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NO Sm*t or er*t*ca. You add you talk! I WILL NOT HOOK UP WITH ANYONE!

32 years old
Mystic Falls , Virginia
United States

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February 19 2024

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Status: Single
Here for:Dating, Relationships,
Orientation: Straight
Body type:Slim / Slender
Children:I do not want kids
Education:College graduate
Characters: April Carver
Verses: TVD Universe, WEREWOLF, CASUAL, Chasing Life
Playbys: Italia Ricci
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Action, Crossover, Fantasy, Horror, Supernatural,
Member Since:December 01, 2023

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About me:
April Carver was born on March 1st 1991 and died when she was 24 from cancer. She was diagnosed with AML (acute myloid leukemia) and kept it from her family for two months before her uncle told them, then she had to tell everyone and finally get treated for her cancer. After six weeks, she was in remission for a while, but when she got a bloody nose out of no where, she freaked out and demanded a blood test to make sure everything was still stable, but it wasn't. When her cancer returned, she was told that it was stage four and that chemo wasn't an option anymore. Right before dying, she called up her friend Stefan, who she had known for many years, and was ready to die, but not completely. She wanted to live, but not be sick anymore, so he gave her his blood. The night before she died, she drank it and waited as the cancer finally took her. Another 24 hours later, and she woke up in the morgue, ready to drink the next person she saw. She drained them of blood, then left. She started over in a new city and after 50 years had passed, she made her way back to Boston to visit her now dead grandmother and mother, then made her way to Mystic Falls, to fund her old friend Stefan and his Brother Damon, happy to be reunited with them yet again.She now owns her own newspaper in Boston, and has an apartment there and a house in Mustic Falls. (My story doesn't follow the show, it's a cross between TVD and Chasing Life. No, the vampire blood didn't cure her, she died right after Stefan gave her his blood)
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Dec 30th 2023 - 10:49 PM

//Hello! :) Thank you so much for the request. I just wanted to give you a quick description of what I can do as Baby. Yes I rp as Baby the Impala :)ย  and I can rp her in four different ways depending on what you prefer. 1) Simply a car, descriptions less feelsy.2) A little more feeling, where Baby seems to have some kind of spirit inside her. 3) She is virtually alive, talks and feels but only trusts Sam and Dean and a few others to reveal herself. 4) Baby has a human form she can use if a situation calls for it, given to her by some sort of angel spell. I am still toying with the details of this option but it is there if you are interested.You can decide which, I am perfectly okay with any of them. I hope to rp with you soon.

April Carver (S)
April Carver (S)

Dec 30th 2023 - 11:14 PM

Hey there, we've met before, just not with my current character. You may be more familiar with Amy, the tribrid. It's nice to "see" you again
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