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February 17 2024

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Characters: Alister Moody, Mad-Eye, Mad-Eye Moody
Verses: Marauder Era, Gold Trio Era, Harry Potter
Playbys: Dominic Sherwood (Young), Brendan Gleeson (Older)
Length: Multi Para
Genre: Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Spar/Fighting,
Member Since:December 04, 2023

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Dec 31st 2023 - 12:07 AM

Gryffindor had just won another Quidditch match, not that anyone in the Gryffindor house was surprised. Of course after the quidditch team had won, there was a party being thrown in the common room. Alice was of course not on the Quidditch Team, but she didn’t mind partying. Even if her friend Lily Evans seemed to be hiding with a book. Marlene seemed to be busy flirting with Sirius Black as per usual which caused Alice to smirk at her girlfriend, she could never keep track with what was going on with those two. But as long as the two of them were happy that was all that mattered to her. 

She quickly moved her way through the crowd as she was making herself a drink, a fireball. She raised the glass to her lips as she could feel the liquor go straight to her throat feeling the instant burning. Her eyes then moved to the right as she noticed a familiar blond standing not far from where she stood, “Hi Moody.”She said, calling him by his last name as she turned to face him, “Some match hm? She knew a lot of her housemates had been worried that originally they wouldn’t be able to beat Slytherin. They were good when it came to Quidditch. But it helped that they had James Potter as their Seeker. 

She then raised her glass as she downed the rest of the glass before tossing it in a nearby trash can that they had out. Alice held out her hand to him, “Dance with me.”She demanded, as she could hear the music being played amongst the loud voices of their peers around them. Alice knew she and Moody were friends, she was just having fun and being social. 

By monday they would all be back to their regular routines of classes and studying. In the meantime, she could have a little bit of fun.  After all she knew it wouldn’t be long until the holiday break would be coming and everyone would be going home for the break. Although Alice liked being home with her family, she preferred being at Hogwarts with her friends. This place was home to her and where she could really thrive. 

Once she led the way to the middle of the floor so there was enough space for just the two of them. She let go of his hand as she waved her hands as she twisted and turned to the beat of the music, her head began to bop along as her short hair began to move along with it. Alice had a big smile on her face but she was careful not to run into anyone else or accidentally run into someone. Since the room seemed quite full with all of their peers. “Are you having fun yet?”She asked as she leaned towards him for a moment and whispered in his ear that she was loud enough so he would be able to hear her over the people and music.

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