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NAME: Claïr Titania Chamberlain.
NICKNAMES: Claire Bear.
ALIASES: Claire Elizabeth Chambers. Project Angel. Archangel Michael.
DATE OF BIRTH: February 28th, 1991.
PLACE OF BIRTH: Clare Island, Ireland.
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Classified B.S.A.A. compound in the state of Washington.
ETHNICITY: Caucasian.
EYE COLOR: Hunter Green.
HEIGHT: 5’ 8”.
WEIGHT: 130lbs.
Traits: Loyal to a fault. Flirtatious. Reckless for those she cares for.
Disorders: PTSD.
Addictions: Sex. Physical touch. Boba tea.
Likes: Being treated like a human. Hot men. Freedom.
Dislikes: Lies. Being caged. Eating people. The antigen.
Quirks: Clenches her teeth when upset.
High School N/A
College N/A
Major N/A
Degree N/A
OCCUPATION: Special Ops agent.
SKILLSET: Being underestimated. The rest is classified.
MOTHER: Gwendolyn Elizabeth Chamberlain.
FATHER: Eric Arthur Chamberlain.
SISTER(S): Rachel Anne Chamberlain.
BROTHER(S): Alexander Zackarias Chamberlain.
Other Family: Uncle Jack.
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: It’s complicated when you’re owned by an organization.
CURRENT RELATIONSHIP(S): Define relationship.
PAST RELATIONSHIP(S): I don’t want to talk about it.
Copyright & Disclaimer

This page contains material protected under International and Federal Copyright Laws and Treaties. Any unauthorized reprint or use of this material is prohibited. No part of this page may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system without express written permission from the author.

I am not the person in the photographs. This profile is for creative purposes only.

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Claire Elizabeth Chambers Verses Resident Evil - Horror – Sci-Fi - Action

The Beginning of the End: Evil has always existed in the hearts of man. The constant struggle of morality, conscience, and desire – it was part of being human. Some men couldn’t resist the sweet temptation of the darkness within and fell victim to give way to the rise of monsters. Such was the story of the Umbrella Corporation. Good men with good intentions that gave birth to the horrors that would plague the world for years to come. Claire’s story started on Clare Island, Ireland in the heart of her warm home that had been passed down in the family for generations. Her story began with her true name: Claïr Titania Chamberlain. She was born the youngest of three children to virologist Dr. Eric Arthur Chamberlain and biologist Gwendolyn Elizabeth Chamberlain. Claire would be the first of her siblings torn away into a world of fear and anguish.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

As a toddler, Umbrella came to her home and stole her away. She was leverage in the corporation’s exercise of control over its valued employees. Her kidnapping was how the toddler became a bio-organic weapon; created by the demented minds of scientists that vaguely remembered the thin shred of humanity they had left within themselves. That little two-foot-tall toddler grew up having to learn how to control her strength, speed, heightened senses and most importantly; how to control the impulse to transform into a living, breathing monster. Project Angel was created with the sole purpose of eliminating the Raccoon City survivors.

In the beginning of her captivity, she had been docile and submissive with the false promise of being returned home as a reward for good behavior. She obeyed until the age of eleven, when she learned the touch of an ill-intentioned man. Never wanting to feel that way again, the inhuman child grew angry. No matter how many times they spilled her blood, the blonde inflicted her retaliatory rage upon her captors.

In a poor attempt at humor, Claïr was renamed utilizing names of the survivors she was meant to eliminate. Claire Elizabeth Chambers was often poorly described by Umbrella aristocracy as a rebellious child striking out towards their parent. The dog that bit the hand that fed it. Since childhood, she always fought to escape and rose to every occasion to be as uncooperative as possible. It was from the shadows that he had watched her, only taking her under his protection after he had taken the lives of those that had laid softer hands on the child. Doctor Kale Castle had been a close friend to Claire’s father and felt it his duty to protect the daughter of his former colleague. He was the one who finalized the design of the child BOW, taking inspiration from the dubbed project name “Angel”.

Dr. Castle ensured that the physical appearance of the girl would be deceptive enough to cast doubt of the creature born of the virulent Tyrant virus, that hid just beneath the surface of her skin. The blonde female soldier appeared to be a qualifier for the Playboy centerfold but contained the ability to singlehandedly bring a city to its knees.

