23|| Single, lovesick|| That ugly 'Rehab' singer|| Straight, bi-curious|| Pothead|| Functional Alcoholic|| "Yeah, I'm a dirty little Jewish girl."|| ♫ 𝚆𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚔𝚒𝚗𝚍 𝚘𝚏 𝚏𝚞𝚌𝚔𝚎𝚛𝚢 𝚒𝚜 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚜? ♫|| @𝚊𝚖𝚢𝚓𝚊𝚍𝚎

23 years old
Camden Town, London, England
United Kingdom

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TW: 21+

NSFW w/ story.

Multi-par/ Novella.

10+ yrs of experience.

Discord friendly.

Est. 4/3/24


Single, lovesick. Straight, bi-curious. That ugly 'Rehab' singer. Pothead. Functional Alcoholic. "Yeah, I'm a dirty little Jewish girl."

♫ 𝚆𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚔𝚒𝚗𝚍 𝚘𝚏 𝚏𝚞𝚌𝚔𝚎𝚛𝚢 𝚒𝚜 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚜? ♫


verses (Realistic fiction), alternate universe, celebrities, dark fame, (long-term romance), flings, one-night stands, friends, gay friends, drama, (bands), (music)
limits Mafia, supernatural, fantasy, cartoons, fandoms, crossovers, straight-up sm.ut, RPGs

Amy Winehouse & The Dap-Kings
2006 (c)Island Records

LEGAL NAME | Amy Jade Winehouse
NAME MEANING | AMY is an Anglicized name of LATIN origin, derived from the surname Amata; it means "beloved". Initially, her mother thought she would be a boy, and the planned name changed from "Ames". JADE is the Anglicized form of the Spanish "piedra de la ijada" which literally translates to “stone of the flank”. This name was homage to her paternal great-stepgrandfather, Jack. WINEHOUSE is an Anglicized surname originally spelled as "Weinhaus" and is of German and Yiddish origin. Its meaning is self-explanatory.

I've literally been asked if 'Winehouse' is just a flashy stage name. I'd have a laugh and tell them it's the name of my father's family. Some find it funny 'cos I drink too fuckin' much.

Stage Name | Amy Winehouse
Family Nicknames | Ame, Ames, Hurricane Amy, Nudge (Yiddish for "pushing the boundaries")
Age | 22-24
Birthdate | September 14th, 1983 (Virgo)
Sign Meaning -
Virgos are notorious for being perfectionists, logical thinkers, and most of all; stubborn. They frequently believe they know best because they are so committed and hesitant to modify their ideas or ways.
SEX | Female
BIRTHPLACE | Southgate, London, England, UK
HEIGHT | 5' 3"(160cm)
WEIGHT | 110 lbs. (8.2 stone/52 kg) HAIR COLOR | Ebony, often dyed jet black
EYE COLOR | Green hazel
SKIN TONE | Pale olive, normally sunkissed
BODY TYPE | Endomorph.
ACCENT | London
VOICE PITCH | Contralto
RELIGION | Agnostic
CURRENT RESIDENCY | Camden Town, London, UK
OCCUPATIONS | Superstar jazz and soul singer
PERSONALITY TRAITS | Outspoken, Charismatic, Self-sufficient, Turbulent, Hopeless Romantic, Sex-positive, Virtuoso, Humble, Self-loathing, Stubborn, Dismissive, Timid
HABITS | Amy is a functional alcoholic with no plans of quitting. A sufferer of bulimia since her teens, it has gradually become anorexia. The malnutrition she suffers from is starting to weaken her. She is also a chain-smoker of Marlboro Reds and cannabis. Besides being a little underweight, her glowing appearance and sparkling hazel eyes make her appear healthy. She is a long-time sufferer of bad facial acne so she keeps up with regular skincare regimens.
MENTAL HEALTH | Winehouse is a sufferer of untreated bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and mild Tourettes syndrome. The psychological health of stars was unfortunately taken lightly in her time. She hasn't sought treatment yet and is more focused on her career. Amy fears psychological treatment may affect her artistic ability, so only antidepressants are being taken. Having gone to rehab once already, she's still against it. Her solution is to do what makes her happy and manage her stress. But her celebrity lifestyle doesn't make it easy.

