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Characters: Killian Graves
Verses: Horror, supernatural, psychological, gore, darkness, trigger
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About me:
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By writing with this page you understand that everything written with this page is fiction and not a representation of anyone in real life, any real world agenda or movement or political thought, no matter what the character or world crafted by this page says or does. By writing with this page You understand that the author behind the character has no Real world agenda and absolutely no intent to harm, threaten, violate or harass you in real life whatsoever.

Trigger warnings apply and all those that are offended easily should not continue.

Name: Killian Graves


Killian Graves was born into a life of poverty and hardship, surrounded by suffering and despair. As he grew older, he became increasingly resentful of those who seemed to lead lives of luxury and privilege, untouched by the struggles that he and others like him endured on a daily basis. That bitterness would turn to rage when his mother was arrested for shoplifting. The officers, instead of taking her to the local jail instead pulled them both into a dark alley just out of sight where his mother was raped and murdered by the four policemen. Killian who was no older then ten at the time had been forced to watch the entire thing before he, himself was shot and left for dead.

Alone on the streets and Consumed by agony and rage, Killian sought solace in public libraries. A warm place he could sit for hours alone and read the army of books and not look that out of place. Eventually he stumbled on An old book that spoke of an ancient dark deity known as Leviathan, rumored to feed on suffering, chaos and death. It would take him another four years before he would find a way to invoke Leviathan and would pledge his soul to the Dark God.

Beliefs and Motivations:

**Worship of Leviathan**

Killian is fervently devoted to the worship of Leviathan, believing that the dark god offers him power and purpose in exchange for his loyalty and devotion. He sees himself as a chosen vessel of Leviathan's will, tasked with carrying out the deity's desires on Earth.

**Targeting the Privileged**

Killian's murderous rampage is fueled by a deep-seated hatred for the privileged elite whom he blames for perpetuating inequality and injustice. He sees his killings as acts of retribution against those who have never experienced true suffering or hardship.

**Serving Leviathan's Agenda**

Killian believes that by offering the suffering and death of the privileged to Leviathan, he is fulfilling the deity's insatiable hunger and strengthening its power. He sees himself as a willing instrument in Leviathan's grand design to bring chaos and destruction to the world.

Powers and Abilities:

**Increased Strength**

Through his dark pact with Leviathan, Killian has been granted increased physical strength far beyond that of an ordinary human. This enables him to overpower his victims with ease and carry out his gruesome acts of violence.

**Rapid Healing**

Killian possesses the ability to heal from almost any wound, thanks to the dark powers bestowed upon him by Leviathan. This allows him to shrug off injuries that would be fatal to others, making him a formidable and relentless adversary.

Modus Operandi:

Killian's modus operandi is calculated and methodical. He carefully selects his victims from among the wealthy and privileged, often stalking them for days or even weeks before striking. Once he has cornered his prey, he revels in their terror and helplessness before delivering the final blow. Killian's killings are gruesome and ritualistic, intended to appease Leviathan and feed its insatiable appetite for suffering and death.

Killian Graves is a chilling and enigmatic figure, driven by a fanatical devotion to his dark patron, Leviathan. His relentless quest to purge the world of the privileged elite serves as a grim reminder of the horrors that lurk in the shadows, waiting to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting world.

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