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screen name

Nero Sparda


Name: Nero Sparda
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Silver/Grey
Age: 20
Occupation: Devil Hunter, Hero

Origin: Church
Nationality: Devil Hybrid/American
Goal: To stay alive and find his family
Pet(s): None at this time
  • Unknown | Mother
    Vergil Sparda | Father
    None | Half-Sister
    None | Half-Brother
    Dante Sparda | Uncle
    none | Step-Brother-in-Law
    UNKNOWN | Unborn Niece/Nephew
  • Likes:


    Nero was found as a baby by Credo and Kyrie's family at Fortuna and was raised under their care. As a child, he was bullied by other children who claimed his mother was a prostitute. As with Credo, Nero joined the Order of the Sword to defeat demons that threatened the city, though Nero often worked alone. Devil May Cry 4: Deadly Fortune

    As was mentioned in an incident report, a number of demons appeared suddenly from the Mitis Forest and attacked Fortuna. Nero was present at the scene and exterminated all of the demons, but he couldn't prevent demons from injuring Kyrie and his own shoulder. Nero's sword, the Red Queen, was also damaged and sent for repair. Kyrie recovered completely, but Nero's shoulder never healed properly, and was transformed into something else. Initially he believed it to be an infection but, upon realizing it was demonic power, he began training with it in secret.

    DMC 4: On the day of the Festival of the Blade, Nero barely manages to make it to Kyrie's performance in time after dealing with a group of demons, with a man in red secretly watching him from the rooftops. He leaves her a gift and then prepares to leave, having grown tired of Sanctus's preaching. Just before he can, though, the mysterious man in red bursts in through the glass ceiling during a prayer and slays Sanctus, the leader of the Order. Before the assassin (who is later revealed to be Dante) can confirm the kill, Credo and a battalion of knights surround Dante, but are completely outmatched. Kyrie, seeing that Dante is going to kill her brother, finally escapes Nero's hold on her and runs to them, but is knocked down in the process. When Nero sees the man in red looming over Kyrie, he kicks him in the face and orders Credo and Kyrie to go get help while he stalls Dante.

    The two fight, and Nero is forced to reveal his Devil Bringer. With it, he was able to knock Dante back and impale him with his own sword on Sparda's statue. But Dante, who isn't just a mere mortal, frees himself and jumps down. Nero states that Dante isn't human, to which Dante then pulls Rebellion out and comments that they're the same, and points out the knights he had slain, who turned out to be demons. Confused, Nero watches as Dante flees the scene. Shortly after, Kyrie returns Nero's sword, Red Queen, at Credo's request. Credo gives an order to Nero - to pursue the man in red, with witnesses seeing him heading to Fortuna Castle. Suddenly, all three feel the building shudder, and leave to discover the city's citizens being attacked by demons. While Kyrie and Credo lead the survivors back to headquarters, Nero fights off the remaining demons. In order to pursue Dante, Nero goes through Fortuna, which is totally overrun with demons. His pursuit of Dante leads him to discover the source of these demons: in a small village at the base of Lamina Peak, just outside the city, Nero finds the first Hell Gate and fights its guardian, Berial the Conqueror of the Fire Hell.

    After defeating Berial, Nero makes his way through a supernatural blizzard to Fortuna Castle where he meets Gloria, a new member of the Order whom he's never seen before. After some exposition, Nero and Gloria go their separate ways. When Nero enters Fortuna Castle, he finds it infested with demons and starts to investigate. He finds the second Hell Gate and fights Bael, a large toad-like demon whose specialty is ice. While exploring the castle, Nero stumbles upon a secret underground laboratory of the Order, where he meets Agnus, the Order's Chief Alchemist. Agnus reveals that he created the Hell Gates and uses them to summon demons, which he needs for his experiments. Agnus also reveals that by using this power, Sanctus hopes to rule the world by using the Savior, the god-like being the Order constructed.

    Agnus succeeds in killing Nero with his Angelos,[10] but Nero is dramatically revived with a Devil Trigger, due to the Yamato which resonated with him. In this form, Nero manages to repair the Yamato, the broken sword of Dante's fallen brother, Vergil, which Agnus had been holding within a containment field inside his lab. Nero then forces Agnus to reveal his Angelo form and retreat.

    Afterwards, Nero heads towards The Order's headquarters, believing Credo knows more about what is going on. He crosses a bridge that leads into a cave concealed by the Foris Falls and finds himself in the Mitis Forest. Here, Dante bumps into him, but their encounter is very brief. Dante apologizes snidely to Nero, stating that "it'll have to wait", and then jumps off a cliff. Nero fights countless demons on his way through the forest and eventually banishes Echidna the She-Viper, a snake-like demon who treats the demons of the forest as her children. After that, Nero reaches the Headquarters without any other surprises.

