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23 years old
United States

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November 13 2021

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Characters: Shelly Webster
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About me:
Shelly Webster was born to two good parents and was a part of a good family. She grew up as a good kid. Shelly was always smart too growing up and as an adult. She got interest in photography when she was 8 if not younger. It was when Shelly got a kid camera, which wasn't a real one yet but still fun just the same, for her at least.At the age of 10 or so was when she finally got her real first camera. She focused on taking pictures and school the most, no more nor less. Shelly graduated with pretty good grades but she decided to pursue photography instead of anything else and nothing or no one could change that, no matter what. She was pretty stubborn and refused to pick another profession/Career except that. If it didn't work for sure then and only then she planned to figure out what to do next.

However, since Shelly was very good with photography that it was doubtful that she would need a need profesion/career choice. Or so her parents thoughts and many others thought the same thing too. Shelly herself thought the same thing too, as she grew up to believe in herself. Even if there were times when she lost faith but her parents and rest of the family made sure that she never lost hope. Shelly was part of an Iris family, and an Irish decent given that all her family was Iris, so she grew around Irish believes and myths. Which her family or some of them believed in, and so did she. Shelly's grandmother taught her some of those myths. She was also taught her family's traditions, other than christian religion traditions. Shelly grew up following both traditions. She finished high school but since photography was what she wanted to do for a living, she focused on that.

Shelly didn't go to collage as she got temp jobs around town, as she took pictures for money. She did it before graduating high school and after that. Then once Shelly got enough money she left her hometown and headed to Port Colombia, Washington. By then her grandmother had died, and it hurt her to stay there even if her parents were there, so she decided to leave. To get away from bad memories. Shelly wanted to find herself. She settled in Port Colombia, Washington, where her life truly began for her. In Port Colombia, Washington Shelly got herself some jobs that paid well to do with photography. Some photos she took off people and landscapes for herself and others for them and herself both. One day Shelly got a job in a club called Blackout, which changed her life permanently. As she took pictures of a band called Hangman's Joke, especially one of the members called Eric Draven, she got harassed by some dude who tried to force her to dance with him. Not many from the audience saw it and those who did were too far to tell what was really going on and thought that a couple were having fun.

It was also what the guy himself thought and believed. Despite the fact that Shelly tried to get the guy to leave her be but he refused and insisted as for him she wanted him and he her. Which was a lie as she didn't want him as she didn't want to dance with him nor be with him. Yet, the guy refused to hear it. To her luck so, the band member, named Eric Draven witnessed it all and got off stage despite the fact that his band were confused by it and tried to get him back on stage. None of them saw the problem but he did and being a good guy he went to help her. Shelly watched as Eric asked the guy to leave the young woman alone but the guy refused and instead asked Eric to go away and let them be. Shelly hoped that Eric would stay and continue to help her as he did just that. He continued to ask the guy to leave as the guy was about to hit him to her horror but Eric punched the guy out instead to shock of all. The guy left annoyed as Shelly thanked him for helping her as she knew what really happened and refused to forget it.

Eric introduced himself to her as Eric and she told him her name was Shelly, as he returned to the stage and continued to perform with his band but couldn't take his eyes of her and she couldn't take her eyes of him. It was literally love from first sight for them both. After the show Shelly and Eric talked more, even if he was arrested and taken to jail for beating the guy but then released as the case didn't go to trial. Yet, the fact that Eric punched the person stayed in the criminal file, even if both Shelly and Eric tried to get it deleted as Eric had no choice but it didn't work for them at all. Unfortunately. They tried to forget about that, as much as possible even if it was rather hard for them to do. They moved on from it eventually, as they became a couple. They dated for a while until they decided to buy an apartment together, an apartment that Shelly herself picked and Eric agreed about them buying it. Also technically it was more of a loft than an apartment but they were quite alright with it.

During the time that they dated or perhaps a bit before that, Shelly continued to be a photographer as she met a street girl named Sarah Mohr, who's pictures she took off many times. Also Sarah had a mother but her mother got drunk a lot and such that Sarah choose to be out on the streets more than anywhere else, which was how Shelly and Sarah met in the first place. She ended up telling Eric about her whenever they spend time together in the loft alone. Shelly even introduced Sarah and Eric to each other as she invited Sarah over. It was a day that Eric practiced his guitar. Shelly was pleasantly surprised when she introduced them to each other, as she saw them get a long well, and becoming friends. As she herself and Sarah were already friends. Shelly and Eric ended up taking care of Sarah, as her mom couldn't. She as in Sarah ended up spending more time with them and in the loft than in her own home and her mom. Not that they complained but they felt bad that the child was from a broken home. So they did what they could to help her and give her a safe place. Despite how young they were themselves. They helped her with what she needed help and if they knew that they could help her with it. They were like older siblings for her rather than parents.

One day, when Eric asked if his adopted little brother, Chris could come and stay with them, she agreed as his family was hers. Yet, when one of Shelly's camera's was stolen she right away suspected Eric's adopted little brother. She confronted Eric about it and told him to talk to his brother about it. Either he returns her camera back or he must leave. Eric did just that and he ended up kicking his adopted brother out as she was grateful for that as his adopted little brother wasn't welcome in their place if he stole things from either one of them. Also Shelly felt bad for Eric, that he had to kick out his own adopted little brother, but unfortunately it was for the best and she told him as much. Shelly wished that it had never came to that, just like Eric did but unfortunately it did came to that. It happened a bit before Shelly introduced Eric and Sarah to each other. After Sarah came into their lives Shelly and Eric let Sarah have their schedules and with her they cleared their schedules to be able to spend time together. So that they could spend alone time together and when they did that, Sarah stayed behind and lived her life best that she could.

