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28 years old
Alton, Illinois
United States

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September 20 2021

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Eve Heart (Alex's mom)(S&L)  (7  photos)
Ask for her story.
Aden (Eve's dad)(S&L)  (1  photos)
Aden is Mulan's son, Lenne's twin and Eve's father.
Alexandre Michael Heart (Likes a special girl)  (6  photos)
Father of Juliet
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Here for:Dating, Relationships,
Orientation: Straight
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
Status: Single
Member Since:June 11, 2012

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About me:
Keira Mai Hope
If you ask me what a family is I would probably shrug and say, "I don't know". I don't have a family anymore, no mother to dry my tears when I cry. No loving father to tuck me into bed at night. Why? Some of you ask. Well, let’s see. It all began when I was a baby. My dad went out to bars and clubs, drinking and doing only God knows what. He comes home late and there my mother would be waiting for him. They fought and most of the time my dad beat my mom. The night of my 6th b-day I couldn't take any more of this! So, while my dad was out, I grabbed a bag of cloths, a blanket, and my favorite stuffed bear. My mother threw me a party, I got only one present: my stuffed bear, Roger. That night in the middle of their fighting I ran out of the house into the night. Two weeks later I was found in a park and put into an orphanage. During my years in that orphanage, I met this charming little boy named James Nicholas Davis, he had blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes, a vampire. He fed from me. I never saw him after that. One year later I found my adopted parents, Johanna, and Anthony Hope. My family started to slowly fall apart. My father Anthony left my mother and I. I grew up and met someone who took me away from my family and adopted me as their own. My family was huge and always growing. I met someone. I had met a man named Jason and had my daughter Naiya with him. Then he left both of us. I found closure within my family and then found love. Within my family I had my first son, Noah. The year I turned 16 I found James in the woods. How could anyone forget those beautiful ice blue eyes? There in those woods we shared a deep kiss and from then he took me to a beautiful river, close to his home. James sang to me a song he wrote. He loved me, and I loved him. I was his Princess, and he was my Prince... He soon broke my heart, leaving me alone and forgotten... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Naiya Marie Zakum:
My name is Nayia Marie Zakum. My father left me before I was born, and I was raised in a home of people who enslaved the innocent. We loved each other and slept with one another. My step-father had a twisted way of calling his slave trade business family. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Noah Hope:
I am the son of Keira Mai Hope. My father was a slave trader. He abandoned me and my mother, his other lovers, and the rest of his children as I grew up. I would have turned out differently if he hadn’t left. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mulan:
I’m not your average Mulan, I didn’t go to war. I never married. I stayed home and raised two wonderful children on my own. I had twins with someone who had magical powers; Aden and Lenne. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ How Eve Came to be by Aden:
Aden went to a family friend one day; he was curious about his powers and felt lonely as well. So, standing in the presence of his family friend he gathered up earth into his hands and breathed life into it. He created his daughter, Eve. She has never wondered if she's has powers or not or even asked her father. When she was a teen, she met a vampire named Ghost Heart and later in life had a son, Alexandre with him. Ghost disappeared for a long time, reappeared, and got her pregnant again and then disappeared as her daughter was growing inside her. She couldn't bear to raise a second child from him and gave her up. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alexandre Heart:
My name is Alexandre Heart. My parents are Ghost and Eve Heart. My mother was 18 when I was born, and my father was a year older. I have about three powers from my father. I hate my dad with all my life! He was never there to see me grow up and he left my mother when she was pregnant with my little sister. My mother gave her up, she couldn't handle the thought of having another of one of "his" children" When I was a young man, I met a woman named Elizabeth. A woman with yellow hair. She ran away to give birth to my daughter Juliet and never returned because she had gotten sick. Powers: 1.) heal others, blue glow 2.) talk to people in their minds 3.) ability to make things appear out of thin air 4.) Orb anywhere in the world. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Juliet Heart:
My name is Juliet Elizabeth Heart.I am the daughter of Alexandre Michael Heart. My mom died after she gave birth to me. She was sick when she was pregnant with me, so I don't know much about her. I just know that her name was Elizabeth. Since my dad was born with special powers, I was to. I can: 1. heal, with a silver glow 2. see the future 3. move objects with my mind 4. orb 5. set things on fire ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Macy:
My parents are in the middle of a divorce after years of a long and happy marriage. My father caught my mother cheating, several times. They’d fight a lot about it, but a divorce is what happened. Now they’re in the middle of a custody battle like I’m their property.
Who I'd like to meet:

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