    At the entrance he is met by Credo, whereupon Nero asks who Dante is. Credo draws his blade and exclaims that Nero does not have the authority to demand answers from him. Nero reflexively uses his Devil Bringer to block an attack from Credo, exposing his secret. Realizing that Agnus, who brought news of Nero's demonic power to the Orders' commanders only moments earlier, was right, Credo transforms into his Angelo form and declares that Nero is under arrest. A fight ensues, after which Credo returns to his human form and Nero emerges victorious, but Kyrie, appearing seemingly from nowhere, screams out when she beholds what she interprets as Nero, with a demon arm, trying to kill Credo. Nero tries to explain and calm Kyrie down, but Agnus swoops in turning Kyrie against Nero, making her think he's a demon, holds her hostage, revealing Sanctus's desire to use her to get to Nero. Credo is furious of this treachery as Agnus flies away with Kyrie, so he asks Nero to put aside this fight for now and vows to get the truth from Sanctus. While Credo flies off to see Sanctus, Nero pursues Agnus and Kyrie.

    Nero finds and fights Agnus in the Order's headquarters and succeeds in defeating him. Just as Nero is about to finish off Agnus, an army of Bianco Angelos, led by none other than Sanctus himself, in the armor of an Alto Angelo no less, swoops in to aid him. As Sanctus leaves with Kyrie, Nero jumps after her, but he is only able to grab her necklace, which he gave to her as a gift back at the cathedral. Nero cries for his failure as the Bringer destroys some vines tangled on a bridge, as the event forces him to pursue Agnus, Sanctus, and Kyrie. However, he runs into Dante on his way out. Nero tries to ignore Dante, but Dante reveals that he wants Yamato back due to what's left of his brother's.

    Nero refuses anything he says from Dante, causing another fight between them. Although Nero is wielding Yamato, yet undisciplined and angry, despite managing to disarm Dante, he soon is forced to acknowledge Dante's superiority when he swiftly knocks him down with only his bare hands. However, Dante also says that now he is calm and cool so he can go now, revealing Dante was not only fighting him but was also guiding him at the same time. Although Dante did want his brother's sword back, he allows Nero to keep it for now, seeing how he needs it and that he is calm headed. Dante asks Nero's name and so he reveals it to Dante while also commenting that each other's names were "not bad," thus showing their mutual respect.

    Nero later finds Sanctus next to a giant statue resembling Sparda, which is the Savior. Sanctus asks Nero if he wishes to surrender himself and form the Savior's core together with Kyrie in which Nero refuses and attempts to rescue her, but fails and falls into Sanctus's trap. In the process, Sanctus takes the Yamato from Nero. Suddenly, Credo appears, enraged because Sanctus had used Kyrie, and attacks his former superior. Sanctus runs him through with Yamato, causing a mortal wound, and Credo to fall off the Savior but is caught by Dante. He, together with Trish, witness as Nero is absorbed into the heart of the Savior. The Savior soon awakens and flies toward Fortuna. Credo asks Dante to honor one last request: to save both Kyrie and Nero, after which he dies.

    Much later, Dante, having retrieved Yamato and destroyed all the Hell Gates, faces off against the Savior. After weakening the Savior's exterior, Dante thrusts Yamato into the core of the statue, awakening Nero and allowing him to escape the heart-like organ imprisoning him. After completing a number of trials within the Savior, Nero finally confronts Sanctus. Sanctus, having achieved even greater levels of power with the Sparda, asks why Nero betrayed the Order. Nero answers that Sanctus has done enough foul deeds to make Nero hate him. During their exchanges, Sanctus also scoffs at Nero for being held back by love.

    Nero finally defeats Sanctus inside the Savior. In a final bid for victory, Sanctus implores Sparda for power, but his request remains unfulfilled. In a fit of rage, he asks why Sparda refuses to give him the power to kill Nero. The sword remains silent, but Nero explains to Sanctus that although Sparda was a demon, he did have a heart, one that could love another person. Lacking this, the sword will not grant his request for power. Nero saves Kyrie and kills Sanctus, and they escape the Savior. Although it seems that all is finally over, the Savior suddenly transforms into the form of the False Savior, taking on Sanctus' appearance. Nero asks to fight in Dante's stead, and Dante acquiesces. Nero offers a quick prayer to God, during which he explains how he's come to terms with his demonic power, and destroys the False Savior and Sanctus once and for all by using it.

    Nero meets up with Dante, with whom he exchanges thanks and friendship. With Dante about to leave, Nero tries to return Yamato back to him, but he refuses to take it, saying it's now entrusted to Nero. In their final moments together, Nero asks Dante if they'll meet again, but Dante just vaguely waves in answer.

    Kyrie joins Nero as they both agree it's all over, and, although the city is in shambles, they express no regret. Instead they admit their desire to be together. Despite Nero's demon power, Kyrie shows total acceptance of him. Nero returns the necklace to her and they nearly kiss, but they are interrupted by some remaining Scarecrows. Nero fights them off while Kyrie waits and also agrees to kiss him later in the final scene. After defeating the demon, Nero and Kyrie are seen holding hands while looking on at a distance.

