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Characters: Ragnar Lothbrok, All Father
Verses: The Vampire Irisa, Vampires, Horror, Gore, Marvel, NORSE, Mystery, VIKINGS, Supernatural
Playbys: Travis Fimmel
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Ancient, Comic, Crossover, Heroes/Villains, Medieval, Supernatural,
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Ragnar Lothbrok

"In another life, will you give me your heart?"

I’m sure you have heard of me through the tales of the Prose Edda, you heard of my death in the snake pit, how my sons went on to become greater than I was; but there was always more for me even after death. I choose to ignore my birthright as the son of Odin. I went to Valhalla to rest my weary soul and in my greed made my sister suffer as a result when I should have aided her when she was at her lowest point.
Odin and Freya came to Midgard and left 12 mortal born children to humans of different backgrounds to shape them and see if we were worthy of filling empty spots of fallen gods. Out of 12 only my youngest sister Tyra and myself were the only two souls to not be corrupted by Lucifer and as a result our souls were considered the most valuable because of the fact we were favored children of the Norse Gods and the Christian God himself and yet we were equally broken and toyed with.
I see no point in telling you my mortal days; you can turn to the pages of what was logged by the Christians and my people; I will start with my new life as The All-Father.
The day Magnus appeared in Valhalla confused me as I sat amongst my sons in the Eternal Feast; the husband of my sister was beating frantically at the doors to leave, when I went to calm him down I knew that fear in his eyes. Leaving your loved ones alone to fight without you. “Magnus you can do nothing from here. We are dead.” The proud Viking that I knew who had the skills to read the sea crumbled and I stayed with him while the others chose to ignore us and go back to feasting.
I learned later that things were progressively becoming worse on Midgard and Odin, who came from time to time to see me had made it a point to warn me on his last visit that it was time for me to choose. To remain in hiding or take my rightful place.
While time moves differently in the land of the dead, what was hours ago could feel like days here. When Loki, Sigyn, Freya, Hel and two Valkyrie appeared we were ordered to show ourselves. Freya told me I had to choose now if I would fulfill my duties as Odinson. I agreed, but I was curious why they picked Magnus to come forth as well.
Than I understood as Loki called forth Magnus human father to ask him to give up his claim to his son so that Loki and Sigyn could claim Magnus as their own child in order for him to have a chance to wield the blade of Tyr he needed to suffer a painful process that would make him into Norse god. I will not bore you with the details, but getting my father’s weapon Gungir to accept me was a painful and humiliating process.
When I awoke, my old corpse that had been preserved crawled forth from the waters and in the room were Loki and Sigyn tending to Magnus' body as they were making him their own son. Draining the blood of his mortal self and replacing it with their own and uttering a spell. It was a fascinating process that made me remain to watch with a morbid sense of curiosity and I watched as they submerged his body into the pools. The brown hair took a faint reddish tone and the brown eyes also were gone, replaced with two vibrant shades of emerald hues. At some point Sigyn escorted me from the room I was in and left Loki to handle Magnus' conversion into a Norse god.
I was shown to my chamber and helped by Sigyn; my mother Freya had chosen to retire and watch over Odin leaving Loki and his wife to aid me in my duties. I found it all to be a bit too much to be alive again.
“Ragnar, rest and allow your mind to settle. Loki and I will tend to things when you are ready.” The blue eyed blonde smiled as she stroked his cheek. “My husband will guide you as he has done your sister since you were both children on Midgard. He watched over you even then and will do so as long as he draws breath. Please stick to your chambers for now; we suspect there are betrayers among the ranks and I know my husband will not forgive himself if anything happens to you or Tyra. Your sister was blinded by berserker rage and almost died at Lucifer's hands. I hope with you back and Magnus soon as well the three of you combined will be a strong force to bring about change in our people.”
“I will do my best to be a better All-Father than Odin was.” He vowed.
Sigyn smiled as she reached up to stroke his hair. “I have no doubt about that young Ragnar. I will see you soon.” She leaned forehead to kiss his temple and soon left, leaving him alone.
It would be a week that I spent alone with only Sigyn to check on me and also see to my meals. I spent most of my time interacting with my weapon as it taught me how to use it. That night Sigyn took me from my chambers and led me to the gardens where I saw my sister in the arms of her husband wailing like a baby but I could not fault her. How long had she had to carry heavy burdens all on her own? I made it a vow that night as we we’re all reunited that I would protect my new family and to do so I had to become stronger than Odin to accomplish that.
If I wasn’t with Loki, I was with someone else buried in old texts learning about the state of things and magic.
On one trip to Midgard with Magnus I met the witch named November and I found myself taken back by her beauty, my attempts to flirt with her were met with blank eyes as if she couldn’t express emotion, a few times I went back to see her and it was only when Magnus informed me she sold her heart to to the spell book her life was bound to did he understand those eyes and how she reacted to him as if it met nothing.
I even looked through thick tombs looking for a way to free her from this burden she put upon herself but to my dismay after Loki and I spoke; what November did couldn’t be undone and would only end upon the event of her actual death.
Maybe in another world and another life she could give me her heart.

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