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32 years old
Terra Venture, California
United States

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July 04 2022

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Astronema never revealed to anyone her time with Zhane. She carried that time silently in her heart. Which made things all the more difficult for her when she was up against the Rangers. She didn't want to hurt Zhane. Astronema had learned a long time ago that to survive this place was not to let her emotions show. Astronema always lowered her head and any emotion flashed in her eyes, where no one else could see her vulnerability. Then the emotionless face would be up, masking any emotion. The world that Astronema inhabited was dangerous place. And there was always someone ready to trip you up if you weren't careful. And although she felt regret for what could have been, she never revealed it as she gave orders to destroy Zhane and the other Rangers. There were always conflicts against Astronema and the Rangers. But one became a major turning point in Astronema's life. During a battle with Andros, her locket was torn from her neck and sent flying through the air. Astronema's first reaction was to go after the locket, but she was outmaneuvered by the Rangers and had no choice but to retreat. When the coast had clear, Astronema went back to look for her locket. She was furious to see it in the hands of Andros. Astronema demanded that Andros returned the locket. Instead, with his eyes on her, Andros slowly opened the locket. It was all Astronema could do not to bash him in the head. She noticed the stunned look on his face and choose that moment to snatch her locket back. Astronema stared at the locket clutched tightly in her hand. It still generated a feeling of warmth for her. Andros asked her how long she had had the locket. She replied that she had always had it - why? Astronema couldn't believe her eyes when Andros revealed his locket and the two pictures encased there were just like hers. Andros knew that Astronema was his sister Karone. As Andros excitedly told her that she was her sister Karone, Astronema felt vulnerable. This had to be a trick. The Red Ranger was not her brother. Refusing to believe him, she left. Back at the Dark Fortress, Astronema was in turmoil. Why did Andros have a locket just like hers? How could have he found out about her locket? Her thoughts turned to Ecliptor. He would have the answers for her. She had been with him forever. Astronema questioned Ecliptor about the past, something Astronema had very dim memories of. The answers he gave satisfied her. Andros simply was trying to trick her and she would make him pay for that mistake. .

Instead Astronema found herself back on the surface of the planet. Walking and taking everything in. Andros once again approached her. He told her what had happen when they both were children and that Darkonda had been the one to take her. Astronema was very confused and not sure what to think. She returned to the Dark Fortress and let all her thoughts swirl around. Astronema knew that Andros was her brother, why had Ecliptor lied to her? When Ecliptor entered her chamber, she confronted him with the question. Ecliptor answered that although they were both evil, there were differences. He was built evil, while Astronema had been born good and was only evil due to his years of training her. Astronema took this all in. Ecliptor was concerned that Astronema was considering going back to good and let her know that Darkonda had spotted her talking to Andros and had reported it to Dark Spectre. Astronema was furious. Ecliptor had been right - she shouldn't have trusted Darkonda. She knew that Dark Spectre would now test her and she was up to the challenge. Andros was alone when Astronema sent a monster after him. She watched in glee as the monster torn Andros' morpher off his wrist. Astronema clutched the morpher in her hand. Now he will be destroyed. But as she watched Andros become helpless against this monster, something tugged within her. This no longer felt right. Memories surfaced of the conversation that they had had. Astronema couldn't let her brother be destroyed, she tossed the morpher back to Andros. Although Andros called out to her, Astronema kept walking. Astronema was summoned for a meeting with Dark Spectre. There he gave her a challenge. To prove her loyalty to him, she must destroyed her brother. Although Astronema agreed, inside she knew this was something she could not do. Instead, secretly, Astronema contacted Andros and had him meet her. She was still very confused, but knew that she wanted to help him rescued Zordon and told him where he was. Together they returned to the Astro Megaship. Astronema was on the Astro Megaship - a ship she had considered the enemy for a very long time. Andros proceeded her into the main deck. Taking a deep breath, Astronema walked in. Seeing the expressions on the other Rangers faces told her that they didn't trust her. She could see their immediate defense and the tough veneer that Astronema had developed came to her defense. Astronema wouldn't let them see that she was hurt by their reactions. Behind this tough veneer she could cope with anything. She gave them the information that they needed. But the other Rangers still did not trust her. T.J wanted her chained before another step was made. Andros was angry with them - this was his sister. But Astronema understood, she probably would have done the same thing in their shoes.