Also, most times it was Shelly that got their schedules cleared with Sarah, and then Shelly 'kidnapped' Eric on vacations with her, not that he ever objected going with her anyway, but still. They always went to a place owner by Shelly's family, until they stopped going there. For a while. Yet, they did plan to go back there one day but not for a little while. As they concentrated more on work, as well as being there for Sarah. They had no idea what was about to happen soon, not even Sarah. As they lived their lives as they usually did. They hoped that they would spend their lives together, as in Eric and Shelly did as Sarah hoped that they would, since even she thought that they belonged together. They hoped to spend a lot of time together and even with their kid friend, Sarah. Yet, unfortunately life had different plans for them. Given the fact that something similar happened to each of their life times, it was about to happen to them in that life too, unknown to either of them for a time being.

One day, Eric and Shelly decided to spend the the whole together, alone, just the two of them. As they took care of few small details as they promised to go back to work the next day, and they promised to see Sarah the next day too. Then they started their special celebration. With rings and then Eric sang Shelly a song that he wrote for her called 7 circles that he came up for her. Which he never wrote down as he kept it in his mind, which he told her. Then she read him a poem she wrote as it was on a piece of paper, written by her. Unknown to them they were being recorded, even if not everything was recorded. Next thing the door was broken in and 3 people barged in. A gang. Two grabbed him and one held Shelly down. Then they raped her by turn and forced him to watch. Both tried to fight and asked them to stop bit with no luck, as Shelly said Eric's name a lot, as Eric tried to get to her but with no luck. Then he was thrown out of the window, a 17 floor window to be exact as he died on impact. When the police and an ambulance cane it was too late for Eric but they found Shelly, barely alive as she calling out her guy's name.

It took her many hours but she ended up dying. As a cop named Darryl was by her side until the end, as he held her hand so she won't be alone, especially in the hospital. Shelly ended up dying, after msny hours of suffering. Both her and Eric were buried by each other. Their souls met in the land of the bridge in the land of the dead. As Shelly got there before and he found her due to his guide a a magical bird, the crow, a specific one who reunited them. They were happy to see each other again and ready to move on together. Yet, their happiness of seeing each other didn't last long. As the bird made a sound as she noticed that and said "Crow," in surprise. When he asked what's it all mean, she just told him "It's a legend.... something about a second chance" and asked him to set things right and that she will wait for him as went back or was pulled back to the opposite direction upset, as she planned to wait for him for as long as it took.

Shelly never left the land of the dead, but at the dame time she was still by Eric's side a lot. However, he first saw her after he came back as the crow, as he went back to the loft, as she asked him to read her poem to her. Then Shelly disappeared as she couldn't stay for long. Then when a portal open in the middle of the broken window they could see each other again. As Shelly visited him a lot as he wondered which part was him, she told him that the soul was him. Then when he found a ghost kid and helped him, Shelly watched and as the kid fled from him to the land of the dead, she helped Eric help him, as she helped Eric save another kid before from death. And even helped a young woman who was murdered to clear the name of her guy as he didn't kill her but her dad's men did, as both her and Eric helped the two. Then she met Eric's past life who temporary possesed Eric until he left him, who looked like Eric. Then Shelly stopped Eric from killing of gang members that killed them because the guy turned better because of Eric. As the two were under a spell, right after Eric missed the chance to move on with her, and after she by accident possessed someone but left them.

Then after she saved Eric's soul she stayed to hear him sing her poem that he made into a song as he dedicated it to her. Then when Eric got separated from hid crow side, she came back to help but only to help and say goodbye as she needed to move on. As she did that and left back to the land of the dead, as a kid she and Eric helped before, came back from the light no one usually came back from, in order to take her to the light, as she let him but then she stopped and let go off his hand as she run back, climbed the bridge in the land of the dead and jumped. As Shelly almost didn't make it but luckily she did. Shelly came back with no memories and many emotions, as she tried to get her memories back and live her life as she always wanted to. She does what she can, as she tried to live day by day ever since.

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Sarah Mohr

Nov 13th 2021 - 8:17 AM

Sarah woke up, as she washed up and changed clothes. Then she brushed her hair and her teeth. Then Sarah took her school bag and headed to the kitchen as she saw her mom there. They talked among themselves, as Sarah sat down by the table and ate the food her mom made her. As well as she drank what her mom made her. Sarah was surprised that even if her mom messed up once and went back to drinking, she changed again but this time without messing up. She was somewhat impressed but she feared that she would mess up again. Even if Sarah hoped not. She just saw that her mom messed up once after getting cleaned, so she wasn't sure that she could trust her not to do that again. Sarah hoped that she was wrong and her mom would stay clean but with her luck, she wasn't sure if she could believe it or not. Especially since Sarah had to be the grown up when her mom messed up. She wanted to be an adult but in a case like that. Sarah felt awakward in cases like that and didn't want a repeat of it. She tried not to think of that as she ate and talked to her mom.  Once Sarah was done she waited for her mom. Then both left the house, after Sarah helped her mom with the dishes. Her mom went to the police station, where she worked but small part. Like getting calls about emergencies and such.  While Sarah went to School. She had no idea that on this day she will get another surprise in her life. After one last year, where Eric Draven her friend and one who helped raise her, came back from the dead. What Sarah did know was that she would see Eric that day. Which she was glad as they were friends, like siblings and she enjoyed hanging out with him.