In everything they did, Umbrella strived for perfection, and Claire was no exception; the young woman had the flawless body of a goddess, spoke multiple languages, was a decorated soldier and a well-spoken diplomat. The only flaw to the blonde was the inhumanely vivid color of her green eyes that betrayed the human facade. No human could possibly have such intensely colored hues, but it was a flaw deemed as nothing more than a minor surface scratch that warranted no correction. Her eyes were the only warning sign of the monster within.

Reaching age eighteen under Umbrella custody, the blonde green-eyed warrior was highly educated about the world outside of the company, but was inexperienced when it came to living. The simple mundane and routine things that humans took for granted, was absent from the BOW soldier’s life. There were few that attempted to mend the gap and teach her to behave like a human. But they could not teach nor instill complex human emotions such as love and loss. These were things that the beautiful monster could only learn through experience. The dog of Umbrella had watched her friends die, experienced the sting of betrayal by countless faces of low-level pawns and known cruelty as if it were an old friend. While she was a shining star among the corporation for what she was, there was no exception to remove her from being subject to its evils and cruelties.

Father The beautiful and broken Brother Mother Sister Nuclear Family.
Present Day

As The World Falls Down:Salvation came halfway through her eighteenth year in this world when the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance made a move on the remote laboratory in Iceland. It was there she was pulled from the hands of Umbrella and into the arms of the B.S.A.A. Spending nine months under interrogation and assessment, the powers that be deemed her to be a useful asset in their fight against B.O.W.s, Umbrella, and its subsidiaries. Promising her freedom if she assisted them in the take down of bioterrorists and their weapons of destruction, the B.S.A.A. offered the blonde a place amongst their agents. Acting as an elite agent, she would only be deployed to assist agents that were up against more than they could handle.

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.

Claire’s identity and biological makeup remained classified with the exception of the director and his chosen few. The blonde agreed, but with certain conditions. The B.S.A.A. accepted her counteroffer and Claire traded her Umbrella prison cell for a gilded cage. Under her new masters' guidance, she was able to liberate her brother,Alexander, and the majority of the Assault Force that she had led for Umbrella. The two Chambers siblings served the B.S.A.A. without question as their unbridled rage fueled the hunger for revenge against the company that stole their lives. However, the B.S.A.A. was clever enough to know that calling upon the humanoid B.O.W.s frequently was ill-advised as it increased the risk of recapture by Umbrella and exposing their dirty secret. Thus, only one of siblings would be deployed when things went south for a B.S.A.A. unit combating bioterrorism.

Alex and Claire were joined in rank by Jacob “Jay” Hudson, Alexander’s best friend. The three elite agents were given the codename Archangel, with each of the three representing one of the four archangels from The Bible. Claire transitioned from Project Angel and became Archangel Michael. Alex went from Project Fallen Angel to Archangel Gabriel and Jay was renamed from Project Angelus to Archangel Raphael. Thus, the Archangels of the B.S.A.A. were born and they willingly served their new organization, with the common goal to rid the world of the inhuman atrocities Umbrella had set upon it.

Main Connections
Jill Valentine

The first human to look and treat Claire like more than a weapon. Much of Claire’s current perceived humanity and emotion is largely credited toward Jill Valentine. Many of her formative years with the B.S.A.A. were under Jill’s tutelage and while the younger of the two women would never say it, she grew to admire Jill. To Claire, Jill was the older sister that she wished she had. Claire hold’s Jill’s opinion in high regard and wouldn’t think twice about compromising her own safety for Agent Valentine.

Buddy Kozachenko

There are few closer to Claire’s heart than Buddy. One of the few people in the world that truly knows Claire as herself. Often he brings out her more playful and good-natured mannerisms, as she lowers her defenses around him. While the mantle of best friend is taken by another, Buddy resides somewhere deeper inside her heart. Claire’s loyalty to him is absolute and he is the one person that she would jeopardize her teammates for. She will fight tooth and nail to keep him present in her life.

Connection Name

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.

