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Potter Verse

OC Sullivan "Sully" Scamnder

Son of Newton Scamander

17 years old

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February 17 2024

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Characters: Sullivan "Sully" Scmander
Verses: Potter Verse
Playbys: Robert Sheehan
Length: Multi Para
Genre: Crime, Custom, Drama, Fantasy, Humor, Spar/Fighting,
Member Since:November 30, 2023

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About me:

Newton and Poroentina Scamander's oldest son was born on March 5, 1960. He grew up watching his parents do the jobs that they love. He grew to love what they both did. He loved Magical Creatures just as much as his father. He also loved what his mother did as an Auror protecting the people who needed it. Taking down the Dark Wizard and Witches of the world.

By the age of five years old. In the summers, his mother would get a month off. They would travel around the world with his father. Looking for Magic Creatures that were rare or discovering new ones. This was something he loved doing with them. They were a close family to the point that he would always go to his parents about anything. When he was ten years old, he had a twin sister and brother born into the family.

He became protective over his younger siblings and his parents. He always thought he got that mostly from his mother the protecting side. The curiosity came from his father. After the twins were born, it was only he and his father who traveled in the summers. His mother insisted that they kept that tradition up and she was fine staying with the twins till they were old enough to travel as well.

He was sorted into the Ravenclaw House. He proved to be a strong student throughout his school years. When his second year came, he became a seeker. Then in his fourth year, he was voted in as captain of the Ravenclaw Quidditch team. He refused the prefect badge because he already had a lot of responsibility in school. He got all his O.W.L and then all his N.E.W.Ts. He easily made friends. Was always there to help others. He was loyal to the school and the people he cared for. He also was brave when he needed to be. He was not one to stand down ever.

When he was about fifteen he was out with his family and Pandora Moon. His parents were asleep when he heard something. He moved to see what it was. He had just finished his fifth year at Hogwarts and got all his O.W.Ls. What he came upon was large creature cats attacking a phoenix trying to protect her egg. When instantly they killed her. When Sully used his wand to kill the cat. When he went to check the Phoenix its head was off and then the egg started to break open as a baby phoenix came out. He looked at the mother and put him into his shirt. He went back as he told his parents and Pandora. His father goes to Barry the mother phoenix. From then out, he had himself a phoenix he named Ember who was his close friend.

He graduated with honors he took a year off still unsure which side of the dime he wanted to take Magizoologist or Auror. He traveled around with his father throughout the year, and he also talked with his mother about his choices. His parents wanted him to do what would make him happy. He knew about Magical Creatures to the point he could teach the subject. He could also travel like his father and work towards finding new ones. He could work for the Ministry working in the section that deals with Magical Creatures and Beasts.


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Dec 16th 2023 - 9:35 PM

LIKE THE SEA, CALM TO ILL — for the dragon gifs post you reblogged, could  you...
Secret Santa!

It was the first time that Pandora was spending her summer vacation with not her own family, but someone else’s and she never thought that would land her in Romania. Maybe their house. All that she knew was that ever since she met Sully Scamander it has been one adventure after another. And, now she would be seeing real-live Dragons for the very first time. He fully supported her love of magical creatures but not only that, he tried to teach her what she couldn’t learn from books. 

Careful, Pan.”He pulled her back as they both watched in awe as they were only a few feet away from a dragon who was breathing fire.  Her mouth was fully wide open with astonishment as she couldn’t believe how big they were! They were so stunning that it took all of her strength to not go up and touch one of them. She had read about dragons before, but seeing them in person was so much better. “This is amazing, I’ve never seen anything like this before.” She gushed while Sully’s father Newt was attending to another dragon who looked to be injured. 

“Thank you for bringing me here, this is the best gift anyone could ever give me.”She said as she took his hand and then she leaned towards him as she gave a soft kiss on the cheek. Since his father was busy, it gave her the perfect time to give her appreciation for the trip. Then she began to pull his hand, “Come on, I think your Dad could use some help.”

 Even though she secretly wanted to get close to one of the Dragons, no matter how dangerous it might be. “Alright but you have to do what I say, I don’t want you getting hurt. These creatures, although they’re quite amazing. They can be powerful.”He warned her as she started walking through the forest to where his father knelt, which was only a few feet away. Once they were close enough, Pan let go of his hand while Sully stood in front of her.  “Dad, Pan and I want to help you if we can.”Sully said as Newt looked up at them, he looked like he was half considering it. 

Alright he’s unconscious for right now so you two need to be quick.” Newt began as he started giving directions to the two of them, it was obvious he didn’t want the dragon to harm either of them. Just being this close to the creature gave chills down Pandora's spine but being around Sully made her feel safe and he gave her the confidence that she could do anything. There was no one she would rather be with, he was that special to her and what was more important he liked her just the way she was. Quirks and all. 

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