Yet, at the moment Sarah focused on the moment and nothing else but that.  As she headed to school. Sarah actually through all her classes. Then she went home to do her homework and eat , but at first she went to Eric as she got his letters and went  to hang out with him but ended up going home earlier than she expected, which was why she did her homework and ate at her house that day. Once Sarah was done she went to watch tv . Yet, she first changed clothes due to the fact that she got those cloths dirty by accident. Then Sarah got a call from Eric as  she was shocked and headed over fast. Once she was by the apartment she went up the stairs to Eric's  and Shelly's floor and then she went to the door of their loft. Once there she knocked on it. Sarah watched the door open and then she saw Eric. She walked in as soon as  he let her walk in.  Sarah talked to Eric as here and there they glanced to the person in the room. She was shocked and confused as they talked, due to the person that she saw inside.

Then Sarah watched Eric leave as she closed the door after him. She then watched the person shocked. Sarah tried to speak but nothing came up. At first. "Shelly? Eric wasn't kidding then. You are here," she said as she watched her. "It is me, Sarah," Sarah added as she hoped it will help Shelly remember. "Don't worry. You are safe here," she said a minute later as she watched her closely. "We both are safe. And Eric will be back soon," Sarah said to her as she watched her closely. She then waited to reaction as before, as she wondered what would it be. Sarah looked around and back at her."Eric is a good guy. He won't hurt you and I won't hurt you either,'" she said to her as she  looker to the ground and back at her as she sat on the floor.
Eric Draven

Oct 21st 2021 - 11:32 PM

Eric watched Shelly or whoever it was with concern on his face. He wished that he understood any of it but he definitely didn't. Unfortunately. Eric wondered if it was even really Shelly or not. Partly he believed that it was her but partly he wasn't sure one way or another. Eric wasn't sure what to think or believe, due to that. He wondered if she was Shelly then why her memories took longer to come back then his ever did. Eric couldn't understand that. It was almost like she got hurt hard in her entry from the land of the dead to the land of the living. Or something like that. Or so Eric thought and believed, at least. As it seemed that way to him. Or something like that at least. Eric hoped to get to the bottom of all of it soon. He hoped to be able to help her or whoever it was soon. As people needed their memories, unless they were evil but that was besides the point. Eric doubted that she/the person evil. Which was why he cared. Eric just hoped that he wasn't wrong about it. He tried not to think of that as he hoped for the best as he watched the person. Eric wondered how to help the person. As he could tell, without any doubt that the person needed help. Whether they asked for help or not. Eric could tell that Shelly or whomever the person was, was definitely scared as he tried to make sure not to scare them anymore as he watched them. He looked around and back at her as he tried to figure out what to do and say to get close enough to help, without scaring the person. Yet, the longer he thought of it the more trouble he had figuring that out. That was something he couldn't fix. Not easily anyways. Not as Eric nor as the crow. Which made him feel hopeless and somewhat useless. Eric refused to give up but it was still rather hard for him as he never faced anything like that before. Most times he was able to solve things but this was one of the hardest things that he had to deal with ever. Eric wondered if he could even solve it at all, given that he couldn't figure away to help. He refused to give up but at the same time he had no idea what to do. All Eric knew was that he couldn't give up no matter what. So he tried to do that. Also not giving up didn't help him figure it out but it helped him keep hope that he might be able to help. So Eric definitely wasn't sure how it helped with it yet. He tried not to think of any of it either as he tried to solve it. As much as possible.

Eric felt bad for the person but the longer that passed the more unsure he was of what to do to help them. He still tried not to lose hope no matter how hard it was for him to do that. Eric hated being in a situation where he couldn't help. He hated being in situations when he needed help to help another person. It was the same when Eric was still alive before be died and came back different. Also bad then things like they barely happened, if at all. Eric did know that asking for help didn't mean anything bad about him but he still hated that. Given that on most cases after he came back he could help people. More than before even. Yet, this was literally one case not Eric nor the crow could help with. Without help. He knew that he wasn't perfect, of course. Yet, Eric still hated not being able to help as it made him feel useless and he hated feeling that way, a great deal. As most people. There was no idea where. Nor how to find it. Yet, no matter what he still refused to give up, as he didn't like the idea of giving up. Especially as it wasn't like him. Even if Eric did give up at times but Sarah and Darryl, his cop friend always helped him realize that he shouldn't give up. And that it wasn't like him. Which helped him a lot. That was something Eric was grateful then and that moment. It was something Eric would always be grateful for. However, unfortunately, it didn't help much that moment. It just helped him not give up hope. Yet, Eric still had trouble figuring it out, no matter what. He wondered if it could be fixed. Helped. Eric came up blank no matter how long he tried to figure it out. Like before that. He wondered what was he missing. As Eric was sure. Completely sure. That he was missing something there. Eric just had no idea what was he possibly missing so. He had trouble figuring that out, as he continued to try and figure that out just the same. Eric didn't care how hard it was and how long it took, he would figure it all out. He just hoped that it would be soon so. As it was important and needed. As the person mattered no matter who they were. They no doubt had people and family who cared for them and needed them. Eric was sure of that. He was positive about it in fact. Eric just had no idea where to start from to figure it all out. Everytime he thought he figured it out he ended up back at the beginning yet again. Eric looked around again as he tried to figure it all out. He wanted to tell the person that it would all be alright and that they would figure it all out but couldn't. As Eric had no idea for sure, one way or another. Which was exactly the problem. Unfortunately. He didn't want to lie to the person so he said nothing about it, for the time being at least. Eric looked to the ground as if he was checking the floor boards but he actually was trying to think of away to help the person. Yet, he still came out with nothing. Eric had no idea what to say or do next. That was for sure. He had no idea what anyone said. Or did in a situation like that.