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Apr 9th 2023 - 3:12 PM

higgs monaghan
penned by /1572676

Sand beat against weathered boots, the dunes cascading with wind in the setting sun. Men fanned out behind a lone figure standing atop the sandy wasteland. He used the perch to survey the sight below. Three days had seen them digging into the depths of the grain. A fourth now saw them nearing their goal. The peak of a doorway had revealed itself, hidden among the hills, and his men worked tirelessly to free it from the hot sand. Once inside he would know if his efforts were worthwhile or not. He believed the signs he'd read were true. He had to believe it. This journey would not be for naught.

"Higgs!" A voice called.

The name he'd chosen for himself. Higgs; the particle of God that permeates all existence. A fitting name for one ready to usher in the destruction of the world. He saw everything, his hand dipped into every nook and cranny he could find. He turned, cape billowing in the stifling wind, eyeing the man through the glass lenses of his mask. He didn't speak, silently awaiting the report.

"They've done it. It's open." Seth panted, exertion causing his breath to falter as he reached Higgs.

Higgs turned to stare back down the dune. Sure enough, there it lie. The portal to a place untouched by man... until now. He grinned beneath his mask, golden skeletal teeth mimicking it in the blistering sun. Sand streaked behind him in rivers as he walked down the hill to the door they'd revealed. Steps assured and lacking hesitation, he approached the darkened maw and peered inside.

"Torch." He commanded, arm extended to receive it.

The flickering light preceded his entry. He crouched down and moved in through the small makeshift hole they'd made. The torch lit stone walls and adorning fixtures with a haunting flame. It almost felt as though the figureheads carved into the stone were staring at him with every step he took. Finally being in one of their temples was a prize all its own. Fingers reached up to unhinge the mimicry of bone across his face. Soon after, he pulled his head free of the secondary mask. Lungs inhaled like a dying man, breathing sacred air satiating his obsession, and then he whistled low. Treasure beyond belief lie at his feet.

Gold, silver, and more jewels than the eye could see shimmered along either side of the path. Higgs ventured deeper then stopped. He moved a pile of sand aside with his boot, leaving streaks in the coating until the floor was revealed. Something about its pattern made him consider a possibility...

He called one of his men to his side.

"Don't keep me waiting, now, Joseph. Off you go." Higgs waved the torch towards the path with a grin that crinkled his eyes, though sinister in nature.

Joseph moved cautiously, peering into the darkness where the flame's light died out and shadows rushed in. Higgs followed behind, slow and careful yet still holding arrogance in his step. The darkness didn't scare him nor did it cause him discomfort. To him, it was a welcoming thing; caressing his boots before the torchlight swept side to side banishing the shadows. He reached out with one gloved hand and gave Joseph a sturdy push sending the man stumbling forward.

"Move it." He said, no remorse in his voice.

There ahead, among the sea of darkness, something glimmered suddenly. Higgs' breath caught, anticipation sparkling in blue eyes. He could almost see it. Almost touch it. The journey had been long, the trek tedious, but it was about to be worth everything. All that he had suffered, his own insecurity at times, the hours poring over all the data.. it was all culminating into this moment. Higgs pushed Joseph again in anxious anticipation.

"Toss it to me." He demanded, ignoring all the other treasures around him. He had eyes only for the item gleaming just out of reach.

Joseph stepped forth and reached out for the object. He lifted it gingerly and turned back to the leader. Higgs waited, breath held, but no traps were set. Odd, but he'd take the small blessing. Joseph tossed it, allowing Higgs to catch it with ease. It was heavier than he'd expected and Higgs's arm dropped momentarily with the weight. Holding it brought an ecstatic set of thoughts to mind and he gleefully chuckled. The laughter was cut short by a rumble as the ground began to shake. He instantly recognized the sound, even before the ground in front of him began to cave in and sand poured from somewhere unseen above.

Higgs pocketed the item and hauled ass back for the opening. He grabbed the rope his men had dropped and yelled for them to pull. Sand rushed against him, choking him and blinding his vision, Joseph's dying screams following him out. Once on dirt, Higgs rolled over and heaved a breath. That had been a close call, but was precisely why he'd forced one of the men to go with him. He could get a head start back while still retrieving his prize.

"Well, boys," he said, sitting up and pulling out the gold-plated gem, "we got it."

