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The Colony RPG (LINK)

A truly well planned RPG storyline.
In all of my 10+ years of writing, I've never come across a group as creative and dedicated as this one. Running strong since November 2013.

In the future of the zombie apocalypse, long after the fall of Woodbury, there is a colony that exists on the coast of Georgia that the survivors left can inhabit. Richmond Hill was once a military district, now village set in the scenery of a small town with high-rise walls. It was installed by the military for re-population and vaccine efforts, but mainly as protection from the undead outside it's walls. Survivors here play roles in different jobs in order to keep the community going. From Doctors to farmers, each person is required to take part. The Governor runs this small population of people, but it seems his lessons have not been fully learned from that of Woodbury. Here, he still manipulates and blinds the colonists in order for him to stay their reverent leader.

Will you become a functioning member of this newfound society, or fall short of being an appreciated civilian? Will you stand by the Governor in all his treacheries, or turn a blind eye to the injustices before you? Is there a life for you here, or will you be exiled to live amongst the walkers and other outcasts? In Richmond Hill you will rise or you will fall and only so much of this is a fate you can control...
I could hide inside your smile Fade... And curl up around the fang Drained... Wasted away

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Characters: Sophie Lynn Grey
Verses: The Walking Dead, Zombies, Apocalypse, Crime, Crossovers, Open
Playbys: Deborah Ann Woll
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Crime, Crossover, Horror, Open, Undead,
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Zombrian Virus In The Beginning�
Do You Contain the Virus or the Vaccine?

The Zombrian virus has always been there. In every living being, dormant and restrained by our immune system. Through the years, only a few fell prey to it after death, but it was rare. Even-still, precautions had been taken unknown to the general public. In the event of the death of someone whose immune system was incapable of killing any virus, the brainstem would immediately be severed either by the hospital staff or the morgue. However, on occasion, some would be missed in the comfort of their own homes. These were the stories you'd hear on the news; a father killing his wife and children then killing himself. A cannibal tribe. Mass/Serial murderer. All common stories and none were the wiser. Tracks were covered, outbreaks were contained.

But as the population grew, the ability to control the virus without telling the public became nearly impossible. Treatments were created to maintain the symptoms and dormant the cells, putting the patients in remission. They gave it a codename. The public contributed to containing it without even knowing its true form. Funding the science to create a vaccine. Scientists used their own children to test their vaccinations out on. Some were successful. The side effects: high tolerance to pain, immune to any viral and bacterial illnesses, migraines and anemia. But they still did not know if it could be transferred to them once the virus was fully developed, none were willing to try.

No one was prepared for the virus to mutate, becoming a super-virus that infected even the healthiest of immune systems. But even then, the true cause of the outbreak was hidden behind the mass of walking dead, killing and changing others with their bite. In actuality - the second, but most common spread of the virus. The mass of numbers hid the deadliest form of it. The most contagious form for the Zombrian virus was contained within their own bodies, fighting desperately to get out.


Legal Information
NAME: Sophie Lynn Grey
ALIASES: Anya or Jade
BIRTHDATE: October 24

ETHNICITY: Caucasian
HAIR COLOR: Strawberry Blonde
WEIGHT: 120lbs
BIRTHMARKS/SCARS: Long scar on right hip from dagger, arrowhead puncture scar on right collarbone and shoulder blade, bullet scar on left thigh, multiple needle tracks from her years spent as a lab rat. An odd birthmark on her left wrist.

Family Ties
MOTHER: Deceased
FATHER: Dr. Edwin Grey (MIA)
SISTER(S): Deceased
BROTHER(S): Deceased
Other Family: Cousin (MIA � Looking for Player)

PAST RELATIONSHIP(S): James Doyle and Nick Miles

TRAITS: Very guarded, highly sarcastic and paranoid
DISORDERS: Anemic and prone to migraines
LIKES: Suckers, art, sword fighting and sex
DISLIKES: Egotistical pricks and rice
QUIRKS: Not afraid to say it as she sees it. Is comfortable and confident in her own skin. If she's attracted to a guy, she'll let him know but don't expect a commitment out of her.
OOC: Not a smut player. Don't take her likes literally. Unless your writing entertains and inspires me, that play is unlikely to happen. There needs to be a plot and a good storyline going.

