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08/10/2020 04:21 PM 

Dracula's Castle Open RP

                             Get your own valid XHTML YouTube embed code The mistresses of The Dracula lineage lined up by the entrance way to greet the old faces and newcomers. The Dracula Castle was known for its balls. What dark entity had not been there before? Wither guest, family, or meal. The front of the castle filled quickly with masked faces of exotic nature. There were very few that were masked and if they were their aroma gave off much more about the person than what hide the covering. The blood drinkers were fashionable late, as always. To Adrian it seemed to mock human Christians at their Sunday best. More about attire competition than the "good" name of their Lord. One after the other giving compliments on their counterpart's gown or suite; obviously fishing for grand gestures and to brag about who they hired to make such an admired look. One would often hear "Oh this old thing or catching the name of someone’s unknown designer figure head. To celebrate the soon to be darkest season of the year they came together. Inside was worse than the outer quarters. Packed with dark lace and high hair. Entertainment to catch the eye from even the farthest of distances. It made sure the young ones were distracted while items were being set out, dark colors for the elders to bask in the age of a dark atmosphere. Adrian did not wear a mask at all. Why should she? To stand out in a sea filled out jewel faces, and feathers was much amusing to her that covering it. 


08/10/2020 04:22 PM 

HELA SAMPLE - Prologue - lost in Translation.