I shall live by passion and not by law
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She sat alone chained to a pole in a storage room. Andros walked in with a tray of food, but Astronema wasn't hungry. He apologized for the fact that she was chained up, but Astronema knew that his friends didn't trust her. She asked if Andros trusted her, and Andros immediate response of yes was startling. When he asked her if she trusted him, she wasn't sure. Trust was a tough one for Astronema and she was still working it all out. When Andros made to leave, Astronema called out to him. She began to question him about their parents. And soon Andros was answering the dozens of questions Astronema had for him. There was not much of a reprieve. The Rangers were entering enemy territory. Astronema had to kept her wits about her. She was unchained and led back to the main deck. There, much against their wills, she had the Rangers put chains on. Out of chains and holding her staff, this felt more familiar and Astronema felt more in control. But once the encounter with Dark Spectre was over, she was taken back to the small room and chained up. Sitting alone, Astronema felt the ship take a sudden turn. Andros was with her and she told him that something had gone wrong. Andros left to help the others. The Astro Megaship crashed. The jolt had loosen the chains enough to set her free. Astronema knew that if she was found as a prisoner of the Power Rangers, all their plans would be destroyed. She made a quick getaway. Astronema kept a low profile until she found Andros. Together they went to find Zordon and instead ran into Ecliptor. Astronema pleaded with Ecliptor not to harm Andros. When he agreed, Astronema knew that Ecliptor loved his adopted daughter as much as he was capable of. Together Karone and Andros found Zordon. But it was a trap set by Dark Spectre. Astronema was on tricky ground. The only thing she could do was to pretend she had lead the Rangers into a trap. Astronema gained control of the situation. She ordered Darkonda to strike the first blow and when his back was turned she let him have it with her staff. Before Darkonda could do anything, he was shot again with another surge of power, this time from Ecliptor. She rush to the Rangers and set them free. Fighting broke out everywhere. Astronema wanted to help Ecliptor as well, but Ecliptor told her that he would be alright and for her to get away. Astronema was torn, she did not want to leave Ecliptor. She knew something horrible would happen to him because of his betrayal. And the betrayal was because of his love for her - his Princess. But Andros pulled her along and soon she found herself running along with the Rangers, trying to make it to the Astro Megaship.

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Power Rangers
Go Galactic!

Wearily Astronema and Andros walked back to the main deck. She was exhausted and really didn't feel up to facing the others. Squaring her shoulders, she walked in. As the Rangers came towards her, she told them that she knew that they didn't accept her now. That she had never really had any friends. But that she hoped that one day that they would accept her and know that she never meant any harm to come to them. Instead, T.J, Carlos, Cassie and Ashley apologized to her and let her know that they were happy to offer their friendship to her. It was a new moment for Karone, but one that she savor with a smile. Karone knew the Rangers had to make a decision about what to do with her. Again, she was reluctant to meet with them. She knew she had done many terrible things. With Andros by her side, she face up to them. Much to her surprise they made her an honorary Power Ranger. So much happiness swelled inside her. Karone was eager to try on the new clothes. Shyly she stepped onto the main deck dressed in her honorary Power Ranger gear. She was beautiful and the Rangers gave her plenty of praise. This happy time for Karone would be all too brief. Dark Specter had no intention of giving up on Astronema. He made a threat to the Rangers. Either Astronema comes back or Dark Specter would send an asteroid towards Earth. The Rangers refused to release Karone. Karone was frightened. She knew Dark Specter better than any of the Rangers and knew he wouldn't give up. She made a plan with the others to return to the Dark Fortress to try and deflect the asteroid. Unknown to Karone, Ecliptor had been captured and reprogrammed. Silently, Karone returned to the Dark Fortress. She knew the place well. Karone kept in constant contact with the Rangers by an ear piece. Karone was startled to find Ecliptor on the Dark Fortress. When he menacing approached her, the familiar feeling of terror filled her. She screamed and tried to get away, but it was too late. Brutally Karone was strapped to a table. She pleaded with Ecliptor to let her go, but this was not the Ecliptor she had grown up with. Terrified she watch as a drill came closer and closer to her forehead. Her last thoughts were that she at least got to see Andros one last time. Astronema awoken and found herself in familiar surroundings. She felt cold and empty inside. Her orders were what they always were - to destroy the Power Rangers. And she planned on succeeding this time. Despite all the coldness inside her, one thing remain unchanged, the locket still hung around Astronema's neck. When Andros and Zhane busted into her chamber to help her escape, she looked at them coldly, no flicker of emotion crossed her face. These two young men meant nothing to her. They were her enemy and must be destroyed. Andros and Zhane managed to escape.

