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The first kitsune created.

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Characters: Sora Okami, Momma Kitsune, Momma Sora
Verses: Japanese Mythology, Mythology, Superantural, Kitsune
Playbys: Utada Hikaru
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Ancient, Custom, Furry, Heroes/Villains, Humor, Supernatural,
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About me:

The God Inari Okami created the first kitsune to be a messenger. The first kitsune he created, he gave her the ability to take the shape of not only a fox. But one that can walk on two feet and in the form of a human. She was given thirteen abilities that made her very powerful. She was also given the duty to create thirteen separate kitsunes one with each of the powers she holds. Inari Okami became the father as he was the mother. They were only given a life span of a thousand years. While she was given immortality, she would never die. Those abilities she had that she passed on to their children were Light, Dark, Wind, Spirit, Fire, Earth, River, Water, Mountains, Forest/Woods, and Sound. As the world turned she was strongest in Spirits, Healing, and Earth. She had minor control of the others. She used her powers when she had to help and be kind. She was never one to go against what was meant to be. She is kind, but she can also be strong when the time is needed. She is a lot like what a mother should be.

In the new century, she has been the owner of a company in a large town in Japan that creates those herbal remedies, and the natural doctors use them for cures. She started it about 1900. The owner has remained a mystery to people. They have no clue who she is. She has moved to New York City where she runs a clinic to help others using herbal care. Besides the clinic is her herbal store where she sells things to people that just come in to ask questions or they already on a prescription of sorts of herbs.

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