A cheer went up while Higgs inspected it. Layered in gold and following a sacred shape, the center lapis lazuli stared back. It had been one hell of a journey but he'd succeeded. The paranoid old man in the museum had been correct... The Eye of Ra was no myth indeed.


ᴘʟᴀɢᴜᴇ ʜᴀʀʙɪɴɢᴇʀ

Nov 25th 2022 - 5:56 PM

Okay so it took me a year to read your last Christmas post you sent me because of my hiatus.. I didn't even realize I had new comments... but now I'm blubbering like an idiot. That was so beautiful and heartwarming and asdlfjlasdgfsafa all the feels I have now omg. I adore you and I adore our stories and love to write with you. I'm not declaring the hiatus over yet but I will say I am tentatively responding to certain people (and yes, you're one of them), so there may be a post for you in the next couple weeks. And I am totally including this Christmas post's details in our rp from now on.

Jan 1st 2022 - 3:20 PM

Since Claire had snuck out on Christmas, she had been ‘grounded’ to say the least. Still, that didn’t stop Buddy from breaking into her room the night before the New Year. He had Leon stand in front of James and look pretty to distract him while he made his way through her window. Trying to slide his long body through her window was a task of its own. “Claire...!” he whispered, finally squeezing through. He saw her snoozing in her bed and climbed right in. Leaning down, he began to plant kisses along her cheek, jawline, and neck until she had finally woken up. A small smile curled his lips. “Hey... guess what?” Just then the clock struck midnight and fireworks could be heard setting off outside. “Happy New Year.” He pulled her in closer, this time locking those plush lips with his and bringing her into a deep kiss.



Dec 25th 2021 - 8:56 PM

Christmas Day; Hazel optics stayed lowered at the Christmas lights decorating the city below as snow fell lightly from above. Knowing Claire being the little troublemaker she is, he wasn't surprised she'd be sneaking out when she wasn't supposed to. A rebel she was, in every sense of the word. "Hmn..." he mumbled in her response about probably getting in trouble. Despite how cold it was, Buddy found comfort in it. The winter seasons always reminded him of his country. It often left him feeling... nostalgic.

“Ya know…I can think of another way that we could keep each other warm.”

"Yeah? What's tha..." His voice trailed off once realizing what she meant by that. And indeed his cold cheeks grew hot as a blush crept its way across them. Another grumble rumbled from the grumpy man before he said in a stern tone, "Don't even start." Nonetheless, his arm wrapped around her, pulling her closer. His hand slid up and down her shoulder to keep her warm. His gaze stayed focused on the city as she wished him a Merry Christmas. Buddy hated the holidays, but still... it was nice to have her here with him. "Mn. Merry Christmas."

(OOC Merry Christmas to you too! Thanks for giving a damn about me for this long. :D Love you!~)


Dec 31st 2020 - 11:17 PM

New Year’s once more. Buddy smiled at Claire as he held up his drink, clinging it against her glass. “Another year to us.” Downing it, he focused back on the blonde, eyes fixated on her. At this point, she should know what was coming next. “Come here...” Pulling her into his lap, he leaned back in his chair. His hands rested on her hips as he gazed up at her. “First, Happy New Year. Second... I love you. And third... Thank you, for allowing me to be part of your life for so long, and dealing with all my bitchy bullshιt. I couldn’t be luckier. And...” Hands slid up her back as he guided her in closer. “You are the most amazing woman any one could ask for.” With that said, he pulled her into an intense kiss, heated, and full of passion.

ᴘʟᴀɢᴜᴇ ʜᴀʀʙɪɴɢᴇʀ

Jul 2nd 2020 - 4:06 PM

dazed and injured, jill gathers her wits to help Claire fight back against the impromptu invasion of an unknown B.O.W.
“If you’re even remotely conscious agent Valentine, you’re going to want to get up. After all, you’re the reason this thing is here.”

An unknown voice, feminine in nature, muffled its way through the remains of the wall currently pinning her to the floor. Dust and rubble shifted as Jill pushed herself to an elbow. She could hear inhuman growls and the sounds of impact. What the hell had happened? She shook her head, trying to clear it of the confusion and fog creeping with tendrils through her mind. The hit had been jarring and being crushed by rubble was making it hard to breathe. A wheezing gasp, another push, and her upper body was free. Hand broke through to find artificial light and she blinked in pain as stars danced across her vision.