It was just a minor irritation for Astronema. She knew that she would destroyed the Rangers. But Astronema had bigger ambitions as well. She wanted to be the supreme monarch of evil. And the only way to do that was to destroy Dark Spectre. But she had to be clever about it. Astronema created the Psycho Rangers. The Psycho Rangers were created by Dark Spectre's own evil force. Thus, Astronema could accomplished both her goals at one time. Destroyed both Dark Spectre and the Power Rangers. Astronema was relentless in this pursuit and kept the Rangers busy with one battle after another. In the end the Power Rangers defeated the Psycho Rangers. Astronema was furious. She had been so close to draining all of Dark Spectre's power. She would have to come up with a new plan. Astronema created a secret city and had a monster begin transporting the citizens of Angel Grove there. She had a new device that could transform people into data cards. Before Astronema used it on the Rangers, she tested it on the citizens of Angel Grove. The device was a big success and she managed to turn the Rangers into Data Cards. Pleased with her success, Astronema hands the data cards to Ecliptor and leaves the room. The victory did not last for long. The spirits of the Psycho Rangers are also in Astronema's secret city. They want revenge on the Rangers. First the Psycho Rangers go through the device to transform back into their physical form. The Psycho Rangers attack Ecliptor and grab the data cards from him. Then they reverse the procedure to change the Rangers back to human form. A fierce battle breaks out. Ecliptor recovers from the attack and goes after the Psycho Rangers. The Psycho Rangers and Ecliptor begin battling each other. The Rangers use this opportunity to escape. Although they did not get very far and end up in the very room they were in initially. With Zhane's help, the Rangers managed to turn the Psycho Rangers into data cards. Ecliptor feels that he has failed his princess, but although Astronema no longer has the Rangers on data cards, she does have the data cards for the Psycho Rangers in her back pocket.

This is where I hide my power. This is where I become free.
This is where I take control and slowly choke your fantasies.