ORIENTATION | Bi-curious Heterosexual
I may be a swinger, but that doesn't mean I am not willing to commit someday.

RELATIONSHIP ROLE | When Amy falls in love, she falls hard. When she adores someone, she tends to be quite affectionate and clingy. She desires to have a partner who can also be her conscience. She is by no means a feminist and is more than okay with being ruled over by a man and taking the role of a nuclear family housewife. But that doesn’t stop her from thinking for herself. If Amy doesn't have a bit of control of her life, she will be unhappy. She loves children, so mothering several of her own is something she badly wants in the future.
N$FW | Amy can be a free-spirited woman who will try to sleep with any man she wants when not engaged in a serious relationship. Since her last man, she hasn't settled down. Traditional masculinity is a trait that attracts her the most. She enjoys both submission and dominance equally and has never been one for non-vanilla sex. Her libido is strongest under the influence of alcohol. Pressure and stress can fuel it as well. She has an abundance of skills and endurance in the bedroom. But if unsatisfied with a partner, she will dump or cheat on them. Or worse, screw a friend of his. Over half of Amy's bodycount were flings— nothing serious.
While her dating history has only involved men, She is hesitant to explore past that yet her bi-curiousness has not wavered since she kissed her first girl. Unbeknownst to her, it is a phase that will pass; overpowered by her strong attraction to the opposite sex and high preference for heterosexual relationships.

He told his friends I'm horrible in bed. They disagreed.

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Status: Single
Here for:Dating, Relationships,
Orientation: Not Sure
Hometown:Southgate, London, England
Body type:Slim / Slender
Ethnicity:Middle Eastern
Occupation:Superstar jazz singer
Income:$250,000 and Higher
Characters: Amy Winehouse| The Diva & Her Demons| Sweetheart| ♫I should just be my own best friend
Verses: Long-term, friends, flings, gay friends| ♫Not f*ck myself in the head with stupid men
Playbys: Amy. Duh. | Realistic fiction. | Will be single-ship ONLY w/ chemistry. | I really want to write?!
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Band, Celebrity, Drama, Human, Real Life, Romance,
Member Since:March 19, 2024

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Basic Bio Google Docs Bio Introduction To The REAL Amy The Misunderstood Jazz Diva Has She Ever... Zodiac Survey 2012 AU @amyjademermaid ---Friends List--- ---Status Feed--- ---Gallery--- ----layout credit---- Exit To Roleplayer.Me



(OOC)://I don't do connections, or limit my character to one love interest. I am multi-ship. Meaning every story is separate. I'm part of this dying breed of roleplayers. So if you're single-ship, our characters have to have good chemistry for me to consider restricting Amy to yours. Inbox is for roleplaying and plotting only. I don't know how many fucking times I have to address this.

Here, I am seeking a male character willing (unwillingly for more tension) to undergo a turbulent, long-term relationship. Amy may be a royal pain, but she promises not to be boring. If swayed correctly, she can be loyal and assertive. She wields the ability to soften most hearts. Unable to deliberately hurt anyone, the few times she did, Amy was as drunk as a skunk.

I can be swayed toward a plot involving Amy in a short-term romance with another female character. The twist could be a male character of your choice coming into the story to fall in love with Amy.

Putting her promiscuous lifestyle to rest has proven to be a real challenge so far for her. Still a bit mentally immature, and it will be a hard habit for her to break.

What she wants more than anything in the world is to be a mother. But she has a lot of work on her plate to finish. First and foremost, her dependency on alcohol. Amy drinks to get through her day-to-day life, seldom is she seen sober. For several years now she has been engaged in a seesaw battle with bulimia. Anorexia has joined in, explaining her recent big weight loss.

Independence is one major thing she needs to find some happiness. That is if she no longer needs to be babysat by friends or her bodyguards because she cannot look after herself. Recklessness almost cost her life numerous times previously.