    DMC 5: As the evening set in, Nero listened on the radio about how people are dealing with events happening in Red Grave City before getting bored and shutting it off. Nero asked Nico how she felt about going to save Dante since he was the one who killed Agnus, but Nico coldly remarked she doesn't feel anything for her father since he left her a long time ago. As Nero nagged at Nico for smoking in the van, they see a group of Empusa demons on the road, though Nero quickly and acrobatically finished them off before continuing on their path to Red Grave. On the bridge, they saw a military unit fruitlessly trying to fight off demons and Nero goes to help them, though not before making sarcastic comments at the leading Soldier in charge and telling him to stay out of the way. Nero took this opportunity to test out his Overture Devil Breaker and showed off in front of Nico and the soldiers. Nero also observed the Qliphoth roots all over the city and wondered why demons are gathering so much blood. After saving the Soldier and his unit, Nero learned from him that the entire city had been taken over by demons, knowing that Yamato made this all possible.

    Upon arriving in the city, Nero had to separate from Nico since the road were blocked, but not before looking for letters from Morrison. Nero transversed the ruined city, fighting his way through the roots and demons, and spotted V from a distance as he made his way closer to their rendezvous point. Nero arrived at the destination first, only to be ambushed by Goliath and had a car thrown at him, but was able to easily avoid it and mocked the demon's goal of becoming king of the Demon World. Nero easily overwhelmed Goliath and was about to finish him when V showed up and finished Goliath for him. After bantering a little bit, Nero asked if V knows if Dante was still alive at the Qliphoth tree. V calmly stated that if Dante was still up there then he would likely be Qliphoth pollen by now and explained what the Qliphoth does to people to Nero. Nero stated that they will find Dante if he still alive, but will leave his body alone if he's not, and started to head towards the Qliphoth tree. However, V stopped Nero and informed that they must take care of the Qliphoth roots first. When Nero sees Griffon and Shadow, Nero quietly inquired what V was, but their conversation was interrupted by Nico. Seeing Nico's fawning over Goliath's horn, Nero joked with Nico before refocusing on the mission and went inside to plan their next move. Nero and V agreed to split up to cover more ground and meet up with each other at the base of the Qliphoth tree.

    When Nico announced she made a new Devil Breaker Nero and demanded payment, Nero playfully argued with Nico since he collected the materials she needed to make the Devil Breakers. Before leaving, Nico told Nero he'll be on his own for a while until she can clear the roads and better ask her any questions he has about the Devil Breakers. As Nero left the RV, he commented on Nico's laid-back demeanor amidst their situation. Nero worked his way to the Qliphoth, destroying as many Qliphoth roots and demons as he could. Sometime later, Nero came across Artemis and attempted to banter with it, but goes straight to fighting it since it can't communicate with it. During the fight, Nero noticed something odd about Artemis and eventually wounded it enough to see that Lady was inside of it. Nero cut Artemis apart and rescue Lady, who was unconscious. When Nico showed up, she teased Nero about holding the naked Lady in his arms and playfully threaten to tell Kyrie, which made Nero warily remarked that the situation would make Kyrie very mad at him.

    Nero and Nico cleaned Lady up in the RV and made her comfortable until she woke up. When the ground began shaking, Nero noticed the giant demon Gilgamesh a few yards away from them and goes out of deal with it since it was too big to left alone. While attacking it, Nero encountered V again through a hole Gilgamesh fell through. When Nero asked what he was doing down there, Griffon answered that they were attacking Gilgamesh's feet and jabbed if Nero thought he made Gilgamesh fall by himself. Slightly annoyed, Nero jokingly implied about eating Griffon before V broke off their banter and left Nero to finish Gilgamesh by himself. After killing the demon, Nero was notified that Lady was awake now and picked a piece of Gilgamesh for Nico to use. Nero asked Lady what happened to her, Dante, and Trish after Urizen defeated them a month ago. Unfortunately, Lady was unable to provide Nero with anything useful since her memory was hazy. When V entered the RV, Nero informed him that they were waiting for V s they can travel by foot since the van cannot travel any further since the road was blocked. Before Nero left, Lady asked Nero if they can trust V, though Nero stated that while he was unsure if they could, V was helpful.

    While they went on different underground paths, Nero and V met again on the surface and were confronted by a Proto Angelo and a small army of Scudo Angelos. While Nero cracked a joke and made light of the situation, he was puzzled by V's angry reaction towards their enemies before proceeding to battle them on their moving battlefield. Nero and V finished the fight before their platform went over a cliff, which (unknown to Nero) was the area where Sparda's family mansion was located. As V starts reminiscing about his past memories, Nero curiously listened to V's vague tale. When V told Nero he was going to look for the Devil Sword Sparda, Nero warned V that wasn't a good idea since the sword was very hard to handle. However, V shrugged off Nero's warning and simply stated they need all the help they can get, which made Nero continuously question V's actions and what was he hiding from him. Nero's musings was interrupted by the timely arrival of Nico, who nearly hit Nero with the van, and heartily commented that they becoming more in tune as a team. Nero made his way to his way the Qliphoth and returned to Urizen's throne room again. While angrily snarking at the demon, Nero remarked that Dante's body wasn't here before starting the fight.

