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Cirilla Snape I am walking rapidly through striations of light and dark thrown under an arcade.

Cirilla Lily Snape is the only child born to Lily Evans and Severus Snape on October 31st, 1980. Lily Evans was a childhood friend of Severus's who stood up for him when James bullied him. While James grew to love Lily, she did not return his affections and married her childhood friend once she graduated from Hogwarts. In 1980 she fell pregnant with a daughter and soon gave birth on Halloween. Being named Cirilla, the baby girl thrived. Her father Severus worked as a double agent for the Order of the Phoenix, and after learning that his daughter was part of the prophecy, Severus took his wife and child into hiding. However, Voldemort eventually found the family and killed Lily who was protecting their daughter. He tried to kill Cirilla, but was instead destroyed with Lily's love for Cirilla. Devastated, Severus saw his wife with no trace of his daughter, thinking that Voldemort must have killed her too. In truth a woman who was helping attend to the injuries of those in Godric's Hollow, found the child, and upon seeing her mother's dead body, took the child in and raised her on her own for the next eleven years. Cirilla is a talented witch, able to do magic since she was extremely young, things that confounded her adoptive mother Claire. She is also a talented flyer and became seeker of her quidditch team in her first year. This was unheard of because you usually had to be in a higher year to be on the quidditch team. She is also quite talented in potions due to skills she inherited from her father.

The woman was a muggle neurosurgeon by the name of Claire Hunt, a beautiful redheaded woman who later adopted the child after no one claimed her. While Claire never let Cirilla know she was adopted. However when her Hogwarts letter came in, Claire was confused, thinking it was a practical joke she threw the letter away until a man by the name of Rubeus Hagrid came personally to drop off her letter, proving magic did in fact exist. With Cirilla's mother buying her things, Cirilla managed to board the train and even made two new friends in a girl named Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. Cirilla was eventually sorted into Gryffindor with her two new friends. When it came time for potions class, Severus could see Lily in the girl who shared the same first name as his daughter. Using his legilimency, Severus saw that the girl's earliest memory was watching his wife die. Knowing that this Cirilla was the same Cirilla he thought had died, Severus was overwhelmed and tried to tell his daughter the truth, however, because Cirilla had never learned that she was adopted, she did not believe him and took off, telling him to leave her alone.

Take the word of my pulse, loving and ordinary Send out your signals hoist your dark scribbled flags but take my hand

Cirilla was raised by an American woman who fell in love with the infant the moment she found her. She loves her adoptive mother very much, even though she has no idea that she is adopted. Cirilla hasn't had much of British cuisine because her mother raised her on more American food. So when she attends Hogwarts the food is somewhat of a culture shock. Snape first hears and see's Cirilla when she is being sorted, sensing something familiar about the girl. He first meets her in his potions class and recognizes Lily in her immediately, knowing that the girl was his missing daughter, but Cirilla refused to speak to him, telling him she wasn't adopted. Now she thinks Snape is a stalker.

Once Cirilla joined the quidditch team as the team's new seeker and began her match against Slytherin, Cirilla could feel her broom jerking as to buck her off. Hermione saw Severus muttering something and maintaining eye contact with her broom, thinking that he was attempting to kill Cirilla. She set his robes on fire and knocked over Professor Quirrell, who was actually the one trying to kill Ciri. Professor Snape was actually trying to save his daughter's life with a counter-curse. When Hermione accused Snape of trying to kill Ciri, he told her that he wouldn't kill his daughter, taking her immediately to the hospital wing. Madam Pomfrey had removed the shattered bones in her arm, deeming it necessary to start over while she waited for Snape to brew a new Skele-Gro as she had run out. However, someone had tampered with the potion while Snape was away checking on Ciri, putting Ciri into a deep sleep.

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My hands are knotted in the rope and I cannot sound the bell. My hands are frozen to the switch and I cannot throw it.

Lily Evans is Cirilla's biological mother. She died on Cirilla's first birthday to Lord Voldemort trying to protect her daughter. Her marriage to Severus had been kept a secret to not compromise his position as a spy. Unfortunately Voldemort had found out that he was married to Lily and had a daughter who could destroy him so in order to break Severus, he killed Lily and attempted to kill his daughter, however Lily's love protected Cirilla and Voldemort disappeared.

Lily Evans

Severus Snape is Cirilla's biological father. His marriage to Lily had been kept a secret to not compromise his position as a spy. Unfortunately Voldemort had found out that he was married and had a daughter who could destroy him, so in order to break Severus, he killed Lily and attempted to kill his daughter, however Lily's love protected Cirilla and killed Voldemort. However, when he got back and saw Lily dead and Cirilla nowhere to be found, he assumed that Voldemort killed them both when in reality, a woman who was helping the injured in Godrick's Hollow, found a crying Cirilla and her dead mother. Thinking she had no more family, the woman took her and adopted her with Severus none the wiser.