HELA:  BIG THINGS HAVE SMALL BEGINNINGS    Part One - Prologue - Lost in Translation    Have you ever written something and then had it translated into another language? It changes does it not? Not completely, I mean the essence remains, I suppose; It is still understandable right, but it is different. Let us say you then took that translation and had it re-translated back into your own language. Changes again doesn’t it? Now let’s say you repeat that process via a multitude of languages and translations over a millennia or two. You can see where I’m going with this right? - Complete and total bastardisation!     This is understood to many degrees, and as humans it is in your nature to sift through the semiotics and allegories of myth, legend and spiritual practices alike. To search for the true or hidden meanings and moral teachings; for an inspirational perennial philosophy or sometimes even just for an interesting or entertaining story.    But alas, the human mind and its perceptual abilities cannot think much further than what it has already learned from previous experience or indeed, secondary information however it may have been gleaned. You look back on tales of Gods riding chariots of fire through the skies, and today you may say Aliens and UFOs. Creatures and Beings too fantastical to even contemplate, and you may say Mutants or Apparitions. Or likewise many would even say impossible! - Their minds are not even willing to take the smallest leap of faith on anything, and that is each individual’s choice. It is a Universal Law that Earth is a free will zone, despite the efforts of some to change such.    But what if in fact the opposite were true and these beings were, or are, actually Gods? Your creators even. And when you think along the lines of such omnipotent deities, doesn’t it ever make you wonder /why/ there are so many similar yet varying pantheons and why some seem to repeat the same kind of pattern and story, yet others are completely different. Did you ever stop to think this isn’t the first or only version of Earth that you’re standing upon now?    You think it is by chance that you are the only physical beings in your entire galactic arena? It is by chance alone that you stand upon what is commonly referred to on your scientific circuit as ‘The Goldilocks Planet’ - not too hot, not too cold, but just right? You really think it was not by design that the Moon is so perfectly placed and terraformed and has such an effect on the world and its people below? You think The Universe is mathematically perfect in every way, as it infinitely repeats its cycles; the Fibonacci Sequence, The Golden Ratio in its divine proportions, its fractal curves and paradoxical realities, merely by coincidence? You think I ask too many questions? Well, I think maybe /you/ should ask more.   Multiple dimensions, alternate realities, worlds within worlds, tales of divine creations and interventions, apocalyptic destructions and rebirths are repeated time and again throughout all of your human histories and mythological legends. So much has been lost in translation, that you think of all of these tales as old and from the past; not many have really considered the possibility of them actually being present or forthcoming prophecies yet to unfold within your own lifetimes, or perhaps that everything may be working its way backwards or could be an inverse version of what you believe to be reality. You pay little mind and even less attention to most save for the apocalyptic parts; and do not worry, you shall not be disappointed on that front, for one day just as it always has, everything will indeed end.    But not just yet.   As they say, Rome was not built in a day, nor does an apocalypse happen overnight (Well, not usually - although it is by no means impossible). These things usually tend to build and escalate to a climatic apex or zenith over time, as The Universe likes to give everything a chance to change its mind or current path, and indeed it also needs to try and accommodate what is asked of it in a way that attempts to work for the greater good of all, and regardless of dimension and realm, signs will be present and become apparent. Whether you have learned to read and understand them or not, well, unfortunately, that responsibility falls to you as the individual. The Great Ascension is coming whether you like it or not.    There is not that much I am allowed to tell nor indeed able advise you on it all. You have been given the dots, it is up to you to make the connections. ‘God helps those who help themselves’ as the expression goes. ‘Ask and thou shall receive’ but ‘Be careful what you wish for.’ Or rather in its original translation - Be mindful and aware upon that which you focus, for the Law of Attraction is a Universal Law (there are a few) that states that like attracts like on a vibrational level. That is not to say that opposites don’t attract either of course, but that is usually due to some sense or need of balance or something the other seems to pick up on, or sometimes just through manipulative intention of one or both parties.    Healers seek to heal, no matter whether the one they are seeking to heal be good or evil. Lovers ignore the red flags that may one day appear as if to a bull in a china shop once they accept them as reality. Darkness and negativity breeds more of the same, tainting and infecting all in its path, likewise light and positivity to do the same. The power crazed seek to rule and consume, and those that seek to be ruled and are content to be submissive will fall at its feet in fear, awe and worship, others will rise up against them and fight until there’s nothing left to fight for and nobody left to fight. Some content, or indeed intent, on just watching their world burn, and so the variations continue.   You stretch duality to its limits, taking everything to the extremes of one thing or another, but it is the complex and complementary opposite that you really seek, for balance, for wholeness, regardless of your chaotic polarity or neutrality, yet so many of you confuse this. Maybe we do not make sense to you when we speak, be it through actual physical presence and interaction (well as much as the human mind can perceive of it) or via ‘Divine Inspiration’ as it were, for it is hard to explain such things clearly in human terms and your basic and limited languages, knowledge and understanding; despite the awesome extents your imaginations can reach. At times it is comparable to attempting to explain quantum physics to a baby.    And time does not work in a linear sense outside of certain perceptions, in much the same way as there is no real direction in outer space, so trying to place events in chronology of order also proves quite difficult. Your modern era of today has so many frequencies and signals running through its atmosphere and so many distractions, barely any of you hear us if we attempt to connect with you. Yet in the days of old you lack the knowledge and experience of your histories and sciences to draw upon as they are wild and unimaginable futures to the bygone civilizations; even the more advanced found much difficult to comprehend and interpret due to lack of comparison and inadequate conveyable articulation.    The Universe however, in basic terms, does not know the difference between right or wrong, it is all-encompassing, and all-inclusive, and therefore neither does it recognise dark or light or positive or negative as anything other than differences in vibration, it simply mirrors and sends back to you whatever you pour the most energy and focus into. It does not recognise the difference between so-called ‘good’ and ‘evil’ for they too differ with individual subjectivity and experience. Moralities and ethics can turn to different shades of grey when you switch your perspectives. Imagine experiencing them all simultaneously!     One thing you should know however, is that whoever may show up in your life is there for a reason; usually for you to learn something from, or for you to teach something to. It is no different regardless of hierarchy and status. ‘As above, so below’ and vice versa. The microcosm reflects the macrocosm and again, vice versa. It is as simple as that.  I know that it can be very hard to accept the fact that /you/ are in fact the one responsible for most things that happen to you or come your way, and you are not alone in this denial. Just try and remember the things out of your control are happening /for/ you, not /to/ you. Try to stay balanced and neutral and aligned, to be grateful for what you have already received and place your focus and intentions in accordance with what you wish to further accomplish and manifest in your reality - and do not falter! You may be surprised by the results that ensue.   All it takes is one small change and alteration in that universal pattern, just one out of tune notation in the orchestra of everything to affect the entire omniverse in a cosmic butterfly effect of altered vibration. For as cymatics teaches you all, everything is made from sound and vibration and therefore is affected by such. You are part of this orchestra and you can feel those off-chords, can’t you? Like something very important and much bigger than you is very wrong out there, or something is missing, lacking or hidden. It matters not whether that excites or haunts you as an individual, the fact is you feel it, no matter on the inner or outer level. And if you don’t then at some point surely you have or are likely to. Blessed be the ignorant, for they know not what lies in wait. To know or learn something is one thing, but to fully understand it is another entirely.  


08/10/2020 01:35 PM 


The painting Van Gogh's Sunflowers.A tattoo to represent her spooky side.Go to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.A poloroid printer.A baby or babies.A wedding with someone she loves.A trip to Bondi Beach, Australia,Own a holiday home in Bali.To make amazing memories with friends.