I'm not opposed to the idea of Amy potentially exploring other genres of music. Gravitating her toward rock has been on my mind. Vocals aside, she is quite skilled on the guitar. She is a fast learner who loves picking up new skills.

I don't want to make a bunch of rules. Just don't be a d.ick. I do not intend to sound like one, but I get sick and tired of repeating myself.

I only write in the third person and past tense. I'd very much prefer you did, too. First-person is a dealbreaker for me. It's creepy. If you cannot at least write more than two engaging paragraphs, I don't think we will be a fit. I do believe in quality over quantity, but there isn't much you can put in liners to keep me invested.

No in-character chat in DMs.

I'd like plot and write there. If you're an engaging novella writer, that's a big plus for me. However, if you cannot at least try to mirror my effort, then f*** off. Don't waste my time.

Also, I'm fine with friends I don't write with!


...a depressed teenager with terrible acne who'd cry herself to sleep.

1983 - 1990 Entering the world kicking and screaming as if she were tone-deaf, Amy was a seven-pounder born four days late. Her brother Alex, three years her senior, had desired a brother. He would fight her for the limelight often. Despite the result, he still loved and protected his little sister. Her mother, Janis Winehouse, was a pharmacist, and her father, Mitch, was a cab driver. The Winehouse family has a long history of financial success in past generations, so they were never short on anything. But the tension would originate elsewhere.

Since the day she learned to walk, Amy was always getting herself into trouble, hence was dubbed "Hurricane Amy" for how she would bolt from room to room, unable to relax until she tired herself out. She was notorious for frequently injuring herself due to her rowdiness, running away from home, and desiring to be the center of attention no matter her mood. Generally, she was a happy kid when she got her way. And that was often.

Amy vanishing without a trace, sustaining severe injuries (such as breaking both of her hands from falling), and showcasing an uptight attitude were the result of Mitch’s absence from his children’s lives. He was never there for the important things, allowing Alex and Amy to be wild to their heart’s content.

Amy's interest in music began at a very young age when she listened to jazz, blues, and rock records with her father, namely Tony Bennett, Carole King, and James Taylor. She knew then that singing was her calling and started as a toddler. Mostly self-taught, she would shake the world with her beautiful, smoky vocals. Still, to this day, her father topped the list of credited people for the growth of her talent. As her speech was advancing, Amy grew more obnoxious to get in the center of attention. “Shut up, Amy!” was the most common phrase in the family.

During the first few school years, Amy felt like the odd one out. She was never mean-spirited, but she bullied and judged the other kids so they would notice her. Over time, her number of friends outnumbered everyone else. Amy had been able to solve complex math equations since before she started primary school. Very intelligent, Amy was bumped up a year but quickly grew bored because it was too easy. In her mid-teens, her interest in the guitar began when one night she decided to sneak into her brother’s room and play Alex’s guitar when he wasn’t home. Saving up on allowance, she bought her first acoustic.

1990 - 2001 The turbulence in The Winehouse family started rather early when Mitch had an adulterous affair with a secretary at his job when Amy was about a year old. Her parents divorced when she was ten, delivering a heavy blow to her premature psyche. She thought of taking her own life by consuming an abundance of sleeping pills. Amy has told nobody about this except Tyler. Exploring other options to numb her pain, she started chain-smoking Marlboro Reds, drinking booze, and smoking cannabis by the age of twelve to cope. Mitch was oblivious to how much the distance he created from his kids affected them.

Suspended several times from school due to disruptive behavior, Amy was still the popular (and unpopular) girl with a handful of friends; notably Juliette Ashby and Lauren Gilbert. Last but not least: Tyler James, whom she was acquainted with in her jazz class at age thirteen during her first year at Sylvia Young Theatre School. Tyler thought he was listening to a 40-year-old jazz singer who chain-smoked Marlboro Reds. Amy fell in love with the touch of Stevie Wonder in Tyler’s voice. He asked Amy, “Who the fuck are you? Your voice is absolutely sick.” Her quick comeback was “Your voice is absolutely mental.” He would become her roommate for several years after she dropped out of school at seventeen.

