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35 years old
Shreveport, Louisiana
United States

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April 19 2024

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Groups: BON TEMPS,

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Orientation: Straight
Body type:Average
Children:Proud parent
Occupation:Owner of "Marcus’ Motorbikes"/Werewolf packmaster.
Characters: Marcus Bozeman.
Verses: True Blood verse, supernatural related verses, crossover friendly within reason.
Playbys: Dan Buran.
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Crossover, Gore, Psychological, Romance, Supernatural, Suspense,
Member Since:February 20, 2024

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About me:
Bio: Marcus Bozeman was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana. He is the only son of the former pack master of Shreveport and when his father died the position was left to him out of respect to his mother, Martha. In addition to being pack master, Marcus runs a motorcycle shop detailing and repair shop called 'Marcus Motorcycles' where he works and also employees several of the Shreveport wolves. He was married to a shifter named Luna and has an eight year old daughter with her named Emma but the two have been split up for quite sometime do to Marcus's jealous and cheating ways. The Alpha wolf is often the first person a new wolf in the area will see and usually pays them a visit soon after arrival if they don't come to him on their own to join the pack, he is very intolerant of lone wolves and believes that wolves belong with their own kind and if they are in his area they belong in his pack. After meeting a new member of the pack, Debbie Pelt, and having an affair with her she was abjured by her boyfriend Alcide and moved in with him and she’s been there with him ever since. He still isn’t sure what they are to each other because of his issues with commitment but he they have a kind of unspoken rule that they belong to each other and Marcus is fiercely protective and very jealous of anyone that gets too close to the female wolf. Personality: Marcus is a generally nice guy until you piss him off or mess with someone he cares about. He is very territorial and possessive over what he considers his and is very prone to fits of jealousy. He is a fair leader but very firm, putting the best interest of his pack and their safety above everything else. The alpha wolf takes his position of pack master very seriously and to an extent he enjoys the control he gets from it. He is semi tolerant of other species but mainly sticks to his own kind because that is where his loyalty is. There is a soft side to him that only those that are closest to him ever get to see, he tends to be very sarcastic with anyone that he doesn’t know well, often times being thought of as rude because of it. Marcus is very family oriented and loves children, most of his free time is devoted to his daughter Emma. He has been cursed with what he considers the affliction of being short and often masks his intimidation of those taller than him with aggression.

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