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I've been clean for two weeks now- well, sorta clean!

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Characters: anthony \'angeldust\'
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Basic Info

Full Name Anthony Francesco Sabatino

Nickname/Alias Angel Dust - this is his stage name. Angel - what almost everyone calls him.

Signature With Anthony's signature, the writing looks as if he's in a rush to just get it over with. He does not do much with who he was before hell, however, as his family no longer has much to do with him. Angel's signature, on the other hand, is beautiful and has as many loops, curves, etc. as he can include. He ends and begins it with a little heart.

Gender Genderqueer

Pronouns He/him

Gender Role (Does your character generally act more feminine or masculine?)

Orientation Fag Homosexual

Real Age 109 years old, but died when he was 36

Age Appearance Seeing as how he no longer looks human the majority of the time, it is hard to judge how he looks. He does appear young, however, and is somewhere in his middle to late 20s. In his human form, which is not taken often, he is in his early 30s.

Birthday November 18th, 1911

Deathday October 29th, 1947

Birthplace/Deathplace New York City, New York

Astrological Sign Scorpio

Zodiac Sign Pig

Species Sinner demon

Preferred Hand His left hands are used primarily, but he is ambidextrous.

Eye Color Both of his irises are pink, his left eye has a dark sclera and no pupil.

Fur Color All over his body, Angel has white fur, with the occasional pink spot within the fur.

Makeup He will almost always wear eyeshadow and eyeliner.

Height Around 8 feet tall with his heels on. He stands around 7’4” without the heels.

Weight 201 lbs.

Cup Size While he does not have actual breasts, he pushes his chest fur into the shape of them. They would be around a B cup size.

Birthmarks/scars (Self explanatory)

Distinguishing Features The most distinguishing feature of Angel’s is his different colored eyes. This is the first thing that most people notice, though his golden tooth is the next feature that he would see as distinguishing.

Health Overall, Angel is healthy. Seeing as how he can’t die for another time; he has nothing that is truly wrong with him. The days after rough movie shoots, however, he is out of whack and it usually takes two or three days for him to be completely recovered.

Energy (How much energy does your character have on a daily basis?)

Memory (How well does your character remember things, and what do they remember?)

Senses (Are any of your character's senses better or worse than others)

Handicaps ([Ex: A limp, deafness, missing an eye] May be optional.)

Medication (What meds do your character take, if any?)

Phobias Astraphobia - Angel has a strong fear of storms to the point he will risk Valentino's rage and refuse to leave his room. Fat Nugget is a good comfort to him when he is dealing with a storm. Podophobia - Unless he is being paid good money, Angel will not touch another's feet nor will he allow another to touch his. They disgust him to an extent that he freezes up and refuses to go forward with what is expected of him.

Addictions Any drugs that he can get his hands on, but he has a particular fondness for phencyclidine, aka angel dust- his namesake.

Mental Disorders Bipolar Disorder/Manic-Depression (Bipolar I Disorder) -

Love Interest

Status ---
Whom Name
Dated 00/00/0000
Engaged 00/00/0000
Married 00/00/0000

Comments Your personal comments about your significant other goes here. Your personal comments about your significant other goes here. Your personal comments about your significant other goes here. Your personal comments about your significant other goes here. Your personal comments about your significant other goes here. Your personal comments about your significant other goes here. Your personal comments about your significant other goes here.

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