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Gryffindor's watcher

Feb 7th 2022 - 3:44 PM

Hello there! So happy to make your aquaintance! 

Here's a small bio/timeline of my character! So... my character is originally from Buffy The Vampire Slayer but over 10 years I merged him into the HP universe. Don't worry if you've never heard or seen BTVS... I can filter facts in as we go!

Giles mother was a witch, younger sister of Minerva McGonagall. His father was a muggle but not an ordinary one... he was a watcher! He wanted Giles to follow in his footsteps. Giles went to Hogwarts at the age of 16 after his mother finally convinced his father to let him go.

Giles became one of the marauders. He got the nickname of 'Rip' between the friends from ripping his pants during his first animagus change! His animagus is a big grey Wolf due to his close friendship with Remus!

After Hogwarts he went to Oxford to honor the promise to his father. While there his mother was attacked and turned into a vampire.... Giles witnessed his father stake his mother through the heart. Giles was so powerful he created a whole new alter ego to hide from the pain, Ripper, who caused chaos around London. After Ripper murdered someone, Giles finally took back control. He relented to his fathers wishes and became a watcher....

Giles left the wizarding world behind when Harry Potter was just 8 months old, having been named hos second godfather by lily and James!

Enter BTVS! Time line between BTVS and HP.... Buffy dies in season 5 of BTVS.... Giles goes back to England and becomes a professor at Hogwarts... the trio's 3rd year... sharing the role with Remus Lupin... and meeting his godson Harry fo the first time although he never tells the boy who he is. Giles leaves after that year finding out Buffy's back to life! Giles returns back at Hogwarts during season 6 of Buffy... when Buffy's relying too much on him and he leaves because he thinks it's best for her.... this is the trio's 5th year at hogwarts. He teaches muggle studies. Giles returns to Sunnydale during the trio's 6th year to help Buffy fight off the first evil. Giles returns to England during the summer and Marries.... before helping Severus pass along help and guidance to the trio. Giles fights and dies during the battle of Hogwarts... he is resurrected a few months later with no memory of who he is. His wife manages to get through to him in the end and he remembers everything. He returns to Hogwarts to teach DADA permanently, nipping back to help Buffy when she needs it (ie comics!)

There is a lot more details in Giles story but I can add them into the sl as we go... assuming you wish to have a rp with me! I hope you do! 

The 11th

Sep 25th 2017 - 7:22 PM

A genuine smile ca,e to the Old mans lips at her laugh, it carried a wonderful tone. And for a moment his inner pearls seemed very far away. It had been a long time since he last traveled with someone, a long time since he managed to make someone laugh. A quality this incarnation had, he found he was always making his friends laugh. Even when not meaning to.

"Yes, I assure you I am completely alien." he spoke with the smile lingering on his lips. "Though don't go around asking people that, it's quite rude ya know" he waved his finger in a mock discipline."To me you're the alien." He followed the statement, with a soft affectionate tap to the young women nose. There was something about brunette that he liked. She had a fire in her eyes, ones that hungered to see new things. To never stopped learning. It reminded him of a very young version of himself.

Locking his fingers with hers, he led her to the doors of the TARDIS. "A job?" He laughed at the the question. "Nope, no job. Been jobless. Kinda like traveling hobo, only not a hobo. I do have a home clearly..So feel free to ignore that rubbish parallel." He was rambling, another sign of his darken mood lightening some. This incarnation loved to ramble.

Snapping is fingers with his free hand, the TARDIS doors opened. And the smell the ocean filled the interior of the time machine. Leading his companion outside the door, his shots making a cruch as walked ontop of the hot sands of the resort world. Glancing upwards into the blue sky's of Telso, and smiled at the Twin suns floating over head.

"Hermione Granger, welcome to Telso!"

The 11th

Jul 23rd 2017 - 3:24 PM

Oh the questions, they always had questions. Such a very human thing, such curiosity. That curiosity is what strives the Human race forward, that continues them into space. Even after the lovely blue planet burns out.

Meeting her gaze, locking his eyes with with the young women. "I'm an Alien." Pausing, a soft gentle smile came to his lips. A smile only an old grandfather could give. "Though technically you're the alien to me." Reaching out for her hand, he held in his grasp before pushing it onto his chest, letting his twin hearts push the statement home.