A battle raged on the other side of the room. Jill cleared her vision with a rub of her hand, streaking blood across her face and arm. She blinked away the sting of blood in her eye. Vision was hazy but slowly returning. She turned onto her back and pushed at the debris crushing her legs. It budged, but very slow, and soon she was able to wriggle free of it. It took a few heaving breaths for her to find her feet.

"Valentiiiiiinneee..." The creature turned towards her and Jill's breath caught.

She'd never seen a B.O.W. like this. It had an elongated body and a neck that wriggled as it spoke. The fact it was capable of speech brought chills to her spine, the hair on her neck standing on end when hearing her own name hissed from behind the many needle-like teeth lining its maw. Senses returned in an instant as adrenaline pumped through her and she ignored the aches of her body. This thing had to be stopped. Only then, did she notice the other woman.

What was she doing!? Going hand to hand with the monstrosity currently towering over the room??

"Watch out!" Jill cried, seeing the thing lunge for the other woman again.

It missed, distracted by her shout, and turned its jelly-ish limbs towards her. Without thought, Jill reached to the holster on her thigh and brought up her weapon. The Beretta clicked once as she chambered the round. Finger caressed the trigger, firm pulls aimed at the monster. Rounds fired off, deafening in the small room, each bullet hitting its mark. The thing was unfazed and lumbered towards her. Its feet squished against the tile floor with each step. Jill chanced a glance towards the unknown woman. Blood was everywhere. Crimson coated one entire side of her though Jill couldn't see the wound. That much blood.. couldn't be good. She tried to keep the B.O.W.'s attention on her, giving the other woman a reprieve from its attack.

"Jill?!" She heard a familiar cry from beyond the gaping hole that had once been the door and wall.

"Chris!" Her voice died beneath another scream of the abomination in front of her. The scent of burgers filled the air but couldn't take hold compared the oozing stench of the creature in front of her. She could hear bullets zinging through the air and joined the flurry. Slapping another magazine into its place, she pulled the trigger, aiming for the thing's neck and face. The onslaught of bullets caused it to stagger, hunching down to the floor, its own breath coming in wheezing gasps. Jill took it as a good sign and continued to fire.

"Are you alright?" She called to the other woman, shooting a look her way.

The creature snapped out an arm like an elastic band and Jill tumbled to the side, barely avoiding it. She rose to a knee and aimed another shot at the creature's head. Bits of gore splattered out the other side and the entire mass collapsed to the floor. Jill kept her weapon trained on the body, breath held, waiting to see if it would move. When it didn't, she holstered her weapon and took a breath.

"Are you alright?" She asked again, finally approaching the woman. She eyed the blood up and down, ignoring Chris and his meal delivery. "You need medical aid..." Her words trailed off as the thing began to stand back up, her name on its tongue...


Jan 1st 2020 - 2:29 AM

It was a long day for the two of them. Celebrating New Year’s Eve all day. Drinking. Sexing. And cocaine? Drinking some more. Sexing some more. Yeah, he was a long and hard day, alright. Buddy almost lost track of the time but luckily enough, he caught glance at the clock during one of their intermissions, to see it was just a minute from midnight. Looking over at her, a smile tugged as his flushed features. “Well, we made it, another year.” He sat up, reaching over to the nightstand and pouring them another drink. He handed Claire a glass, holding up his own. “Here’s to...”

The male paused for a minute, then grinned, tapping their glasses together. “Here’s to spending another year with you. Another year tacked onto my life, spending it with such an amazing woman. I don’t care what anyone tells you, you’re perfect and you’ll always be perfect to me.” Downing his drink, he set his glass aside and rolled over to face her, hand caressing along her side. Buddy noticed it was midnight and his grin widened. “Let’s start off this year right-- with big bang...” Leaning in, he planted a kiss on her lips. “...oh, and Happy New Year.” With that said, he pulled her into another loving, deep kiss, ready to christen the new year with passionate love making and endless spooning.

Note from the writer:   I love you so much and thank you for staying with me for this long. Let's make this year the best of the best!