    Despite Nero's best efforts and his Devil Breakers, Nero was only able to break through Urizen's shield and land a small cut on Urizen's hand, causing the demon to bleed. While Nero took the wound as a sign of his success, a furious Urizen harshly knocked Nero down and rose from his throne, declaring he would make Nero regret being born a useless human and vowed to give him death and despair. After a long hard battle, an exhausted Nero was ensnared by Urizen's tentacles and was about to die, but was suddenly saved by Dante in his Sin Devil Trigger. While Nero didn't immediately recognize Dante in his new form, he was elated upon seeing Dante alive and told him he'll leave Urizen in his hands before passing out, leaving Griffon to carry Nero and fly him away to safety to where Nico and Lady were located in the Qliphoth tree.

    Later, Nero regained consciousness and joined the group just as Dante, V and Trish arrived and were discussing the next course of action. Once V explained that Urizen will be on the uppermost level of Qliphoth, Nero insisted on joining Dante, who didn't want Nero to come, but V supported Nero's presence since they were running out of time and didn't have time to argue. However, Dante decreed that all three of them should go their separate ways and left before Nero or V could interject. Nero fights his way through the tree and briefly encountered Dante and V on the way, only for them to get separated after the ground collapsed. After a little while, Nero noticed his Devil Breaker was wearing down and was nearly ram in the head when Nico arrived with the RV. Nero berated her nearly killing him, but Nico defended herself since Lady was the one driving before focusing to tuning Nero's Devil Breaker. Nero continued to make his way down and found Malphas hunting V. Nero shot at her to draw her attention away from V and was unfazed by the demon's taunts at him. With the aid of some more Devil Breaker V gifted him, Nero quickly defeated Malphas allowing V to reveal himself freely. Seeing how V's body was badly deteriorating, Nero told to get him some rest, but V begged Nero to take him to Urizen as his last request, which he reluctantly agreed to. As they made their way onward, V revealed to Nero that Urizen was really Dante's older brother Vergil, much to Nero's shock. When Nero questioned why the brothers would fight, V explained that it was because they disagreed on their reason for existing and fought each other to adhered their own beliefs, though Nero found it all ridiculous.

    After Dante defeats Urizen, Nero shares how he found out Urizen was all along Vergil. Nero then stood by and watched as Dante failed to stop V from reuniting himself with Urizen back into Vergil. While Dante and Vergil briefly scuffled, Nero cautiously observed the brothers and was puzzled by Vergil thanking him before the latter teleported away. Confused over what happened, Nero questions Dante and was vaguely told that V was part of Vergil. Dante demanded that Nero go home since his fight with Vergil is personal. Angered that Dante is undermining him again, Nero refuses, as he wants his revenge since the day Vergil reclaimed his sword, ripping his arm in the process and blames Dante for letting him keep Yamato, not knowing he'd come back. As the argument escalated, Dante was forced to reveal to him that he is Vergil's son and that he already knew the day since he saw him the first time, arriving in Fortuna, and how Yamato reacted to Nero five years ago. Dante gently told Nero that he doesn't want him to be burdened by the fact he's fighting his own flesh and blood before leaving a bewildered Nero behind in order for him to process the revelation.

    As the Qliphoth tree collapsed, Nero eventually rejoined Nico and the others just as they prepared to leave the Qliphoth. Noticing Dante wasn't in the RV, Nero demanded the girls where he was, but Trish told him to let Dante handle the situation. Nero questioned if Trish knew Vergil and explained that Vergil and Dante were both his father and uncle, which she confirmed and stated that she had also suspected that Nero was related to Vergil and Sparda too. When Nero expressed his anger and confusion, Trish tried to calm Nero down and explained that no matter how much he hates Vergil, he can't kill his father. Having killed her own father, Lady said that Nero would never recover from such an act and attempted to comfort Nero, saying he should be proud of how much he has done during the crisis and can move on. However, Nero angrily disregarded her and demanded Nico to turn the RV around, but Nico denied Nero's order due to how much the tree is falling apart, causing Nero to jump out of the van so he could find and fight both the brothers himself.

    As he made his way up the Qliphoth, Nero found an operational phone booth and decided to call Kyrie for guidance. Nero explained to Kyrie that he had nothing as a child and Kyrie and Credo were the only family he knew, but now he has a biological family. When Nero asked Kyrie how he was supposed to handle this situation, she lovingly encouraged not to doubt himself because he always knew right from wrong. Assured by his lover's words, Nero thanked Kyrie and told her he will be home soon. As Nero ran to the top of the Qliphoth, Nero reflected over not being able to save Credo and was determined not to lose anyone else. Nero's heightened emotional state caused his demonic blood to react and awaken, with the energy destroying his Devil Breaker and his arm to regenerate. The surge of power caused Nero to activate his true Devil Trigger form, transforming him into an angelic-looking demon.