Taking a step back, he his hands reached for the bowtie that hung around his neck. Readjusting it, always readjusting. One of the many quirks this incarnation had. "My people are called the Time Lords." At least they were called that, he was now the last of his kind. But he kept that to himself. "Kinda have a high opinion of our selves clearly, I mean really, who's bright idea was it to call our selves the Lords of Time?" he said with a shrug of his shoulders.

The answer to the final question, was a rough one to answer. He would lie, lying and being the Doctor came hand in hand. "I am retiring, because I am simply tired." Tired of losing, tired of his friends leaving him. So very very tired. "And it's way past my time. Been ruining around for a long time. And it's time for a break. Let me tell you, when you reach my age you will want the same."

Tilling his head in the direction of the door. "Now outside those doors is another world. Telso in fact. It is a wonderful place." At least from what he remembered, it's it was a few bodies ago since he last stopped here. " The whole world is a resort, beaches,suns...Two actually. And everything else. But if you don't want to, that's fine." He kept the soft smile on his lips. "Ill take you back to Earth, right where I found you. Two minutes after we left." Reaching his hand out, he left his palm open. "We can do whatever you want."

The 11th

Jul 16th 2017 - 9:20 PM

Giving the women a worried smile, she needed help. That was for sure. Swallowing hard, he moved around the console. "You look your in need of a get a way car of sorts...Sadly I just have a get a way box, but let me tell you it's been helping me run away from problems for around thousand years." Probably more in all honestly, it was hard to keep track of his age. He simply stop caring a long time ago.

The poor women look beaten, lost. He knew that look. He carried that same look when no one was around. That looked was etched into his being. It came with being so old, so cynical. But someone as young as the unknown women shouldn't have that feeling, not yet, not ever. Not for another few hundred years. She was in need of a break, no...A vacation.

Eyeing the girl. A sly smile came to his lips, he began to run around the console. He decided, one last trip. He will meddle one last time, then that was it. Retirement. No more running about, he would find himself a nice cloud and spend the rest of his days there.

"You're in luck!" the Time Lord shouted as he did mad dance around the machine. "I consider my self something of a traveler. A tourist out to see everything the universe has to see." Spinning in place, he reached over and pulled on the vortex manipulator. "Only I retired, old age ya know?"The grinding of the gears echoing through out the TARDIS. He liked to think that the sound gave hope to all those to heard that lovely noise. " I have decided to come out of retirement for one last trip. I decided I'm in need of a vacation before I relax forever."

Skipping his way over to the girl, he gave her his best 'eveything is gonna be okay, even though nothing is ever okay smile' The smile was a lie, always was a lie. But the Alien found it help make his friends feel better.

"I hope you like Summer. Cause where we are heading it's always summer. Beaches, Sand, and all that silly human stuff your kind seem to love."

One last act of kindness. This was it. After this, no more.

The 11th

Jan 25th 2016 - 9:45 PM

The Time Lord was right, the young woman entered the TARDIS. In a way he knew she would enter, she had that look in her eyes. The look of curiosity, of wonder. It was the look all passengers had at one point or another, from his Granddaughter to the Ponds. Giving a look over his shoulder to make sure she was out of the door way, the Alien gave a snap of his fingers, and the doors to his machine came to shut.

He began to move around the center console, flipping the some of the many switches on the terminal. Adding an additional layer to the TARDIS security systems, invisibility, locking the doors, and the perception filter just for good measure. There was no way, any living creature would be able to find his blue box this time around.

"Charms?" he repeated after the young woman, not certain on what she meant. Silly humans. Another one of their silly slang sayings, no doubt. "Where many would from me quite charming, none of my charms are what made the box." He spoke absent minded, fiddling with the switches on the old girl. He constant played with the levels, it helped keep his mind distracted. He needed that distraction. If he stopped moving he thought, and when he had thoughts they went to Amy.

"It's called the TARDIS, stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space. And it's my home." He spoke in a forced cheerful tone, as his fingers linger across the center console. "And you will never see another like it. Which is a real shame, cause they are quite wonderful." He gave a sly wink to the young woman.