Her teachers knew she was brilliant, but because of her lack of effort in academics, teacher comments were often “could be better”, or “waste of potential”, “a pity!”, “a sharp, but disruptive girl”. Her interests were now solely poetry and music. Amy would always be singing and grabbing the concentration of others, the big elephant in the room that wouldn’t keep quiet, whether she was running her mouth or letting her bold pipes go. That included during her times in detention.

“I was always loud because you have to scream to be heard in my family.”

In her preteen years, she gained interest in hip-hop groups such as Salt-N-Pepa and TLC, forming a brief band with her friend Juliette dubbed Sweet N’ Sour. Amy, of course, was "Sour". They had only performed one show and never recorded anything. One notable song they had penned was “Boys? Who Needs Them?”

Silently, she began to suffer from bulimia in her early pubescent years, and anorexia would follow her into adulthood. This left her parents shocked, they knew how much Amy loved to eat. Her parents did not think much of it, her mother thought it would pass, so no action was taken. Like many young women, Amy had a troubled body image.

In desperate need of an escape from her woes, watching her brother play his electric guitar inspired her greatly. Amy would snatch his Stratocaster and practice on it for hours when he wasn't home. The accelerated learner she was, Amy picked up on it in a few months studying jazz guitar tabs and sheet music. It was then she discovered another means of self-therapy. Play guitar for an hour and feel ten times better. In time, she saved enough money and bought herself an acoustic.

The only person she felt she could be herself around was her paternal grandmother, Cynthia. Amy needed someone to tell her “no” and tell her things as they were. Janis unfortunately did not fit that role appropriately in her daughter’s life. Amy’s unruly behavior at times became too much for her mother to bear, so she just tolerated it. However, Cynthia’s totalitarian way of authority instilled some kind of discipline in Amy. But they didn’t live under the same roof.

Sadly, Mitchell’s absence led to the dawn of Amy’s promiscuous lifestyle at the age of fourteen. The ability to contain her urges since hitting puberty at the age of ten failed her. Due to her father’s infidelity, Amy’s view of men became very warped. By the time she was sixteen, she had many sexual encounters but no serious relationship up until she met a black boy named Crispin Waller, a fellow classmate in her later years of secondary school. He was the first she fell in love with and would be far from the last.

Another factor to the early dawn of Amy’s sex life was a dark secret she kept to herself; at the age of sixteen, she was brutally raped by a date while under heavy influence of alcohol. She may not remember well because she was very intoxicated, but the mental toll it took on her left a deep scar. That feeling of powerlessness and the humiliation of being violated were near impossible to forget. Her increasing body count was from a hope that she would forget the trauma. But she would learn the hard way that it wasn't the proper solution.

Spending a year as the head singer of the National Youth Jazz Orchestra, they could be considered her first band. Amy departed once she was through school and sought other opportunities to make a living with her natural talent.

2001 - 2007 After playing guitar and singing in a few jazz and R&B bands in her mid-teens, Amy gained a temporary job as a journalist for the World Entertainment News Network through the father of her best friend, Juliette Ashby. Figuring school was the least of her concerns, it was at this point she took an early leave from Sylvia Young’s and sought job opportunities to begin her adult life. Bored with the traditional authority of her stepfather Tony, and seeing less of her brother who left for university, more and more of Amy’s spare time was spent writing music and spending time with Tyler.

Winehouse had no ambition to take her musical talent and truly do something with it. Unsatisfied with her lack of chemistry with local music groups, she took her leave into her stepfather’s basement, smoking weed, singing, and playing guitar all day. Tyler, who was looking to make a music career for himself after leaving university, urged Amy to send in a demo tape. It wasn’t until after six months of demands that she gave in and recorded. From the moment talent scout Nick Shymansky heard her voice, he knew she was destined for greatness.