    Using his wings, Nero quickly flew up the tree and stopped Dante and Vergil from landing a fatal blow on each other. Both Vergil and Dante are confused and curious about his newfound power, but Nero simply told the two that their fight ends right now. When Dante began to protest Nero's involvement, Nero sucker punches him with his spectral wings. Nero proclaimed to his father and uncle that he won't let either of them kill each other and that he was putting an end to their violent sibling rivalry. However, Vergil laughed at his intentions, but seeing Nero's determination, Vergil challenged Nero, stating that if Nero loses, then by default he has beaten Dante, which the latter acknowledged and claimed doesn't care about what they do before collapsing on the ground. Before the fight ensued, Nero vowed to defeat Vergil and acknowledged him as his father. During the fight, Vergil told Nero that their rivalry between him and Dante was none of his business, but Nero stated the contrary since all of them are family. Nero managed to defeat Vergil, who became impressed by his son's abilities, as Dante joked how Vergil took his Nero's arm to gain more power yet he still lost the fight. Annoyed by his father and uncle's attitudes, Nero chided them since the Qliphoth's gateway from the Demon World was expanding and they need to close it. Agreeing with Nero, Vergil and Dante decided to work together to close the portal from the Demon World with Yamato. Hearing this, Nero expressed concern about how they will get back and protest over being left behind. However, Dante explained to Nero that he must stay in the Human World, leaving the responsibility of protecting it and mankind in his place.

    As soon as the brothers were ready to seal off the portal to the Underworld, Nero tried to stop them, but was knocked away by the both of them. Nero watched as his uncle bid him farewell and Vergil told Nero that he won't lose their next fight. As a final gift, Vergil gives Nero "V's" poetry book, saying that he will be back for it. As he watched his father and uncle leave, Nero picked up the book and exasperatingly called them "idiots". After the incident, Nero reunited with Nico and started to head home to Fortuna. While reading through V's book, Nero listen to Nico expressing her shock at his regrown arm and bantered about all the "weird" stuff that had happened. Echoing Nero's question about Dante to her from the start of their adventure, Nico asked Nero's feelings about saving Dante since she heard from Trish and Lady that he killed Vergil once. Nero quietly brushed the question, saying it didn't matter since the Sparda twins are gone, but Nico comforted Nero and told him to okay for to cry over losing his family. When Nero said he wasn't going cry, Nico encouraged to express his sadness, but Nero insists he wasn't going to cry, which caused the conversation to escalate into an argument as Nico teasingly hackled him to cry. Nero suddenly got a call from Kyrie and notify her that he was on his way home, even telling her that he had a "surprise" (his regrown arm) to show her. Nero's phone call was interrupted when Nico abruptly halted the RV due to a horde of demons in their path. After saying goodbye to Kyrie, Nero goes to work and fended off against all of the remaining demons in the city, using one of Nico's new Devil Breaker prototypes for his revived Devil Bringer at her insistence and that it'd be out of his character without them. For that, Nero felt generous of this and accepted them as his "weapons". After taking care of the remaining demons, Nero noticed the Qliphoth was falling apart, happy knowing the brothers finished their mission and hoping that they'll one day return as he continues on his way home.

    "Without strength you can't protect anything... I know thatand I will protect them.."


    "You know God I always hated that you made my arm like this... But now with it, I can destroy this thing.Who would've thought...."


    In contrast with Dante's laid-back and occasionally flirtatious attitude, Nero is a more serious, sardonic and somewhat antisocial person. He is a choleric character whose emotions can get the better of him, especially when his loved ones are involved. Nero also has a short-temper and prone to be impulsive, although by Devil May Cry 5 he has notably mellowed out somewhat, which Nero attributed to caring for the orphans that lives with him and Kyrie. Devil May Cry 5: Before the Nightmare

    However, he is also like Dante in that he has a rebellious nature: he wields a gun, despite the Order's general prohibition against them; he doesn't really believe in the Order's religion; and cares little for the legend of Sparda. His rebellious nature leads to the Order having him work alone on "special jobs." In fact, Nero actually prefers to act as a lone wolf. However, Nero shows great loyalty to people he cares about, especially to Kyrie and Credo whom he grew up with. Even though he doesn't care for the Order of the Sword's religion, Nero still participates in some of their activities out of respect for Credo and Kyrie. Nero's softer side comes out around his loved ones, especially around his lover Kyrie. Nero is very gentle and thoughtful towards Kyrie and considers himself to be very lucky to have her in his life.