08/10/2020 10:24 PM 


ali Acosta was born on September 7th, 2001. Her birth mother was a celebrity and her boyfriend was in prison. They had both gone through a nightmare and been held prisoner by a lunatic. Her mother's best friend gave Lali to her college roommate. When she was 6, her birth father began dating her mother and married her. He did a DNA test to confirm that she was his child, not demon spawn.Lali has always been the center of her parents' lives. Her mother is a pushy and demanding perfectionist who expects her daughter to always win, Get more than an A+ and make her look good. She has to follow rules, eat properly and be her perfect princess. She made her model, do commercials and acted when she was a baby. She put her in Indian classical as soon as she was old enough, but Lali put her foot down. She wanted to do Bollywood, Broadway or more modern things. She became a dancer and played guitar in addition to the piano.Lali is a musical prodigy who's been writing lyrics since she was old enough to string words together. She learned how to compose as early as she could and she's been playing piano as long as she was old enough. She learned guitar later and has a band, but the piano has always been her mother's emphasis.Lali dances as well and she's dedicated to making sure she winds up on Broadway or does concerts someday. She still models but doesn't want it to be her career. She's become somewhat of an influencer on social media because of the companies she models for, the food she eats and makes and diet and exercise tips.Her father wants her to be popular like he was, so she joined debate and newspaper to make him happy. She's never made her parents look bad and she's a lot like her father. They have a more open and honest relationship and she sees him as a friend more than a dad. He lets her throw parties and would rather she drink at home, where he can supervise her.Lali had been in love with her best friend since 5th grade. Neither of them understood because they were innocent, but even if Lali had a summer fling with her first boyfriend, she realized that she liked women and loved her best friend. She confessed her feelings and her friend felt the same way. Her friend didn't like boys at all and she was always jealous when Lali liked a boy. They started to secretly date and eventually become lovers. They loved each other deeply, even if they dated boys to cover it up. Her friend had to keep dodging rumors about being a lesbian.Eventually, Lali came out to her parents. Her mother was from India and she was extremely strict, stern and old-fashioned. Lali was never to have sex with a boy until her wedding night. Lali was still a virgin if she hadn't slept with a boy. Sex with girls didn't count. She tried to talk to her dad and even if he understood more, he told her that Catholicism wouldn't count sex with women. He told her just to make her mother happy. If she had a boyfriend, there were ways to get around things.Her parents gave her the talk in a really weird way and it was too effective, even if she learned about boys in the process. She was terrified of having sex and her father gave her advice that only applied to a straight man. He also tried to give her the talk about bisexuality in a strange way that confused her.When she came out in school, the other students were divided. Some supported her and thought she was brave to admit it. However, everyone thought she was with her best friend. Her best friend was from a Christian Republican family who didn't like Lali anymore, so her friend wanted to be in the closet. She threw Lali under the bus and made her seem like a sad, pathetic loser who was obsessed with her. People started mocking and bullying Lali, even though her boyfriend defended her. He was uncomfortable with the fact that she liked women at all and left her a few weeks later.She began to sleep around with women, party a lot, drink and smoke weed recreationally not just medically. She eventually started dating the guitarist in her band. They were together for almost a year, but she couldn't let him because her ex had broken and destroyed her. They remained friends, but they had broken up and made up several times.A month later, tragedy struck. She came home one day and found her mother's body. She had been raped and murdered. Lali fell apart, but not before calling 911. When her father came home, he began to say things that made no sense. Lali did see a clue of some sort, but she didn't understand.Her father told the police who did it and what happened to him when he was in college. He told Lali that the man thinks she's his child. She had to leave and he couldn't come with her. He'd go into hiding and she had to live with someone else.I either have her with her birth mother or her godmother, depending on the rp. If she stays with her birth mother, her stepfather makes her uncomfortable. He stares at her, shames her clothes in the filthiest manner and they get into fights. He's never appropriate with her and it makes her uncomfortable. Her little sister senses it, even if her little brother is too young and innocent.If she's with her godmother, she lives in the Burroughs. Her godmother gave up on her rock and roll dreams and has a good job in science. She's married and has a son who's Lali's age. She's always treated him like a brother, but adjusting to life on the East Coast and not being wealthy is a hard adjustment for her. It's not safe for her to have social media or be a model. The police and her godmother ask her to change her looks and personality so she can hide.