The victories of the Rangers, simply makes Astronema intensified the battles. She sets up one trap after another for the Rangers. The Rangers are barely making it through each battle. Astronema and the Rangers are headed toward a big confrontation. Dark Spectre has decided that now is the time to attack the universe. He has entrusted Rita, Zedd, the Machine Empire and Divatox to attack different areas of the Galaxy. Astronema is in charge of destroying Earth. She sends in massive battle squads to destroy the Earth. Zordon is moved to the Dark Fortress. Unexpectedly, Dark Spectre is destroyed by none another than Darkonda. Darkonda is set to destroy Astronema next, but in an instant is destroyed literally with Dark Spectre's last breath. Astronema is now the supreme monarch and the Queen of Evil. With a moment, she is uncertain she wants the mantle. Then Astronema gains control of herself. She preens in front of Zordon with this news. Zordon tries to appeal to Karone - somewhere inside Astronema. For a brief moment, a silent cry goes up inside her and her circuitry goes berserk. Astronema suppresses it all back. She is in charge and nothing is going to stop her. A part of her still wants to destroy the Rangers and she makes a rare appearance on Earth. Standing there, she watches the shattered expressions on the people's faces. Astronema can't help but gloat about the Power Rangers failing them. Feeling triumphant, Astronema demands that the Power Rangers turned themselves over to her. When there is no response, she threatens to return the following day - convince that the Rangers will be handed over to her. Astronema returns the following day, demanding the Rangers. A lone figure appears and claims that he is a Power Ranger. Others follow, as one after another claims that they are a Power Ranger. Bemused, Astronema doesn't know what to think. Then her anger surfaces and she begins her destruction again. The real Power Rangers appear and the battle becomes more fierce. Angry with them all, Astronema returns to the Dark Fortress. How dare those puny earthling try to deceive her. She was the Queen of Evil. Then, Astronema hears something on her ship and goes to investigate it. Much to her pleasure, she discovers the Red Ranger talking to Zordon. Coldly she lifts her staff to destroy him. Andros is alerted by Zordon and brother and sister are fighting each other. Andros tries to reach Karone, but only Astronema replies. Astronema raises her staff to apply the stinging laser that will destroy Andros. Instead, the shot reflects off Andros' saber and returns to Astronema. The electric jolt shakes her whole body. Astronema falls to the grounds, vaguely hearing Ecliptor's voice, as the world turns dark for the last time. Karone feels something moist on her check, as she slowly regains conscious. She opens her eyes to find Andros, tears streaming down his face, looking at her. Confused, Karone asks where she is. Overjoyed, Andros replies that it's a long story and soon the other Rangers are crowding around her as well. After all the celebrations, Karone gets the story from Andros about what had happen. Once Earth is back on recovery, Karone returns with the Rangers to KO-35. There were more celebrations on KO-35. Andros and Karone were back home. It should have felt great, but instead there were only dim memories. Karone would try to fit into her new life. Standing with Andros and Zhane, they said farewell to TJ, Cassie, Carlos and Ashley. Karone glanced at her brother and could see that he was in pain. Andros explained to her that he couldn't stay. Karone didn't really want to stay on KO-35 if Andros wasn't going to be there. Zhane wasn't ready to settle onto KO-35 either. The trio entered the Astro Megaship. Zhane and Karone let Andros proceed them onto the main deck. After Ashley gives Andros a hug, both Karone and Zhane entered the bridge of the ship. Happiness surrounds everyone as they start their journey home. Karone tried to settle into a new life. Although Earth and KO-35 were similar in some aspects, in others there were lots of differences. Karone, through time, adjusted to her new surroundings. Adapting was something Karone had done her whole life. She also became friends with Ashley, Cassie, TJ, and Carlos. Zhane was a bit trickier. Both Karone and Zhane had time from their life that had been taken. Karone didn't want to involve herself in an relationship when she was still discovering herself. Although he didn't want to, Zhane followed Karone's wishes and they kept the relationship on friendship basis only. Privately, without anyone's knowledge, Karone grieved for Ecliptor. The only father she had know. Karone began to become restless. She was also tired of someone looking over her. First Ecliptor and now Andros. Karone wanted to stand on her own two feet. She also wanted to start to make amends for all the damage she had caused as Astronema. When Karone broached this subject with Andros, he adamantly insisted that Karone stay in Angel Grove. But Karone knew that she needed to strike out on her own. Through many objections and arguments, Karone made the decision not only to leave Angel Grove, but Earth as well. The last thing she did before she left was take off the locket that had been so much a part of her. Karone was seeing the universe with a different set of eyes. A set that didn't see everything as something to conquer, but the beauty and joy that surrounded her. She went from planet to planet, without a particular destination in mind. Karone was on the planet Gwenette when she overheard a voices. Hiding behind some plants, Karone saw the Galaxy Rangers. Karone knew about the Galaxy Rangers from Andros. She heard them asking about the Pink Quasar Saber. Karone also saw and heard Deviot's deception over the Rangers. This was something she could do. An eagerness to help filled her heart. She could get the Quasar Saber and bring it to safe hands. But she couldn't do it as Karone. Without anyone being aware that she was ever there, Karone left for the planet Onyx. Donning Astronema's gear felt a little strange but it also gave her confidence. As Astronema she had almost destroyed Earth. She made her way into the bar where the auction for the Quasar Saber was taking place. Quietly she waited, as various items went up for bid. Then Karone hear the words she had been waiting for. Heart thudding loudly, but looking completely confident, Karone made her bid for the Quasar Saber. The others gasped as they thought they had Astronema among them. Hearing them gave her the courage to go one step further and actually take the Quasar Saber. With the Quasar Saber in her hands, Karone tried to make a grand exit, but was stopped by Trakeena. Trakeena knew that this was not Astronema, but Karone. A battle broke out between the two of them, but Karone managed to escape.

