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Characters: Alina Starkov
Verses: Shadow and bone
Length: Para, Semi
Genre: Fantasy, Gore, Heroes/Villains, Medieval, Movie, Supernatural,
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About me:
Alina was born in a settlement in Dva Stolba along the southern border with Shu Han. Like Malyen Oretsev, Alina's family was most likely killed during the border wars. She spent her childhood in Duke Keramsov's estate orphanage (located in Keramzin). In Duke Keramsov's orphanage, Alina and Mal are tested by Grisha examiners, but they display no sign of Grisha abilities. When she turns sixteen, Alina and Mal train as soldiers of the First Army at the military post in Poliznaya. Alina becomes a junior cartographer's assistant and Mal becomes a tracker. A year later, Alina and Mal's regiments both end up in Kribirsk to cross the Shadow Fold together in a sandskiff. During the crossing, they get attacked by volcra. Many soldiers die and Mal is almost killed. Before they get attacked again, Alina suddenly lets out a burst of light that kills the volcra in order to save Mal. The skiff makes it back to Kribirsk and Alina is then brought in to be questioned of the event by the Darkling. After the different survivors' stories are told, Alina is then accused of being a Sun Summoner. The Darkling uses his shadow summoner powers to confirm that she is a Sun Summoner, a type of Grisha that had been thought to be extinct. The Darkling then immediately arranges for Alina to be brought to the Little Palace in Os Alta for safety. Alina is escorted by the Darkling's oprichniki and Grisha, among them are Ivan and Fedyor. The group is attacked by Fjerdan assassins as they are passing through a glen. Alina is almost killed by one of the assassins but is saved by the Darkling. She travels the rest of the way to the Little Palace with the Darkling. One of the first people Alina meets is Genya Safin, a Tailor who is tasked with making her appearance presentable to the King and Queen of Ravka. The Darkling officially presents Alina to the Ravkan royal family and, with his help, she shows her sun summoner powers. Alina's days are then spent learning how to master her summoner powers by Baghra, as well as hand-to-hand combat with Botkin Yul-Erdene, a Shu instructor and former mercenary. Alina befriends fellow Etherealki Nadia Zhabin and Marie but does not get along with Zoya Nazyalensky. While learning at the Little Palace, Alina grows closer to the Darkling and eventually forms a romantic relationship with him. They grow closer because Alina never gets a response to any of her letters from Mal, and the loss of Mal also causes Alina to finally realize the extent of her powers. During the winter fete, Alina meets Mal for the first time since the crossing of the fold. He has been tracking a stag for the Darkling, who wants to give the antlers to Alina as an amplifier. She learns that he has never received any of her letters, but is hurt when he is cold to her. Later, she finds out that it is because he felt jealous seeing her perform on stage with the Darkling, but at the moment she responded rashly. Later that night, Baghra comes to Alina and orders her to leave the palace. She tells Alina of the Darkling's true identity and that his real intention was to use Alina's powers to drive off the volcra in the Fold so that he could use his own powers to expand it and take over all the lands. Realizing that Baghra is telling the truth, Alina runs away and eventually meets up with Mal, who had been looking for her after his unit was sent orders to find her. The two go to find the stag before the Darkling can and grow close again before confessing their love for each other. Alina gets Mal to promise to her that he should kill her if they are about to be captured by The Darkling, as she does not wish for her powers to be used against her will. Alina and Mal eventually find Morozova's herd after weeks of tracking in Tsibeya and Mal urges Alina to kill the stag but before they can act the stag is then shot with an arrow. The duo is then ambushed by the Darkling and his followers who are then revealed to have been secretly following them. Alina and Mal attempt to resist capture but are quickly overwhelmed. The Darkling ends up killing the stag himself to bring Alina under his control. He then decides that Mal will be fed to the volcra after Alina helps him cross the Fold. Everyone then travels to Kribirsk where the Darkling's sandskiff has been prepared for a demonstration of Alina's powers to ambassadors from the neighboring nations and the King's envoy during the crossing of the Shadow Fold. After Alina's powers are shown, the Darkling has Mal thrown out of the skiff. Alina then comes to an understanding that the stag's powers were offered to her and she then breaks the hold that the Darkling has over her. Alina destroys the skiff that they came on with the Cut and flees west with Mal. The two make their way onto a Kerch ship bound for Novyi Zem and cross the True Sea together.
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