Eric felt bad for the person, no matter how long had passed. As the longer that passed the more he wanted to help the person out. Given that Eric was a good guy after all, and not a bad guy. He helped people before death and after that, right after he came back from the dead but with different things than before that. Despite that at the moment he had no idea how to help, he still planned to help. As nothing else was an option. Not to Eric at least. He hated to see the person suffer without being able to help. Eric refused to give up and let a person suffer and the person in front of him seemed to suffer. Eric wanted to help out. One way or another. Yet, he had no how to help the person. Whether it was Shelly or not. Which something told Eric that it was Shelly but he wasn't sure one way or another. As he wasn't that close to get that information from the person. Eric wanted to get close to the person for that but he didn't want to spook the person even more. He had no idea who the person was for sure but he definitely could tell that they confused and scared. Eric could also tell that they didn't remember anything and it was one of the reasons that they were scared. He also could tell that if he came any closer the person got even more scared from him. So Eric decided not to move any closer until he possibly could. He had no idea what to do to help the person in any other way then going over and it was the one thing he couldn't do. Which made things even more complicated. For Eric and the person that he wanted to help, one that needed help. He passed a bit by his spot, without going any closer to the person. In order not to scare the person. That was when he stopped and closed his eyes and titled his head to the side as he looked through the eyes of his crow. The same crow that he was connected to, and then opened his eyes with a concerned look on his face. Then after that Eric called his cop friend about it. He believed that he needed to know about it and that he was still in town due to change of plans.

As soon as Eric did that he wasn't sure what to do next. He needed to help but didn't want to leave the person alone. At the same time Eric didn't want to leave and then come back and the person was gone, especially if it was Shelly. Because he knew if that happened then he would lose Shelly for good. Which wasn't an option. Eric refused to lose her again. Especially after he almost lost her for good more than once. Except this time if he lost her, nothing would ever change it. Which wasn't an option. Not for Eric. He needed her. Eric loved her since the day they met. Even after they got together. He couldn't lose her. Not again. Not after Eric finally gotten her back. If it was really her. Which Eric believed that it was in fact her. At least got feeling told him that it was indeed her. Even if he wasn't completely sure one way or another. Eric tried not to think of that as he decided to call his kid friend, Sarah. He did just that and then he waited for her to come. Eric knew that it might seem weird but he figured that she was the only one he trusted with it. He had no idea whom else to trust with that job. As if he choose someone else then Eric would need to explain it all. Which he had no idea how to do that. Not without sounding crazy and delusional. Which he wanted to avoid at all cost. Eric doubted that they would listen and believe him about any of it or think he lost it and call the cops on him or what. It was something he tried to avoid as much as possible. Eric tried not to think of that as he waited. While he waited he watched the other person. When Sarah finally came he opened the door for her and let her in. They talked for a bit. Eric and Sarah both glanced at the other person and back at each other as they talked among themselves. Then he left as Sarah stayed behind, as he went to do what he had to do. She closed the door after him. Then Sarah sat on the ground. With her face towards the person. Sarah felt horrible for the person. However, at the same time she was shocked and speechless about the fact that the person looked like Shelly. Sarah saw the person smile at her with a sad and scared smile as she smiled back at her, with a sympathic look on her face. She couldn't believe that Eric was right. Not that Sarah doubted him. It was like the fact that it made no sense but then again him being back didn't exactly made sense either. So if that was possible then other things were possible too, most likely. Or so Sarah thought. Then again Eric was different. Not human but not a ghost either. He was something unexplained. Yet, Shelly wasn't chosen by the crow so it made no sense that she would be back. As it couldn't work. Or could it? That all was what Sarah thought about and wondered. She shook her head to those thoughts as she watched the person. As the crow showed up behind the person Sarah just watched the person's reaction, as the person saw the crow. She tried to calm the person down. Sarah tried to help the person realize that the crow wasn't going to hurt her. As it really wasn't going to hurt her. "Calm down. Take it easy, ok? I promise you that it won't hurt you. If you are Shelly then you probably know this! If not then you do know that now,"

Sarah said to the person. After that, they began to talk about things. Saran noticed however, that the person had problems following anything she had said, so she tried to explain herself in the best way possible. "We are not your enemies. You are not even a prisoner! Eric, my friend, the one that just left, only wants to help you. I do too but I can't! He can. Especially if you are in fact Shelly," she said to her and sighed, as she watched her closely. Sarah watched the other person and listened to them when they spoke to her. She spoke to them for a while. Sarah looked around and back at the person. She had no idea how to get the person understand that they were safe. As the person seemed scared no what Sarah said or it seemed that way to Sarah, anyway. As she sighed to that. Sarah hoped to try and help the person remember but wasn't how so. She hoped that Eric would know that she tried to help, even if she had failed. At least she tried. Or so Sarah thought at least. She wondered how could she help the person at all. Eric trusted her to watch over the person and try to help them remember, which she tried but it didn't seem to work. Not for her at least. They talked for a bit. Right until Eric came back. Sarah looked at him as she got up and talked to him. She also apologized to him for failing but he told her it was fine and that he didn't blame her for it at all. Then they talked for a bit longer as here and there they glanced at the other person. They talked a bit more and then Sarah left as Eric closed the door after her and looked at the other person once more. He felt really terrible and had no clue how to help her or the person in general nor he knew what to say to them, Yet, Eric spoke to her/ well the person, as he said the only thing that he could have said. No more nor less than that. After he said what be said he watched the person. Eric noticed that she didn't believe him nor trusted him. Or anything like that. Due to her reaction. As Eric didn't blame her as it was hard to believe, even if it was the truth. He wondered how else to explain any of it to her. Or the person. It was the hardest thing that he ever had to do. There were other hard things that he had to do but that was the hardest of all. Eric talked for a while so, despite the fact that the person didn't believe him at all. He had no idea what else to say that would convince the person of the truth. Eric continued to watch the person as he spoke.

