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About me:

Winnifred Nicole Nash

Winnifred Nash was born on March 3rd 1994 and she is a pisces. Winnie was born to a cop and a lawyer. Her family was on edge all the time and Winnie wasn’t really about it. When her family was home from work her father would beat her and her sister, Sarah however whenever he tried to get to Sarah Winnie protected the shit out of her and wasn’t going to let him touch her. She wanted to protect her sister from her father and she was so glad she did because she didn’t need her sister getting beat too.

Winnie grew up to her family always fighting but this didn’t really cause her any harm until her father got pissed enough. When Winnie was 16 she got pregnant and her father flipped. He beat her to a pulp then kicked her out and Winnie was officially on her own and she was tired of her family and how he treated her so she figured living on the streets was better than being in that home. And that’s what she did. When she was pregnant and 16 she had to live in her car for a little bit and that wasn’t great.

After she got pregnant she wound up giving up her baby for adoption. She thought it was the best option for her at this point in time. Having a baby at 16 just wasn’t the right thing for Winnie and she wasn’t ready to be a mother. Sure getting out of being a mom wasn’t always her idea but she couldn’t do it and she knew she couldn’t do it.

Now that Winnie was older she decided to get in a relationship with a man who was honestly one of the best relationships ever until it wasn’t. He became abusive and when that happened she wasn’t going to deal with it because she did with her father she wasn’t going to deal with it with her boyfriend too. So she left him but after leaving him he went off to the army and Winnie was left alone again…pregnant. Being pregnant again wasn’t part of the plan but this time she was 26 and was able to be the mother she wanted to be the first time.
Who I'd like to meet:

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Sep 29th 2022 - 6:48 PM

So sounds so awesome

Sep 28th 2022 - 2:19 AM

I would love to lets discuss. 

Sep 27th 2022 - 7:36 PM



Owner of GRT Art Gallery

Has a 7 year old daughter named Waverly and is currently pregnant with her boyfriend Theo’s baby

Fluent in English and Russian. (She usually only speaks Russian when she’s angry or if she has to for the gallery.)

Her biological mother gave her up when she was born because she couldn’t deal with the responsibility of having a child and she had her own addictions and demons to deal with. She tries to get into Nicola’s life but Nicola keeps her at a distance.

She was super close with her adoptive mother but her adoptive mother was killed by a former student that she had an affair with.

She is not close with her biological father who is in prison.

She loves spending any moment she can with her daughter.


Her secret is she was in a relationship with someone who worked with her father and eventually they had a child together. While Nicola was working at the gallery she soon discovers that her parents are displaying and selling counterfeit pieces of art. A client discovers and winds up taking Nicola’s daughter as collateral until they get the real piece of art. The artwork is never produced and Nicola’s daughter paid the price.


Sep 27th 2022 - 5:48 PM

Hello! Welcome to the group!

I'm Cassian. 24 years old. Originally from London, England. Currently residing in Manhattan with my pup. Owner of Moonlit Café, which is only open during the evening and early morning hours. May have a slight case of retrograde amnesia (I can explain that more later).

I'd love to help you get started in the group so if you're up for it, let's discuss a storyline! If discord is easier for you, find me @delirious#0702.

Again, w e l c o m e! I hope you find that this group is truly like a family. :)

Sep 27th 2022 - 2:13 PM

We can

Sep 25th 2022 - 10:42 PM

yes lets figure something out 

Sep 24th 2022 - 8:55 PM

A few notes - not too many
Go On I Dare You
Hello there, hope you're doing well. I would love to get something going with you but of course, first, I should give you some information about myself. My name is Jaylan Trevino, I am 30 years old. I am a tick-toker/singer, you might have heard of me I go by Jaster. I do have a younger brother that my parents adopted and his name is Zayn Cabrera.

Here is some more background on me so you can get more of a feel for who I am. I was the only child until I was 7 years old and then that is when my parents adopted Zayn. Zayn and I were best friends ever since he was born because his birth parents were my parent's best friends ever since they were in high school. So Zayn and I have been really close to one another and when I found out that my parents were going to adopt him we both were super excited to be brothers and live in the same house. When Jaylan finally got to high school his grades weren’t the best and it was hard for his parents to get him to go to school even when he did go to school he never really went to class.

All Jaylan wanted to do was make tick-toks and become famous by doing that. But of course, his parents didn’t agree with what he wanted to do, mostly his father was against it. And after awhile they had given Jaylan of getting out of the house or going by their rules and the jobs that they wanted him to do. And that was something that Jaylan wasn’t going to agree on as he decided to get out of their house. Jaylan was kicked out of his parent's house as he had to live on his own and had to figure out where he was going to stay and how to live until he got big enough on what he wanted to do. After awhile Jaylan had become really big in what he was doing and he even does concerts around the world.

If you need more information about me please feel free to comment, message, or even hit me up on discord at xuntouchablex#9027 and ill try my best to get back to you as soon as I can.



Sep 24th 2022 - 7:53 PM

Name: Remi Hinton
Age: 27
Lives in Staten Island 
She's married to her high school sweetheart
She's got five kids. Her two oldest are identical twin girls that are six, that would be Olivia and Sophia. Gracelyn is three, Rhys is 2 and then Jaxten is three months but adjusted age is a newborn. He was born early. 
She owns A Peaceful Escape Spa and Resort 
She was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico
She was rescued and brought to the US at the age of ten.
She was adopted by the police officer who saved her life. 
Her birth name was Lucia Claire Ramos
At adoption it was legally changed to Remi Eleanor Campbell 
Secret:Remi went through a lot of counseling from the time she was ten when she was rescued, to the age of sixteen. There were a lot of ups and downs and a lot of literally just blocking out moments she didn't want to relive. One of those moments she didn't want to ever relive was finding out at the age of ten you were pregnant by some man you didn't even know to finding out you were having a miscarriage. All the emotions that no ten year old should feel, that was Remi. It's one of the biggest memories/nightmares she has and she constantly tries her best to block out.

Sep 23rd 2022 - 9:31 PM

Hey!! I would love too 
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