Quickly Karone left the planet to try and reach the Galaxy Rangers. The Rangers were already aware that they had been trick. But before Divot could make a move, the Pink Quasar Saber came sailing through the air and knocked Divot down. Karone quickly rushed over and without many words, the Rangers and Karone left for safety. When they reached a spot they felt was safe, they all stopped to take a breath. The Galaxy Rangers knew who Karone was and she explained what had happened and what she tried to do. She handed the Quasar Saber to Leo. The quest for the Pink Quasar Saber was still on. Trakeena had found them as well. A battle broke out between them. Karone grabbed the saber and took off with it. Trakeena was after her in a flash. Trakeena had not been pleased to see the admiration that the name Astronema had caused among the bidding crowd. She would destroyed Karone and make Trakeena that name that everyone feared and admired. Karone fought hard against Trakeena. They were equally matched, but Trakeena decided to be underhanded and zapped Karone with a powerful lasers. Karone found herself on the edge of a cliff. Barely able to kept balance. Trakeena had her sword pointed at Karone's throat and the her other hand had grasped part of the saber. The next thing Karone knew she was falling over. She grabbed onto some rocks and literally was holding on for her life. Karone was scared and losing her grip. Slowly her fingers began to slip and she made a final decent down towards the ground below. But midway through the fall, something grabbed her hand. In amazement, Karone saw that the spirit of Kendrix had grasped her hand. Hanging in the air, Kendrix told Karone that she would be the new Pink Galaxy Ranger. With a wave of her arm, Kendrix's morpher appeared on her wrist. Then Karone was whisked to safe ground. For a moment Karone could only stare at the morpher on her wrist. Her dream as a child to become a Power Ranger had become true. She would carry the Pink Torch proudly. Karone enjoyed the look of shock on Trakeena's face as she went back to help the Rangers. It was a quick battle with Karone victorious. Karone explained to the others what had happen, and they welcomed her with open arms. She had a very close relationship with Maya. It was nice having someone else who wasn't from Earth. With Maya she found a friend that she could talk to about anything. With Leo she could enjoy being a child. Karone enjoyed Damon's sense of humor, which she found she had a good dose of as well. And she admire Kai's brains and calmness in all situations. Karone enjoyed life aboard Terra Venture with her new friends that she had made on her own. One of Karone's early outings as the Pink Ranger was to confront her past. A monster had attacked and destroyed Leo's morpher. Leo was unable to morphed into the Red Ranger. Karone knew of a warrior with incredible power. She had fought him as Astronema and had turned him into stone. If they could find him, they might be able to restore Leo's powers. Leo and Karone left together to find the warrior. As they got closer, Karone saw several skeletons littered about the ground. Once of the skeletons spoke to her and knew of her past. Before Karone could entered the cave she would have to pass a test. And the test was facing herself as Astronema. Leo was bounded to the ground by invisible bonds. The duplicate Astronema quickly walked over to him and with her sword held him in a vulnerable position. Then she asked Karone to choose, Leo's life or hers. When Karone choose herself, the apparition of Astronema vanished and Leo and Karone were able to entered the cave. Inside was the strong warrior frozen into stone. But the keys were gone. Leo was already walking out, but Karone stayed behind. She felt such sadness as she realized what she had done to this man. Touching him lightly, she tried to apologized to him as tears streamed down her face and touch his stone hands. Still hanging her head, she headed towards Leo. Those heartfelt words broke the spell and brought the warrior back to life. Leo saw the warrior come back to life and drew Karone's attention to the warrior. Talking directly to Karone, he told her that he forgave her and would be able to restore Leo's powers. Later that day, Karone confined to Maya how good she felt. Karone was starting life with a fresh, clean slate. Divot had nabbed the Galaxy book and soon had all of Terra Venture in the Lost Galaxy. Karone and the others were stunned to find themselves in this bewildering place. More strange sights laid ahead. A strange looking creature, by the name of Captain Mutiny, entered the Terra Venture. In all her dealings as Astronema, Karone had never encountered this creature. Captain Mutiny promised Commander Stanton a device that would help them return to their galaxy. Watching the conversation between Commander Stanton and Captain Mutiny, Karone knew that this was too easy. There had to be more. Karone and the other Rangers discreetly followed Captain Mutiny back to his planet. On the planet, the Rangers decided to investigate the area. There they found what Captain Mutiny's real purpose was. Captain Mutiny captured lost ships and made the people onboard his slaves. Although Karone wanted to help these people, but now was not the time to do so. They had to get back to Terra Venture to stop Commander Stanton from opening the box from Captain Mutiny. By the time the Rangers returned, it was to late. Grunchor was freed and running rampart under the grounds of Terra Venture. It was a tough battle, but together as a team, Karone and the other Rangers were able to defeat Grunchor. More intense battles laid ahead. Captain Mutiny had gone to see Hexuba to help him destroy the Rangers. Karone and the others were put to sleep that lead them into realistic nightmares. Then Hexuba sent previously destroyed monsters back to battle Karone and the other Rangers again. When those plans ended in defeat, Captain Mutiny set Titanisaur upon the Rangers. On top of all this, Terra Venture was in trouble. They simply couldn't stay in the Lost Galaxy any longer or the threat of Terra Venture freezing would become a reality. With the use of the Galaxy book Terra Venture was able to return to their own galaxy. But Terra Venture wasn't out of the woods. Terra Venture was losing speed. A new planet had to be found. Luckily Captain Stanton had found one. Karone gathered with the others for the exciting news. A habitable planet had been found. Karone gazed at the beauty of the planet, speechless. But excitement was in the air, and soon Karone was cheering along with the others. No one could sleep that night. Karone and the other Rangers stayed on top of a building, simply to gaze at the new planet. They all watch the sunrise in silent appreciation. But the excitement was short-lived. Trakeena was back and she was bent on destroying Terra Venture. She launched a massive attack on Terra Venture, causing it to crash on moon. An evacuation was in order. Everyone was desperate to leave the dying Terra Venture. The Rangers battled swarm after swarm of Sting wingers. With the Sting wingers' defeat, Karone and the others helped the citizens of Terra Venture onto escape shuttles. Once the doom had been cleared, Karone and the others made for the Astro Megaship to leave as well. But things were hardly over for any of them. Trakeena was after the shuttles heading for the new planet. Karone and other Rangers launched their attack against Trakeena. The only way to defeat Trakeena was to set the Astro Megaship on auto destruct. Karone and the others made their way to the jet jammers. There they discovered that the bay doors were blocked. Quickly they began to remove the debris. Karone realized that Alpha was not with them and Leo left to find him. They left the ship as one, but as the explosion ripped through, they all went sailing away on their jet jammers. Karone was relived to find herself on the new planet. Maya had landed close to her. Together they found Kai and Damon. They found Alpha as well. As Karone and Maya remove the branches from Alpha, Kai asked them if they had seen Leo. No one had. Karone and the others began to search for Leo. Mike alerted Kai - he knew where Leo was. Quickly Kai told the Karone and the others the Leo was back on Terra Venture fighting a green creature. Without a moment's hesitation Karone and the others raced to help Leo. Much to their horror they discovered that the green creature was Trakeena. An intense battle followed and it looked like not only was Trakeena destroyed, but Leo as well. Much to Karone and the others relief Leo had survived. But Terra Venture was still headed towards the new planet and there was nothing anyone could do to stop it. The Galaxy Megazord was on hand and got Terra Venture to crash where no citizens could be injured. Karone was amazed that they all had survived. Each Ranger went on top of his Galactic Beast and proudly went forward to the citizens on the ground. When the people see the Rangers on top of the Galactic Beasts they begin to cheer. This time the cheers are for Karone as well and she savors the moment. Listening to the Galactic Beasts, Maya begins to follow them. Karone and the others Rangers follow Maya. Karone watches Maya as she removes some branches and discovers the stone body of an man. Maya announces to the Rangers that they are on Mirinoi. Karone listens closely as Maya explains the Ranger legacy and all that has happened. Maya slowly returns her saber into the stone. With much dignity Karone returns the Quasar Saber into the stone as well. Once the Sabers are returned, gold dust begins to fall from the sky as everything that was turned into stone is reverted back to it's original form. Another surprise is waiting for Karone and the other Rangers. A blinding light descends from the skies as Kendrix makes her return. Karone stays with Mike as the others rushed to Kendrix's side. Kendrix thanks Karone. With much happiness Karone tells Kendrix she wouldn't have traded it for anything. Karone, who spent the big part of her life in darkness, now was destined to spend the rest of her days in a warm glow. A glow that was within and extended outside to bathe her forever in happiness and light.


