brought to an abrupt halt by creating a pothole in front of them. But Toothy was her main force to be reckoned with. He was Teslas ace in the hole, legends spread of the beast and the girl riding on its back. If you planned on doing something nefarious in this town, you might just find yourself face to face against something you couldnt imagine how to fight. But Tesla could!


08/03/2020 11:30 PM 


Bowie loves to be in her garden doing gardenning as she finds it therapeutic.Bowie loves hiking and being at one with nature.Bowie loves working out, and finds it good for her mental health.Bowie loves photography and capturing the beauty around her.Cooking and baking are big things for Bowie.Bowie loves reading and escaping to a fantasy world.Travelling the world is always exciting.Drawing is another therapeutic thing for Bowie.Upcycling is something Bowie enjoys too.


08/03/2020 11:22 PM 

Ramble I

August 2, 2020, New Orleans Museum of History, New Orleans, Louisiana Standing there going over the details, the brunette pursed her lips together thinking. She had a few more days till the grand opening of the New Orleans Museum of History. Gabriella de Orléans was the owner and head curator of the museum. She began working on the project over five months ago, and now it was almost ready. Standing in the Palace of Versailles exhibit, she ran her fingers over the beautiful ivory dress that was on a mannequin beside the other mannequin with the black jacket and pants of the male suit. She read the little card at the bottom of the display that read, Henry and Gabriella, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The Wedding. Gabriella sighed as she looked around the exhibit hugging the clipboard to her chest. Gabriella de Orléans was in fact the same Gabriella mentioned in the exhibit. She was the daughter of Prince Philippe I, Duke Orléans and his wife Princess Elizabeth. She had married Henry, Duke Of Cambridge to form an alliance between France and England that her uncle, King Louis XIV formed. Looking at the outfits she had been able to keep since her time at Versailles, she looked at one that belonged to her father and mother. “I miss you.” She said softly as she sighed, and walked over looking at the wedding dress. 10th of July, The Wedding, Palace of Versailles, Gabriella’s chambers Standing there in the ivory dress, her long brown hair was curled as the lady in waiting placed the veil into Gabriella’s hair as she fixed the train of the dress. A sudden knock was on the door as she turned to see her mother walking into the room followed by her father and then her godfather at the heels of her father. “Ah! Tu es magnifique, Gabriella.” Philippe said in French as he leaned in kissing Gabriella on the cheeks. “Henry will be happy that he is marrying you, my darling.” The Chaviler said as Gabriella smiled and was nervous. She had butterflies in her stomach as she smiled. “Who’s walking me....” she began to say as she heard a voice from behind her parents. “I thought I would take the liberty in escorting you down the isle. Since I have established this alliance I thought it would be nice to escort you down the isle.” The King of France stood there smiling at his niece. “Louis! I told you I would walk her down the isle. She is my daughter after all.” Philippe said as Gabriella sat down on the chaise as she looked at her mother. “Why don’t both of you walk her?” Elizabeth suggested as Philippe gave her a look. “No, she is my daughter if anybody is walking her it will be me.” Philippe said as Gabriella shook her head standing. “This is childish. Nobody is walking me down isle.” She said grabbing the bouquet of flowers as she headed towards the open doors to her chambers, and walked out of the room. “She gets her stubbornness from you.” Louis looked at his youngest brother and Elizabeth shook her head. “Stop arguing. Your daughter and your niece is getting married.” She spoke softly leaving the room as she headed towards the palace gardens. The gardens at Versailles were decorated more elaborately than usual due to the wedding. Henry stood at the end of the isle beside the archbishop that was there to officiate the wedding. Elizabeth was sitting in the audience with Philippe and Louis was standing at the top of the balcony waiting on his niece. “Why won’t he just sit down? I told him...” Philippe began as Elizabeth cut him off. “He is the King of France and you are his brother. Right now he is the King, in Gabriella’s chambers he was your brother who you could talk to any way you wanted, but right now he is before the people of France and England. This marriage is an alliance between two nations. He needs this alliance. Your marriage to Henrietta was the alliance he needed, but she passed away. This one is a new one.” She reminded him as the trumpets began to blare out. Gabriella stepped out into the sunlight as she shook her head. She saw her uncle and knew what he was planning. She walked past him as he held his arm out to her to take. “What are you doing?!” She hissed at him. “How dare you!” Louis hissed as they proceeded to descend down the stairs. “I did not want you to do this. It is as if you are giving me to England.” She glared at him as she then smiled and began to walk down the isle towards Henry. Once they reached the end, Henry held his hand out as Louis handed Gabriella’s hand to him and he stepped away taking a seat with his brother. “She is going to hate you.” Philippe whispered as Louis looked at him. “She already pitched a fit on the way down the stairs.” He shook his head as the archbishop began to speak. The ceremony was in Latin as the two stood there and he wrapped a purple cloth over their hands. Taking the quill in her hand, Gabriella wrote her name on the certificate. She wrote Gabriella de Orléans beside Henry’s name. August 2, 2020, New Orleans Museum of History, New Orleans, Louisiana Gabriella missed her family but she knew in order for her daughter and her husband to be happy, she had to die. Standing up, she walked through the museum out of the exhibit towards the front lobby. She sat down at the desk lobby as she sighed. Typing at the MacBook Air that was on the desk, she began to tap into the security feed of the museum as she wanted to make sure everything was perfect for opening night. The catering service was to be there in 45 minutes, and she had to let them in along with her staff.