Dec 25th 2019 - 2:07 PM


Dec 19th 2018 - 9:28 PM

Claire|BudLCTN:Hotel RoomVitals: 
Final Revolution

This couldn't be a bigger failure

Slamming his door shut, the male paced back and forth in his livingroom. He paced, hands on his hips as he thought about the day’s events. How nothing was accomplished and how they have more questions than answers. It feels like they just dug themselves deeper in a hole with this mission. This failed mission. “Augh!!” Buddy viciously smacked the vase of flowers that was perfectly planted in the middle of the coffee table across the room. The glass smashed against the wall and water splashed everywhere. His shoulders rose and fell as he stared at the mess, backing up until his back met the door and he leaned against it.

Just then he heard a timid knock on the other side. He ignored it. A voice called his name. It was Claire’s. He didn’t move. Buddy didn’t want to see anyone, didn’t want anyone to see him. He was so confused and angry and miserable, he could just start crying. Though his bitterness wouldn’t even allow a single tear to well in his eyes. She asked to come in, but Buddy was still silent. He stayed silent for a few long moments, motionless, though he finally gave in and pushed himself off the door.

Opening the door, he didn’t even bother to say anything, his glare stayed lowered as he stepped back and opened the door wide enough to let her walk in. Once she did, he shut the door and walked over to the damaged wall and leaned against it, arms folded over his chest as he stared at the water spilled all over the carpet. He didn’t know what to say to her without his tone sounding angry. He wasn’t angry with her at all, or Leon for that matter. It was the situation itself he was so infuriated about. So he stayed quiet and avoided all eye contact.

Despite the pent-up rage inside of him, his glare did fade away. Though he still didn’t look happy or pleasant in any way, the presence of Clare seemed to calm him. He enjoyed being around her more than he realized. Well he noticed it now. It made his cheeks become pink.

 I . . . do I like her that much . . . ?


Oct 22nd 2018 - 8:38 PM

Claire|James|Leon|BudLCTN: HotelVitals: 
The Final Revolution

Buzz Killer

When Buddy heard their question about what they should do next, his smile and anything pertaining to happiness on his face faded away and was replaced with dread. His eyes lowered to his glass, staring through the clear liquid to the carpet he stood on. He didn’t know. Irina was alive... he saw her. Why didn’t anyone else see her? She was there, clear as day, watching him, crying to see him leave. She was there and then—boom. The place was blown into the water and he was certain Irina died once again.

He couldn’t speak, he didn’t even know what to say if he could speak. He did see her, didn’t he? She was there. All of this was so confusing. If she wasn’t there and he imagined it, would be still be able to access her body? What was going to happen next?

“Hunnigan may have a lead, she’s looking into it,” Leon chimed in. “She said she’d have answers in the morning. For now, all we can do is wait.” He finished off his drink then stretched his limbs lazily. “For now, how about some shut eye, eh? We’ve all had a long day. Get some rest and we’ll start off fresh in the morning.”

A cheeky smile curled Leon’s lips. “While you all were away visiting Bud at the hospital, I went ahead and got us our own suites.” He held up the cards to the other rooms. “I figured you guys may want some alone time. Plus I have my own work to do.” His gaze cut over to James, giving him a sliver of a hint that he was going to work on the information he gave to him earlier.

Buddy was part way relieved to hear Hunnigan may have something, but at the same time, he felt like it would lead nowhere even if she did. No one else saw what he saw, so how could anyone possibly help him? Not to mention they blew the place to hell, Irina, dead or alive was buried at the bottom of the ocean. Such a thought made him cringe... suddenly this party didn’t seem fun anymore. Walking over, he snagged one of the cards from the dirty blonde. Without so much as a goodnight, he powerwalked right out of the room and across the hallway where he was going to sleep for the night.

Leon stood there somewhat baffled. “Sheesh his mood swings are worse than a woma-“ He paused and glanced over to Claire, giving her a nervous grin. “N-Nevermind. ANYWAY! Since our emotionally distraught man took the room across from mine, Claire, you get the left, and James, you, the right.” He passed each their card. “We meet in the morning saaaay... 10:00?”

 I'm on my own...

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