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Karone Pink Galactic Ranger

Karone started out life like the majority of little girls. She had secure, loving home with parents who adored her. Karone also had a big brother, Andros, who she got along with fairly well. Together they dreamed of becoming Power Rangers. Their parents were pleased with how well Andros and Karone got along. As a special gift they gave each one identical lockets with a picture of Andros and Karone in the small frames of each locket. Karone and Andros were thrilled with their lockets and both of them wore their lockets constantly. It was another beautiful day and Karone had talked Andros into playing hover ball with her. Her aim wasn't very good and Andros took off again after one of her off target throws. Suddenly a strange creature appeared in front of her and grabbed her. Filled with terror, Karone began to scream for Andros. But the creature who had her was swift and soon she was in unfamiliar grounds. Karone passed out from fright. When Karone had awakened, she found herself in a very frightening situation. A creature of black with green lines was talking to her. He called her Astronema and was grooming her for an important position. She learned that this creature was called Ecliptor and he took good care of her. But Karone spent every night crying, clutching her locket, waiting for her parents or Andros to come and rescue her. As time went on she began to feel hollow from all the tears. It became clear that she wasn't going to be rescue. In order to survive the cold, emotionless place she was in, Karone began to adapt to the ways of the dark side. Memories of her parents and Andros began to fade. Astronema began to pay much more attention to Ecliptor's lessons and his training sessions. After all, what little girl doesn't want to be a princess.

