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Verses: College, Fame
Genre: Celebrity, Drama, Human, Open, Romance,
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About me:

As if by design, she and Jess were born mere hours apart from one another. Unbeknownst to anyone at the time, the pairs’ fathers were also both in the same faraway conflict. Toyah’s mother had gotten pregnant as a teen due to a lack of understanding of what she was getting herself in for. A rebellious young woman who resisted her rigid hometown and drew a storm wherever she went. Her pregnancy had proven to be a step too far and credible death threats had spurred Addison to flee.

Toyah was a flamboyant child who reveled in dressing up, unconcerned about having to wear the contents of thrift stores. She was indulged by her mother in her interests of creating new items. She and Jess were closer to twins then friends, sharing an intimate friendship but still possessing their own, unique selves. Their choice of college was shared but their interests diverged, with Jess pursuing engineering and Toyah enrolling in fashion school.

Her elaborate designs far outstripped her campus, drawing attention and acclaim for her unique vision. Toyah was entrusted by Jessica to ensure she didn’t lose her way, a role that she took seriously and held herself to honour. But she also sought a muse, at times considering asking Jessica to aid her. Yet as close as they were, she knew that her mental picture of what she wanted couldn’t be sketched even for her twin.

With a highly promising future ahead of her, Toyah would have her choice of various employers or could choose to go it alone, she remained ambivalent about her choice, to all but Jessica. She had already told her that she was going to remain independent, that much like their siblings and their nonconformity, Toyah too wanted to be herself. To do so meant having no one standing over her shoulder as she designed. To have no one who could refuse to put out her works. The final decision would be hers alone.

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