08/10/2020 10:23 PM 

Expanding on Rules

Expanding on Rules Unless you sign, I'm not rp'ing with you. I've been forced to do this by one too many people starting drama.1.)I AM SLOW. I'm disabled and have several health problems. This this an escape from the sickness and pain. I also have multiple accounts on Roleplayer that have existed for longer. If I'm slow on those, I'm slow here. If you nag me once I'll set you straight. If there's a 2nd time, then you're out. No 3rd time-I don't have the patience or energy for it.2.)Literacy. I f***ing hate one-liners and hate semis almost as much. I'm fine with a paragraph, but nothing less. Unless English isn't your first language, I expect basic spelling and grammar. A few typos here and there is fine, but if I can't understand you, I can't write with you.3.)No Drama-I'm sick and tired of people who are rude, pick fights or say obnoxious things. I will block you immediately and if you threaten me, I won't just report you, I'll post it on social media.If you're not interested, I'd rather you tell me. No one likes being ditched and it's a sh*tty thing to do. If you think I'm not your cup of tea, I'll be a lot less upset about being deleted then I will about being ignored.If you never talk, I'll delete after a month or so. If you just straight up ignore me or cut me short, I'll delete you. If you never answer me on Discord and it's been months, I'll delete you completely.If you can't have a civil discussion about story, plot or characters, then don't let the door hit you on the way out. Random starters are better than none, but I'm not the biggest fan. My character may not even react well to it and discussions matter.4.) God-moding. It is the most aggravating thing in the world. It happens every now and then by accident,but don't control my character. Ask me before you put something in that affects them.5.) Mary Sues: As an OC, I know that people wrongly get accused of being a Sue. This website is unique in that nowhere else do they allow for twins, siblings, mirrors and stuff. However, you can still be a Mary Sue within site standards. If you are, then I'm not interested.6.)Reliability-I'm a pretty patient person, but if you bail for weeks on end and I can't reach you at all, it's a crappy thing to do. If I have to take a week or two off or any reason, I'll tell you.7.)Triggers-I have no way of reading your mind. I enjoy dark and mature themes and triggering topics. I also enjoy gore, so if anything offends you, you have to let me know before things start. Only one or two of my characters do light-hearted things.8.)RP is not RL, end of story. Just because our characters might be dating doesn't mean we are. We're strangers who have never meet and will never meet. This is also an MCRP, so expecting all my characters to be with one person is stupid. One is poly pansexual, so it's even more pointless to expect to have her all to yourself.I multi-ship either way and if that's an issue, then we can't rp romance. We can do anything else, but nothing to do with romance.If you have an S/O on this site or IRL, please tell me. It's really awkward and uncomfortable to have a conversation with them and find out that you've been involved with their partner. It's also f***ed up to everyone involved.9.)Misc:1.)If I find out that you've been harassing or abusing a friend, it's going to change my opinion of you significantly. There are two sides to the story, but if I hear it from two people, then I'll raise an eyebrow.2.)Greetings in comments, rp in messages-Words cannot express how irritated I get about comment rp's. It's a personal preference, so if you can't abide by it at all, I just we part ways or stick to chatting and banter. I don't care for status rps, as it's too hard to put together a response for me.3.)I am heterosexual, although my characters may not be. If you're gay, then the rp does not equal rl applies twice as much.4.)I don't give out personal information, pictures or anything else.5.)I do write mature, but it can't be without a plot or random sh*t.


08/10/2020 10:22 PM 

Rules(Please sign)

【 Grammar 】proper punctuation, capitalization, and spelling with minor mistakes. This is a really big deal and unless you're disabled or English isn't your first language, I'm not budging. Constant mistakes that prevent me from being able to read the response is a pain in the ass.【 Length 】⠀I know semi is the only that makes sense sometimes, but I'd prefer a paragraph at least. A paragraph is at least four sentences. That's not very hard. I'm multi, but I can handle a paragraph at a time.⠀⠀【 Availability 】I'm disabled, so I don't get out much. However, I don't always stay online. I still have chores to do, errands to run and stuff. I'm also in two small rpg groups. Don't nag me or I'll delete you.I've been up late because of time differences and stuff in the past. If we're on opposite ends, we can't really chat much. The game will go a lot slower.【 Time 】⠀☑ not always online even when it says, but if i am⠀ i will try to respond in a timely manner⠀☒ spam me because you cannot wait for a⠀⠀ response【 Character 】⠀☑ i have full control of my own character and only⠀⠀⠀my character⠀☒ will not change aspects of my character because⠀⠀ you don't like it【 Enjoyment 】⠀☑ if you don't like the roleplay, tell me, and we can⠀ come up with something new⠀☒ ghost the admin or unfriend me because you're⠀⠀ not enjoying the roleplay 


08/10/2020 07:14 PM 

Bold and the Beautiful

Lali lives in Malibu and she's studying music and performing arts at Pepperdine. She's been modeling since she was a baby and still works as a model and influencer. She's always wanted to model for Forrester Creations and she's done work for other lines, both runway and print. She's in a band for fun and she's played at various venues before.


08/10/2020 05:36 PM 

Mens Stretch Jeans Are Good Or Scam?

In this time period, classy clothing is superior in demand, particularly skinny jeans simply because skinny jeans aid to look more enticing. There are lots of people who buy skinny jeans simply to show off their very own wellness. People who have the thin body and fat physique may ideally wear skinny jeans as it developed for both sorts of bodies. Anybody can get a lot of designs and sizes of the skinny jeans. Many of the folks assume that skinny jeans are created for girls, plus if you are some of those people who think that skinny jeans are only concerned with girls, then you are entirely wrong because skinny jeans designed for both men and women. A muscular person effortlessly reveals their particular lower body with the help of skinny jeans, and also lots of the persons around the globe love to use skinny jeans plus Fitted Jeans. Everybody nowadays wants to purchase among the finest jeans for their own use, and every person possesses their very own selection.Skinny along with Fitted Jeans are generally available in the market but there are many persons who make use of online retailers to acquire jeans because online shops provide a wide variety of clothing. If you are amongst those people who are puzzled between various web shops can use the Size Up Apparel site that perceived as among the finest platforms to get stylish clothes. People can obtain not only the Best Mens Jeans but also the best possible solutions from this website. This amazing fashion store assists you to get Mens Skinny Jeans, Mens Stretch Jeans, Fitted Jeans, and many more. You can even receive several other things, just like denim jeans, hooded sweatshirts, jackets, joggers, tanks, t-shirts, and many more with the aid of Size Up Apparel. In this particular website, folks can obtain jeans in several hues, designs, plus sizes. If required, curious persons can certainly click this link or check out our own recognized website to find out about Mens Stretch Jeans.You could quickly choose between numerous jeans in this particular platform, and on this specific platform, you will get the jeans which are on trends. There are numerous special discounts that you can get when you buy any kind of trendy object from this. Persons surely receive a 10% price reduction when they register for the actual newsletter, along with you will acquire the totally free delivery service merely within the US. All of the jeans or any other products in this unique store are offered at the very inexpensive cost. One has to signing in on this web site to get almost every solution, and people also can track their particular order soon after logon. Men and women can pay out the money through the use of several risk-free transaction alternatives, like debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, and many more. When online users utilize this site, they will get specifics about Mens Skinny Jeans.