The years passed and now Astronema was ready to begin her reign. There was going to be an intergalactic conference of evil beings and Astronema was going to attend. She knew what a big honor it was to attend this meeting of the elite of the evil. Divatox and Rita were in a snipping at each other. As Divatox walked away, Rita tried to shot a laser at her. Astronema casually caught the laser shot. Both women were surprised. Already there were rumors that Astronema was to be the new Queen of Evil. The crowd all sat at one big table. Astronema took her place along the table with the others. She noticed a dark hooded being there at the end of the table. Astronema quietly watched him out of the corner of her eye. Dark Spectre appeared and announced his plans. Lord Zedd called for a toast to Dark Spectre. Astronema, along with the others, raised their goblets in a toast. Only the dark hooded being left his goblet on the table. Divatox had noticed and called everyone's attend to it. Wanting to be in on the action, Astronema announced that the hooded being was a spy. Chaos broke out as several creatures creep toward the hooded being and the fighting began. In the midst of the battle, the hood was removed and revealed the Red Space Ranger. Astronema was surprised to see a Ranger. The Red Ranger wasted no time in making his escape. Dark Spectre was angry that the Ranger know knew his plans and announced that Astronema would man the Dark Fortress and be in charge of destroying the Rangers. It was the opportunity Astronema had wanted for a long time. Thus, many battles between Astronema, with her quantrons, and the Rangers would followed. She was a powerful opponent. Astronema had a boomerang like object that could slice or dice anything in it's path. She also had a very powerful staff and was capable of emitting purple lasers from her fingertips. Astronema never let up and followed so closely that she was often on the same planet as the Rangers. She made many plans to destroy the Rangers. She zapped the Ninja Turtles into following her commands for awhile. Went after the same data files that the Rangers were after. Tried to destroy the Rangers and Angel Grove with Professor Phenomenus' new atomic rocket fuel. Stole another of the Professor's inventions, an evilyzer, and tried to used it on the Rangers. Even tried to captured Storm Blaster when it escaped from captivity.

Astronema knew that Ecliptor's loyalty was unwavering. He was always there to offer advice and guide her if she needed it. But another creature made his presence known to Astronema. His name was Darkonda and at first Astronema was quite impressed with him. Especially with Darkonda's plans to use the Barillion bug against the Rangers. For a time Astronema had Darkonda by her side instead of Ecliptor, disregarding the tension between the two. If Darkonda could help her destroyed the Rangers, then she would have him on her side. Monsters were always presenting themselves to the Princess of Darkness. This time the Body Switcher presented himself to Astronema. When she saw how he could change forms she was impressed. Astronema asked the Body Switcher to change her into the Yellow Ranger. As she tested her voice, Astronema knew that she could passed for the Yellow Ranger, Ashley. Finding Ashley's location was easy. Silently waiting behind a bush in a park, Astronema, Ecliptor and the quantrons waited for Ashley to pass. When she was close enough, Ecliptor grabbed her. When Astronema heard Cassie calling for her friend, she stepped out of the bushes. She tried to get Cassie quickly away. But Cassie thought she heard something and went to follow the sound. In an instant Astronema staged an attack that looked like the quantrons were attacking her. Cassie forgot all about the sound as she went to her friend's defense. Although one quantron was a little too enthusiastic about his punches against Astronema, she was pleased that her plan work.

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Astronema was on the Astro Megaship and began working her way to getting rid of the Rangers. First she found Carlos and made quick work of him. Then she picked off T.J and Cassie. As she made her way to Andros, Alpha stopped her. Presenting her with a birthday present, Astronema was bewildered. Opening the gift she found a music box. As the music play, Astronema didn't know what to do. As far as she could remember, no one had ever been nice to her and this really threw her. Not wanting to deal with the unfamiliar feelings coming to her, she shook herself and threw the gift in the trash. Now it was just her and Andros. Andros was concern about where his friends where. When he stated he was going to look for them, Astronema staged a fake attack on Earth. Andros hurled himself into one of the tubes, and Astronema reluctantly followed. She clumsily fall hard onto the ground. Andros was looking for the attack as Astronema slowly got up. Suddenly Ashley appeared as Astronema to warn Andros that the Yellow Ranger was really Astronema. Andros was confused and Astronema simply told him it must be a trick. Andros went to fight with who he thought was Astronema. Ashley stopped him again. She said she could prove that the Yellow Ranger was Astronema. When Ashley asked Astronema what Andros had gotten for her birthday, Astronema was stumped. Then Ashley revealed what the answer was. Andros knew that the Yellow Ranger was Astronema. During the battle Astronema was changed back to herself. Soon she found herself battling Ashley. As the other Rangers came to help they didn't know who was who. Andros picked up the yellow ranger's morpher and asked the two Astronemas what was the call. Astronema stumbled with the hand motions while Ashley nailed them. Frustrated that her plans were once again foiled, she left in a huff.