Then once he was done, he still watched the person as he waited for a reply to what he said. Eric listened to the person as he couldn't believe what he had heard. He had no idea what to think or believe about it. Eric listened and nodded as he had no idea how to react to any of it. It seemed to be possible that it was Shelly but she didn't remember anything. Which hurt like a knife being pushed through him. Also the current Eric, one that came back from the dead could handle the knife being pushed into him more than he could handle hearing the love of his life saying to him what it seemed that she had said to him at the moment. He watched the person shocked with an open mouth and his hand over his mouth. Eric was shocked and horrified by that. The strange thing was that if it was her part of her seem to recognize the loft and the direction to it, as she or the person came there alone. Yet they didn't remember anything. That was something that Eric couldn't follow. It was something he couldn't understand. Yet, Eric said nothing about that, at least for the time being. He looked towards the person as he listened to them, not sure how to react to any of it. Eric turned to the side and back at her or the person anyway. He wondered what to say or how to react to any of it as he listened to the person speak. Eric never wished to hear any of it from Shelly, and yet it might actually be coming exactly from her. He had no idea how to react to any of it. Eric was hurt if it was her and the more she talked the more convinced he was that it was her. That it was in fact Shelly. Shelly Webster. His Shelly. His girl. His love. Hearing that cut deeper then a knife could ever cut him. Whether alive or dead. Eric listened as he just nodded to what she/the person said as he had no idea what else to say to the person. It surprised that the person or Shelly remembered their own face but nothing else or sensed somehow that it was their face but nothing else other than that. Another part that confused and hurt him was the possibility that Shelly literally rude about herself and said that she doesn't know a Shelly, nor the fact that they were one or anything like that. Eric shook his head to those thoughts as he continued to watch and listen to her/the person. The more he listened the more shocked, hurt, sad, upset, frustrated he had became, as the more the person talked the more sure he was that it was Shelly, which was what hurt the most. That it came from the love of his life, and beyond that. Eric couldn't believe what he heard and wished that he had never heard it before. Also the fact that she agreed for him to help her was something so he could tell that she hesitated and was scared but agreed so that he won't hurt her, even if truthfully he would never hurt her no matter what.

Eric wondered what should he do or say next, as he continued to watch her. He tried to speak but nothing had came out. Eric had no idea what to think or believe. His feelings were all over the place. Eric was glad that she agreed to let him help but not the fact that she hesitated out of fear, etc. He also didn't like everything else else that she said to him. Eric tried not to think of that as hard as it was to do at that moment, as he still watched her. He watched what had happened next and run over to her. Eric got to her rather fast and caught her before she hit the floor. That horrified him even more. Especially since Eric had no clue what had happened. Well, he did understand that she got up and fainted but that was all that he understood. No more nor less. Just that but not what happened to cause her to faint or anything like that.

"Shelly? Oh god. Shelly hang on, you are safe! I got you,"

Eric said to her and run with her to the door as he opened the door, and then he run out of there with her in his arms. He didn't care who saw or what they thought. What Eric cared about was Shelly, at that moment. No more nor less. He never hurt Shelly but he had no time to explain, so he hoped that no one would get in his way to take her to the hospital. Eric wanted to get her to the hospital. To get her help. That was all he focused on at that moment no more nor less. As Eric carried Shelly to the hospital he heard two familiar voices as well as saw two familiar figures yell and run to catch up to him, through the eyes of his crow but didn't bother to respond as he moved as fast as possible, as he made sure not to drop Shelly as he made his way to the hospital.

He hoped to get there on time. Eric hoped that she would be alright but had no clue what was going on. He tried not to think of that as he hoped for the best. Eric never stopped until he got to the hospital with her. He then handed her to the doctors and when he was asked about what happened he just said that she fainted and he got her there as soon as possible. They told Eric that he did good and took her to get checked, as they asked him to stay where he was. Which he did. A while later the two caught up to him.

