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Characters: Rσʂҽ Dҽɯιƚƚ Bυƙαƚҽɾ
Verses: Titanic
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About me:
However, she is convinced to save herself by a young artist from third-class named Jack Dawson. On the way up, Rose's foot slips from the railing and she begins to scream for help. Even with Jack's assistance, Rose's screams are heard by three of the ship's crew members, who rush to her aid. Instead, they find her and Jack sprawled out in a compromising position on the deck. After being berated by Cal, Jack is slapped in handcuffs and nearly taken to the Master-At-Arms Office until Rose convinces her husband-to-be that Jack saved her life. After offering him $20, which Rose considers an insult, Cal invites Jack to dine with him and the rest of his acquaintances in the First Class Dining Room.

The next day, Rose seeks Jack out to thank him for what he did. They talk on the boat deck for hours about their lives, and in particular, Rose's hopes and dreams, that for the time being, she knows she will never be able to achieve. Rose learns that Jack is a very talented artist after flipping through his sketchbook. She is shocked to learn that someone of Jack's poor standing was able to go to Paris, France. Rose also assumes that Jack has had a love affair with one of the subjects of his sketches; he denies the accusation, sarcastically replying that he only had a love affair "just with her hands." Later, Jack teaches Rose how to spit "correctly" off the side of the ship, until the two are caught by her mother, the Countess of Rothes, and the feisty Margaret Brown. After the rest of the ladies dress for dinner, Molly takes Jack under her wing and dresses him in a black tuxedo that she had initially purchased for her son. While at dinner, Jack charms the entire table by explaining his way of life. Just before he returns to the lower decks, Jack leaves a note in Rose's hand saying, "Make it count. Meet me at the clock." In foreshadowing the film's ending, Jack stands at the top of the Grand Staircase beside "Honour and Glory Crowning Time," in wait for Rose. They meet there and sneak off to the steerage decks for a "real party."
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