Following a critically acclaimed audition at Brilliant 19 promotions, a handful of record companies wanted to sign her. Amy was offered a £250k contract under Island Records which she accepted but would not get until she was of age. But she couldn’t do this alone. So she called up old friends and held auditions to form “The Amy Winehouse Band”, a seven-piece group. Troy Miller, a friend from a previous band Amy played for, volunteered to fill the role of percussion. Following a year of small shows around London, Amy was promoted by Simon Fuller through Tyler and signed a record deal the following year when she reached eighteen. Together with manager Nick Shymansky, the search began for a record producer. An admirer of his work, Amy settled on hip-hop producer Salaam Remi, who instantly agreed to work with her upon hearing her demo tape. They became fast friends through their time in the studio.

No music was churned within a year, Amy spent her quarter of a million pounds (UK currency) on new clothes, and her first property in Camden was in the apartment complex known as Jeffrey’s Place. The geek she was, thousands were spent on WWF and comic book memorabilia and also her hobby of collecting posters of pinup girls that decorated the walls of her flat, a fascination she picked up from Cynthia. Winehouse had no material to release, and Island Records had threatened to drop her, so Amy had to come up with a record quickly. For years she had a strong dislike for contemporary pop, she could relate to none of it, and that was motivated her to write her own music in the first place.

Since the age of seventeen Amy was dating a man seven years her senior, Chris Taylor. It was unlike what she had with Crispin, falling heels over in love with him. But that passion soon faded when she realized it wasn’t meant to be. Chris lacked the masculine qualities that attracted Amy. He was sensitive, and didn’t like taking the reins, giving Amy too much control and it bored her. The relationship with him would inspire songs such as “Stronger Than Me”, “Take The Box”, and “In My Bed”. For years, she would not have another serious relationship. Amy developed an attraction to the handsome manager at her job as a cashier at a coffee shop at the age of sixteen. But the thirty-year-old did not feel comfortable with a girl of barely legal age ogling him. He rejected her, and this led to the lyrical compositions of “Amy Amy Amy”, and “You Sent Me Flying”.

”I wrote this song about this guy who I really, really liked. And he didn’t like me back… I’ve fucked him up since then, so…”

Progress began on her debut album, Frank, named after her biggest music hero, Frank Sinatra. Recorded in New York City and Miami with Salaam, the record made itself. In a matter of a few weeks, the album finished. Frank was released to the UK in a mere few months in 2003, raising Amy to widespread fame in the United Kingdom, and other parts of Europe. She raked in BRITs, Ivor Novello, and Mercury Awards for her first body of work. Overwhelmed by her success, Amy believed she didn’t do much to deserve them so she gave them to her mother. How could she possibly have been ready for stardom at the barely ripe age of twenty? She dreamed of fame as a child but thought it was a pipe dream. Was this what she really wanted? Her world was changing so fast, and it was the dawn of her young adulthood. At first, she made friends with the paparazzi who lingered outside her home. Over time, she grew frightened and aggravated of them, dubbing them "vultures".

A year following Frank, Amy’s lifestyle began to change. She wasn’t that lively immaculate girl for much longer. She hung around different crowds; enjoying the fruits of her labor through partying and other activities. Again, no music was being developed.

Amy became distant from those close to her, leaving herself alone with Tyler who was still her roommate at Jeffreys Place. The local pubs became Amy’s frequent habitat. “T, let’s go to the pub and play pool.” Became a daily thing. He grew irritated by his friend’s new habits that were surrounding her with delinquents and drug addicts. Her alcohol consumption continued to climb; she was exhausted creatively and it distressed her. She needed inspiration, and heartbreak was what motivated her to write Frank. Island Records was steps away from throwing her to the curb if she still had her hands empty.

Two years after her first album was released; Amy was empty-handed of any new lyrics. Her day-to-day routine of daytime drinking and betting on games of pool led to her meeting a man who would change her life forever for better or for worse. She fell hard for video production assistant Blake Fielder-Civil, meeting him at one of her favorite pubs in Camden, The Old Blue Last. He started as a fling, but became much more than that, despite Blake already dating someone else. Civil was a heroin addict, a huge red flag that her social circle continued to point out. But Amy was not the type to judge for such things. Nobody could tell her what to do.