The two were Darryl and Sarah. Eric apologized to them for ignoring them but he had to get Shelly to the hospital. Then he told them everything as they sat down and waited to hear about how she was doing. Sarah and Darryl tried to comfort Eric and be there for him. Also they were shocked and confused by it. As they talked among themselves as they waited for news.
Eric Draven

Oct 18th 2021 - 9:00 PM

Eric watched her as he made his way over to her. As his face turned into a horror look as he saw her reaction to him in general and the way he looked at her, and the fact that he made his way over to her. Eric had no idea how to react to any of it. That wasn't at all what he had in mind. That wasn't what Eric expected. Not even close to it. He had no idea what to do to show her that he had no intention of hurting her. Eric listened to her as she spoke as he felt horrible hearing her say that. He couldn't believe that she said any of it. That wasn't how Eric hoped the reunion to go. It killed him to hear her say that. Eric didn't want to scare her or anything like that but it seemed that he had, which horrified him more than anything in the world. He couldn't believe that she even said any of it. Eric searched her face for a hint to it being her silliness or something but found nothing. He looked around and back at her. Eric began to wonder whether she really was Shelly or someone who made themselves to look like her but had no idea who he was or such. As he knew that she wouldn't act that way, unless either she wasn't her but pretended to be her or if it was Shelly but she lost her memory when she came back. Except if it was the second part then Eric wondered why her memory hasn't came back yet. He looked down not sure what to do or say. Eric wanted to know what was going on and who was she really. He wanted to know what was going on. Who was she and why was she there. As she couldn't be Shelly. His Shelly. Could she? No, there was no way that it was her. Right? Eric wondered as he shook his head. He started to think that she wasn't her. If she wasn't then he wanted her to show how she really looked like, and he wanted for her to stop looking like his Shelly, as it wasn't funny. Not for Eric that was for sure. He wasn't amused by any of it. Not even a little bit. There was no doubt there. Eric wanted Shelly back and no one else. So he hated when people pretended to be her. That moment especially.

Eric watched and wondered what to say to her or him. Whomever the person was. As Eric never exactly face a chance like that. Similar yes but not this specifically. Which was why Eric had no idea what should he do or say in that situation. He then continued to move closer and closer to her. Eric hoped to get information from her, even without her volunteering it herself. As he wanted answers, as well as he needed answers. No matter what. Eric wasn't going to hurt the person but get answers, and if the reason was good then he would let it be, and help the person if needed but if the reason was bad then Eric didn't plan to help the person but will get Eric to arrest the person and keep them in jail in definitely. As he was a good guy not bad, so he had no intention of killing the person that pretended to be Shelly. No matter what the reason was. However, Eric definitely wanted answers to know what to do about it. As his reaction to the situation dependent on the reason the person pretended to be her. Eric believed. He was sure by that moment that it wasn't her. Eric was positive about it. As he had no other explanation to why she reacted the way that she did, other wise. However, part of Eric wasn't sure that it wasn't her. He wondered about that. Eric wondered whether it was really her or someone else. He wondered what was going on. Eric wondered if it really was Shelly, the love of his life then why was she scared of him. He wondered if it was her then why her memory wasn't back yet. Eric wondered what was going on with Shelly, if it was really her. None of it made any sense, not to him at least. It was too strange and creepy. No doubt there. For Eric at least. He didn't like any of it. Eric wondered if it really was her then whether or not she would ever get her memories back or not. He sure hoped so but with his luck he had no idea for sure. Eric tried not to think of that as he hoped for the best. He felt bad for her and wished to help her but had no idea how to do that. It was all a rather new territory. For Eric at least. He had no idea how to deal with it. If it was Shelly then Eric considered letting her go, if he had to. Not because he wanted to but because he didn't want to force her to be with him, if she didn't want to because she didn't remember him. Eric hoped it won't come to that but was ready for anything. He was fine even giving her space if he had to but he hoped that one day, before he moved on, that she would remember him. If not then Eric will let her live her life, without being in it. Even if he wanted to be in her life, he refused to force it as that wasn't like him and never will be.

Eric wished for the best but was ready for everything. Or so he thought and believed. At least some what, anyway. Eric moved a bit more closer to her or whoever the other person was but then he backed away from the person. As much as he wanted answers, he didn't think that it was the best way to do that. Eric was worried that the person might scream which would alert people who would end up calling the cops and Eric wanted to avoid that as much as possible. He didn't want to be arrested for doing something he didn't do, like before that. Eric didn't want trouble. If anything he wanted to avoid trouble and that way he doubted that he could do that. However, Eric watched her closely as he tried to make sure that she or whomever it was doesn't end up falling out of the broken window as that won't end up well. Which was another thing he wanted to avoid at all cost. Eric tried to speak but nothing came out. He just opened and closed his mouth, not sure what to say to her or whomever it was not to scare them any further or anything like that. Eric just looked at the person sadly and shook his head. He had no idea what to say or do next no matter how long had passed as the person seemed to be scared to even listen or understand him. Eric wasn't sure what could he do as he didn't want to leave his loft but didn't want to scare the person further, either. He just watched the person lost for words and unsure whether he should stay or leave. Eric wondered if he should call Darryl to come and help or what, given that he had never dealt with anything like that before. Then again none of them had.

