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14 years old
Boston, Massachusetts
United States

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April 12 2024

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Characters: Ellie Williams
Verses: Last of Us. Horror, Gore, Zombie, Undead, Walking Dead, Mature
Playbys: Kaitlyn Dever
Length: One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Crime, Gore, Psychological, Suspense, Undead,
Member Since:February 18, 2024

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About me:
Ellie was born in 2009 to Anna and an unnamed father. During Ellie's birth, Anna was bitten on the thigh by an infected woman. After Anna killed the woman, she gave birth to Ellie. Because of the bite, Ellie was exposed to a trace amount of Cordyceps brain infection and infected, but she did not display any symptoms as Anna quickly cut the umbilical cord before she could receive a fatal dose. Hours later, Marlene, the leader of the Fireflies and Anna's childhood friend, found the two. Anna asked Marlene to take care of Ellie and gave her switchblade to her daughter. Marlene shot Anna in the head and brought Ellie to the Boston quarantine zone. Ellie grew up in the FEDRA military preparatory school as an orphan in the Boston QZ. Marlene, while continuing to lead the Fireflies to liberate the Boston QZ from FEDRA, kept an eye on her growing up. At the school, Ellie was taught how to use a pistol, though with a one-handed grip rather than a two-handed grip. In late summer 2023, Ellie snuck into an abandoned mall in the zone with her friend Riley, where she was attacked and bitten on the right arm. However, she did not turn as the Cordyceps that had grown with her since birth produced a chemical messenger that made the infection think she's Cordyceps, thereby not infecting her any further. Riley began to turn and Ellie was forced to kill her. Ellie wandered back to Boston where Marlene found her and brought her to a Firefly safehouse. Marlene gave Ellie the alias Veronica and confiscated her bag and switchblade. Ellie was chained up and monitored by the Fireflies in the safehouse for several days to track the progress of her infection.
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Feb 28th 2024 - 10:02 AM

You have discord?

Feb 25th 2024 - 8:06 PM

Hey Ellie, looking forward to hanging with yoy
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