Astronema soon learned of the Silver Ranger's return. She did not need the powerful Silver Ranger helping the other Rangers. Watching him closely, Astronema learned that he could only stayed morph for a short time. Quickly she came up with a plan to destroy the Silver Ranger. If a monster could just keep the Silver Ranger tied up, he could be destroyed. At first, Astronema had thought her plan had worked as an explosion ripped the tree where the Silver Ranger was hanging. But to her disbelief, the Silver Ranger survive. Astronema wasn't able to give up. She send another monster after the Silver Ranger. When she mistakenly hits the monster instead of the Silver Ranger, the monster retaliates and goes after her. Astronema cannot believe what the monster is doing. She gets knock off her feet and lays unconscious. When Astronema awakens she finds herself among shrubbery. As soon as Zhane sees her awake, he offers her something to drink. Astronema takes a small sip and spits out the foul taste. Zhane takes a small sip and realizes it does taste awful. He makes his way back to the campfire and tries to make the drink more appealing. When Astronema sees the Silver Ranger with his back towards her, she grabs her staff and makes her way towards him. Before Astronema reaches him, Zhane has turned around. Unfazed by her staff pointing straight at him, he stuffs a marshmallow on the point and tries to roast it. Astronema is stunned and quickly grabs her staff back. When Zhane urges her to taste the roast marshmallow, she slowly does. Savoring the sweet taste a unbidden smile comes to her face. Seeing her reaction, Zhane is encouraged to talk to her some more. But hearing Zhane's voice breaks the spell and getting rid of her smile, she walks away from him. As she stands there, ready to leave, she can't help but thank him for rescuing her.

Thoughts of Zhane keep creeping into Astronema's thoughts. She finds herself distracted and wanting nothing more than to gaze at the stars and think of the Silver Ranger. For the first time, destroying the Rangers is not a priority to her. Gazing at a picture she has of him, she finds that she wants to see him again. Astronema decides she will see Zhane again. Quickly Astronema leaves for Earth. She feels lighthearted as she sees Zhane leaving a movie theater with the others. With a quick motion of her hand, she changes from the Princess of Darkness into a lovely young woman. Astronema sees Zhane staring at a movie poster and makes her way towards him. Intentendially she bumps into Zhane. Her books fall to the ground and both of them bend to retrieve them, bumping heads on the way. For a moment it looks like Zhane knows who she is and she asks him if something is wrong. Zhane says no and slowly they stand up. As he hands her books back, Zhane says he has to catch up with his friends. Watching him leave makes Astronema sad and wishing that somehow she could see him again. Then she notices a piece of paper on the ground. Astronema bends to retrieve it and calls out to Zhane that he dropped something. But he is already out of earshot. Curious she unfolds the paper and finds herself staring at a picture of her. Happiness soars into her heart as she realizes that Zhane likes her as well. With this knowledge, she reverts back to Astronema and shoots an arrow into a tree close to Zhane. Watching, she sees Zhane take down the arrow and read the note inside inviting him to a picnic. Giggling she watches Zhane dash off to get ready for their date. Never one to do things half-heartily, Astronema has spread out quite the feast for their picnic. It's an intimate setting and at first, she anxiously waits for Zhane to show up. But as the candles burned down, her joy begins to turn to irritation. How dare he stand her up. When Zhane finally shows up, Astronema was boiling and let him have it. She scorched Zhane with her words and her staff. Astronema left him with the words that she never wanted to see him again. Back at her chamber she was furious at herself for letting herself fall for a Ranger. She takes his picture and crumbles it up in her hands. Astronema goes to toss it, but somehow she can't. Instead, slowly, she smoothed out the picture and couldn't stop a smile from coming onto her face. Maybe it didn't work out between them, but she could still have a few memories of a rare, pleasant time for her and the way Zhane had made her feel special.

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