08/10/2020 03:11 PM 

Escorts Queens is Wonderful From Many Perspectives

In the innovative period of time, every person is without question rather busy to their everyday life, with too busy clients to speak and stay together with. With only a certain reason way of life, all people looks itself together with thinks of getting because of a person who may well achieve the requirements. Some people keep away from their homes demand a fabulous fellow to spend quality time. Combined with companions are thought of rather to find single ladies, as well individuals experienced requiring someone that satisfies them all. The boys who live in New jersey can result in the very best companions merely because Queens Escorts Now the website has arrived, which presents typically the first-class companions provider inside Queens plus the native aspects, viewed as often the top-rated companion firm. This valuable queens escorts firm offers you an assortment of escorts, most notably if you want to speak to African, American, Hispanic, Brunettes, Red Heads, Ebony, or Blondes, this is the correctly area head to.With Queens, NY escorts live localized yet turn from various instances of the world. This specific escorts agent will provide america companions the same as Latino, Spanish, American, European, Asian, Chinese, Italian, Russian, Irish, Polish, African American escorts. All of their included companions may be well-mannered and so they provide the paramount options. Further, each user, often the beneficial visual appeal having to do with companions can make these businesses an effective spouse. This particular queens escorts agency offers merely many types of hot young ladies down to final choice, one example is, many fellas pick lovely and additionally entertaining females, but some of them interest young undergraduate different sorts and even astounding breathtaking machine, every one of them kinds women are accessible on this site. If you wish regular babe there is also them all there. The attractive could through great experience and knowledge concerning gratifying a male might be thought of escorts queens. People expectations to know more information this escorts queens and other points thinks able to visit this website .These kinds of queens escorts are on hand whenever you want for instance, with most occasions, happening, event, and / or getting, no matter whether its night or day, they're just one particular connect with outside of everyone. It is easy to get together your woman within 20 minutes as a result of curing the go to, or fewer in contrast to 20 minutes, including Queens NY, these are offered roughly just about every single nearby. Throughout this top-rated escorts institution, various women of all ages can be bought of varied nationalities. All of the queens escorts match the preferences from the people as well as provde the expertise over their requirements. The most crucial reasons for this page is usually to give you the great intend to every person, in addition they definitely open to provide help to at the time you demand it. Or no involved men of all ages want to find out more on queens escorts, they're able to stop by the genuine website.


08/10/2020 01:49 PM 

Can I go to heaven, if I kill myself? | Drabble |

Heaven OR HEll? "Do you think we'll go to heaven if we kill ourselves?"Dillon's friend asked he blew the smoke out of his lungs. A chuckle escaped the blonde's lips before she took the cigarette from his fingers."Who the fck wants to go to heaven?" Dillon asked, her lips pressed against the tar stick now, taking in a deep breath, knowing she left a red lipstick mark on his cigarette, everytime she did that it pissed him off. "All of us cool kids are going to be in fcking hell. Gang banging and pisisng all over each other. I think it'll be a delight."Dillon laughed at herself, before turning to her friend, a grin wide against her lips as she looked at the annoyance and disgust on his features. "You sound like a child, Cecelia."The petite blond cringed at the sound of her real name, she hated hearing it, it was to proper of a name for her. Her, a girl who looked like she just walked out of a dumpster, didn't brush her hair in a day or so and literally swore worse than her dead beat dad. "Compared to you? Yeah I'm a fcking child. Richard."He could practially feel the glare at the back of her head, a roll of his eyes before he smacked her upside the head."Dude! You make me sound like an old man who pries on little girls." An annoying feminine giggle had escaped her lips,"Awe, am I not enough of a little girl for you anymore?"Winking before she jumped off the railing from the bridge."Found me when I was 17, almost been a year now. I'm probably old p**sy for ya now."He flicked his cigarette at her now, scrunching his nose her way, "I'm only four years older than you, ya little bitch."She turned towards him, swaying herself side to side, waiting for him to follow her now. The wind in the air making her cling her skirt down, she wasn't ready to flash people her bare ass just yet.Her smile slowly dropped as she looked at him, his gaze over looking the water. His body leaning over."Come on, D, you're not funny."There was a slight whine in her tone, her hand lightly tugging now on the hem of his shirt."Would you take the jump with me Dil? Let it all go away?"She tugged harder now, wanting him to get off the edge now, "Shut up! You know I would do anything for you, but this isn't fcking funny!"She yelled now, not caring if there was any bystanders around to see if they were alright.Quickly she felt arms wrapped around her as he pressed his chin ontop of her forehead."Relax, you fcking big baby. "She huffed shoving him away for a moment before heading away from him."You owe me a burger now."He just smiled at her, laughing at the childlike nature in her tone. Turning to look back once more."Yeah, yeah, I'll even get you a milkshake if you behave yourself." Dillon now walking beside him, tugging at blonde locks."I don't think we go anywhere, if we kill ourselves." pray for your forgiveness.

