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38 years old
Lawrence, Kansas
United States

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May 19 2022

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May 13th 2022 - 9:53 PM

| Thanks for having me, drop by when you have a minute to discuss getting something started. Or  -- let me know if you'd like a random starter. I look forward to writing with you.

May 13th 2022 - 9:48 PM

Thank you :)

May 9th 2022 - 2:39 AM

I stood in the bathroom not sure exactly where I was at the moment as it was one of my amnesia attacks or episodes. My hands were covered in blood as I could see out of the corner of my eyed I wasn’t sure of that was the only place that there was blood on my person.These sensations and cravings were getting more intense by the hour and moment. My mind was unable to recall who I was at the moment which made my hands want to shatter the Mirror in front of me.


Racing thoughts and Panic struck all through my mind and body along with an intensity of rage.I ran my bloody hands through my hair nervously as I could recall I had a brother but I couldn’t recall my own name or the events that I had occurred at the moment.. I felt around my pockets for a wallet or cell phone as maybe there was some records of who I was…


All I could find was a name and a cell number on it and thought maybe if I had called this person that they would know who I was. I didn’t think of washing my hands as I glanced downwards that I saw a duffel Bag on the floor But that wasn’t all I saw as there were bodies on the floor. As I moved towards the phone on the counter that I took great Notice that the body count Kept Growing as I Glanced around. My vision was still with the blurriness growing from this episode blackout I had as I dialed the number on the card that I had found in my pocket just moments earlier….                                   

Southside Vixen

Apr 23rd 2022 - 10:01 AM

Veronica had been in Lousiville where her mama lived as well as where her now ex husband was with their two seventeen year old twin girls. Veronica had uprooted her whole life for Kevin and in the end it had been for nothing. Once Kevin became a big shot bartender for some fancy bar he started getting distant with V and even the girls. The girls were now seventeen and did their own things for the most part but it would of been nice to have Kev around a little more. He would spend late nights at the bar and come home drunk and with another female's lipstick on his neck which made V frantic. It eventually ended their marriage, as much as she loved him she just couldn't do it anymore. The girls wanted to stay behind with their grandmother and graduate with their friends, V hated the idea at first but was understanding. 

She packs a bag as she calls the movers to set up arrangements for them to take all her stuff to Chicago. V was going back home to the one place that had always felt like home and to the real family she had always had. She didn't know if Fiona had ever made it out of Chicago herself since they hadn't spoken much since she moved to Louisville but she hoped she was still out there. She wondered about the rest of them too and if any of them had still been living on the south side. V gets her ticket and says good bye to her girls, Kev had since moved out getting a one bedroom apartment and becoming the proud owner of the bar he worked for. She was truly happy for him she just wished he put that much effort into their marriage. She sits on the plane already missing her girls but happy to go back to Chicago. She wondered if Frank was even still kicking around or if someone had finally put him out of his misery. Did Ian and Mickey ever get married? Was Carl still a cop, sh*t did Lip and Mandy finally tie the knot. So much had happened in the five years since she had been gone. 

When the plane landed V gets out and grabs a cab after grabbing her luggage and heads to her old neighborhood, she was devasted when she learnt they had demolished it. Nothing was there now and it was like the southside wasn't the same anymore. She had made her way to the Alibi seeing it boarded up, so something else Kev had lied about as she sighed "ooh hell no!" she puts her suitcases down and pry's open the Alibi door as she then picks up the suitcases and walks inside. The place looked like someone had taken a jack hammer to it and most of the boozes as well as the pool tables, tables and chairs were all missing, "f***!" she wanted to call Kev up and bitch him out but knew it wouldn't solve anything instead she makes her way up to the apartment. It looked like someone now lived in it but she didn't see anyone around as she set her suitcases down and took a seat for a moment. V would have a lot of work cut out for her but she would bring the Alibi back to life. 

She changes her clothes and puts her hair up with one of her bandana's as she makes her way back down to the bar leaving her suitcases upstairs. She starts to clean up the bar by starting with the booze that were broken and placing them into a bucket. She then opened the Alibi door sticking something heavy in front of it to air out the place. Having a project like the Alibi kept her mind busy and gave her something to focus on. 

(( If prefer can respond in messages I'm not picky and it doesn't have to be as long. If this starter doesn't fit also feel welcome to message me and we can figure something else out. ))

Apr 21st 2022 - 3:46 PM

Seth "Freakin" Rollins.
Colby Daniel Lopez.
Let's get something going. 

Melissa (Mel)
Animation's OverHaul RPG

Apr 9th 2022 - 11:18 PM

Animated Red Rose Blooming Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook,  Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter

Thank you all for the add / request!
We are Animation's OverHaul RPG.
A Group for those that love not just Disney but all Animation.
In this group, most do have Rl Face for the characters.
But this group is here for the love of that cartoon character.
We are here to have fun and just let that inner kid out.
So please check us out and see if we are a fit.
Thank you again!

Love The Mods!
~ Belle
~ Anna
~ Ariel

Mar 2nd 2022 - 8:07 AM

Aw haha, well we have that in common. The little brat grew on me *!!*

Mar 2nd 2022 - 5:10 AM

Haha touché sir. Touché. Any plans for you today?

Mar 2nd 2022 - 3:37 AM

I’m not. Most get weird via message, so I avoid them when possible. Not a whole lot happening for me either to be real. Just binging on tacky netflix shows.

Mar 2nd 2022 - 3:34 AM

Well hello, hello. I’m Gavin. How are you, Dean?
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