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Characters: Kirra Hargrove
Playbys: Rosie Mac
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Custom, Drama, Fantasy, Open, Romance, Supernatural,
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Average. Normal. These are the words that people used to describe Kirra’s family. By all rights, growing up, Kirra did have a normal family. Middle class, father working nine to five, mother a home maker, average size home with a yard, dinner as a family every night… you get the jist. It was almost like a fifty’s sitcom, except that there were modern struggles. Her father was only making minimum wage and they could barely afford the necessities. They usually had to choose between the luxury of the internet or the necessity of water. Same with the choice between cable and groceries. However, there was one eccentric hobby held by Kirra’s mother. She was a practicing wiccan. Kirra’s father indulged her mother to make sure she had at least one joy that was hers and hers alone.

Growing up though, Kirra was a curious child. She wanted to know what every item was and what it was used for. So of course, she was fascinated by her mother’s hobby. Strange smelling herbs mixed, bottles of clear liquid, shiny rocks, books and candles galore. It was like paradise for an inquisitive child. It was no surprise when Kirra started spending more and more time learning and practicing Wicca with her mother. However, everything she did was more potent. Simply because she had been blessed with the powers of magic. Nothing like you see in magic shows, but rather the magic of a witch. The power to create potent and accurate spells and charms.

Now, at the age of twenty-five, Kirra has a home all her own and a thriving practice. After being bullied and attacked multiple times growing up by those that feared what she could do, Kirra was cautious about sharing her power. Her skills were only advertised by word of mouth, but the words spread like wildfire. More people were more accepting of that which they couldn’t understand, and her clientele grew. Though some things Kirra must purchase in stores, she prefers to try and get most of her ingredients organically. She has a small herb and vegetable garden at her home. For other herbs she can not grow, she makes the long car drive into the forest or to nearby meadows where some of the herbs naturally grow. Kirra is constantly searching lakes, streams and caverns for crystals for her clients. Being a witch is a lonely life though. There are those who fear her power and those that would mock her. Will she ever be able to find a partner that supports her and doesn’t want to have her just as a trophy?

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