𝙕𝙖𝙣𝙙𝙚𝙧 𝘾𝙤𝙧𝙩𝙚𝙯

08/10/2020 01:32 PM 

A man walks into a bar...

“A handsome man enters my bar. Turns away every beautiful woman to offer him a drink or even a simple hello and empties my most expensive bottle of bourbon all by himself.” The bartender was wiping the counter clean and pouring the last of the four hundred dollar bottle of bourbon into his glass. His debit card placed before him, half tucked under a folded napkin. His glasses placed to his right where the dew from the glass of untouched ice water gathered like a tiny puddle. “Who broke you?” She asked after stopping to stand in front of him, pity worn on her face as she attempted to look for answers in the eyes of a stranger.  “Myself.” He answered quietly. “I’m getting married this month.” he added and she began to smile a bit.  “Well congratulations, Mr. Cortez.” She used the name from his card. “No offense, but you don’t look a man who’s celebrating. Did you knock her up or something and are one of those old fashioned guys who plans on making an honest woman out of her?”  He hinted at a laugh. “There is nothing about myself or her that would ever come across as honest and she definitely won’t be wearing white on our wedding day, but no. She isn’t pregnant. I’d be overjoyed if she was but children just aren’t in the cards for a man like me.” He confessed, the alcohol stripping him of his usual deep rooted introverted mannerisms. He never was a fan of small talk or others prying into his personal affairs but tonight was different. Tonight he wounded severe wounds that shouldn’t have been allowed to take place at all. Especially after his promise to himself after letting /him/ in.  He drank alone because at the end of the day, he had no one. There were some that loved him and he loved them in return but not in the same way. Not in the way that would allow him to share the current events of his life so as it was, the bartender before him who’s name tag read “Sarah” would play the part of his therapist tonight.   “But you do love her at least?” Sarah asked. “Neither of you can be that bad if you’re tying the knot. There is something there worth taking such an important step.”  “Oh yes.” He answered before sipping from the bourbon. He should be drunk out of his mind and passed out on the floor and lying in a pool of his own vomit but, given who and what he was, the alcohol would only offer a hint of relief. “I love her very much. I’d give my life for hers and I believe she loves me too.” He smiled then nodded at his own thoughts. “She’d definitely give her life for mine. The idea of dying is an obsession of hers and I don’t think she cares much that it’s going to kill me when that time comes but that’s neither this nor that.” He paused to take another sip of the bourbon. “She is my best friend and she is a darkness like no other I’ve ever found in another human being. She is absolutely breathtaking.” He swirled what remained of the bourbon in his glass. “Quite literally at times.”  “So what’s got you all down in the dumps then, handsome?” “This morning I woke up and it felt like things in my life were beginning to make sense. I was happy and I hadn’t felt that for some time. Especially since my last hard break up. I gave my heart to someone who didn’t deserve it.” Those words brought back that heartache so that for the moment of his drawing a breath, he felt it again as if it were new again. All the way to his fingertips that held the nearly emptied glass. Exhaling, he dismissed the pain and reminded himself that time was over. This bottle of bourbon wasn’t dedicated to the kid but to the man.  “I suppose I didn’t give them my entire heart because I started to feel that inconvenient tug of emotion again for someone else.”  “Your fiance?” She was sure she was right. “Proof that we all move on from our pasts.”  However, his head shook at her answer and she was confused once again.  “Not my fiance, no. She and I love each other in our own special way. In a way that forbids us to break the other’s heart. Though, I’m fairly certain that she will destroy me in the end.” “I don’t understand. If she is so horrible for you, why are you marrying her?” She asked as she sipped from her glass of ice water. The bar had closed thirty minutes ago, it was only her and the man dressed in heartache and an expensive suit inside the bar so that they were uninterrupted. “Because she is everything I deserve. Everything that I crave and need from a woman. She knows as well as I do that if she loved me in the way most women would, that I would ultimately abandon her. She knows what I know. My heart may break in the course of this life on earth but I’ve been long broken. There is no gluing me back together and still, she sees past the shattered surface and beyond the cracks. She loves me in her own way. In our own way and I cannot wait to be her husband.” He realized there would be some that would not be happy about their union but, those against or bothered by it simply wouldn’t be able to make a dent in the inevitable. She would be his wife and he, her husband.  “Well, I suppose that is something worth drinking to.” She raised her glass, half full and more ice than water then gently tapped it against his warmer glass of bourbon. He would drink to that then placed what remained of the drink back onto the counter.  He felt very cliche as talking to her was making him feel somewhat better.  “I have a confession to make, Sarah.” He began as he finally gave her eye to eye contact, this time dedicating himself to it. He noted the hard swallow she’d taken. Human’s had instinct and regardless of their conversation, she recognized a killer when she saw one.  “It was my intention to kill you tonight. It wasn’t personal.” He added while noting that she wasn’t making an attempt to run. “You’re a smart woman.” He continued. “Running would have done you no good. If I meant for you to die, you’d be dead already. Simple as that. My intentions have changed.” He was pushing the drinks to the side and out the way before him. Human’s were graced with other instincts as well. The instinct that had her skin flushed and her heart racing from within her chest. Sarah was after all, a very beautiful woman. “Do you know what those intentions are, Sarah?” He asked while watching her lose a couple inches of height as she stepped out from her heels. Her white button up top already being unbuttoned as she nodded slowly to him. “Very good.” He replied then stood from the barstool and removed his jacket as she climbed onto the countertop. Seems Sarah was hardly as innocent as her face would have men believe; or perhaps she was but tonight, whatever she was in life beyond the bar didn’t matter. Tonight she was simply a way to forget.  She kissed him with a hunger that mirrored desperation. Their breaths heavy with lust and their actions quick. She didn’t care that he was getting married. He didn’t care that he knew nothing about her. She didn’t care that he might kill her when he was finished with her. He didn’t care about the moments that led up to this moment. He needed release from the distractions of the heart. She needed him. That was all that mattered.  However, he left the bar once they had finished and though he appreciated the momentary loss of memory. By the time he sat behind the wheel of his car. He rested his forehead against the round of the steering wheel and drew a deep breath. Never would he make such a mistake again. //You’ll regret this tomorrow.// Those words stuck out the most but, not this time. The only regret he held was believing there was more than meets the eye in the man he thought was his equal. There would be no equality, no love, and no turning back. God’s be damned.  He would marry the woman of his dreams and nightmares on the twenty-fifth and he had trust and faith in that. Hurt him if she must, he craved it. He yearned for everything about her. Lucky for him, she kept her blades sharpened at all times and her wits about her so that she kept him on his toes. She did so much more than that but that wasn’t a conversation this world simply wasn’t prepared for.  