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For Ed

    For Ed Warren // 1537318   Taking Its Toll   By Lorraine Warren // 1533977     The Warrens were returning from their latest case that had taken place in New York. It hadn't been the worst they had ever encountered but it had been a very tiring case, particularly for Lorraine. Lorraine's gift helped so many people and at times could be so beautiful. But it also put a lot of strain on her mentally and sometimes even physically. It was exhausting and neither she nor Ed was exactly getting any younger. The job was beginning to take its toll. Lorraine sat beside Ed on the train they were taking back to Connecticut, it was still going to be a few hours before they were home. Lorraine had been resting her eyes having had the worst migraine she could ever remember having. Somehow she had managed to fall asleep but that hadn't lasted too long. Though what they had encountered in New York had been dealt with and was gone now. The things she had experienced still stuck with her. Leaving her very stressed, almost in a constant state of anxiety. From her sleep, she jolted awake, her nose beginning to bleed. "Lorraine!" Ed said worriedly, he sat up putting an arm around her. "Hon... you're nose.." taking a handkerchief from his pocket he gently held it to her nose. "Lorraine, what happened?" He asked and she simply shook her head, not wanting to even discuss the nightmare right now. There was something more terrifying happening right now. "Ed I don't feel well." She said, she still had her migraine but now she was starting to feel dizzy and light-headed. She was feeling weak and suddenly just feeling numb all over. "Someone get a doctor!" Ed shouted. Those around them frowned, one man speaking. "We'll be at the next stop in a few minutes." There was really nothing to do until the train stopped. Lorraine sat back again, her nose still bleeding, she could already feel herself beginning to slip into unconsciousness, she almost had until she felt Ed pull her close and gently touch her cheek. "Lorraine... hon come on... you have to stay awake. Don't fall asleep." Ed wasn't sure what was happening with her but he knew that Lorraine closing her eyes and allowing herself to slip out of it was not going to be good. "Lorraine look at me. Just keep your eyes open and on me..." he said. "Judy and your mother are going to be waiting at the station to pick us up. And... remember once we get there we were going to take them out to dinner. To celebrate being back home." Ed knew all this right now was completely irrelevant but he was trying to keep Lorraine awake and focused. The train soon reached the next stop and Ed swiftly and carefully picked Lorraine up from her seat. Soon an ambulance was called and Lorraine was taken to the nearest hospital.Sitting in the waiting room the Ed felt so angry, so helpless. When the doctor came out Ed stood. "Can I see my wife?" He asked urgently, the doctor nodded "soon Mr. Warren she's resting. She had a small stroke, it left no permanent damage thankfully. But it could have if she had lost consciousness." The doctor pointed out.Once Ed was allowed in to see Lorraine he slowly approached her bed. She looked so small, so helpless lying in her bed. At the moment she wasn't awake. Once she had been stabilized she had been given something to help her rest, it was what she needed. Sighing Ed pulled up a seat and sat beside Lorraine taking her hand. Ed was beginning to doubt if this was all worth it? Was this God's plan? To give Lorraine a gift that caused her so much suffering? Sometimes Ed questioned God's purpose for some of the things he allowed to happen and right now, this was one of those times.       template credit.

Journey Blackbriar.

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"I don't know what happened last night, but I think I've got some explaining to do."

"I don't know what happened last night, but I think I've got some explaining to do." Journey hated having to say those words to her best Dominic..but he had seen a side of her that she didn't want any of her close friends to know about. Kellan knew about her problems and issues, and yes, Millie and Dom knew about the pain she held..but they didn't know what she did with that pain..or more..what that pain did with her. "Listen..Dom...I can't explain everything, but I can explain the parts I remember." She let out a sigh before continuing. "First, I appreciate what you did for helping me without asking questions..but I think I need to answer the unasked ones." This was the moment she was dreading..having to explain this...sickness to one of her best friends in this world."Dom..I've always felt this darkness inside of me..since I was a child...hell, I had my dolls get kidnapped and tortured instead of get married and have a happy ending...I don't know why..or what was wrong with me then..but it carried over." She paused for a moment to take a deep breath. She was sharing things with him that she hadn't shared with anyone. Sure, Kellan knew a little bit, but no one in her life knew the details she was sharing now. "I've told you about Wayne, and how his death kinda broke me..I guess that unlocked something new inside of me and when I moved here...I was trying to numb the pain and I went to a club..was well on my way to hooking up in my jobs basement when I found out he was a dealer...I kinda blacked out and came to with his dead body on the floor and blood on my hands."She took a deep breath, closing her eyes for a moment as she let the information sink in. She slowly opened her eyes back to look at Dom. "What you walked in on..I don't fully know what happened. I blacked out and I honestly didn't really remember bringing him back to the store. That is was scares me the most. The black outs and what I do during them...but I do so greatly appreciate what you did for me. I feel like perhaps you have some things to share too, but I'm not going to push. If you want to can share. But now, you know something about me that no one else does...and I'm glad that at least in this moment, you are still standing here as my friend..and not judging me." She let out a sigh of relief as she finished explaining. Now she waited to see how he would react..something told her he understood more than most would think.


