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Characters: Skye McCall
Verses: Teen wolf
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime, Crossover, Supernatural, Suspense,
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About me:
Skye McCall is the daughter of Rafael and Melissa McCall.

Skye, at the beginning, was a kid with poor physical performance and asthma. One night her best friend "Stiles" Stilinski, tells her that the police found a dead body in the woods, and he asks Skye to join him to find it. However, during the investigation Stiles was caught by the sheriff (his dad), while Skye keeps going further into the woods to see the body. But somehow she is attacked by a wolf. Her abilities increase without realizing and suddenly she is the captain of the lacrosse team. The same day she has her first transformation, and later attempts to cure her lycanthropy. Eventually, Skye accepts that she is a werewolf, and decides to be one of the protectors of Beacon Hills. With the help of her friends and allies, she stops supernatural threats from the town. Skye later becomes an Alpha Werewolf, one of the strongest wolf types, later leads her own pack called the McCall Pack, and becomes the protector of Beacon Hills. Very driven, with an indomitable will. She is extremely selfless and always thinks about others before herself.

After being bitten by a werewolf, Skye can transform and use the abilities of a werewolf. She can switch to her human and werewolf form at will. This also cures her from her asthma. Initially frightened by her new abilities, Skye sought to cure herself. She’s since embraced her supernatural nature and attempts to use her abilities to protect her friends and family against supernatural threats. She is aided by her Teen Wolf Pack which range from humans like her best friend Stiles Stilinski to many forms of supernatural creatures like her first bitten Beta Liam Dunbar. Her family life was shaky as her father drank excessively and fought with Melissa constantly, if not cheated on her according to Elias Stilinski. One night, Rafael, in a drunken rage, accidentally knocked Skye down the stairs. She came to with no memory of the incident. It was the last time her father took a drink and he left the family the next day leaving Skye hurt and angry for years.

Skye also had an after school job at the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic as an assistant to her mentor Dr. Deaton who also happens to be a Druid and advised her on how to handle threats as well as life. With help from Stiles and Derek Hale Skye learned how to control her abilities and overcame Peter's bloody vengeance, Hunters and a Kanima before becoming an Alpha by force of will. After Skye McCall was bitten by Peter Hale, she had Stiles and Derek to help her understand her changes. Eventually, Allison and Lydia joined it and became clear that Skye had a pack in the making. Since becoming an alpha, Skye has been slowly building her pack with the addition of Kira, Malia and Liam, her first Beta werewolf. While over time the members of her pack have changed, the goal of this pack remains the same, to protect their town.

Skye was born to Rafael McCall, a Federal Bureau of Investigations special agent, and Melissa McCall, a nurse at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital. At a young age, Skye was afflicted with asthma, and it became worse as she got older. One night, Skye walked in on her parents fighting, with her drunk father grabbing her wrist, but Skye pulled back. Skye was accidently pushed down the stairs, being knocked unconscious for twenty seconds or so. Melissa threw Rafael out of her home, with him becoming so ashamed, he left his wife and daughter out of grief. Though Skye spent time, and moved in with her father, she eventually moved in with her mother. Rafael discontinued his contact with his family, moved to San Francisco, and spent much of his time working for the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Skye came to resent her father for doing so, but eventually let it go by high school.

When she was young, Skye was walking her dog when they were attacked by a rabid Doberman, causing Skye to have a severe asthma attack. Skye was sent to the hospital, but her dog died of her injuries, something she repressed or was repressed by the Dread Doctors. In 2012, Skye would remember the event when reading The Dread Doctors, a tool used to see if the doctors did anything to her. Skye saw her mother work hard to raise her, and so she decided to take a job as veterinary technician at Dr. Alan Deaton's animal clinic. At Beacon Hills High School, she joined the lacrosse team with her best friend, Stiles Stilinski. Despite joining the team, the two rarely played a game due to their lack of athletic prowess.
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