    Like Dante, Nero is a somewhat arrogant and cocky person. He shares Dante's habit of casually mouthing off to even the most powerful of his enemies, making taunts and sarcastic jokes on the battlefield. Nero also taunts in a similar, sarcastic fashion to Dante: one taunt involves him bowing mockingly and asking, "Shall we dance?"; another has him aiming the Blue Rose at his enemies and saying "Bang!" instead of shooting; and another has him applaud his enemies. Despite that, Nero shows an underlying insecurity about his own ability to protect those he loves, a fear aggravated by his inability to save Credo. Therefore, he takes comments about his own abilities to heart, which is seen when he holds a resentment of the term 'dead weight' after Dante called him that. He eventually comes to terms with his insecurity when he resolves not to let Dante and Vergil kill each other, which allows him to tap into his own demonic abilities.

    Nero was initially disgusted by his demonic abilities. When he first received the Devil Bringer, he considered it a curse and covered it with a medical sling to hide it out of shame. However, over time he began to train with the Devil Bringer until he finally embraces it as his power.

    Nero is one of the few characters in the Devil May Cry series to actually swear and showcase offensive and crude behavior to others. Such instances include: him calling Agnus a "jackass" and his laboratory a "hellhole". He also almost calls Agnus a "son of a bitch" later, but is cut short. Before fighting Dante, he tells him "Kid? Well, if that's how you see me, I think you'll blush a pretty pink when I kick your ass". Later on, he tells Sanctus "Go blow yourself" and could say "I'm not interested in your bullshit!" when using a Buster in the first battle with the vicar. Lastly, he gives Dante the middle finger before being absorbed by The Savior. In Devil May Cry 5, during the final battle between him and his father Vergil, he says "Fuck you!" while giving him a middle finger during his transformation into his demonic form via Devil Trigger. He further calls Vergil a "Fucking Asshole!".


    "No matter what happens, we'll deal with it... We have to."

    Powers and Abilities
    Due to his demonic heritage, Nero possesses great potential for power and amazing combat prowess. Though he was stated by Sanctus to not be in Dante's caliber during the period in which he opposed the Order of the Sword, Nero has proven himself to easily surpass members of the Order of the Sword and several, formidable demons such as Berial and Echidna. He was able to stop Dante temporarily, when Dante underestimated him (because Dante was still fine even after being impaled by his own sword by Nero and then would've fought again, but he choosed not to do it). Dante also openly acknowledged that Nero was more powerful than most of the many opponents he had faced, although he was beaten when Dante casually slapped Nero on the back of his head during their second fight.

    In Devil May Cry 4, after the events in the underground laboratory, Nero acquires Yamato and the ability to use Devil Trigger with it. His Devil Trigger is quite unusual in that it doesn't transform Nero himself: instead, a blue, spectral demon avatar manifests behind him, wielding the Yamato. Nero himself only acquires a blue aura, burning red eyes, and a deeper, echoing voice. The specter usually mimics Nero's movements, doing right-handed versions of Nero's attacks. This specter has a noticeable resemblance to Vergil's Yamato Devil Trigger, mainly because of the "sheath" on its left arm used for storing Yamato when it is not in use. In addition, while in Devil Trigger, Nero gains the ability to fire Summoned Swords, in a way similar to Vergil. While in Devil Trigger, Nero gains accelerated healing and was able to completely heal himself from being repeatedly impaled in Mission 6.

    A month and a half before the main events of Devil May Cry 5, Vergil forcibly severs Nero's Devil Bringer and takes back Yamato harbored within. As a result, Nero loses the ability to use Devil Trigger for a time, implying that his previous Devil Trigger was incomplete and fully relied on Yamato's power. As replacement of Devil Bringer, Nero uses Devil Breaker in the place of his right arm, relying on flexibility and manouverability along with his demonic physiology.

    Nero achieved his true potential during the events that led a reborn Vergil to battle Dante, where Nero's desire to save them both unlocked his complete Devil Trigger, allowing him to take on his true demon form and become powerful enough to fight his battle-worn father and gain the upper hand (although the battle was cut short due to Vergil's concern on the roots). Instead of a spectral demon avatar, Nero transforms into a full demonic form, with two spectral arms double-functioning as wings. These arms will follow up with claw attacks whenever Nero attacks with Red Queen. In addition, in this form Nero can create a spectral Yamato made out of demonic energy as a replacement for Yamato for the Maximum Bet combo. Interestingly, Red Queen disappears in blue light whenever he activates Devil Trigger, although it will reappear when Nero starts attacking.

    Demonic hybrid physiology: Nero possesses both the blood of a demon and human due to his heritage from Vergil. As such, he is granted a far more powerful physiology.

    Superhuman strength: Nero possesses great strength, able to easily block an attack from Berial's large sword using his left hand and the Red Queen. He is also capable of easily overpowering the Scarecrow physically and is capable of stopping two Bianco Angelo's in the middle of their thrust and throw them aside.[11] He is capable of contending against Dante in battle despite his own extreme strength and wielding his Devil Bringer, can even overpower him, able to easily throw him away.

    Superhuman speed: He is also remarkably fast, capable of running on Echidna's back faster than the effect of gravity.

