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Ace Ventura/Crossovers. Looking for Ace as an LI. Not the Finkle version of Einhorn. No one-liners. WWE, Tudor era,Amber Heard FC’s, hung women, repetitive headline rpers, homophobes/transphobia, block gatekeepers & people who try to add me for spicy mature rp = blocked.My Einhorn is only with one person.No interaction at all = removal.. Blocking is my right as it is yours.

34 years old
Miami, Florida
United States

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August 12 2022

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Here for:Friends,
Orientation: Straight
Body type:Slim / Slender
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:Post grad
Occupation:Police Lieutenant
Characters: Lieutenant Lois Einhorn (Former Missing Hiker)
Verses: Ace Ventura Pet Detective, Crossovers, Movies, Police, Crime shows, Law, One Chicago
Playbys: Sean Young
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para, Semi
Genre: Cartoon, Comedy, Crime, Crossover, Movie, Television,
Member Since:July 10, 2022

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About me:
Lieutenant Lois Einhorn the former missing hiker. Reclaimed her life, identity and job after going missing because of Finkle Ships with Ace with chemistry Detailed/descriptive Not affiliated with Ace Ventura or Sean Young.

Lieutenant Lois Einhorn was found and reclaimed her life, job, and identity after Ray Finkle’s arrest. She has since made sure Ray cannot hurt anyone ever again, surprised that he was able to duplicate her features so well. She was born in Tampa, Florida and worked hard to gain her position as the Miami Police Lieutenant. Unlike Ray, she does not rule with an iron fist unless the situation calls for it. She is respectful with her police force.

Name: Lois Amélie Einhorn


Sisters are Geneviève and Kathryn (Kate) Einhorn

Ethnicity:American with Irish, German, French and Norwegian descent.

Picks up after the first movie. Is happy that Ray has been seen for who he is and that people know he took her identity and almost took her life but she got away with only Amnesia from the incident for years. DNA showed her real identity. She does not hate Ace at all and is grateful to him for revealing the truth. She will have a daughter named after herself. Long story as to why. But part of it has to do with regaining her identity. She is still a Lieutenant due to Ray taking her job/career and identity. She should technically be Captain but that will come in time.

In a deleted scene which was supposed to the original ending, Finkle later cuts a deal with the Miami PD in telling them where Lois Einhorn(also played by Sean Young) really is in exchange for a reduced sentence which Ace also hears. He leads them to where she is being held hostage by his plastic surgeon and revealing she was alive the whole time. A grateful Einhorn thanks Ace for helping the Miami PD find her. When they ask why she's thanking him, it reveals that the son of the surgeon who works at Shady Acres: left a news article and a letteror help for him to find. Ace saw the letter and was able to put together what happened on the day Finkle kidnapped Lt. Einhorn. She now plans to get rid of the corrupted officers who helped him in his plan. Aguado and the other officers tried to apologize to her, claiming Finkle put them up to it. Einhorn refuses to hear any of it and orders those involved to give up their badges. (Via the Ace Ventura Wiki under trivia but the person editing the wiki accidentally put Shady Pines in the trivia instead of Shady Acres.) However for this, I have it that Aguado was innocent.

Her baby, Lois Kathryn Einhorn, known as Lo, LoLo, Lolita among other names was donor conceived, the father possibly being Ace, or even Aguado. The baby was born early due to a postpartum hemorrhage where Lieutenant Einhorn almost lost her life, needing a transfusion and stitches after. It is a slow SL after that point and anyone who wants to rp with me or ship with me needs to know that things will not be sped up or time jumped ahead as there are many aspects to rp. If you are weirded out by a baby account being involved, please unfollow or block.


Who I'd like to meet:

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