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Name Clarissa Wake.
Species human.
Age 18 (eighteen)
Place of Birth Bright Falls
Current Location Bright Falls
Height | Weight 5'2" | 102 lbs
is this what you call a family? Alan Wake. father. deceased/Missing. A famous author who went missing while searching for his missing wife
Alice Wake. Mother. alive. Found by Cauldron Lake. Raised Clarissa as a single mother
pick a personality for free. Likes coming soon.

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Characters: Clarissa Wake
Verses: Alan Wake. Video Games. Horror. Thrillers.
Playbys: Madison Iseman
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Action, Crossover, Horror, Supernatural, Suspense, Video Game,
Member Since:November 29, 2023

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Clarissa Wake

A story is a beast with a life of its own

On September 14th 2005, Alice Wake was found at the side of Cauldron Lake in the town of Bright Falls, after being missing for over a week. Her husband, the famous author Alan Wake was never seen again. Alice claimed that she had no memories of her disappearance, the town sheriff reported Alan as missing. The FBI had been in town and had believed that Alan had killed Alice but after she returned, it was reported as an accident and even though he was missing, he was cleared of all charges.

Alice discovered that she was pregnant when she was found and had been for a couple of months. She bought a house in Bright Falls and never stopped looking for her husband Alan. She opened a photography studio and continued to work for authors remotely, she sold her work nationally and even taught photography classes for the locals. Alice gave birth to Clarissa Wake, a beautiful baby girl. Who she raised as a single mother

Clarissa grew up happy, her mother had developed Nyctophobia, an intense fear of the dark and so Clarissa was raised with certain rules, no going out after sunset, there always had to be a light on in the house, Alice even slept with a small light on in her room. In each room there had to always be a fully charged up flashlight and Alice even kept a few handguns in the house. When Clarissa was older she realised it had something to do with her father, but the pair never really spoke of him

Clarissa read all her fathers’ books and as a young teen took up writing as a hobby, stories of darkness had always filled her dreams. She was relatively popular at school and had a series of close friends. At sixteen Clarissa began have this recurring dream of a man cloaked in shadows watching over her. She told herself it was some strange vision of her father, protecting her. But even as she told herself this, she always had a strange feeling of dread, especially when the figure began moving closer in her dreams, beginning as a man in the distance, then each dream he appeared closer and closer, she could almost make out his face.

Clarissa had always followed her mother rules, as much as a teenager would but when she was seventeen years old, a group of her friends were sneaking out for a bonfire. Clarissa had always missed out on these types of events. So this time she broke the rules and sneaked out of the house late at night. She met up with her friends who took her to Cauldron Lake. She knew this was the place her mother had been found, but in all her life she had never been this close to the lake. The dark waters seemed soothing, almost calling out to her.

Clarissa spent most of her time close to the bonfire, while not a Nyctophobic like her mother, she had always felt slightly uneasy in the dark. Her friends had always known and liked to tease her about it in a playful manner. The night passed, Clarissa danced, had a couple drinks with her friends and was mostly having a good time. Her eyes constantly being drawn towards the lake. So when a large group began skinny dipping in the water, she found herself sitting alone at the edge, watching the dark waters, her reflecting staring back at her.

Clarissa wasn’t sure what happened next, but she felt this strange presence behind her, when she looked there was no one there but everything had gone quiet, the sound of laughter and yelling vanished. She was alone in the dark, beside the lake. She tried to call out for help but the sound didn’t come, she stood up and looked for anyone but couldn’t see anyone until her eyes fell on the shadowy figure out in the middle of the lake, beckoning her towards it. She felt n internal pull, pulling her towards the lake. And she would have walked straight into the water but there was a blinding light as the town sheriff arrived.

Suddenly the noise retuned, the shadowy figure was gone and everyone was running around screaming, no one wanted to be caught. But the sheriff only had one person in her sight. She went straight for Clarissa and took her home, the sheriff was close friends with Alice and Alice sat down with Clarissa that night, to explain everything, how her father had some how summoned some ancient evil, a darkness that had taken her before Clarissa had been born, how this darkness wanted to use Alan and had eventually taken him from her. And now Alice was terrified that the darkness was coming for Clarissa

Stephen King once wrote that “Nightmares exist outside of logic, and there’s little fun to be had in explanations; they’re antithetical to the poetry of fear.” In a horror story, the victim keeps asking "Why?" But there can be no explanation, and there shouldn’t be one. The unanswered mystery is what stays with us the longest, and it’s what we’ll remember in the end. My name is Clarissa Wake. I’m a writer.

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