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Community bio

Lali's birth mother lives in Greendale. She graduates and decides to attend Greendale. She picks their music and performing arts program. I play her 19-21, depending on who I'm writing with.


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Glee Bio

Instead of New York,  Lali moves to Lima and attends McKinley. That or she's in the same art school Rachel is in.


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Lali Acosta was born under extremely dark circumstances to a young mother. Her father was in prison and her mother was in an asylum. She was given up for adoption immediately to a medical researcher who couldn't have children. Despite her busy career, Lali's mother doted on her. She put her in priate school for babies and smothered her with attention. Lali was such a beautiful baby that her mother decided to have her model. Her nanny took her whenever her mother was unavailable and from the get-go, Lali was taught to learn how to sing, dance and play piano as soon as she was old enough. She was always told to be perfect and lived under an extremely strict code.When Lali was 8, her father got out of prison. Her godmother fixed him up with her mother and they fell in love. ali was thrilled to have a dad and she was his world. Her mother was forced to ease up on her strict, controlling behavior, but they were a happy family. Her father had studied in prison and became a lawyer. Her mother helped him get a job and he fit in to high society. He took over for the nanny and made time to encourage her to follow her dreams.Lali looked exactly like her birth mother, a famous celebrity. She inherited the ability to write songs, the same learning disability and unfortunately for her mother, an attraction to other women. Lali's first and only love was her best friend. They became a couple in secret and Lali came out after they started having sex. Her mother was angry and in denial. She was old-fashioned and wanted her child to marry a suitable boy and have a family. However, her father accepted her with open arms. He had been homophobic when he was her age, but she was his little princess.Lali and her friend argued about coming out. Her friend's family was Christian and conservative. Her friend's older sister began to get suspicious and her friend slowly started becoming cold. When Lali came out in public, her friend threw her under the bus. She made it seem one-sided and claimed that Lali was an obsessed stalker. The school was divided and several people claimed that it was obvious that her friend didn't like boys. Lali began to get bullied by her peers and her ex made her life miserable. Lali's home life was getting worse as well. The more she and her mother argued, the harder she began to party. She started screwing around with girls and dated the guitarist in her band.Lali's father was desparate and decided it was time she met her real mother. Lali's father wasn't the one that her birth mother was terrified that she was. She agreed to meet her and after they met, they hit it off immediately. Lali was more like her birth mother than her half-sister was. Her birth mother agreed to let Lali live there. She was to attend the performing arts school that her birth mother's alma mater created.Lali loved it there, despite the fact that music was her first love. She learned how to write numbers for plays instead of songwriting. With her birth mother's help and encouragement, she wrote her own play. Her life was finally getting better and she didn't have to hold back anymore.