EDUCATION Some Medical School
1) First Aid (expert)- Strongest skill from EMT training and several years of experience in the field the apocalypse forced her into
2) Swordsmanship (expert)- A craft she's enjoyed since childhood. One of many perks of being raised in a prominent family.
3) Sharp shooter (moderate)- Years of aiming for the head will do that.
4) Hand to Hand combat (weak) - She's got a mean right hook when she has the surprise factor in her favor but if you come at her with anything stronger she'll likely surrender - she's not stupid.

Serrated blades of your bated breath have made a monster in the house of death... punctured, deflated the snakes in your veins evacuated & slithered away are you sure you still want to play this evil little game?
Living Incubator

Sophie Lynn Grey, born October 24th to the highly renowned Dr. Edwin Grey. A scientist given most credit to a breakthrough in cancer research. Leading a team in the breakdown and study of the Zombrian Virus to find a cure. A confidential study that only the highest security clearances knew about. His youngest daughter Sophie, was one of the first human guinea pigs to be vaccinated. A process that started in the womb and was implemented every three months for the first half of her life. The incubating stage being the most significant level of development.

As Sophie aged, her immune system grew stronger, killing all viral and bacterial infections efficiently before affecting the host. She was no longer capable of becoming ill after her tenth birthday. But with every breakthrough there were setbacks: Sophie developed a high tolerance to physical pain making it difficult for her to even realize she'd been hurt. Only the most intense pain could be felt, which by then could do significant damage. She experienced migraines so severe they caused vertigo and extreme dizziness making it hard for her to focus. Lastly: anemia, when she bled she did so significantly. Her blood is thin and can be difficult to clot.

Sophie always knew she was different but she never realized what her reason for living was. She had been born for only one purpose; as an incubator for the vaccine. There were several more like her but in unknown locations that none were willing to share and never documented for fear of losing funding. The incubators older than her were slowly dying out, losing the battle to the virus when purposely injected with the live cells to test the resilience. She was slowly advancing in the line without even knowing it.

At home, she was the black sheep, the outcast and hellion in an otherwise prestige family. Never quite fitting in. Added only to their family to hide her true identity. When her immunity changed and her abilities became more obvious, she was taken below ground to remain forever with his lab as her home. Given a number, she wasn't given the decency of a name anymore. Never saying no, she tried to be everything her father wanted...until the pain became too much and her will to live overcame her need to always please. No longer telling herself or believing that one day he would love her. Escaping the cruelty of the lab, she now tries to conquer the world above which proves more difficult than ever dreamed. Sometimes the simplicity of her cell seemed an easier option over navigating complicated, human emotions.

(to be continued�)

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Nᴏᴛ A Hᴇʀᴏ

Jun 13th 2020 - 11:40 PM

❰ ❰ 1x1-CS&W
BSAA Headquarters; London

The briefing was anything but short, they’d taken four breaks already and there was no end in sight as speculations, tips and different levels of evidence were presented to the founding members and the ranking officers. As a new folder was slid in front of him his fingers raked through his hair as he adjusted himself in his seat before flipping it open. The pages were littered with pictures and stats of a new threat, solid information coming out of Germany. Someone began to speak, the plan sounding solid and handled Chris flipped the folder closed.

A longer break was due, a chance to get a solid meal and some fresh air. A stretch of the legs would also be nice.

As he stepped from the meeting room he was greeted by an agent who’d accompanied them from New York. “Sir, a threat we’ve been monitoring rumours about has supposedly escaped and is on the loose,” he informed Chris and handed him some more papers.

Chris stared at the papers a moment before he took them and began to look them over, his brow furrowed as his grey eyes scanned the words quickly, trying to process the information as quickly as possible to determine what should be done.

“The CDC is requesting our help to apprehend the target,” the agent said, insinuating there was some urgency to the documents.

“The CDC, huh?” Jill Valentine stepped out of the room and peeked at the papers her partner was holding, both of them glanced at the other agent as when Chris flipped another page and they saw physical information. “She’s just a kid,” she frowned. Chris nodded and Jill glanced at him. “Go get her, we’ll look for more information and get you some help,” she said and looked to the agent, giving him a nod to follow her.

