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The Law is nothing more but a weapon you can use.

64 years old

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November 28 2021

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Generalin Exodus Gabriel, also known as Loki or The Trickster, was the fourth and youngest of the four archangels created by God. Despite the fact that he is the youngest of the archangels, he is still very powerful. Gabriel was very compassionate towards his family. Although he was the very first celestial to be seen on the show, he was the last archangel to be revealed. According to Gabriel, The Apocalypse was an issue he had to cope with on a daily basis. When his older brothers, Michael and Lucifer, turned on each other and began fighting one another, he couldn't bear it, retreating to Earth as an escape. Gabriel loved both his father and brothers, but he was unable to choose sides between Michael and Lucifer, so he left Heaven and "skipped out" to Earth. He rescued and befriended the Pagan god named Loki and soon went under "witness protection" and he began posing as the Norse trickster god himself. Gabriel described his experience at obtaining a vessel and taking on Loki's form as having a "face transplant." After that, he made quite a name for himself among other Pagan deities, and was in fact known as the famous Norse god, Loki. As Loki he killed people across the world that he deemed to be douchebags, though some he spared to spread the word, and eventually encountered Sam and Dean who foiled his plans on more than one occasion and discovered his true identity. Once Gabriel was exposed, he eventually aided Sam and Dean in stopping the Apocalypse by telling them the secret of the Cage door, but along the way was "killed" by Lucifer. After the fall of the angels, Metatron created an illusion of Gabriel in an effort to deceive Castiel. The false Gabriel claimed that he had been in hiding, but disappeared once Castiel realized the trick. Since then, both Lucifer and God have at separate times stated that they believed Gabriel to be dead. Years later, Gabriel was revealed to still be alive by Asmodeus, who was holding him prisoner and stealing his grace to give himself more power. Gabriel was then rescued by Arthur Ketch, who delivered him to Sam and Dean at the Men of Letters bunker. It was revealed that Gabriel had once again managed to fake his death, but was ultimately captured and tortured by Asmodeus for years. After recovering and killing Asmodeus, Gabriel was informed of the transpiring events and chose to once more return to a life away from humans, angels, and demons. Gabriel then tracked down the Deities who sold him to Asmodeus to obtain his revenge. He was tracked by the Winchesters who decided to aid him in his endeavors as he was still low on power. After killing Loki and getting his vengeance, Gabriel felt empty and decided to aid the brothers in defeating Michael to save the world. Gabriel helped them by revealing himself to his brother Lucifer who he captured and brought to the Winchesters to power the rift. He then traveled to Apocalypse World with them to rescue his nephew Jack and Mary Winchester. On the way back to the rift, the group was confronted by Michael

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Here for:Dating, Networking,
Body type:No Answer
Occupation:Duke of Napples
Member Since:June 13, 2013

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About me:
 photo 13637711797455_zps13000acd.jpg Edmound De La Vega was the 2nd oldest of the Children of Maxwell and Julie De La Vega, he was a very smart as they said as his mother "Countess Julie De La Vega", when he was a young boy his mother showed him how to take souls by contracts and knowing that his mother was a "Demon" he then found out she was also a very skilled Business women so for years edmound and Julie use to go around the world and His mother use to let him make deals which made him a bit stronger then his other brothers and sister. Edmound then went into business with his big brother Nathaniel De La Vega and also his big sister Olivia De La Vega and created the "De La Vega Firm" there in the firm they dealt with supernatural beings from day to day time. Edmound found out to create a Soul payment from the billing for the De La Vega Service, they win case'es and they get souls. Their mother was very proud of edmound and his great plan for power.  photo 49537711797455_zps4540f12f.jpg
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Sep 23rd 2021 - 3:02 PM

|Thanks for having me. I hope we can get to work on something whenever you have the time.Drop by whenever you like to discuss getting started.ย 
โ€ขCharacter: Katherine Slatter
โ€ขSpecies: Human with mutations
โ€ขOccupation: Journalist/Photographer
โ€ขCalling: Hunter
โ€ขAbilities: Energy armor/Acrobaticsย 
โ€ขVerses: Open, Custom, Marvel, Supernatural/ Can adapt to any timeline or setting.ย 
โ€ขPlayby: Katheryn Winnick
โ€ขLiteracy is a must
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