Due to that, it was rather hard to know what to do or say in a situation like that. It wasn't the kind of situation anyone ever imagined themselves being in. Let along Eric. Which he was sure that Shelly never imagined that either. And yet, that was the situation that they were facing and it was hard to get out of it or fix it. Especially for Eric. He had no idea how anyone acted in cases like that as he didn't know people in cases like that. Eric wondered if he should call Darryl to help or not. Then again he had no idea if Darryl could help him with that situation. Eric wished that he had someone to talk to but then again he didn't know anyone whoever went through that. Maybe something similar but not that. At least as fat as he knew anyway. Then again he didn't know anyone who went through any of the situations that he did. Due to that he had no idea to whom should he possibly talk to about any of it. Eric never asked for any of it, just as he knew that Shelly never asked for any of it. He wondered why they had to go through any of it. It was like either Eric was cursed or Shelly was cursed or both. At least it felt that way to him. Eric was frustrated by that to no end. As he had no idea why he or Shelly or they both deserved any of it. It was't like they were evil or anything like that. They never hurt anyone. Granted, when Eric was younger he took the blame for what his adopted younger brother did, but it was because he cared for him and didn't want him to suffer. So years later he did began to wonder whether or not it was even a good idea or not. Since Eric's adopted brother seemed to never learn anything. If anything he only became worse as he hanged out with the wrong crowed years later, due to Eric always taking the blame for his adopted brother's mischievous deeds. He wondered if that was why his life turned bad. Eric wondered if he did things differently would things be different for him or not. Then again what if he let his adopted brother pay for his mischievous deeds and he never met and fell in love with Shelly or anything like that. No that not what he wanted. Eric doubted that he would have any life without her in his life. No he didn't want to think about it. As Shelly made Eric's life better and he made hers better. He couldn't imagine life without her in it. Eric refused to do that.

He tried not to think about any of it. Eric tried to speak but nothing came out as before that. He opened and closed his mouth again and again. Eric looked around the loft not sure what to do or say next as before that. He hated the situation because that situation wasn't fun at all. Eric wasn't sure what he could do or say in this situation without scaring the person further. He looked to the ground for a bit and then back to the person once more. Eric took a few steps forward and then a couple of steps backwards. He wished that there was a manuel about cases like it or what he went through but unfortunately there weren't any. At least not as far as Eric knew. Which was unfortunate but still true. Which meant he had to figure it all out alone. It was something that Eric definitely had trouble with. He was on his own in that situation or any situation. So Eric had to think of it on his own and find the solution on own. Which he hated a great deal as that didn't help at all. Not to Eric at least that was for sure but he tried anyway. He titled his head to the side and looked through the eyes through his crow, as he closed his eyes. Then Eric opened his eyes and looked over at the person in front of him again. He had no idea what to say or do. Eric called Darryl as he talked to him for a bit as he looked down for a bit. Then a bit later he hanged up and watched her once more. Eric wanted to go and take care of what was happening but he was also scared that if be left and it was really Shelly then by the time he came back she would be gone. Which won't be good. Eric didn't want to lose Shelly. So he called up Sarah, his kid friend, who knew Shelly too. Once Sarah came, Eric explained to her everything that happened and why he was still there and everything else. Then he left her with the person he left.

However, first Eric made sure that they were both safe, staying alone with the other. He then left to take care of the trouble that was happening outside. Eric planned to help out with the trouble/commotion and then quickly come back. It took him a bit but eventually he was able to concentrate on what he had to do. Eric attacked the group that tried to kill a family. So that group shot him and were sure he died but he was only healing. It wasn't the first time it had happened and Eric doubted it would be the last. He tried not to think of that so as he healed. Eric then got up and showed up by them before they hurt more or even killed the family. Eric knocked the bad guys down as the family run off. By the time all the bad guys were down, the cops showed but only his friend Darryl saw him as he nodded to him and disappeared in super fast. Faster than a second most likely. Not that Eric thought about it but still. By the time he got back to the loft the crow side was back in, and Eric was out again. As he walked in he saw Sarah and the other person still talking or whatever it was that they were doing. Then Eric and Sarah talked for a bot, and after that, Sarah left as he turned to the other person.

"I am Eric Draven. So am sure Sarah already told you that but still! As for what I am doing here, I live here. I lived here for a long time! We both do or did. You are Shelly or you just look like her but had an accident and lost your memory! If you let me I can help you find out which is it, if you want that is,"
Helena Kyle

Oct 18th 2021 - 2:17 PM

"Damned it Oracle,can't you be careful where you lead us?" the black haired woman said on the coms watching the blond with her who was fighting some men with her tk powers "Ya well if you hadn't gone in before I could check the place we wouldn't be in this mess would we?" Helena rolled her eyes slightly an sighed going to help Dinah with thw guys she was fighting and when they were all down she sighed.

Dinah looked at her and shook her head "Barbara's right you know,we should have let her check before going in" Helena sighed "Not you too,look we didn't have much time so I decided to go" she sighed again lost in thought.

When more of them came Helena sighed and cursed under her breath and the fight went on but then they got them all down and Dinah got on her moterbike and went back to base but before Helena could follow she heard someone coming and was ready for another fight if needed.
Eric Draven

Oct 17th 2021 - 10:58 AM

Eric sat by the broken window as a statue yet again, as he always did since he came back from the dead. He did it this day right after he came back to the loft after work, as he did a lot since he got the job. The only thing was that Eric no longer felt Shelly Webster around, as she was gone from the land of the dead. As far as Eric knew she wasn't there because she had moved on. He had no clue that she was about to move on without him but at the last minute she escaped and jumped off the same Bridge in the land of the dead as he did when he came back. Shelly did that because she couldn't move on without him, as he couldn't move without her. She needed Eric as Eric needed her. He however, was sure that she had moved on as she came back to tell him goodbye, at least that was what she had told him anyway. Eric had no idea that the plans had changed not yet, at least. Unknown to him he was about to find the truth. Eric tried not to think of what he knew and what he thought was the case. Instead he focused on the moment and nothing else. Eric sat as a statue by the window for a long time as he let memories flood his mind as it had happened a lot. The crow, the bird, flew by and then away. As Eric temporary glanced at the crow,the bird and watched it until it flew away, not too far nor too close. As it always did but he didn't think much or at all about it, as he focused on the moment and nothing else but the moment. Eric tried to set things right and redeem himself from the mistake he made of killer top dollar, the gang leader of the gang that killed him and Shelly, so that he could move on and be with Shelly, as his mistake took him backwards ad not moved him forward.