Chris made a few calls as he sat in the back of the London taxi taking him to the airport, there were a few techs back home he knew who could get them in front of everyone else who may be looking for the young woman. “I want you to find where she was being held, then use every resource we have to track where she went and if she’s met up with anyone I wanna know who they are and what they’re involved in.”


Within a few hours of receiving the papers Chris was flying over the Atlantic Ocean and would soon have his feet on American soil once again. The trip to Europe was supposed to take a few weeks, and he was thankful it had been cut short. He wasn’t made for the boardroom, no matter what part he’d had in creating the BSAA.

The plane diverted before Chris got word she’d been located within the state of Kentucky. W?hen the plane ride seemed a bit longer than usual he looked out one of the small, oval windows and frowned at the ground beneath them. He stood from his seat and made his way to the c*ckpit. “Where’re we going?” He asked, gaze fixed on the pilot.

“Subject was located in Kentucky, figured they would have told you,” the pilot answered, giving Chris a quick glance over his shoulder. Chris only nodded before turning to return to his seat.


Once they were on the tarmac they were met by a few people, a member of the BSAA and local law enforcement. Chris shook hands, offered a quick introduction of himself before following them to a few vehicles. One was for him, it was property of the BSAA along with an encrypted computer which would have all the information needed. The officer had simply asked if things took a turn for the worst, he was given all the details he’d need to take care of his people.

Finally alone, Chris picked up the computer once in the car and turned it on, he punched in his ID and password and looked over the video information they had on who they believed had escaped and was being sought after by the CDC and others. He watched her closely as various sources had been pooled together to get this information, some of the images were barely recognizable.


It only took a few hours from the tarmac for Chris to find himself outside the shelter the young girl had taken sanctuary within. As he sat outside, watching the quiet building he couldn’t help but wonder what had happened to this girl to get her into this situation. Was she a BOW? Did she know what she was and why she was so dangerous? Perhaps her situation was like that of Eleven from Stranger Things. Chris scoffed and gave his head a shake. As if everything in his life wasn’t complicated enough, he wanted to start comparing targets to kids in TV shows, though the thought nagged at the back of his mind.

The kids in the shelter would all be asleep by now, or nearly, and he didn’t want to disturb or scare them. And startling the subject, Sophie, could end up deadly for everyone else inside that building. He decided he’d wait till the morning to introduce himself to the girl, but he’d stick around and keep an eye on the place for now. He didn’t want someone who’d use her to get their hands on her.


Jun 8th 2020 - 1:58 AM

Rick knew how his uncle could affect people.   He knew that she might say she was okay, but she was feeling the lasting damage that was Michael Ryan.  He was the dagger in the family of wonderful people.  He was proof of how one act could change a person forever!   Rick didn’t mind her clinging to him.  He knew she had been through a lot and all of this was MORE on top of it.

When the helicopter lifted he felt better.  The cabin would be a good place to at least think about what to do next.  It was safe, out in the middle of nowhere; he knew his uncle had it under a false name since he used it to tuck away his own /sins/ from time to time.  Rick had to look the other way on his uncle’s dark deeds for the sake of his father.  Otherwise Michael would have been behind bars long ago.  As it turned out, it was a good thing Rick had looked the other way, earned a favor.  It was necessary now, and he internally wondered if all of this now was why Colin had asked him to do it.

The chopper flew for a long time.  When it landed it was on a private helicopter pad, overlooking a huge mansion.  It was built with logs which was why Michael referred to it was a cabin. 

“Hey, Pete.. my partner will be by to pick up the car in the garage.  Can you move it out to the street for me?”  Pete was more than happy to help out.   Rick then climbed from the chopper and held out his hand for Sophie to get out too.  The house was lit up.  Every light looked like it was on.   Rick’s eyes met Sophie’s, “They are on a timer…the house is programed, but there are overrides.” 

Once they got to a safe distance the helicopter lifted off, and the silence set in around them, sounds of nature, a distance owl and crickets chirping was all that could be heard.  “I know you’ve been trying to get away for a long time.  But…this time might be the charm….you only have to make it stick once.”   He started to lead her toward the house.