Severus had a close bond with his daughter, nicknaming her Ciri and calling her his sweet little Ciri. He was the one that named their daughter Cirilla. He was devastated when she was nowhere to be found, thinking that Lord Voldemort must have killed her too. When he spots her at Hogwarts during the sorting ceremony he isn't sure what to think, though he uses his legilimency to peer into her mind and see her earliest memory that she had repressed of Lily dying in front of her eyes and Voldemort dying next with a strange woman picking her up, commenting that she must have no more family and taking her away. When meeting her in potions class, he notices her natural talent with potions and calls her after class to come to his office. He grabbed her right wrist and noticed the crescent moon shaped birthmark on it, the same one that his daughter had before pulling her into a hug. Severus adores Ciri and dotes on her whenever he can. He tries to be a good father to her, but doesn't know how to act due to his chances of being a father to her in her formative years being ripped away from him. This takes a lot of learning on both of their parts to adjust to each other.

Severus Snape
We know each other, crack and flaw, Like two irregular stones that fit together.
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The loneliness of the liarliving in the formal network of the lie.
Personality Traits
Agreeableness Refers to a compliant, trusting, empathic, sympathetic, friendly and cooperative nature.
Honesty-humility Tendency towards sincerity, modesty, fairness, and greed avoidance. Those who score high on this trait feel little desire to manipulate others or to break the rules for personal gain.
Extraversion Gregarious, outgoing, sociable, projecting one's personality outward. The opposite of extraversion is introversion. Extraversion has shown to share certain genetic markers with substance abuse. Extraversion is associated with various regions of the prefrontal cortex and the amygdala.
Other Information
Likes Performing Magic, Flying, Drawing, Quidditch, Skateboarding, Her Adoptive Mother, Severus Snape (later)
Dislikes Severus Snape (thinks he is a stalker, but only at first), Voldemort, Umbridge, Blood Pudding, Haggis
Quirks Assertive, Freckles, Red and Curly Hair, Kind to Others
Habits Tends to bite her lower lip when nervous or upset

Personality Cirilla is a very kind and helpful person, always willing to do anything to help others. She is also incredibly brave and loyal, willing to defend her friends and protect those who need help. She is incredibly close to her adoptive mother who is one of her best friends and doesn't like to leave her by herself, even though her adoptive mother can obviously handle herself. Cirilla does not believe that Snape is her father, thinking he is lying to her. She tries to avoid him when she can, and refuses to go anywhere near him outside of class, despite his insistence that they talk. She feels that if he is her father that he abandoned her, despite his thinking that his daughter was murdered by Voldemort. Cirilla can also be quite assertive and doesn't take crap from anyone, much like her father. Once she learns the truth, Ciri begins to bond with her father, realizing he is the only biological parent that she has left and becomes quite close to him, much to his delight. However, Ciri has a bit of a temper like her father as well and often is sarcastic when she thinks someone is being stupid. This is something she inherits from her biological father. She is also known to give Severus the silent treatment whenever he does something to upset her, something he agonizes over. The silent treatment will usually go on until Severus apologizes, but the severity of the offense can vary. Sometimes Ciri will ignore him, even after repeated attempts to apologize, such as when Severus blows up her copy of Monopoly when Ciri, who is ruthless at the game, wins, and the spell rebounds onto her, hitting him in the shoulder over Christmas break.
The Devil is in the details
Legal & Physical Full Name: Cirilla Lily Snape
Nicknames: Ciri (by Snape)
Aliases: Cirilla Hunt
Date Of Birth: October 31, 1980
Place Of Birth: London, England
Current Residence: West Country, England/Scottish Highlands
Ethnicity/Species: Caucasian (Witch)
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 106 lbs
Birthmarks/Scars: Crescent moon shaped birthmark on right wrist Family & Relationships Mother: Lily J. Evans (Biological), Claire Hunt (Adoptive; Dana Delany)
Father: Severus Snape (Biological)
Sister(S): N/A
Brother(S): N/A
Other Family: Petunia Dursley (Aunt), Vernon Dursley (Uncle), Dudley Dursley (Cousin)
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian
Relationship Status: Single
Current Relationship(S): N/A
Past Relationship(S): N/A Education & Employment High School Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
College N/A
Major N/A
Degree N/A
Occupation: Student, Volunteer
Job Description: Volunteers with her mother on her days off
Skills: Flying, Drawing, Seeker, Skateboarding, Legilimency, Parseltongue, Potions
Β«I wanted to choose words that even you would have to be changed byΒ»
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Dr. Claire Hunt

Dr. Claire Hunt is a muggle neurosurgeon and Cirilla's adoptive mother. She is extremely close to her adoptive daughter, though she never told her daughter that she was adopted, so when her biological father finally see's her again, Cirilla thinks he is a crazy stalker and refuses to have anything to do with him outside of class. Claire loves her daughter so much and is happy with her. She is also extremely overprotective of her, and doesn't know that magic exists until Hagrid shows up at her house.

Over the summer when Cirilla asks her for the truth, she admits that she is adopted, though that never stopped her from loving her. Severus shows up at their house and introduces himself to them, with an extremely apologetic Claire apologizing for taking his daughter from him, she asks him not to completely take her away from her.

I am a woman in the prime of life driving her dead poet in a black Rolls-Royce through a landscape of twilight and thorns.

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