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please no multi character pro's, i do them from time to time but that is me. for me this is a one character pro.

35 years old
Flagstaff, Arizona
United States

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September 08 2020

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General Four weapons i would love to have in caim's arsenal but i can not. they do not belong to him they belong to montry oum. next to dead fantasy this is going to be an awesome series.
Heroes mountry oum for his imagination. anyone who can think up of a series like RWBY is a great hero of the fantasy realm.

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Here for:Friends,
Characters: Caim Wildfox
Verses: (the ones i know alot about anyway) pokemon, persona 3 & 4, sonic, and fullmetal.
Length: One Liner, Semi
Member Since:February 06, 2013

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About me:
pleasure to meet you all, my name is Caim Wildfox. not much to really talk about me but about my past and witch i really don't remember most of. From when i can remember i have been stealing gems and trinkets just to make another day go by with food in my stomach. now a days i don't have to worry about money or anything like that because of the profession i am in but the cops are still after me -the male would shrug a little and smirk- i guess that's why i have fox in my name, or lady luck just likes me a little to much from time to time. what ever it is im sure it will help me out in the near future to help me find my parents and where they have disappeared to in this world, and if i have to i will steal what ever i can to get myself closer to any truth.
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