He hated that he made that mistake, but top dollar left him no choice, unfortunately. There was still no excuse for that but the trouble was that the guy escaped the mental institution and was about to kill those he cared for, as well as others if Eric didn't come. He came but he had no intention of killing of killing top dollar. All Eric/the crow planned was stop the guy from hurting anyone, so that the cops could arrest him, and take him to jail. Unfortunately it failed. So to be fair, he didn't see that the wall head a nail in it or such, when he threw top dollar at it. Eric/the crow thought that he would knock the guy over, as the guy would hit the wall and crush down but that wasn't what happened. Unfortunately. Not just that but it happened the same time that he was about to move on. Which set Eric back and ruined his changes to move on. For the moment. So he tried to set it right and redeem himself but this time he planned to lock his apartment when he was about to move om, and just move on. Eric tried not to think of that as he continued to sit there as a statue. He was glad that he had paid his rent already, so he didn't need to worry about it, which was a good thing as he had less things to worry about. Also at the moment Eric had nothing to do, even if many people slept at that hour, but not him as he didn't need sleep or anything like that. As he didn't feel the need for that. Eric had no idea if he could or not, as he tried not to think of that as he did what he did. He then fell and roll a bit as he lay on his back 3ith his arms going to the sides and up.

Eric's eyes were open and such but he was still awake, no matter what. It was like death sleep to him in away. Eric lay that way until 4 in the afternoon. As he sensed a presence by his door as just lay there and looked at the ceiling. Then Eric got up and walked over to the door. He then opened it as he saw Sarah walk in with her bag over her shoulder. He watched her walk in and closed the door once she was inside. "Hello to you too, Sarah," Eric said as she said nothing to him after she walked in. "Yeah, sorry. Hi Eric," Sarah answered him as she sat on the stairs, as he followed her over and sat by her. Eric watched her as she took out a relatively small stock of letters and handed it to him, as well as something that she made him in school, as he took it all from her. He was confused by it all but grateful too. "It is what I found that arrived to you, and the other thing is what I made you," Sarah said to him. "Thank you, Sarah! Also I can get my mail myself but thank you," he said to her with a kind smile. "Yeah, well the mail just was brought in and was about to over flow, so I got it before it does. You are welcome and I do hope you like what I made you in school," Sarah said to him. "Oh I see. Well thanks for saving my mail then and I love what you made me, as anything else you made me, thank you very much," Eric said to her with a kind smile as he put all that he held, that she gabe him down by him about the stairs. He then picked up the letters and looked through them, as he put away those that he already looked at. "Junk mail," Eric said. Then he continued to look through the mail.

Eric then stopped on a specific letter as he opened it and read it. He then read it out loud so even Sarah would know what it said too. They were both rather confused and shocked by that. "Shelly? Back? How?" Sarah asked, which Eric wondered the same thing. "It seems so. And no idea , especially since she has moved on, so that makes no sense, unless she jumped from the bridge in the land of the dead," Eric said to her. "Yeah but you were brought back because of the legend no?" Sarah said to him as he nodded to that. "Yes, but maybe she was chosen too. Or maybe she got another chance or decided on her own! Or it was all planned because I didn't need to know until now," Eric replied to her. "If any of those is it then it answers those questions, Sarah," he said to her. "How can you be sure of anything?" Sarah asked him. "I am going to check or at least try to," Eric answered her. "Eric, people could be delusional and hallucinating or such," Sarah said to him. "Like you hallucinating me, Sarah?" Eric asked her as he watched her closely. "No you are real. Fair point!" Sarah answered as Eric gave her the 'My point exactly' look. "Can I come with you?" She asked him. "Sarah, best it will be just me. No worries if it is her or to be exact once I find her, if it is real will bring her back and we shall see you first, sounds good?" Eric said to Sarah who tried to argue but then agreed with him, as she accepted the deal, even if she was frustrated by that. Just then Eric took out a rather new photo of Shelly and showed it to Sarah who just stared at it with an open mouth. She was just as shocked by that as he was. They talked for a bit more and then they said their goodbyes, as then they both left. Eric said his goodbyes to other people he was close to.

Then he headed back to the loft to make sure no one moves in while he is gone. First however, Eric paid his rent and then headed to his loft for a bit. Yet, the moment he opened the door he froze. As Eric saw a familiar shape. Familiar hair and everything. He had no idea what to say or how to react, as the person turned to face him and his mouth opened in shock. Many thoughts run in his head as he saw the person. Eric wasn't sure before whether she was back or not but he definitely was at that moment. Especially the longer that had passed she was still there in front of him. Eric had no idea what to think as he blinked but she was still there. He had no doubt anymore. It was her. It was his Shelly Webster. The love of his life. She was back. Eric had no doubt anymore that she jumped to be with him. Either it was the real decision and she lied to surprise him or she was supposed to move on but refused and jumped to be with him on her own. Whichever it was Eric was glad to see her there. He was glad to have her back but was still confused and shocked by that. Eric carefully walked over to her as he kept his eyes on her not to lose her. He wasn't sure that she would disappear so but just the same he kept looking at her. Eric did that none stop as he made his way over to her.

"Shelly? You are back?!"
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