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Reader | The Guardian of The Library

Before one can learn of it's Guardian, one must first learn of The Library. Acknowledging the rules will make your stay within The Library longer, and no measures will be taken to remove you.**RULES OF THE LIBRARY**1. All doors lead to The Library, and The Library leads to all doors.2. Upon entrance, all ability to cause harm are removed to assure the safety of The Library's Guardian.3. Any threats made to it's Guardian will be met with removal.4. You may only read what will open for you. Forcing a book open will never lead to a book opening. Even if they did open, the pages would be blank.5. It's Guardian can only offer help and aid so long as it does not interfere with Fate's plan for the individual within The Library.6. You cannot read any books that are directly tied to yourself.7. While it's Guardian can open all books, forcing him to open a book for you will only result in rule 3 and 4 activating.8. The Library will allow harm to come to threats to it's Guardian by the hands of the Tormentor that dwells within it from time to time. So long as it is in the best interest of The Library and it's Guardian, rules can and will be bent for their well being.9. All rules are subject to change to better suit the needs of The Library and it's Guardian.-----"You say you found them?" The tall Guardian stared at Vice with concern. He was never one to dwell on negativity, but the creature that was in his friend's arms was something they never faced before. The walls around them, thick and neverending, trembled with low hums at the existence of this creature. The Library wasn't content, and Reader offered a soft 'shhh' under his breath to ease the Building. At least, he hoped it would ease it. He was far from capable of stopping his own creator from lashing out at a possible threat."Reader..." Vice spoke softly, her own grey eyes peering up at him. "This one is not evil. He did not wish to harm me, and I could have very easily torn him to shreds. I saw fear in his eyes, my Reader." Her eyes went back to look at the figure in her arms, her soft hands petting hair back while Reader paced from left to right. His hands toyed with the pocket watch in his pockets, feeling the cold gold against his skin and trying to think of what to do. "Does it--does he have a name?" Reader finally sat, his legs long and showing that the chair he chose was not the correct size for himself. It was meant for a child, at least, he assumed so. Often enough, children found their way into the Library, and he would calm them and offer them tea or juice before sending them back home. They were the purest visitors, and he preferred them over the ones that came in search of answers he couldn't give. "You know I can only do so much to keep anyone safe here. If your new friend is meant for Death, then I cannot stop Fate from snatching him back. Neither of us can stop Fate." Vice nodded, and she shifted the body in her arms to let them lay down onto the makeshift bed that Reader had made. There were rooms within The Library, yes, but none that Reader wished to give away to a stranger. His trust was being tested towards this guest. "Do you want me to let him live with me?" "I was thinking of giving a different option to Fate." Vice held her hands to her lips in thought, her eyes staring at nothing while thinking of everything. "The Theater has no Guardian.""It doesn't require a Guardian. Anyone who enters there is meant for Death, if a living thing enters, they will die." Reader sighed, but his mind soon began to connect what she was thinking. "...You said that he is a creation of Death?""He is not like the other Tormentors that mirror ourselves, My Reader." Vice tapped her lips and soon stood up. "I believe he is better than Death.""Everything is better than Death, Vice. I don't know if you've noticed over the past few eterneties, but Death isn't the most loving or welcoming." A soft chuckle left Vice, her hand adjusting her sword on her hip before turning on her heels to face the door she entered through. "I am going to speak with Fate.""You're leaving me with him...?" Reader wanted to object, but refrained from doing so. "Yes, I'll keep an eye on him and make sure Keeper doesn't visit or shoot.""Keeper never visits you.""With my current luck, Vice, I suspect Keeper may even hug me." Reader flashed an unseen smile that faded as quickly as it was offered. The fate of a creature unknown to him was decided that day. Reader learned that he would find his best friend and most cherished listener in the sleeping body left in his care. ***"Are you listening? I imagine you are using me just to get music." Siren sighed, his fingers still playing along the piano keys. The echo made The Library content and calm, a large difference from how hostile it used to be towards the pale man. Reader only smiled and waved the response off with a small laugh."I always listen! You don't have to play if you don't want to.""The Library may disagree with you. Some people pay rent, and here I am, playing to be able to stay." Siren had a dry sense of humor, and it often escaped Reader. After another moment, Siren finally paused and closed the piano, resting his hands on the top of the wooden instrument. "Reader, I have never seen you show hostility." Siren raised a curious brow, "Do you always welcome everyone? Even the ones that you shouldn't?"Reader paused, his eyes focusing and a calm sigh left his lungs. "...I did once. But, I figured if I was to be someone called a Guardian, then I couldn't be a very good one if I was quick to judge." He smiled, "Before The Theater starts to call for you, why don't we pay Vice a visit? I suspect she'll enjoy some company!"Siren shrugged, agreeing silently by standing up and dusting his trousers off. "You were right to be hesitant of me.""No." Reader shook his head, grabbing his jacket and opening the door once to show darkness. Upon closing it and opening it again, it lead down a white hallway lined with weapons of all kinds. "I was wrong, Siren. It was the first time, and hopefully the last time, I could ever be wrong." 


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