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About me:
Natasha Elaine Romanoff was born in 1921 and forcibly conscripted into the horrifying Soviet "Red Room" where young women were used as guinea pigs in the development of Russia's own Super Soldier Serum. Very few survived, and Natasha was the only fully successful case before the Soviet Union collapsed and the project was disowned and buried. Natasha stopped aging entirely once her body reached full reproductive maturity at 30, and has been 30 ever since.

Natasha has all the same abilities as Captain America, but her spirit was broken by the Red Room, twisted. She has a sociopathic hatred of men because of the RR and actually gets pleasure from inflicting pain and killing them. Natasha also loves her power, experiencing pleasure solely from the reality of being so powerful and feeling it within herself. She has an endless physical appetite for other women, but especially her younger sister Yelena. The two have been involved since their teens, giving each other comfort and solace during the RR horrors.

After the RR events, Natasha struggled to survive without their medications. However she discovered quite by accident that human milk mitigated the effects on her body, allowing Natasha to live with her powers in an acceptable state. She has made it a staple of her diet ever since, eventually leading to producing her own. Yelena produces for her as well.
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