    Accelerated healing: While in Devil Trigger Nero displayed a healing factor capable enough to have given him vitality even after being stabbed by various Bianco Angelos. When Vergil tore off Nero's arm, Nero used Devil Breakers as substitutes. By the time he stopped Vergil and Dante's fighting, his true power had awoken and Nero regenerated his entire human right arm within a matter of seconds.

    Superhuman endurance: Nero can endure high amounts of physical damage, displaying such endurance when he was ran through by a Bianco Angelo's lance at full speed and survived. He was also able to survive for a short amount of time with a Gladius stabbed into his chest.

    Devil Bringer: Nero's right arm and the manifestation of his demonic power, the Devil Bringer allows Nero to create a spectral arm capable of being controlled by Nero's movements on his right arm. It is durable enough to withstand punishment from the likes of Rebellion.

    Artifact absorption: The Devil Bringer can absorb items and use their powers or absorb items into it for storage.

    Demonic power manipulation: Nero has shown the ability to channel his demonic energy into his gun from his Devil Bringer or in the air to perform Charged Shots and Air Hike.[11] He's also able to convert his regenerated right arm back into its spectral form so he can fit in a Devil Breaker when needed, which Nico joked as "Raw Demonic Power knows a good thing"


    "I was fighting a walker. And then everything went black."

    Combat proficiency: Nero's combat abilities are great enough that the Order sometimes assigns him missions to carry out on his own and he has earned certain respect among his peers. Of some additional interest is his ability to fight proficiently using only one hand.

    Swordsmanship: Nero is particularly proficient with a sword, it being his main form of combat. He is skilled enough that he was able to take on Dante in their first fight for a time and even gained the upper hand and disarmed him in their second fight. Unarmed combat: While there aren't many cases where Nero is shown to fight unarmed, he has demonstrated decent proficiency with it. He once managed to easily take on several Scarecrows with only one arm, using punches and kicks while evading and even catching a Scarecrow's leg mid-swing. In addition, many of his Buster moves implement wrestling moves, which while enhanced by his demonic power, show that he is familiar with those techniques. Engineering: Nero upgraded his Red Queen to bypass the limiter placed on the revving feature as well as to spray a flammable accelerant on the blade. He also designed and built Blue Rose himself.


    "When you care about people, hurt is kind of part of the package."


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    "You've got to stay who you are, not who you were. Places like this... you have to put it away."


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    "There is some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for."


    display name Maggie is Beth's older half-sister and she loves her dearly. When they were younger Beth often worried about Maggie when she went to college and did not want Maggie to start dating boys or having sex, one reason why she threw Maggie's birth control pills into their duck pond. When Beth wanted to commit suicide, Maggie told her that their mother would be ashamed if she were to know that she raised such a coward. Beth cared about her sister as she wanted Maggie to know the peacefulness of killing herself. Maggie is by her side when Beth changes her mind about killing herself.

    Months later, in the prison, Beth is seen together with Maggie throughout the episode where Hershel is unconscious. Beth is hopeful when it comes to her father's situation, compared to Maggie who gives up hope for Hershel when he is unconscious. They are usually seen hugging and holding hands when together. Whenever Maggie is depressed, Beth, Hershel or Glenn are usually the ones who comforted her. Beth would go to great extent to keep her sister safe. This is seen in "When the Dead Come Knocking" when she immediately wants to go on a rescue mission to get Maggie and Glenn back from Woodbury. Despite having made a promise to Lori to take care of Judith, Beth ends up the one who takes care of Judith the most. By spending most of her time with Judith, Beth was able to teach Maggie a few tricks about nurturing Judith. Maggie always looks out for Beth and will always protect her, even if it means her death.

    In Season 4, Beth is somewhat emotionally distant from everyone, including her family, but Beth attempts to keep Maggie stable during her tough time when the flu out-broke. Beth and Maggie are both devastated when their father is killed by the Governor, and Maggie attempted to calm Beth down by reminding her of their father's words.

    After The Governor's attack on the prison, Maggie and Beth are separated and even though it is obvious that Maggie is worried about Beth, she doesn't show it on screen and instead focuses on finding Glenn. However, when everyone, except Beth, Carol, Tyreese and Judith, is trapped in Terminus, Maggie asks Daryl about Beth and he tells her that she was taken away in a black car with a white cross on it.

    In "Coda", Michonne tells Maggie that Beth is still alive and she is overjoyed. However, this is short-lived... Later, when the rest of the group come to help get Beth back, it's too late. After seeing Beth's dead body in Daryl's arm, Maggie breaks down into tears and shouts "BETH! NO! NO!".

    display name Beth is Hershel's youngest daughter. They have a normal, loving, father-daughter relationship. Hershel is protective of Beth as she is still considered a kid, at the age of 16. Hershel always kept Beth out of harm's way for as long as she can remember, even after the outbreak happened, and teaches her to always do good things in life. After Beth tried to commit suicide, Hershel was by her side watching and caring for her. Hershel calls Beth, "Bethy", and is proud of his daughter's singing skills.

