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30 years old
United States

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January 15 2024

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Body type:Slim / Slender
Characters: Indrid
Verses: Supernatural, AHS, HP, etc.
Playbys: ᴍᴏʟᴋᴏ
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Drama, Gore, Horror, Psychological, Romance, Supernatural,
Member Since:December 03, 2023

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About me:
INDIE OC | 18+ | Drama-Free | [AKA METACRISIS]
Indrid is a first class limited angel who was shelled in 2011 following a walk-in situation at a church. Accidently shelled during a baptism, he is now trapped within the body of one Derren Green, a born again Christian with a troubled upbringing. Regardless, Indrid would very much like to go home, if he can figure out how to release himself.
Although technically an angel, Indrid strays far from the concept of a typical heavenly messenger. He’s rude, short tempered, and a little sleazy. Yet at the same time, he has an affinity for the human race and loves nothing more than to see when they get along.
Rules will be up soon. Please be patient.
Name: Indrid
Aliases: Indie, Indra
Gender: Take a guess
Age: Rude
Species: Shelled angel
Class: 1st Class
Limitations Limited - capped left ear piercing
Origin: Upstairs
Goals:To go home and sleep
Notable Abilities: Communion with the dead, lil' bit of a mind reader, teleportation, can fit whole fist in mouth
Affiliation: Plays both sides for shits and gigs
NOTE: If you don't have a sense of humour or you're easily offended, kindly GTFO. My rules are simple and easy to follow.
1. [ YOU ] I'm here for actual characters, not your Mary Sue BS. Please only add me if you have a fleshed out character with a good backstory. I'm so sick of carrying an RP because you forgot to give your character any substance. Before I accept adds, I always check profiles. If your profile is bare, has no character info, or a cliché yazzified mess as a profile picture, I won't accept.
2. [ WRITING ] I’m an experienced writer but I can get sloppy because I usually send replies when I can't sleep. If you are not fluent, that is okay - but if your RP quality is poor ( eg. if you send me a giant wall of text, have awful/no punctuation, or clearly don't have a good enough grasp of English) then I won't reply. Please make your sentences coherent and understandable. Google docs will spell-check and proof-read your stuff for free! Why not use it? ALSO, if your OOC is missing basic punctuation and capitalization, that's a HUGE red flag to me.
3. [ LENGTH ] Please no one-liners. I will not write up a few paragraphs only to have a one-liner reply. I try to match length for length. Sometimes I'm not feeling it and I will shoot you a single para reply, but that's about as short as I will get.
4. [ TIMING ] I work from home and I'm never technically off the clock, so my reply times can get a bit weird and inconsistent. But if I haven’t replied in a while, please don’t bombard me with messages or bump excessively. I'll admit, I sometimes cherry pick my inbox. If you haven't had a reply in a while, it's probably because you threw me for a loop.
5. [ NO GOD-MODDING ] or character controlling.
6. [ ADDS ] If YOU add me then YOU contact and YOU send the starter. That’s only fair. I'm not friend collecting. Please don't add me and then never send me a message, or only message with 'hi'. I'm only here for one thing.
7. [ OOC ] Please use some sort of clear indicator when you are talking OOC (for instance mine is “[” before my text) or I will assume everything you say is in character. But please don't talk to me OOC because it's weird and I probably hate you.
8. [ SPAM ] If I suddenly remove or block you out of no where, even if I enjoyed our RP, it's probably because you spam the feed with multiple updates per day. This is not a banter-friendly account. Banter equates to one-liners and I don't do that, sorry.
9. [ SECKS ] The nature of this character means things often get explicit, but the ultimate goal of my writing isn't smut. I crave structure and some sort of storyline that isn't banging 24/7. Also, at least be realistic about it if it happens - protection, virility, grime, cool downs. Don't come straight at me with boobs boobing boobily.
10. [ SANITY ] The fact that I needed to add this one in is sad. No, I'm not actually this character. I'm a millennial trying to live my best life in New Zealand and failing miserably.
11. [ CONTINUATION ] Both OCs and canon characters are welcome.
12. [ DRAMA ] I'm not here for it. I don't have time to waste on it. If you have enough time to orchestrate hate towards another member on here, I can only conclude you haven't got much else going on in your inbox. Sad. Don't drag me into it. If you've added me with intentions to spy, go for it. I honestly could not care less about what you're doing. Good luck. I'm not exactly an open book.
13. [ FREEBIE ] Stuart Little is the worst movie of all time and it makes me sick when I remember that there were F***ING THREE OF THEM.

GENRES I PERSONALLY ENJOY : horror, sci-fi, drama, romance, adventure, comedy, supernatural, and crispy m&ms.
Who I'd like to meet:

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buggy the clown
Thanks a lot for accepting my request, or requesting me. I know a lot aren't fans of greeting messages but I thought it would be nice to send something. You don't need to reply to this, but if you are interested in starting a story don't hesitate in sending me a message or a comment. I'm open to discuss, banter or just a random stater. Anyway, have a great day/evening! Discord:catastrophicplan

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