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One more "kiss from a rose" joke and I'll... actually I can't say what I'll do. I'm unpredictable like that~

31 years old

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May 12 2022

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Characters: Poison Ivy, Pamela Lillian Isley
Verses: Batman, DC Comics, Snyderverse DCEU, The Batman, Arrowverse, Marvel, Crossovers, Mature
Playbys: Emma Stone
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Casual, Comic, Crime, Drama, Movie, Romance,
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About me:
Pamela Lillian Isley, among the foremost prominent ecological experts whose love for botany has always been unrivaled, her peers never sharing her passion for her work. Pamela was coerced into a genetic experiment by her superiors years ago, wherein she suffered untold trauma and nearly died. After months in the hospital, she was admitted into a psychiatric rehabilitation center. She had become paranoid, delusional and convinced that the plant life around her were speaking to her.

Realizing the experiment had succeeded but in the worst way possible, the very same superiors who coerced her into this mess had faked her death so they could obtain her as an asset once again, where further illegal tests were done upon her.

It was determined that she somehow had a psychokinetic connection to all plant life. She was tortured extensively, which seemed to cause an abnormal reaction in the plant life around them, it was as if the plants were alive when around her.

Where they went wrong, was the day they tortured and experimented on the living plants. This in turn also caused Pamela to suffer with them, as she felt their pain worse than she had felt their own. They cried out to her, longing for relief. And she unknowingly lashed out, her desperation breathing new life into even the smallest of flowers or shrubs. It was a nightmarish scene: barbed vines lascerating and strangling, thick poisonous brush smothering and infecting, and large trees sprouting from the earth to crush and bury what was left of them.

Amidst this chaotic hellscape was a blissful Pamela, rejoicing in her vengeance and the flora around her would worship her like a goddess...

She had set her sights upon Gotham City, a hole in the earth nearly entirely devoid of mother nature's kiss. It was here that she would begin her war against the world for their cruelty against the planet itself, and she would not stop until the world was a lush garden, and all who had wronged her were buried and used as fertilizer...
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