    When Hershel is bitten, amputated and taken back to the cells, Beth starts to cry in Lori's arms at the sight of her unconscious father in "Sick". Beth does not give up on Hershel and still believes he will be okay. Beth starts to make new pants for Hershel and Maggie asks why in which Beth moans at her for sounding as she has given up on their father. When Hershel regains consciousness, he and Beth are seen walking around together, Beth helping Hershel walk and cope with his new disability while Maggie is off with Glenn. Hershel always protects Beth despite his inability to walk normally, such as in episodes "Killer Within" and "Welcome to the Tombs". Sometimes, Hershel would also give medical advice regarding Judith to Beth and Carol. In Season 4, Hershel and Beth had very little interaction due to the flu outbreak surrounding the prison, although when she and Maggie were struggling in the aftermath of the virus, Beth reminded her of Hershel's advice that they all had jobs to do. After Hershel was murdered before her eyes, Beth began to scream and cry, and opened fire on the Governor alongside Maggie. Maggie later calmed her by reminding her of Hershel's advice. After his death, she admit that she missed him and Beth promised herself to keep her father's teaching alive.


    display name Glenn cares for Beth due to her youth and the fact that she means the world to Maggie and Hershel. Before they arrived at the prison, it is presumed that they started caring deeply for one another like siblings. Glenn is Beth's brother-in-law, after he and Maggie got married between Season 3 and 4. Glenn and Beth share no interactions in Seasons 4 & 5. When seeing Beth's dead body being carried out of the hospital by Daryl, he becomes upset, but more upset for Maggie as he tries to comfort her.

    display name At first, Beth seems shy around him, even addressing him by "Mr. Grimes", but as times goes on she develop a friendship, as well as trust and respect for him, as he has saved her family members multiple times. She also calls Rick by his name after spending months together with him. When he returns at the prison with Maggie, Beth sweetly hugs Rick and gives him a kiss on the cheek to thank him for what he did for her sister, which seems to slightly surprise him. Later as Rick walks in, she gives him Judith, and she comments that she has her mother's eyes. Rick doesn't let Beth do dangerous activities, unless he had to. Rick often leaves Beth in charge of taking care of Judith and Carl, which she happily accepts. Throughout their stay at the prison, they develop mutual respect for each other, and Rick cares about her a great deal. During flashbacks in the episode "A", Rick and Beth are interacting more and Beth is looking after Judith more regularly as Rick starts to farm. Later on they are seen joking with each other as Rick gives her his sheriff hat, telling Carl and Hershel there's a new sheriff in town. Rick ends up saving Beth from the hospital. They hug when they meet again. Beth intervenes when Dawn demands Noah back, which leads to her being shot in the head by Dawn. Rick is clearly devastated by her death and is seen in tears looking down at Beth's lifeless body as it lay on the floor and when Daryl is carrying her body away from the hospital.


    display name Beth is very attached to Judith; she is always seen holding and nurturing her. She gets along very well with Judith, in contrast to Rick, who, at first, made her cry every time he held her. After Judith's birth, Beth is usually seen preparing formula or boiling milk for Judith. Sometimes later, Beth admit to Carol that she always wanted a child of her own. After being informed that The Governor is planning to attack the Prison, Beth becomes concerned about Judith's safety and feels that the group should flee before they attack. Beth is skillful when it comes to nursing Judith, as she instructed her sister to hold and give her food when Maggie takes Judith away from Beth for a short time. Beth is very protective of Judith and would do anything to keep her alive and to honor Lori. Beth willingly goes into isolation with Judith to take care of her due to the flu. Beth plans to take Judith and the other children on a bus fleeing the prison, but becomes separated from everyone in the melee. Beth does not reunite with Judith in the end due to Beth's death one season later.

    display name Beth is seen being kind and friendly to Carol. When Hershel's life hangs in the balance after he is bitten by a walker, Beth seems highly confident in Carol's ability to save her father's life. Carol seems to be developing a bond with Beth, similar to that of a mother and daughter, as evidenced by her intervening during the incident between Beth and Axel in "Made to Suffer", in which Axel began to flirt with Beth. The two of them are the primary caregivers of Judith, as Carol is experienced in taking care of children and Beth loves taking care of Judith. In "The Suicide King", while Carol is doing laundry, Beth comes up to her with Judith and they talk about Daryl leaving. The two have bonded and now can talk about almost anything together. In "I Ain't a Judas" Carol glances at Beth as she is singing, making Beth feel more comfortable further suggesting they have a close relationship. When Beth is killing walkers in "Welcome to the Tombs", Carol was by her side, protectively holding Beth close to her. After the war is over and the new residents from Woodbury arrive at the prison, Carol and Beth came out of their hiding place, holding hands. In Season 5, Beth saves Carol after she is hit by a car by giving her the suitable medicine in order to survive. Carol immediately reacts to Beth's death; showing how much she cared for Beth's welfare. Her eyes flood with tears.


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