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44 years old
Valley Farms, Arizona
United States

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December 17 2021

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About me:
Richard Kimble used to be happily married, but it changed the day his wife was murdered, and he framed for her death. As a child his life were good, even if not perfect, and he always knew that he wanted to be a doctor. Richard did became a doctor, and he met his wife that way, but through her sister. He has a younger sister named Maggie, whom he used to boss around, but never darned hurting her, and instead was over protective of her, things hasn't changed not even now, at least not between them. When he got framed, she was one of the people who was at his trial, and spoke for his behalf. Not that it helped, as he got sentenced to lethal injection, despite the he was innocent, as no one but the ones who were close to him, knew the truth. He even met a guy, who runs a site/blog called, where people discuss about him, it is place where people on his side go to.

The two became friends, and kept in contact since, in fact still do, just like he keeps contact with his sister. Richard's dad died not long ago, while his mother died when he and his sister were much younger. Before his dad died, Richard and his dad got close again, as Richard took his death very hard, as expected. After the trial he was transported to a different jail, where he was supposed to wait for his sentence to be carried out, but on the way there an accident happened, and the bus crushed, he and the cop who arrested him, who was in the bus too survived as he helped him, then run off. He is on the run away since, as well as he searches for the one armed man, only while on the run he met The guy that owns the blog, and a bit after meeting Chuck the blogger guy his father and him got close again, a bit before his father passed away. Richard is on the run since, as he doesn't stay in one place for too long, whether he wants to or not. One day he hopes to clear his name and move on with his life.

Who I'd like to meet:

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The Snow Queen

Feb 13th 2014 - 10:55 PM

When she heard a voice speaking she turned her cold eyes to look at him as a smile was on her face though it was cold and wihout feeling "Hello there, I am the Snow Queen and what I am is a snow and ice witch"she then laughed slightly at how he was scared and thought about what to say next letting her coldness spread over the wall that her back was touching. She watched him again and walked slightly toward him stopping as she looked into his eyes and where she stepped ice and snow followed behind.

She watched him again and then looked around "I have never been seen by a mortal before,it is interesting"her voice was cold and matched the look in her eyes with no emotions or anything behind it. She was after all frozen to the very core and she liked it that way "You seem like a man with troubles,most mortals have something to worry about"she thrn laughed again though it was icy "What did you see exactly?" she waited for his answer though she didn't care one way or the other it was just interesting to see a mortal's reaction to her and what she can do. It had been a while since she met a mortal that wasn't her enemy.

She then spoke again "You seem worried and scared,what is it?" she didn't care but she was curious what Richard was thinking since she didn't fully understand the mortal world and how they react to things around them. The Snow Queen then moved her hand as a sled with white horses and icy blue eyes and manes showed up and she pet the horses as they breathed and cold air came out of their noses and she smiled to this lost in thoughts.
The Snow Queen

Jan 10th 2014 - 9:22 PM

For centuries she walked the lands of the ice and snow and slowly she lost herself forgetting her old life and never looking back. She no longer had a name just a title that others have given herThe SnowQueen and she liked it. She lived where the ice and snow was the strongest and to get to her castle one would have to cross the icy lake which was never easy to do. She was now in America as she traveled the world leaving snow where ever she went that was gone the moment she left the spot. She looked around at all those passing her by and smiled when she noticed they were not running away in fear,but then her face became cold and without feeling as she kept walking down the street.

She the stopped to look at a flower and then she saw 4 men walking over to her as she sighed speaking in a cold voice "I would walk away if I were you boys" they laughed at this "Look boys we have a live one" the others laughed and she sighed to this. She then moved her hand as her eyes glew icy blue for a moment and the guns they held became full of ice. When they dropped them she smiled and used her ice power to trap the leader as an ice statue and the others she just stuck to the ground towait forsomeone to get them.

She then sighed to this and shook her head as she walked away and heard them yelling though she ignored it. She wasn't a mutant but a witch for the most part since she had the ice and snow powers for as long as she could remember but her mortal life was long behind her andforgottenreplaced by only the cold but she liked it that way really. There had been many legends about her over time written by those who have seen her using her powers to bring winter to the lands and such. She then heard foot steps and waited to see who it was that followed her. Her hair wasthe color ofsnow and she wore a icy blue shirt withblue jeansas well.

The SnowQueen knew that most were scared of her and she liked it that way really as the cold inside her was all she could feel now. She waited to see who it was that dared to follow her and what they wanted from her if anything at all really. Most looked fir her to see if the stories about her were real or if they were all a myth and that got annoying at times and some of them were new ice statues in her ice garden because of that as punishment. She leaned on a wall behind her and it became slightly icy as that made her smile once more.
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