Turning his full attention to the newly met girl. The Time Lord clap his hands together, and gave the young Witch his 'everything is going to be okay' smile. "Now, that we are all nice and settled." He spoke as he started adjust the bow tie that hung around his neck. The constant re adjusting, a quirk this incarnation had. "What exactly is wrong, Miss?" he paused, realizing he never got her name.

The 11th

Dec 16th 2015 - 7:34 PM

I found a thing.�� https://40.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lu23ko40AH1qk0g18o1_1280.png

The 11th

Dec 12th 2015 - 2:23 PM

A war? He had to think for a moment, remember what year it was. Remember exactly what was going on. There were always wars going on, Humans loved their wars. It was hard to pin point which one he was in.

He gave the young woman the kindest smile he could offer at the present time. The kind of smile that only someone who have lived through thousands of battles could offer. One that hid inner sorrow, and put on an outward feeling of serenity. The smile was a lie, in a way.

"Stopped you?" he spoke fast. This incarnation seemed to that quite often. "I did no such thing, you're the one who ran into my box if you remember." The same smile upon his lips. "You lot always seem to have a habit of finding me. When in fact I'm trying to lose him self." A few years earlier he would have ended that with a laugh. But the Alien didn't laugh much anymore, he didn't laugh ever.

He took a step back into his box, and a thought lingered to shut the door. But he didn't, as much as he wanted to stay out of the universe way. He couldn't leave someone a lone, frighten, and clearly needing help.

The Time Lord listened to her, normal questions about him self. How he missed hearing those normal questions. Though he wouldn't admit it. "I told you, I'm the Doctor." taking a step to the side, letting the young woman take a look inside his TARDIS.

"I don't know how exactly I'm gonna help. For that you will need to tell me what is wrong." It was during this time he would normally take her hand. But giving her current state, he decided against it. "But come inside the box. Whatever your running from will not be able to hurt you inside. I promise"

"This little Blue Box is the safest creation in all of time in space. Many have tried to breach it walls, but it's impossible."

He turned his back to her, and began to walk back into his Time Machine. There was no need to check to see if she would follow him, they always did. And if she didn't, it would be a sign to him. A sign it was truly time to stop being The Doctor.

The 11th

May 9th 2015 - 3:44 PM

One psychopath per TARDIS' River's words echoed dully through the Eleventh Doctor's head. Over and over, back forth. "One psychopath per TARDIS " he repeated out loud to himself, having no one else to talk to, no one to listen to him. Well besides the old girl, she was listening, she always listened. But she didn't count, not this time.

"Well now." he spoke again, his hands meeting his bow tie, readjusting it. "Where to next?" the silence was deafening. His words seemly bouncing off of every corridor, every hallway, every room that the TARDIS had to offer, the Doctor winced. It was if the silence was suffocating him.

Making his way to the control panel, his fingers resting on the navigation computer. "Where to?" he continuously repeated to him self, in a frail attempt to stop the silence from getting to him. "Perhaps Karfel, the singing gardens are in bloom." his fingers begin fly across the keyboard, locking in the coordinates . "Well of course they are always in bloom for me" he spoke again, this time adjusting the year and time.. "I could teach them Beethoven...Can you teach a flower Beethoven? I can't see why not." And he stopped.

"No, no more" he repeated a line that a previous incarnation once said. It was time to retire. With that thought, he let the old girl pick a location.


He didn't keep track of the time he spent in the box, there was no need. The Doctor left the TARDIS from time to time, to explore the forest, but the majority of the time he spent in his Time Machine. It was his home, and the only friend he still had left.

Alone he sat in the machine, reading one of the many books he had in the great library. Lost in the many words of the pages he was reading, a loud bang coming from the outside of the machine shaking him from this thoughts. "What the?" the Time Lord question.

Making his way to the door of the machine, he let out a sigh. He would have to outside to investigate, making sure nothing was wrong with the TARDIS. With a snap of the fingers the doors open. His eyes going wide, as he saw the young woman standing in front of him.

Staring at her for a long moment his eyes studying her over. It was clear that she was in some sort of trouble.

"Hello, I'm Doctor." he paused adjusting the bowtie that hung around his neck. "And I'm here to help"

Old habits died hard.

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