Following a year together, Blake dumped Amy for his girlfriend on the side, Becky. Not that it mattered. Amy was with someone else as well, an A&R scout named George whom she had known since she was discovered by Nick Shymansky. It was a friends-with-benefits relationship. The fact was, Amy did not like that Blake was with someone else but yet, she was so intensely attracted to Civil.

It was around this time Amy dressed more immaculately, got more tattoos, kept her hair dyed jet black like Cynthia’s, and the cat-eye and winged eyeliner that was to become her iconic look. The breakup with Blake led to Amy increasing her daily alcohol consumption to clear him from her mind. Nick Shymansky demanded she go to rehab, but instead, Amy asked for her father, Mitch’s opinion and made the decision to not go. This exact event in her life would lead to the composition of the song that would launch her career further in both a positive and negative way. “Rehab”. Feeling that Nick was too invasive to her problems due to their sentimental relationship and short romantic history, Amy fired him and requested that Raye Cosbert, her promoter, also fulfill the manager role. Amy and Nick would barely see one another for years after this.

Her next album, Back to Black, was to be centered around her savagely broken heart and dwindling mental state; the yang to its predecessor, the mostly funny, and intelligent Frank. The release of ‘Rehab’ as a single catapulted her to superstardom. The record would launch her into worldwide fame, and there was no escaping it. Seemingly overnight, Amy Winehouse became a household name. Being in denial that she would ever be famous could no longer continue.

At the 2005 BRIT awards, Amy had suffered defeat to fellow British soul singer, Dido. This would further increase Amy’s disappointment with how Frank ended up to be. She was dissatisfied with the record before its release, not liking the sections of artificial drums that were added to the final mix of a few tracks without her consent. Following her loss to Dido and singles that barely hit the charts, Amy felt a bit discouraged by those results.

Two years after her first album was released; Amy had no concrete material for a new record. Her daytime drinking led to her meeting a man who would change her life forever. She fell hard for Blake Fielder-Civil, meeting him at her favorite pub in Camden, Good Mixer. He started as a fling, but became much more than that, despite Blake already dating another girl since he met Amy. Civil was a heroin addict, a red flag that her social circle continued to point out, but Amy was not the type to judge for such things. Several years later, her decision would leave a scar on her heart.

After a year together, Blake dumped Amy for his girlfriend on the side. Not that it mattered, she was sleeping with someone else as well, an A&R scout named George. The breakup with Blake led to Amy increasing her daily alcohol consumption to clear him from her mind. Nick Shymansky demanded she go to rehab, but instead, Amy asked for her father’s opinion and made the decision to not go. This very event in her life would lead to the composition of the song that would launch her career further. Feeling that Nick was too invasive to her problems due to their sentimental relationship and romantic history, Amy fired him and requested that Raye Cosbert, her promoter, also fulfill the manager role.

”Everything reminded me of him. I see blood running down the walls and I think of him. I know, it’s crazy, innit?” It was in late 2005 that Cynthia, Amy’s beloved paternal grandmother, had passed away from lung cancer due to decades of chain-smoking. Disraught by the loss, Winehouse fell into an even darker place. It was around this time Amy dressed more immaculately, got more tattoos, kept her hair dyed jet black like Cynthia’s, and the cat-eye and winged eyeliner that was to become her iconic look. The beehive would be the last touch in the near future.

Her next album, Back to Black, was centered around her savagely broken heart and dwindling mental state; the yang to its predecessor. The release of ‘Rehab’ as a single catapulted her to superstardom. The record would launch her into worldwide fame, and there was no escaping it. Seemingly overnight, Amy Winehouse became a household name. Being in denial that she would ever be super famous could no longer perist.