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important 4 the every1 frfr >:3

ok so friendproject has problems with racists/homophobes/ableist :/ and some of them found rp, ill be listing their usernames, please add in the comments. dont interact with these ppl, jst block them and move onnot lolwut 


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choices board

 Breakfest because its the most important meal of the day and its where i get most my fruits. Omg would i choose PJ's. Most of my clothes dont fit right now anyways so i steal a pair or links and use them as pj's. These days i would soo choose my bed. Its getting harder to move around and im in a lot more pain then i ever was with Aspen. Please give me a vacation. Forget the car, a family vacation is so needed. phone so i could still communicate easier in my opinion. Movies. give me movies and a blanket any day and we are golden umm i am a mermaid so beach please. My soul is the ocean so i try to go or be as close as possible. I honestly don't think i could choose between cat or dog so, both? They are both precious and cute i cant choose. Plus we own both. I had a chance to throw it away when i was hurt and yet i still chose to repair my marriage.


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Groupwide WEEK 2.

This week will be a lot easier to keep up with than last, but you will STILL be required to be active. Below is a list of what is required of you…. We barricaded in, no electricity, minimal resources because the staff was only prepared for the week we were here. They’ve left, long before we were supposed to, so there’s nobody but us… and her. Somewhere inside the cabin, Angelina is hiding. We don’t know where, but she’s there. We’re trying not to freeze and starve to death, and with the snowstorm blaring on, there’s absolutely no reception. We can’t even use our cellphones. This is going to be fun, because since you CANNOT post as though you’re posting on social media, you will have to post your character’s thoughts. Each day will have a different topic and they are as follows; Monday:Grief. We’re all feeling it, deep in our bones. We’ve been tormented so long, lost so many of our friends, and now we’re dealing with another. Post your thoughts pertaining to grief in your best description. Tuesday: Fear. We feel it quite often, especially being a Valkerian. Our lives are a constant nightmare, so write your thoughts on your character’s fear. Wednesday: Cold. There’s no power. We’ve pulled together all of the blankets and stuck together for the most part, but it’s still f***ing cold. Some might be more affected by it than others, so write your thoughts on how your character is pushing through being stuck in an unheated cabin while a freezing snow storm rages outside, along with the Vultures. Thursday: Where’s Lydia? It shows in Jack’s face, he’s worried about his sister because she was supposed to come pick them up, but since the Vultures attacked and locked them in, she’s out there on her own. Where is she? Is your character concerned? Are they waiting for her to save them or do they think she’s responsible? Friday: Hunger. Resources are minimal. They’ve eaten through the food in the first week, and now there’s little left behind. How is your character dealing with hunger? Are they being greedy, or are they being selfless? Saturday: Thirst. You can go a long time without food, but without water? A matter of days really. Everything is off. Everything. Nothing works, so there’s no water, and everyone has gone through the supplies. Everything is dangerously low, so everyone is suffering. How is your character dealing with dehydration? Sunday: Helplessness. At this point it seems as though there’s nothing left to do but die. There’s rotting corpses in the other room and the Vultures haven’t let up, nor has the storm. Your character is on the verge of just… giving up. How do they feel about that? What are their thoughts? There is no minimum or maximum length of thoughts. These are in FIRST OR THIRD PERSON. You CANNOT post these as social media posts because there is NO service. Here’s an example of how thoughts should be posted: Short: Thoughts: I just want to die already… Long: Thoughts: The hours felt like years being in this place with no hope for survival. I don't know how much longer I can take this, watching everyone suffer, suffering myself. How long will it be before Lydia burst through those doors to save us? Is she going to save us? Is she even alive? I'm beginning to think we're all just doomed to die. You CAN post more than one thought per day, but at least ONE has to be the topic in place. About points; Since you cannot get into someone’s head, you cannot comment on their post like it’s a social media post. SO, for this week your post will be unlimited so that you can easily earn your required amount of points!


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Social Media!!

these are MY social medias, pls feel free to message me and not be creepy!Instagram: @wispycorpseTikTok: @strawbie.uwuFriend Project :

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