Jun 7th 2020 - 1:47 AM

Rick had done his best to warn her without scaring her so badly that she never would have braved the walk passed the elevator doors.  The fact that her palm was sweaty didn’t seem to bother Rick, he never showed that he even noticed.  He smiled as his uncle talked to Pete.  His lips moved without a sound: We are almost out of here.

Luckily she only appeared to be shy.  Shy was acceptable as far as his uncle was concerned.  He preferred silence to talkative overly happy women.  Rick knew the family stories of what Michael was capable of.  His cousin Jack told some zingers about his father that made Rick’s skin crawl.  It was always amazing to Rick that his uncle and his father had grown up together.  And according to his father, Michael had once been a good man.. it wasn’t until he was passed over for the magic that was now in Rick that he changed so drastically.  He became obsessed with power, ANY power. 

Rick moved closer to Sophie and did his best to seem like a caring boyfriend type.  His uncle’s attention returned to them as Rick somewhat moved between the two of them, he wanted to keep Sophie as far from Michael as possible.  He could feel the way he looked at her.  Something about this situation was growing in discomfort. 

“Make sure to show her more than the bedroom, Ricky… the town is lovely.”  But Michael said it with a sneer and a grin.  “The cars are all fueled and ready, and the caretaker keeps everything stocked, of course.”  This was no cabin in the woods which Sophie would soon see.  “Have a great time..”  his cold eyes on Sophie, “…this makes us even, Rickary.  Inform your father.”  

Rick nodded, “I’m sure he knows already.”  Spotting Pete heading toward them, Rick was already pulling her away from Michael.   
“Good evening, Detective.”   Pete had a big smile and he motioned toward the penthouse elevator that would take them to the roof.   Pete walked passed them to let his boss know he would return with the chopper right after he dropped them off.  

“I’m sorry about him,”  Rick whispered to Sophie as he pressed the button for the elevator.  “No one likes Uncle Mike.”  He was still holding her hand, he didn’t release it.  “You okay?”  his eyes looking right into hers as he asked the question.

It was less than ten minutes that the chopper was in the air and headed out of the city.   Rick looked over to Sophie, “…it’s a very safe place where we are going.”


Jun 7th 2020 - 12:07 AM

Rick pressed the button for the penthouse and the elevator doors closed.  “…he is…opinionated, he is rich and believes he owns everyone and everything.”   Rick could be considered a rich man in his own right.  The money he had he had no desire to touch…yet.  He would soon to work toward a future he believed would come.  But Michael Ryan was a cutthroat, he would stab his own brother to get ahead, some would say he had.   “He is a dark, twisted soul,” he looked over at Sophie.  “…I only feel hate and dark desires when I am with him.  He makes me highly uncomfortable.  Always has…I only helped him once to have this favor…”  Had he known he would need it? 

The elevator doors opened to a huge wide foyer.  There was a crystal chandelier above them, the floors were marble.  Everything in this place was high end, top of the line, or one of a kind.  They would hear the footsteps of the man that looked a lot like Rick’s father before he could be seen.  “Rickary…what do I owe the pleasure?”

“Here we go..”  his voice low.  “Uncle Mike…”  he nodded and stepped forward to shake his hand.  “I need to ask that favor…”
There was a pause as the older man looked at the two of them, his eyes narrowed on the woman and then he shifted his gaze to Rick.  “…an upstanding officer like yourself is calling in a favor?”

Rick could hardly take the judgement.  He knew what was meant by it.  As long as Rick held that favor over his uncle’s head he had leverage.  It would be gone now.  Michael would be back to his old games.  “…I’ve weighed my options, Mike.. I need access to your helicopter… and your cabin in the mountains.”

“…do you now?”  Michael laughed.  “It’s a little late in the season for skiing…what are you going to do at the cabin?   You sure shacking up with this…”  he only motioned toward Sophie, not even bothering to fully insult her,  “is worth my favor?”  His tone made his disgust clear.  His favor was worth a lot more than a vacation.    

Rick watched his uncle’s eyes.  He knew he needed to play this just right.  The last thing he needed was Michael Ryan to become curious.  He wanted him to laugh this off and forget they were ever here.  “…trust me, this is worth it.”  He looked at Sophie and he smiled, trying to both act and carefully wink at Sophie at the same time, he reached for her hand.

