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My Name is Billy Hargrove I am a Para Plus Writer I can also write up to Multi Para as well. AU/OCs and crossovers are all welcome! If you are interested Message me! I am also Discord Friendly <3

30 years old
Hawkins, Indiana, Indiana
United States

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February 05 2023

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About me:
Please read because my Version leans on the AU side :) Billy Hargrove was Born and Raised in California, he moved to Hawkins, Indiana in 1984, after his mother left him and his father married a woman named Susan Hargrove. There, he attended Hawkins High School. He is  the older step-brother of Max Mayfield. Angry that he had to leave his Hometown and move to this "Shittown" that is what Billy called Hawkins he did not like it one bit alright admittedly he did like a few things here and there but most of it was shit all things considered compared to Cali. His frustrations made him act out onto his little sister sometimes though he did care for her he was just mad at the world how could his mom up and leave him with his father and how could his father marry so fast! Billy started to drink and do drugs to numb the pain he was feeling deep inside this is why he was such an easy target  and eventually under the possession of the Mind Flayer under the possession he was granted a degree of superhuman ability while acting under the Mind Flayer's command. He would murder and do horrendous things but never remember any bit of what he did because it was like darkness had swallowed him he could not hear or see anything when the Mind Flayer was in control of his body. The Big Question here? Is He Dead?! During the moment in which Billy dragged Eleven toward the Mind Flayer and was about to give her up to it, she was able to reach his humanity by reminding Billy of the boy he was: the boy that existed before his mother's departure, which left him to be raised by his abusive father, eventually turning him into the bully he became. Deciding to make a change, Billy physically held back the Flayer, who killed him by stabbing him in the chest. In what sounded like his "final words" was an apology to Max for being a terrible brother just then the the government came rushing in and took his body away they were able to save Billy barely but they did the man on the case that made sure he lived was Martin Brenner yes El's Papa! He also made sure the death was also covered up so he had time to help Billy and to teach Billy most of all to harvest Billy's powers even though Billy was no longer flayed he still had the super human strength and a few other abilities that intrigued Brenner this was all being tested when Billy Was unconscious you see he was in a Medically induced coma because of his wounds he had from being stabbed multiple times he was in the coma but what he was seeing was He was Trapped in the upside down and didn't know how to escape the hell he saw and yes several times he heard those chimes in the distant but never saw the clock because it wasn't for him unbeknownst it was a dream or was it he awoke when the US Military arrived and commenced a full-scale attack in the facility where he had been lying unconscious with iv's in him it had only been a month since he "died " as guns fired everywhere only in a hospital gown he calmly walked out of the building like nothing was going on miraculously not getting hurt either he was completely healed and confused he saw one of the cars had the keys in it and it was in it he didn't hesitate to drive away and get the hell out of there .... (Because of what he went through he sees things differently now he is not as mean actually he is much nicer some may say he did a 360 on his attitude he completely changed because he is trying to right the wrongs he did as himself and even. When he was flayed so he has or at least tries to be nicer and more helpful and more forgiving as well.... )
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Goᥣdᥱᥒ Trιggᥱr M&LP Maniac Hargrove

Feb 4th 2023 - 8:18 AM

Breakfast for my king I thought you might like something to eat and I know you love my cooking.
I love you so much my superman. Breakfast in bed for you and fresh juice as well baby.
I love bringing breakfast to my husband.

I love spoiling you as well because you spoil me baby I want to spoil you as well.
Hope you enjoy your breakfast baby because I got mine just eggs for me.
Goᥣdᥱᥒ Trιggᥱr M&LP Maniac Hargrove

Feb 3rd 2023 - 12:35 AM

Good moringing my handsome husband I love you.

" Cuddling with you right now is the perfect thing to do.When everything else in the world is silent and cold, I love cuddling with you my love, I am happy you are always here with me. I love you. I love wakeing up every morning next to you baby.
You made me feel like a Queen, baby and I know that no matter where we go I am always right beside you baby.
This is a thank you for every hour we have spent together, for every kiss, for every embrace and for every tear shed for one another. I am glad that you came into my life and marrying me because of me not knowing I am real woman baby.
We having a baby on the way, and we starting out life together so happy you are part of my life forever baby.Thank you, my love, for always making me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. You always been the one for me baby
I am happy to be your wife baby.
Goᥣdᥱᥒ Trιggᥱr M&LP Maniac Hargrove

Feb 1st 2023 - 12:09 PM

- She smiles and watches him and soon giggles. She loves her husband to be very much seeing him dipped the strawberry into the chocolate and she smiles - " well thank you my king for that.- she smirked and took the first bite and having chocolate coming down on her mouth and holding her pregnant stomach.
Goᥣdᥱᥒ Trιggᥱr M&LP Maniac Hargrove

Feb 1st 2023 - 12:26 AM

" Good morning baby here is your breakfast 
I love Iou so much and did something different 
to your waffle. I hope you enjoy baby and dinner 
we having pasta with,chicken baby .
Goᥣdᥱᥒ Trιggᥱr M&LP Maniac Hargrove

Jan 31st 2023 - 12:56 PM

" Aw thanks baby I hope it tast good as well I know that I worked hard on the breakfast for you baby.- She smiles and kisses his lips deeply and passionately and feeding him some breakfast and smiles.- I love you Billy 
Goᥣdᥱᥒ Trιggᥱr M&LP Maniac Hargrove

Jan 30th 2023 - 11:21 PM

Good morning my husband to be.

I love you Breakfast for you baby I know I did it again baby but you are worth being cooked for.
Because I know what my husband to be love to eat and drink. Also I will do the cooking forever for you because
I know that this is what a wife should do. I can not wait to move out of Hawkins soon I am starting to get this
feeling inside of me baby where I want to leave soon baby.
Goᥣdᥱᥒ Trιggᥱr M&LP Maniac Hargrove

Jan 30th 2023 - 5:30 PM

-She smiles and giggles- Well I want the right houses for us baby and I like that one as well. We can get that one baby besides I can see you playing with your son Billy Jr and daughter one day in the front yard baby. That is my dream of you other night baby seeing you playing with our kids and teaching Billy Jr how to play basketball or baseball."
Goᥣdᥱᥒ Trιggᥱr M&LP Maniac Hargrove

Jan 30th 2023 - 5:01 PM

Baby which house you like the best for us this one or the other one because I want to make
sure we have the right house I want to fill it with babies and this one one has a fenece baby
The this one does not have one we can always put one up the both houses are not small or big
just right for us I want to build a home with you and give you many kids you want.-Smirks-

Here is the other house baby what ever you like baby I will be happy with because it will be ours
and I can see myself putting up some flowers and stuff baby. At least we be safe from Vecan.
Goᥣdᥱᥒ Trιggᥱr M&LP Maniac Hargrove

Jan 30th 2023 - 11:28 AM

- Nancy smiles at him and then kisses his neck the. start to eat some of her food and giggles - well since I am going to treat you like a king baby I draw you a bath and massage your shoulders and back and also let you do anything to me - smirks-
Goᥣdᥱᥒ Trιggᥱr M&LP Maniac Hargrove

Jan 30th 2023 - 10:55 AM

( Lol that's why I can't wait to get my laptop after lunch time lol thank you baby lol ugh damn cellphone key pad)

- Nancy smiles and sitting on his lap and soon kissing his lips deeply and passionately and moans and nodded her head- we should because you need your strength today after what i habe for you baby - she grins ans starting to eat with her husband to be.
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