Winehouse’s trademark beehive made its debut when she and her hairdresser tossed around ideas for her look in the music video to the album’s title track. A subtle silver streak was added to the bangs as a final touch. The retro look quickly grew on Amy; it reminded her of the beehive hairstyle that Ronnie Spector sported. Ever since the shooting for the title track’s video, the beehive was there to stay and immediately became a distinctive part of her image. It became a comfort blanket for her, a way to mask her true self from prying eyes. Many different styles of her voluptuous hairstyle would come and go.

It was during this time that Amy found herself a new flame, a fellow singer and guitar player, Alex Clare, who was also weaving his way into the music industry. While she loved him so much she had an ace of spades inked on her left ring finger after him, Amy did not harbor the same bold feelings that she did for Blake.

When ‘Rehab’ was released as a single, Amy was scrutinized by the press, ignoring the fact that it was the first chart-topping single of Winehouse’s career. Through the years she would begin to loathe the very song that started the media circus that paraded her.

The band that accompanied Amy through the recording of her second record; The Dap-Kings, would join her on stage for years to come. Amy’s stage act is sometimes referred to as Amy Winehouse & The Dap-Kings on a few posters for shows. Personally, Amy prefers this over just her name.

Upon the filming of the music video for “You Know That I’m No Good”, Blake appeared on the set to return to Amy’s life now that success had become her middle name. Looking the other way, she could not risk herself falling into his spell again.

Back to Black became the number-one album in nineteen countries. She had become the first British artist, notably a female solo artist, to go platinum in record sales for years; becoming the pride of the United Kingdom. Amy failed to see how much she had underestimated herself. All she wanted to do was sing. And she got far more than she bargained for in such a short time.


I'm happiest around my friends and family.

| TYLER JAMES | Best friend/companion Born Kenneth Gordon, Tyler has known Amy since secondary school at Sylvia Young's, he has been a constant companion through Amy's highs and lows. Their long history and complicated relationship made anything past friendship very unlikely. He too is a singer, Stevie Wonder is his biggest inspiration. When he first met Amy, they floored each other taking turns singing "Happy Birthday" for their music teacher's mother. James has been on talent shows and recorded an album in the studio, but the music industry machine crushed his music career. Tyler only has one record, 'The Unlikely Lad', which was not released on CD and can only be heard on iTunes. Born in the East End neighborhood in London, Tyler was not a roughneck like his male peers, he was much more into his academics and music. He is quite intelligent and has a university degree. Sadly like Amy, Tyler suffers from alcoholism.
  • Tyler is quite protective of Amy. Parental figures to each other, their relationship turned co-dependent. James is one of the very few people Amy fully trusts, her family adores him for all he has sacrificed to guard Amy from herself and others. Amy is also close to Tyler's mother, Tina. Tyler is the only person Amy has truly poured her heart out to.

  • CYNTHIA LEVY-WINEHOUSE (Pictured) | Paternal Grandmother Of Jewish-Russian descent. Amy was closer to Cynthia than anyone else. When her own mother couldn't be strong with her, Cynthia was. Where Janis failed as a mother figure, her mother-in-law prevailed. She taught Amy logical viewpoints on life. Her nan was a known fortune-teller and it is believed Amy inherited her foresight.
  • Since Cynthia's passing in 2006, Amy lost a piece of herself. Her nan's death was one of the motives that drove Amy to churn out her second record, Back to Black.

  • | MITCH WINEHOUSE | Father Of Jewish-Russian descent. Of all the people in Amy's life, the relationship with her father has affected her the most. His infidelity in his marriage to his wife and Amy's mother, Janis, has had a great effect on both Amy and her older brother, Alex. Mitch was hardly around during the adolescence of his children when he was needed most and has never been truly forgiven. Currently, he manages Amy's finances and career, the type of control that Amy should have herself.
  • Amy would like nothing more than time with her father alone. But he rarely comes alone, he has cameramen with him and photographers, despite that Amy hates the fame she has gained. His greedy personality and the need for control of his daughter's life have damaged their relationship.