Michael stood there and looked at them for several seconds and then he finally walked to the intercom system and pressed a button.  “Pete?  Get the chopper ready, I need you to take my nephew to the cabin…” 


Jun 6th 2020 - 10:10 PM

“You know what?  I don’t really fully understand why I’m helping you either.”  He smirked at himself.  “…all I know is I would bet on you, not on your family.  I’m going with my gut.”  That might be a crazy thing to do, but it was what Rick always did.  

His eyes watched as she grabbed the handle for the back door.  “You can take the front seat.  We won’t be in this car too long.  Can’t take this out of the district without them knowing.”   Rick was thinking about what his father had said about him needing to learn fast about what he could do.  He knew some of the powers his father used to have, things he now had, but he couldn’t control them; he didn’t even know how to begin.  But it would make all of this SO much easier if he could!  Travel alone! 

“I have an uncle who owes me a favor.  You won’t like him…”  that was easy to say, no one did.  “But, that favor right now, it’s exactly what we need.”   He slipped into the car and he started the engine.  “With that hood up I don’t think anyone will recognize you.  I think we’re okay for now.  At least until we get a handle on this.” 

Once she was in the car and he was backing the car up and out of the alley, he smiled over to her when he made it to the street.  “…Welcome to New York.”  As an answer to her question. 

The drive was long, but not for the distance, for the traffic.   The city was lit up, people were out in droves.  The sea of lights for all the cars.  The skyscrapers bright like glistening jewels.   He made a turn and he drove into the parking garage of one of those tall buildings, he was stopped by the guard, he rolled his window down.  “Here to see Michael Ryan.  I’m his nephew, Detective Ryan.”  Using his title to make it clear he was there to call in the favor that was owed.  He watched as the man called his uncle and soon he was giving the nod for him to pull in and park. 

This was one of the nicest buildings in the city.   Even the parking garage was classy.  Tiled walls that looked like they were polished daily!   Rick parked the car and he looked over at her.  “stay close.  Nothing bad will happen, but…Michael is….well, I would rather have a meeting with the devil.”   He reached for the handle of the car and he got out.  “…he will honor his debt though…that I know.”   He waited for her before he started to lead the way to the elevator. 


Jun 6th 2020 - 3:02 PM

Everything about this was strange.  But Rick was not like anyone she might have encountered before.  He was something else.  His father used to take him and his 5 siblings and even his cousin Jack to a place that Rick remembered vividly.  It was a strange place, his mother never came and it only went on for a few years.  When they were there Colin, Rick’s dad, would tell them strange long stories.  Odd tales that had twists and turns in them, characters that were hard to tell if they were good or bad.  The stories were taken from real life, not that the kids ever knew and before he would reach the end of each tale, Colin Ryan would look at each child and ask them what they would do if they found themselves in the story.  Rick’s cousin Jack would always respond with a joke to make everyone laugh.  His brother, Ray would say something impulsive and reckless.  The girls usually spent more time thinking and seemed to try to please their dad with their answers but usually were indecisive and would go back and forth.  Rickary on the other hand made up his mind early on in the story and rarely wavered.  He always had a reason, and Colin saw in the young kid something from himself.  It was why he was chosen.  He seemed to have a gift even before he got the gift. 

That was what he was doing now.  Everything was telling him to call this in.  It was on the news; it was his job to report it.  He was a cop.  He had been for years.  But he wasn’t going to make that call.  His mind was made up and he wouldn’t waver.  He listened to everything she said.  Her life was spent in a lab, in Georgia!  How did she get all the way to New York City?  He didn’t say a word though.   He nodded slowly as she told him she didn’t trust anyone.

“What does the medication do?”  He needed to know if it was going to knock her out, make her loopy?  It might be a problem. 
She told him she needed a safe place, “I think you need more than that, but it’s a place to start.” 

