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Occupation:Servant to Klaus Mikaelson and his Family
Characters: Original Character, Viktoryia Alyona Petrova, Victoria Alyona Pierce.
Verses: The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Legacies, Supernatural, Open to Crossovers.
Playbys: Joey King, Black Wolves with blue eyes.
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Crossover, Gore, Heroes/Villains, Horror, Open, Supernatural,
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Viktoryia Alyona Petrova.

Victoria Pierce also is known as Viktoryia Petrova, among other names as well, (Cyrillic: Виктория Петрова) was born into a wealthy Bulgarian family on October 28th, 1473 , four Months younger than her sister, Katerina Petrova. In 1490, when Viktoryia was 16 years old, her sister became pregnant by an unknown man. Viktoryia was disappointed in Katerina but wanted to support her, but she had to obey her parents. The family disowned Katerina for the shameful birth of an illegitimate daughter. Katerina carried the child to term, but seconds after Anya's niece was born, their father took the child away, and Viktoryia watched her sister become heartbroken from not being able to see her. Katerina was then banished to England and that is the last time she saw her. At least for a few years.

Two years has passed since Katerina had left the family. Viktoryia was now 18 years old, and doing chores around the house and being teased by the village people because of her sister's shameful act. Upset, she ran home grabbed a basket, and went out to the field, close to the house to pick berries and flowers for her Mother and Father. She had spent the rest of the day plucking and pulling flowers. Once it got dark, Anya headed home. She pulled and tugged the basket until she had to stop and take a break. A few minutes later she was almost home.

She reached the house and stopped to catch her breath. It was eerily quiet, too quiet for her comfort. She walked to the open door, peered inside, and then turned back to get the basket. She hauled it into the house and onto the table, struggling all the while. Finally, she was done and began to look around for her parents. She called their names but no one answered. She walked to the bedroom and froze in horror. Her Mother laid in a steaming pile of blood on the bed and her Father was against the wall still bleeding out. She ran to her Father first and tried to wake him. When that didn't work, she turned to her Mother. She screamed and cried, trying to wake them, but nothing happened.

After a few moments more of trying, and she got up. She began to back up towards Klaus, who hid in the shadows watching her, a wicked smile on his face, his blue eyes laughing with joy. Viktoryia backed up until she bumped into him. She turned to scream, opening her mouth, but no sounds came. He compelled her to not scream and to follow him. She obeyed and he took her to England. In England, she became his servant, his pet, his confidant, and right-hand gal. She ended up washing his clothes, getting people for him to feed on. Doing all his dirty work. She was forced to let him feed on her. She was turned into a wolf against her will, by Klaus Mikaelson, at the age of 25 years old, and through the bite the two were sired to each other. She does whatever Klaus want, out of loyalty and maybe through compulsion, but to her, it is one and the same. She obeys the Mikaelson family and would protect them with her life.

She continues from, 1820 - 2020, to help the Mikaelson Family, helping to protect Hope. She traveled with Hayley and Hope until Hayley was killed. She helps to hide Hope and to provide for her. After Klaus and Elijah killed themselves, she stayed with the remaining Mikaelson family members and helping to take care of Hope, often assisting the Salvatore school in defeating the bad guys. She is still devoted to Hope and the rest of the Mikaelson Family until she breathes her last breath.

Due to this she and her sister Katherine Pierce, as she calls herself, have an undying eternal hatred for each other. Many times the two would fight over Viktoryia's choice to be with the Mikaelson’s and not with her. Over the centuries, the two would chase each other around, trying to kill or hurt the other one, all because Katherine stole the moonstone from Klaus, and she was held against her will, from the age of 18, by Klaus, because of her.

Even though her sister is alive and well, she stays with the family, because - well - they are her family, despite the pain and torture she had to undergo, living with them, she was still, Always and Forever, loyal to them. Her once - upon - a - time, loyalty to her sister, died when she was forced to be leverage for her transgressions.

Full Name: Viktoryia Alyona Petrova

American Name: Victoria Aly Pierce

Nicknames: Vic, Vicky, VIVI, Tory
Origin/Usage: Russian, Ukrainian and Bulgarian (Viktoryia) | Greek, Russian (Alyona) | Russian, Ukrainian and Bulgarian (Petrova)
Meaning: victory (Viktoryia) | Torch of light (Alyona) | Rock (Petrova)
Name Pronounced: V y ik-TO-r y i-yə (Viktoryia) | ahl-YO-nah (Alyona) |
Current Residence: Input here.
Birthday: October 28th, 1473
Sexual Orientation: Straight, Submissive and Multi-Li (May have a main LI, but she will play around).
HAIR COLOR: Blonde. (Human) / Black (Wolf Fur)
EYE COLOR: Grey (Human)/Blue (Wolf).
HEIGHT: 5'4".
WEIGHT: 114 Pounds.
SCARS: Bite mark on her right shoulder from Klaus turning her.
BIRTHMARKS: Faint Crescent moon on her right shoulder.

Family: Mr. and Mrs. Petrova (Parents), Katherine Pierce (Katerina Petrova) (Big Sister).
Lovers: Niklaus Mikaelson (Main Lover).
Children: None.

Occupations: Works for the Mikaelson Family.
Personality: Kind and loyal.
Likes: Blood, meat, Torturing her sister, or others.
Dislikes: Input here.
Addictions: Blood.
Strengths: Input here.
Weaknesses: Input here.
Connections Italian Trulli
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Sister - Katherine Pierce aka Katerina Petrova is Victoria's older sister (By 4 months).

Italian Trulli
Niklaus Mikaelson
Sire and Boss - Klaus Mikaelson is Vicky's Sire, Boss and Lover. She is loyal to him and serves him willingly.

Italian Trulli
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Relationship - Summary of Relationship

Italian Trulli
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Relationship - Summary of Relationship

Italian Trulli
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Relationship - Summary of Relationship

Italian Trulli
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Relationship - Summary of Relationship

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Relationship - Summary of Relationship

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Relationship - Summary of Relationship

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