  • | JANIS WINEHOUSE | Mother Of Eastern-European Jewish descent. Born in Brooklyn, New York, as Janis Seaton, she lived in England for most of her life. Two opposites, Amy has always been a force of nature and her mother is mild-mannered. Unable to deal with Amy's rebellious behavior as a child, little to no discipline was dished out. Janis was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2003 and her health is declining.
  • While they are in contrast to each other, Amy's relationship with her mother is very important to her. She feels that Janis is one of the few she can open up to and not be shunned or judged.

  • | ALEX WINEHOUSE | Older Brother Unhappy that his new sibling was a girl, Alex wasn't too happy at first, but Amy grew on him quickly and became her protective brother. Ever since Amy became independent at the age of 18 and Alex went off to university, their relationship has become a bit fractured, but nothing that cannot be mended.
  • Amy still very much loves her brother and wants him back in her life. But her alcoholism has repelled him. Having recently married, Alex has had less time on his hands for his little sister and looking after their ill mother. He still very much cares about Amy but has a lot on his hands.

  • | JULIETTE ASHBY | Childhood best friend Jules, as Amy often calls her. She too is a singer, she and Amy formed a temporary hip-hop duo dubbed "Sweet N' Sour" in their early teens.
  • Since Amy's life reached abysmal heights, distance has grown between the two girl friends. They still hold each other dear and Juliette is more than willing to mend things with Amy.

  • LAUREN GILBERT | Childhood best friend The hard one. Another friendship wounded by Amy's fame, Lauren still tries to reach out to Amy, but Winehouse's life is far too crowded with business.
  • Amy badly desires to repair their friendship and start over again since becoming two different people due to life experiences.

  • | SALAAM REMI | Best friend The big teddy bear of a hip-hop producer, Salaam produced Frank with Amy, and a few tracks on Back to Black.
  • Amy is very tight with Salaam and they visit each other often when she is in the United States. She plans on working with him again on her third record.

  • | KELLY OSBOURNE | Best friend Best friend since the rising action of Amy's career. Daughter to rockstar Ozzy Osbourne, Amy was first acquainted with Kelly through an interview, and have been great friends since. Sadly, the press mentioning 'Amy's best friend, Kelly' has upset Juliette and Lauren. A former addict herself, Kelly has done her best to motivate Amy to keep a life of sobriety.
  • Amy adores Kelly and they share words of wisdom with each other. Osbourne is one friend who has never completely left Amy's side.

  • | RAYE COSBERT | MANAGER Raye and Amy have an ambiguous relationship, they do care about each other and try to keep on the business side of things. Often she calls him “Raye-Raye”.
  • Unlike Winehouse's previous manager, Nick Shymansky, Raye does not necessarily interfere with her affairs outside of her career, which was exactly the type she wanted, having formed an unprofessional relationship with Shymansky that ended in him caring more about her health than her career.

  • | NICK SHYMANSKY | FORMER MANAGER Amy and "Nicky" Shymansky have been dear friends (and at one point lovers) since the dawn of Amy's career. He was the scout to promote Amy through A&R. He is an intelligent man who already owned a home at the age of 20 and had a wedge of yearly income. The first time around, Amy released him because Nick was interfering too much with the personal end of Amy, even forcing her to go to rehab shortly before the release of her second album, Back to Black.
  • Amy loves Nick dearly as a friend and they remain in contact. But lately, it's been ceasing.

  • | BLAKE FIELDER-CIVIL | EX-BOYFRIEND One of the biggest male figures in Amy's life and the most negative, Blake was a music video producer when he met Amy in 2005 at one of Amy's favorite pubs in Camden, The Old Blue Last. He was already with someone else, but Amy became infatuated with him. In the beginning, he was very passionate and understanding. Deep down, she cannot truly let go of him.
  • Amy had no plans on returning to Blake and cut all forms of contact with him. But there are times when she encounters him in Camden pubs.

  • | MARK RONSON | Best friend The main producer of Back to Black. Of similar Jewish descent and British nationality, he and Amy get along very well and share similar music tastes. Since Back To Black Mark has become a big name in the music industry.
  • Amy could talk about music with Mark for hours. She had a crush on him when they first met, but nothing else occurred beyond that.

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