The door from the front of the bar was pushed open and a man in his sixties walked into the kitchen, his eyes moved back and forth and then his head tilted.  “Rick… Sophie..”  he smiled slowly.  “I take it you have chosen a side.”  Colin Ryan no longer had any power, but he had seen so many things coming in the future and every now and then one presented itself.  He had seen the news cast and it jogged an old vision he had years prior.  He knew his son had that very woman in the kitchen and he knew Rick was going to help her.  He walked toward his son.  “I’ll tell them you were never here.  But they will come here, and they will go to your apartment.  You need to go somewhere else…and you will need to learn what you can do fast, boy.”  And he was not talking about freezing time for a few seconds.  “For now…just go.”  

Without a word to his father, Rick looked at Sophie and then he motioned for the door.


Jun 5th 2020 - 10:20 PM

He nodded a little, “I do have a family.. a big one…but if I were to ask any of them if I should avoid doing something right to keep them safe they’d be fast tell me right from wrong.”  Rickary was one of the good ones.  One of the few that became a police officer because he felt he should.  He had grown up loved and protected, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t very aware that others didn’t.  He was overly aware of the injustices of the world.  He had his own heartbreaks that he didn’t deserve, one after another.   

“My family tends to do the right thing, not the safe thing.  So don’t worry about them.  Or about me.”  He took a deep breath, “…and I do have to help everyone.  It’s kinda required.”  And he wasn’t talking about his badge now.  He pointed to the table.  And motioned for her to take a seat again. 

“Walk me through it…I have a feeling you’ve been down this road before.  What happens if we don’t call that number?  What happens if I help you get away from them?”   His head tilted.  “Do you think it can be done?  Where are you from, where is your home?”  he wondered how far away she was.  The city was big and dense that would buy them some time, if she wasn’t being tracked.  If he was really going to help her he wanted to know what he was up against.  How deep would he be willing to go?  How much help would see need? 

She was confused, frightened and flighty.  But he understood why.  She was far from stupid or naïve.  That he could see in her eyes easily.  She had been through a lot, but very different things than most.   “Do you have anyone?  Someone you do trust?  A good family member or a friend that we could get you to?”

Jun 5th 2020 - 8:57 PM

“You’re medicine?  Do you have it with you?  You need to take it…”  he wondered what happened when she didn’t take her medication, and what was she being medicated for.  It wasn’t his business though.   None of it was.  “You are in a safe place.  No one is going to hurt you here.  No one is even going to come in this kitchen except for my mom, and maybe my dad.. and they are harmless.”   But she didn’t know any of them.  They were all strangers to her and he knew it.  Sharing a meal with someone didn’t make you old chums. 

It was very good to hear she wasn’t being tracked.  He nodded.  He was about to pick up the burger again, maybe changing the subject to something less tense when he heard the name Sophie Grey loud and clear coming from the front of the bar.  His blues moved to look her over, it was easy to see the change in her.  A reward, five days missing.  She was twenty three.  “…you don’t have to go anywhere you don’t want to go.”  He hadn’t seen any signs of a mental disorder.  She did seem paranoid BUT after the vision he had gotten he didn’t blame her a bit for feeling paranoid.

Of course she hadn’t listened to him, or she didn’t believe him.  He was up off the chair and dashing after her.  He was fast!  And he had powers that helped  him.  Though he couldn’t control them like he would be able to do some day!  Still a race of his heart tended to stop time, even if only for a few seconds it was enough for him to catch up with her and grab her arm and pull her to stop.  “Sophie Grey?”   He knew she was the one from the news cast.  There was no other reason for her to suddenly jump up and run like that.  “I don’t know your family.  I don’t know your situation.  I only just met you.”   He gently pulled her away from the door.  “Here’s what I know…as a detective.  There are two types of people that offer a reward for someone’s return, scared desperate people that just want their loved one home safely… and the scum of the earth.  There is no in between.”    His eyes focused on hers.  “Which is it in this case?”   His hand still on her arm, but she could easily pull it free.  He wouldn't force her to stay, but he didn't want her to feel like she had to run away.


Jun 5th 2020 - 2:21 AM

Rick chuckled as he saw her bite into the burger.  “Good, huh?”   the smile remained on his face as he watched her.   “I wasn’t kidding when I said I grew up on ‘em.   I practically lived in this place my parents were here so much.   I did my homework at this very table.”  He tapped the metal of it.  His wedding ring hit the metal surface.  A ring that he should take off but he wore it just the same.  He knew things were coming for him, his life wasn’t over, and even when he had gotten married he knew the marriage wouldn’t last.  And he knew why it wouldn’t…he  had lied to himself and promised he would be able to save her.  In the end he hadn’t been able to.  It had been more than two years since her death.  He still wore that ring.

When she said she didn’t like the root beer he set the burger down that he had only had one bite of and went to get her a glass of water.  “You don’t have to drink it if you don’t like it.”  Setting the glass down and pulling the bottle of root beer away.” 

She was quick to dismiss his help.  Telling him he couldn’t.   His head tilted as he tried to put himself in her place.  Scared of something, running from someone?  She wasn’t sure what or who to trust.  She trusted him enough to eat the burger, but not enough to let him know what was going on.  When her fingers just barely touched his time stopped.  He was still getting used to this!  His father was a man of power, and that power had passed to Rick.  He couldn’t control it yet.  His father told him it would come in time.  His heart thumped hard in his chest as he looked at the girl who was frozen in time.   He could see her future rushing before his eyes!  He had never seen another’s future in this way before!  Usually he would know tiny hints.  He would sometimes know things like he had with his jacket, or sometimes the end of a story before it was told.  Or in a case when someone was going to be important to him, or mean something to him, he would know at the start how long he would get to have with them. 

But this was nothing like anything before.  This was more like things he saw coming for himself.  It was clear in his mind, yet the bits were short and fragmented, almost as if a strobe light was flickering on and off.  She was scared in the vision!  She was strapped down and vile after vile was injected into her.  What or why?  Rick didn’t see that. 

He took a deep breath and time started; she would never notice that it stopped at all.  It was just for him.   He was far too new to it to hold anyone in the time stop with him.  His eyes shifted to the blinking light on her bracelet after it beeped.   “….is that a tracker?”  His head tipped.  “They’re coming for you?”  His eyes narrowed a little.  “They hurt you.”  That last one wasn’t a question.  He knew it was true.   She had pulled her hand away.  She was scared; she had felt something happen with that short touch.  He nodded a little.  “Don’t be so sure that I can’t help you.”   He had pretty much forgotten his food now.  His eyes just locked on her, watching intently as he nodded so slightly it might not be seen.


Jun 4th 2020 - 7:06 PM

When she came back out from the bedroom she looked much better.  Like a normal person.   He gave a nod of his head and a smile, approving of the change in her.  It was hard to believe she was the same girl that had hid under his coat in the back of his car.  “You look nice, Sophie.”  He looked at her now and he offered her a smile.  He still didn’t know where she had come from, if she had seen anything down at the docks?  He wasn’t going to ask now.  “…it’s a very good thing my parents save everything.”  His eyes wide and he chuckled a little.  He reached for his coat and he nodded toward the stairs.  “I’m betting those burgers are about done, let’s go eat..” 

Entering the kitchen again, his mother had put a couple chairs up to the long metal prep table for them to sit at, she was bringing too plates over and setting them down.  “….two cheese burgers and fries.”   Her face lit up in a smile when she looked at Sophie, “…looks like you found something up there, sweetheart.  I’m glad something fit.”  She moved closer patting her arm as she moved by.  “I need to clean up the kitchen so you enjoy your meal.. I’ll be around..”  then she stopped and turned back.  “You want anything to drink, sweetie?”  looking at Sophie. 

“I know how to get drinks, ma…thanks for the food.”   He walked to the walk in cooler that was in the back of the restaurant, opening the door walking in.  “I’d offer you a beer, but you’re 17…”  or so she had said, she seemed older than that now that he could see her face.  His hand grabbed a couple bottles of root beer.  “…and I’m still technically on duty.”   Coming out of the cooler and setting the bottles down on the table.  Putting his jacket on the back of the chair before he took a seat.  

He sat there for a moment silently before he twisted the cap off the bottle and set it down.  “…tell me how I can help you, Sophie…”  hadn’t he already been doing that?  He had hidden her from the other officers, he had given her clothing, and now food.  But in his book this was all nothing.  That was to be expected.  His family did things like this all the time.  This was normal.  Helping, truly helping was going out of your way from someone else.  He hadn’t done that yet.

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